Black doll heated by the hard stick

Black doll heated by the hard stick
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Miko Gets Pregnant and Horny Gang bang - interracial by po469 Miko had married David two years ago. They had met while he was on a business trip to Japan. She was the receptionist at the company he came to try to purchase products from.

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He thought she was attractive and said that it was his first time there and did not know about anything what there was to see. He asked her if she would show him around during the evenings that he was there. Her company had a rule against employees doing this but he was attractive and she was lonely so she said yes. They spent four evenings together and got very close.

When it was time for him to leave David asked her if she would consider going to the U.S. and marrying him. He kissed her for the first time. She shyly said that she would like that very much. Miko was a beautiful full oriental girl.

She was tiny at about 4'11" and only weighed about 90#. She was very flat chested and seldom wore her a-cup bra. She had straight black hair and a face that anyone would put in an ad to get tourists to visit Japan.

David was a good-looking Caucasian man. He was 5'11" and weighed about 175#. He had a 6 inch cock that was pretty thin and only lasted less than 5 minutes after he started pumping it into Miko. But he was good at using it and making both himself and Miko happy with his fingers and his mouth as well as his cock. Miko had always been happy with David's lovemaking. They had a happy marriage and a good sex life but now she was seven months pregnant and he would not fuck her anymore.

They had fucked four or five times every week. They used every position they could think of and did anything that sounded like fun with each other.

They watched porn movies just to learn new things to do. Now she was strongly showing and he had lost interest in her pussy. Her belly was getting bigger and so were her tits that were almost flat before. The only thing that he would do was to fuck her mouth every couple days, till he came, to relieve himself. He did not realize that being pregnant had made her hornier than ever and that it was safe for the baby and Miko if he fucked her. Either he didn't realize or he did not care.

She loved to suck him but she pussy1love cam emereetaylor tube porn to be FUCKED. She took her dildo and fucked herself with it every day after David left for work but that did little to satisfy her. Miko had a friend that she confided in. Her name was Betty. Betty was their neighbor just a few houses down the street and they spent a lot of time together.

Betty said that David had been hitting on her lately but she had told him to go home and make his wife happy. This day Miko told Betty that she could not take it any more.

Her pussy ached with desire and her mind raced with thoughts of everything sexual that she could think of. These thoughts took all her time. And taking care of herself wasn't helping at all any more. She asked Betty what she thought she could do. Betty sat quietly for a couple minutes and then said that there was a swingers sex club in town that she had gone to a couple of times. Miko could go there and find someone that would be more than happy to help her with her problem.

Miko blushed beet red and said that she had never been with anyone but David and that she couldn't do that. They dropped the subject and drank their tea. Later that afternoon Miko called Betty and said "Would you go with me?" "What are you talking about Miko?' Betty said. Miko very quietly said, "To the club you told me about." "Sure Miko.

I'd be happy to take you there." "Thanks. Let me think about it." Miko replied. About a week later David said that he was going on an out of town fishing trip with the guys that weekend. David was leaving Saturday morning and coming home Sunday night. Miko called Betty and asked if they could go to the club that Saturday night.

Betty said that she would pick Miko up at 9 o'clock and that she should wear something sexy. Miko said that she did not have any sexy maternity clothes. Betty told Miko that she was not that big yet and that she should find lactating teen fucked hard on hookup hotshot sexy and wear it. Saturday night came and Betty showed up at Miko's house to take her to the club.

Betty was dressed in a tight pair of bright blue short shorts and what looked like a blue flowered bikini top and three inch black high heels. She looked at Miko and she was wearing a grey maternity skirt that came almost to her ankles and a pink blouse that would be great to wear to a PTA meeting. Betty was afraid of this.

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Miko said that these were the sexiest maternity cloths she had. Betty was ready. Betty was small too, but not as small as her little Japanese friend. Betty had brought a black vinyl wrap around skirt.

Because it was wrap around it fit a bigger size range of person. It came down to just a couple inches below Betty's pussy and would go to about mid thigh on Miko. She said that they should go to Miko's room and choose a top. Miko said that her tops did not fit now and Betty replied that they would fit even better now.

The top Betty picked out was a bright yellow one that had no buttons and it tied in front across her rib cage. Because Miko had tits now it fit tight and pushed her together so she had cleavage. "That's what you are wearing Miko." Miko put it on and looked in the mirror. "I rook good Betty." "You sure do Miko." They drove for about a half hour and pulled into the parking lot of the club. Horny chick lisey sweet gets wet tight pussy creampied they got to the door Miko's ID was checked to make sure she was 21.

They had seen Betty before and did not ask her. As they were unescorted women they got in free. They went to the big common room and sat at a table. They could see maybe about 20 people there and about 15 of them were men. There was soft rock music and a couple of couples were dancing close. A man about thirty came over to the table and asked Miko to dance.

Miko said that she did not dance. He asked Betty and she said that she was with Miko. A couple other guys also came over and asked if they could buy the two a drink and Miko spoke first saying that she could not drink because she was pregnant. They both left. Soon two more attractive men in their twenties came over and asked if they could buy the girls a drink.

One was a white man about 5'10" and a little overweight. The other was a black man about 6'1" and maybe 180#. They said their names were Pat and Fred. Fred was the black man. Before Miko could say a word Betty said, "Bring us a couple rum and cokes but leave the rum out of Miko's." They left to get the drinks. When they came back Betty had pulled up two more chairs, one beside Miko and one between her and Miko.

The guys came back and Pat sat between Miko and Betty and Fred sat in the other chair. Fred asked Miko to dance and she repeated that she did not know how.

Betty piped up and said that all you have to do is get out there, hold each other and move a little. Fred took Miko's hand and led her to the dance floor. Pat and Betty got up and started to dance. Miko put her arms around Fred's waist and he put his around her neck. Betty could see a large bulge in Fred's pants and in a couple minutes she saw Miko move her hands down and put them on Fred's ass and pull him tight to her.

His cock was now rubbing against Miko's stomach as they swayed back and forth in what passed for Miko as dancing. Miko put her head on Fred's chest and rubbed his ass cheeks with her hands. She was getting into the swing of things. The song ended and Fred pushed her back away from him slightly and Miko looked up at him to see why. As she did Fred leaned down and kissed her while his right hand found its way to her left breast.

They stood there kissing all the time between songs. When the next song started they realized where they were and came back to the table holding hands. Betty and Pat were already there. Betty had been telling Pat about why she had brought Miko here. Pat and Fred went to get more drinks and they talked about what Betty had told Pat. As they sat and talked Fred turned cam girl andi relaxes on bed and shows sexy butt in white panties amateur babe he was beside Miko but was facing her and put his hand on Miko's thigh and started rubbing and working his way up under her skirt.

He took his other hand and started rubbing one of her tits through her blouse. As his hand went under her skirt he was happy to find that Betty hadn't let Miko wear any panties. She spread her legs a little and let him rub her pussy mound. At Betty's suggestion Pat turned the other way towards Miko.

He put his hand on her other thigh and rubbed. Miko looked startled but she tipped her head back and let out a very happy little moan.

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Pat turned her head and kissed her hard just as Fred pushed his long black finger between her pussy lips and found her clit. Miko jumped and moaned louder. This was what she needed.

She turned her head back the other way and Fred gave her a big kiss with some tongue. Pat slipped his hand into her blouse opening and gave her tit a squeeze. All the needs that had been building up inside of Miko for the last couple months came to the surface. Miko screamed "YESSSSS!!!!" and reached her hands down to each man's crotch and squeezed the cock and balls of each of them hard. She was loud enough that others that were in the room stopped the foreplay that they were involved in and looked at Miko.

She didn't notice. Betty stood up and took the three to the orgy room. The orgy room had no furniture just a gym pad wall to wall covered with a replaceable sheet of plastic that was changed every day or more often if needed. Betty took them to the middle of the room and stood face to face with Miko. She reached out and untied her blouse and took it off. She kneeled down and sucked one of Miko's tits pery nipples doxy desires to be screwed her mouth.

Miko said "Betty????" But Betty did not stop and Miko did not stop her. Pat got behind Miko and started kissing her neck and rubbing the other tit that Betty was not busy with.

Fred got behind Betty and bent over the top of her kissing Miko. Betty pulled off Miko's skirt and left her naked. She had already kicked off her shoes at their table. Betty turned around and undid Fred's pants and dropped them to the floor. At the same time Fred removed his shirt.

The myth is not always true. Fred's black cock was not huge. It was an average 6 inches but it was nice and hard and had a nice up curve to it. Betty was thinking how nice it would be to have this curved black cock in her cunt. The curve would probably let it rub on her g-spot.

But tonight was mostly for Miko. Betty put it in her mouth and sucked it deep. Miko had turned around and was undressing Pat.

Betty reached up and pulled them all to the floor. Pat and Fred were sucking Miko's tits. They were hoping to get some baby milk but there was none there yet. Betty had gone through all this and was not even undressed yet.

Just her top was up off of her tits. She got up from between them all pulled her top off and left the room. She found five more guys in the common room that were not with women yet.

She told four of them that Miko really needed a gang fuck and they all headed towards the orgy room. The room was usually open to all at any time but when Betty saw a couple heading to the room to join in she stopped them and asked them not to this time. They said OK. Betty then went to the fifth single man and he, she, and the couple that had been headed for the orgy room headed for a private room. Miko was now in the orgy room alone with six men.

The four new ones were out of their clothes by the time they got to Miko, Fred and Pat. Miko's cocks ranged in size form a little over 4-1/2 inches to a 9-inch monster that was as big around as her wrist. The men ranged in age from early twenties to mid fifties. She was sucking Fred while Pat licked her pussy.

The new men joined in without introductions. Two sucked her tits and the other two put their cocks by her face waiting to be sucked. Hands roamed all over her body. Miko could not believe how wonderful all of this sexual attention felt. Pat brought her to another orgasm and she started yelling out sexual talk like she had never said in her life.

"Oh fuck. Fuck me. Fuck me hard. Split me open. I want to fuck and suck all of you." Then she got a little control and asked everyone in the room in a calmer voice "Please, I redhead chick gets her cunt drilled outdoors to fuck and suck all of your wonderful cocks but I want you all to come in my pregnant pussy.

Fill me up till I can't hold any more. You can't get me pregnant. Anyone who is about to come while I suck them please go to my pussy and fuck your cum into my cunt. I need my cunt full tonight." Then she went back to her wild fucking hard rape xxx ebony story download sucking. They took her doggie style and with her on top and every other way they could think of. Miko was good at deep throat cock sucking and a couple of the guys had a very hard time keeping from shooting their loads down her tight throat but they all did as she asked.

As one would spray his seed into her cunt he would make room for the next one to fuck her deep till he came.

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A couple times someone had to pull out and make room for another hard cock that could not wait any more. As soon as it was pushed into Miko it erupted it's hot sticky load. The guys hardly missed a stroke as they changed from one cock to another. It was like one big hour-long fuck with about twelve loads of cum spaced through the fuck session.

All of the guys were able to take her more than once and a couple managed to come in her three times. Miko was screaming with pleasure and urging the men on. Her orgasms built to the biggest one she had ever had and then just kept coming like one amazing whores are ready for some hardcore orgy action one. Miko was in heaven. Finally everyone wore out and the fucking stopped.

There was cum running out of Miko's pussy like a stream. There was a big puddle on the plastic sheet. Miko bent down and licked at the puddle. Miko went to each man and sucked his cock clean and thanked him. The men left the room and Miko collapsed with her tits in the cum puddle.

Miko was very satisfied and very happy. Soon Betty came and gathered Miko up and helped her to the shower room. Miko walked bow legged and bent over. "Oh yes, I needed that.

I needed that so bad.

Thank you for bringing me Betty." On the way out one of the men stopped them and gave Miko his e-mail address and said that any time she wanted to come to the club she could let him know and he would see that there were many men there for her.

Miko and Betty picked up their things and left. They waved to everyone as they left. They drove back to Miko's house. Betty slept with Miko that night cuddling and gently touching her. Bringing her back to reality. They woke about noon Sunday. Miko was thinking about David. Poor David. Never again would any one man be enough for her. A few weeks later Miko had a healthy baby girl.

She was thinking about how long it would be before she could go back to the club. 906