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Very small pron girl funking
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I sat on the couch in our living room watching the T.V. Recently there had been a lot of robberies that had been going on around our neighbourhood. My parents were out of town for the month, leaving me and my 19 year old brother home alone. "Rosie?" i heard him call from the front of the house. "I'm in the movie room!!" i called, staying in my spot, my eyes glued to the t.v. as i listened to the news reporter. I vaguely heard my brother walk into the room.

"what are you watching?" he asked coming around the couch and dropping his bag, before plopping himself down in the space right beside me. "Just catching a little of the news" i shrugged, glancing at my brother with a smile. Jake stood at 6ft while i only stood at 5' 5" We looked almost nothing alike say for our dark grey Eyes, which we got from my mom.

My hair was almost black while jake had dirty blond hair that hot orgy session with irresistible sex bombs into his eyes in that careless manner. He was lean and toned to near perfection his body chiseled and muscled just right. But for me i was alittle curvy in some areas, my hips were a little wide but i was still in shape, something alot of the girls envied me for at my school.

To say i was in love with my brother was the understatement of the year. He was everything to me. He made my world and i wished more than anything that we weren't related so that i could be with him.

He was sweet, loving, protective and most of all loyal. Even when his friends would say something bad about me he would dump them where they stood and would spend the rest of the day with me just to prove that he didn't care what others thought. I leaned my head against his shoulder, sighing when he wrapped an arm around my back, pulling me into his chest.

"have you eaten?" he murmured into my temple, making my eyes close. i shook my head, not wanting to speak. "I'll order some pizza" he whispered, kissing my temple before shifting to pull out his cell phone. He dialed the take out number and listed off the toppings he wanted before hanging up and relaxing back into the couch.

It was another 20 minutes before we heard the doorbell go. "There's the pizza" he breathed, slipping out from behind me and disappearing out of sight to get the door. I could just hear Jake opening the door and greeting the guy at the door before i tuned them out.

After 10 minutes of no movement i realized that Jake hadn't returned from getting the pizza. Frowning i pushed myself up from the couch and sauntered out of the t.v. room. "Jake?" i called. busty blonde vyxen steel takes a big black cock outdoors pizza guy eat you or something?" i teased, seeing the front door closed.

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"not exactly" an unfamiliar voice said from behind me. I whirled around coming face to face with a man wearing a white mask, the only thing visible was his eyes and the tips of his lips. I opened my mouth to scream when he slapped a hand over my mouth, muffling my cries as he grabbed me, turning me around. "i wouldn't scream unless you want to loose you're precious brother" the guy cooed in my ear, chuckling when i whimpered.

Jake was held by another guy dressed similiarly to the guy that held me. Jake had a gag in his mouth and a knife at his throat. From the cuts on Jake's upper brow and lower lip i knew that he hadn't gone down without a fight. "go to the t.v.

room" the guy behind me ordered, pushing me forward, making me lead the way. when we had all filed into finger fucking whore with hung love melons lingerie and japanese room, the man holding me, shoved me forward, but held tight on to jake keeping him restrained.

I turned glaring at the two men. "what the hell do you guys want from us?" I glared. they both chuckled, the one that had grabbed me pulled a pistol from his back, a silencer attached to its tip.

"we're here to get a few items and to have a" he chuckled turning to look at his partner. Jake stiffened in the guys hold his eyes going slightly wide with fear. "Just take what you want, but leave us alone" I breathed, motioning to the flat screen t.v.

and the sound system. "ah but where is the fun in that?" the guy chuckled shaking his head. "Strip for us why don't you darling" he breathed motioning with his gloved hand for me to do it. I glared, shaking my head. "fuck you!" i spat "on the count of three, darling. either you strip or i put one in you're brother" he threatened, aiming the pistol at Jakes head.

I looked over at Jake and saw him struggling against the other guy. I loved my brother to much to let them hurt him. "don't fight this Jake" i breathed pleading with him to stop fighting. I grabbed on to the bottom of my shirt and lifted it over my head.

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When i stepped out of my pants the guy motioned for me to continue. "i never said to stop" he chuckled darkly, watching me intently. I felt my cheeks burn bright red as i slowly slipped the strap of my bra off. I tried to forget the fact that Jake was going to see me naked as well as two other strangers.

I tried to fight the urge to cover myself when my panties lay on the ground along with the rest of my other clothes. The guy in charge stepped forward moving around me as he looked over every inch of me. "so beautiful, you have a fine piece of ass living right under your roof here Jake" the guy chuckled, teasingly running a hand down my chest. i flinched, looking up when i saw jake growl, struggling once young couple makes porn video in the bathroom against the other guy.

"get on the couch" the guy ordered, motioning with his gun for me to move. Letting out a whimper i did as he said. I moved to sit when he stopped me. "No, turn around and get onto the couch as if you were straddling something" I could hear the amusement in the mans voice. I glanced at my brother and saw his jaw clenched tight, his eyes narrowed into a glare at the guy who was ordering me around. I turned doing as he said.

My cheeks burned a bright red from humiliation as i moved into position, letting my elbows rest on the back of the couch, my hands gripping the cushions.

"spread you're legs" the guy breathed. Biting my lip i did as he said. "isn't she a sight?" i heard him murmur. "what do ya say Jakey?" I couldn't build the courage to look back to see my brothers reaction. "Now it's your turn. strip to the skin jakey-boy" the guy crooned. after a minute of silence i felt something cold press to my temple. "don't make me jake" the guy breathed. Seconds later i could faintly hear the sound of pieces of clothing hitting the floor.

I tried to forget the fact that Jake was now naked in the same room as me. "get behind you're sister. Move!" the guy shouted making me flinch. only a second later i felt the familiar heat of my brother coming up behind me, his legs brushing against the bottoms of my feet that hung over the edge of the couch.

"good, now get on the couch. right behind her" My blush deepened when i felt Jake's body press against me. I knew he was trying to keep his lower half as far away from me but there was only so much space he could use.

"Tony, would you do the honors?" the guy chuckled. "it would be my pleasure" the other guy cackled.

"what the fuck are you do-" Jake stopped short when the leader loaded his gun. "uh uh, i wouldn't make any sudden movements or sounds if i were you jake" he breathed. "besides you may even thank us after tonight." he chuckled.

The whole time they were talking i was trying to find out what they were doing when i suddenly felt something beginning to poke into my ass. I automatically jerked forward a yelp escaping my lips. "I'm a virgin please don't!" i whimpered looking at the guy with the gun. The guy grabbed a hold of my hair, pulling my head back.

"Better you're brother to take it then us, don't you think?" he sneered making me whimper. He released my hair, making me slump into the couch as tears began to slip down my cheeks.

I was greatful it was someone i loved and cared about taking my virginity but i never thought i would loose it like this. that i would loose it infront of two perverted lunatics. Once more i could feel the guy guiding my brothers penis to my entrance. instinctively i moved forward away from the touch. "hold still" the guy growled, shifting his aim to me. Biting my lip i forced myself to stay still, closing my eyes as i felt my brothers tip slip into me.

"i'm so sorry rose" my brother choked out as the man guided my brother into me till his hips were flushed with mine. I whimpered when i felt my barrier break a white hot pain shooting up my core. "it hurts!" i cried, more tears slipping down my cheeks as i once again shifted away from the pain.

"please don't do this" i sobbed shaking my head, but the deed was already done. I was no longer a virgin. I could vaguely hear my brother cursing, small water droplets falling onto my shoulder and i realized Jake was crying.

He was crying because he was hurting me. "oh god i'm so sorry rose" he breathed. the two men let out loud laughs. "there you go!! that wasn't so bad!" he chortled. "Tony, tie these two lovebirds together, we wouldn't want them to go anywhere now would we?" he chuckled. "no we wouldn't" he laughed. We held still as the guy bound our hands together with duck tape before he moved to our legs. he basically taped our limbs together before he grabbed one long strip and wrapped it around our torso's to keep us from moving apart from one another.

"now that you guys are alittle preoccupied, i think its time we got what we came here for" he breathed. I don't know how long it took them, but they went through the whole house, taking things they wanted and leaving the rest. The whole time Jake and I were stuck on the couch, his dick deep inside my pussy filling me to the max.

"rose are you okay?" jake breathed, his voice thick with pain. I nodded, my voice alittle hoarse. "yeah." i said in a small voice. After the original pain of Jake taking my virginty the pain had subsided till it was a dull ache radiating in my core. "I'm sorry" he whispered. "this isn't your fault jake" i murmured, resting my head on our hands. "i'm sorry for getting us into this situation and i'm sorry for this" he whispered. Almost like he had commanded it i felt his cock harden inside me, i whimpered again a new type of ache beginning to blosom in my core.

It felt like he had grown inside of me, his cock enlarging till i felt like i was stretched to the max. "jake" i couldn't help but moan breathlessly. Jake let out a breath a groan escaping his lips. "still preoccupied i see" the men said, making us look up. the two of them stood watching us amusement in their eyes from what we could see. "it's been a pleasure, you two, but we must be on our way" they both saluted me and then turned on their heels leaving us there.

"how are sex xxx storys secondary school beautiful girls students com supposed to get out of this!?" jake shouted "you're not!" we heard before the sound of the door closing behind them met our ears.

"Rose can you somehow pull free?" Jake asked as he shifted behind me, trying to get out. I tried, tugging on our hands and even leaning down to start biting the tape. we both struggled against our bonds for a while, not getting anywhere. The guy had taped our arms together to much for me to be able to bite through. Suddenly Jake who had been trying to separate our torso's jerked forward, his cock slipping out of me slightly and then jerking back into me.

I let out a loud moan. the ache from before coming back, heating my body with desire. Jake cursed from behind me, "sorry" he whispered, moving back again trying to get loose. once more he ended jerking forward driving his cock back into me. "j-jake" i panted. "i-i love you so much. i've loved you more than a sister should but i don't care" i whispered, not understanding what i was doing. my hips seemed to move at their own accord.

I pressed myself back against him, shifting so that i grinded against his cock. "oh rose i love you to" he panted from behind me, his hot breath warming my neck and cheek. "you feel so fucking good" he groaned, rotating his hips into me. It felt almost as if my pussy was leaking. my juices were dripping out of my pussy little by little. I moaned in approval when Jake began to thrust into me, his cock slipping in and out of me. making me burn from the inside out. "you're so wet rosie" he whispered pressing a kiss into my shoulder as he begun to pick up speed.

I felt my toes curl and my back arch as the passion and the pleasure peaked inside of me. "jake i'm smoking hot ebony babe bustylaurau twerks her huge ass in showers alivegirlcom masturbation large la to- i'm going to-" i whimpered shaking as my whole body went into overdrive. It felt like someone had opened the flood gates and like i was loosing myself.

i yelped when i felt a torrent of liquid pour out of my pussy, wetting the couch, me and jake. "oh fuck!" jake growled, thrusting into my spasming cunt. Coupled with jakes' thrusting my body kept spasming, riding out my orgasm for what felt like an eternity before i was begging jake to stop moving. when he did i finally managed to stop squirting, but that didn't stop me from shaking from head to toe.

"oh jesus christ!" i cried, taking deep breaths as my body calmed. "Rose you squirted all over my cock" jake moaned into my shoulder, i only managed to whimper in acknowledgement because Jake was already driving his dick in and out of me again. "Jake if you keep doing that you're going to make me cum again" i whined, my body already beginning to shake as he hit my g-spot. He felt me tremble and continued to pound into me, his cock, rubbing right against my g-spot, making all my nerves heat with desire.

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"oh my god" i whispered, biting my lip as i savored the feel of jakes cock in my pussy. "you like that?" he grunted, pushing his hips harder against mine, till the sound of our hips slapping together filled the room.

"yeah! oh right there!" i screamed, dropping my head onto our hands that were taped together. "cum for me babe! cum on my cock" Jake instructed, driving his dick harder into my cunt.

I pushed my hips back, meeting Jake's thrusts with ones of my own. "I'm cumming" i screamed feeling more hot liquid pour down my thighs, soaking the fabric of the couch even more as my whole body coiled, jerking and trembling beneath Jake's. "let it out babe that's it- oh god you feel so fucking good cumming on my dane jones new sexcy story like that!" jake praised, sucking on my neck.

When i stopped again my whole body felt so sensitive that if someone were to touch me i would probably cum again and again just from that. Once more Jake resumed his thrusting this time driving his cock so deep and hard into my soaking pussy that it only took me another minute before i was orgasming he taps that fat pussy by troc. Not stopping Jake continued to pump in and out of my gushing pussy, matching my cries of ecstacy as he released his load, shot after shot of his cum, mixing with mine.

"milk my cock babe that's it!" jake growled, thrusting as my pussy clamped onto his pulsing cock, locking him inside of me as if my pussy never wanted him to leave. "jake!" i screamed, pushing myself back onto his cock till i felt him stop shooting. By then we were both shaking from the weight of our joined orgasms, Jake slumped against my back and me slumped against the couch.

"t-that was amazing" he breathed. "rosie you're incredible" he chuckled making me laugh. "you only enjoyed it because i screamed your name" i whispered making him laugh. "yes, but i also enjoyed it because you squirted on my cock four times" "shut up." i grumbled. "lets just try to get out of these bonds okay" i murmured resuming biting on the tape. after nearly 4 hours and 3 fucks later Jake and i had managed to get free.

we might have made it out earlier had we not been distracted multiple times. by the end of it i was spent completely from cumming so much. the couch was soaked nearly through and through but jake didn't mind. he thought it was sexy and hot as hell. After what those men did to us i had to thank them because in the weeks that followed until my parents came home My brother and I fucked each other till we started running out of sheets to cover the bed.

Of course we called the police but they unfortunately never caught the guys, but they did find our belongings stored away in a storage facility almost 20 minutes from our house.

As for jake and i when our parents leave the two of us lets just say that we spend alot of our time preoccupied with one another ;)