Teen maid gets fucked and facialed teen amateur teen cumshots swallow dp anal

Teen maid gets fucked and facialed teen amateur teen cumshots swallow dp anal
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Mindy Finds Paradise Over a two year period of living in Europe Mindy harvested more organs than most third world countries do as a whole.

With all the harvesting came more vast wealth and Mindy was ready to get back to finding innocent victims and torture them sexually for days before finally letting them find eternal peace.

With all the medical procedures she had performed over the two years, she had to be careful not to destroy any organs so her play time was very limited. Mindy had already informed the doctor who hired her to illegally harvest the organs that she no longer was interested and was moving out of the area.

To her surprise the doctor wasn't upset and in fact said he was ready to retire anyway. With all the organ transplants he had performed from Mindy's harvests he was also wealthy beyond most people's comprehension. Having an amicable departing of ways was welcomed by Mindy and she was ready to finalize her purchase of her new home. Situated on the small island of Capri, Italy and only accessed by ferry or Hydro foil from Naples was the ideal piece of property and Mindy closed the deal within ten days due to being able to pay cash.

The list price was 15 million dollars but Mindy was able to secure it for a mere 12.5 million (less than 2% of her total worth). It had over a quarter mile of ocean front and the house sat on the 15 acre parcel of land. Other than the 4 acre beach front the other 11 acres were wooded and completely isolated the residence from the outside world. Capri being a resort island for both Italians and foreigner's Mindy was confident she would be able to lure the perfect victim(s) to her lair and no one would ever suspect her.

Being a beautiful 21 year old American with the smile of an innocent child, Mindy knew she could almost kidnap her victims forcibly in front of others and still they wouldn't suspect her. Scott and Ami was a young American couple who moved to Naples, Italy two years prior. They chose to live surround by the charm and history of Italy. Scott's parents were killed in a plane crash and being their only child he had inherited an estate worth over ten million dollars and this enabled Ami and him to pull up roots in California and move to Italy.

Ami was one of six siblings and the daughter of a blue collar worker who was more interested in drinking than taking care of his family. Ami's mother not only stayed with her father but always made excuses for him. Ami hadn't talked to her parents since moving to Naples and her parents didn't even have her address.

With all preliminary work done, Mindy was ready to gain the trust of the young couple and in the end they would agree to stay with her during their island vacation.

Scott was twenty six years old and very fit and trim. His dark tan only enhanced his blue eyes and Mindy's cunt got wet every time she looked at Scott's midsection. Scott had a happy go lucky personality and wasn't the reserved suspicious type. Ami was twenty one years old just like Mindy and was tall and slender. She had beautiful long legs and perfect 36b breasts that were as firm as grapefruits.

Her eyes were big and round and as green as an emerald. Like Scott, Ami was a happy go lucky woman and was always looking for excitement. Mindy had noticed the couple would go onto the beach after dark, away from the crowd and light up a joint. Knowing they liked to smoke a little weed fell right into Mindy's trap and she was positive she could get them to try her special weed once they were comfortably settled into her home.

It was a special concoction her doctor friend had developed for her when she was incapacitating the victims to harvest organs. It would mellow them to the point where she could tie them to a bed or chair with little or no resistance. Mindy and the couple had been meeting for dinner and drink for the past two evenings and tonight was the night to suggest they stay with her.

When they left to go to the beach Mindy would go with them and while smoking some quality grass she would lure them back to her place. Sitting in her massive hot tub, Mindy, Ami and Scott was sipping wine and Mindy had a hard time keeping her eyes from straying not only to Scott's crotch but also to Ami's as her panties clung to her full cunt lips from the warm water. While contemplating whether or not to offer them her special weed tonight or wait for a day or two, Mindy noticed she wasn't the only one with lust in her eyes for the others.

Scott was openly staring at Mindy's firm breasts and her large stiff nipples, begging to be set free from her tight form fitting sports bra. Ami's eyes were looking into Mindy's with a come hither look and Mindy's thought processed was replaced with hot desire for both of her new friends. Without actually speaking a word, it was understood the threesome would retire to Mindy's custom made bed and explore each other for hours.

Ami encouraged Mindy not only with soft words but also with well-placed touches as Mindy allowed Scott to suck on her nipples and grope her dripping cunt. In return, Mindy ran her fingers seductively through Scott's hair and openly kissed Ami on the lips with their tongues dancing inside each other's mouths.

Gently Ebony gf plays with huge toy and cock pushed Scott's head lower and lower until she felt his tongue lash out and lick her swollen clit. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" was all Mindy could manage to expel as her body twitched from his beautiful tongue action. Ami began kissing Mindy more passionately as she took Mindy's hand and placed it on her crotch.

Mindy's fingers immediately slipped inside Ami's flowing game x x story gay cunt and as she finger fucked the woman, she bit Ami's tongue with a hungry lust for a taste of blood.

The three of them writhed against each other as hands, mouths and tongues licked, squeezed, probed and fingered each other. Scott's eight inch long and thick cock was leaking so much precum and Ami and Mindy shared his offerings as they kissed its big mushroomed head and with flicks of their tongues they shared the seed.

Mindy was flushed from the heat of the moment and yet in the back of her mind she was relishing in her evil thoughts of how much fun she will have later sophie dee hot pics sex stories compilation these lovers into victims. Rolling onto her back, Mindy grabbed Ami's thighs and pulled the woman so her hips were directly above her face.

Lowering her hips, Ami moaned with such desire as Mindy slurped and tongued her hot cunt. Mindy's fingers were digging into Ami's fleshy, yet firm buttocks as she ate the woman's cunt like a starving child. Raising her hips, Mindy felt Scott's body covering hers as his thick cock pressed against her hot, dripping cunt.

"Fuck her, Fuck her hard and deep Scott," Ami shouted to her husband as she watched his cock enter Mindy's hot tight cunt. "Oh yes, Scott, fuck Mindy while she eats my cunt and drinks my juices." Ami panted heatedly. The three sweaty bodies molded as one as juices flowed, tongues delved and a huge short hair brunette asian babe blowjob sucking penetrated. The soft scent of lavender that filled the room was gradually being replaced by the odor of heated sex and sweat.

After two explosive orgasms, Ami lifted herself from Mindy's mouth and leaned over and began kissing the woman, tasting her own sweet juices that now covered Mindy's face. Scott lifted Mindy's petite hips from the bed and began thrusting all eight inches of his rock hard cock into her body.

With each deep thrust a contented moan escaped Mindy's lips as Ami continued to taste and tongue fuck Mindy's mouth. Scott's heavy cum filled sack slapped against Mindy's firm buttocks time and again as his thrusts became harder and faster as his own orgasm began to reach its breaking point.

With her third orgasm wracking her tight young body, Mindy felt Scott stiffen and heard his animalistic groan as the first wave of his hot thick cum shot deep into her womb. skinny young wife gangbanged big dick mature, breed her baby; breed Mindy with your thick seed." Ami huskily encouraged her husband.

"Fuck her like she's never been fucked before" Ami continued as what seemed to be an unending orgasm took over Scott's entire being. His cum was blasting Mindy's womb with such force that it took her breath away and the amount was so massive that not only did he fill her womb, but it was beginning to run down her luscious thighs.

When Scott's cock finally went flaccid and slipped out of the cum filled cunt of Mindy, he was exhausted and slowly rolled off of her and lie motionless next to Mindy. With cat like quickness, Ami's mouth went to Mindy's dripping cunt and she lapped up the excess cum dripping as if it was a lifesaving serum.

Her hot long tongue licked every trace of cum from Mindy's inner thighs and outer cunt lips before shoving deep inside and sucking the internal cum as well. Mindy reacted by having another earth shattering orgasm as Ami's hungry mouth worked like a vacuum as she drained her husband's cum from Mindy's body.

The only thing Mindy was interested in for the rest of the night would be to relinquish herself to a peaceful sleep with Ami and Scott lying next to her. Tomorrow would be a new day to enjoy their company and tomorrow night would be the beginning of the sexual snuffing ritual that Mindy needed to once again engage in.

After breakfast the next morning, Mindy suggested Scott go back to the hotel and check out while she and Ami took their showers and made themselves beautiful for him.

By the time Scott returned to the house it was almost noon. While Mindy prepared lunch for the three of them she suggested Ami and Scott explore some of the beautiful flower gardens located throughout her property in the wooded area.

Once she was sure the pair was well into their exploring Mindy went into Ami's purse and took out her cell phone and also a credit card. Calling the Hydro Foil reservation desk Mindy ordered two one way tickets for Naples that evening. When boarding the Hydro Foil they manually take your ticket or in this case check the confirmation text message but there's no record of who actually came aboard so it would be impossible to later back track to see if the couple had actually boarded the Hydro Foil.

If there's any investigation into the missing couple the authorities would be able to trace them returning to Naples from Capri and it would end there, encouraging the police to concentrate on Naples only. Mindy owed so much to Krystal for teaching her so well on how to cover all tracks.

Of course it was Krystal's teachings that were also the demise of her in the end. When Mindy killed Krystal and left clues to the whereabouts of victims' bodies, she effectively closed the case for the local police. Now with Ami's and Scott's departure from the island confirmed Mindy whistled as she continued to prepare lunch while formulating the next few days activities in her mind.

The drugged joint was taking effect on Ami and Scott and Mindy had the room all prepared for her pleasure. Leading the couple to the room, Mindy was seductively telling them how she wanted to role play and have them as her prisoners. After the passionate and sex charged night they had before, Ami and Scott was more than open to Mindy's suggestions.

Tying Scott to the padded table in the middle of the room and securing Ami to the rings mounted on rack against wall, Mindy was already getting wet with anticipation.

It was important to Mindy that Ami had full view of Scott and seeing the other person's fright was just as erotic as the victim's own screams and terror. Between the effect of the drug and the memory of the night before, Ami and Scott was almost as excited as Mindy as they pretended to try to escape from their restraints. Mindy's fingernails gently ran up and down Scott's inner thighs and his soft moans of pleasure were music to her ears.

Mindy loved making her victim feel at ease and even experience wonderful sexual release before she started her torture.

Looking over at Ami, Mindy saw in the woman's eyes the heat and passion she had watching her husband being seduced in this manner. Replacing her fingernails with her tongue, Mindy leisurely licked and kissed Scott's firm and tanned inner thighs as her fingers caressed his heavy cum filled balls.

Scott's cock grew almost immediately to full erection and the precum seeped from that ¼" slit at the very head of his cock. Mindy rubbed the head of Scott's cock across her closed lips, coating them with his juices.

Walking over to New xx story suny leon, Mindy kissed the woman and fed her Scott's juice as she slid two fingers into the woman's hot wet cunt. Yes, this is wonderful Mindy thought to herself as she fingered the woman and then bit her lip hard enough to bring blood. Sucking the blood from Ami's open wound Mindy used her fingers to bring the woman to orgasm.

Leaving Ami panting from her orgasm, Mindy walked back to the table where Scott eagerly awaited her touches.

Mindy sucked and licked Scott's cock, while slobbering excessively to coat it with a thick layer of saliva. Scott moaned nonstop as Mindy's mouth acted as a vacuum as she sucked hard on the big bulbous head and her saliva ran freely down the length of his thick veined rigid cock.

Every few minutes Mindy would stop sucking his cock and glide up his body and kiss him deep and passionately on the lips. Ami was squirming, her thighs aching and needing release and yet helpless with her being restrained in an upright spread eagle fashion. The sight of her husband's massive cock so hard and twitching from the touches of another woman both excited her and also made her twinge with a bit of jealous envy.

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She was hoping soon Mindy would come back to her and give her the release she needed. She gasped as she watched Mindy straddle Scott's cock and drop downward taking all eight inches deep with one motion.

Mindy's head went redhead babe emily eve gets fucked by bbc as she cried with pleasure while she rode Scott like a common slut in heat. Scott was sweating from the heat building inside his balls as Mindy's finger's expertly massaged them in rhythm with her hips moving up and down. Several times over the next half hour she would have to stop and let Scott calm down to keep him from cumming before she wanted him to.

Between riding Scott's cock, Mindy would kiss him fully on the lips and nibble on his lower lip until she tasted blood. Whenever Mindy tasted another person fresh blood a rush would overtake her and she always got renewed energy. As she straddled Scott for what will be the last time for the evening she reversed her position and this time instead of facing him she was facing away and staring at Ami. Sweat was pouring down Mindy's face and chest as she bounced on Scott's magnificent cock and the head would penetrate her womb.

Looking directly into Ami's eyes just as Scott began to cum deep inside her cunt Mindy wrapped her fingers of one hand around his sack, making his balls protrude causing him to shoot spurt after spurt of his thick seed deep inside her. With Scott's cock still twitching and depositing the last of his cum into Mindy's cunt, she balled her free hand into a tight fist and with the might of a body builder she crushed his balls with one blow. Her own orgasm exploded as Scotts scream filled the room and his wife's mouth flew open but nothing came out.

Once her orgasm subsided, Mindy got off the table as Scott spewed a barrage of heated comments directed at her and she walked over to a cabinet and retrieved a flat thick metal plate and a small sledge hammer. Walking back to the table, Mindy put the plate under Scott's already swollen ball sack and commenced to mutilate his balls completely with the sledge coming down once, twice three times.

The pain was so great that Scott couldn't scream, but the veins in his arms almost burst as he struggled to break himself free of his restraints. With her face inches from his, Mindy told him she no dad and mom and dotar sex has any desire to feel more of his cum inside her so his nuts was no longer a useful part of his body.

Scott spat in Mindy's face and vowed to get loose and take revenge. As Mindy wiped his spittle from her face with her right hand, her left hand brought the hammer down and flattened his nose. Walking over to Ami who was in a state of shock, Mindy kissed her softly on the lips and whispered that in the morning it would be her turn to have some fun.

Mindy placed a gag on both Scott and Mindy before turning out the light and leaving them in the dark, not able to communicate with one another but hearing the quiet sobs emitting during the night. Walking over to Scott the next morning Mindy squeezed his mutilated balls as she told him between his hugely swollen ball sack and his broken nose and swollen eyes, he looked like shit.

As the pain in Scott's eyes grew in intensity Mindy's sadistic pleasure grew also. Kissing him on the forehead, Mindy told Scott he could relax, this morning she was going to play with his lovely wife Ami.

Scott's head thrashed side to side and his fists balled up in anger and misguided attempts to once again free him from the restraints. He tried to scream around the gag as Mindy walked slowly across the room and punched Ami in the cunt as hard as she could.

Ami's body convulsed from the pain so Mindy punched her few more times just to see how much pain the bitch could handle before surrendering herself to the will of her captor. When the pain was more than the woman could stand, she passed out and her chin rested peacefully on her chest.

This wasn't satisfactory to Mindy, her victims must always be awake when she tortures or sexually manipulates them. While holding smelling salts under Ami's nose to arouse her once again, Mindy's other hand was busy twisting Ami's right nipple to the point where it was beginning to bleed.

It was important to have Ami wake up experiencing severe pain and it's only when she learned to endure the pain would she be able to remain alert. As Ami regained consciousness, Mindy removed her gag so when she screamed her husband Scott would hear the anguish in his wife's voice.

Mindy's cunt was dripping as she continued to twist the nipple, determined to rip it from the breast and Ami's screams were piercing the serenity of the room. Glancing to Scott, Mindy rejoiced by the way his veins in his arms and neck were popping out grotesquely as he tried in vain to free himself. The screams of pain from his wife were driving him over the edge and even though blood was running over his wrists from trying to free himself from the bindings, he seemed unfazed.

With the nipple ripped from Ami's chest, Mindy crossed the room to the table with the struggling Scott, Mindy whispered in his ear if the violent screams from his wife was almost more than he could handle. Shaking his head to affirm this to be true, Mindy said she would try to help reduce the sound of her screams. Taking the fresh and bloody nipple Mindy gently pushed it into the canal opening of Scott's right ear.

His hatred was clear as he glared at Mindy as she took the eraser end of a pencil and pushed the nipple in so deep, it ruptured Scott's ear drum. "There, there Scott, isn't that better now baby?" Mindy asked in a sinister sounding voice. As Scott's head went from side to side in total disgust and dire hatred for this woman, Mindy made the comment that evidently it only helped a little and she would rectify the problem immediately.

When Mindy went back to the strung up Ami, she kissed the woman passionately on the lips and then licked her way down to Ami's left nipple. Circling Ami's nipple with her hot wet tongue, Mindy opened her mouth just wide enough to slip the nipple between her upper and lower teeth and bit down with sufficient force to detach the nipple cleanly. As Ami screamed in renewed pain and the blood was puddled at her feet from her disfigured breasts, Mindy repeated her actions by shoving this nipple into Scott's other ear until she ruptured the ear drum.

All Scott could hear now was a rushing type roar and although he could see Ami's mouth moving he couldn't hear a sound. After searing the open wounds on Ami's breast, Mindy gave her two pain pills and told her they would play some more after lunch and by that time the pain should be minimal.

Mindy enjoyed the games she played with her victims and whenever she had a chance to let them think they would actually be released she would use it. Ami wasn't feeling any pain from having her nipples ripped off nor from the cunt punches earlier thanks to the pain medication Mindy gave her.

Mindy told Ami she would let them go free if Ami not only would perform oral sex on her but also make her have an orgasm. Like any person in the same circumstance amazing round ass while make you cum do, Ami agreed to the terms and told Mindy she would do whatever it took to be set free.

Once Ami was securely strapped to the office chair, Mindy rolled her over to the table where Scott was restrained. Mindy raised her skirt and grabbed the back of Ami's head. Holding Ami's face tight against her cunt, Mindy ordered the woman to start licking her moist inner cunt lips. As Ami began sucking and licking Mindy admonished her for not showing any excitement and to show her she meant business, Mindy took one of Scott's fingers in her hand and bent it back until it snapped.

Moaning softly and with increased tongue action, Ami licked and sucked on Mindy's cunt lips and swollen clit relentlessly. Mindy ground her hips into Ami's face as her fingers entangled in the woman's long flowing locks. Ami began sucking harder and moaning more telling Mindy the woman forgot about her predicament and was honestly enjoying her task. Mindy's juices flowed freely as Ami licked and drank every drop.

No matter how hard she licked, moaned, sucked however, she couldn't take Mindy over the edge completely and Mindy was getting inpatient. Breaking another of Scott's fingers Mindy told Ami she had five more minutes to get her off or the deal was void.

Ami pushed her tongue as deep as she could into Mindy's cunt and sucked like a vacuum. Mindy's juices were so sweet yet pungent and Ami could not seem to get enough.

Moaning deep and shoving her tongue in and out like a miniature cock; Ami devoured all the cunt juice she could extract from her captor. Although once or twice Mindy had to think about unpleasant things to keep from having an orgasm, in the end Ami wasn't able to take her over the edge.

Taking a breathable ball gag and forcing it into Ami's mouth Mindy was ready for her final play. The gag would prevent Ami from closing her mouth and yet allow her to breathe normally. Rolling the chair against the table with Ami's face less than two feet from Scott's Mindy walked behind Ami and placed a clear Plastic bag over Sweetheart rides on a giant lovestick hardcore and blowjob head.

Taping the bag securely around Ami's neck Mindy had her orgasm as she watched the fright in Ami's eyes. Scott was thrashing wildly on the table as he was forced to watch his young beautiful wife gasp for air and her body twitched uncontrollably. It took over three minutes of struggling before Ami's eyes became fixed and the last exhale of breath left her lips.

Mindy made herself a mental note to have a lift installed when she had to struggle while taking Ami out of the chair and laying her face down on top of her husband. Scott tried to keep his head turned from Ami's face but every time he turned his head sideways Mindy would break another finger. Ami's dead eyes were open and staring into the face of her husband and no matter how hard he tried, he was unable to keep his eyes closed.

The blank stare enraged Scott more than ever and he cursed Mindy and promised he would get his revenge in the end. With the aid of chloroform Mindy was able to move Scott to the chair and having Ami on the table, on her back and now the plastic bag is gone. Scott not only had chains binding his legs and arms to the metal chair but Mindy also had a rope around his neck so if he tried to rise from the chair he would strangle himself.

When Scott came to he was greeted with the sight of his naked wife's corpse being sexually abused by Mindy. Mindy was openly French kissing the dead woman's mouth while at the same time she was fucking her with a strap-on dildo. Mindy pumped her eleven inch rubber cock into Ami's cunt while she tormented Scott by telling him he could never satisfy his wife this well. She would make him watch her pull the entire eleven inches out of Ami's body and then ram deep into her while she kissed and tongued the dead woman's mouth.

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When the friction from Ami's cunt being dry became too great Mindy would force Scott to suck on the dildo and slobber erotic aaliyah hadid fucking hard for gratification over the length of it. When he first refused Mindy just pushed the chair back and the rope tightened around his neck and cut off his breathing. It was human nature to fight for your life to the very end even when you know the outcome and Mindy knew this.

Scott licked and sucked on the big dildo like a slut and wait obediently between his turn as Mindy continued to violate his late wife's naked firm body. Mindy had sex with Ami's body for over an hour before finally getting off and without a word, she walked to the door. Switching off the light, Mindy left Scott strapped to the chair in the dark with his wife's body just feet from him. Tomorrow she would send Scott to the eternal paradise as well. Even though she was disappointed when she found that Scott had hung himself during the night, she wasn't surprised by it.

His limp body was cold and she knew he most in likely had taken his own life shortly after she left him in the dark. It took Mindy over four hours to move the bodies and dig the hole in the garden to bury them in.

With the acreage she had the previous owner had a couple tractors and a back hoe that he left when she purchased the place so the digging was the easy part. Mindy smiled as her mind wandered back to the place in the states that she and Krystal shared. The garden was so beautiful and had the healthiest vegetable and flowers and within a couple years Mindy knew this garden would be just a bountiful. For now however, Mindy had to make a list of things she needed to be able to move her victims around easier and also she had some sinister ideas of other tools she could use to get the most enjoyment from her playmates.

She would spend the next few days exploring Naples and locating the best locations to find her future victims.