New xx story suny leon

New xx story suny leon
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"To Much Pussy!" (mountain girls contd.) * I'm Ben. I had 3 wild and crazy mountain girls all going have sex with me, all at once. Jen, one of the beautiful young twins wanted to tell this part of the story… We was all excited get'n ready to have ourselves a bed party.

Amy, our older girlfriend, stood up to have Ben lay down in the middle of the bed. She looked up…and there was Marc D. a look'in in the window. She grabbed Ben's shotgun and ran to the door…but Marc was hold'in his ass and runn'in away. Amy had shot him in ass before. Marc had been after Amy fer a long time, but she couldn't stand him.

He looked like a mule with miss'in teeth. My sister Bella and I didn't like him at all. He tried to hump our donkey once. It was real funny as the donkey was a kick'n and Blackie, our dog was a bit'n him on his ass. I chased him down to the crawdad hole with a hunt'in knife.

He tried to cross the big ol hole and fell in. Them crawdads was a pinch'n him all over and he was a yelp'n. He finally got out and there musta been 50 big ol crawdads a pinch'n and a hang'in all over him as he ran away. Nobody liked him caus they caught him a steal'n moonshine. All the fellers chased him, but only found his pickup. They put his pickup a way up high in big ol tree.

It's still there, but its all a rusty look'in now. I ask pa how did they git it up there? He said with a hundred fella's, it was no problem. We took the engine out first and put in another tree. Pa said that it works better than a fence. When people see that they knowed to keep away from there. Pa said If'n you girls see a pickup in a tree, you back outta there real careful caus there's booby traps there. I ask him what's a booby trap? He smiled and said it a thing that will blow your boobs off!,… then him and ma started laugh'in elaina raye and diana doll sharing bf in the bedroom a slapp'in their knees.

--- I said to Amy, "Let's tie Ben to the bed like he's our prisoner." Well…she thought that would be fun so we got some string and tied his hands and feet to the bed. Oh he could get loose but we was hav'in us some fun. We took turns a put'in our pussy's on Ben's face and a hump'in his tongue.

I was first and I loved hold'in Ben down and a digg'in my pussy in his tongue. Amy and Bella was a lick'in on his cock and mak'in it jump. Ben tongue was feel'in heavenly on my pussy bump. I said: "Ben, make me have that good feel'in again like ya do." Well Ben sure knew how to do that and that feel'in was a com'in.

Amy had a new thing where she got Bella to lay on Ben on her back. She stuck Ben's big ol cock in Bella's pussy. Ben started a moving his cock in Bella and Amy was a lick'in them both while they was a hump'in. She'd start at Ben's balls and lick up his cock and then across Bella's pussy bump. The more she licked the faster Ben humped and Bella moaned. My face was a right there a watch'in all this as Ben was a lick'in away on my pussy. I desi wife fucking hard by husband bigbadbrother part had to join in a lick'in Ben and Bella with Amy.

Ever body was a mak'in moan'in noises and here it came. My pussy started a jump'in and Ben started a shoot'in white stuff in Bell's pussy. It was so much that it was runn'in outta Bella's pussy. Amy and I was a lick'in it as Ben just kept a shoot'in and a groan'in&hellip. --- * Amy was watching me type on the story. She couldn't read but asked what I was doing and I told her.

I ask her If she had anything to add to the story. She was a still a shy girl but thought a while.

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She got behind me and started feeling my chest. She whispered: ("& can tell'm I'm steal'in me a new boyfriend.") The new boyfriend was me, and I wanted a lot more of wild Amy. Her 'pa' must have trained her real good&hellip.and what a body she had.

I ask how she plan to do this 'boyfriend' stealing. Here's what she said&hellip.

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--- __When I seen you and Jen and Bella a hump'in the hills that day, I planned right then to get you fer myself. Pa was the only one I had humped with and after a while I wanted more than that.

The other fellers at the still wouldn't even look at me caus pa would 'a killed em. I wanted my own man. My girlfriend Sally T. was like me and all we could do was feel each others titties and rub our pussy's while we was a wait'in on someday gett'in a man of our own. We was a gett'in powerful horny a wait'in, that's when I seen you a mak'in them two girls feel sa good. I told Sally T. about you and we got us a place in the hills where we can do some hump'in all we want. * I stopped the story and closed my laptop.

Amy jumped in my arms and said let's go there now while the girls are fishing. She was all excited and was grinding her pussy into my crouch. She put my hands on her tits and pressed them firm in my hands. She began kissing my face all over and I was wanting to fuck her again bad. I said: "Show me this place." She jumped down and pulled my hand to lead me out the back door. We climbed this hill and she stopped and threw a rock at this shack down below us.

The rock bounced off the roof and soon this Sally T.

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came out and shaded her eyes looking up the hill at us. Amy pointed up the hill and Sally started running to where she was pointing.

We walked a little further and went in-between these to giant rocks. There was a cave in there. Amy held my hand. There was no light at all in there. She had me sit down and I felt some blankets. Amy got on top of me and I felt her start taking her and my clothes off. We did not hear Sally come in. Amy felt Sally's hand feeling on me. She said: "I got me one.

A boyfriend fer the both of us." I felt both their hands going all over my naked body.

I finally got to feel this sally. She felt very young with a hot feeling body and sweet tits. Sally said: "You hold em down Amy and let me git on top a him".

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Amy giggled and said: "Ok, he's all yours." Next thing I knew Sally was on top of me kissing me and rubbing her tits on me. She rubbed her pussy on me and then went down to feel and then lick on my cock. Amy told her to turn around so I could lick her pussy. I grabbed her legs and went for her clit. She started making the strange sounds of pleasure. It seems that Sally had never had a man lick her pussy before.

Her legs started shaking and she squirmed as I licked her clit for the first time ever. She started making these howling sounds as Amy kept giggling and spanking her on her butt. Sally finally got through playing and feeling my hardon and Amy joined her and showed her how to put it in her mouth. She gasp and made this 'mmmm' sound when I felt her tits and put my tongue in her pussy. Amy's hands were feeling both of us. She said: "Ain't he a keeper Sal." Sally was to busy to answer as she jacked and sucked on my cock as her body wiggled and she dug her clit into my tongue… ---- * this is a never ending story as next Bella and Jen enter the cave.

Now I had just to wild sex makes lesbian attractive babes cum dildo toy pussy to deal with. Marc D. feels the wrath of pissed off mountain girls and a giant bee hive……