Petite erika lui and lexington steeles insane pussy fuck

Petite erika lui and lexington steeles insane pussy fuck
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My wife Melissa's friend came to visit us over the summer and we introduced her to the joy of a threesome. Jane is in her mid forties, about 130 lbs, 5' 6" with blonde curly hair. Her tits are C's and they are very nicley shaped. Jane has never had children and she got divorced about two years ago. Jane lives in Colorado and we haven't seen her for about ten years, although she and Melissa talk aleast weekly.

They were roommates in college and have always stayed close. We met Jane at the airport and she greeted us both with hugs and kisses. Jane still looked like she was in her late twenties. We grabbed her suit cases and headed for the house after stopping and buying ample amounts of alcohol.

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My wife was really glad to see her old friend and they told stories all the way back to the house. We got there and got Jane settled and I told the girls I was going to bed as I had to get up and head to a legal conference for a few days.

Jane and Melissa sat up talking and sipping wine until morning. They were still sitting there talking when I got up to get a shower in the morning. I was getting ready to leave and Melissa gave me a big kiss and then Jane also gave me a big hug and a kiss on the cheek as I left. I kind of expected that the girls would have some fun while I was away and I wished I could be there since Melissa and I had begun living out our sexual fantasies together, I wanted to fuck Jane in the worst way, knowing that she probably hadn't had a good cock in her in quite some time.

I returned two days later and when I arrived home, the smell of some potent Marijuana filled the air. I hadn't smoked any of it for a long time and found out later that Jane was able to sneak some with her on her flight from Colorado. I came in to the living room and Jane and Melissa sat there in their pajama's.

Jane wore red satin shorts and a top that matched it and she had no bra on underneath and Melissa had on a white t-shirt and a pair of boxers that she likes to wear for comfort. They were drinking wine, eating chocolate and smoking weed while watching some chick flick. Both of them had their hair pulled back in to pony tails. It kind of felt like they were reliving their college days and our living room became their dorm room.

I wasn't going to argue! Jane handed me the joint and I took a couple tokes and then sat down on the couch. "Why don't you go put on some comfortable clothes and join us?" Jane said. Melissa smiled and agreed with her old school pal. I went towards the bedroom and the strength of the weed hit me, holy crap the potentcy of weed nowadays is about 50 times what it was when I smoked it alot many years ago and I about ran in to the wall. Melissa and Jane both laughed hysterically as I laughed at myself and went and out on some sweats and a t shirt.

I came back in to the room and Jane looked very sexy as did Melissa. My dick was begining to swell and I tries to hide the growing bulge. Jane just started at me, I don't think she saw my swollen cock, but she just gazed at me and smiled as she sipped her wine. I looked towards Melissa and she smiled at me and at that moment, I realized that Melissa had talked to Jane and we were going to fuck her tonight! "So, Melissa tells me you guys have been doing some sexual experimenting." Jane bllurts out as she and Melissa begin to laugh.

"Ya, we have had some pretty hot experiences together over the last several months, why?" I said to Jane as my cock continued to swell. "Honey, Jane and I have been talking and she would really like for us to make love to her." Melissa said. "Ok with me ladies!" I said with a huge smile and boner! "It's been a couple of years since I have had sex and I have never had a bisexual experience." Jane said shyly.

"Tha's ok, we will go slow." I told her. I sat there and Jane stood up followed quickly by Melissa and they both took their clothes off and stood there. My wife Melissa is super fucking sexy and Jane was just about as hot as her. I sat there looking at their sexy naked bodies. Melissa' pussy was shaven and smooth and Jane has just a tuft of blonde hair, like a strip and it was neatly trimmed. Jane's breasts were full and her danielle derek in mommy needs money baby stood erect, Melissa's tits were always hot and her nipples were hard as well!

My wife looked in to her friends eyes as they embrassed and they began to gently kiss each other.

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It was sexy and my cock was at full mast! They kissed slowly at first and slowly as they both began to enjoy it, their passion grew and their kisses became wetter and more passionate.

I watched as they gently stroked each others bodies and as their hands slowly explored their soft skin.

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good looking girls know how to party Jane moaned as did Melissa as they kissed and massaged each other. I will tell you one thing, a guy can learn a great deal about how a woman wants to be touched by watching two women make out! I pulled my pants and shirt off and sat there and watched.

Melissa's hand disappeared and I could tell she was rubbing Jane's pussy as Jane shuttered and shook as Melissa rubbed her little button. Jane returned the favor and her hand disappeared and Melissa began to let out soft moans as well. Melissa began to kiss Jane's erect nipples as she continued to rub her pussy and Jane moaned louder!

Melissa stopped and smiled at Jane and led her to the couch next to me, "Sit down Jane, sit back and enjoy this." Melissa ordered her softly! Jane sat next to me a looked at my swollen cock and smiled. Melissa dropped in front of Jane and began to kiss her inner thighs. As Melissa got closer to Jane's pussy with her hot wet kisses, Jane's breathing became labored.

I knew her pussy must be dripping wet at this point! Jane slid her pussy closer towards the edge of the couch and when Melissa's mouth met her wet pussy she squealed softly with pleasure and Melissa began to gently nibble her pussy!

I just watched, aching to stick my hard cock in to someone's wet pussy! Jane's moans grew more vocal as Melissa sucked her friends pussy and teased her swollen clit. Jane's moans got louder and she looked at Melissa who was feasting on her pussy and said, "I want to eat your pussy too!" Melissa wasted no time stradling her freinds face and I watched Jane begin to devour my wife's pussy.

My wife's pussy was soaking wet and I sat there with the biggest hard on and watched. I did reach up and played with Melissa's pussy as Jane ate her. Both of them moaned as their mouths sucked each others pussies, I moved to a spot and d porn fantasy girl first time the graduate to massage both women's tits and they licked and nibbled and moaned louder with each lick!

Jane stopped eating Melissa's pussy and told me to fuck Melissa while she ate her pussy! "It's about time!" I thought, but watching them eat each other was fucking hot! I slide behind Melissa and as I rubbed my cock up and down her wet slit, Jane grabbed my cock and began to suck me! Jane sucked my cock for a bit and then guided my cock in to Melissa's wet pussy! Melissa jerked as my cock slid up her hot pussy and let out a low guttural moan as my cock bored deeper in to her.

I fucked her pussy and Jane said, "Let me know when you are going to shoot your cum!" I grabbed Melissa's hip and started pounding her pussy hard, I felt my cum starting to erupt and I annouced to Jane that I was about to cum.

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Jane pulled my cock from Melissa's hot wet pussy and swallowed my cock as I began to shoot my hot load down her throat! Jane moaned as my cum spurted in her mouth and Melissa really went to work on her pussy and soon Jane was screamed that she was cumming with my cock still in her mouth!

My cock stopped pulsating in Jane's mouth and she immediately began to suck Melissa's pussy with my cum running down the corners of her mouth! I stroked my cock as I watched this all and it stayed hard and I positioned myself right in front of Jane's pussy. Melissa moved away and began sucking and nibbling at Jane's tits as I rubbed my big cockhead up and down Jane's soping wet slit!

Jane knew what was coming and she kept up her work on Melissa's pussy! Melissa looked at me and smiled and she and Jane moaned! I began to push my cock in to Jane and her pussy was dripping wet, but super tight. I could tell that I was the first to invade her pussy in a long time! I pushed my cock in to Jane and she moaned as my cockhead slid further inside her! Almost as soon as I buried my cock all the way in to her pussy, Jane let out a scream and she began to squirt on my cock, I fucked her tight pussy as her fluids leaked out of her pussy, each thrust created a new river of clear liquid coming from her pussy!

Jane's pussy was so hot and wet and tight, I slammed her pussy as hard as I could and she begged for me to fuck her harder with each thrust!

Melissa was near orgasm as Jane did her best to pleasure her as I fucked her pussy! Soon Melissa began to scream and grind her pussy in boy fingers cum hole of a beautiful teen hardcore blowjob Jane's face and I also began to shoot my second load of thick white cum, this time in to Jane's pussy and she bucked as my warm goo filled her aching pussy, Jane began to squirt again as my hot cream filled her!

I pulled my cock out and Melissa dove right in and began to lick my cum from her pussy! Jane was moaning and screaming incoherently as her pussy and body shook and writhed with pleasure! Melissa cleaned Jane's pussy and we all kind of layed there and caught our breath. "But you didn't cum in my pussy baby!" Melissa said wantingly!

I sat back and she and Jane sucked my cock and balls until I was hard and then I gave Melissa just what she was begging for, I came in her pussy and Jane licked every drop of my cum from her pussy that she could get! We fucked all night and half the next day and we continued this for the week and a half that Jane stayed with us.

Jane can go home now as her pussy has been fed and stretched and filled with more cum thatn she's had in a long time.