Papua new guinea upng porn

Papua new guinea upng porn
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Voyeur Girl Watches Her Neighbors * Gene and Janet wanted to write a story about what was happening. The third person, Paula, in this event was still involved with both of them.

They ask me to write it for them. __A teen girl with a voyeur fetish watched the events evolve thru the bushes in their back yard. Her dad was doing a extensive fence repair and had boards missing right at the time the events took place. She moved from place to place to see everything. Her name was Vicky. I got her to tell me what she saw. 'Vicky', was like no other girl I had ever met…… -------- ___Up against the bushes at the back of the pool was a changing room for the pool.

It was full of bathing suits to change into. The long window in the back provided Vicky the watching access to see inside the room. The people in the pool changing room only saw the leaves of the bushes, and not Vicky's voyeur eyes. Gene and Janet got a new neighbor, a hot looking lady. Janet noticed Gene's eyes glued to her every time she appeared in the yard. Janet decided to become friendly with the new neighbor lady to head off Gene if she needed too.

They became great friends right away. Something was different about Paula. Janet couldn't pin point it at first. Paula never wore shorts, but full skirts. She was a very sexy built girl and her demeanor was sultry, sexy and Janet found herself drawn in to Paula's private world. She seemed to know all about men and how to really turn them on sexually.

Janet intently listening to her to use on Gene. They decided to go for a swim. They entered the changing shack. Paula seemed nervous and turned her back to change into one of the many swim suits they had. Meanwhile &hellip.Vicky…the teen voyeur was able to see everything. Vicky was at that age when seeing adult women naked gave her a little buzz. To see full size tits and pubic hair on an adult woman was hot to see live. Her eyes were going all over between them to see their private parts.

She looked at Paula and blinked. Paula quickly changed but Vicky saw the biggest clit she'd ever seen on her. It was so fast she wasn't sure what she saw. She wanted to see it again. Paula got in the pool and Janet was now&hellip. for the first time in her life, getting aroused by Paula. Paula somehow knew it and came closer to talk.

She started giving Janet a neck rub. Janet felt very turned on and a moan slipped out. Paula's hands knew just where to massage and she kept going. Now she was doing her back and hips. Janet closed her eyes and let Paula do the underwater massaging. Janet wasn't shy and she began to massage Paula. Their bodies from the neck down were underwater. They both just let it happen and emo teen getting her cunt dildo fucked hard tits were being felt.

Soon Paula had her hand down into Janet's swimsuit bottoms. She began to feel Janet's pubic hair. Paula's finger found it's way down Janet's slit and in her pussy. Janet was turned on by a woman for the first time and she was loving it. Now she couldn't wait to feel in Paula's bottom suit and do some mutual fingering.

Paula paused and whispered: ("I have a really big clit and I'm different. I think you like it.") Now Janet was really turned on and wanted to feel Paula's big clit. She eased her hand down in Paula's suit and felt a huge clit.

Wait…it feels like a small cock. Once she got her hand on it, it began to grow faster and bigger. It was now a cock and not a clit. She felt under it and …no pussy on Paula. She'd seen a few pictures of 'chicks with dicks' but nice looking brazilian rouge cant live without sex hardcore blowjob she had her hand on one, and&hellip.liked it.

She immediately thought about sex and how Paula could have sex with a woman. She thought about seeing a porn video of a woman with a cock fucking another woman. That thought sent waves of heat thru her body and in her pussy. She was surprised as she had never felt this way before.

Now she was stroking Paula's big cock. Paula was getting so turned on she was panting as they went completely under the water. An underwater 69 was a real turn on. She sucked on Paula's cock, then came up or air, then down again for more. Paula licked her pussy the same way. It was a thrill for both of them as they felt each other up and down. Vicky couldn't see much, except they were staying really close to each other. Their tits were touching and rubbing together.

She did see their heads go under water more and more. She wondered it they were eating each others pussy's, and giggled to herself. Paula was the only one eating a pussy as Janet was giving Paula, her first underwater blow job. Paula fingered Janet as she sucked her clit. They both would come up for air and then right back down for more licking and sucking. This was making Vicky all aroused and she got wet watching them do something she could only imagine. They got out of the pool. Vicky was watching and gasp.

Paula was trying to cover her big cock&hellip. as Janet quickly handed her a towel. Vicky was stunned and watch them go in the changing shack. Vicky quietly moved to see them thru the window.

They closed the door and instantly laid on the bench 69. Janet began to suck Paula's cock as Paula licked Janet's pussy. Vicky heard them both moan as they played. Soon Paula shot cum in Janet's mouth. They moaned and squirmed, all for Vicky to see.

Vicky went home quietly, all hot and aroused with a wet pussy.

Janet and Paula went in the house. Paula left for her house as it was time for Gene to come home. Later that evening Paula came over to chat with Janet. Gene eyeballed her real good. Janet giggled to herself and thought: ('if you only knew.') Paula smiled an adjusted her full skirt which 'hid' her 'different' private parts.

Paula had another secret surprise for Gene, that even Janet didn't know about&hellip.yet. Paula got turned on by men and women&hellip.but only the women would cause her to get a erection.

The next day Janet went over to Paula's house. They got in her bed naked and went for a full hot 69. Paula flooded Janet's mouth with cum. Paula got a face full of pussy juice as Janet gushed for the first time. After they showered, Paula showed Janet her top secret thing she could do. Her dick was now small and completely soft.

She started pushing it slowly inside her. Now the outside of her 'cock' was the inside walls of a vagina. She took Janet's finger and put it in her now&hellip. pussy.

To say Janet was in shock would be a big understatement. She fingered Paula as Paula began to moan. Paula smiled and said: "Do you think Gene will like it?". Gene?, Janet thought…then she realized what that meant. Gene and Janet could 'both' have sex with Paula. She thought to herself…('.a dream threesome'.) She thought of all the combinations they could have.

Janet would have two cocks to suck on, two cocks to have sex with, tits to feel and a pussy to lick. "Oh my yes, I know…Gene will go for this." she replied. That night Gene and Janet got in bed. Janet snuggled up to him and started to talk about Paula. Gene listened intently as she explained about Paula. Gene was very interested in all this and then Janet suggest maybe a threesome with her.

Gene smiled big and went for it in a big way. She set it up for the next night. Meanwhile&hellip.little miss Vicky was doing her usual snooping voyeur thing and could slip between the missing boards and now could see in their bedroom window in the side bushes. She saw Paula enter their house thru the back door.

She quietly watched. They all got naked and put Paula between them. First Paula showed Gene her pussy. He got a big boner as this was redneck got his dick creamed and sucked first threesome.

It was the same with Janet. Janet had Gene feel it and finger it in Paula's full bush. She watched excitedly. Gene was hot with lust for Paula as his girlfriend Janet watched with full approval. Gene started in feeling both women as he had two women to fuck now. They in turn played with his cock and the sex fest was on. Gene was so into this he forgot about Paula's hidden cock. He climbed aboard Paula and they began to fuck.

Janet played with both of them as things got real hot. Gene fucked Paula hard and hot as he shot a big load of cum in her. Paula felt it and twitched with a great climax. Now Gene watched Paula's transformation. Paula started feeling Janet's tits first, as she got her female arousal the tip of her cock came out. Janet began to rub it. It grew and got longer and bigger as a fascinated Gene watched. (Vicky was watching outside in oyeloca latina babe christina aragon hardcore sex bushes also, fingering herself.) Janet started jacking on it and soon started sucking on it.

Janet was very aroused and started moving up to put Paula's cock in her pussy. Gene wanted in on this and got on Janet's back. He started putting his cock in Janet's pussy from behind. They were all three fucking each other now… --------------------------------- I stopped writing the story. I wanted to talk to Vicky face to face to get her input&hellip.and because she intrigued me. I knew she had watched this and wanted her reaction to it.

She was so damn cute and sexy and I wanted to find out why she had this voyeur obsession. I found myself getting turned on by Vicky. We had only talked thru the bushes. I saw glimpses of her and she was very hot looking.

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I arranged a night meeting. There was a place where she could sneak thru the bushes and we'd meet in the changing room. I told Janet I was having a private meeting with Vicky out back. She saw the look I had and grinned. The memories of her own youth came flooding back. Her smiling eyes glazed over with thought. " Oh my, you like them young& won't be disturbed, …have fun." and gave my cock a big squeeze.

I sat on the bench and waited. Slowly Vicky snuck in and sat by me. "They are all fucking tonight again, I just saw them in their window." she whispered. "Watching them makes me so hot, I wish I could&hellip." I saw her slightly rubbing herself between her legs. She got up and straddled my lap.

"Does writing about me make you horny?" she asked. I said: "Vicky, you're the whole story. Your watching makes me want to hear you tell me about your watching in person.

"You like me don't you." she said. I said I 'more' than like you Vicky, you make me very turned on. She put her arms around my neck. "Can we kiss then?" she asked. She was young and had not had any experience with sex.

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We kissed slow and hot as her tits began to rise up and down on my chest. She was feeling the loss of breath and put my hand on her tits. "You can feel me if you want&hellip.have you ever fingered a girl?" I put a hand inside her small shorts in the back to feel her ass.

She gasp and said: "I've never had a guy finger me before. My girlfriends tell me it's really hot." She reached down and lowered her shorts some. She took my hand and slowly put it inside her shorts and on her pussy.

"Just rub my slit please, I won't tell anyone." she said. I proceeded to fulfill her wish. I laid us down and felt her slit sabse bade boobs wali sexy story clit.

"…right there!" was all she said. I felt her pussy move with my finger movements. She took a big breath and her tongue began to feel for mine. I had never messed with a girl this young since I was young. She would stop and look down to watch my finger go in and out of her pussy. She loved to watch. She quickly spotted the big bulge in my pants.

"Can I feel you too?…can I put my hand in your pants?" she asked. I told her she could feel anything she wanted to.

She unzipped my fly and watch as I helped her get out my cock. She slowly began to touch it. "Oh daddy, you feel so good." Daddy?&hellip.I wasn't her daddy but I was a fill in for now I guessed. She told me later she was unplanned and her parents didn't even like each other now. She was ignored and left to go her own way.

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I let her play with my cock and watch it. "Can I kiss it daddy?" I just smiled as she went for it. I had her turn to 69 as she began to enjoy my cock. I was now going to be the first guy to lick her pussy. I lifted her one leg and felt her sweet little ass She twitched as my tongue went in her slit. She moaned as she started licking my cock. Her pussy started moving on my tongue, rubbing her clit on it.

I soon felt her lips go over the head of my cock. She began to jack and suck a cock for the first time. Night after night I met with Vicky. She was the hottest girl I had ever messed with. "Cum daddy, I want to watch it shoot out and in my mouth too." I didn't know a girl her age could be this erotic and horny both.

---- I finished the story. I let Janet and Paula read it. They came over all horny and snuggled up to me. Janet said: "Have you ever had a 3some?" Paula said: non stop sex scene with lesbian attractive babes left out the part about you and Vicky. You wanna tell us all about it?" I smiled and shook my head 'no'.

I have to go now and 'take care' of someone. They attack me and started feeling me up. "What her name? Does she live behind us? I her name 'Vicky'?" they asked as they giggled. I managed to escape their cock grabbing and went out the back door. I met again with Vicky. She was her usual hot self. She lay on top of me and said: "Will you be my daddy?" I smiled and said I'd be her pretend daddy forever.

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"You see, I already have a daughter." She smiled and said: "Oh&hellip.what's her name?" I said: "Janet." * Vicky and I still meet in the changing house. Janet and Paula come in sometimes and join in with us&hellip. …and I'm way behind on all the stories I want to write. Vicky tries to help me write, but I can't write with her naked and sitting on my…gulp… Lap…&hellip.