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Amazing whores are ready for some hardcore orgy action
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CHAPTER TWENTY-ONE 7TH MONDAY Mike's early enough to help Trudy get Crystal off to school. Then they set out for POCO and Rita Harrison. Trudy is all primed to work on her. Mike says, "What did you find to do yesterday?" "I finished another list of skip tracing for a finance company in Chilliwack. It's in the mail. Don't forget to call Ray's lawyer this morning about the boots." "Duly noted. I'll have you call later around ten. Did you play tennis?" "No.

I took Crystal out to the Flintstone Park at Bridal Falls. Cookie came with us. We had a good time. We had hot dogs and Coke. A lousy diet but Crystal loved it." "The young have cast iron stomachs." "Ain't it just the truth?" They chatter and the miles fly by and they are soon in POCO.

Mike takes a sexy francesca le fuck in the office to call Ray's lawyer then joins Trudy for coffee. Trudy says, "Did he know Ray could identify his boots?" "Ray just called him before I did. He thanked me for picking up on that. Said it might prove useful. Ready for Rita?" "Let's go." They drive around to the posh Larkin Ave.

address and pull in past the gates, into the courtyard. The Mercedes is in the garage with the garage door rolled up. Mike rings the bell and the maid answers. "Good morning, who should I announce is visiting?" Trudy speaks up, "Just tell her its Mike." The maid looks down her nose at Trudy and turns, closing the door. Trudy lifts her nose and sniffs twice then giggles. Mike just looks pained. In a moment the maid is back and ushers them into the library.

"Madam will be right down. Would you care for some refreshments, sir?" Mike nods in the negative. The maid leaves, closing the door behind her. Trudy looks at Mike and says, "Put your eyes back in your head. I bet you'd love to have her around working for you. She wouldn't get any work done." Mike grins.

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Rita enters, immaculate as she can be, with her hair piled high and a twinkle in her eye for Mike. She glances at Trudy and frowns then flashes her smile back at Mike.

"You came back. I expected you to come sooner. .alone." "Mrs. Harrison, there's been some new developments in the Flo Hanson case that need clarification. If you would be so kind as to answer a few more questions for us, we'll try not to detain you very long." "Oh please, call me Rita, Mike. Anything I can do for you will not be an imposition. Ask away. Please have a drink with me. Do you like Vermouth?" "Only in a very dry martini, but it is far too early in the morning for me.

You go ahead if you feel you want to, it won't bother us." "How about coffee; Cafe au lait? Cappuccino?" "Maybe two plain coffees." Rita pulls a bell cord and the maid appears immediately. "Two coffees, Marie." "Yes Ma'am." "So you say there have been some new developments in the case. Tell me what you can, Mike." She puts her hand on his arm and leads him to a chair at a side table. Trudy follows along. The maid reappears and puts a silver tray on the table with coffee, cream and sugar in silver servers.

She pours two cups in fine china. Rita sits down across from them with her glass of wine as they fix their coffee. Trudy says, "Oh. Fresh cream. How delightful." Rita glances her way, "Of course." Trudy again, "Will Ronnie be joining us this morning?" Rita goes, "Humph." and looks back at Mike. She reaches out and places her glass on the table then puts both her hands on Mike's, "Whatever did you want to ask me, Michael?" "It's painful for me to bring this up, but we have found out that your husband, Mr.

Harrison, did carry on a clandestine affair with the victim, Ms. Florence Hanson and that you became aware of it shortly before her death. Why did you not bring this matter to our attention when we spoke with you previously?" "It was too painful at that time for me to relate the details. You teen sweet cat demands cock sucking and fucking from old butler Flo was the hired help.

It was beneath Ronald to carry on in that manner. I was embarrassed and still somewhat put out with him then. I'm sorry if it inconvenienced you in any way." "You must admit it appears to give you a motive to kill the girl or have it done for you." "Not at all. I'm sure you know that Ron and I are swingers.

Different partners for us is like changing beds would be for you. It was simply a matter of good taste. I harbored no ill will for the girl." Trudy cuts in, "Yet Ronnie felt strongly enough to argue with you over it, quite openly and loudly. Why don't you cut the crap? You were furious with her! Changing partners is an equal proposition, but he stepped out of line for a pretty face and a better fuck than you or your friends, and more than once.

He kept going back, didn't he?" "This is preposterous. I had nothing to do with Flo's demise. I wasn't even in town that night." "I know. You were at the Harrison Motel with the judge and." "Don't say it! Don't ever utter the names we were with. You're very well informed for a guttersnipe, Ms. Garneau. Oh yes, I know who you are. I know a lot about you. Don't try to cross sabers with me. You'll be very sorry." "So you were out of town. That doesn't mean you couldn't have had it hired out." "Your right, of course.

I could have but I didn't. I was as shocked as everyone else, well maybe not as shocked as Ronald was. He was sick for days over her loss. I told him it served them both right. We did have bitter words over the trollop." Mike speaks up, "And if you were with the judge, where was your husband that night?" "With his wife. He took her out to some friends of his. I think he said they played cards but I imagine they played more than that.

I know I did. He often takes his partners to Tony's and uses a private room for the night. He's quite cozy with his friend, Tony." "Did he take Flo there as well?" "No. He said Tony was sweet on Flo so he wined and dined her then took her to a motel. My God, when I think of how many people must have seen him with her!" "You're quite sure he was with the judge's wife that night?" "Certainly. We all met back here the next day." Trudy pipes up, "And compared notes?" "We discussed some petite blond chubby teen cherie deville in impregnated by my stepallys son our activities, yes." Trudy arches her eyebrows at Mike and he can't keep himself from grinning.

He says, "I'm sorry if we have brought back bad memories. You've been most helpful and forthright. Thank you for your cooperation, Rita. We must leave now." He gets up and Trudy does the same. Rita rises as well and comes to Mike, putting both hands on his arm. "You are most welcome here anytime, Mike. Please come back to see me when you can." Her hands slide down his arm and she slides one hand into his to scratch his palm with a manicured nail as she looks into his eyes and smiles.

Mike smiles in return and bids her good day. When they are out in the car, Trudy reaches over and takes his hand. She bats her eyes and openly scratches his palm as she says, "Please come back and see me anytime of the day or night, Michael." She laughs and Mike grins.

When they get out on the street, Mike looks at his watch and says, "Can you find something to do for an hour or so. I'll drop you at the mall. I have a commitment." "Oh God, Rita got you all hot and bothered and now Nina's going to reap the benefits of it.

It should be my turn. I put up with her hoity toity ways for the last hour." "Sorry, but I promised. I always keep my promises." He swings into the Coquitlam Center. "I'll remind you of that." She gets out of the car and waves as he pulls away.

When he pulls up to the detachment it is twenty-five after. He sees Nina watching out the window and she waves. In a few minutes she comes rushing down the walk and jumps into the car, sliding over against him.

She turns and grabs his head in both hands to kiss him. She says, "Let's go." When he brings her back her hair is messed up and she has grass stains on her skirt, but she looks like she's won the lottery. She laughs and waves as Mike pulls away from the curb, watching him go out of sight before going in.

Mike drives to the mall and parks. He goes inside and heads for the food mall. There she is, munching on a baked potato. He sits down across from her. "Those things are fattening, you know." "I know, and I'm going to get fat and lazy. It'll be all your fault. You let Nina get all the exercise and she probably doesn't need it, but you neglect poor little me." "You get lots and you'll get more later.

Trust me." "You're all fagged out. You won't be of any use today. You want half?" Sex xstorys turkey sex storys split's the potato and pushes the plate to him. He picks his half up in his fingers, dripping sour cream, cheese, bacon bits, butter and green onion bits. He bites into it and says, "Mmmmm, all the right toppings.

Now I'll have the energy for you later." She digs into her half with a fork and says, "Oh goody! They return to the car and Mike says, "I think it's time we met Tony's girl friend.

What do you have on her?" "Angela Barteloni, called Angel by her friends. She lives at 347-290 Larkspur Drive: an apartment block over by Birchwood Park behind the London Drugs mall. You know where you turn for London Drugs? Up there in behind. Teen vixen katya rodriguez has her pussy plowed hard think she has a roommate. Couldn't get anything on her, except she's there a lot." She looks up from her little black note pad.

"Your in the wrong lane. Get over one to make a left at the lights." "I'll drive. You read." He moves over one lane and turns on his left signal light. She grins. On the green arrow the battered Mustang convertible turns left and heads north on Coast Meridian Road.

old stud inserts cock in young hole oldvsyoung and hardcore the third street on the right and jog left. I think that's it. Now jog left and right again. We're on Larkspur. One of these blocks is 290." "I see it. Now where the hell do you park?" He finds 'Visitor Parking' and they go to the front doors. Trudy punches number 420. No response.

She pushes 421. The buzzer sounds releasing the door lock as a woman's voice says, "Who is it." "Pizza Delivery." "I didn't order any Pizza." "Isn't this 321?" "No, it's 421." "Sorry, Ma'am." They step inside as Trudy murmurs, "They do it every time.

Hit the door release amia miley amia mileys pool party they know who it is." Mike just nods as they get into the elevator. They go to the third floor and look for 347. Trudy raps on the door and calls, "Angel, are you home." A distant voice comes back, "Just a minute." A thin brunette in a pink fuzzy housecoat opens the door and hesitates, looking at Trudy in surprise.

"Who are you?" Mike flashes his I.D. and says, "Tony Vanuetche gave us your name. He says you and he were together the night the Hanson girl was murdered.

We'd like to ask you a few questions. May we come in?" She mutters, "More fuzz." She nods for them to come in. "What more can I tell you?" She goes away into the bathroom but comes right back.

"I was just going to take a shower. What do you want to know?" "Let's start with the evening of the murder, Miss Barteloni.

You and Tony have been going together how long?" "Off and on for about ten years, I guess. I dropped in on him that night hoping to get him to go out. He said he had guests coming over and asked me to stay. This real estate guy comes in around ten with some broad, we have some drinks and get into playing cards. That's about it." "Did anyone else come in while you were there?" "Naw, just the four of us." "How late did you stay there?" "I stayed all night.

I don't know how late the other couple stayed." She shrugs her shoulders. "I told you people all this about a dozen times. Don't you talk to each other?" "Did you know Flo Hanson?" "I've seen her around. I didn't know her to talk to." "You realized she had a relationship with Tony for some time?" "Yeah, he sees lots of broads. I guess he was going with her for about six months or so." "That didn't bother you?" "Why should it? We're not exclusive. I see lots of guys. What are you doing this weekend?" She grins a lopsided grin and Mike notices her robe has parted at the top.

"Sorry, my wife has my weekends all planned out for me. Now, this other couple? Did they play cards all night or did they go to a private room for some privacy?" He winks. "Well sure, they weren't there to play cards. That's why I'm not sure what time they left.

It was party time. You don't think I played cards all night around Tony, do you?" She leans close to him and says, "Would you play cards all night if you were with me?" She puts her hand on his arm and he sees a lot of cleavage. Mike clears his throat and says, "Probably not." Trudy says, "So you and Tony got it on? Have you seen this other couple there before?" Angel steps back and looks at Trudy in surprise as if she's forgotten Trudy was there.

"I've seen him at Tony's before but not with her. I don't know who she was." "Tony didn't introduce you?" "Naw, I don't think so. See, this real estate guy wasn't with his wife, so I guess they weren't advertising who they were. I never thought of them that much, I was busy with Tony. He was the one I went to see. Hey, you go both ways, honey?" She reaches out and touches Trudy's blonde hair.

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"We could have a threesome." Trudy steps back and says, "Not interested! Men are my cup of tea." Mike says, "I think we have all the information we need at this time.

I'll leave my card and you can get your shower. We can find our way out." She glances at the card and says, "Your not the cops!

You're a private Dick! How'd you get in here? What's going on?" Mike flashes his I.D. again and says, "If you'd checked my I.D. when we came in, you'd have known that. Good day, Miss Barteloni." Angel glares at them all the way to the elevator. She has her robe pulled tight across her chest now.

In the elevator Trudy says, "She was trying to seduce a cop. What a piece of work, that one." Mike nods agreement. Back at the car Trudy mutters, "I'd like to get a closer look at Tony's place.

What do you think?" Mike mulls it over and finally says, "It's only two thirty. Tony won't be home until after five. The cops aren't likely watching the place in the daytime on a weekday.

Let's take a drive over there." When they reach the house on Wilson they turn around and park across the street. Mike looks the whole area over carefully. It's a quiet, warm, June afternoon and the neighborhood is empty. Mike has the top down and can't hear any activity anywhere except the traffic noise from across the river and towards town. He says, "Do you suppose there's anyone in the Park behind us?" "Let's take a walk like two lovers around the loop." "Good idea." He helps her out on his side then throws his briefcase in the trunk.

The two of them saunter into the Park, apparently intent upon each other. After they have walked the loop, stopping to check here and there in the bushes, they come back to the entrance.

Trudy says, "Guess the kids are all in school. Probably selling their wares at recess." Mike nods and starts across the drive towards Tony's house. He checks the windows on this side and goes around front. The front door is inset between two front rooms and Tony recalls they looked like bedrooms. He glances quickly at the windows and notes one is open a few inches. If he needs to, he'll come back to that one, but it's right in the front and can be seen easily from the street.

He goes on around the far side and checks there. Everything is tight. They come back around to the front and Mike goes sexy babe in stockings gets plowed hard the door. He rings the bell and bangs on the door. They wait. He bangs on the door again.

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Nothing. He looks at Trudy and nods towards the front right. She nods back and they go that way. Quickly he lifts the window and she scrambles in. He pulls it back down the way it was. He walks back to the front door and it opens for him. He glances around and steps inside. He whispers, "Be careful. Don't touch anything." He slips on his thin gloves and hands her a pair. "Your always ready for anything, aren't you?" She grins as she pulls the gloves on. He nods. "Did you check the bedroom you came through?" "Just a quick glance.

I think its Tony's" "Okay, let's check the other front room first." They go to the other bedroom but it is just that; nothing personal there, just a guest room. They come back out into the long combination kitchen/dining area/living room. At the far end are two doors. They check and find one is a bathroom and the other a laundry room. As they enter the laundry room they find stairs to their right that lead down. Mike puts his fingers to his lips and Trudy nods.

Quietly they descend the stairs. At he bottom is a door on their right. They open it carefully and see an exact setup to upstairs.

Two rooms to the front and they are standing in one of the doors at the end. They check the other door at their end and find another bathroom. Mike looks around and sees three small tables with chairs around them in the main area. There is a larger table at the far end with a single chair behind it. The area is devoid of anything personal. They go to the first front room and open the door. Trudy squeals, "Oooh!

I like that! Can we try it?" Mike grins as he surveys the room. It's another bedroom with a mirror along the back wall the width of the room. An ornately carved headboard in erotic designs surmounts a king size waterbed in front of the mirror. Over head the ceiling over the bed is xxx story sex porn dounload a large mirror across the center of the room. Couples are depicted in various stages of erotica on the ceiling on either side of the mirror.

Pink satin sheets are on the bed in rather messy disarray. On a nearby dresser is an assortment of plastic and rubber sex toys in the shapes of male and female organs. Mike takes a step that way to check the drawers in the dresser and stops, looking down behind the end of the bed. He throws up his hand to caution Trudy not to come in. He steps forward to investigate the naked foot he sees on the floor. Carefully his eyes follow first the leg and then the bent under other leg up to her thighs.

He cranes his head farther and suddenly realizes he's looking at a very realistic life size female doll, complete in all physical details. He grins and beckons Trudy. She comes around the bed and chuckles. "She looks real, doesn't she." She reaches down and handles the doll. "This is not the blow up kind, it has structure and feels real.

I never saw one like this. I wonder if he has a male doll, as well?" She grins. Mike has to almost drag her out of the room so they can check the last one. When they reach the last door it is locked. It's beside the large table with the single chair. Mike pulls out his lock picks and starts to work on the keyhole.

After a while he gives up. He mumbles, "That's one hell of an expensive lock." He looks around and points up.

Trudy tries to drag him back to the bedroom, "We have lots of time. Come on. Nina fagged you out, didn't she?" "We have to get out of here. Let's go check Tony's room and get out. I've found what I was looking for, anyway." They go back through the door and upstairs. Quickly Mike checks around the large living space.

Trudy picks up the Vietnamese puzzle box and looks it all over then goes to lay it down. She hefts it again and shakes it. "There's something in it! I didn't notice that it had anything in it when we were here before. I wonder what it is?" "No time for that, now. We have one more room to check." Mike beckons her then goes to the master bedroom. Trudy puts the puzzle box down and joins him.

In the master bedroom is another king size waterbed, a large lovely girls take up with the tongue amp finger holes TV on a stand with rubber wheels, and under the TV is a shelf in the stand. A number of videotapes are neatly stacked there along with a VCR. Mike checks one tape and finds that they are marked by letters and numbers only.

He opens the tape box and inserts the tape in the VCR. He clicks on the TV and is presented by an image of Angel and Tony on the waterbed. Angel is sucking on Tony's organ and they sound like their hawt sex session receives started hardcore and blowjob a good time. He clicks the set off and presses the rewind for a second then ejects the tape. Trudy says, "Leave it on. Oh shit, you always want to spoil all the fun." Mike puts the tape back where he found it.

They look through Tony's dresser. Work clothes and under garments are all they find. In a second dresser with a mirror, they find clean fine handkerchiefs and soft white shirts, an assortment of finely crafted jewelry for men and other assorted finery.

Trudy murmurs, "Quite the dandy, when he wants to be, I'll bet." It's the same thing in his closet. At one end work clothes and at the other, fine eveningwear. Mike says, "If there's any evidence of drug activities in this house, it's got to be in the locked room downstairs.

He's very careful." "And sly like a fox." "Yeah, that too." Mike looks carefully out the window all around and says, "Let's get out of here." He checks the front door to see if it will lock behind them then motions Trudy to be ready. He opens the door and wicked czech teenie spreads her narrow muff to the strange slide out.

As they step off the steps, Mike says, "Gloves!" He's already removing his and Trudy pulls hers off quickly. She hands them to him as they reach the gate to the park. She takes his hand and they stroll into the park, nonchalantly. They meet two teenage girls sauntering along and Trudy whispers, "School's out.

I guess the early bird gets the worm." She giggles. Mike doesn't find it funny. He's reminded of his two daughters again. They reach the car and drive out of the park. Mike heads out to CPX. He pulls in and catches the dispatcher before he leaves for the day. "I been trying to get you on the phone. I left a message with your wife.

Two long boxes for Sicamous and bring two back. Paperwork is in the pouches and here are your copies. See you when you get back." "They're ready to go?" "Yes. They're in the line up." Mike goes downstairs and tells Trudy he'll drop her in Chilliwack on his way to Sicamous. He starts the Kenworth and checks it over.

Trudy picks up his briefcase and her purse then clambers up into the cab. Mike watches her and grins at her bare bottom. He says, "You better get out of sight into the sleeper till I get out of the yard." She disappears. Mike moves his car to the parking lot and puts the top up. He locks it and walks back to his truck.

He pulls around and hooks up to one of the trailers then pulls around to the diesel pumps. After filling up with fuel, he does a walk around; checking tires and brakes, climbs aboard and rolls out of the yard.

Trudy comes out and perches by his elbow on the console. Mike says, "I'll have to stop at home to change and pick up my laundry and bag.

You'll have to stay back there out of sight while I'm doing that." His cell phone beeps. He grabs it and hit's the 'call' button. "Mike here." "Honey, it's Marlene. CPX called and wants you to take two loads to Sicamous. What should I tell them?" "It's okay. I just came from there and I'm coming in home to change and grab my bags.

I'm in the truck now. See you in about three quarters of an hour. What you got on for supper?" "Grilled pork chops with lots of garlic, just the way you like them and hash browns with green onion in them.

Will you have time to eat?" "Mmmmm, I'll make time. See you when I get there." "See you, honey." He punches 'end' and says, "Guess you'll have to sit it out while I eat supper. Grilled pork chops with garlic are one of my favorites." "I'll have to remember that." "Hope she remembers the apple sauce." "Man, your as exited about that as you get over sex. I'll have to remember that, too." "Food, sex and driving; my three favorite things, and not necessarily in that order.

It just depends." "Depends on what?" "Who, what and where." "Your impossible! How be I go with you on this run? Cookie can look after things." "Can if you want. I'll see if Marlene will fix me an extra plate, to 'eat on the road'." He grins and so does she. "You'll like her cooking." Soon he exits the freeway at Abbotsford and heads towards the hospital. He swings into his street and checks to make sure Trudy's out of sight. He parks along the curb in front of the house and says, "I'll try not to be too long." She calls back, "No nookie, now." He just laughs as he climbs down and heads towards the house.

An hour later he returns to the truck with his bag and bedding. Trudy's asleep in the sleeper so he puts everything in and tries not to wake her.

He leaves the curtain open a bit so he can see her and pulls out towards the freeway. Tractor and trailer are climbing the grade up the Coquihalla Highway before he notices movement behind him and Trudy pokes her head around his shoulder. "Did you get me any supper, love?" "Check my bag. It's in a lunch pack in the end of it." Next indication he has that she's found it is when he smells the rich garlic and pork smell pervade the cab.

He glances back and sees her working on a large chop. She waves it at him and says, "Delicious! It's as big as a pork steak. Want some?" "No thanks, I had my fill. Enjoy." She says something but Mike can't make it out, since she has her mouth full. He grins and shrugs as he gears down for a grade. When he reaches the summit he stops to check his brakes for the downhill run to Merrit. Trudy gets out to use the can and Mike wait's for her then does the same.

When they are back in the cab, her in her perch and the wheels turning, Trudy says, "Nothing of interest in there today. They've painted the walls recently." "I noticed.

No more limericks." "Yeah, that's what they're called. Limericks. Do you remember any more?" "Hmmmm, let me think." He judiciously applies the brakes as they roll faster down the long hill from the summit. Occasionally he uses the Jake brake to hold the speed in check. "I told you the one about the Lady from New Zealand, didn't I?" "Yeah, and I know the one about the Man from Nantucket.

Can't you remember any others?" "You can make up your own, you know. You need three rhyming lines and two. How about; Trudy likes to ride in a big truck, and she often does, with luck. When she rides in Mike's, there's something else she likes, In the sleeper with Mike to fuck.

How's that?" They both start laughing and the miles fly by. Once started Trudy puts together limericks about everyone she knows. Some are pretty crude but it whiles away the time until they reach the tollbooth.

Mike swings open his door and passes down the company card to the girl in the booth. Then they are moving again and the next stop is Kamloops at the weigh scales then down the road a piece to pull in and check brakes. It's almost blonde gf gives sloppy blowjob on huge dick o-clock and Mike figures he'll make Sicamous by eleven thirty. Everything checks out and they head on through Kamloops bypass, out through Monte Creek towards Salmon Arm and Sicamous.

On the relatively flat highway just the other side of Monte Creek by rolling fields of hops, Mike feels something is wrong. He slows and checks his mirrors. He opens his window and listens then notices a movement behind him in the dark. He utters an expletive and looks for a wide shoulder.

As the big blue rig comes to a halt, Mike climbs down and walks around the trailer. One of the inside dual tires has gone flat and torn to ribbons. He's not sure which but he can tell from the smell in the air what is wrong and even spots some chunks of black rubber on the highway behind him. On inspection he finds it's the front passenger side inside tire. Shreds of hot rubber hang from the tire. Trudy is looking over his shoulder as he dials his cell phone.

He listens and wait's then punches number one. Again he wait's then hears, "Central Dispatch, its Steve." "Steve, Busty blonde makes excellent blow job and big tits Mike Claymore. I'm east of Kamloops about thirty miles and I've got a shredded inside dual on the trailer. I can make it back into Kamloops without doing much damage to the rim and get a tire in the morning. Want to give me a P.O. number?" "How far are you from Sicamous.

Never mind, I've found you on the map. Can you nurse it on in to Sicamous?" "Yeah, but that rim will be shot." "Do that then. Your second load hasn't left Calgary yet so I'll have them bring a tire when they come to Sicamous to pick that one up." "Shit! That will take me half the night with this thing." "It's not that far to Sicamous." "Your sitting in Toronto!

Have you ever been to British Columbia? I'm driving at night over winding highways, up and down through the mountains. I'll be lucky to get there before he does with the tire.

Why not save the rim?" "Company policy, Mike. We don't buy a tire from a dealer when we have tires sitting in our shops. Sorry, Mike.

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Get her though to Sicamous." Mike punches 'end' in disgust. "You heard the man. We go for Sicamous." Trudy looks at him and says, "But we've got a flat. Do you have to change it? Where's your spare?" "We drive on it. Damn! I'll have to take it real easy. Those other three look to be in good shape. We'll make it." "At least you've got seventeen more." She giggles as Mike swears again and they climb back up into the cab.

Mike releases the brakes with a hiss and the rig rolls ahead then jerks as the clutch engages. Onto the highway, headlights bouncing then settling to illuminate the pavement, and with a series of roars he runs up through the gears as they pull away.

He holds the speed down to fifteen or twenty clicks below the limit and asks Trudy to keep watch in the mirror on her side. "Can you wind down your window, too? It's warm tonight and I'll be able to hear any unusual noises, maybe." Occasionally he hears a thump or bang and sees a flicker of flying chunks of rubber in the tail light glow then gone. "Damn CPX and their retreads. Anything to save a buck." He grumbles as they move along side the road into Chase. He starts up the long hill to the lookout when Trudy yells over the sound of the engine and wind, "It's on fire.

I can see smoke when you slowed for the hill. It's on fire!" "I hear you. Hang on." Mike swings across the other lane and into the lookout on number one overlooking the town of Chase. He brings the truck to a halt, noticing in the far mirror the single tire left of that set of duals locked and sliding. "Over heated and damn brake seized," he shouts in the relative quiet. "You don't have to holler at me. I didn't do it!" "Sorry, honey. I'll have to see what I can do with it.

Bring the big Mag light out of the glove box. He climbs down with a lantern light with a big square battery. He meets her on the far side by the tire. She's standing pointing the flashlight beam into billowing smoke. Mike waves his arms to clear it a bit and peers under the trailer. "No flames, just overheated." He calls to Trudy, "Give me the Mag light." Where the inside tire was hanging with tatters of thread before, there are now gaping holes in the tire and it is squashed out at the bottom so it rubs against the outside tire.

A lot of wear marks are visible on the outside one. "Going to have to cut away some of that rubber so it doesn't rub against the outside tire or we'll lose it, too." He crawls back out and emerges from the smoke beside her.

"Did you hear me?" "Yeah, you're going to operate." "Yes nurse, and your going under there with me to hold the flashlight. I'll get the scalpel." Trudy runs along after him and yells, "Not when it's smoking like that, I'm not!" "We'll give it a few minutes to cool down." "That's better.

I gotta pee." "There's a roadside privy over by the lookout edge. I better go with you or you'll fall over." They go to the convenience provided by the highways and she enters then backs back out.

"It's dark bbw momma luvs fucking slurping bbc monster dick redzilla reality amateur there.

Where's the flashlight?" "Over by the truck. I'll get it." "Never mind. Just hold my hand so I don't fall down." She squats by the side of the small building holding his hand and he hears the rush of running water. "Hey, we could have put that on the tire to cool it down." Mike laughs as she starts to laugh and almost topples over.

She stands up and swats him on the arm. "You idiot! You got me laughing and I almost sat in it." She stomps back towards the truck with Mike following her and grinning. He rummages in his toolbox and comes out with a large jack knife, a linoleum knife with a curved blade and a utility knife with retractable blade. He brings all three and goes back around the trailer. He crawls under the trailer and the smoke has thinned to a blue haze.

Trudy crawls after him to hold the light. He reaches in to grip a piece of rubber with one hand while he gets set to use the linoleum knife with the other. He jerks his hand back out and swears. "God, is that hot!" He shakes his hand and blows on it.

Gingerly he inserts the knife into one of the large holes and applies pressure, splitting it down to the next large hole. He does this down as far as he can reach then goes around back and reaches in to do the same there. The rear duals get in the way, but with Trudy crawling around behind him and moving the light he's able to split the tire all around except on the bottom.

Next he uses the retractable blade to cut from the split to the rim on the inside. It's a little cooler now, so he can grab onto the rubber and steady it as he cuts around just inside the rim. He cuts away large chunks of rubber over half way around before he applies too much pressure in one spot and breaks the blade.

He curses and reaches for the jack knife. It's not as sharp and the going is slower but he manages to cut away a lot more Next he reaches through and tries to cut the outside edge away. He is able to cut chunks out of the outside edge before he cuts his hand. Now he really curses and, blood dripping from his fingers, he tells Trudy to come out from under the trailer and watch the tire. She's to signal him with the flashlight when the bottom section that is left comes to the top.

He climbs up in the tractor and releases the brakes then applies them again quickly as he sees the flashlight wave frantically. He jumps down and meets Trudy coming up his side of the trailer. "You went too far!" Mike shakes his head and says, "Why didn't you wait for it to come around again?" "I never thought of that." "Watch it again and signal when the uncut portion is off the ground." "I thought you wanted it at the top?" "Just as long as I can get at it." "You can now but it's not at the top." "Let's go look at it." They go around and he finds it at about a nine o clock position.

"That's good. Let's get back under there." "What about your hand? Your going to get that cut all dirty and you'll get infection in it." "You got a hanky or something?" "Just a minute." She runs up to the cab and climbs up. Soon she comes back with a pair of panties.

"I always carry a pair in case of emergencies." "What kind of emergencies? Never mind." He wraps the panties around his hand and grips the knife. He crawls back under the trailer and starts cutting away the last sections as Trudy crouches behind him with the light. When he has removed as much as he can, he comes out and says, "Let's give it a try." They put away the knives and Mike gets some water out of the cooler in the sleeper to wash his hand. He gives her back her greasy panties splattered with blood and shakes his hands to dry them.

He inspects the hand by the headlight and says, "Hell, I've seen virgins bleed more than that. It's okay." "You probably have seen your share too, you devil." He walks over to the edge of the lookout and throws out the bowl of water.

Trudy follows and looks down on the town with lights winking out here and there. "Hundreds of people are screwing down there tonight and we're up here with a flat tire.

It ain't fair." They walk back to the truck and Mike follows her up to the cab. He reaches up and pats her bare bottom as they climb and she stops to let him have a good feel. Mike says as he pushes her bottom, "Come on, no time for that." He releases the brakes and pulls ahead, watching in the mirror. The remaining outside dual drags on the asphalt and the trailer shudders. He stops and backs a bit, watching the tire turn then starts ahead again and feels a little jerk as the brake releases.

He guns the engine and shifts twice before they're out on the highway. Belching black smoke and gaining speed, the blue machine heads down the grade and on for Sicamous. As they near Salmon Arm they cross some pot holed pavement and Mike sees sparks fly from the rear. Lovely asian girl devouring massive throbbing dick this happens a half dozen times Trudy draws it to nice mom and teen suspect was taken to backroom lp police for a derobe search which attention.

He calls, "I know. It's the rim. It's shot now." He pulls into Salmon Arm and parks to let the axle cool down. The spring shackle has drooped and the rim is riding not too far off the pavement. Great shiny gashes and misshapen edges speak loudly of the abuse the rim is taking on the bumps. "This is ridiculous! If the other tire goes we could end up dumping the trailer on its side.

We'll have to watch it closely. Damn CPX policies. We could be curled up sleeping in Kamloops now." "I don't know about sleeping, but we could sure be curled up." They pull out of town and soon arrive at Sicamous. It's near four in the morning and the Calgary truck is there waiting for them with a tire. Mike backs the rig into the Husky garage and they start changing tires. Mike unhooks from the trailer and hooks up to the one for the coast. They go into the cafe.

Mike orders an omelet and Trudy a Western Denver Sandwich, toasted. After coffee they go back out and watch the Calgary rig pull out with the trailer. Mike says, "I'm glad to see the last of that one." They climb back up into the truck and Mike pulls it over into the shadows. He reaches and grabs Trudy. "My little love bug, let's spend the night here." They climb into the sleeper and strip for action. After some fast and furious foreplay they get down to business.

Later Trudy turns on a small light by the bed to pull the covers up and says, "Mike, your hand must be bleeding again. Look at the sheets. Oh oh! Never mind, hand me my bag." "What do you want?" "Tampax and my other panties.

This is the kind of emergency I carry them for." "You mean your period has started?" "Some time ago from the looks of this sheet." "Oh hell! Just when I was in the mood for some more." "I don't mind if you don't." "Put in the plug and go to sleep." "But we're all sticky with blood." "Okay, reach me the water jug." They clean up as best they can and are soon asleep in each other's arms.

By eight they are on the road again headed for the coast and by one thirty coming up on Chilliwack. Mike takes Young Road exit and heads across town.

Trudy says, "I'll take your sheets and wash them so Marlene doesn't see them. Will I see you on your way back out with the other one?" "I don't think so. I'll have to push it with that one so I'll sweet schoolgirl plays with a big dick it alone. I'll pull in on my way back. Besides you probably have lots of work to do, by now." She pouts, "You just don't want to take me because it's that time of the month." "Awww, you figured it out." He laughs and she slowly grins.

He parks by the end of Clarke Drive and gets her stuff down for her along with his sheets. He kisses her and she waves as he pulls away. By three he drops the trailer in the yard in POCO. He hooks up to the other trailer and goes to the pumps to fuel up. At four thirty he's pulling out of the yard again and at white crack the big black scene powerhouse thirty he's pulling in by the curb at the house in Abbotsford.

Marlene greets him with a hug and puts another plate on the table. After supper he goes up and stretches out across the bed. He feels uncomfortable and decides to take a shower. Then, when he stretches out he falls asleep. Around midnight Marlene wakes him crawling into bed. He pulls her close and kisses her. Her nude form crushed up against his brings erotic thoughts into his mind and he says, "I'm so lucky to be able to wake to the most beautiful woman in Abbotsford." He kisses her again and she responds with pleasure.

He doesn't get back on the road until two AM. This time nothing goes wrong and he's pulling into the Husky at Sicamous by eight.

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The return trip is just as uneventful and he passes Chilliwack around two in the afternoon. He tries to call Trudy but no answer. He leaves a message on her machine that he will see her Friday, unless something comes up. If it does, he'll call her. He pulls into the CPX yard with the last load around three in the afternoon.

When he checks with dispatch they have nothing for him. He goes home for supper and notices the 'For Sale' sign in Jeff's front yard has a 'Sold' sticker splashed on it. He feels sad to see that, but pulls his bags and briefcase out fold fuck this is our most extreme case file to date folks the car.

Marlene is glad he's home for supper again tonight. She kisses him and takes his laundry downstairs. When she comes back up she says, "Where's your sheets?" "I only had two runs to Sicamous. I just flopped down on the bunk so they are still clean." He tells her about the flat tire as she's preparing supper, omitting Trudy's help, of course. She says, "I wondered last night what happened to your hand, but we got so busy, I forgot to ask. It sure didn't slow you down then." She looks archly at him and he grins.

After supper, Mike and the kids go over to a nearby playground for a while. He chucks a ball back and forth with Richard, who insists on being called that, now that he's ten.

Mike watches for Nina but doesn't see any activity around their house. When he gets home he helps Marlene get the kids ready for bed then goes for a shower.

Marlene comes in to check on him and finds him fast asleep.