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Mia lelani older asian for white dude
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Spreading Seeds 3 - Audrey and the Clusterfuck I was distracted by the blond, Audrey she said her name was. Audrey and I left the pedestal and joined the group that was watching Floyd assist Able in washing one of the Bahia. They were enjoying themselves and Matt and Roger were also washing a brunette that had a magnificent set of breasts, not so much large as perfectly formed and lovely tiny nipples.

She basked in the glow of the candles and the attention of eight or ten waiting their turn at the baths as she sighed and let their hands cover every inch of her. Matt brought out his scissors and began to trim her bush, taking care not to nick her and not to take off too much. But he trimmed off a lot and she looked much better afterwards, Matt demonstrated for Roger the proper method to coax the clit out of the hood and Roger attempted and failed a few times then got it to come out and play.

Audrey asked me if I would trim her too. I turned to her and asked, "Do you think you need it?" She smiled and drew spex mature receives big cumload in her mouth her robe to show me. I stroked her thigh and kissed her softly on the lips. "Sure I'll trim your bush," as my hand stroked her smooth thigh. The music changed and became a ballad of lost love and bitter disappointment only to change again when I stopped playing with Audrey.

I took Audrey to one of the open alcoves and we joined several others in sampling a pipe that had survived over two hundred years they told me. It was built of glass and fit the hand while having a bulbous bottom where Peach brandy smoothed out the smoke and lent a taste of fresh peaches to the experience.

Audrey took a long hit and pulled her finger off the hole to clear the bong. She then handed it to me and I took a smaller hit. It was a good thing that I did. This shit was very loopy. Audrey and I started laughing and we left the alcove for the others to pass the pipe. We went into the next alcove where beer was stored in ice, we shared a bottle and I noticed a girl setting in the corner alone. I went over and introduced myself to her, "Hello I'm Josh Perkins, Why are you all alone on a night like this?" Audrey said, "Josh this is Morgan Slightly, Morgan doesn't mix well." I leaned in and asked her quietly, "A little afraid are you?

A woman as beautiful as you has no reason to be alone. Don't be afraid of us tonight we are here to serve the Goddess in each of you. Tonight is your first opportunity to feel like a Goddess and I am not going to let you miss that." "You're not? "She asked dubiously. "No," I said looking around and saw Raule come in for a beer, he was wet and naked just coming from the baths to get a couple of beers for the washing crew.

"Raule come over here," I said above the noise. "Raule this is Audrey and Morgan. Morgan tells me she is a little scared." Raule took Morgan's hand and kissed it. "Don't be afraid Morgan we are very experienced and each of us will help you." Morgan and Audrey were looking at his tool that hung halfway to his knee.

I had called Raule mofos sexy blonde adrienne gets picked up just for comparison. He didn't mind for he was proud of his penis. He said, "There is a place opening up Josh why don't you bring the women and a couple of beers apiece and I'll help make Morgan more comfortable?" I reached out and took Morgan's hand and we all took two beers apiece to the baths. Raule took Morgan's robe and hung it up. He spoke to her softly while he arranged her hair over her shoulder and down her breast.

Then he bent her over and had her hold her hair out of the way while he poured water over her back. She was facing the right and when she looked around Matt was licking the clit of one of her friends. Her eyes got very wide and she watched as Matt licked and sucked the girl moaned and moved in a frantic effort to get Matt to end the exquisite agony. Raule stood her up and turned her to wash her back. She held her hair and listened to the girl next to her climax loudly.

The she became aware of Raule's hands on her she gasped. She didn't move and soon she was enjoying his massaging. Audrey and I sat on the ready bench waiting for Matt and Roger to dry the girl they were working on.

Matt put her robe on her, kissed her and handed her off to Roger who escorted her to the pedestal. Audrey and I stood and she faced me, "Now what?" she asked.

I smiled and pulled her robe off her shoulders and kissed her. I took her robe and mine and hung them up then took a bucket of warm water and offered my hand to her. She took it shyly and I handed her up on to the duck boards. I could still feel the effects of the hit I took and knew that Audrey would be especially sensitive to touch. I kissed her and whispered in to her ear, "Mother Goddess giver of life and suckler of our young.

Tonight I give to you a gift of life in hopes that it will grow to be as beautiful as her mother or as handsome as his father." I had her bend and hold her hair up while I poured the dipper and spread the warm water on her smooth skin. I like initiation nights, a lot of men don't. The delicate flower of womanhood is fascinating to me. I suppose I will change my tastes as I age but for now give me a tight pussy and smooth skin. Audrey skin was like satin and warm I felt the effects of the smoke in my fingers and Audrey reacted, the reactions were slight but in our drugged state we moved in tandem it seemed.

I soaped her shoulders and down her back then out and up under her arms. I reached around and soaped her breasts while I was at it and my hips fit closely to her wet butt. I wasn't erect so the touch of my penis edging into her crack was soft and gentle.

I stroked her breasts and then realized I was way ahead of things. I drew back and soaped her butt sliding my hands between cheeks so smooth and warm and my fingers searched and found her rosebud ass, she retreated then came back for more.

I stroked her curves and circled her anus with my fingers pressing every so slightly when the tip found the center. She giggled as I washed her ass and rinsed it.

I stood her up and kissed her, whispering in her ear, "In every woman there is a Goddess that needs only to be called upon to appear. She is sometimes hesitant and must be coaxed. Shall I coax your Goddess?" She took my hair in her hands and kissed me full and wet on the mouth. Pushing her tongue deep into my mouth and then sucking my tongue deep into hers. I took that as a yes. I dipped water over her breasts and began to apply the soap, taking care to touch her lightly. I teased her nipples feeling them react to the stimulation.

I fondled and teased and pinched then my hands slid lower on her stomach and I alternated bring each hand up too cup her breast then down to her bush. I did not probe her but let my hand cup her lips and massaged her whole pubis. She whispered in my ear, "Deeper Please deeper." I kissed her and slid my finger between her lips, finding her wet and smooth and the opening ready to be pierced.

I pour water over her breasts and rinsed them thoroughly then knelt and poured water over her legs and trickled some down her bush. I applied the soap and felt every part of her; she opened herself to my hand and grasped me around the shoulders.

I stroked and stroked her bush letting my fingers finally slip inside. She was not a virgin strictly speaking. She must have "practiced" many times before with a dildo, joy wand, or maybe just her fingers, late at night as she dreamed of this day when she would become a woman. I heard Morgan succumbing to Raule's clit sucking. I had watched him out of the corner of my eye and she had lost her reserve and had both hands in his hair pulling his face into her, her breath came in stuttering gasps.

I eased up on Audrey and told her to watch Morgan. Audrey's eyes opened and she looked over to Morgan who by now was leaned against the wall and Raule had his face buried in her muff, she had Raule by the hair and alternately pushed him away only to pull him back again. She climaxed with a squeal that got everyone's attention then horniest amateur brunette teen with fuck machine on webcam froze and had trouble breathing.

Raule couldn't catch her so I released Audrey and reached out to catch Morgan as she collapsed. Raule got off his knees and kissed her and held her to him for a while. As she became more animated he stood her on her feet and began to dry her. I turned back to Audrey and said, "I apologize but she was going to fall and maybe hurt herself." Audrey just kissed me and said, "You promised to trim my bush.

Would you like to do that first?" I smiled and borrowed Raule's scissors then rinsed her bush and dried it quickly but thoroughly.

I knelt between her legs while she leaned against the wall and trimmed her bush so that it was about a finger width long all over. Really the downy curls I snipped weren't all that profuse but it was a pleasure to do it and the view was great. I trimmed her along the leg joint then had her lift her other leg and trimmed in along next to her lips taking great care to shield them with my finger.

I kissed her softly on the hood of the clitoris and then put away the scissors and dipped water on her now evenly trimmed bush. Now you could see the hood and the lips pink and soft. I licked her from bottom to top, my tongue lifting into her hood, probing for her clit with the tip of my tongue. Then I went down and dug deeper ore before coming back to her clit. "Oh suck it," she said I pulled back and replied, "Lean against the wall and I will." She did as I asked and leaned against the wall her hips were now in a position where I could really reach all of her zones.

I dipped my head and found the hood and pulled it up with my thumb exposing her clit. My tongue lapped at it for a moment while I adjusted my position and then my lips surrounded her clit and my tongue massaged it, while I sucked gently in time with the music that had gotten very rhythmic as Able was demonstrating the Missionaries Wish and the guitar had provided a point and counter point to the festivities.

Audrey was enjoying herself but holding back and I had to cover at least one more tonight besides Astral so I cheated a little and slipped a finger into her, stroking in and out as my lips sucked in and out. She cried out and got a round of applause from the pedestal where Able was now demonstrating how to pull out without spilling a drop and the egg position of the woman after cloitus to keep the sperm in her longer and help the little swimmers find completion. I licked Audrey up and down and flicked my tongue back and forth across her clit and then deeper in to her vagina magique emmanuelle emmanuelles magic aka el encanto de emmanuelle francis my finger was extracted to make room.

I took her labia into my mouth and sucked gently and then harder judging from her reactions what was best. She liked to be sucked. I don't blame her. My neck began to ach a little so I slipped two fingers into her and curled my fingertips to rub along the front of her vagina. She liked that and her hips moved in time with my fingers. With my left hand I pulled her hood up and found her clit again.

It was stiffening and I licked and sucked and licked and stroked and licked some more.

She started to lose it and moaned deeply and started to shake. Roy who was next to me reached out and held her as I finished and she collapsed in his arms. She reached out and kissed him and he kissed her back, stroking her breasts until I got on my feet and he handed her back to me. I got her up and held her until she had stabilized and could stand alone.

We kissed and snuggled her hand drifted down and grasped my penis and squeezed it. I broke the kiss and sexy lesbians fill up their huge bootys with milk and blast it out drying her.

When she was dry she helped dry me and we got into our robes and joined the rest of the group. Astral was still naked on the stool and playing a fast flamenco while Able and one of the girls demonstrated other positions including the doggy hump, "Attend now, the Doggy Hump is one of the ways a woman can have intercourse while she is pregnant, Notice no strain is placed on her belly and the man has full freedom to move around." He demonstrated by moving his hips side to side while plunging his penis deep into the Bahia who grunted and bucked.

Able pulled his penis out of her slowly and she gathered her breath panting on her hands and knees. Able pulled her robe down and stood her up on her knees.

"I want to thank Muriel for agreeing to help me demonstrate." Charming mother id like to fuck loves hard fuck kissed her and she kissed him back and the music played. I left Audrey to get a beer and Sarge pulled me aside, "Perkins a word in your shell like ear?" I looked at him and he was smiling, Not a good sign.

"Perkins, remember I told you about the older one the Administration sent?" "Yes Sarge. What about her?" I knew it was coming, the Black Brothers had forgiven me, but Sarge was yet to be satisfied. "Well that's her over there. Her name is Marylyn and she's some blood relative to Astral.

She asked for you to come and meet her." I looked over to where Sarge had pointed and saw a grandmotherly type with no teeth and white hair. Her posture was upright and she was laughing with Luis and Roger and patting the odd girl on the cheek and kissing some. I figured she wanted to meet the man who had caused Astral to be banished. "Sure Sarge let's go." He lead me over and introduced me to Marylyn who looked me up and down then came closer and opened my robe feeling my chest and then her hand slipped down to grasp my penis.

Luis and Roger broke out laughing and slapped each other on the back. I just stood there and smiled at her. Her hands were soft and never stopped moving. She looked me in the eye and said, "I see what attracted Astral to you young man." She dropped my penis and closed my robe. "He'll do," she said to Sarge and Luis. "Do, Do what?" I asked. "You get to help prepare her." Sarge said. "You said anyone that the Black Brothers rejected you would cover. So I am assigning you and Raule to look after her.

Raule has washed three already but she picked him out of the crowd and Luis tells me she is a nice old thing. She had been sucking dick at the Barracks for the last twenty years and she is about to retire.

She asked if she could come and join the festivities tonight. No one thought she meant having her furrow ploughed but she told me that after sucking cock for twenty years she wants to feel one as it was supposed to be." I watched as she circulated congratulating a girl here and kissing all the men there.

I went around and found Raule and told him what had happened. He had Morgan on one knee and a brunette on the other. He kissed them and said "Duty calls ladies. Don't get your selves lost. I'll return and demonstrate the positions we discussed, as soon as I finish with Marylyn." Morgan stood looking over the crowd and asked "Why is Marylyn here she is an old bag." "Morgan see her?" I said, "That will be you in just forty years.

She's served this community and has asked just this once to feel what she has not been able to feel her whole life. Don't begrudge her a little joy in her declining years." I said. "She has as much right as you to enjoy herself." I smiled at her and said, "Raule will be back and will satisfy both of you.

If you want a real experience you will wait for him." Morgan sighed and said, "Forgive me Josh. I forgot to be generous." I kissed her and the other girl just for good measure and said, "All forgiven." I hurried over to where I had left Audrey and told her that I had to hot baby masturbating on website for chatting with Marylyn and to wait for me.

She smiled and caressed my cheek and kissed me, "There," she said, "a reason to return soon." I took her up in my arms holding her and kissed her mouth and trailed kisses down her throat and over her breasts then laid her back on the cushions. "There a promise of the joy of reunion." I got a round of applause from a couple of women and I smiled an acknowledgement to them before making my way around the room to find Marylyn. She and Raule were near the baths observing as two more Bahia were being worshiped by Roy and Andre.

Andre had found it entertaining to watch the water slid down the back bone and disappear in the butt cheeks. He poured several dippers full, then applied the soap delicately on a small framed woman with very little bush and tightly wrapped vagina. He stood her up and started to wash her back thoroughly. Marylyn and Raule were discussing the action and Raule was describing how Roy was actually examining her as his fingers also stimulated her to open the mouth of the vagina.

"You take as good a care of a woman as I did with my men. Each of them needed a little something special to get a good climax. Some of them held back, anal of legal age teenager is nailed I was always able to get them off with one technique or another," she said proudly.

I stepped up and nodded to Raule, "Looks like we still have a while to wait." Marylyn turned and smiled, her toothless mouth turned up and she took my arm. "Now I have two fine young men." She said looking up at us.

"Come I want to show you off to Astral before the baths open up." She drug us off to the pedestal. We lifted her up on the pedestal and stepping around bodies made our way to Astral. Astral saw her coming and smiled as she approached with the two of us holding her arms.

Marylyn reached in and kissed Astral who never missed a beat on the guitar. "Well here you are dear and here I am with two strong and handsome men. I was going to wait but I'm too excited. You know how that is don't you?" Astral nodded at her then looked at me and said, "I'm sorry Josh." "No regrets Astral. Tonight I will make you a goddess with a swelling belly," I said. Marylyn said, "I can only hope you do the same for me." I looked at her and said, "I can only give the gift, grandmother.

It is you who reject or accept it." She slapped at my arm playfully. "I may not be able to bear children anymore but I had three and if I had had men like you and Raule here, I would have had many more. Now housewife with a police hat getting drilled hard an old lady a kiss and coax my goddess boys." I leaned down and kissed her lips feeling them loose and slightly wet on mine.

She kept at it a while. He eyes closed with her hand on my neck. She turned to Raule, "Now you please, kiss me." Raule smiled and kissed her running his tongue over her lips and sucking them into his mouth while he cupped one of her breasts with his hand. When she broke the kiss and laughed. "I felt that one down to my toes.

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Astral, let him kiss you." Astral ended the piece, she stopped playing and Reba and the other girls took a break so Astral put down her guitar and stood taking Raule around his neck he dipped his head and kissed her. My heart fell as she melted against him and his hands slipped down to her ass.

It was too long for my taste but Raule finally broke the kiss his hands slipping up to stroke her breasts while she caught her breath with her head on his chest. Finally she stepped back and said, "I see what you mean Auntie." "Now try Josh, he's pretty good too." Marylyn said giving me some hope that I might redeem myself in Astral's eyes. She smiled at me, put herself in my arms and shook back her hair before looking up at me. I slowly bent down and kissed her lips softly.

My tongue snuck out and teased her upper lip and I sucked it a little. Then I leaned her back and kissed her harder while grasping her breast with one hand and trailed kisses along her throat and over her breasts. Bringing her upright to once more kiss her mouth, and her cheeks then nibbling at her lips again. She pulled my head to her and savaged my mouth.

Her hand reached down and slipped into my robe. She fondled me kinky milf babe and a black shaft interracial brunette I let her. We got a round of Applause from the pedestal I think Roger shouted encouragement to her as she held me by the hair with one hand and squeezed my dick with the other.

I got hard in a flash and Astral grasped the tip and stroked it. I was never going to live this down. She kept it up a little longer and then relented. She fell back breathing hard and a little flushed. "Oh that hurts so good," she said. That got a laugh from the crowd. I held her a little and she stroked my chest and I stroked her belly. Marylyn separated us, to boo's from the peanut gallery. "Astral, Reba and Mary are back you should play now.

Give us what is in your heart now." Astral smiled bravely and sat back down. She began to play. Her thumb plucking a base rhythm of a heart beat, while her fingers picked out a lush melody on the strings. Marylyn and Raule and I went back to the baths only to find someone else had taken our places on the duck boards. Marylyn turned to Raule, "You had two young women with you before, where are they?" Raule turned and waved to Morgan.

"There, Morgan is waving back. They are waiting for me. No problem. I've bathed them already." "Oh my boy you petite promesita rides on a big dong pornstars creampie let them cool off too much. Josh and I will keep our place. You go off and warm those two up a bit.

I know their mothers, wet nursed Morgan and I wouldn't spoil this night for them. I'll call you when we get started.

OK." "If you don't mind?" Raule said. "No go ahead," Marylyn said Raule grinned at her and kissed her on the cheek He wasted no time running back to Morgan and the brunette who had taken up a conversation with Floyd. I looked over at Astral and she was spinning on her stool and playing what she saw.

This whole thing was taking too long, you can not keep 23 women all hot and bothered forever. Sarge had already filled all the alcoves and was in the process of clearing out the smoking alcove for Holy Worship. I realized that Andre had foreseen this. 34 people in a room built for forty bathers with hormones raging as strong they were, a Clusterfuck was sure to breakout.

There were a few people already shedding their robes on the pedestal and because of the imbalanced numbers, some men found themselves with one woman on their mouth and one super dp slut sofia is fucked up the ass each hand.

I looked at xxnxx sister and badruoom zabardasti com pedestal and Astral was being kissed by a line of my brothers as she played and laughed, the candle light on her naked body was warm and soft as, well as soft as Astral's ass. I could think of nothing softer.

Raule came back with a pipe and candle. "Morgan said to bring this to you. She said to tell you it was Night Blooming Cerise." He put the pipe in her hand and gave her the candle. Then Raule left. Marylyn took my arm and smiled toothlessly at me. "You think she has been punished enough?" "No I think she is enjoying herself. I gave her the full treatment yesterday, except for penetration." She has had what her sisters haven't and having to wait may just make it sweeter in the end." "Let us hope." Marylyn said and we watched as Astral spun on the chair and cheered on Floyd who had failed to keep it soft and was now taking his first dip of eager young pussy, hot and wet on his dick.

Marylyn took a hit on the pipe and handed it to me. I took a hit and settled back to watch my first Clusterfuck forming. Floyd lasted a good long while then he slowed down and withdrew using the technique that Able had demonstrated earlier, but instead of propping her up with legs together he spread her legs and licked her pussy.

Several girls gathered around and watched. When Floyd remounted, there was much applause. He was gentle with her but he gave her more and harder as she called for it and it appeared he could keep that up all night. The Bahia, now fully a woman screamed and shouted "Yes All the way!" and when Floyd sank his shaft the strain on his face reached a peak, he jerked and strained and then he collapsed to the cheers of his people who had seen the first open sex in these parts in a hundred and fifty some years.

Floyd was not in a hurry to withdraw and his brothers lifted the girl and placed a pillow under her and lowered them down. Floyd got his hands and knees and left his still erect penis in her slit as she drew her legs up and wrapped him in them. They kissed and nuzzled then Floyd withdrew carefully. Astral spun now on the stool and called out part of the body to touch or kiss. Girls played with girls as well as guys. The candles were getting lower and finally our turn had come for the bath.

I called out to Raule and he came up out of the brunette's muff like a gopher and shook his head. He held up one then two fingers and gave me a shrug then his head popped out of sight. I looked at Marylyn, she smiled back at me, "Well it's just you and me kid," she said and pursed her lips for a kiss. I smiled and laughed. "Come Grandmother and I will introduce you to the goddess." I took her robe and hung it for her.

She was a little hunched over so I brought up the ready bench and put it on the duck boards for her. I seated her on one end of the bench. I got a bucket of water from the heater next to the fire place and tempered it with some cold.

She was smiling at me as I carried the bucket over and leaned down to kiss her on both cheeks. "Grandmother let us travel through time to when you were young and had not been quickened. You were a little afraid and a little excited, yes?" "Young man I was a lot afraid and a just little excited. Right now I'm a lot excited and not a God damn bit afraid." She said smiling at me and pulling on my penis. I put down the bucket and had her straddle the bench, I sat behind her and dipped water over her back and the hot water made her straighten her back and she called for more.

I dipped and poured the water then took up the soap and soaped her back massaging her back and working my thumbs up along the spine my fingers sliding out over her ribs.

Her skin was still tight she wasn't gaunt like a lot of old women. I rinsed her back and had her turn and face me. Her bush was grey and her breasts sagged far down her chest.

She raised her breasts to my view, "Three of my own and tens of others suckled at these," She said and I to bent my head and kissed each of them to thank them for their service to mankind. The nipples still reacted a little and Marylyn laughed and made me kiss them again.

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I poured water over her breasts and took my time on her chest stroking her lightly at first but became more firm as she responded.

I cupped her breasts and slipped my hand out to the nipple and fondled them. She was smiling, eyes closed thinking of how it felt when they were full of milk and her children lay on them sleeping. She smiled at me and I took it as a sign to move along. I rinsed her breasts and made sure to not leave any soap under them.

I let her lay on her back with her legs on either side of the bench and I started to wash her feet and legs, moving from side to side until I reached her knees. Then I knelt beside her and washed her thighs and then up in to her bush. She put a hand down and guided my fingers to a point where her clit would hide under the hood and made me stroke and rub her there.

I soaped up my hands and reached down from the top my fingers curling down to cup her lips and tease her clit on the back stroke. She relaxed for a bit then her hand went down and held my fingers on her clit and pushed on them hard moving them from side to side. I followed her suggestion and maintained the rubbing but dipped warm water over her legs and rinsed them well then poured water on her vagina while I rubbed her clit.

Raule made an appearance with a bucket of warmer water. I thanked him and kept up the clit action but added my right hand feeling around the mouth of her vagina and stroking it. She moaned and a round of polite applause surprised her and I. We looked up and we had drawn an audience, women and the Black Brothers and Astral who was now wearing her robe watched smiling. Marylyn waved milf jerks off teen xxx milf cops Black Brothers over, "Come on boys and let Marylyn have a thrill.

The brothers all gathered around her head where she looked up and she was able to see them from a familiar angle. She reached out a fondled each of their penises in turn and pulled each lightly. "We had good times boys but the old ways are gone and I wish you all the luck with the new ways." She lay there while I shifted around and began to lick her vaginal lips and worked my way up her slit licking and spreading lubrication.

If she wanted Raule to fuck her she was going to need it. I made as much saliva as I could and slowly rubbed it into her vagina. I pulled back her hood and exposed her clit licking it and sucking.

Her clit grew bor and sister xxx story full sex stories be enormous and I licked and sucked drooling down her slit and working my finger slowly into the jav collection big boobs breast milk digital vagina.

She worked her hips and moaned and saw Raule standing at her waist she waved him up to stand above her head his mighty tool dangled over her face she smiled and pulled back his foreskin and licked the head of his penis. She kissed it and sucked it both hands around it. She stroked it back and forth across her lips and pulled it lightly. "Can you make it hard Raule I'd like to see it erect. Would you do that?" Raule said, "If you want to see it hard, just pucker your lips and suck it a while." She smiled at him and said, "Now if each of my boys would give me an inch or two of themselves in my vagina.

I'll never accuse them of holding back again. Roger you go first. If I can take you then Floyd and Luis and then Andre. OK?" "Sure Marylyn but can you give me some inspiration?" Roger said.

"Come over here," she said and she pulled his penis and kissed it pulling the foreskin back and sucking the tip until it grew to fill her mouth and then she kissed it on the end and stroked it with her hand.

Roger grew to a full six inches and he moved down and I got up and held one of her legs up and out while Luis held the other leg. Raule had repositioned himself so Marylyn could suck his penis and as she started sucking Roger started to enter her vagina. He was slow and took it easy he smiled and dripped saliva on her.

Sarge came over with some lubricant and we slipped the nozzle into her and squirted some lube deep in to her vagina. Then it was more comfortable all around. Roger got at least three inches into her and was able to stroke back and forth slowly tiny legal age teenager rides huge one eyed monster first and then the lube began to spread and he went little deeper and a little faster.

I looked up at Raule who had to move down so his now erect tool all thirteen inches was on Marylyn's face. She stroked it and rubbed it on her face smiling as Roger worked her gently. She put out her hand and pushed Roger away.

Floyd came up a little light since he had delivered a load a few minutes ago but he eased into her carefully and she took him easily One of the Bahia came over and took Luis's penis in her hand encouraging him to get ready. He accepted her urging and massaged her boobs and soon was hard as a rock. Luis bent over Marylyn accepted lubrication on his penis and eased into her. She rocked her hips and moaned a little and hugged Raul's Tool closer to her lips.

Licking it and sucking it while Luis fucked her slowly but firmly. I suddenly realized that I was in the way and I dried myself and found Astral crying and smiling at the same time as she watched her Aunt being made to feel like a goddess after all these years. I put my arm around her and she looked up and kissed me. Reba was playing and we watched as Marylyn climaxed suddering and sucking the Tool as she whimpered.

Andre eased her down and pulled out, she relaxed and her boys poured warm water over her and then dried her with towels and got her on her feet. She reached out and patted Raule on the cheek then accepted a robe and Luis escorted her to the pedestal.