Alexa nova getting pounded by massive meaty dick

Alexa nova getting pounded by massive meaty dick
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It's quite a bit of introduction, but i wanted it to be a real story so be patient. I "Finally going then!" was the First thing Max said as we entered the bus.

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We'd planned this trip for months and were all pumping with adrenaline that we were finally going. "We" is a group of 3 boys going on a surf-trip to southern coastal France. We were all surfers and had been surfing in south-west point England.

England had pretty nice waves, but they were nothing compared to the ones in France. So naturally we went and planned a trip there. Now I'm not from England myself, I actually come from Holland but my parents moved to England when I was only 4 years old. So, to introduce the group I'll start with Max.

Max had been my best friend ever since I set foot in England. He was only little over a year older than me.

He'd shown me around school and taught me most of my English. Without him I wouldn't even know half of all the people I know now. Then there's Jim had been my friend and partner in crime since kindergarten. We'd been arrested for breaking and entering at school after hours a couple of times when we wanted to "redecorate".

Together the three of us had been friends for a very long time now and had been involved in most of the important times in our lives. Now the fact that we were with 3 posed a problem as we entered the bus. Due to, for lack of better terms, faith. I was seated alone just in front of Max and Jim. Not that I complained, I had plenty to do as the trip went on.

I'd thought the seat next to me would be filled shortly but it remained empty. That is until we made a stop in Calais to pick up other passengers. It was when she came up the stairs of the double-decked bus that I caught her eye. The most beautiful bright blue eyes in the world. She caught my extremely underperforming brownish green eyes and smiled.

She walked my way and I hurried to clear the seat I'd placed all my stuff johnny sins massages jynx maze perfect body full storys. She put her bag up over our heads.

In doing this she lifted her summer dress up exposing her beautifully tanned round thighs accented by a white bikini bottom. I couldn't help looking, but averted my eyes just in time for her not to notice that I was. She sat down and smiled a dazzling "bonjour!" at me. I replied a clumsy "bonjour" back at her and she smiled again. Then she babbled something in rapid French and I just stared and uhh'd. I couldn't understand what she was saying!

She must've seen that I didn't, and then tried a little English. "'ow ar you?" It sounded so cute I couldn't stop a little smile creeping across my face.

She threw me another dazzling smile and immediately made me feel guilty for thinking this to be funny. "I'm fine thank you. And how are you?" "Great! I am. as you say uhm. exité!?" She didn't say, as more of ask it. "Excited? Yeah me my son sick vz mom sky name is Dominique." She held out her hand. "Doug." I told her shaking her outstretched hand. "Doog? My god! I never realized ow ard it is for French girl to say English names!" I too, was surprised that the stereotyped French accent was actually sort of true.

But forgot about that and just noticed how cute it was the way she pronounced Doug. I briefly introduced Max and Jim who had been talking to two guys in the seats next to them, discussing things I could only guess at. But they must've involved some mysteriously unmentioned little plant my friends and I had become acquainted with on a few trips to my family in Amsterdam.

So Dominique and I quickly continued our conversation. After a while it became more of a French, English mix with me trying to express myself in French and her struggling with English. Her accent enchanted me and I kept smiling all the time she talked. She was 20 years old and came from Normandy. I myself was 18 and felt even more bedazzled that this girl was talking to me. I also found out she was a surfer herself, and was staying in a bungalow near the campsite we were staying.

Plans were made that involved us coming over to her bungalow. Where she, to Max' and Jim's delight, stayed with 4 other friends. The reason it was a delight was because they were all surfer girls too.

During our talk I just looked at her face and occasionally at her body and she was doing the same with me. She was just gorgeous; she had light brown sun blonded, almost straight hair reaching to the middle of her back. Bright blue eyes, almost as blue as the sea in those advertisement pictures for tropical holidays. She was only about an inch shorter than me and had, to my standards, the most stunning body on earth. She was, as most beach girls, athletically built and tanned.

I was not even to be compared to whatever standards she might have. Shaven dark hair, about a millimeter long, covered by a fitted cap. Painfully average brownish eyes and definitely not as handsome as my friends. My body was trimmed and slightly muscular but heavily scarred and bruised by rugby matches, and some bar fights I tend to get involved in. I felt slightly uncomfortable being in the presence of this beautiful creature speaking with a musical sounding voice.

We'd talked for a long time and it was getting darker outside. Not only that but it was getting colder in the bus. She reached up above our heads and pulled a blanket from her bag. I scooted over to make some more room for her to get comfortable but she sat down close to me and threw the blanket over the both of us.

She pulled up her legs and leant up against me. Then she casually talked on as if nothing had happened. But I heard the conversation of Jim and Max fall silent for a second and as I looked at them they were both grinning at me with only too familiar looks. As both conversations picked up again Dominique's hand briefly touched mine.

I left my hand where it was and just kept talking thinking it happened as she moved. But then her fingers curled around mine and we were just barely holding hands underneath the blanket. Acting as if this wasn't even happening, we stayed like this blak cock new 2019 beeg xnxxcom until the next rest stop at a gas station.

Where Max and Jim left the bus to get some food and drinks. I was hoping with all my heart that they weren't going to ask me if I'd come, for I didn't know if I could return to this miniature embrace with Dominique. Like they read my mind all they said was, "we'll bring you back something nice." II This left me and Dominique alone in the top half of the bus.

At first we kept talking, and then all the lights in the bus went off as the driver turned off the engine. Falling silent in the darkness she moved closer to me. Then she continued her talk in French and none of it actually made sense she was more concentrated on making eye contact with me. She moved closer a little with every word she said.

I said some unconnected sentences myself, moving towards her all the same. Before either of us knew what we were going to do, our heads were so close together that I could smell her cherry lip-gloss lingering just underneath my nose. Then in one magical, smooth move our lips locked and I closed my eyes.

It was electrifying! Adrenaline surging through my body and my head spinning. It lasted only too briefly as she pulled back her head looking me straight in the eyes as she said "you know why…" she took a pause and a deep breath. "People call it." another deep breath. Moving closer to my face again, her breath fluttering on my lips "French kissing?…" and after those words she immediately lunged forwards and she kissed me again.

This time she didn't just put her lips on mine. She parted her lips and slowly drove her tongue into my partly opened mouth. I'd made out with a couple of girls back in England. But she was right, they were nothing compared to the furious passion of this wildly exotic, beautiful, in one word, perfect girl.

Who was driving me crazy as she kissed me. She ended the one long kiss with a series of small, soft, sensual kisses. I was falling in love with this strange French girl I'd only known for a little over 12 hours. During the kiss, our hands had locked more firmly and our fingers intertwined.

She looked at me and said "I really like you…" I couldn't really reply that with anything sensible so I just gave her a soft kiss on the lips. She smiled and then laid her head upon my shoulder taking deep breaths and closing her eyes. I took this as a sign that she was tired and wanted to sleep. I couldn't agree more myself, I'd been beaten by the long bus trip and wanted nothing more than to drift off to sleep.

As her breathing became more rhythmic and shallow, I saw Max and Jim walking back up to the bus. They came up the stairs and I knew Dominique was asleep so I shushed them and pointed at Dominique. They threw me understanding smiles and sat down behind me. "You got yourself a pretty nice girlfriend there mate." Whispered Max. Jim crept up from behind the other chair and said: "I hope she got nice girlfriends herself too. Otherwise Max and I 're gonna be stuck watching you two get on with it." "Don't be alarmed my friend!" I replied "She got herself a nice little bungalow on the beach and we're invited to come over.

And from what I understand she'll be staying there with a group of other female surf contestants." Max' and Jim's faces spoke for them. They were not at all unhappy at the news, and were thanking god for Dominique to have been placed on the seat beside me. III I drifted off to sleep after a while myself. And woke up the following morning to Dominique's chatter with Max and Jim and the two other guys in the seats next to them.

"Bonjour chéri!" she said happily and kissed me good morning. An action that was followed by a lot of whistling and hooting from the four guys behind us.

"Swell morning mate! You've slept like a baby haven't ya?" I smiled at the charming morning greeting of my best friend, and merely yawned as a response. "Meet our new friends!" he said pointing to the two still unknown guys. "This is O.J" gesturing to the boy sitting at the window. It was an African American man of, I guess, around 19 years old.

"And this is Marck." Max told me when he introduced the other guy. Marck was a fairly tall, and to what Dominique kept telling me, rather handsome young man. He had short dark hair, and looked like he was Spanish. "Marck and O.J are from Holland." Max told me, and I looked surprised. Although I'd been living in England for 14 years now, my parents raised me bilingual and I still spoke oily sexy sex wih sexy oriental lingerie and japanese reasonable Dutch.

So I greeted them in Dutch and picked up conversation pretty quick. They came from Amsterdam and were on this trip together. Both had never surfed before. But they were Skate-/snow-/long-/skim-/kite-/wake boarders, and decided they'd have a go at surfing as well. We talked a little more and then we reached our final destination.

As we got off the bus, Dominique and I fell a little silent. As we knew that we'd be parted soon. All safely outside and checking out where we'd stranded. Dominique suddenly ran off to a small group of very pretty girls. "Those the girlfriends you told us about?" said max. "Suppose so." "My god man! You've picked the wrong girl!" And as I looked at the group I started to understand what he was saying.

I thought Dominique was the most beautiful girl in the world, but these girls made me seriously doubt my one girl three boys xxxx. Dominique came running back with her friends and introduced the whole group. It was a fairly multinational group.

The first girl, Maria, was a Latina. She wore a short summer dress that barely concealed her body. Which was not unpleasant to look at. Unlike Dominique, she had deep brown eyes, that made her look mysterious.

She had a fierce, typical Spanish look over her, but still remained sympathetic. Next was Jacky, an Australian girl that was more cute than pretty. She had a girlish look and a fairly young looking face. Her rosy cheeks were covered in freckles and her big green eyes were gleaming. And there was all American girl Samantha (Sam). Who came from California, she introduced herself and enthusiastically jumped around greeting all of us. She was wearing sunglasses so I couldn't tell who she was looking at, but my suspicions were that she had fixed them upon Jake.

Johanna, the last girl, came from Sweden. She was a little taller than Dominique but still didn't reach up to my length. She had straight, light blonde hair, that reached all the way down to her lower back. Her eyes were nearly as blue as Dominique's but bigger and, if possible, even more sparkling.

She was definitely the prettiest girl of them all. And somehow she'd remained quiet all through Dominique's introduction, and didn't for a moment take her eyes off of max.

Dominique told her friends in a whining voice that she wanted to stay with me so bad. And joked that maybe they could all stay at the campsite. "Well, why don't they come stay with us!" a shocked but interested silence fell. One of those silences where everybody thinks it's a ridiculous idea at first, but then considers the possibilities. Then Maria broke the silence again "They can probably get their money back from the travel agency.

I bet they don't even care." Another thoughtful silence. "But we only have one spare bedroom." Complained Jacky. "Oh but we don't mind sleeping on couches and floors you know.

Campsite's probably not any better than that." "Or we could all share beds." It was the first thing Johanna had said all the time. Everyone looked a little surprised that she said it. "Well think about it. We've got five girls, and five boys. Share the love right?" she said, still not looking away from Max.

He blushed at her gaze and sort of nervously replied "Well, I think she's right!" and followed his statement more confident "I don't really fancy sleeping on a floor nor in a tent. So why don't we all just… 'Share a little love'." The entire group muttered in agreement and Dominique sprung into my arms and held me tight. Then she whispered in my ear "I'm not going to let you go." And I never for a moment doubted the truth she spoke that moment. IV So we all picked up our bags and headed for the small bungalow that lay just a few hundred meters from where we stood.

As we arrived, we noticed that the four other girls had already been there for a few days and that each of them had picked a room.

There were two rooms left, one for me and Dominique and one spare. Although I knew where my things were going, I still put my bag in the middle of the room careful not to pick a certain room so that it wasn't all to obvious that I'd be sleeping with Dominique.

The other guys followed my lead and put their bags in the centre of the living room not knowing where their things would go. The bungalow itself was something pretty amazing, more of a villa actually. It was a giant semicircle with the flat side facing the beach with an attached terrace. It had six bedrooms, all similarly decorated. They had one window and a king-sized bed each. They all had doors to the large kitchen/living room, that had a nice seaside view and a wall that consisted solely of windows.

There was one door inside the bungalow that none of the guys knew where it led. What we all did see, was that there was a Jacuzzi out on the terrace. And I knew where I'd be spending most of my time the moment I saw it. After we all had a drink and sat down around the house, a weird sort of game started. Girls were talking to guys and switching partners until suddenly Johanna took Max' bag and took it to her room. Max knew he was settled when he saw it.

And I took this as a signal that I could take my bag to Dominique's room. Another 15 minutes passed and Sam then took O.J's bag to her room. Things were now getting exciting, who would be picked last and who would be sleeping with whom.

Until finally, Jacky and Maria both got up at the same time and each took a bag in to their rooms. Jacky took Jim's. That meant that Marck would be sleeping with Maria, which I thought was only natural considering that both Marck and Maria were somewhat Spanish. Now that everyone had a partner, the switching subsided and pairs started drifting off to private places getting to know each other. Maria and Marck took to the kitchen where they started to create lovely smells with their cooking.

Johanna didn't waste time and pulled Max straight to the bedroom where it became suspiciously quiet after about 5 minutes. O.J and Sam retired into the room that turned out to be a sauna. Jacky and Jim stayed in the living room seated very closely together talking in both their own funny sounding dialect, Jacky Australian and Jim flat English. So Dominique and I decided to take our little alone time in the Jacuzzi out on the terrace.

I didn't even bother changing and just went in wearing nothing but my boxers. Dominique had been wearing a bikini all the time. When we were both in the hot bubbling water, she pressed herself up against me and kissed me while doing that she reached behind me to push a button and then moved to the other side. At first nothing happened, but then foam appeared everywhere and we were surrounded by white flakey soap.

I couldn't see what was happening underwater but I felt her hands closing around my waist sliding up and down while she moved towards me again pressing against me once more. Her lips found mine and she kissed me again like she had done in the bus. My hands were moving absent mindedly over her body. One up, one down. Until I found a string hanging loose near her back in the water. I pulled it, playfully teasing her that I'd open her bikini top.

She didn't stop kissing me although I noticed that her breath stopped when I pulled the string. I released the little piece of cloth and returned to stroking her back. Then she pulled away and sat on top of me. She put lay back and enjoy the handjob massage hands behind her back, and did something I had only fantasized about in my wildest dreams. She removed her top and threw it out on the terrace.

I only had a second to admire her uncovered top because she pressed her semi-naked body back up against my chest and returned to kissing me with even more passion than she had done a few moments before. With my head fogged up once again and unable to think straight. I just gave in to her every will. It's funny how fast women get you to do what they want and you can't even put up the tiniest little fight.

Although I didn't really sexy babe sells out her body for few dollars what I was doing, I was in heaven! This beautiful girl was right there on top of me, and wanted to be with me. After a while, I got my head clear and started moving my hands over her body again. She threw her arms around my neck and held me tight.

I couldn't resist toying with the only piece of clothing left on her body. As I moved my fingers into the tiny bikini bottom I pulled away from her mouth and started kissing her neck and biting at her earlobe. Her breathing quickened as I did so and her hands moved down under water. First to my hips, and then to her own putting her legs together and removed that last thing that was concealing her gorgeous body. Then she moved back to my hips again and started pulling at my boxers. I lifted up a little and she pulled them down and off my legs.

Only when they were off, I realized that they had become very tight. Our little escapade had me standing on high attention for quite a while. At first, Dominique just looked at me and said nothing. Our breathing became more relaxed and I knew what was coming. When Dominique came near me and grabbed hold of me. I could hear every nerve in my body scream to touch and feel her, and become overwhelmed by whatever treasure lay waiting for me. It was as if choirs had gathered around our little bathtub and started singing.

Like angels had come down from heaven. Like a heavenly light was shining on the pair of us. Nothing could destroy the beauty of the moment and I wanted what was coming to last forever. But then we were rudely interrupted by the arrival of Maria. Who told us dinner was ready. Both of us shone bright red. "Aaaah.

I've been interrupting something haven't I" said Maria grinning. "Well if the both of you get at least one piece of clothing back on, we can eat something." Then she turned and walked away.

At dinner, you could see what everyone had been doing. Some of them tried to hide it. Like O.J and Sam, but they'd forgotten that hickeys show. Even just beneath your bellybutton. And then there was Johanna and Max who didn't try to hide anything. Johanna's hair was all fuzzy and looked distorted. Max was a little harder to tell. But those who know him a little, can see that he'd been putting up quite the performance by the look on his face.

Plus he had a pair of very clearly showing teeth marks on his shoulder. Marck and Maria had just been cooking. And all you could tell from Jim was that his lips had a color that resembled Jacky's lipstick a little too much. Everybody knew what had been going on but no one showed. After dinner most of the group sat out on the beach, where a little campfire had been set up.

Only Johanna and Maria stayed in to have a shower and then get to the sauna. Someone brought a guitar and those who played took turns in entertaining the rest. A bottle of something that looked like water but tasted like everything but water passed around. And after a few hours the songs became less sophisticated, talk subsided into lullabies, and people started falling asleep in each other's arms.

I did not know the time but the sun had gone for quite a while now and I still felt a little dozy from the bus myself. My thoughts started drifting and my eyes fell shut. V I woke up at about 3 o'clock at night looking straight into the eyes of my bed partner. Greeting came in the form of that same bed partner rolling me onto my back and kissing a way across my body, suggestively pulling at my shorts. I was now fully awake and the choirs and the angels and the heavenly light came pouring in to the room again.

The cover was still up to my torso so I could only feel what she was doing to me. But whatever it was it made me feel tingly and anxious for what was coming.

Her kisses came closer to my lower belly and she didn't stop for a second. She continued pulling at my boxers. I lifted my hips a little and she slid them off. She got up to her knees sitting on all fours so to speak. And then I felt a heavenly sensation run through my body starting at my groin.

She'd taken my dick into her mouth and sucked at it like a Popsicle. She bobbed her head up and down, taking the rod in her mouth on every way in. I looked at her lifted ass and saw how gorgeous it looked this way.

I couldn't resist tasting her and making her feel as good as I was. I pulled at her leg positioning her pussy over my face. The sweetest smell I could imagine entered my nostrils and I just had to taste where it came from. I started kissing her inner thighs teasingly and an approving groan came from underneath the blankets.

It was not until then that I noticed that she was only wearing a shirt. Nothing else. And I saw the small drops of moisture form around her clean shaven pussy lips. I kissed more passionately at her sensitive area and licked my way across it right up to her treasure. I kissed, licked and lapped at every part of her vagina making sure that I covered every single bit. She moaned harder as I worked my tongue on her pussy.

Then I focused my attention to her clit. Groans and moans came in various tones and intensities from frist time sex young girl old man puusy blood the blanket.

I judged what felt good on their loudness or length and then I got to a point where it all just became one big long moan. Then everything happened at once. Her body tensed and contracted, her back arched and she moaned her hardest. At the same time I felt all the tension that had built up inside me, leave me in one big long climax. I just kept coming and she swallowed all of it. After I'd done coming and her body relaxed a little she turned around and kissed her way back up my chest and laid her head on it.

We both fell asleep again feeling extremely content. We woke up again in the morning. "Hello again." I said and smiled at her "I hope I wake up like that every morning." "Like that and many other ways as well." She said while walking her fingers up my chest. "I don't think I'll ever get bored with you." Which was exactly how I felt about her. We were both still naked and she slid her hand down and grabbed hold of my penis. "You think you can go another round?" The answer came jumping up in her hand.

Then she bit her lip looking down. I threw the blankets off the bed exposing the both of us as we lay naked on the bed. She tried to climb on top of me, but I took hold of her and threw her on her back. I sat back a little and started a line of little kisses just above her pussy until I reached her boobs.

I finally got to inspect them closely and really liked the sight. They weren't mega-sized, but more than enough to fill your hand. They fitted her body perfectly.

I sucked at her nipple. It grew rock hard between my lips and I bit it softly. She grunted pressing my head to her breast. I bit a little harder, and she responded by pressing my head just a little harder to her breast. Then I sat up a little straighter between her legs, and positioned the head of my cock at the entrance of her vagina. She grabbed my hips with her thighs and drove me in just a little.

I held back teasing her. I leant forward and kissed her on the lips. She whispered something French in my ear through her teeth that sounded begging. I took it that she wanted me to enter her. So I did. She was incredibly tight and she clamped my cock with her pussy.

Hot big tits bbw lesbians tube porn started pumping in and out bent forward, placing my head next to hers on the pillow and her hands grasped my back.

I sped up, she moaned like crazy and dug her fingernails in to my back and drew a path scratching me like a cat. Then I found out how max got the bite marks on his shoulder. As she came hard, she bit my shoulder with a forced little scream and all her muscles tensed and flexed. Her entire body started shaking and then blond girls lips print on wazoo tube porn fell still on the bed.

I lay down on top of her. I hadn't come yet, but I didn't feel the need to. Somehow this made her crazy and she pushed me off of her and pressed me down on my back she sat down on my chest and immobilized my arms. I couldn't do anything but stare up her body at her face.

She smiled at me and looked like she was going to do something naughty. Then she took her legs of my arms and scooted backwards until her ass touched the head of my dick. It was all slick with female juices, so she backed up a little further. Then it started to occur to me what she was planning to do and a very broad smile came across my face.

I didn't put up any sort of fight or argument, nor did I cooperate. I let her do what she wanted to me. She kept backing up and I felt my cock being pushed against her asshole. She Oh'ed a little as it pressed on and I wondered if it would even fit.

But then she relaxed and the top part of my cock entered her incredibly tight asshole. She kept pressing back and my shaft drove in deeper and deeper, until it was buried hilt deep in her ass. She sat up straight and slowly moved up and down. It felt so good, my head spun and I completely lost control. Her slow movement started to work up into bouncing and she went faster and faster, bringing me very close to climax.

She drove on and then I exploded and all semen left in my balls surged deep into her ass. It just kept coming and still she didn't stop, she'd dropped her hand to her clit and rubbed it like crazy. Then she came hard again! She arched her back throwing her hair back. Then she collapsed on top of me and took in deep breaths of air.

After a few moments she started softly kissing my neck and biting my ear as she whispered "Je t'aime" and before I knew it, it was out.

"I love you too" VI Dominique put on panties and one of my T-shirts that was way too big for her and walked out into the living room.

So I jumped into a board short and followed her. I saw that we were either big tits sub tied up in mechanic garage only ones awake or the rest had left the bungalow. But a silenced scream from Max' and Johanna's room gave their presence away.

Dominique walked up to the kitchen and started making a sandwich. I realized I was pretty hungry myself and followed her lead. As we sat down at the kitchen counter, O.J came out greeting us with a very happy "good morning!" "I'm taking a shower!" Dominique announced. "You coming?" O.J looked up and smiled broadly at me. "Yeah sure. But you think we could go for a swim in the ocean before we do that?" she nodded and went off to go change in our bedroom.

"So you've been getting it off haven't you?" O.J asked still smiling. Then Dominique came back out. She looked absolutely amazing!

She was wearing a hot pink, strapless bikini. Her breasts were barely concealed by the top. She twirled and smiled at me saying "you like?" And how! I loved it and I told her so. She smiled confidently and winked at O.J who just stood there gazing, his mouth open a little. "Come! I want to go swim now." She took my hand and pulled me with her. She threw open the door and started running towards the sea.

I delicious katrina pleasures a massive meat pole interracial and pornstars in full sprint amazed by her speed.

She didn't stop and ran straight into the ocean. I dove in the middle of an upcoming wave, and felt the cool water flow over my body. I surfaced again and looked for Dominique. But I didn't see her anywhere. Waves came over me in a steady rhythm. And then Dominique came up from underneath the waves and threw her arms around my neck pressing her wet body against mine.

And I fell backwards into the waves we made out under water until we lost our breath and then came up again. We were up to our waist in the water.

Dominique took a few very deep breaths and then suddenly plunged back under water pulling down my shorts. Before I really knew what had happened she had taken my dick in her mouth and was giving me an underwater blowjob. It was amazing! She held out for about 30 seconds and had to resurface she jerked my cock with her hand and took another few deep breaths I looked down in her face and she smiled again.

Then she dove back under water and continued her underwater performance. She held out a bit longer this time and surfaced again. "You're amazing!" I said and she just replied by diving back under water.

I struggled to maintain my balance in the waves. She held out just a little bit longer again this time and if she held out for about 5 more seconds I'd been done. But I didn't dare to hold her head in fear of drowning her. She must've known I was close for she only came up a second and immediately dove back.

In just a few moments I came hard and she pushed my cock all the way into the back of her throat sucking up and swallowing all of my load. When I was done she came back up again and kissed me a little in the breaking of the waves.

Then we walked back to the house holding hands. I was more in love with Dominique that moment than I could ever get. I just couldn't stop looking at her and admiring how she looked in that amazing bikini. I really wanted to return the favor badly! So I looked around and saw the dunes behind the house.

"Come with me, I wanna show you something." I pulled her by her hand, past the bungalow. "Your turn now!" I grabbed her by the arms and laid her down on the side of a dune. "What are you do. Oh. Oooh…" I grabbed the sides of her bikini bottom and pulled them down. This girl was the best girl I'd ever known. She had become wet with doing me.

The smell of her love juices filled my nose, I kissed the insides of her thighs softly and lapped at the dribbling juices. Her skin tasted salt from the seawater. Her hand grabbed the back of my head and pushed my face straight into her pussy. "Don't stop! Don't. Please! Please!! Don't!" even my head was spinning now. I kissed, bit, licked at every part of her sweet treasure I could reach. Driving my tongue in as far as it would go over and over again. Like I was French kissing her pussy lips.

She didn't take long and her breaths became shallower and faster by the second. She twirled her fingers in my hair and pushed me down even harder. Then her back arched and she threw her hair in her neck. She actually screamed at the top of her lungs when she came. Her juices were running down all over my chin and chest. Then after the long stretched scream, she laid down and I just continued licking her for a blond beauteous gals was cussed out striptease and hardcore or two prolonging her orgasm.

Then she grabbed my head and pulled me up. "Young man! You will surprise me like that many times more! Or else I'll make sure you never get the treatment you just had in the sea." I just grinned widely.

"I'll make sure you'll get surprised even better next time." VII We were both covered in sand so we decided to get to the shower as fast as possible. Running through the house and out the back door again into the shower cabin. The shower was quite special, it was installed in a booth attached to beautiful girl years anal cum in ass back of the house.

Bamboo walls were the only thing concealing you from the outside world and a palm leaf roof kept nasty weather out. It was quite large with a gigantic hotties use feet during their fucking session head in the middle of the ceiling.

She didn't bother slipping out of her clothes, turned on the water and stepped into what seemed to be coming out of a local rain cloud.

Her hair stuck to her back and she gleamed with the water running over her. Her thighs looked perfect shining with the fluid.

Then she turned around looked me straight in the eyes, bit her lip and beckoned me with her finger while her other hand dropped down her bottom. I didn't hesitate, stepped right in behind her, put my hands on her perfect thighs and kissed her with all the passion I had in my body. She flung her arms around my neck and kissed me back with wild fury. We were both soaking wet and the water felt nice and hot "take off those shorts." It sounded like a command and I willingly subsided.

She started washing me, starting at my neck and shoulders. Then she went down along the middle of my chest and grabbed hold of my dick with both hands. "I want that. Right here. Now." Holding my dick with one hand and going down her own bikini with the other. So I reached behind her back and grabbed hold of the string that hung there unattended and pulled it hard.

Her top came loose and, being strapless, it popped off. Then I kissed each of her breasts swiftly on the sides and the nipples disregarding foreplay as I thought I'd done that already only 5 minutes ago. She didn't bother at all and pulled my head away from her breasts and squeezing my dick suggestively. "I'm more than ready! I just want you NOW!" her fingers were doing something to herself while she kept stroking my penis.

I smiled as I thought of pulling a joke. Instead of pulling her bikini off, I just pushed the cloth covering her pussy aside and slid in right away. No hesitation, and trapped her finger in her pussy with my dick beside it.

Her mouth fell open wide and she pulled her finger out instantly. I didn't slow down a bit and started ramming at sexy college stunner rides a thick member with all the force I could bring up.

Speeding up even more and more. I was now nearly vibrating and I couldn't stop myself. Because she'd already come once and was still a bit tingly she came again, and then again, and again. It all mingled into one big moaning/grunting/screaming noise. And at the last of the multiple orgasms I came hard myself.

Pumping even harder and faster than I did before. When I was finally done shooting all of my load, her orgasm subsided and she collapsed to her knees shaking and vibrating. With her head at height with my penis she lovingly grabbed it and took it in her mouth.

Sucking at my already softening dick gave me a feeling that was out of this world. It just made me go crazy and almost come again just the same instant. But there was nothing left to shoot so I just twisted and shocked a little. Then I calmed down and I helped her back to her feet. "Well that was surely a surprise." I held her tightly and kissed her passionately.

"You're the most amazing girl I've ever met." We finished showering. Neither of us thought of repeating the act for the rest of the day. Actually I just wanted to lie down and wake up when it was dinner time. "Oi Doug! You done showering yet!" Max knocked on the door hard and shouted. We dried off and went back in to the bungalow. "You sure you don't need another day?" came the sarcastic voice of Jake "Don't think so but we can go back if you want us to?" laughter rose from around the room. "You just make sure that tomorrow you all be done before eleven.

We got a trip planned to the city. You know… 'Shopping'." I just thought that it was pretty egocentric to have been with Dominique all day and not even have said good morning to the rest except Jake I promised myself that Dominique wouldn't get in the way of also being with my friends this holiday. We exchanged a meaningful look and Step mom tech sex her son knew she understood what I was thinking.

It was already 4 a.m. and none of us had eaten something worth mentioning. So I decided to be the chef for the day and cook everybody a nice meal.

In the evening we all sat down in the living room. It was a big round room that had a sort of pit in the middle where the sides where all couches and exactly in the centre was a fire place.

We had a nice fire crackling and everybody was already a little tipsy from the wine and beer at dinner and the fire pit was lined with empties. It was getting late and all the girls decided to go to bed so only the guys were left at the fire pit. Immediately the conversation started about sex. The only erotic chick is geeting pissed on and ejaculates wet snatch not talking or smiling or listening was Marck.

"Why so quiet? Something wrong?" Jake really looked concerned for his friend. Then Marck started telling him stuff in Dutch and I caught a few quick words though I didn't fully understand everything. Apparently he had some issues with Maria and it had something to do with either, him having a girlfriend or her having a boyfriend. And he showed Jake a text message on his cell phone. Then Jake started talking in a comforting tone and at first Marck didn't seem to really take notice to his words.

But after a while he started smiling again and then Marck stood up and said "Gentlemen. Goodnight, I'll be going at it like a wild boar for the oncoming couple of hours. I'll see you tomorrow." The three of us looked flabbergasted. But Jake smiled and started explaining, "Marck's been going through a rough time with his girlfriend lately. And Marck's the most faithful boyfriend I know, so he hadn't done anything with Maria yet.

But he just showed me a text from his now ex-girlfriend. It said she met someone else on her own holiday and that she wasn't coming back to Holland and decided to marry the guy and is now living in Italy." "Well that's a turn off. But hey! Now he can fuck the brains out of Maria!" "Yeah that's what I told him. And that's what he's doing right now." Then Jake started yawning and stretched his arms over his head.

"I guess I'll be turning in." I agreed. It was already going towards morning and Max had warned us that we'd be going on a field trip tomorrow. So I turned in as well and snuggled up with Dominique careful not to wake her up.

I just held her in my arms and fell asleep. VIII Next morning I woke up and walked into the kitchen. I started cooking up breakfast then Johanna came out. "Good morning." Her smile dazzled me a little as her beautiful face seemed to glow. Then she came to the kitchen as well and started helping. "Excited about today? You know, fieldtrip." "Oh very, can't wait! I heard the city is beautiful." Then we fell silent again.

"You know… Dominique and I have been friends for a very long time. I was born ara gizli cekim aldatma vidiolari rusya Sweden and have lived there for 8 years or so. Then I moved to France. I met Dominique in preschool, we've been best friends ever since.

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Kind of like you and Max." I didn't know why she was telling me this but I instantly felt more related to Johanna. She knew what it was like to move to another country and had met her best friend like I had. "We grew very close, Dominique and I. I actually lived with her for a couple of months when my parents were getting a divorce. We shared everything you know…" I felt that she was heading somewhere with her story.

"Even boys…" right when she said that I knew what she meant and when I turned to face her, I found her face so close to mine that I felt her breath flutter on my lips. She kissed me swiftly on the lips and then just kept looking at me. I panted and kissed her back. This time it wasn't just a swift kiss but a long, deep, full mouth, passionate kiss.

My hands found her hips and cupped her butt while her arms went around my neck. We broke apart and looked each other in the eyes. Just as I wanted to kiss her again a door beautys sensational shlong riding pornstar and hardcore and we hastily let go of each other.

And went back to dinner red faced. Luckily the fire was going and it could've been the heat. "Morning darlings!" Max walked up to the kitchen and kissed Johanna.

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"You taste like bacon. You haven't been sneaking a little of Doug's famous bacon and eggs have you?" looking like a teacher that was mad at a student for cheating on a test. Then he smiled when he saw Johanna's shocked face and took one of my 'famous' eggs himself. I made everyone breakfast together with Johanna and every time I reached to get something she 'accidently' touched my hand.

Each time she walked past me she made sure to grind her ass against my leg or hand. And when she reached down to get a plate out of the cupboard she bent over so that the skirt she was wearing went up all the way and showed of her perfect ass cheeks and a small hot pink thong. When she reached for the drawer that I was standing in front of, she grabbed my crotch and I was worried that someone noticed.

But everybody was too busy eating then when she was fumbling around in the drawer she whispered "I can't wait to get you alone." IX The field trip was pretty boring. We went into the city and all I kept thinking about was what Johanna was planning for the following day. "What're you thinking about?" Dominique was beaming at me. "Oh nothing just a little tired from last night." "Oh mèrde!" she said. Which sounded like swearing, then she whispered "I was planning to exhaust you even more when we can sneak off into a changing room or something." Then she kissed me in the neck.

All tiredness was gone in an instant. When the bus stopped in the middle of the city we split up. "All be back by 4. I think we'll catch dinner here." So Marck, Maria, Jim and Jacky went off together to go shopping for clothes and things. And so did Jake, Sam, Max and Johanna but they went up the mountain near the city to go see some giant statue of Jesus.

Dominique and I didn't feel much for that so we went off to the pier where we found all kinds of little shops and restaurants. We picked a small café near the water and ordered a drink. "So I saw you and Johanna talk this morning, did she tell you about our youth?" I turned tomato in an instant and looked at my drink as if it was something very interesting. "Yeah we talked about that…" I said a little softly.

watch me riding this huge ebony cock she tell you everything?" she asked hesitantly. "Just that she moved to France and that she met you and that you've been her best friend ever since." "Is that all she told you?" I kept turning even more red and felt horrible for lying to her like that. "Yeah pretty much." She looked a little disappointed "Oh… okay." We said nothing and looked at hotwife molly mormon whores herself out to pay the waterbill drinks for a while.

The she shook off all the awkwardness and said "Come on. Let's find somewhere private, I've been wanting you since I woke up this morning." She grinned stood up and I paid as we walked off. She took my hand and dragged me into a small alley somewhere far from the centre of the city.

We just kept walking and came to the mountain with the Jesus statue. She dragged me into the forest for a little while. Then when all I saw around us was trees she turned and started kissing me. She pulled at my shirt and I thought she was going to rip it off, but she thought that that wouldn't have been the smartest idea so she just pulled it off over my head. "I just love that belly of yours." She said while she put her hands on my abs.

"Well I just love your ass!" while I grabbed her perfect bottom with both hands and grinned. She looked up at me and said "Would you like to fuck it again?" all I did, was pull up her see through summer dress and bend her over against a nearby tree then I pulled her bikini bottom down and got on my knees.

I licked at her pussy lips and worked at her clit. When I thought she was wet enough I stood up again and pulled down my shorts so they fell around my knees and stopped there. I guided my cock to the entrance of her pussy and thrust forward. She moaned and grunted as I slid into her tight little hole.

I fucked her hard with long strokes until she came. And then I pulled out. She wanted to turn around and suck me off but I kept her facing the tree. Then instead of going at her pussy again, I laid the tip of my cock at her asshole. She looked back and bit her lip in anticipation of what was coming. I pushed in just about as far as the tip of a finger. Then a little more. Then in one big thrust I shoved my cock all the way in. Her asshole was incredibly tight! I started fucking back and forth slowly and reached around to finger fuck her at the same time.

She moaned grunted and screamed all together, and came hard within minutes. After only a few more thrusts I came myself, filling her asshole with cum. Then she shuddered sleepmom and son fuck best free download fell against the tree panting.

"How about we do that more often." I said breathing heavily. She nodded and smiled. Then we both pop in me tiffany diamond ros dressed and walked back to the pier where we got in to another café and drank some more. When it was about time we walked back to where we got off the bus and we got to a restaurant. Everybody was talking about what they'd done that day. When we finished and got back on the bus everybody was still talking excitedly.

We had decided in the restaurant that we'd be mixing in the bus so that we could get to know each other a little better. I sat with Sam on the bus ride back.

Because the bus was already full we had to sit apart from the rest all the way in the back of the bus. "So did you like the statue?" Sucking a fat cock on cam homemade amateurs asked trying to start a conversation. "Oh yes… yes it was really pretty." "Good!" then we fell silent again. I cleared my throat to say something but before I could say anything Sam interrupted me "I want to have sex with you too." I was shocked and surprised but in a good way.

"Wait… what?" "Yes Johanna told me she was planning on doing you because Max couldn't perform and she had heard Do scream while you two had sex. So she thought she'd do you because she knew Do wouldn't mind." I still had to let it all come to me.

Max, could not perform. This was the biggest shock. Max, the one I'd been looking up to all my life because busty brunette fucking in ripped up pantyhose always got the girls and lost his virginity when he was 14 or so, was bad at having sex. I realized I hadn't said anything for several minutes now so I looked at her.

"So why do you want to have sex with me?" she turned red and said "You know the phrase 'once you go black, you never go back'? Well I want to go back. I'm tired of getting fucked by a big black cock and not get off.

He just wants me to suck him all the time and I've been faking orgasms every time we have sex. So I just want you. That's why Jo suggested the mixing." "Well then I guess we'll have to get alone sometime." She smiled and seemed happy that I agreed. "How about we sneak off tonight when everyone's asleep?" "Or how about we sneak off to go find wood for the fire? That way we both can't fall asleep." "But I promised Jo I'd let her have you first.

So we'll do that tomorrow." All was fine with me. She had placed her hand on the lump that was forming in my pants as I thought of tomorrow. "I can't wait to feel that." She whispered and gave a quick peck on my cheek. The bus had stopped and we all walked back to the house.

I could see that we'd been mingling well because everybody walked in one big group instead of the pairs we used to be. I just smiled because I knew that wasn't the only reason. When we finally got to the house, I just had to have my lovely Dominique alone.

So I proposed to take a shower and she gladly went with me. I started the water and stepped out of my clothes and under the shower, waiting for Dominique to come in and join me. After about five minutes I started to become impatient and kept looking at the door. When huge tit babe at the clothing store finally opened, Dominique came in and started undressing.

When she was done and came holding me underneath the shower, the door opened again. Dominique jumped and I looked up. "Don't! I just want to join too." It was Johanna, she stood there against the door all red faced. I was hesitating, should I send her away and tell her that I was with Dominique? But before I had made a decision Dominique spoke "Well then why do you still have your clothes on?" the way she said it sounded so hot that my already hard cock was standing at full attention now and I thought it was going to burst.

Dominique turned and kissed me, I watched past her at Johanna who was slowly slipping out of her clothes. She was beautiful with her clothes on. But without, she was just plain gorgeous. She walked up to us and caressed Dominique's ass with both her hands then she reached around. But she didn't grab my cock, she began fingering Dominique while Dominique was handling me. Dominique moaned into my mouth and squeezed my cock. Then Johanna's hands came back up and she pushed me down gently but firm, so that I came down on my knees and my big boob amateur sex in the backroom was level with Dominique's sweet pussy.

I knew what I had to do and started licking every single part of the treat in front of me. Johanna had moved to Dominique's side and was kissing her passionately while Dominique's fingers were working at her clit. Then a hand pushed on the side of my head and guided me away from Dominique's vagina straight into Johanna's. Dominique was clean shaven, but Johanna had a very light blonde fuzz. It was a very different feel and it tickled my face gently as I moved my mouth around her love spot.

Moving on instinct I shoved a finger up her vagina and started looking for the spongy area just behind the pelvic bone. When I found it I started rubbing it hard with my middle finger and sucked at her clit with my mouth.

I kept rubbing and licking and gently sucking the clit while wiggling my tongue. When finally her legs started shaking and she collapsed onto the floor her whole body shaking now.

She fell into my arms and I held her tight. Her shaking became uncontrolled and I thought she was going epileptic. But just when I thought she was going to die from an orgasm, she gave two or three heavy bucks and then she relaxed. She was still breathing very heavy but then she started laughing "Wow! I thought orgasms like that were fairytales." She smiled at me and then she pushed me onto my back on the floor. As I lay there helpless Dominique sat on top of me and scooted forward until her pussy was on my face "Why'd you never make me cum like that?" "because I didn't know how to until just now.

But I'll do you right now!" and right after those words I plunged my face into her vagina and she put her hands through my hair. While I was busy, Johanna had put my dick in her mouth and was sucking it like crazy. I inserted my finger and started searching for the spot again. Then I found it and as I rubbed it, Dominique's moans became louder and louder until she was sunny leone masturbades till she xxx screaming out loud.

Then she too started shaking but I didn't let her go. "OH GOD!" I kept her down holding her by the hips and then she bucked even harder I guess she was trying to make a sound but nothing came out and then the third time she fell forward. She fell of my face and I tried to roll over but I'd forgotten my cock was in Johanna's mouth.

The upward movement shoved my dick against the back of her throat, Johanna moved her head back. "I don't think I can do that. But I'll try if you like it." Lesbian awesome babes love reaching orgasms dildo toy honestly had no idea what she meant but then she plunged her head onto my dick and it shoved all the way in burying it in her throat.

The sensation was indescribable and it made my head go fuzzy. Then Dominique's face came hovering over mine and I'd almost forgotten about her. "Thank you for that." She whispered and then kissed me on the lips. I felt the tension build up in my groin and I thrust my hips up squirting cum into Johanna's throat as she swallowed it all.

I just lay down on the floor panting and both girls snuggled up on either side of me after Johanna had turned the water off. We lay there like that until we got cold and dried off. "I liked that a lot.

You think we could do that again?" Dominique and Johanna both smiled at me and nodded "I guess we can but we just have to be careful no one finds out." I had forgotten all about the rest of the world while we were in that shower cabin and I never thought of the consequences. But when I walked into the living room, it was empty.

"Where is everybody?" "They all went to go party but I didn't feel like that and Max told me you never want to come whenever they go on a night out." "So Max left without you?

Quite the boyfriend you've got trusting you around me." I grinned. She grinned back and just looked away. "So riddle me this. Why did you want a threesome?" I looked at Dominique and she smiled. "I thought Johanna had told you that we share everything." "Well yes… she did. But I didn't know it went this far." I really was kind of curious about it all, but after a minute or two it didn't matter anymore.

Then I thought of something "So now that this has happened, I have to tell you something." Dominique looked at me and I continued "Sam wants to have sex with me too." I blurted it out and was glad I got it off my chest "I know." She said very serious "And you should." I looked at her and laughed. "I'm dead serious!

Stop laughing." But I couldn't, I was just too happy with all of this. "You should know… I really, really do love you." I kissed her on the lips after I said it and then she laughed as well. X "So we could go again right now if you two are up to it?" both girls laughed aloud when I said it. "How about you just sit and we get it on. I'm in the mood for sweet girl kisses right now." they took my hands and pulled me into one of the benches. Then they walked over to another one and held each other for a while before they slowly started kissing.

First just little pecks on the lips, then they held it longer, and before long they were both going at it like crazy. Johanna's hands started exploring Dominique's body and I followed her hands with my eyes. First she went down to her ass, I never really appreciated the way it filled up your hands so nicely. I had not noticed how fine it looked when you watch it sideways. I could almost feel how it formed in my hands myself and wanted to hold her hips so bad it actually hurt.

Then she moved her hands up to another part off her body I sadly hadn't appreciated enough. Her boobs were the perfect size for her body. Not too big so they wouldn't hang down, and not too small. They filled up your hands nicely and she almost got off if you kissed them on the sides. Johanna must have been doing this a long time already, she knew exactly what Dominique wanted and I took notice of everything she did. She hadn't taken off any part of clothing yet, and still I could tell that Dominique was already close to an orgasm.

If I had laid my finger on her clit right now, she'd gone off like a firecracker. Dominique had the perfect girlfriend body. But Johanna on the other hand, she had the perfect porn actress, stripper body. She was just so damn hot I couldn't take my eyes off her. She had the face of an angel. When she had her eyes closed like that she looked so divine that I felt the need to pray.

Her body was heavenly too, her boobs were slightly bigger than Dominique's and on any other girl they would have been too big. But somehow they just looked perfect on her.

Her ass was nice golden and I could tell she sunbathed in the nude, there was no sign of a bikini bottom anywhere. Both girls were getting pretty fired up right now. Their kissing got wilder and they had laid down on the couch, Johanna on top. She was in charge I knew that by now. Then Johanna sat up straight and pulled her shirt off, immediately Dominique started massaging her tits.

Johanna threw her hair to one side and went back to kissing. Dominique kept her hands on her tits and Johanna moaned loudly. I hadn't noticed at first but Johanna had been wearing nothing but a long T-shirt. She was totally naked now and started removing Dominique's clothes as well. She was only wearing a short dress and it didn't take that long. Johanna started kissing her way down Dominique's body paying attention to each nipple and gently kissing the sides of her breasts, which I knew were the most sensitive part of Dominique's body besides her clit.

She went crazy and plunged her hand downwards. But before she could do anything Johanna had grabbed her hand and pushed it away. She hovered over her pussy only millimeters away. Breathing hard, tickling it with her breath. Then she blew at her clit and Dominique thrashed around screaming into a pillow at the top of her lungs. Then very cute young thai is introduced to hard white cock Johanna moved her head forwards and gently gave a tiny little kiss on her clitoris.

That was all it took, Dominique's top blew off and her legs clamped shut. She screamed like someone was killing her and I had never seen someone in this state of ecstasy. She rolled around on the couch like a deranged cat and smashed her head backwards on the pillow. My mouth just fell open, I couldn't believe how Johanna had done that with one little kiss.

The orgasm just kept going. It took 5 minutes for her to calm down a little, in the mean time Johanna had just sat back and smiled. I was done with sitting back and do nothing. So I got up, walked over to Johanna, threw her on the floor, pulled off my pants and just curvy a hole looks like it was made to be drilled non stop going at it like a lion. I think I actually roared when I started.

Johanna pulled up her legs and put them on my shoulders. This girl was amazing, she didn't only have a porn actress' body, but she could do the same things with it too. I pushed in as far as I could and ground up against her clit. She put her legs down again and I fell forward, she put her hands on my ass and squeezed.

She looked me straight in the eye and gave me the horniest look I could imagine and purred like a cat. This time I'm sure I really did roar and I went at it with all the energy I had left. She dug her fingernails into my back and bit my earlobe just hard enough to hurt me a little but it just made me go faster and harder.

I kept going until I knew I was just too tired to continue, and then I went on a little more. In several big blasts I had the most intense orgasm of my life. Everything went black and my arms wobbled, I nearly lost my balance and it all just got worse when Johanna had an orgasm as well and her pussy twitched and flexed and contracted and, and, and… oooooooooooooooh goooood it was just amazing.

Now I really lost balance and collapsed on top of her, everything was still black and sound drifted away as well.

Then I regained my consciousness again and I got up a little. I pulled out and rolled off of her. Dominique was still catching her breath and my head was still fuzzy. Johanna lay there looking up at the ceiling, she put her hands in her hair and let out a big sigh before laughing really loud. I couldn't help myself and joined her laughter and so did Dominique.

When we all had stopped laughing I got up to go take a shower again. I took a really cold one trying to wake up. When I came back I found Dominique and Johanna snuggled up together on the couch, they'd fallen asleep. I smiled to myself and carried both of them to their rooms. I didn't bother waiting for the rest to come back and went to sleep. We would have liked to just sleep together, but the thought of Max returning in the middle of the night and finding Johanna in my bed was not a pleasant one.

Max and the others got back around 2 p.m. and I heard that they were all pretty much drunk. Max was loudest of milf fuck anal in her asshole by old men with cumshot all and was still singing stupid songs.

After 5 minutes Johanna came in "Max is drunk. He's fallen asleep and he snores. AND he's taken most of the bed so I'll sleep with you two."