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Lanny barby is a busty beautiful pornstar who has a ver
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A Ghostly Haunting Chapter Six by Simon Fear Mrs. Logan and her daughter Ashley slumped on the fold out bed/couch after Mr. Logan had brought them home. They were very tired as they had not gotten much sleep. As soon as they had lain down they had fallen asleep so Mr. Logan decided to look around the house himself. Every light was on as the officer that night had not turned them off. He first started in the kitchen and looked around.

Mrs. Logan's towel was laying right in the middle of the floor where the Detective had said the police had found it. He looked at it, but could not find a torn spot in from where a nail had snagged it. Maybe something else had snagged it then. He then checked the two light fixtures in the kitchen. There were three bulbs in each fixture and all were shining brightly. There might be a short in the wiring itself to cause all six bulbs not to work.

He then checked the bathroom. The floor was not wet, but even if there had been urine on it, it would have dried up, however it would have left a smell and there was none. That was the strangest part about it. How could his wife continued to pee for almost 30 minutes. That would have to be several gallons. He wasn't sure how much a bladder could hold, but he knew it would not be enough to pee for 30 minutes straight with no stopping.

He then checked throughout the rest of the house. When he was up in his room, he noticed that his closet door was open, and the blue box that had his wife's sex toys in it was empty. The detective had made sure to get them. "Probably wind up fucking herself with them the bitch," he muttered. He turned off the light and then went back downstairs. He looked at his wife and daughter sleeping so soundly.

There was no way his wife would such a thing. They both loved their daughter dearly and wanted to protect her. That was why they had moved out here. "A lot of good that did. Ashley almost got raped anyway, and right in our own home." He then heard the crunch of gravel as several vehicles pulled into his drive.

He looked out the window and the workers who were setting up their pool. Then he thought of something, "What if one of those guys did it, what if one had stayed behind knowing there were only women here.

I bet one of them got inside and waited. Hell you can shut brazzers hot mom cheting sex door when it's locked. There aren't any deadbolts on the doors. Well that will change." He walked outside and met the foreman, "Mr. Anders." The man looked up from his charts, "Ah Mr.

Logan good morning, I didn't think you would here today. You had told you were leaving the city sometime this evening." Mr. Logan nodded, "That was the plan, but someone broke in my home and gave my wife and daughter a scare." Mr. Anders looked shock, "Oh dear are they ok?" Mr. Logan thought it best to leave the rape part out, "They are fine now, but very asleep, they didn't get much last night, so I was wondering if maybe we could postpone today, and you guys come back tomorrow, let these gentleman have a day off.

I will stay pay as if you guys had been here working." Mr. Anders nodded, "Quite understandable. Sure we can do that. I bet the guy would like to have a day off anyway." Mr. Anders then folded up his charts and told everyone to take the day off. When they had all left, Mr. Logan went back in and got the card of the Sergeant number and called him. He explained his thought on the working guys. The Sgt. agreed and said he would look into the records of all of them." Mr.

Logan then hung up and decided to get in the shower. Up in his room he stripped naked. Mr. Logan was had a slight build, he regularly worked out in the gym to keep up his shape. He didn't want to be buff, but at least remain attractive to his wife. She was a beautiful woman when in her late teens, when he met, and even more beautiful today. She kept her figure small and petite. Even though she was only 40 she still looked like she was in her late 20's.

Thinking latina teen little lupe fuentes in some hot lesbian action her naked body, and her firm c-cup tits, got him horny, and he felt his dick begin to harden. Mr. Logan was not small by any means. When limped his penis was at least 4 inches, and when hardned he was at 10 1/2 inches long and three inches thick.

He knew because his wife had measured it. He reached down with his hand and stroked his dick for a minute. He hadn't had sex for about a week, because of the move, so he was usually jacking off.

But going without sex for a length of time was unusual. He and his vr porn busty teacher katerina hartlova seduces and sucks student usually had sex at least once a day sometimes 3 times a day.

He knew that a lot of married people after 20 years didn't have much of a sex life. He and his wife never let their sex life die down. That was why they had bought the sex toys a few years back. Whenever he was fucking her he would take one of her dildos and slide into her ass, or if he was fucking her ass, he would slide into her pussy. This always drove wild. And whenever he was spent he would kiss and fondle her, and use her toys on her, and give her a few more orgasm, before they were both exhausted.

Sometimes she would perform for him, sitting on their bed, spread open, and fucking herself with a dildo while he sat back and watched, stroking his own dick. Once they had even gone so far as to let her fuck him the ass with one of her dildos. Once was masseuse in red lingerie footjobs and blowjobs fat hard cock. While she might like in the ass, he did not, but she had wanted to try something new.

He took his hand off his dick and jumped in the shower. He liked his water steaming hot. He lathered his body, and his dick, and then feeling the slickness of his soapy dick he began stroking it again. "MMMMM, baby, I sure wish you were in here right now." He rinsed off, then began shampooing his hair when he heard the bathroom door open.

He looked the steamy glass and saw the blurred form of his naked wife. "Just in time honey, I was hoping you would wake up. He began washing the shampoo out of his hair, having to close his eyes. He heard his wife get in the shower with him, then to his wonder he felt her begin to rub his dick. With soap still in his face he couldn't open his so he just leaned back against the shower wall as his wife continued jack off his dick, sometime massaging the tip with her thumb.

"MMMM baby, that feel real nice." His wife then let go of his dick and he heard her moving in the shower then next thing he felt was her mouth going over his hard member.

"Ahhhhh fuck yes, baby ohh you were always good at giving head." He put his hand on her head as she continued to suck on, taking his member as deep into her throat as possible. "OOOOhhhh shit honey, if you keep that up I'm gonna be cumming in your mouth." He slid his fingers into her wet hair as she kept sucking on him. Mr.

Logan could feel his orgasm building. "OHHHhh God that feels soooo gooood. I'm almost there" His wife shove his dick as far as would go into her throat sliding her tongue all around it. "UGGghhhh fuck ohhhh shit I'mm cumming baby, ugggghhhhhh!" Mr. Logan's dick pulse and throbbed as his jizz shot out and into his wife's throat. "UUgghhhhh fuck baby ooooohhhh fuck yeesssss." He held her head as close as he dared to with out suffacating her, as his balls drained themselves.

Finally spent he withdrew his dick from his wife's mouth. "AAhhh God baby that was awesome. What brought this on?" When she didn't he started washing the shampoo out of his hair when he felt bare ass pressed up against his still hardened dick.

He felt his dick slip up between her wet ass cheeks. She felt very cold. "No wonder you jumped in here with baby, your cold as ice." She started moving her ass up and down causing his here to have a good time cdi to slide between her ass cheeks. "MMMM baby you still want more I see.

So is it pussy or ass this time?" He felt her hand grasped his dick and place it at her pussy, the head of dick slipping between the folds of her pussy lips. "MMMMM pussy I see, my favorite." Grasping her ass cheeks with his hands he slowly pulled her ass into him, causing his dick to slide into her moist pussy.

Shocking her inside was cold too. "God baby you must freezing. Well this ought to warm you up." With that he started to slowly thrust his cock in and out of pussy.

He could hear the slurping noises cause by his dick going into her pussy. She was very tight. "Damn baby, no sex for a week, and you feel as tight as the day when we first had sex." He head went under the stream of water again ands he held it there as his wife continued to thrust her ass back and forth over his dick. "MMMMM shit baby, this is so hot. Been a while since we had shower sex." The tightness of his wife's pussy was bring him close to another orgasm quickly. When he finally got the soap out of his faces her open his to stare at his wife beautiful pale ass.

Because she was red head her skin had always been pale with a pinkish tint. Same as his youngest daughter Ashley whom he had seen in swimsuits. The steam made her skin seem just a little bit paler. With the heavy steam in the shower his vision was blurry also, but her ass bent over looked sexy as sister dirty talk pov incest roleplay. She also looked a little bit smaller but he took it for the steam.

Then using his thumb he slowly pressed it against her exposed anus and putting a little pressure down his thumb slipped in as she relaxed her sphincter muscles.

He heard her squeal a little bit and then moan. He started thrusting harder, pounding her pussy as his balls slapped her skin. She met his thrust pushing back, and moaning louder she reach back with her hand feeling his thighs as he slid his thumb deeper into ass.

She moaned out and then her body trembled as he felt her orgasm hit, her pussy muscle's clamping around his dick. This threw him overboard as he squeezed his eye, he began shooting his thick white load into her pussy, "UUGGgghhh fuck baby, yeesssss I'mm cummmming, ugghhhhhh fuck yessss." His wife's body spasmed as her orgasm continued to flow, her slight moan filling the shower, he thrust hard one last squeezing the last drop of his jizz into her pussy.

Finally spent he leaned back and felt his dick slide out of his wife's pussy. "Wiping the water out his eyes he reach to touch his wife, "Damn baby that was sexy." He couldn't feel her. He open his eyes and saw.only steam from the hot water. He slid open the shower door and looked into the bathroom. She wasn't in here. He hadn't heard the shower door open up nor the bathroom door. Where had she gone. He turned off the water and stepped out wrapping a towel around his mid section.

The bathroom was also steamy, but he could tell she wasn't in there. He open the door into his room, "Lisa babe, are you out here?" No one there. He looked back into the bathroom. Only his towel was missing from the stack of towels on the shelf.

Did she just out butt naked. It was pretty chilly in his room too. "Ahh", he thought, "She's is playing hide and seek with me." He walked to the closet and threw open the door.

Nothing there but clothes. He then walked around to the other side of the bed. Nope she wasn't crouch down there either. His office. He open his bedroom and peared out, no one on the landing. Good, he quickly slipped down the hallway to his office and walked in. She wasn't in sight. Look in this closet. Nothing but boxes.

Behind the desk, nope, under it nope. Where did she go. Perplexed he walked back into his room and pulled on his boxers then his kahki pants.

Then slipping on a pair of socks and a maroom t-shirt he walked out and went down the flight of stairs. When he got to the second landing he went to his daughter's room, no one there.

Her bathroom door stood wide open and he couldn't anyone in there either. He walked down to the second bedroom and opened that door. Just boxes and Ashley's desk and the spare bed. He then walked down the rest of the stair and into the entry room.

Then going into the hallway he peered into the kitchen. Nope. He walked on further down the hall and looked into the living room. There she was, still dressed as she had been, curled up next to their daughter sleeping.

"Ah she's playing with me. She must have left her clothes on the stairs and quickly got dressed and ran back down here." He walked and sat down beside his beautiful wife.

Reaching out with his hand her stroked her hair then stopped. Her hair was bone dry. It should still be wet. There was no way for it to dry that fast. Suddenly a fear came over as her looked over his daughter. Surely not her, she would not do that, yet she did look a lot like her mom, and she was smaller in build.

He reached out and touched her hair. Dry. So it wasn't her. Then who the hell did he just have sex with. The touch of her dad's hand on her head roused Ashley. She peered up through blurry eyes, "Oh hey daddy, what time is it?" Mr. Logan looked at his watch. "It's a quarter to noon sweety.

Are you rested?" She sat up which roused her mom. Ashley yawned then looked around. "So what's for lunch?" Mrs. Logan let out a laugh, "You know your father can't cook baby. He can barely make a sandwich for himself. That's why he needs me." Mr.

Logan pinched his wife's ass making her squeal. "Ohh what did you do that for?" she said laughing. Mr. Logan laughed, "I know I can't cook, but you needn't say that in front of our daughter.

I'm supposed to be superman who can do anything." Ashley laughed hitting her dad with a pillow, "I've known you couldn't cook for several years now, when you burnt that fried chicken." Mrs. Logan got up, "Well since superman can do anything except cook, I guess I had better make us something, I am starving." Mr. Logan tried hitting his wife with the pillow his daughter had thrown at him, but his wife ducked and he got hit with another pillow from his daughter.

Ashley ran out of the room laughing and screaming as he threw the pillow back at her, then laughed himself. Looking at his wife he smiled, "It sure is good to have our fun daughter back. I've missed her." Mrs. Logan smiled, "Me too, you should have been here last night, we had so fun." Her face clouded over as the memory of the horrible events came back, and she started crying. Mr. Logan pulled his wife into his arms, "There, there baby, its over and it won't happen again.

I'm getting the best alarm system put in, and some outside camera'a amazingly hot blonde teen and milf do not need a cock at all pornstars and fingering. I'm also going to have a locksmith come out and install some dead bolts and change the old locks out." Mrs.

Logan gulped, "I know honey, but I was so hoping it was just a dream, a nightmare, then it all came back and I knew it had happened. That pervert tried raping our baby." Mr. Logan rocked his wife, "We'll protect her sweety, it won't happen again." Mrs. Logan looked up, "I love you, you know that." Mr. Logan smiled, "I know baby, I love you too." Then they began kissing until they heard Ashley, "EEWWW don't do that in here, get a room." Laughing Mrs.

Logan tossed a pillow at her daughter, "We're married we can kiss wherever we want." With wacky lesbians fill up their huge bootys with whipped cream and squirt it out she began kissing her husband until a pillow hit both of them, then Ashley ran out laughing as her parents threw pillows back at her.

It was nearing 1:30 PM when a knock came on the front door. Mrs. Logan walked answered it. "Well hello Vicky, come on in." Mrs. Logan stepped out the way to let Vicky walked in. Mrs. Logan could not help but stare at the young that had just walked in. She was wearing a red bikini top, one that almost covered her tits, except for a little roundness of skin showing at the sides, and a pair of cut off jean short, not nearly as short as Ashley's but short enough and a pair of sneakers.

Her long straight black shimered in the sun light, and blew easily in the window. Her stomach was smooth and tight and even though her skin was fair, she had a slight tan.

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She was also wearing a pair of shades, which when she removed her sparkling blue eyes shown. Mrs. Logan had no problem admiring this striking young teen as it was not her daughter. Oh if only she were young again. Mrs. Logan shut the door and escorted Vicky into the kitchen. "Thanks Mrs. L. Wow I really love what you guys have done with the place in such short time.

It's so lively, takes the gloom out of the old place." Mrs. Logan and pulled a chair out for Vicky, "Thank you so much, we still have a lot work to do though to make it feel more like home. It's so big considering what we did have in the city." Vicky sat down as Mrs. Logan went to the fridge, "Would you like something to drink, we have coke, Mt.

Dew, Dr. Pepper, milk or tee." Vicky looked over, "Dr. Pepper if its alright, that's my favorite." Mrs. Logan bent over to grab a can, "That's Ashley's favorite too." Vicky could not help but stare at Mrs. Logan's firm ass through her kahki shorts. Ashley deffinatly got her sexy from her mom. Mrs. Logan grabbed a glass and put some ice in it, and then handed it to Vicky, "Sorry I should have asked if you wanted ice, I'm so use to Ashley drinking it like that, want take it straight from the can." Mrs.

Logan sat down across from Vicky. Vicky smiled opening the can and poured the soda into her glass, "Same with me, I think it's too strong straight out." Mrs. Logan smiled, "You two girls are so much alike. Ashley is lucky to have you for a friend." Vicky smiled, with a slight blush, "I think I'm the lucky one, she is so sweet and friendly.

I believe she will fit in at school." Mrs. Logan took a sip from her Mt. Dew, "So what brings you by here?" Vicky sat her glass down, "I finally got some free time and thought I would come over to check on you guys. I was so worried when Daddy told me the news about what happened last night." Mrs. Logan's face pained a little bit, but then she relaxed.

Vicky noticed it, "I'm so sorry Mrs. Logan, I can't even begin to realize what this must had done to you or Ashley." Mrs. Logan smiled, "It's ok, it will take some time but we will manage.

To think we moved out here to get away from that possibility, and here it almost happened." Mrs. Logan looked away, "How did your dad know about it so quickly?" Vicky took another sip, "He has a scanner in his truck, office and at home.

Almost everyone in town does. When something big happens almost everyone know about that very day. And if they don't have one, they will hear about the next day from those who do." Mrs. Logan looked at Vicky, "Does things like this happen often in this small town?" Vicky paused, "Do you mean rapes?" Mrs.

Logan nodded. Vicky looked down, "Very rarely, almost everyone here knows each other, so they keep an eye on each other. But there are those few times, and usually it happens right here on this property." Mrs. Logan looked thoughtful, "Tell me something and please be honest, what do you think is the cause for our home being such dreadful blemish on this town." Vicky looked Mrs. Logan in the eye, "You will think me a silly little girl if I told you my belief." Mrs.

Logan leaned across the table and took Vicky's hands into her own, "No I won't, I just need to know what I should prepare against if this should happen again." Vicky looked up, "I will tell you, there are two theories as to why all these things happen here. One is that there is guy who lives out in the woods somewhere deep, and preys on the women who move into this house, specially young girls like myself or Ashley.

But that doesn't add up because these thing have been going on for almost 200 years. There are old newspapers in the town library full of reports from this place. So unless this guy has passed down his heritage of preying on girls to his siblings then that can't be the case. The other is, well a ghost, of the man who built this house. Most of the townspeople believe in the later, and so do I." Mrs.

Logan looked into the teen's eyes, but saw no deceit from them, "I was afraid you were going to say that. I would have rather it had been a man, someone I could fight if he broke in again.

How do you fight a ghost?" Mrs. Logan leaned back and looked away. "I don't believe in ghost, not yet anyway, but I feel I am the verge of believing." She looked back at Vicky, "Forgive, I have been unloading a mother's worry on you." Mrs.

Logan got up, "Ashley is out back with her dad looking over the pool if you want to join them, I need to finish these dishes." Mrs. Logan began washing a plate when she felt a hand on hers, she looked over and saw Vicky staring at her, then Vicky took the plate and began rinsing it, putting it in the drain rack. "It's no problem Mrs. L. If you ever need someone to just talk to, I'm here.

My mom left me when I was just 5, so it has been just me and dad. I wish I could have had a mom to worry about me.

Ashley is very lucky to have you." Mrs. Logan stared at Vicky, this young girl, hardly any older than her daughter yet so mature. Mrs. didn't realize what she was doing till she had embraced Vicky hugging her tightly. Vicky surprised by this sudden movement realized she enjoyed being hugged by a mom, and returned the hug. Then when they broke, Vicky continued to help Mrs.

Logan finish the dishes. A short while late Mrs. Logan and Vicky walked out the backdoor where Mr. Logan and Ashley were. Both had baseball glove and were tossing a ball back and forth. Ashley saw Vicky and waved running over to her. "Hey Vicky I was hoping to see you again." Vicky smiled, "I just couldn't stay away." Mrs.

Logan had her arms folded across her chest staring her husband. Mr. Logan seeing began looking around acting like he didn't noticed. "I thought you guys were just coming out to check on the pool, and here I am washing dishes, and I come out and your playing catch, and didn't even invite me." She tried to sound, but a smile was forming on her lips. Mr. Logan looked sheepish, "Couldn't resist hun, found one of our boxes out here with our glove, just had to tossed a few." He threw the ball at Ashley who caught easily.

Vicky looked empressed, "I didn't know you could catch." Ashley smiled tossing the ball back to her dad, "I play softball." I'm actually a pitcher. I prefer to pitch over but in softball got to pitch underhanded." Mr. Logan placed the glove and ball down and walked up to his. "Are we ready to go?" Ashley looked at her dad, "Ahh dad, do we have to, I don't really want to go into town today." Mr. Logan looked at his watch, "I know sweety, but we have to buy groceries if we want dinner tonight, and I'm not leaving you here by yourself." Ashley looked like she about to object when Vicky spoke up, "I can stay with her Mr.

L. I don't have anything to do for the rest of the day and daddy knows I'm pretty gf kat dior first time anal sex and caught on tape Mr. Logan turned to his, "Well I don't know." Mrs. Logan pinched his arm, "Ow" Mrs. Logan then whispered something into his ear. When she was finished he looked back at the girls, "Alright your mom has talked me into letting you stay here, but do leave the property, and if something happens locked yourselves in the house and call 911 and then us." Ashley ran to her dad and hugged him, "Thank you daddy." Mr.

and Mrs. Logan got into their Expedition and drove out of the driveway and then started down the street. Ashley then looked back at Vicky, "So what do you want to do?" Vicky smiled, how bout we go swimming." Ashley looked at her pool and then back at Vicky, how it's not finished yet." Vicky pinched Ashley's ass, no silly don't you remember what my dad told your parents.

There is nice swimming hole out in the woods." Ashley smiled, "Kewl let me go my suit." Vicky grabbed her arm, "You won't need it." With that Vicky took off running into the woods. Ashley laughing took after her. Vicky knew the woods well and knew which trails to take.

The swim hole wasn't far off, just downhill. Once they reached the edge of the bank the girls stopped to catch their breath. Ashley looked around. The pool was fairly large, taking up a whole acre, and was clear. Plus it was completely surrounded by trees. Vicky walked over to Ashley. They both looked each other in the eyes, both of them full of lust.

Vicky leaned in first and began kissing Ashley. Ashley wrapped her arms around Vicky as they continued kissing. Vicky lowered her hands down Ashley stomach till they were on the hem of Ashley jeans. She then unbuttoned and then unzipped them pushing them down Ashley's leg. Ashley lifted her feet out and was now standing in just her t-shirt and panties. Vicky then began to rub Ashley's ass through her panties man fucks beauteous gal previous to gfs them and pulling her hips close into her, as they still kissed.

Vicky then slid her hands into Ashley's panties and pushed them down. Ashley kicked those off without breaking their kiss. Vicky then slid her hands up inside Ashley shirt and under her bra, carressing her tits.

Ashley moaned. Vicky continued to rub Ashley's tits for few moment then grabbing the bottom of her shirt lifted it up. They poor guy begs for his release but masseuse wouldnt listen massage handjob had to break their kiss so Vicky could pulled Ashley's shirt off. Vicky then snapped unsnapped Ashley bra, letting her b-cup tits free.

They were firm and pointy, her pink nipples hard. Vicky stepped back and looked Ashley up and down. Fucking sexy she thought. Ashley had not yet grown any pubic hair, so her smooth pussy lips were on full display.

Her slit was at least 2 inches long in front, and there was a deep pinkish tint to her nether lips, and very moist. Ashley fidgeted a little wondering if Vicky found something unattractive about her body. She hoped not. Vicky smiled seeing the uneasiness in Ashley, "Baby you are so sexy, I want you so badly." Ashley blushed and whispered, "I want you too." Vicky beamed at this, thrilled to know she had won Ashley over. She stepped back into Ashley and kissed her sliding her tongue into Ashley mouth.

Then taking Ashley's hands she moved them around behind her back and placed her hands on the draw string of Vicky bikini top. Ashley knew what to do as she untied it and removed the bikini top from Vicky's tits. Her c-cup tits were beautiful. Full and firm and very rounded. Ashley moved her hands down to Vicky's tits and began caressing them. Vicky looked down at Ashley's hands and smiled, then she slid her hand down Ashley side and rested it on her ass.

Ashley then trailed her finger down Vicky's firm stomach to her shorts and unzipped them sliding them down along with her bikini bottoms. Both girls were now completely naked, their tits pressing against each other as their hands roamed each other bodies. Moans escaped from their lips as they kissed and licked each necks and ears. They were in heaven as far as they were concerned. When Ashley fingers brushed against Vicky's smooth pussy lips she looked into her friend's eyes, then whispered, "May I?" Vicky nodded her head.

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Ashley slowly began kissing her way down Vicky's chest, licking each cayla gladly suck and fuck kristofs big hard cock and nipples, then trailed her tongue down her abdoman.

Coming to her belly button, Ashley slid her tongue into it, kissing it and sucking on it, making Vicky squeal out. "Ohhhh God yess, Ashley." Ashley licked Vicky's belly button and little longer then trailed down further with her tongue.

Vicky's skin tasted so good to her. When Ashley's tongue came to right above Vicky's slit, she trailed off to the side then down around the side of Vicky's nether lips. Vicky moaned out. Ashley could smell the sweet scent coming from Vicky's damped pussy, and she loved it.

She then kissed down into Vicky's inner thigh and then back up moving around her nether lips till she reach Vicky's other thigh, then kissed down it. When came back up she stopped right at Vicky's pussy. Ashley pulled back just a little to get a clear look at her friends pussy.

It was so smooth and moist, very beautiful. Vicky's clit extended past the folds of her lips and Ashley blew air across it making Vicky's body tremble. Ashley then slid her tongue out, and just barely moving forward touch her clit with the tip of her tongue. Vicky shivered, not from cold but from excitement. Ashley then flicked her clit several time making Vicky moan out.

"Ohhhh your such a tease, Damn are sure you never done this with a girl before." Ashley looked up, "Never with a girl. I have done it with a guy's penis before, and I know what I like to be done to me." Vicky smiled running her hands through Ashley's hair. Ashley moved back in, running her tongue between Vicky's slit, tasting her juices on her tongue.

Damn she was sweet. Ashley loved the taste of her friend. Ashley then slid her tongue into Vicky's pussy feeling her hotness wrap around her tongue. Vicky squealed out. Moving her hands around behind Vicky's ass she slid her finger between Vicky's cheeks and like Vicky had done to her, Ashley pressed her forefinger against Vicky's anus, making her tremble.

Ashley continued tongue fucking Vicky as she put more pressure against her anus. Vicky slowly began to grind her hips against Ashley's face, as she started sucking on her clit. "Uggghhh, oooohhhhh fuck yeesssss baby, oooohhhhhhhh." Ashley put a little more pressure against Vicky's anus, when suddenly Vicky relaxed her sphincter muscles and Ashley's finger slid into her hot tight hole.

Vicky squealed loudly, jumping slightly. "OOHhhhh shit that feels so goood." Ashley slowly pushed her finger further into Vicky's ass, as she sucked hungrily on her clit. Vicky's body began to tremble, "Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, ooohhhhhh don't stop, ugghhhhh ohhhh shit I'mmmm gonna cum. The trembling grew, as Vicky's orgasm got right on edge. Ashley quickly move her free in front of Vicky, and then slid two fingers into her sopping wet pussy, as she sucked hard on Vicky's clit.

Vicky screamed out as her orgasm exploded, "I'MMMM CUMMMMMINNGGGG, AAHHHHHHHHH, UUGGHHHHHHH, OHHHHHH FUCK YESS UGGGHHHHHH." Vicky's locked around around Ashley's face as her body spasmed. Vicky's knees gave out, and as she lost her footing, she fell back. Ashley grabbed a hold of Vicky but was dragged down with her as they fell into the water. Ashley opened her eyes under the water, and saw that Vicky was having trouble swimming as she was still cumming, clutching her pussy with her hands.

Ashley swam to her and grabbing her arms, pulled her up till both their heads popped up out the water. Vicky wrapped her arms around Ashley's neck as Ashley fought to keep them above water, while Vicky's orgasm continued to rack her body, all the while, Vicky moaning and groaning. Ashley managed to keep them afloat while Vicky's orgasm subsided. When Vicky's body gave it's last shuddered she lowered her head onto Ashley's shoulder breathing hard.

Vicky whispered in her ear, "Thank you so much." Ashley held onto her for a few more minutes, treading the water till Vicky finally got strength back.

Vicky finally started treading the water for herself, relieving Ashley of the strain. Their faces close together they looked into each other's eyes, passion filled in both set. Vicky finally broke the silence, "Can I keep you?" Ashley felt so happy as she nodded her head.

They both embraced kissing each other. Off in the distance someone watched them. Someone had watched them go into the woods, and had followed. Witnessed the whole event. Detective Lawrence looked though her binoculars at the two girls. A conspiracy she thought.

Real Estate Agent's daughter, and victim together, lovers it seemed like. So that was how this mystry was coming together she thought. This is how they keep the ghostly mature neighbor came to visit the son of a friend of the Selmer House alive.

Real Estate Agents lure families into the home, then somehow earn their trust, in this case, using the daughter. Why hadn't she thought of it before. The doors being locked, from the inside, knowing where to go in the house, and how to stay out of sight.

The Real Estate companies would lure families in, earn their trust, and then start scaring the familie by slowly molesting the women in the family.

They have keys, they can get in easily. Then scare the family with ghostly encounter, they move out and the Real Estate re-sales the property. So it was all about money. Money through property sales. Mrs. Logan was indeed innocent. She was just a victim as well as her daughter.

Detective Lawrence moved away as she made her way back out of the woods. What she didn't realized was that someone else had been the two girls and now had eyes on her. As Detective Lawrence walked away, she was unaware that she was being followed. To Be Continued.