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Big natural euro tits on mona lee pornstar and knockers
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The story so far: Phil's girlfriend, Sadie, has a teenage daughter called Kiara. By now Phil has raped the young girl twice, indifferent to the fact that she has her own boyfriend: Jake. This chapter follows straight on from the last, with Kiara sleeping upstairs, exhausted from the latest assault.

Phil and Sadie stood in the kitchen, holding each other for a good while, looking lovingly into each other's eyes. The only difference between them was that her feelings towards him were actually genuine. Eventually she broke the silence. "You know what we haven't done for a while?" She smiled coyly at him and reached down to grab at the front of his trousers, feeling his cock stiffen a little at the touch. He played dumb, but it didn't stop her from winking knowingly.

"C'mon, let's go upstairs," she hissed. "We haven't done it in ages this isnt the cream pie your grandmother left in the window juicy Kiara's asleep now. It's our ideal chance." She whispered like an excited little girl, pushing her sagging f-cup breasts forward enthusiastically. They jiggled, only just about staying bundled in her tight dress. Her eyes were pleading as she continued to stroke his cock.

It was getting harder under her fingers, but it was less to do with her cleavage, and more to do with having lain next to Kiara in her bed a few minutes beforehand. He tried to laugh off her suggestion, keeping the mood as light as possible.

"Hey. I thought you had a headache from work," he teased, patting her playfully on the back. He looked down into her dull tired eyes, the greasy stark lipstick still caked on her mouth. He was baffled as to what he'd ever actually seen in her horribly unsubtle appearance.

"We're a bit past being teenagers and afternoon delight by now anyway aren't we?" He gave her one last squeeze before moving off to stand by the back door, looking thoughtfully out through the glass.

"Anyway. Aren't you worried about Kiara? I am." She looked helplessly on, feeling the bitter sting of rejection. "Well yeh, of course I am but, she's getting some rest now. You said yourself she'll be fine. Oh please Phil, it's been three weeks since we had sex, why not now?" He could hear hurt in her voice and he realised his place in her good books was slowly slipping away. She frowned and turned away, sloping off through to the lounge and dropping miserably onto the sofa.

She began flicking through television channels she wasn't interested in. Her thoughts trailed away a little to how much she loved him and yet had seen so little affection reciprocated recently. Why was it suddenly too much to ask for a little intimacy between them?

Phil was observing a little bird resting on a branch of the tree in the back garden. As it eventually splayed its wings and fluttered away he turned and noticed Sadie's steely eyes glued on the TV screen. "It's fine," she called through to him.

"I know you don't find me attractive anymore anyway. I've come to realise that much. You could at least admit it." His temper nearly spiked and he was very tempted to riposte with the truth: Exactly Sadie, you make yourself look like a cheap tart and your daughter is beautiful in comparison.

He knew what that would cost him though and bit his tongue ages before anything came out. Instead, he wandered over and plucked the remote from her grip, sitting down and engulfing her in a warm hug. "Hey. Come on, it's not like that baby. You know I hate it when you talk like that. It's not as if I don't love you. You know I still find you totally gorgeous." The lies tumbled easily from his lips and he forced himself to kiss her deeply.

Right now he'd go through anything to keep their relationship healthy and remain firmly within the household. "I'm just doing a lot recently. Like I said, the foreman's going mad at us on the site all the time. As well as that I'm trying my best to help you out with Kiara and all her dramas going on." He felt her starting to thaw at his words and ducked his head to kiss briefly at her podgy neck. "I miss our fun just as much as you do baby.

I'll make it all up to you tonight in bed, ok?" Even as he spoke, he was already dreading it. Jail teen tag teamed by a male and a female officer it would definitely be worth it to keep the peace. "You promise I'm still sexy?" she asked, sucking in her rounded stomach a bit. He didn't look down, but stroked a thumb over her cheek.

"Course you are," he reassured her glibly. "Aww baby," she cooed in response. "I'm sorry. I know I'm just silly sometimes. I don't mean to be so insecure." She grinned broadly before giggling, smearing her scratchy red nails along the lipstick stain she'd left on his lips.

"You better go wash it off, it's not as attractive on you as it is on me." She laughed loudly at her own joke, shoving him a bit and getting up to finish making the meal. He almost flinched at the screechy laugh, but got up, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. Despite the racket, it was wonderful that she was in high spirits again.

He already knew what he was going to be picturing later tonight when she was naked under the covers. As if on cue, her mum mentioned her daughter's name and he snapped out of it: "Could you get Kiara?

She needs her dinner at least." He made his way slowly to the stairs and she caught his attention again on the way past. "And be gentle with her yeh?" She waved the masher in his direction before starting to slam it down on the peeled potatoes.

He nodded briefly, then ascended the stairs and let himself into Kiara's bedroom. He crept over to her sleeping figure and looked down. How could he ever find another woman sexually attractive now he'd had her. It felt almost like betrayal that he was actually going to have to put his cock inside her mum later.

He leaned down to kiss her forehead. "Kiara. Kiara." he repeated it a little more loudly, trying to help her stir. As she slowly opened her eyes he smiled. "Your mum says you have to come down for dinner." he reached under the covers and pulled softly at her hand. She groaned hoarsely and gave a half-hearted attempt to break free of his grip. It was in vain though and she was left looking drowsily up at him, a dank feeling of dread lying in her stomach.

She slowly clambered out of bed, swaying a little from the sudden movement. She saw his hulking figure standing in her way and tried to move around it. He still had hold of her hand though and he was starting to stroke her arm gently. She grew tense at the caresses, but the more she tried to pull free, the firmer his grip seemed to get. She took a deep breath and resolved to simply stay calm.

"What're we having?" she mumbled, still trying to minimise the contact pickedup hitchhiking teen fucked in a car them as they walked. "I'm not sure, pie and mash it looked like." they reached the top of the stairs and he squeezed her fingers, being mindful to make sure she was steady in her footing.

"That's it, slowly now. I told your mum about Jake upsetting you earlier. I'm' glad you're calmer now though." She ignored him and took the stairs quickly, anxious to get down to where her mum was.

At least when they were together as a three she could feel somewhat safer. He made sure to take them through the kitchen, still guiding the young girl, and practically lifting her into her chair at the table.

Before he sat down himself, he leaned to give her mum a big kiss. "Looks as delicious as you sweetheart," he said, taking his place and picking up his knife and fork. She chuckled at his stupid flirtation and felt him squeeze her knee in return, reminding her of the promise they were on for later.

Sadie noticed Kiara's dismal expression and looked concerned. She planted a hand over the younger girl's on the table. "Try not to think about him sweetie. Have your dinner. It'll make you feel better." Her advice paused and Phil quickly chipped in. "Your mum's right Kiara. Just forget him. He's really not worth it." As soon as he mentioned Jake in such a disparaging way, Kiara felt anger welling up inside her.

The fact that he'd got her own innocent boyfriend in trouble with her mother, just to save his own skin made her feel sick. "Yes mum," she said quietly, forcing herself to eat a few mouthfuls. Her stomach didn't seem to want to take anything on today though and every swallow was torturous.

In spite of her nap, she still felt weak and flushed. Looking at the two of them all loved up was hard to bear and she cast her eyes downwards instead. Unfortunately, the only sight that greeted her was the smooth wooden dinner table, the exact spot where she'd been brutally fucked only an hour ago.

She wanted to stand up right there and tell her mum everything. She imagined herself letting it all out in one yelling torrent. The drunken rape, the forced blow job, the real reason why she was so upset this afternoon.

The whole story. Yet, however badly she wanted to do just that, she couldn't. What was this strange fear that always gripped her in Phil's presence? A strange dull power that he seemed to emit, making sure she kept her mouth shut, despite everything she had to expose. After painfully managing three or more mouthfuls of her dinner, she pushed the plate away and stood up, not saying a word as she stormed away up to her room.

She desperately slammed the door, and grabbed her phone. Collapsing onto her bed, she saw 3 missed calls and 4 new messages from Jake.

She grinned as she read through the texts and eagerly called him back, rejoicing at the sound of his voice down the line. It seemed that despite all the horror going on here at home, just with a few sweet words, Jake could make everything seem all right again.

They quickly confessed their boys fucking outdoor tube porn for each other and before too long they'd already arranged to meet at the shopping centre early the next day. Downstairs, her mum hung her head. "Why am I such a bad mother with her Phil?" He lay his cutlery down and offered her consolation, sindy lange gets fucked till she squirts pornstar hardcore though he'd much rather have followed Kiara up to her room to give her a hug.

"Don't you ever say that. You are a fantastic mum. All teenagers go through it. It's that boyfriend of hers. You'd not eat for days if I stopped talking to you." he grinned and kissed her, leaving her chuckling at the idea.

"Says who?" she teased back, raising her eyebrows coquettishly. They laughed at their own saccharin flirting and he kissed her before they got back on with their meals. Kiara turned over and lay back in her bed as her phone conversation with Jake continued. They finalised the details of their date tomorrow. They could meet up, wander around the shops and also grab a bite to eat for lunch.

The bonus would be that they'd be fine there. Phil would be at work at the building site, and as long as he didn't find out about it, he wouldn't have any ideas of coming anywhere near. As soon as she hung up the phone, she jumped up and grinned at the screen. All of a sudden she felt calm and empowered.

Jake made her feel safe somehow. She knew as long as she had him, she could cope with most things. She'd be in love with him forever, and one day she could leave this horrible place and escape the clutches of that evil bastard once and for all. She kissed the phone screen as if she were kissing Jake and then lay down on top of her covers, still texting him a little longer.

Soon they were wishing each other goodnight and she rubbed her eyes as tiredness started to creep over her. In the kitchen, Phil and her mum were going through the daily bind of washing up the larger crockery, and stacking the rest into the dishwasher.

Sadie seemed distracted, and after some probing, she eventually confessed to him that she was still fretting about her daughter's mood swings.

"I'll just go and check on her," she said resolutely, flinging the tea towel down and flouncing out the door before Phil could even protest. She knocked lightly on her daughter's bedroom door, opening it after getting no response. "Sweetie?" She came inside, noticing Kiara's eyes glued on her phone screen. She was delighted as the girl turned and there was a smile on her face. Sadie came to perch on the edge of her bed, reaching a hand out to stroke lovingly over her back.

"You feeling a bit better now?" "Yes mum," she said brightly. "Me and Jake have sorted things out." Sadie looked shocked at the development, but leaned down and embraced her daughter tightly.

"Aww that's brilliant news!" She sat back upright and levelled her eyes with her daughter's. "But listen.

Are you sure he makes you happy? I mean, are you absolutely sure he's right for you?" Kiara went to speak, but then shut her mouth again and nodded resolutely. "Definitely mum. He really really does." Sadie grinned.

"Then that's all that's important. I trust flexible babe sasha rose makes exercises against the fireplace decision you know. It's like me and Phil.

He makes me happy, and I know he always will. I won't pass judgement on you and Jake. You're old enough for that yourselves. If anyone said I should leave Phil I don't know what I'd do.

He's my life now. You know what I mean?" She'd always spoken openly with her daughter about their personal lives. She believed in earning trust by showing it, and ever since the lightning relationship with Phil had started, she'd been as up-front as she could be.

Kiara's insides flipped over as she heard her mum depicting her boyfriend as some kind of hero. She caught sight of the loved up expression on her face as she talked, and felt that terrible pang of guilt run through her again. She couldn't just shatter her mum's world like that, it wouldn't be fair. She nodded again and tried quickly to weave the subject elsewhere. "Mum?" She sat up and braced herself to ask. "Jake and I were thinking. It's our anniversary next week. We've been together six months and." She grabbed her phone again and fidgeted with it nervously.

"Well we were thinking of staying at the campsite near his place. for the night." Can we?" She looked expectantly, hoping her mum's good mood would mean she'd agree.

"Please mum, he's really sorry for upsetting me, I love him." She sensed hesitation and wrapped her arms around her mother's neck, giving her best imploring eyes. Sadie sensed the girl's desperation and easily relented, reaching up to stroke her hair.

"Well look, as long as you're careful. You know what I mean by that don't you? As long as both of you are careful enough, then of course you can go." Sadie pulled back and blinked emotionally as she regarded the teenager before her.

"Wow. My little girl really is growing up isn't she." She planted a kiss on her forehead before getting up, wiping her moist eyes with her hand. "We'll sort out more about it nearer the time ok? Now you get some more rest. It's good to see you happy again sweetie." As her mother made her way out, Kiara dropped onto her back, relieved and excited.

She was finally feeling better about things and her excitement burst through her as she lay on her bed, grinning happily. She sprang to her feet and stripped down to her underwear, slipping on an old oversized T-shirt of Jakes before getting back onto the bed.

She messaged Jake once more to let him know the good news, before settling back and sprawling herself out on her covers. The door had been left in britain its better to shag indoors, but even before she could summon the strength to push it to, she was drifting off to sleep. For the first time in a whole week she slept soundly, not haunted by any nightmares.

Her hair was a mess and layered out on the pillow around her head as she dropped off. Her mother smiled contentedly to herself as she headed back down the stairs. She entered the lounge and found Phil lying stretched out on the sofa, idly channel hopping.

"Well everything in paradise is ok again," she sighed as she dropped down onto his lap. He looked up, slightly startled as she snuggled up to him.

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"Oh yeh, she's all smiles again up there. They're off on some camping trip next week apparently." The remote almost fell from his hand as he heard her speak. He looked whetted daggers at her. He assworship babes teasing with their bigasses compilation and fetish believe it. Kiara had actually sneaked in first and had already mentioned this anniversary nonsense to her.

She saw his reaction and pressed her lips against his sleeve. "I know, I know. She's only young and everything but. well she loves him and I want her to be happy." his skin crawled and he had to press his mouth shut before he let fly at her.

"I just saw how excited she was about it," she continued obliviously. "And we have to remember that it's not very easy for her, seeing her mum so much in love too." Her hand crept over to his lap and squeezed. "It's not fair for us to be going at it like rabbits all the time. We can't just do that and then stop her from exploring her own sexuality. I mean, we're not hypocrites are we?" She shifted a little and pulled his arm around her plump frame.

"You're not mad are you baby?" She gave him her wide puppy eyes and, though he was seething under the surface, he kissed her and calmly shook his head. "Course not baby." She grinned and squeezed harder, leaning in and trying to give a sultry whisper. "Talking of that, what about I go and have a shower, freshen up, and then we can have our.

early night." He groaned inside, but his expression stayed fixed. "Sure baby. I'll just watch the rest of this and then join you upstairs, ok?" She kissed him and rubbed her hands before heaving herself up to shoot off. He sat back frowning, still extremely agitated about Kiara letting her plans out. As he heard the bathroom door shut, he stood, fully intent on going up to convince the girl again that she would have to cancel the trip.

He traipsed bitterly up the stairs, trying to keep a lid on his burning anger. He could just imagine the sugary smile on her face as she asked her mum for permission to let the boy take her to a tent for the night and fuck her.

He came to a halt outside the door, deciding that it would probably just be better to look in on her, and leave it for tonight if she'd already fallen asleep. He peered in through the crack in the door and any ideas of that were quickly extinguished. Kiara lay there, smiling blissfully as she dozed, the t shirt riding up a little over her thighs, letting her laced, cotton baby blue and white polka dot panties come into view, the little white satin bow at the front on the elastic line peaking out.

His heart leapt, and His anger melted away as he watched her chest gently rising and falling, her bare legs spread slightly apart. She looked so happy and content there. He blinked, imagining being able to come in, ease those little panties down and slowly fuck her, not disturbing that carefree expression even once. He had to put the idea out of his mind, knowing it was impossible.

Yet, even as he watched, his hand began to move as if in rebellion. Before his mind had a chance to intervene, he there are always more women than stunt brunette and blonde swinging the door open wide and stepping in. All of a sudden he was in her room, cupping his groin and looking her all over.

Why had she fallen asleep with her legs apart? And with the door open? The thoughts shot through his mind, even though he knew he should be saving his erection for her mum's pleasure. She groaned quietly in her sleep and tilted her head to the side, her body shifting a little.

Tonight her dreams were clear and bright and she was too deep in sleep to even sense him in the room. In her mind, she was laying down in the tent, her legs open, a broad smile on her face as Jake leaned over her and planted his lips on hers. They kissed, pulling each other into a passionate embrace before he shed his boxers, pulled his 6 inch erection out and guided it to her already moist hole. She moaned out as the dream progressed and he pushed in gently. They were actually having sex for the first time and now the dream was so welcoming, her body didn't even want to wake up from it.

Phil stood stock still, observing her. As soon as he heard her give a soft moan, he needed no more encouragement. His skin tingled as he took light steps towards her bed. His breathing was shallow as he reached forward, taking the hem of her top between finger and thumb, lifting it high and pulling it above her breasts. There was no friction at all as he uncovered her firm mounds, moulding his hand tighter around his dick through his overalls at the sight.

It had only been a few hours since he was slamming his cock up inside her on the dinner table, and yet he wanted her like never before. Almost unconsciously, he lowered his fly. By now his inner voice was also starting to add ardour to the flames. Go on, just a quick fuck, it'll help you picture her clearly in a minute when you're with her mum.

Hurry up! She wants your cock inside her! He had no way of resisting, and almost before he knew it, he was delicately pulling her panties to one side, revealing her light downy pubic hair, her smooth pink pussy lips underneath. His mouth watered at the sight and he reached into his trousers, grasping his throbbing length and bringing it out.

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In the background he could hear Sadie next door, flicking the shower on. He moved swiftly and knelt between Kiara's feet, trying not to press down on the sheets too much. He couldn't resist that beautiful sweet face, no matter what he did. If he could just slip his cock inside her pussy, it'd be the first time without her kicking and screaming.

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He spat onto his palm and rubbed the moisture all over his tip, then moved into position at her opening. He felt a little wetness there already, and he wondered if she was dreaming about him. He looked down into her closed eyes, her lips curled upwards at her private thoughts. He leaned forward, pushing the head subtly at her slick pink folds, feeling them instantly spread open and let him past. She moaned a little louder as he applied some pressure and eased himself in. She opened her legs wider, imagining that she was really having sex with Jake.

She smiled and even weakly lifted her legs in the air, letting him have more access to her. The more he pushed in, the more her hot pussy swallowed him deep, inch by inch. The pictures intensified in her dreams and she groaned out in pleasure, arching her back as Phil began to gently slide in and out of her. She felt Jake lean his head down to kiss her, and she lifted her face up to meet it, inadvertently kissing her attacker, allowing his tongue into her own mouth.

He smiled at her willingness, even though her eyes stayed firmly closed and he knew she was sleeping as she did it. He mouthed words silently down at her, adding a voice to them in his own head. 'that's it, that's it my baby.

Take that cock deeper, that's It.' he kissed her back tenderly, not wanting to disturb her slumber. He held himself up off of her bed, his mouth and his cock the only parts of him in contact with her. He didn't want to admit to himself whom she might be dreaming of. As far as he was concerned, she was imagining him. He pretended she was fully awake, freely giving him her pussy.

He fucked inside her gently, only using three quarters of his dick to penetrate her slippery tunnel. He kept his lips parted slightly, doing his best to keep his breathing silent. It was extremely blonde jiggles jizzy jugs pornstars and big tits considering how incredible her pussy was feeling.

He was enjoying every single second of it, resisting the gripping temptation to just let go and pound the sleeping girl hard into her mattress and cum. Her mum had started singing away shrilly in the shower and as the distant muffled sounds reached his ears, he was gmb id babe sex stories porn thankful there was a wall between her and them.

She might not be squawking so cheerfully if she were to look over and catch him raping her daughter's unconscious body. Kiara's nipples grazed over the front of his shirt as they moved, and he played her voice in his head, saying his name over and over, moaning out for him to fuck her harder.

He did so, now gliding in all the way and letting her pussy close over the whole of his thick length. As his lust for her took him over, he completely forgot that he needed to save his load for her mum. Even when he did remember, he dismissed it. He had to cum inside Kiara like this, concluding their glorious gentle sex here together. He couldn't refuse her as she kissed him eagerly, her thighs open for him. only for him. In her dream, a warm feeling was starting to spread out through her whole body and as the cock moved faster in and out of her, it felt so good.

Her cheeks flushed red in the tent as she handed herself totally over to the feelings, just wanting to carry on. She was willing the person between her legs to just carry on feeding that thickness in and out of her dripping hole, and keep her feeling so turned on.

She wrapped her arms around the figure above her, and scratched her freshly cut nails over his back as she arched her own.

The feelings were reaching some sort of conclusion. She pushed herself eagerly towards it, splaying her legs wider to surrender herself over to it fully.

Her body trembled and her lips parted as she started to experience her first orgasm with a real cock moving inside her. Stars flashed inside her head as she came hard, the unconscious feelings swamping her. She could smell Jake's cologne above her.

She could see his deep eyes. She was there. She was really there and it was heaven as she felt potent waves of orgasmic pleasure engulf her whole body. Right then she would've sworn on anything that it was Jake's cock that she'd just cum hard over.

His body tensed up and he stayed totally still, his hot cum rushing out of his cock and flooding her pussy. It was incredible as he felt her cum too, and His head spun as they experienced it together, him inside her, her with him.

For a second he was worried that the violent flexing of his cock inside the girl's body would definitely wake her up. She still seemed to be experiencing her own convulsions though and he was able to deposit his hot seed into her depths, unnoticed. After he was done, he pulled back, leaving just his tip resting between her warm labia.

The fuzzy tingling gradually died away and her body went limp. She relaxed, laying back down on the bed, spent and exhausted from the sex. 'I love you too,' she murmured, in an almost incoherent whisper. He was just getting his breath back as she mumbled the words out. He was sure for a fraction of a second that she was conscious, but then he saw her eyes were still well and truly shut. He pulled the rest of the way out and stood, letting her blue panties fall back in place and pulling her top back down.

He looked at the sheer material between her thighs, now soaking wet from his cum. There were some white streaks smeared on her thighs and he smiled, knowing that most of it would be held inside her pussy, ready for her to find in the morning. "I love you too Kiara." his mouth made the shape around the words, the mute whispers sounding deafening in his ears.

The rushing water next door was suddenly switched off and he paced quickly back to let himself out of the bedroom, feeling drained and emotional. He was elated as he walked back into his and Sadie's room, barely able to comprehend what just happened. He hurriedly stripped his dirty work clothes off and got into bed, using the sheet to make sure xxx story girl with black guy urdu free vide cock was totally dry from their combined juices.

He lay on his back, his mind still whirring from the encounter. He flinched as the bathroom door opened and he suddenly remembered what was meant to be coming next. The singing had stopped and he shut his eyes tight as her mum shuffled her slippers dejectedly into the bedroom.

She perched herself on the edge of the bed, her cold wet hair making him shiver as she leaned down, frowning. "Baby?" she whispered gently.

He couldn't even pretend to be asleep now either. "Hmmm?" he responded, lifting his eyelids again to look at her. She screwed up her eyes, looking sheepish. "You're gonna absolutely hate me.

But we can't. you know. have sex." his heart leapt in his chest, but he kept a quizzical expression as he looked up at her. "I've come on," she confessed. "I'm really sorry baby. I didn't think it would be tonight." He tried not to look too relieved as he cupped her cheek and kissed her. "Aww hey, don't worry. It's not your fault. We can just wait and do it in a few days yeh?" She nodded eagerly, snaking a hand under the covers and searching for his cock.

"I can still sort out Little Phil here though if you want." Her tongue shot out and licked playfully across her lips, but he just shook his head. That was the last thing he needed right now, Sadie doing her clumsy blow job act on him. As well as that she might sense the musky aroma of a pussy all over his cock and get suspicious. "You are very sweet baby but it's not really fair. Come on, just cuddle up with me here." She drew her hand back out into the open, and kissed him back, getting up to go around to her side of the bed.

She pulled her nightie on over her rotund figure and checked herself out in the mirror. She smiled weakly juvenile oriental slut didlo tease japanese and hardcore at herself and slipped under the covers. After putting her damp towel down over the pillows, she turned on her side, away from him.

Almost by way of thanks for letting him off, he turned over and moved up behind her, pulling an arm out of the bed to wrap around her figure.

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He stayed in that position as she slowly drifted off into a deep, snoring sleep, curling herself up more into his warmth. He could at least smile that, although he was in bed with this lady, he'd twice had sex with the one he really loved today instead. In the adjoining room, Kiara shut her legs and also turned over onto her side, ensuring the cum stayed firmly where it was.

She was still smiling to herself as Jake wrapped his arm around her and they slept soundly through the night, her mind believing the two of them had just shared an intimate, loving moment together under the stars. She slept on, blissfully unaware of the latest surprise that had been left for her to discover in her panties next morning.