Stunning milf lexi has her beaver slammed

Stunning milf lexi has her beaver slammed
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When I met my wife, Jackie, the first time I thought that she was very sexy and somewhat of a cock teaser. She dressed nurse and doctors bf xxx and did a lot of touching.

It wasn't hard to fall for her and I thought at the time that her teasing behavior was just because she loved me. After we got married, I realized that she liked to tease all of the men. At first that bothered me and I was jealous, but didn't say anything.

Then, I realized that I liked it that other men found her sexy and attractive (and would have liked to fuck her). I found it all to be a turn-on and began wishing that she would dress even more provocatively than she already did.

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I trusted her and knew that she was for me alone, so I never discussed the teasing behavior with her. About 2 years after we had been married my college roommate visited.

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She did her usual teasing routine, touching his arm or putting her hand on his knee, letting her leg touch his, showing him a little cleavage and leg, and giving him provocative looks. This didn't bother me, as I said I had begun to like it that other men envied me for having such a sexy wife.

However, on the second morning of the visit I went down to the kitchen and found Jackie pushed up to the refrigerator with her robe mostly open and my former roommate was fondling her breasts.

It looked to me like she was enjoying it. They broke apart quickly when they heard me enter the asuka mimi bound and gagged for her boyfriends naughty pleasures. I pretended that I didn't see anything; I was still excited that other men found her sexy, but I also thought that I could turn this situation to my advantage. After my former roommate had returned home, I brought this incident to Jackie's attention.

She didn't deny it and admitted that she liked to tease men. I told her that if she wanted to tease men that I would like her to expose herself to other men. She said that she could never do that that if she did that people would think that she was a slut or whore.

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I responded with the question would she do it if we could make it look unintentional or like an accident. She said that she might be able to do that but was not sure.

I started developing scenarios where she might feel comfortable accidently exposing a tit.

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mom sister and xnxnbrother sexy xnxx storys The first thing that she agreed to was to go to our HOA pool and to have one of her tits fall out of her bikini as she was coming up the ladder. I told her to make sure that there were men around, knowing that she always drew a lot of attention and that they would see this "incident." As a reward for the swimming pool act, I told her that I wanted to take her to a nice restaurant. I told her to wear a pants suit, but no blouse or bra.

As we entered the restaurant, I unbuttoned a couple of the jacket's top buttons. She agreed to cup her shoulders and lean forward when the male waiter was around the table. We sure got good service. Next, I got her to go mattress shopping without panties.

We got good customer service there too.

I asked her to go shoe shopping, but she refused, saying that would look too intentional. I did get her to come out of the hotel bathroom naked, supposedly not knowing that room service was there. She was just drying her hair and acted totally natural as if nothing was unusual. I wanted something more daring and bold. I thought about taking her dancing with a short flowing skirt, but I really wanted her essentially naked; and I really wanted people that we knew to see her. The good thing was that I could tell that she really enjoyed being exposed.

What I came up with was to get her a thin linen dress. We tested it and when dry it was almost perfectly modest.

You could see the outline of her areola if you looked very closely and of course you could see the point of her nipple. However, when wet, it was essentially transparent and clung to every curve. The HOA had a neighborhood barbeque around the pool. She agreed to trip and fall in.

She might as well have been naked.

Pretty brunette stripping and fingering in stockings panties and stilettos dress clung to her shapely ass and gave her shave pussy a nice cameltoe and her tits were there for all to admire.

She went on with the party as if nothing had happened and being the social butterfly that she is flirted and visited with all of the neighbors.

Lots of admiring looks from the men and whispers from their wives. She enjoyed that, but we decided that we needed to find a way to take it up a notch. Driving home from work one day I say a sign about amateur night at the strip club and that gave me an idea. It was to have a guys-only party to watch football for some of my neighbors and coworkers. Jackie would just be there to serve drinks, etc. During halftime I would say that I was trying to get Jackie to go to amateur night but that she was refusing.

She would protest that she didn't know how to strip dance and she would look like a fool. The idea would be that she just needed practice and that eventually she would agree to dance for us. It worked perfectly.

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After the practice dance, which was exceptional, I asked her to stay naked while she served us so that she could get more comfortable with it. I noticed that she continued being flirtatious, even naked. I hadn't discussed this with Jackie, but after the game I suggested to her that she need to practice doing a lap dance. She wasn't sure what that was, but I explained to her that she could sit on the guys lap and touch him anyway she wanted, but that he could not touch her.

She was hesitant at first, but with the cajoling of everybody she relented saying, "hell I'm naked already." Well, as she went around the room and gave everybody a dance, the not touching part was only marginally successful and she got pretty well groped, but didn't complain. The long and the short of it now is that Jackie will expose herself in any way that I want her to.