Naughty beauties in sex scene masturbation smalltits

Naughty beauties in sex scene masturbation smalltits
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The night started out like the past three Halloweens at my house. My two younger brothers would get dressed up in there coustumes, find the biggest bag they could find, and leave to go trick-or-treating with both my parents.

This left me all by myself, with a bowl of candy and that certain feeling you get when you want to jack off. I waited only a couple of seconds after the door shut behind my parents before heading for my computer to see what kind of porno i could find. The selection for the night wasn't that bad and in only a short period of time I had work up a pretty hard erection. I started to I unzipped my pants when I the doorbell ring. The first batch of trick-or-treaters. I quickly zipped my pants up, and grabbing the candy bowel ran to the door, all the way trying to make my bonner a little less odvious.

When I oppened the door and saw who was standing on my door, I gulped a little. Three of the hottest girls in my high school stood on my front porch, bags out ready for candy. The hottest witches I have ever seen stood in front me.

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They all had on black nail polish, eye liner and lipstick. They wore pointed witch hats and long black gothic style boots. They also had the most cleavage that I have ever seen on a witch.

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This of course did not help my erection go down at all, instead it just got tighter in my pants. I gave them a slight emmbaresed smile, and before they could say trick-or-treat, I had given them their candy. Two of the girls(Sara and Kim) looked a little surpriesed at my haste, they said "thank you" and started down the stairs. Katie though, the hottest of the three, stayed right were she was.

Instead of following her friends she turned around said to them "i need to use the bath room I will catch up with you two later." I was a little shocked after this remark, she didn't ask to use my bathroom.

Still I placed the candy bowl on a sidetable and opened the door wider to let her in. She steped through and I shut the door bbw in sexy fishnet suit got anal fucked her.

"The bathroom is two doors to the left", I told her all this time hopping that she wouldn't go into the computer room where the porno sites were still up on my desktop. Katie turned around and gave me and little smile.

"I am not here to use the bathroom silly", she said her voice a little husky. "Your not"? I said, my voice barely above a whisper. I knew she wasn't standing in my house, on halloween night, in a sexy witch coustume only because she needed to use the rest room. She gave me another one of her small smiles,"I know you know why I am here. That bonner of yours is a little odvious, I can't belive my friends didnt notice it." I was a little nervous by now, this was headed in a direction that I liked, but was not sure whether tho go through with it or not.

She stepped close to me droppng her empty candy bag on the floor as she did. She threw her witch hat to the side and took the last step to close the gap between use. Her pelvis pushed against my rock hard cock as she moved in towerds me. Our moths connected, lips pressed, tounges shooting into mouths. Our tounges took turn exploring each others mouths, my tongue played with Katie's lip ring. Katie began to grin her pelvis into mine as the kissing became more furious. I moved hands down to her but and started at message her cheeks, her hands did the same.

She would spread my butt cheecks and then push them together. By now my cock was screaming at me to take my pants off. I started unzip my pants, but a hand stopped me. "Let me help you with that", said, Her lips leaving mine for the first time in what felt like hours. She knelt down on her knees and grabed my zipper. Staring up at me with that same small smile, she slowly unzipped my pants, teassing me the whole way.

She finaly pulled my forced sex mia khalifa cry and my boxers down in swift one motion, letting my 7 inch throbing cock breath.

"Your not going to big booty valentina nappi analyzed by massive cock outdoors pornstars and big dick your load right away, are you"? she asked in a way that was trying to be cute. "I'll try not to", I said as she reach for my cock. She lowered her head to my cock and began swirlling her tounge around the head of my cock.

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I shudered a little, I couldn't help it it felt so good. She then pressed my cock against my stomache and brought her tounge up my hard shaft. Her wet tounge felt so good againts my cock.

She finaly put the head of my penis in her mouth and began to slowly suck. I started to moan slightly, but only quite enough that I could only hear it. She gradualy took more and hot camgirl shows off her sexy body fingering and hotgvibe of my cock into her mouth.

Her black lips moving up and down on my cock until they fnaly hit my stomach. Then she drew her self back from my cock and said 'Thats it, I need to have you inside me fight now." I led her to the coach in the living room and I sat down. She stood in front of me, her legs spread out a little farther then her shoulders.

She started to unbutton her sexy black top, the one that didn't cover much anyway. She let it drop to the floor revealing her perferct breasts, they were fairly large and firm, her nipples stood straight out. Now Katie moved to her Little black skirt, it came off faster then her top. I was in heaven, her glinting shaved pussy was now only a foot away from me, another shiver ran down my back."I hope you dont mind", she had left her black boots and stockings on still.

There was a hole in the stockings around her groin area. She wasn't going to take her boots or her stockings off.

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Moving slowly she straled me, knees on the couch, arms on ethir side of my shoulders, black boots sticking of the edge of the sofa. I held up hard wet cock so that it was easier for her wet pussie to find.

She posistion her self so that ass fuck for a hottie after blow the head of my cock was between her pussy lips. Then before I could start to beg her to stop teassing me, she began to move up and down on my cock, every time getting farther and farther down my hard shaft. We began to form a rythm, as she moved down I would trust up.

We picked up speed as we went, until her butt started to slam into my legs. She wasn't a quite one during sex. Katie let out screams of pleasure as she started her first orgasim. I could feel it flow through her body. "Yes, yes, she screamed, keep fucking me, harder, harder, oooh please harder!".

All i could do was hold on for the ride, and I did. I held on to Katies beatiful breasts. I squeezed and touched them, they were so firm. In the center of these two beautiful mounds were two hard nipples that I sucked and licked. Playing and licking her breasts made her cum a second time. "Oh yes, oh fuck yes!" That was to much for me I was about to blow my load and Katie sensed it. Before I could blow my top Katie dismounted my throbing cock.

She then got down on her knees in front of me. "I want your cum all over my fucking face"! Wiht thoes words I couldn't hold in any longer, milky cum sprayed out all over Katies face and open mouth. Her tounge made its way out from between her black lips and she began getting most of it into her mouth. The rest she collected with a finger and stuck it into her mouth.

She slowly drew her finger out of her mouth. "Umm, that tastes sooo good". With my dick softening and her pussy still sopping wet we quickly got dressed. I started to walk her to the door after the two of us were done getting dressed but she stopped me.

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"Can I ask you somthing" she said, eyes down. I nodded in response. Katie smiled at me, "Can I use your bathroom"?