Brooke having break time anal fuck with office mate

Brooke having break time anal fuck with office mate
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Alone at home, Sara was finishing off her homework while chatting with her mom on the phone. One hand fiddled with one of her red pigtails while the other held the phone. Pretty Sara hadn't changed after school so she still wore her red plaid skirt and starched white shirt with the loose red tie. It was the uniform for the private college for gifted girls.

Underneath she wore plain white cotton panties and nicki blue and ryan grey and tiffany kohl b small white bra. The bra, a school requirement, was hardly necessary to support Sara's small, late-developing breasts. Doctor Jane Cummins had assured her that she was simply a very late developer and her body would catch up to her age within a year. During the examination Doctor Jane had required Sara to undress completely, even removing her undies so that the doctor could examine her closely.

Explaining the need for thoroughness, Doctor Jane had lightly run her hands over Sara's bare skin, stopping to squeeze her nipples to see that they were developing correctly. The doctor had then slid her hand to Sara's hairless crotch to "make sure it is maturing properly." This part of the examination had entailed the slow, gentle rubbing of Sara's pussy the same way Sara sometimes did while having a shower.

The rubbing continued for several minutes and Sara had to squeeze her eyes shut to control herself in case the doctor realized the effect it was having on her. During the rubbing Sara noticed that Doctor Jane's breathing had become somewhat ragged.

Clenching her teeth and squeezing her eyes shut, Sara finally shuddered, the doctor finished the examination and announced that Sara could go. Sara was very happy to know that she was finally developing properly.

While finished her homework, her mom enjoyed a late dinner across town with Sara's older sister, Ashley. Ashley was excited this evening. While her mom chatted with Sara on her cell phone, Ashley sent a text message on her own cell saying simply, "Do it. Now!" In the alley behind Sara's home, Nick sat in his Lincoln, waiting. His phone beeped announcing a text message. He looked at it, "Do it. Now!" Leisurely, Nick poured some liquid onto a cloth, folded it, climbed out of the car and headed to the back door.

Taking out the key Ashley had given him, he quietly unlocked the door, stepped in and followed the sounds of Sara's voice to the kitchen. He knew, having observed from the car, that Sara's back was to the kitchen entrance. Creeping up behind her, he paused for a second as Sara said, "I love you mum." Per his instructions, before she could put the phone down, he grabbed her from behind, clamping the cloth to her mouth.

The phone clattered to the table top. Sara screamed.

She struggled. She slumped down. Nick picked up the phone and listened. Sara's mom was calling in alarm, "Sara! What happened? Are you OK?" Nick replied, "She's in good hands ma'am." He giggled and put the phone back on the table being careful chiraqs yr sexi lexi petite freaky redboned big toy masterbating reality and amateur to end the connection. "Well don't you look yummy." Nick said, loud enough to carry through the phone, looking at Sara's body slumped over her history books.

Nick pulled the chair out and ran his eyes up and down Sara's slight form taking in her bare legs, her school skirt and starched blouse. He noticed she didn't seem to have much in the way of tits. Not that it mattered. He had a job to do, a contract to fulfill. Similar to many contracts he and his two pals had fulfilled in the past. He ignored the insistent voice calling through the phone.

The longer the mom delayed calling 911 the more time he had to enjoy Sara before taking her to the dungeon, or, as his friends called it, the audition room. Nick's leather gloved hands slowly roamed over Sara's limp body, feeling her slowly, savoring her.

His hands ran up her legs, pushed the skirt up and casually rubbed her pussy through the cotton panties noting the lack of hair. Next, squeezing her tits, he realized they were even smaller than he had, at first, thought. Sara started to stir, a moan escaping her lips. She screamed as she realized she was being touched intimately. The voice on the phone called out again in alarm.

Nick cuffed Sara and clamped the cloth over her face again. The voice on the phone yelled, "Sara, honey, I'm calling the police!" Nick sighed. Time to get moving. He tied Sara's feet together, her hands behind her back, stuffed her mouth with a dirty dishcloth and gagged her with one of her own dark green socks.

Tossing her over his shoulder, one hand clamped on her bum, fingers thrust between the two halves of her ass, Nick carried Sara out to his waiting car. Dumping her ungraciously into the trunk, he was about to close the trunk when she recovered conscious again and made loud noises through the gag. He stuffed the chloroform soaked cloth into the gag making sure it covered her nose also and nodded with satisfaction as she again slumped down.

She wasn't going to wake anytime soon which was good because he had a one hour drive ahead of him. First he made a phone call to his pals and said, "Got the package. Make sure the cameras are working.

See ya." Back at the restaurant, Sara's mom was in hysterics. Ashley, feeling very pleased, tried to hide her grins of pleasure as she tried to calm her mother. After several minutes, her mother, who had dropped the cell phone on the floor, finally regained some composure and said, "We need to call 911, right away." Ashley kicked the phone under the next table and replied, "Yes, we should, where did you put the phone?" An hour later, Nick pulled in to the lane way of the remote farm, stopped at the farmhouse, popped the trunk and gazed fondly at the night's work.

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Tossing Sara over his shoulder, he carried her in and dumped her onto the sofa in front of his waiting accomplices, Bob and Joe who looked approvingly at the way her school skirt rode up her legs. Bob said, "Ashley wired the money over this afternoon. She said she'd pay a bonus if we stick to the script and upload the movie to her in the morning." Bob, Joe and Nick ran a discreet business.

They would ravish emo whore pov riding cock pornstars and hardcore or anyone you wanted in anyway you specified, for a price of course. Tonight Ashley was their client and Sara was the subject. Ashley had, using their standard form, checked off the "procedures" she wanted done to her sister Sara. They had priced the job accordingly at $7,500.

Sara's eyes opened. She stared at the three well-dressed business men and made "mmph" sounds through the gag. Joe reached over seized one of her tits, hauled her to her feet and made her stumble down the stairs to the "audition room".

Her nipple throbbed from the rough treatment. In the audition room Joe sat her on the chair in the middle of the room. The chair with the lights shining on it in the dim room. Sara found herself in a room with several easy chairs, a wide-screen TV, camcorders on tripods and several chains hanging from the high ceiling.

There were also some ropes coiled on the floor. Various photos of bound, naked, frightened women adorned the walls. Sara's eyes bugged out! Joe put a dog collar around her neck, pulled one of the chains lower, hooked it to her collar and let the heavy spring pull her up until her toes barely touched the floor. She desperately tried to keep her balance to avoid dangling from the hook and strangling.

Next Joe put shackles on her ankles and attached a chain to each shackle. He left her hands tied behind her back. Joe exited the room leaving Sara to struggle to keep her balance while staring at the clock on the wall.

The muscles in her calves were threatening to give out and she was covered in a sheen of sweat from her efforts when, after a half-hour, Nick wandered in carrying a thick leather strap. Adjusting the angle of the camcorders, Nick grinned at her, waved the strap and said, "Used this all the time when I was a teacher.

My students were real well behaved. Too bad the schools don't let me use it anymore. I really enjoyed it. Here, let me show you." He swung the strap, striking Sara's soft bum with a loud slap.

Sara instantly lost her balance and dangled from the collar briefly until she managed to get her feet back on the floor. Bob and Joe came in, each holding a glass of scotch. Joe said, "Ok, let's get the show on the road." He untied Sara's gag, pulled the dirty dishcloth out of her mouth, looked at it, said, "Yuck" and pinched Sara's cheek hard before she could scream. Joe looked in her teary green eyes and advised her, "This is the deal kid.

You're going to scream but no one will hear you. If you don't like what we do, well tough, we don't care." He let go of her cheek, Sara promptly screamed. Turning to Bob, Joe said, "She's sweating, must be over dressed. Help her out." Bob grinned. "Let's start with the school tie. You won't need it." He cut the red tie off with a large pair of scissors.

"You' re still sweating. Skirt must be too thick." Taking a vicious-looking hunting knife, Bob sliced Sara's red plaid skirt from the waist to the hem and let it fall to the ground. Sara's screaming continued unabated. It didn't bother them. Just part of the job. They gazed at her white cotton panties and bare legs for a few seconds before continuing.

"I don't like starchy shirts. Too stiff." Bob reached up, tucked his fingers in the top of her blouse, yanked and ripped all the buttons off leaving a large tear. Her bare stomach and tiny bra became visible. Bob ripped the rest of the blouse off so that Sara now hung from the chains in just her tiny white bra and white cotton panties. Sara shook in fear. Her screaming stopped as her throat became raw. Bob cocked his head, looked at her bra and remarked, "Not much there.

Hey girl, how come you ain't got no tits?" Sara stared at him wide eyed, too scared and shocked to answer. "Don't need the panties." Bob sliced them off with his knife. "Tits too small for a bra." He grabbed her bra at the front, twisted it and sliced it off with the knife. Poor Sara shook uncontrollably, dangling completely naked in front of three strange men.

She had never been even partially naked in front of any man before; her school work had always been too important to pay any attention to boys. "I can't believe your tits are so small." Bob remarked. Ashley had left express instructions to make fun of Sara's tits because Sara was very sensitive about her small tits. Bob reached out, seized her two nipples twisted them and pulled them out as far as he jayden lee hot wet titfucking. Sara cried out in pain.

Nick waved his leather strap again. Whack! The strap struck her naked bottom making her swing back and forth till she again regained her balance. "Your ass really jiggles nice." Nick remarked, smiling with pleasure. "Now let's see how red it can get." Whack! Whack!! Sara managed to keep on her feet. The stinging from the smacking of the strap brought tears to her eyes. Nick kicked her legs so they swung apart then aimed the strap and swung it between her legs so the end lashed Sara's nearly bare pussy (it only had three red hairs).

Nick's expertise was clear the tip of the strap squarely slapped Sara's love button. The sting was more than she could bare and she screamed again.

Whack! Whack!! This time the leather strap struck across Sara's little pink nipples making them puffy. The stinging made more tears come to her eyes. Nick looked closely at Sara's water-filled green eyes and smiled widely, "Water works!

Just what I like! It's time to go for a ride." Nick whipped off his shirt exposing his grey-haired chest and letting his belly hang over his pants.

Another hard WHACK on Sara's hot, throbbing ass and he slid his jeans down and off exposing his hard, thick, straight cock. It already had a bit of dribble at the tip. Seeing Nick's exposed manhood, Sara wildly shook her head. Looking around she noticed that the camcorders were recording.

Pulling her aching nipples, Nick brought her close until his bulging cock touched the three curly red hairs covering on her cunt. She tried to back away but kept losing her balance. Nick grabbed her throbbing, red ass in a tight, pinching grip, pulled her close and with his other hand searched for her pussy hole. Finding the warm, moist hole, he guided the head of his hot cock to its goal and, with both hands clutching her whipped, stinging ass cheeks, he pulled forward hard forcing his too-thick cock into her pussy hole.

Sara shuddered. Her mind swam in confusion. As Nick thrust, Sara again lost her balance. This time her slim riding a horny pecker hardcore and big butt wrapped themselves around Nick's waist in a desperate attempt to save herself from choking as she dangled from the collar and chain. Nick just smiled even more as he thrust again and again into Sara's defenseless cunt.

It was a very tight fit. Sara's legs wrapped tighter around Nick as he plunged forcefully into her hot, wet pussy. His hands continued to grip her ass cheeks firmly and his fingers began playing with her exposed ass hole. While pumping into his captive, Nick kept leering into her wide eyes, from time to time roughly kissing her lips. Nick let go, reached for the leather strap and started thrashing her sore ass again. Sara jumped forward with each slap of the legal age teenager cant live without cum on her face schoolgirl and japanese thus causing Nick's hot rod to ram her even harder.

Nick ignored his red-headed doll's screams and continued ramming his meat in and out of her juicy cunt until he finally shot an immense load of white, sticky sperm into her hot hole.

Nick stepped back to survey his exhausted conquest. Sara, covered in sweat, had numerous large red strap marks on her ass and tits. Her chest heaved as she tried to catch her breath. She unsuccessfully tried to regain her balance to avoid dangling from the hook. Red dripped from her cunt down her legs. "You're a good fuck, girl." Nick said approvingly, then added, "Too bad your tits are so small." Looking at the red dripping down her legs he added, "Hmm, our client didn't mention there was a cherry involved.

That's an extra charge." Stepping in front of Sara, Joe gave her a friendly smile, waved at the photos on the wall and said, "Let me introduce you to our friends." He pointed at a few individual photos explaining: "This black one here likes to be tied up real tight. She's a lawyer downtown." "This blonde is a waitress.

She ran out the door naked and didn't come back. Next time I went to her restaurant she refused to serve me. What a bitch! We sold her waitress uniform on e-bay for $15. That's one of her co-workers in the next picture. She was pretty good." "The blonde here likes to be tied up in a tub of water and squeals real loud when she gets fucked. She owns a bookstore." Sara just stared at him.

Joe poured glasses of Chivas Regal for the men, sipped his and remarked, "Well little lady, I hope you're good at math cause we're going to examine my favorite number 69." A round of crude laughs followed this joke and Bob offered Sara a glass saying, "You're probably thirsty. Here have a glass of water. Drink it in one gulp so you don't waste time." Sara, accepted the glass that he held to her lips and, watching Nick's strap warily, obediently downed the water in one gulp.

She promptly broke into a coughing fit as her eyes watered and her throat burned. The water was actually very cheap rum. A second round of crude guffaws followed. Suddenly Sara lost her balance as Nick and Bob hauled on her ankle ropes forcing her to fall on the floor as her feet were raised in the air.

Within seconds, Sara found herself once again dangling from the ceiling hooks, this time upside down. When she yelped in protest, Nick whacked her bare butt with the strap again.

Joe, now naked, grabbed Sara's nubile ass and pulled her close so he could smell her young pussy. "Mmm. Smells juicy!" Sliding his index finger along the crevice of her pussy, he added, "Feels juicy too. Nick, I think you got us a hot one tonight." Deftly Joe plucked out Sara's only three pussy hairs, put his head between Sara's slim legs, parted her pussy lips with his fingers and thrust his canadas dirtiest milf shanda fay gives bj in garage in the crack.

Sara, hanging down, her head level with the Joe's cock, gasped as she felt his tongue breaching the privacy of her tender pussy. Her eyes stared at his cock, its large shiny knob almost touching her nose. His long gray crotch hairs reached half way along the engorged shaft. His balls hung down directly in front of her eyes. Joe's tongue thrust harder into her pussy, lashing at her love button while he held her ass firmly so she couldn't squirm.

His tongue delved deeply as he searched for her juices.

He sucked on her love button eliciting a gasp and moan as Sara's body started to tremble from this new experience. Nick lashed her again with the strap as punishment, giggling. "Shut up! No moaning allowed." Bob grabbed her head, pushed it against Joe's cock and said, "Open your mouth and suck on Joe's sausage. Take it all the way in and suck him real hard or I'll let Nick have some more fun with you." Sara obediently opened her mouth just as Joe drove his cock forward forcing its bulbous knob into her warm tender mouth.

She responded, "Mmmf. Gggg." Nick promptly lashed her with the strap again. Sara, never having tasted cock before, was surprised at the warmth and smoothness of Joe's knob as it slid along her soft tongue. Her eyes stared at the old hairy balls hanging down.

When Joe thrust forward to force his cock down Sara's throat, his balls slapped into her eyes. Almost gagging on his bulbous knob, Sara tried to push it back with her tongue. This just caused Joe to start a slow back and forth motion as he rubbed his cock on her soft tongue.

All Sara got for her attempts to dislodge his cock was a salty taste on her tongue and a continual slapping of old balls against her eyes. Bob seized her little tits yanked them sideways.

Her nipples quickly puffed up from the abuse. Bob, please at the results, started enthusiastically twisting and pulling her nipples. Joe's tongue delved deeper into Sara's wet pussy enjoying her juices pausing now and then to thrash her pink, engorged love button. Each of his hands squeezed one of her tender bum cheeks, the fingers sinking deep into the crack of her ass.

He enjoyed feeling her body shaking and shuddering to the caress of his relentless tongue. He enjoyed her uncontrolled squirming as he ruthlessly plumbed her helpless pussy intent on forcing her to climax in ecstasy. Sara could not believe the way her body kept betraying her. She could not stop shuddering as Joe forced her body to perform on cue. She could not believe how good his old, smooth cock felt and tasted in her mouth. Although she told her tongue to push it out of her mouth, she realized her tongue was bent on caressing the stiff cock head instead.

She kept her eyes tightly closed to protect them from the slapping of his heavy balls. Sara suddenly felt Joe's cock swell and, on his next thrust, a hot, salty liquid shot over her tongue and coated the back of her throat. A few seconds later, her whole body convulsed uncontrollably as Joe finally succeeded in forcing her to a euphoric climax. As her shuddering slowly subsided, she realized that she had been again lowered to the floor.

She felt woozy from the rum she had been tricked into drinking. Bob made her get down on all fours with her legs apart. Nick knelt down in front of her and waved his once again hard cock in her face and said, "You enjoyed Joe's cock so much I thought I'd do you a favor and let you eat this one too." Joe was busy sipping another glass of Chivas Regal.

Sara felt Bob's big hands grip her soft belly as he came up behind. She felt his rigid cock slide across her bum until aubrey star loves pearl necklaces reached the crack of her ass and started rubbing up and down the crack. Her body, including her ass crack, was still warm and wet from relaxing in the hot tub.

She wanted to protest but Nick still wielded his beloved leather strap and she dreaded the prospect of him finding an excuse to strap her again. Nick said, "OK, so open your mouth already." Sara reluctantly opened her mouth. Nick grabbed her hair, shoved his cock into her gaping mouth and immediately thrust hard. Sara was helpless to prevent his cock from hitting the back of her throat and causing her to gag.

Meanwhile, Bob's probing rod had found the hole midway down her ass crack and was pressing against her virgin asshole. Luckily, the precum from his cock made her hole slippery. Bob's hands tightened around Sara's belly as he forcefully thrust his cock forward, jamming it into her exposed, unguarded, helpless asshole.

Sara would have gasped if she could but this was impossible with Nick's cock filling her mouth. Bob's hands moved to her little tits and started pulling hard on the nipples. Each time he pulled her nipples he called out, "Fucking useless little tits." Bob's thrust into her ass forced her forward on Nick's cock. Nick immediately thrust back forcing his cock further into her mouth and pushing her ass into Bob's waiting crotch.

The two men proceeded to push back and forth like this as if it were a contest. They rocked her back and forth for the next ten minutes until Bob finally let out a loud bellow as he shot his hot load into her no longer virgin ass.

Bob pulled out, sighed, took Nick's strap and started thrashing her ass as Nick continued to massage her mouth with his swelling cock. Another five minutes of ass strapping and mouth fucking elapsed before Nick finally filled Sara's mouth with another load of hot, salty goo. The men checked their list: fucking while chained, upside down 69, doggy style suck and ass fuck, lots of strapping and tit pulling, three orals, four pussy fucks, three ass fucks, plus ass strapping, pussy strapping, tit strapping, tit stretching and tit whipping.

They counted: two more pussy fucks left, another oral and two more ass fucks plus more ass strapping, pussy strapping, tit strapping, tit stretching and tit whipping. Nick said, "I'm taking a rest. Joe, why don't you take a run at that pussy." He sat back, poured more Chivas and watched. Joe flipped Sara over, pushed her legs apart and rubbed his still hard cock on her bare pussy while reaching out to pull on her tiny tits.

"Look Bob. See how far I can pull them? Can't believe this bitch's tits are so fucking small. No boy ever gonna want these!" He kept stretching her nipples while, as per Ashley's specs, he ridiculed her poor little breasts.

Bob, kneeling on Sara's arms so she couldn't move, rested his thick, warm cock on her face. Joe guided his dripping cock to her pussy hole, put its head at the swollen entrance and plunged forward with all his strength as Sara again pleaded for mercy. Listening to her cries, he grunted, "Up yours bitch. Tiny titted bitch. You're taking everything I've got. Fuck you. Fuck, fuck, fuck." He continued powerfully and rapidly ramming into her hole while enjoying her cries.

Staring into her tear-filled green eyes Joe pounded his hot meat into her letting his balls slap her bare flesh. Each time he rammed in, her body was pushed a couple inches across the floor and more sobs were forced out of her mouth.

Joe counted, "15, 16, 17 here I come!" His load exploded into her ravished body. He slowed, stopped, got up and said, "Ok, who's next?" Nick swallowed the rest of his Chivas, got up, staggered over and pulled on the chains forcing Sara's legs to go up in the air until her bum was at the level of Nick's crotch.

He pulled on the other chain to bring her head and upper body level with his cock also. Sara was suspended face up about 3 feet off the floor, her hands still tied behind her back as Nick started rubbing his flaccid cock on the crack of her bum.

His cock slowly swelled up and hardened. Nick continued rubbing her ass crack getting it nicely covered with juice from his eager rod before directing it at her asshole. Carefully positioning it, he first grabbed her nipples so he would have something to steady himself, yanked the nipples and, at the same time lunged forward, thrusting his hot rod into her bum hole.

Sara screamed. Nick laughed and pushed harder making his hard rod drill deep into her ass. Each thrust forced Sara's body forward but this only stretched the swollen nipples that Nick clenched. Nick thrust, pushed and forced himself in as far as possible. Like Joe he entertained himself with a few joking comments, "Hey guys, how's this for sausage in a bun?" He laughed heartily at his crude joke while the others chuckled politely.

A few more thrusts. Nick copied Joe by counting, "5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Blast off." The tiny bit of cum he had left shot into Sara's poor bum as her tears splashed on the floor. Nick stepped back, scratched his balls, turned and said, "Hey Bob can you stop her damned crying?

Plug her mouth!" Bob grinned and pulled the whimpering Sara to her knees. Grabbing her red pigtails, Bob thrust his hard rod into her open wailing mouth. The whimpering was instantly replaced by a muffled "ummph". Bob's hips gyrated back and forth as he rammed his eager cock into her mouth. He pulled her pigtails forward each time he thrust forcing his cock to the back of her throat.

The way her head jerked, they knew she was gagging. Bob just thrust harder while yanking on the red pigtails and chuckling, "Giddy up sunny leone xxx idesex stories 2019 filly. Giddy up." Sara, terrified, tried to pull her head back but to no avail. Bob just thrust harder and refused to release her pigtails.

After having ass-fucked her, Bob took his time coming again. Nick and Joe called out the count, "45, 46 . 58, 59". On the count of spicy sweetie was brought in asshole asylum for harsh therapy, Bob finally felt his cock release its load into Sara's gagging throat.

Pulling out, he remarked, "There, you can consider that dessert. Hope you enjoyed it." He wandered off in search of another drink while chuckling to himself about his own lame joke. Sara just sat back on her heels, head down. She couldn't even cry anymore. Her shoulders heaved. Her body ached. Her mind was numb. She hardly noticed as Joe pulled her to her feet, cupped her tiny tits from behind and moved his once again hard cock to her bum.

He positioned his hard rod at her bum hole and started pushing while holding Sara still by holding onto her little breasts. Meanwhile, Bob quickly knocked his drink back and came back to leer in Sara's eyes. His cock rose again and bumped into her tummy. Shrugging, Bob moved against her body, felt for her cunt and guided his own hot rod into her cunt. Nick sat back to enjoy his view of this sandwich: Bob pressed against Sara's front, Joe pushing against her butt, Sara stuck in the middle.

Pressing harder and harder against poor Sara's soft, warm bum, Joe's cock finally popped through. He paused before fucking her ass. Bob's own cock was now pushing up inside Sara's formerly virgin pussy while he continued to leer in her face. Sara was barely aware of this latest humiliation. Joe and Bob's bodies merely helped keep her erect.

Her mind was numb. She felt the stiff rods in her bum and pussy but was no longer able to teen cock hd as for the cumshot its crazy what was happening. No matter, Joe didn't care, Bob didn't care. Nick just enjoyed watching. Now Joe started pumping into her warm bum. Bob began grinding into her crotch, his cock forcing its way deep into her pussy. The two kept pounding Sara from front and back forcing Sara's open mouth to remark, "Unnh, unnh.

Mmmmm. Milf sarah gets seduced by blonde alexa grace for fuck pressure on Joe's cock from Sara's tight ass caused him to shoot his remaining sperm deep into her ass almost right away.

When done he kept his left his cock deeply embedded in her ass and just waited for it to slowly go limp. Bob continued pumping her pussy intending to send his own remaining sperm on its way in search of an egg. Not that he much cared one way or another. It took him a full five minutes of pumping before his load finally shot inside Sara's aching pussy.

Bob pulled out. Joe pulled back. Sara collapsed as far as the chains would let her. Sara had no idea how many times her ass, cunt, mouth and tits were fucked that night. The men certainly knew though, they were ticked off each fuck, slap, whipping and tit pulling from their contract. They were always very careful to fulfill every requirement of every contract. Looking over the contract, Nick announced, "Ok that's it.

Just one more detail left. Disposal." Sara, who had started to recover, shuddered at the word "disposal" and started crying piteously for mercy. Nick fantasyhd little blonde maddy rose has sweaty workout sex shrugged, stuck a needle in her welt covered ass causing her to lose consciousness.

He untied her from the overhead chains and let her fall in a heap. The men took a few still photo's to send over the phone to Ashley. She would enjoy seeing pictures of Sara's raw, scratched, puffy, red tits not to mention her welt covered ass, red, raw cunt and cum covered face.

Nick hoisted Sara over his shoulder and headed back to his car while Joe and Bob started editing the movie. Nick drove for an hour in a direction away from both the old farmhouse and Sara's own home until he reached an alley behind a large restaurant.

There was a pile of half open garbage bags in the alley where the restaurant dumped all their table scrapings, leftover food and other refuse. A few rats were scratching about. Nick dragged Sara's limp body out of the car, sat her beside the garbage bags disturbing deni d full sex stories pron rats.

Noticing her head lolling forward, Nick took her red pigtails and tied them to a pipe to hold her head up. Then, to amuse himself, he stuck a yellow post-it note on each tit and on her pussy. The note on her right tit said "Eat".

Open wide and take it take it hard coast to coast

The note on her left tit said "Me". The note on her pussy said "Now". "Eat Me Now". Chuckling, Nick got back in his vehicle and headed home for a good long sleep. He figured the drug would wear off in another hour or two and casually wondered which would freak Sara out the most: the rats or finding herself sitting among a bunch of messy, smelly garbage.

Before driving away he sent a text message to Ashley, "Goods all used up. Garbage put out. Movie being uploaded. Enjoy. By the way, there's an extra charge for the cherry."