Freckly red head wife screwed by two horny pricks

Freckly red head wife screwed by two horny pricks
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(start with Denise and Darnell, pt 1 to get the back story) She must have felt pretty excited about it, because she wore these shorts that sat on her hips and emphasized her ass perfectly. Her top was clingy, thin, and low cut. It became apparent that she forewent her padded bras for a thinner cupped one, as her nipples were often on display in his cool basement.

I'll summarize the fun but boring part: we drank and shot pool. Darnell was actually somewhat cool, though he was eyefucking my wife the whole time.

Not in an obnoxious way - he couldn't seem to help it. I couldn't blame him. Denise even subtly encouraged it with how she'd bend over or stretch. As we got a little drunk, the comments and jokes got more risqué.

Denise would "accidentally" brush her ass against his groin as she passed him. I'd reach over and squeeze a tit as Darnell looked at her. He offered us some weed, which always makes Denise horny and multi-orgasmic.

After we toked, she suggested an old billiard game we made up in college that was mostly just an excuse to play around with each other. It was essentially strip pool where whoever scratched had to remove an article of clothing. Darnell readily agreed and told me to not scratch.

The first to scratch was Denise, so she removed her top. My underwear got tighter because the bra that she had on pushed her breasts up, as if offering them up. When she walked, they bounced a bit. Her nipples strained against the fabric. "Your wife has spectacular boobs, Jack." "He'll be seeing them soon which how I'm playing!" She proved herself right on her next turn.

She walked up to him, sitting on the arm of his couch, and asked him to unclasp her bra for her. "It's in the front," she said, offering her breasts to him. "Oh, I'd be happy to do that," he replied. As he cum slut on her knees covered fully for the clasp, his hands brushed across her breasts and lingered for a second.

Unhooked, the bra popped open to reveal the inner swells of her breasts. She just stood there, giggling at him. He pulled the cups apart and exposed her gorgeous breasts to us. Her nipples were rock hard, her areolas two dark pink quarters on her untanned boobs, themselves white islands on the tanned skin.

I have no idea how he registered the urge to grab them. She finally stepped back and let the bra fall to the floor. "Your shot, Darnell." Obviously flustered, he scratched and remove his shirt.

I did the same. Denise tried a too bored yo kitty wants you to entertain her shot, stretched out over the edge of the table. Still it looked to me like she shot the cue ball directly into the pocket.

Darnell might have noticed had he not been staring at her ass, which was pointed directly at him. I looked at the front of his basketball shorts. My wife's antics were having the same effect on him as they wer on me, only to a much larger degree. Remaining bent over, Denise pushed her ass at him as she backed away from the table.

She reached under and undid the button and zipper. She eased her shorts down, revealing her lovely round white ass. She'd worn her sheer panties - holy fucking shit. The right leg hole had ridden into her crack and a lovely swell of ass cheek was hanging out. "Goddamn, girl," he sighed as his hand unconsciously started to hold his cock.

She turned around to face him. Her brown bush displayed prominently under the sheer. "There's another rule I forgot to mention.

If you scratch three times in a row, you have to remove a piece of clothing from the opponent of your choosing." She did put even bother to pretend to decide; she strode to the couch arm where he sat.

"I choose your shorts.

Please, allow me." As he had done, her hands ran up the clothing that was to be removed, lingering on what was behind it. They rubbed against the bulge in his shorts. "Oooooh," she cooed. He lifted up off the couch arm and she pulled down his blue basketball shorts and exposed his equipment. "Oh my god," she said and glanced at me. His cock hung 6 inches with a head even wider than its impressive girth. Behind it his ballsack held two objects that could have been golf balls.

She reached behind his member and lifted it up with her cupped palm, as if to examine it and prove that it was real. "It's heavy, ain't it? Hahaha," Darnell laughed. Her eyes wide, her mouth gaped, from shock or desire, I don't know which.

My dick immediately started swelling at the sight of my wife rubbing his expanding cock. I once had driven her away with my jealous and insecurity, but now I felt a fevered desire to see her give herself to someone else. She placed her mouth on the end of his dark purple head and worked it past her lips. It now looked to be about 9 inches. Her lips worked their way down his meat. I knew well her excellent oral skills, but was still amazed that she got not only the head but another 3 inches into her mouth.

She moved her head back and forth, inhaling and exposing that length of his manhood. I straightened out my erection young guy fucks busty mature agent hardcore and european my short and rubbed my palm against it.

She gave her jaw a break and started licking his cock and balls.

She'd teen blonde serving fat pecker for breakfast the underside of his bell end and then lap at his scrotum. She'd tell me later that his musk was strong but it only made her hornier.

She'd lock eyes with me as she took his cock deeper her mouth. "That's right. Suck that dick. You know that's what you came here after." When she responded with an enthusiastic "mm hmm" as she was bobbing on his cock, I knew that he was going to talk dirty to her.

And I knew we both would enjoy it more if he did. After a few minutes of wet, determined sucking, she tapped his cock against her face. "I want this inside me. Please." "Ha. Well, pardon me, Mr. Jack, but I'm going to have to fuck your hot little wife. Hope you don't mind." "She's all yours, man. You can do whatever she wants you to do." "Yes I can," he confirmed.

"Lay back on that couch, girl." She stood and let his cock slide out of her hand. It bobbed in the air. My smaller, averaged-sized dick could point mostly upward when hard, but his thick meat was too heavy to support that weight.

My wife tip-toed and then hopped once to the couch excitedly, causing her breasts to bounce so beautifully.

She leaned over to me and gave me a deep kiss made sloppy by the saliva she'd created sucking his dick. I always loved a wet kiss after a blowjob and this was no different. He reached around her and cupped her breasts, pulling her away and back against him.

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His cock pressed against her ass crack. His massive hands clinched her tits, fingers digging into her flesh. I knew that as she got more turned on that she liked forceful actions like that. Darnell then reached down and pressed his fingers against her pussy through the cloth of her panties. My wife moaned and leaned her head back against him.

I couldn't see what his other hand was doing, but she later told be that it was between her ass cheeks and a finger was massaging her anus through her underwear. Her breathing deepened. Now his hand dipped into the front of her panties, over her pubic hair. She flinched as his fingers found her clit. She began moaning and leaned her head back against my neighbor.

After a minute, I saw his hand slide down further through the sheer fabric. It looked like the knuckle on the edge of his palm kept the pressure on her clit as one or possibly two of his fingers began to explore her pussy opening. She responded with a low, guttural "ooohh" and squeezed her tits, taking her xxxi story 8 age dow between her index fingers and thumbs.

Having both of her holes stimulated by his strong, unfamiliar hands brought her quickly to her first orgasm. His arm tightened against her to hold her in place as her body bucked with pleasure.

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"Oh! Oh fuck fuck God. OH YES!" She exclaimed as a series of three orgasms exploded through her. As he withdrew from her pussy, his fingers left wet streaks of her juices up her belly. His hold on her loosened, she turned and fell backward onto the couch. "You might want to try that one sometime," he said to me with a hint of condescension.

He reached down and pulled her panties down her legs, fully revealing her bush.

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The hair closest to her slit was wet. She was staring at his still mostly engorged cock and obediently open step mom and girl xxx legs wide, exposing her pussy to him.

I felt a thrill go through my body. I pulled down my shorts and underwear and gripped my hard on. "Heh, I miss hairy pussies like this.

That pussy ready for my cock?" he asked as he got down on his knees, stroking it to busty milf officers maggie green and joslyn in great interracial threesome full size. "Yes! Stuff that monster in me. Jack, get the lube from my shorts." Yeah, you're going to need it, I thought.

When I returned to the couch, he'd moved between her legs. His cock lay against her cunt, but of course stuck up six inches over her belly. As I was wondering how much of that thing she would be able to accommodate, she told me to lube his cock. "What?" I'd heard the words but I was a bit shocked by her command. "Do it," she said. I looked at Darnell, thinking he'd veto the idea.

"You heard your wife. I may be in charge of her right now, but she's in charge of you." I obediently poured a bit of lube into my right hand and ‚Äčtentatively grasped the head of his cock. It was warm and felt solid. I started apply the lube over it and down his shaft a bit. I had to admit that it was a magnificent piece of meat. And I have to admit that it was arousing to hold it and ready it for my waiting wife. Denise smiled at me as I stroked it and said, "Nice." "All right, that's enough.

She didn't say to jack me off."‚Äč I released it and sat on the couch, less than a foot from my wife. Darnell grabbed the base of his cock and down over her. He ran the glistening head of his cock over her clit and pressed it against her labia. They were pushed apart and he began to enter her. Denise inhaled through her teeth as his large head disappeared into her.

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"Holy shit that's a big cock. Start slow, please." When he reached halfway inside her, she made a little squeak from pleasure and pain. She put her hands on his hips as if to stop him from going any farther.

He slowly withdrew until his head started to emerge from her hole and then he pushed back in. He stopped after introducing another inch or so into her pussy. Her eyes were closed and her breathing deepened. I knew she loved our sex life, but he was taking her someplace I never could. That's exactly what we both wanted. "Is this what … you thought about doing to me … when you saw me in my … bikini" she said, struggling to get the words out as he stretched her cunt.

"Yeah, girl. I wanted to rip it off of you, bend you over that chair, and fuck you." As he said that, the tempo of his thrusting increased.

He reached up and held her in place with his left hand. His right hand grabbed a tit and squeezed. "Uggh," my wife moaned. "You've splitting me … Oh … In half. God your cock! I wanted to look up … And see you stoking it … As I was laying there. Oh!" "You should have just come on over. I'd have given you what you needed." She looked down and watched his manhood impale her. By now he'd buried his cock almost all they way in my wife.

A sheen of perspiration appeared on her chest and forehead. When he pulled back, her inner lips were pulled out with it. He took his hand off her tit - it was red from his hot women sex beuty xxx story - and placed it over her bush.

His thumb started making circles on her swollen clit. "OH OH GOD YES KEEP DOING THAT!" she screamed and came hard right away. Their fucking got sloppy-sounding. My dick ached for release. To see the love of my life getting fucked like porn star nicki minaj sex storyback tblack incredibly hot.

After her orgasm passed, Darnell pulled his cock out of her. As it pulsed, I thought he was about to unload on her, but he didn't. He leaned down, took her left nipple and part of her breast into his mouth, and started sucking. Denise grabbed the back of his head and drew in down further on her tit. I looked at her abused cunt: her hole was still open but I could see her muscle contracting. A stain of wetness had spread below her. Darnell leaned on his elbows, which freed his hands to squeeze her boobs and caused her areolas to pop out a bit.

He took turns licking and sucked on them, to my wife's pleasure. Soon, has cock head pushed against her opening. He eased the head in, while still tonguing her titties, and with short strokes worked that bell in and out of her. She loved it when I did that with my average-sized dick. Such a big dumb head teasing her pussy had to be transcendental. It certainly got her ready for more fucking, Denise raised her pelvis and wrapped her legs around his waist, hooking a heel over her other foot, exposing her pussy fully to his cock.

His ass arched back and thrust forward fully into her with a steady insistent rhythm. Each one elicited a primal grunt from my wife. Her gorgeous tits bounced to his thrusts. I leaned out and looked at them from behind. His heavy balls thumped against her spread ass cheeks. I knew if she could ignore the massive cock plunging her that she could feel his scrotum slapping against her asshole. Occasionally he'd pause when fully inside her, which caused his sack to tighten around his balls.

Shit they looked like a set you'd see on a prize hog. My erection tightened as I thought about the amount of cum he could spew in her cunt, or across her face, or into her open mouth.

After he brought one leg upward for more leverage, she slipped one long arm past her ass. Her fingers reached his left nut and she stroked it. "Ha ha. Oh, that better not be your hand, Mr. Jack," Darnell joked. "That cock filling you up, baby?" He asked. "Yesss," she exhaled. "God it feels sooo good!" He pulled out and drove it right back. She gasped and now put both hands on his ass. He grabbed her right tit and pinched her nipple between two fingers and repeated his exaggerated thrusts.

On the third her whole body flinched and she came against him. "Mmph!" He exclaimed as her tight pussy gripped his rod harder. "Oh! Oh! Oh!" she squealed on his next thrusts until her orgasm passed. I could see her juices running from her hole and down her buttocks.

As she relaxed from exhaustion, Darnell leaned forward, which pressed his cock downward and into her. "Where do you want it," he asked. Kinky babe gagging random cocks and pussy pou didn't answer.

I saw his balls draw up. "Where?" He said again through gritted teeth. Though she was in the pill, I said, "On her tits and face!", wanting to see him blast his initial load all over her. He can cum in her pussy on his second go-around, if she's able to take more.

He pulled out with a wet pop, which brought her back to what was happening. He grabbed his cock and after two strokes, shot a thick rope of white sperm that stretched from her right tit, still red from his grip, down her belly, almost to her bush. I could see the amazement on her face at the shiny stream. He moved over her more and stroked his prick three times, like he was cocking a shotgun.

Apt description and the second squirt exploded a ridiculous blast from his dick, it reached her lips and trailed down her chin to her upper chest. At this point, I lost control and came all over my hand and belly.

But I didn't take my eyes off of them. He continued to yank himself though more gently. A third gush pored on tits and then a smaller fourth followed. Fuckin A, I thought. Denise stared at his spitting prick as she scooped up a load of it from her chest and perfect teen ass spread xxx risky birthday capers with it across her face and into her mouth.

"Jack, there should be a couple of towels in that bathroom," he said without looking at me. "I made a mess all over your pretty wife." He moved his cock to her face and asked her, "did you wanna taste your pussy?" She wordlessly grasped it and rubbed it on her cheek.

A last drop emerged from his still-swollen head and was mixed with his other cum. She licked the underside of his shaft and then sucked in his head. I quickly fetched the towels, started cleaning myself off and threw the other one onto the couch next to them.

When she finished sucking him, he picked up the towel and ran it down the length of his shaft, like the master cocksman he turned out to be.

Then he carefully wiped her off. After I wiped myself dry, but before I could sit down next to my used wife, he plopped down. His dick still looked half swollen as it bounced against his thigh.

I looked at my wife in time to see her duck under his raised arm. She laid her head on his chest, winked at me, pressing her breasts against his sunny leon first time fuck bid sex stories. Her right leg settled on his, her bush on his thigh. Her hand came to rest on his meat, which she casually petted and rubbed. "Heh heh," Darnell laughed.

"You're not ready to call it a night, are you, baby? Just climb up on me when you're ready." Part 3 coming soon