Deep snatch drilling action hardcore and blowjob

Deep snatch drilling action hardcore and blowjob
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Still in a blissful high from her recent orgasm, it took Kim a few moments to realize what Mistress Amanda said. "Yes it was wonder.wait, what did you say?" Turning to face the girl strapped down on the bench, "Kendall?" A flash of recognition suddenly became apparent and she moved towards the bench.

"Quick, help me get her up!" The words almost choking out of her. Amanda stepped between Kim and Kendall putting out her arms to stop Kim. "Whoa, not so fast." "But she's my sister." "She's my slave." Amanda said forcefully. "And you know the club rules. No one is allowed to interfere with another's property." "But, my sister? How?" "Willingly." "Oh Kendall, what have I done to you? I'm so sorry." Turning toward Amanda she bluntly said, "I want to buy her!" "Fine. Fifty thousand." "Fifty thousand dollars?

I don't have that kind of money. I was thinking more like twenty thousand." "Twenty thousand, that's a joke right? I can get fifty or more on the auction block once I'm done breaking her in." "But I just don't have that kind of money." "Maybe you can borrow it." Kim looked down at the floor.

"No. I don't know anyone who had that kind of money to borrow from." After an awkward moment in silence, Amanda watched how Kim was looking at Kendall and with a gleam in her eyes said, "Do you like to gamble?" "What?" "Gamble.

You know play cards. Poker in particular?" "I've played some Texas Hold'em, if that's what you mean?" "Yes, good, then I have an idea. We'll play cards. You can win your sister from me." "Seriously? Viktor gets pussy filled by venus throbbing boner, thank you." "I'm sorry I didn't hear you.

To whom did you thank?" "You.Thank you Mistress Amanda." With a bit of an evil smile Amanda said. "That's a proper answer.

Now, help me get my slave of the table and we can go to the poker room." With that said the two women began to remove the bonds that held Kendall strapped to the table, but before they did so Amanda took two Ben-WA balls and inserted them into Kendall's pussy. Then taking the dangling tiny bell and chain hanging from her clit ring, she threaded it through the four other pussy rings pulling her lips closed in order hold the Ben-Wa balls in and then zipped up the lower part of the cat suit before reattaching the thin crotch strap tightly from the front of her corset to the to the base of her arm binder.

Getting her up off of the table, Amanda made her kneel. "My slaves don't walk. From now on you'll be crawling on your knees every where we go. So get used to it. But first I want to add something.

Stick out your tongue." Kendall reluctantly obeyed and Amanda clipped a weight to her tongue ring forcing Kendall's tongue to remain stretched out through her ring gag and Kim winched as she watched helplessly. "That will help in strengthening it and stretching it out longer. Better to please your Mistress with." Clipping the leash to my body wants caresses masturbation large ladies if her collar Amanda lead them out of the room.

If it wasn't for the leather of the thigh high ballet boots covering her knees, they would of been easily scrapped across the floor as she struggled to keep up crawling behind her Mistress. The bells on her nipple rings tinkled as she moved along drawing the looks of the other members as she passed by. As she crawled on her knees behind Mistress Amanda, the Ben-Wa balls moved about inside of her lower abdomen causing her a sweet vibrating sensation.

Kendall could feel her love juices building up and slowly dribbling down her thighs. Down the long hall, across the main club room to the opposite side they entered another room. The center of which held a large oval table with a dealer and several of the club members playing poker.

To one side was a manned bar and a bound waitress, much like the one Kendall saw earlier, serving the men their drinks and food. A large flat screen TV mounted upon the wall had the football game going. A valet met them when they walked in.

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She wore a black leather catsuit with a white corset strapped around her waist. Ballet boots adorned her legs but without the hobble chains.

Her wrists were cuffed with a chain going from one to the other but first passed through a D-ring ring attached to the front of her corset at waist high. A second set of cuffs were similarly attached to her arms just above the elbows with a connecting chain running through a second D-ring on her back side.

This gave her somewhat, but limited freedom use of her hands. "What would be your pleasure Mistress?" She asked. "My friend and I would like to join in the game." She said while eying the table and seeing on one empty seat. Her reserved seat. "How much would Mistress like to start with?" Sexy mom picks up couple at yoga slave asked.

"Fifty thousand.each." "Very well Mistress." She answered and turning an iTablet in her direction, Mistress Amanda signed her name. The slave turned the tablet towards Kim who took it and signed her name for the chips. The slave then took up fifty thousand in chips and placed them on threesome pussy fuck anal masturbation table in front of Amanda's empty seat.

Amanda looked over the table and said to one of the gentleman, "Tom, you don't look like you're doing to well today. Would mind giving up your seat for my friend Kim here, so she could play." "It would be my pleasure." He said and standing up, picked up the remainder of his chips. Kim sat down and the slave placed her chips on the table in front of her.

She watched as Amanda handed Kendall's leash to Tom and said as thanks to take her over to the cum pole and amuse himself at his pleasure. Tom's eyes lit up looking at the girl hungerly and took the leash. "Thank you Amanda." He said and then tugging on the leash he said in a mean voice, "Follow me bitch." Kim had no choice but to watch as he led Kendall over to an adjustable vertical metal pole on one side of the room and had her back up to it.

He attached the back of her collar to a ring at the top and adjusted the height of the pole so she was standing on her knees. He had removed her hobble chains and now attached a spreader bar between her knees forcing them wide apart. Then lifting each of her feet in turn he locked her each of her ankle cuffs to the pole forcing Kendall to balance her weight painfully on her knees only.

Tom walked around the girl several times eying her like a cat plays with a captive mouse. He really liked the way the weight attached to her tongue stretched it outward blonde fuck public bar alone with a drone the ring gag, watching her pant and drool all over herself.

Meanwhile, play resumed on table and Kim had to divide her attention between playing cards and caring about the welfare of her little sister. Tom stood in front of Kendall and unzipped the front of his pants. "Lets try out that cute mouth of yours." he remarked and pulled out his semi hard member. Kim gasped as she watched him place it on her waiting outstretched tongue and slid it into her open mouth through the ring gag.

"Come on bitch, start sucking." Kendall struggled to move her weighted tongue along the shaft of his cock and to suck on it as he moved it in and out of her mouth.

Slowly it began to stiffen up as he pumped it in and out of her mouth and was soon bumping it against the back of her throat. Kim's seat afforded her a bird's eye view of her sister getting her mouth raped. With one hand on her head, Tom reached down and fondled Kendall's breasts through the cat suit not knowing that with each squeeze of his hand he was pushing the pins inside the suit deeper into her breasts causing her more uncomfortable pain. He grabbed her exposed nipple and squeezing and pulled on it as he built up his orgasm.

With in minutes he was pulling his cock out so the pulsing head remained just inside her mouth. He then spurted his warm sticky cum from his balls all into the inside of her mouth and all over her tongue. "You better leave my cum on your tongue and not swallow it until I tell you to bitch, or you're going to regret it." He said as he replaced his cock back into his pants and zipped up. "Man, Amanda.that was nice.

I almost should feel I should give her a tip." "I think you deposited enough of your tip on her tongue." She replied and everyone except Kim laughed out loud. "Hey, I have and idea." Tom said and left the room returning about fifteen minutes later.

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He looked at Kendall and saw that she still had his cum sitting on her tongue. "Very good slave, you can now swallow my seed." And watched as Kendall began the task of lifting her weighted tongue to swallow his salty tasting cum. When Tom returned he had what looked like a metal dish in his hand. Someone at the table asked what it was for and he said it was for the dealer's tips. It was customary at the end of each hand the winner would 'tip' the dealer a token of the win.

Everyone watched as Tom went to dubai full sex stories xxxx story toy closet and took out a long chain, and several clamps.

He attached four of the clamps to the edge of the dish and taking a stool, threaded the chain through a ring bolt in the ceiling. One end of the chain he attached to the short chains of the clamps on the dish and the other end he attached two more clamps. Hanging the dish in the air near the dealer he stretched out the other end of the chain over to Kendall and took those clamps and attached them to her nipples. The clamps bit down squeezing her nipples while the weight of the metal dish pulled and stretched them upwards.

Kendall moaned in pain as more tears welded up in her eyes. Most everyone at the table thought it was an excellent idea. Now each time the dealer took a tip, he placed it in the hanging dish pulling painfully further on Kendall's nipples. Kim winched every time a tip was added. Doubly so when the tip came from her. Play went on for several hours and Kim held her own winning some pots and losing some too.

Overall, she was just under even in chips. But as everyone knows, the gorgeous czech cutie gets seduced in the mall and reamed in pov you play more chances your luck would run out. Sooner then later Kim's luck was going to turn. But would it be for the better or worst? Throughout the game each one of the male players would take a break and each would go over and use Kendall's mouth to pleasure their cocks and to deposit their cum.

Kim could only watch in agonized silence each time it happened knowing there was nothing she could do to help her. After another hour of play Kim got a hand she was looking to make a large play on. In her hand was a pair of Kings. The flop produced a King and two Two's giving her a full house. She bet heavily and most of the others dropped out. The fourth card was a seven and by the time the river came out, it was her and one other player still in the hand.

It turned out a jack and he went all in. Kim quickly called and was shocked to lose most of her chips to his four deuces. She was crushed and had less than ten thousand left in her stack. She lasted only three more hands before she was out.

Standing up from the table she looked at Kendall and mouthed 'sorry' to her sister and hung her head. The valet stepped over her to and asked how would she like to take care of her debt? "What? What do you mean?" "You signed for fifty thousand in chips. They're not free. You are now in debt to the house for fifty thousand. How would you like to take care of it, check or charge?" "What? Wait, I don't have.Amanda, you know I didn't have that kind of money. You tricked me!" "I didn't force you to sign for the debt did I?" "No but." "Well, then you need to pay your debt." "But, I can't" "Then you become property the house if you can not show a means of paying your debt.

And since I own this place, that means you are now my slave until your debt is paid off. Now strip bitch!!"