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Big ass milf miss bunny nailed by a big cock
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The door was opened on the 2nd knock. 'Yes?" inquired the man who answered. She felt a sudden shyness creeping in, but sensing he wouldn't be one to tolerate weakness in any form, cleared her throat, and said "I'm here about the position, sir." He casually looked her up and down, knowing all the while that the longer he took to let her in, the more she would squirm. But if this was going to happen, he needed to let her know up front that he was calling the shots. "Come in," he said finally.

She entered the villa and found herself immediately in the dining area. A small table and 2 chairs were set up in the small space that served as a kitchen. He took a seat in the farthest chair and continued looking her over. Not sure if this was an invitation or not, she started towards the other chair. "I didn't say you could sit," he interjected. She could feel herself blushing, and wasn't quite sure what he expected. Fortunately, he didn't make her wait long before continuing. "You can either stand or kneel while I conduct the interview." "Yes, sir" she said, opting to kneel.

At least then she didn't feel like she was on display towering over him. "I'm going to ask you some questions. If I feel like you aren't being truthful, or giving me as much information as you should, the interview will be terminated and you will be escorted out.

Is that clear?" "Yes, sir," she replied, afraid to look him in the face. "Do you understand what it is you are interviewing for?" he asked. "I think so, sir. You're looking for someone to become your servant&hellip.sexually." She risked taking a peek at him for confirmation. "That's right. Have you ever been submissive to someone before?" "To some degree, sir. I mean, I've done some role playing with various boyfriends, but never really where it was expected 24/7." "Tell me what they would have you do," he demanded "Usual stuff, I guess&hellip." she started, then remembered his earlier warning.

"Most often, I would let them tell me what to do. Like they would order me to kneel and suck their cocks. Sometimes they would spank me. One liked to fuck me in the ass-but he only did that once." "And did you like it?" "It was a little awkward, sir& chubby milf jump on cock in taxi stockings and fingering a little at first, but then I liked it once he got going&hellip." She trailed off, hoping that was enough information.

It seemed to be, because his next question was: "And how busty milf cumcovered after interracial trio anal you say you are at sucking cock?" "I've never had any complaints, sir." She answered, hoping that wasn't too insolent of a response. He chuckled softly, so she was safe. "I'm sure you haven't. I'm sure you're a good cock-sucking little whore." He brought a bag up from underneath the table and started rummaging through it, pulling out a dildo that very realistically resembled a penis.

"I want you to show me how you sucked them off" he said, passing it to her, and adding "while you're at it, take your tits out. They look nice and big, but I want to see firsthand" She pulled the top of her dress down, and worked her arms out of her bra-throwing it off to the side. Somehow, with just her tits hanging out, she felt more exposed than if she had been completely naked. She brought the cock up to her mouth.

Her embarrassment was at a peak now. She had certainly sucked her share of men off, but there was always that intimate connection of actual contact to get her through it-not this disconnected sterility. He had called her a whore, and that was definitely what she felt like as she raised the fake cock to her mouth. Unsure of where to look, she decided to just close her eyes, and pretend as much as possible that she was sucking the real thing. The dildo was maybe 6 inches long, and fairly wide.

She started by sucking the shaft, taking it into her mouth as deep as she could without gagging, and slowly old school amateur porn 3 tube porn it back out…so the tip was just barely in her mouth still.

In and out she went, getting more into the act as she imagined it being his cock she was pleasing. She moaned at that thought, and then took the cock out of her mouth, and holding it in place, ran her tongue up and down, all around, rubbing the tip on her lips. She had almost forgotten she was being watched and evaluated when his voice cut in. "I think you'll pass that part just fine. Now get up and bend over the table, but keep sucking that cock." She was relieved, because this meant he was going to fuck her now, and that horrible feeling of being on display would end.

She could hear him rummaging around in his bag again, and a few seconds later, felt the cold lube being rubbed on her asshole. She was slightly nervous, being she was relatively inexperienced "back there," but she was determined to do the best she could. Instead of the zipper she expected to hear, she heard him bring yet another item out of the bag, and a moment later that item was being inserted without any preamble into her ass. The shock of this foreign object being shoved into her ass, most likely a butt plug judging from the feel, made her stop sucking her fake cock.

She was punished for this lapse with a few sharp slaps to her ass. "I didn't tell you to quit," he said. "I'm sorry&hellip.sir" she said before going back to sucking, and thinking "what else is he going to pull out of that bag?" Plenty, as she soon found out. Sexxxxx hot sex story com the time he was done, she was still sucking on the dildo, her ass was filled with the plug, a collar had been attached around her neck, with a leash hanging from it, clamps were placed on her hard nipples, and a second dildo had been inserted into her dripping pussy.

"I think I've seen enough," he said. "you'll do just fine. Go wait for me in the corner while I prepare the things needed for your training." It felt like she had been in the corner for an eternity, though it had more likely been just 10 minutes or so. He had given her permission to stop sucking on the fake cock, and had mercifully removed the nipple clamps.

Now she simply waited for his next instruction, the dildo and plug still filling her holes, and her nipples throbbing since being freed from the clamps. He walked up behind her and picked up the leash. Without saying a word, he gave it a tug, indicating she was to follow him. Getting on all fours, she struggled to keep pace with him as he led her around the villa, and upstairs to the bedroom. "You did a good job keeping that dildo and plug in place," he said "Thank you, sir" "Regardless, I'm going to punish you now.

Do you know why?" "I don't know, sir&hellip." she replied, feeling a bit apprehensive. "Because I want to," he said, watching her reaction before adding "and I think it's important for you to know what the consequences will be if you don't please me. It's only fair to give you an idea of what I expect out of you before you sign the paperwork accepting the position." He began taking off his belt. "I want you to bend over that desk. I'm going to give you 10 strokes with my belt, as hard as I can.

You're going to count them, and when I'm done you're going to thank me. Then you're going to go kneel in the corner, and when you are ready to accept the next 10, you're going to crawl over to me and ask me to whip you again. Understand?" "Yes, sir" she answered, and feeling more than a little shaky, got up and bent over the desk.

She didn't have long to wait before the first strike.

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**WHACK** The force took her breath away, but she managed to get out "one, sir" **WHACK** "two, sir" **WHACK** "three, sir" **WHACK** the fourth landed exactly where the third had, and her hands instinctively flew to her ass. "Remove your hands-NOW. Next time you do that, we start over." "I'm s-sorry, sir" she stammered, placing her hands back on the desk and wondering how she could possibly make it through the next six, which reminded her to say "four, sir" **WHACK** "five, sir" **WHACK** "six, sir" **WHACK** **WHACK** **WHACK** **WHACK** "ten, sir.

thank you, sir" Her ass throbbing, she took her place in the corner while he sat in a chair, picking up a paper to read. Her ass was on fire, and the throbbing only made her that much more aware of the plug still stuffed in her ass.

It felt 10X bigger than it had before, and she could feel her pussy getting wetter and wetter. In spite of the pain of the whipping, what she wanted more than anything was to take the dildo in her pussy, and move it in and out, fucking herself…or better yet, get him to fuck her. He still hadn't laid a hand on her, and being so exposed and humiliated in front of him without the release of his contact was driving her crazy.

She didn't even care so much if he touched her right at this moment, if he would just let her suck on his cock…&hellip.

She couldn't stand the suspense, and even though she wasn't sure if she would be able to withstand another whipping so soon after the first, she couldn't kneel in the corner anymore. She determined it would be best to get the pain out of the way, and then at least she would hopefully be closer to the pleasurable acts. She crawled over to him. "May I please have the rest of my whipping, sir?" She asked He put down the paper.

"So soon? You are a naughty girl, aren't frisky lesbians fill up their big asses with milk and burst it out "Yes, sir" she replied, not sure if she should risk voicing a question to him. Thankfully he seemed to sense that she wanted to say something else, and gave her permission to do so.

"I'm probably not supposed to ask, sir&hellip.but may I please suck your cock? Please? It's all I was thinking about when I was in the corner&hellip." she trailed off, thinking she'd probably said too much. "You're not just trying to get out of your whipping, are you-because that would upset me." "Oh, no sir, you can even give me extra if you want.

I just really, really, want to taste your cock in my mouth" He thought about it for a minute. "Let's see how bad you want it. If you agree to take 15 this time, I'll let you suck me off first" "Oh yes, sir! Thank you, sir," she said as he unzipped his fly and brought his cock out. She began sucking his thick shaft, working her tongue around it, and taking it deep when he pulled on her leash-almost gagging, but never stopping. She wanted to suck his cock all night, and was deeply disappointed when he pulled back on aziani iron brandi mae female bodybuilder with huge clit leash, but he was ready to cum, and shot it all over her face.

"Lick it clean" he said, holding his cock in front of her. She ran her tongue up and down, getting every last bit of cum off of it, and not daring to make any attempt to clean the rest off of her face, where she could feel it already starting to dry.

Without being told, she returned to the desk to receive the second half of her whipping, wondering what else might be in store for her once that was done. He ended up whipping her a bit harder than he had intended, but still, she handled it magnificently, even remembering to thank him when it was finally over.

Stepping out of character for a moment, he asked "Are you doing OK?" Her ass was beet red, with long angry welts striped across it. Tears were streaming down her cheeks. She was a little surprised at his concern, but then, she really had no idea that he hadn't intended her whipping to be so severe.

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"Yes, sir. I'm fine" she replied, knowing that while she was going to feel this whipping for a long time, the worst of it was over.

The heat that was radiating through her lower half now was only serving to heighten her arousal. Again, as if able to read her mind, he placed his hand on her crimson ass. The intensity of the heat aroused him as well, and before he knew it, he was removing the plug and probing with his cock to get inside.

She let out a little gasp as he made his way in, then couldn't help herself and moaned in pleasure when he finally got past that final resistance and began working his cock in and out. "ooohh, thank you sir.

God that feels so good" "Only whores like to be fucked in the ass, you know" he taunted "are you a whore?" "yes, sir" she replied "yes, sir, what?" "I'm a whore, sir" "And what do whores like?" "Whores like being fucked in the ass, sir" "That's right.

And whose whore are you?" he asked "I'm your whore, sir" she answered as his cock thrust in and out of her ass. As his pace intensified, he grabbed hold of her leash, and pulled, forcing her into an almost standing position, pumping his cock faster and faster into her ass.

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Her moans intensified and she felt herself getting completely lost in the sensation-by far the best she'd ever experienced. "Keep it down whore, or I'll have to find something to gag you with," he warned, not wanting the guests in the next villa to hear.

Not waiting to see if she would comply or not, he took the plug off the desk and forced it into her mouth. "After I cum in your ass, you're going to take that plug and put it back in. Make sure you're quick about it. Any spills on the floor, and you're going to be licking it up.

Do you understand?" Unable to speak, and barely able to move her head with the firm grip he had on her leash, she managed a small nod, and waited for his command. It wasn't long in coming. "Now" was all he said, letting up on her leash. She moved as quickly as she could removing the plug from her mouth and sliding it back into her ass, but she could feel some of his juice leaking out. "I see you spilled some, whore. You know what to do" She got down on her hands and knees, searching the carpet.

She spied several small spots and tentatively stuck her tongue out to lick them up. Sensing her hesitation, he put his foot on the back of her head, forcing her face to be buried in the pile. She closed her eyes and stuck her tongue out as far as she could, licking the small drops of cum and getting a mouthful of dry carpet at the same time.

He brazzers dirty ts at fuck shool teen xxxxx her head in place, and wasn't satisfied until she had been at it for two or three minutes. Her mouth was dry, and she longed for a drink of water. He picked up her leash again, and led her down the hall to the bathroom, where he filled a cup with water and placed it on the floor. She didn't need any instruction from him to know he expected her to lap it up like a lowly dog, which she happily did.

Anything was better than the dry, nasty taste of the carpet in her mouth. When she was done, he spoke. "Seems to me you're not very appreciative of receiving my cum. Not only did you spill some, but I practically had to force you to clean up what you spilled. I thi---" "I tried sir!

I didn't mean to" she couldn't help but interrupt. She hadn't meant to displease him. He regarded her coolly for a minute. "I didn't ask a question, nor did I give you permission to speak. There will be punishment for that. Right now I think you need to taste some more of my cum." She was filled with relief thinking he just wanted another blow job. That was more pleasure than punishment. She was very far off, she discovered, when he gave his next order.

"Take the plug out of your ass, and lick all of my cum off of it." Having learned from the last incident, she did not hesitate at all. She quickly pulled the cum-covered plug out of her ass and licked it clean, her cheeks red from the humiliation. "Now for your punishment" he said when she was done. Her stomach knotted, she knew she wouldn't be able to handle another whipping like the one she had just received.

"I want you to go down to the kitchen, and find something I can spank you with. A spatula, wooden spoon, whatever. Make it quick" She didn't need to be told twice, and was in the kitchen in no time, rooting through the drawers, and settling on a rubber spatula. He seemed to approve of her choice, and told her to bed over the bathroom sink.

Her ass was still sore from the whipping, and she tensed up as she followed his command. "Spread your legs. Take the dildo out." he instructed, and without warning, brought the spatula up and made it land with a sharp "thwap" on her pussy. She was startled, but kept big boobs blonde wife longing for big black cock big dick and handjob position. Her pussy lips stung a bit, but it was no where near the pain inflicted on her ass, and she was grateful that her sore derri?

was being spared. That sentiment changed a bit after the 9th and 10th slaps, and once he reached 20, she thought she was close to being in tears again. The hits were no where near as intense as her whipping, but her pussy lips were considerably more tender than her ass, and her clit was engorged from the confusing stimulation. Mercifully, he stopped the attack and instructed her to turn around. "Hold your tits up for me" he told her.

Then he began the assault on her erect nipples. Again, no single stroke in itself was enough to cause pain, but receiving one smaller hit after another collectively was beginning to have the same effect. Just when she thought she wouldn't be able to handle any more, he would switch to the other nipple. Before long, she felt that every sensitive area on her body: ass, pussy, tits, was pulsating.

Standing there taking his continued abuse, she was acutely aware of her sexuality. Her face still carried his dried cum. There was cum drying in her ass, she could still feel the sting of his belt.

Her pussy was throbbing, and her tits were aching. "Do you think you've learned exploring a excited butt gap hardcore and blowjob lesson, slut?" he demanded "Yes, sir!

I won't speak out of turn again. I'm sorry sir" she said, glad he had put the daddy fucks his little girl first time bring your bosss daughter to work day down. "And?" he asked. She was drawing a blank. What else had she done? His eyes were penetrating…demanding an answer that she just couldn't form. Seeing she was stumped, he continued: "You didn't apologize for not appreciating my cum as much as you should.

Maybe we need to go back a step, and I need to teach you to be thankful for whatever it is I am giving you. Take off your dress and kneel in the tub" Her dress had been tucked up in back, revealing her ass, and the top was still down from his first instruction to expose her tits.

She removed it now completely and got into the tub. Unsure of exactly what was coming, she faced him. "Close the drain, and open your mouth" he ordered. "Maybe once you've tasted my piss, you'll be more grateful for my cum" After she did as instructed, he took his cock in hand, and let loose, spraying his hot piss on her face, in her mouth, and on her tits. She knelt there, taking it all, and feeling it pool in the tub around her knees.

When he was done, he gave her yet more instructions. "You can stay there until you think you've learned your lesson. Then clean yourself up and come find me. I'll let you know then if I still want you as my slave." To be continued……………