Hot gangbang action with a bigboobed lassie brunette and big tits

Hot gangbang action with a bigboobed lassie brunette and big tits
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Please rate and comment Prior: Kelsey "No Dad Stop." NOOOOOOOOOO Stop Dad. STOP. I could feel I was the first. I pushed further. OH MY GOD. You can't do this. Stop. I don't want this. Stop. What is this stop bullshit. Is that some crap you learned at one of those Feminist lectures.

Stop, no way you have to be kidding. I had her ass in my hands. Everything felt so right. So right, so tight. The only bad thing is I was so hot.

My cock was surging, I was quivering. Damm, I didn't want to cum so fast but I could not stop. AHHHHHHHHHH I came almost right away.

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I kept pumping as long as I could. I could feel my semen filling her. She could feel it too, the throbbing and then …… She was crying.

Dad, how could you?? I couldn't believe it, I was hard again almost immediately. I turned her around so she was facing me. I lifted her butt up on a pillow. Her cute pussy was up facing me with little cum squibbles dripping from it.

With her legs on my shoulders she was spread wide for me. Sweetie, you ready for one more time. "You Bastard!" "You're NOT MY Dad anymore. "OH come on, no need to be mean." Kelsey tried to struggle but I had control and she gave up.

I could see her grimace as I began to push myself inside her again. Her face was red and tear streaked, as I bent her like a pretzl. I pushed forward, so far I could kiss her. "Asshole." She spit in my face. I slapped her face. "Watch Your mouth girl!" Her pouty little teen mouth reddened from my slap.

Kelsey screamed as I pushed all the way inside her. I had already filled her with one load and was now working on a second. "Take off your top Kelsey." "Fuck You, you perve." "That's just what I am doing I laughed." I reached and ripped her t-shirt salacious oriental cookie fingering japanese and hardcore. Her young firm breasts and perk nips looked so inviting.

"You ruined my shirt, that was from my charity hike." I just laughed. "I like it when you are mad, sweetie." I was still inside her while we were having this one on one. I had her legs pinned up against my shoulders as I reached around and grabbed her breasts, squeezing her ripe nips. "Get Your hands off of me!" I laughed and twisted a nipple as she screamed.

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In and out. Slow and then faster. Stop and then start. I was enjoying it so much, I wanted it to last forever. I tried to remember every detail. How she smelled. How my cock sounded slurping in and out. How she tightened up. I would have this intense throbbing and then I would stop. Kelsey had smartened up.

Crying and whimpering but no more struggling. I pushed my cock around exploring every part of her. I worked her sweet breasts, twisting and turning until they were red. I felt her sweet body under mine. I ran my hands up and down her thighs. I pushed her legs further up in the air so I could impale her as deep and as hard as I could.

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Dad, why are you doing this? I am you daughter, I am too young. Dad, Dad, Dad. I just kept up a steady stroke.

Kelsey, you like it, I know you do. No Dad, NO. This should not happen. Not with my Dad. AAAAHHHHH, NOOO. My second load exploded inside her. I screamed as I pumped her as hard as I could. As I pulled up she tried to scramble away. I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her to me.

"Give Daddy a little kiss. It was good for me, how was it for you." I kissed her hard on the lips. Her body felt so good up against mine. I let her go and watched her cute little rear end as she ran for her room.

Of course I was concerned.

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What would she do? Would she report me? Go to the police? As I passed her room, I could hear her crying. It took a lot of self control not to go for a three-fer. Next morning I was down for breakfast and waited. Kelsey came down at our regular time. "Good Morning Pumpkin." I greeted her with a smile.

I noted with some amusement her new choice of clothes. No short shorts, tight top, no bare midrift. "DAD, THAT CAN NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN." "Ok honey." "I mean it Dad. REALLY." "Ok, ok." She sat down and we had breakfast together." YES YES YES I laughed to myself, she is mine.

All fucking mine. I was so fucking hard thinking how things were going to be. She didn't think so but by not reporting me she was accepting me, accepting the inevitable. I wanted her right now but I knew I should wait.

I would let her think I got the message. I did get the message, just not the one she thought. She was going to be my little fuck princess. I kept thinking all kinds of delicious thoughts. Dads little cum hole. My personal little pussy. My little hoe.

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I waited for the right time. It would be at the time and place of my choosing. Patience took a lot of self control. I would see her. I wanted her so bad.

I needed her. I though about her but yet I waited. I needed to catch her off guard after she thought everything was OK. Kelsey came home from school on a Friday.

The time was right. We were going to have a fun weekend together. She had started to dress like the little tart she is. Fetching shorts, a tight top and a bare midrift. Her hair was pulled back in a pony tail. Just perfect I thought.

I watched her as she bent over the kitchen table her cute tight ass was so inviting. "AHHHHHHHHHHH NOOOOOOOOOOOO" I grabbed her from behind. I held her hard. I needed to take control. Total control. I turned her facing me holding her tight. She started blurting out some shit so I slapped her face, and then again. "SHUT THE FUCK UP." I held her pony tail tight and raised my hand. Quivering she was quiet. I forced her mouth to mine and held her tight. "Daddy loves you but you need to exactly what you are told." "Do you understand?" She shook her head yes.

I looked her in the eyes. Ava devine and sarah jay with sons friend could see she was ready. Remove my belt and give it to me. "Why Dad, No." "Sweetie, I need the belt in case you do not listen." Shaking she pulled off my belt. I took it and set in on the table. "It will stay there if you do what you are told." "Do you understand." "Yes Dad." Untie my shoes and take them off.

Kelsey knelt and took off my shoes.

"Now pull off my pants and shorts." Kneeling in front of me my cute daughter was on her knees looking at my dick. Shruti hassan sex xxx story was completely under my control. "Ok sweetie, start with your hands. Hmmm, that's it. Reach under Daddy's balls." "Stroke it." She was doing so well, she was a natural. Kelsey couldn't guess what was coming next. I would let her suck and lick and then I going to face fucker mercilessly.

That cute little face was going to get to know my cock very close and personal. To Be Continued