Red head teen strip tease and brunette fucked on bus i didnt know what to expect the

Red head teen strip tease and brunette fucked on bus i didnt know what to expect the
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Nina had everything that Thomas wanted in a dancer and a lover. She was a delicate flower, but also someone that could show a dark side if he could just help her unleash it. Nina just wasn't comfortable enough in her body to fully liberate herself from the iron jaws of an oppressive, manic depressive mother. She was innocent by nature and the spotlight of New York City would just eat her up, Thomas knew this. This issue had also came front and center in his life when he decided to cast Nina in the lead up an upcoming busty brandy has her big tits creamed. Much to the chagrin of Lilly, a raven-haired beauty, Nina got the starring role.

Nina wasn't as innocent and this was obvious to Thomas the first time he set eyes on her just a couple years back at a recital in upstate New York. However, to Thomas there had to be a happy medium between innocence and pure sexuality.Lilly just didn't have that.

This is where the story of the breaking of Nina began. On a cloudy October night, with New York City hopping like it always does, the group was set to rehearse for their upcoming show.

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The clouds and rain made it nearly impossible for Nina to show up in her usual pristine manner. She walked into the building sopping wet, shoes squeaking across the just shined floor. To Nina there was nothing worst than this. After all, the petite looker always prided herself on her appearance of perfection. Maybe this had to do with her mother being dancer when she was growing up, but this mentality was quickly getting the best of Nina.

It made her give off an aura of innocence that didn't translate well to the part that she was cast into. Lilly noticed this, and with her more dominant mentality coupled with the fact that she wasn't cast as the lead, this was something she was going to run with. Thomas, on the other hand, saw Nina walk in shyly and embarrassed and really wasn't having any of it. She needed to be more forceful and confident in her own skin. As the rehearsal got going it was clear that Nina wasn't on her A-game.

She fell off the the hands of a male costar and fell to the ground. On the next scene she just slipped, her silhouette figure plummeting to the hard surface once more.

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What's wrong with me? Nina asked herself, obviously still shaken from making an entrance that was nowhere near perfect. "Stop, rehearsal is over.You can all go home, except Nina. I need to see you in my office NOW!!!!!" Thomas exclaimed in a rather matter of fact way. It was apparent to Nina and everyone else that he sunny leone xx sex stories story 2019 a happy camper. All the other cast members quickly picked up their belongings and exited stage left.

Nina, still in a consistent state of frustration just laid their on the floor, waiting for them all to leave, never looking up once. "Well Nina, are you coming?" The skinny, but extremely beautiful young female followed Thomas like Bambi's mother would follow The Great Prince of the Forest in the Disney classic, submissive as could be.

Once in the office, Thomas asked one simple question. "Do you have what it takes to be Odile?

Because I don't think you do." Arms crossed around his chest. Still looking to the ground, Nina uttered silently, "Yes, I do. Just give me another chance." This response didn't please Thomas in the slightest, "Why are you so uncomfortable in your own skin?

You need to take control, you need to become more aware of your sexuality. Of your surroundings." This response obviously took Nina by surprise. Why would he say that to me? She thought to herself, fetching enough inner-strength to look at the imposing figure in the face.

"Listen Nina" Thomas walking closer and then pushing the tender soul against the wall, grabbing her by the back of the head and laying a passionate kiss on what was an obviously virgin body.

"This is the sexuality you need to show. This is the the pure passion you need to show." Nina, not feeling any of it, ran out of the office and into her dressing room, leaving Thomas behind as frustrated as he could possibly be.

All he was trying to do was give her an example of human sexuality and should couldn't even take it. This wasn't going to work. About five minutes passed when Thomas heard a knock on the door. "Come in Nina." Thomas stated sifting through papers, anger still obvious in his voice.

Girl and latin what would you prefer computer or your girlassociate pops in Lilly dressed in a short black miniskirt and shite halter top, apparently ready for another romp on the town.

"What are you doing here Lilly, I told you guys to go home an hour ago." Asked Thomas in a perplexed voice. "Well, I overheard your conversation with Nina and I have an idea. The conversation continued for quite some time. All the while, Nina was busy wiping the white makeup off her face and loathing in her own existence. There she was sitting in front of a mirror just an hour after he might have ruined her big break on stage.

As was the case with Nina, perfection caused the innocent flower much pain that night. Wiping makeup with one hand and scratching up her back with the other. Welts were apparent on her exposed shoulder, which caused much more uncertainty for Nina, fully knowing her mother wouldn't stand for that. Then a knock on the door followed by Lilly walking in. "What do you want Lilly, I am not in the mood." Walking closer to Nina, the voluptuous beauty patted her on the head and said "Dear, it is going to be okay.

You have a bad night, not a big deal. Remember, there is always tomorrow and perfection isn't everything." With a dumfound look on her face, Nina responded "Maybe for you, your just a backup performer.

I am the main star that I was always destined to be and might have blew it tonight." This didn't make Nina any friends with her co-star. Lilly, thinking to herself.This bitch thinks she is better than me. She thinks she is better than us. Thomas only gave her the job because he thought he could get some virgin cunt. I am going to show this bitch right now. Not wanting to show any yangs boy sex old ldis of anger, Lilly backed up a few steps and said "Hey I was just trying to help you.

Don't have to be so rude about it." As Lilly was big boody mom sex piss to leave the luxurious dressing room that she always thought belonged to her, Nina responded "I am sorry, it has just been a long day." Not wanting to have any more of this conversation, Lilly said "it's cool" and left the room. The next thing Nina knew, it was 10:00 at night and she missed the last subway out of town. What am I going to do? She thought to herself.

Looking over to the other end of the room Nina figured that she could just sleep on the loveseat and be done with the night. Fully unclothing with an exception of her panties and and bra, Nina depressingly made her way to the couch covering herself up with a long bath towel.

"Hey Thomas, we have her the way we want her.Let's do this shit." Nina hearing background voices in the room, sounding a bit like Lilly. In an instant Nina sprung to her feet and saw Thomas and Lilly standing right in front of her. "What do you guys want? I missed the last subway home and was trying to get some sleep." Need exclaimed looking down to the ground embarrassed by her appearance.

"Hey bitch we want you. We are going to have you. Now take it like a good girl" Lilly responded in a stern voice, throwing the small brunette back on to the sofa. Thomas then jumped on Nina's back grabbed rope that was used for the rehearsal that night and tied her hands behind her back. "You might act all innocent slut, but we all know what is pent up inside that soft exterior," explained Thomas. "Now take whats coming to you" as he bent Nina over the sofa, ass up in the air, kicking her legs apart.

Without warning Lilly grabbed the remaining rope and tied Nina's legs spread across each end of the loveseat.

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Before Nina knew it, she was nearly naked in front of two people, spread in a vicarious position, thinking to herself.What are they going to do? They cannot be thinking of doing. Voice in her head cut off by Thomas ripping her panties from her crotch, leaving a weltering red spot between her thighs. Unbuckling his belt, Thomas positions himself behind Nina and slides his cock in her virgin pussy, not saying a word.

"No, no, no.You cannot be doing this.Stop.Please, oh God, please." Nina exclaimed in a frantic voice. Without hesitation Lilly started stripping naked, obviously turned on by the scene.

"Hey Nina, you thirsty" She asks in a sarcastic manner, while her victim is about to get impaled by a rather length 10 inch cock. "What do you natasha nice my slutty student No.Please, just stop." Lilly jumps on the other side of the loveseat, spreads her legs so they're supported by each end of the object and starts to straddle Nina's old couple seduce and husband cheats frannkie goes down the hersey highway forcing the girl to look up.

"Lick my pussy slut.'no, no, no" she is interrupted by frantic pleads. Not thinking about anything else other than getting her cunt licked, Lilly forces her pussy lips onto Nina's face, reaching down and closing off her nasal passages.

"Mmf, mmf, mmf, mmf, Nina holds her breath for as long as possible before opening her mouth to the waiting pussy of her co-star. Just as this happens Thomas jams his cock half way into Nina's cunt, deflowering the beauty and forcing her face forward and mouth into Lilly's waiting pussy. "Lick it bitch, lick it," exclaims Lilly excited by the whole seen. There Nina is, just a few hours after embarrassing herself on stage, the meat in a bi-sexual sandwich directly out of a horror movie. Why me?

I didn't do anything to deserve this. Nina thinks to herself as she is unable to let out anything tangible with Lilly forcing her cunt on the previously innocent young beauty.

Thomas slides in further, softly kissing the self-made welts on Nina's back and asking "We know you can be Odette, but it is time to be more like Odile." Is this what he meant by sexually liberating me. They're just raping me, nothing liberating about this. Nina once again in her own mind. "That's right bitch.Time to prove you can be the 'Black Swan," states Lilly as she is humping her pussy onto Nina's face.

Thomas bucking harder and harder into Nina, the victim screaming into Lilly's cunt, making the assaulter even more excited by the whole scene and the hot mouth entrenched into her cunt lips. Not able to hold back anymore, Thomas drives his cock all the way in Nina's previously virgin cunt, balls slapping against her tender, milky thighs. Then in an instant, Thomas unloads his seed deep into her womb. Not wanting to be overshadowed, Lilly comes and squirts a tremendous amount of hot female juice all over Nina's face.

Nina wakes up on the loveseat about four hours later. She looks around, there is no one in the room.

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There is no sign of the rope that was used in her rape, or the juices that must have dropped from her ravaged body during the brutal attack.But, Nina knew it happened.It was too real not to have happened. But, where were those welts that Thomas caused by ripping her panties? Redhead sweetie gets fucked by a friend minutes pass and there is a knock on the door, walks in Lilly again.

"What the fuck did you guys do to me last night?" Asks Nina, demanding an answer and running psychotically towards Lilly with a baton in her hand. "You guys fucking raped me." Thinking the entire seen was funny, Lilly responds, "Did someone have a wet dream about me?" "No, no, no, no.You guys raped me." Nina, clearly flustered, replies.

Then in an instant, not even knowing how it happened, the "Black Swan" comes out in Nina as she takes the baton and whacks Lilly over the face with it three times.Blood dripping to the floor.

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Oh my god, did I just do that? Nina asks herself, her co-star dripping blood and unconscious on the floor. Shit, shit.Nina feels the pulse of the raven-haired beauty on the floor, thank God, she is still alive.

But, to Nina this doesn't change the fact that she was raped. She knows it was real, she knows it happened. Why else would she have scratches on her pussy? Nina drags Lilly to the loveseat, grabs two pairs of stalkings, one white and the other black, and ties one around Lilly's neck and the other forcing her arms behind her back.

Trying to figure out what to do, Nina locks the door and comes up with a plan. This bitch is going to feel the full wrath of my ire, of my frustration.

Patiently, well not so much, Nina waits for Lilly to wake. Five minutes pass and Lilly finally comes to. "Good, your awake bitch. Time for you to sex xxx sambalpuri story new the pain of turning on a fellow sister." Nina lifts up Lilly's black skirt, moves around to her somewhat bloodied face and shows her the baton. "Be a good girl and take it." All the while Lilly is screaming bloody murder, there are knocks on the door, it is obviously Thomas hearing the commotion in the room.

"Take it slut." States Nina as she jams the baton in Lilly's pussy from behind. Not being nearly as nice as Thomas was before, Nina attacks her victims pussy with the full wrath of years of pent up sexual frustration, sticking six, then seven, then eight, then nine inches into Lilly's bloodied pussy.

Harder and harder Nina fucks her co-star as hard as possible, pulling out then jamming it back in, while slapping Nina's ass. "Someone help, help, help, she is going to kill me.Help, help, help.Oh God, someone please help me. This is tortured.Oh, God." Lilly stating in a completely blubbering manner. "Take this fake cock you stupid fucking cunt.You piece of shit fuck toy." Nina, obviously having an out of body sexual experience, responds. Then in an instant the door is broken down.

Nina backs up, the baton still lodged in Lilly's pussy. "What the fuck are you doing Nina?" Asks Thomas in a relentlessly frantic tone. "Just sexually liberating myself baby.

See, now I can be the perfect Black Swan that you have always wanted. That I have always wanted to be. I am finally perfect, I can play both roles now." Nina states, pulling the baton from Lilly's ravished pussy and walking out of the room. "See Thomas", Lilly removing herself from the loveseat and wiping blood from her thighs, "I knew Nina had it in her."