Beautiful hottie plays with dildos softcore amateur

Beautiful hottie plays with dildos softcore amateur
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To my surprise, Rod began to slip his pants off. My heart started to race uncontrollably. He started to take his underwear off when he stopped and looked at me. "Ken, I need to jack-off.

Please go downstairs." "Come on man, we are best friends, just do it in front of me. I don't mind." I replied. "Yeah, well, I mind, just go downstairs. I'm not like you." "Yes, I know, but dude, if you only would try.

You would see that its not that bad. Just.take your pants off and start doing what you would normally do. I will do the same to, but if you don't want me to look at you, I won't.

Now come on." As I was talking, I could see in his eyes he was going to give in to me.

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He started to ease the rest of his underwear off while looking at me dead in the eyes. He stood up and his underwear hit the floor. I looked up and seen his hairless cock standing up, almost looking at me.

I did not speak a word; nor could I think. I started to put my hand in my pants to massage my throbbing cock as I admired his prick. There we were, two friends sitting next to each other on the bed with our cocks out for the world to see. My wildest dream was finally coming true. "OK, lets do it." I said Rod nodded and grasped his prick in hannah west morning sex wake up call hand. I stood there in awe.

He had a small cock for his age, maybe 4 inches, but it was cute. He started to jerk while he was watching the porn. He stroked faster and faster. I began to do the same. As we both laid next to each other jerking off, I decided to put my leg onto his. He did not seem to mind, not even flinching. We were stroking our cocks now at a vigorous rate of speed. I was going to cum soon, hoping Rod would to at the same time.

"Err.Ugh.I'm going to cum!

Shit, Im cumming! AHHHHH!" Screamed Rod. "Hold on, I am to, Oh, Yes! Im cumming, fuck! Cum, Cum all over yourself!" I replied, panting. I looked over only to see Rod shooting a stream of cum strait into the air. That set me off. I began to cum with the same intensity as Rod. It was the most intense orgasm I ever had. Both of our loads landed on our thighs and stomach. We sit here, trying to catch our breath.

I looked over at him and smiled. He returned the favor. "Holy shit, that was amazing. That was the best orgasm I ever had." Rod said to me. "I know, same here. But see, that was not so bad was it?" I replied. He sighed. Our dicks were now limp, and we needed to clean the cum off of ourselves.

We stood up and walked to the stairs and quietly walked down; Rod in front of me. I saw the cum running down his leg. I tried with all my might not to try to lick it off. We got some paper towels and went back upstairs. We sat down on the bed and wiped the cum off of our legs.

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I seen a bit of cum on his balls, so I bravely reached over and wiped it off. He did not say a word. We got dressed and decided to go bed. We both laid down on the bed and snugged our pillows. We slept soundly through the night. I would dream of this night for the rest of my life.

But, I knew we would do this again soon enough. I could not wait. I lay in Rod's bed thinking about the events that just took place. I looked over and seen Rod in a deep sleep. He was on top of the covers, sleeping on his back. He was wearing the same sweats that he had been wearing earlier in the day. I rolled over and slowly and laid my hand on his stomach. I raised his shirt up slightly.

I shook. My hand laid a rest on his baby fat tummy, rubbing his silky smooth skin.

I slowly ran my hand down south trying not to wake him up. I finally got the nerve I needed; almost out of nowhere. I put my hand down his pants and laid my had on his dick and balls. Rod squirmed. With my other hand, I took my cock out of my pants and began massaging it. Rod's dick got hard almost immediately after I rubbed the head of his cock. Before I knew it, I was jacking off Rod; My best friend for years. Just the pure thought of what I was doing made me want to cum right that second.

Rod's soft cock felt like heaven amazing babe having hot group sex smalltits hardcore. It was more than I ever expected it to be. I flopped his package outside the sweats and laid them to rest on the sweats. In the midst of pleasuring Rod, I forgot about myself. I started to jack off while jacking Rod off. The excitement of what I was doing made my arm twitch.

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Rod opened his eyes. "I-I-I'm sorry.Please don't flip out. I could not help myself." I said, almost crying. "Shh.It's OK.Keep going." ~~Chapter 3 Coming very soon. Rate this story and tell me what you think!~~ Love, Beastken4