Russian amateur gets her ass fucked painfully

Russian amateur gets her ass fucked painfully
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I thrusted myself up from my bed, drenched in sweat and breathing heavily. I looked around my room. It took me a few moments to realize that all that was just a dream. With the dog and everything. I shook, disgusted at how my brain would allow me to dream such a dream. I sighed and sat there for a few moments before I got up from my bed and walked into the empty living room.

I plopped down on the couch and turned on the TV. I could already tell that this weekend was going to be rather boring. My family would be getting back from their trip early Sunday, sometime around one in the morning. The trip was meant for my brother, they were shesnew gf sucks cock on camera for money out to see a baseball game he was in and it was a ways out so they had to stay in a hotel.

I somehow convinced them to leave without me because I didn't really feel like going to watch my younger brother's game. He was only about a year younger than me, fourteen. A few more weeks and he'd be fifteen. Suddenly, I heard a knock at the front door. Who could that possibly be? I thought to myself.

I walked up to the door and opened it a crack to see who it was, but whoever it was pushed the door open and it scared the shit out of me and I let out a scream. Then I realized it was only Billy, I just watched him laugh at my reaction.

I sighed, incredibly embarrassed. His laughter was cut off and I gave him a weird look, but he was looking down. I looked down, too and I realized that I was only wearing panties and a T-Shirt.

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"Umm… is this a bad time?" He asked. I stood there for a few moments in embarrased shock. I couldn't believe I just forgot to put some pants on. "Uh. I, um… no, it isn't, I just." I stammered through my words, not entirely sure what to say. Suddenly, I saw his hand go into his pocket, and I could see his fingers wriggling around in his inner thigh.

Is he getting a hard on? I felt my face growing hot and I felt myself getting wet. "Um.this is kinda awkward, but can I come in?" He asked, breaking my thoughts. I wasn't sure what to say. If I said no, then he'd walk off alluring horny babe enjoys a kinky anal threesome I'd just go back to being bored.

If I said yes, it'd be super awkward after I got some pants on. "Uh. I guess," I finally said, "Just. let me go put some pants on." "Well, I mean. You don't have to if you don't want to," he mumbled, I don't think he expected me to hear it but I did. I felt my face getting even hotter and my panties getting even wetter. He walked in and closed the door, but I just stared at him and eventually asked, "What?" "What?" He looked back.

"What'd you just say?" I could see his fingers wriggle in his pocket more. "What do you mean?" "Stop with the game, I heard what you said!" "Then what'd I say?" "Um.that I don't have to if I didn't want to." After I said that, he kind of just stared at me and grinned. I could tell that he was kind of embarrassed. "Wow, okay," I jokingly said. "Hey, I was just kidding," he said.

"Well, not to me. I guess I'll just chill in here without any pants on." I wanted to take back what I just said, but I wanted to see how things would escalate.

I know it'd be pretty awkward, but I just want something to happen so badly. He didn't argue, "Well, then. Okay." He took a seat on my couch. I walked over and plopped down beside him. He still had his hand in his pocket, I could see. I wanted him to move his hand so I could tell if he was hard or not. It would thrill me if I was the reason he's so excited like that. "So uh. Why'd you come over?" I broke the awkward silence.

"Oh, I dunno. I got bored." I wanted to ask him why his hand was in his pocket, but I didn't want it to be more awkward than it already is. If I want things to escalate in how I want it to, though, I'll have to just ask. "So uh. Why's your hand in your pocket? Hiding something?" I teased. He looked at me and grinned, "Maybe." At that point, I knew he had a boner. I just wanted to see it, or at least see it through his pants.

"What are you hiding? Let me see!" I played with him. He just looked at me, "Oh, I dunno if you could handle it." I giggled to myself, "Of course I could handle it!

Why wouldn't I be able to?" I playfully nudged him on the shoulder. He shrugged, "Okay, you asked for it." I watched as he pulled his pocket inside out and I could see his boner faintly pushing up against his jeans.

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Nothing!" he joked, "Uhh, whatcha looking at?" I blinked and looked up at him. Should I ask if he has a boner? I know he does, I just wanna see what would happen, I thought to myself. "Um…" I giggled, I wasn't able to say it. "Um, what?" he asked. "Oh. it's just, uhh…" "Just what? Tell me!" he said, jokingly saying it like adalynnx monster toy cock in my pussy preview was a little kid.

"You just have.a boner." I silenced the words mid-way through the sentence as if my dad was around. He looked at me for a second and just said, "Oh." Oh? That's it? I need to keep pushing. "Did.did I give you that?" he looked down for a moment before looking at me, "Uh… this is kind of awkward, isn't it?" It was, but he was trying to change the subject.

Maybe it was for the best, but I kept pressing on. "Did I?" I persisted. He clearly didn't know what to say, he wasn't prepared unlike he usually seems to always be. I went to go put my hand on it and I could definitely tell, he was hard and it felt like he was getting even harder.

"Wow! Hey," he said, but he cut himself off. ", can I see it?" I awkwardly asked, I wasn't sure what he was going to say.

He looked at me for a few seconds, "Uh… I guess," he looked at me for a few more seconds before he slowly started to unzip his pants.

As soon as he said that, I could feel my pussy flowing with liquids. I looked down to see my juices were showing, and they were but just a little bit. Fortunately, not too much. I waited excitedly as he unbuttoned his pants and reached down, maneuvering his penis out of his pants. Once it came out, Red hot babe victoria sweet fucked deep stared at it.

It was so much bigger than I had thought it would be! His dick was so much better than I had ever thought it would originally be. He wasn't very hairy down there, either. "Oh my gosh, it's so. Big," I said, not even thinking about it, "Can.I touch it?" I awkwardly asked. "Uh, I guess." I smiled and I slowly began to touch it. "Do… do you know what to do?" I looked at him, "Oh… I think so." I didn't realize he was going to let me give him a's something I've wanted to do for a while, so I got excited.

I slowly jerked his dick, back and forth. I looked at his cock. I bent down to it, it was so close to my face. I slowly began to put it in my mouth, and as my mouth began to close over it, I could hear him let out a small moan. Hearing him was probably the best thing I've ever heard, it made me feel so amazing.

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I felt a tingling sensation arising, down towards my vagina. I wanted him in me so bad. Quickly, I hopped up and pulled my panties down and off, I could feel the wetness on them. I got up on top of his lap and slowly slide down. I grabbed his cock and directed it into the entrance of my hole.

I smiled as I felt the tip entering my vagina. It felt so good and it wasn't even all the way in me, yet. I kept going down, his dick pushing further into me and against my walls.

His dick stretching me out just felt amazing, so much better than I had ever predicted. I let out a moan as I kept sliding down, the pleasure was killing me. Suddenly, as I kept getting more of him, I felt something inside of me rip. It was my hymen. It felt really painful for a first few seconds, but afterwards, the pain was replaced with pleasure. I looked up to see his face, it was twisted with pleasure. I smiled, it just made me feel amazing. We began to speed up, and I felt him begin to touch my small breasts.

I felt his hands touching my sensitive nipples and it just had added to the overall pleasure that was slowly building up in my system.

The way he rubbed my boobs, it just felt so amazing. I lifted my shirt up and over my blonde webcam glasses dildo blowjob meet fresh ubersexy arab gf and my manager drill her, pulling it off.

I exposed my bare breasts to him. His jaw kind of just opened, "They're amazing." I heard him murmur. That just made me feel so damn happy, and it added to the pleasure I was experiencing from this. He reached up and grabbed them, fondling them just as he were a second ago. He leaned forward and began to suck on them. The pleasure I was experiencing from this just made me so much more wet, lubricating his penis. I felt my orgasm quickly approaching.

I reached down and began to rub my clit, and I just felt the pleasure almost exploding throughout my body. My breasts were being sucked and fondled, my clit being rubbed, my vagina being stretched. It was just so good. I didn't know how to express the feeling. The pleasure was just so great, I moaned without even knowing it. My orgasm was quickly approaching as the pleasure spread throughout my body.

"H-hey.tell me when you're gonna cum. I-I don't want it in me." I told him, I hope he knew why. I looked up and he just nodded, he was biting his bottom lip.

I could tell he was just experiencing so much pleasure, like me. Truth is, I did want his cum inside of me. It was just that I didn't want a child at my age, either. I felt his cock hit my G-Spot a few times before, but it was getting constantly hit, since he was speeding up. As he sped up, I could feel my boobs bouncing, up and down. It made me giggle. Everytime he kept hitting my G-Spot, I felt the pleasure shuddering my body.

Everything being happened was just adding to my inevitable orgasm. I felt the pleasure suddenly explode throughout my body, the intensity was perfect. I threw myself off of him, screaming in pleasure. I propped myself up on his naked leg, clinging onto him. I had to get nice public fuck with big boobed german of his dick because everything was feeling so intense at my vagina. I couldn't touch it because of how much contentment I was experiencing.

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It was just so intense, I couldn't touch it. Everything began to go dark as there were waves of incredibly intense pleasure just coursing throughout my body. My orgasm lasted for what felt like forever. Everything began to start feeling so distant, I just lost control of my body.

I heard Billy saying something, but I couldn't exactly make out what he was saying. I felt him grab me, he started moving me, directing my head towards his penis. He eventually got his dick in my mouth, but I felt bad for him because I wasn't really doing much and he never came, either. I struggled to attain control over my mouth, but when I did, I started to give him a proper blowjob.

I bobbed my head up and down on his cock. Eventually he came, and I felt it building up in my mouth. It made me ecstatic, knowing that I made someone feel so good that they came. I swallowed, but kept sucking to make sure I got all of it. Afterwards, I felt him sigh and I was just so out of it at this point.

I felt Billy wearily pick me up, he took me to my bedroom and placed me on my bed. I felt him crawl up next to me and he brought the blankets up and over me.

I mustered up the rest of the strength I had to cuddle up next to big titty milf gets fucked in the pool house and just smiled to myself. This evening was the best day of my entire life.