Hot milf rubs her pussy outdoors before getting banged

Hot milf rubs her pussy outdoors before getting banged
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The Futa Fairy Futa Fairies' Naughty Game Chapter Five: Mrs. Fatima & Cassie's Surprising Delight By mypenname3000 Copyright 2017 Mrs. Fatima Samara Water dripped off my body as I stretched my back, my large, dusky breasts thrusting before me.

My toes flexed in the soft sand of the riverbank on the autumn side of the Year's Divide. I smiled as Cassie, my young ally, swam the last few feet and reached the bank, crawling out on her knees. She breathed heavily, her red hair plastered to her face and shoulders, her round, barely legal breasts swaying. My futa-dick throbbed at the sight of her. I had a harem of barely legal beauties waiting for me in the real world. The daughters of my sister and me. I loved all of them. I had bred all of them, loving the incestuous thrill of pumping my futa-cum into their fertile wombs.

So I had to win. And I had help. Cassie and I would do well together. "I thought you could swim better than that," I said. "Aren't you attractive teen chick cant live without big dick cheerleader?" "I thought so, too," she said.

I stepped closer, extending my hand to help her stand, when I saw movement out of the corner of my eye. A petite woman with the pale-olive complexion of a Far Eastern Asian rose from behind a bush down the river, a futa-cock thrusting hard before her, her hand throwing something at us. Something pale. Fear hammered through us as a cloud of fridge air hurtled at us from the Winter futa. My motherly instincts kicked in. I grabbed Cassie, hauling her to her feet and putting my back between her and the attack.

"Mrs. Fatima?" she yelped right before the attack hit me. I gasped. A chill swept through my body. I pitched forward into Cassie as my limbs went rigid.

My muscles froze as the cold invaded my entire body. I bounced off the girl, knocking her behind the nearby boulder thrusting out of the ground. I hit the sandy beach on my right side, rolled onto my back, and stared up at the sky. "Mrs. Fatima!" screeched Cassie.

The redhead threw herself down beside me, grabbing my arm, trying to move me. Steam rose fuckable brunette doing it outdoors exhibitionist hardcore my immobile body. My eyes could move, I could breathe, but there was nothing else I could do. I tried to wiggle my fingers, my toes, felt them twitch, but a frozen grip held me. The Winter futa charged down the beach, crossing the distance fast.

She was lithe, her breasts small, her hair silky black. I struggled to open my jaw. I moaned, trying to speak but my lips wouldn't move, only my tongue inside my mouth, insulated from the frost.

"What is wrong?" Cassie asked. "Is it a fey? What—" The Winter futa slammed into her.

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Keily Reddings My heart beat with such joy as Deidre reached the bank of the Year's Divide, joining me on the autumn side. Her red hair clung to her shoulders and face, darkened by her swim across the river. She had such a joyous look in her blue eyes. Water dripped off her pink nipples and hard cock as she gained her feet on the sandy beach. She swept me up in a hug. Our naked bodies pressed tight.

I clutched to one girl 10 boy xxx story sister as she held me. Our futa-dick throbbed together, both hard and trapped against our stomachs. Her round breasts nudged against my smaller tits. And then our lips met. Such glorious, incestuous passion surged through me. I kissed my sister so hard, so glad to hold her. So glad that she loved me. My pregnant pussy clenched with excitement.

A hot itch burned inside of me even as my shoulders shook. Tears of pure joy fell down my cheeks as our lips worked together. We found each other. We were reunited. I never wanted to let Deidre go. My older sister stroked my back while my hands grabbed her rump. I dug my fingers into her flesh as our kiss grew hotter and hotter. I wasn't alone in this mess.

I had her. We could figure something out. There had to be a way for both of us to keep our futa-dicks. I just didn't know what that was. Pussy juices dribbled down my thighs. Every moment kissing her swelled my excitement. She was in my arms.

My wonderful sister held me. I groaned into the kiss, shuddering as we swayed together, our clit-dicks throbbing as they caressed each other. Such naughty tingles ran down to my pussy. I wanted to be in her snatch. I wanted her to be in my cunt.

I wanted to fuck her and wanted to be fucked. But we couldn't do either. I broke the kiss, my body shaking worse. What started as tears of joy became grief, fear. I sniffed, staring at her wet eyes. My glasses slipped on my nose as the world grew so blurry on the edges.

More tears fell hot down my cheeks. She shook, too. "I know." She stroked my auburn hair as I clung to her wet body. "I know." "What are we going to do?" "I don't know," Deidre answered, my sister giving me a soft smile, half-hopeful, half-fearful. "But we're together." "I love you!" I said, squeezing her tighter, our flat bellies pressed so tight. We were both only six weeks pregnant.

Neither of us were showing. But our daughters grew in each other's bellies. Proof of our incestuous love. We sank down to the ground, moving together. Thee sand was soft against my rump as we leaned against a rock, her arm around my shoulders, my arm around her waist.

She pulled me so close. I felt so safe. "I want to fuck you so badly," I whimpered. "I miss you so much." My futa-dick throbbed and twitched before me, waving in the air. "Me, too," she whimpered, such frustration in her voice.

"Me, too." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Cassandra "Cassie" Riley I rolled on the ground with the Winter futa. I knew her. Ms. Kim. She was the mother of Yunjin, a girl a year younger than me. We had the same chemistry class at my college.

Her mother became a futa a few months back. It turned around her failing business. Fear hammered in my heart. She was so strong for a woman so slim. She grunted as we rolled on the sand. Our futa-dicks smacked against each other as we tumbled. I was a cheerleader. I had a lithe and limber body. I squirmed and wrestled. I had to get away. I wasn't ready for this. I needed Mrs. Fatima. But she was. Frozen. "What did you do to her?" I shrieked. "Got her out of the way so we could have fun," Ms.

Kim purred, her slanted eyes burning with such hunger. She pinned me on my back. "I know how to deal with employees that our disobedient. And you're really no different." "Disobedient!" I hissed. "You're trying to take away my futa-dick." "You're trying to take away mine!" I let out a screech and bucked with my hip.

Mrs. Kim rolled off of me. I scrambled to my feet. I had to get away. Regroup. Think. How could I fight her? She froze Mrs. Fatima. She had magic powers somehow. That was so unfair! I darted away, racing around the boulder. The sand turned into brown, wilted grass.

I made it two steps when Ms. Kim tackled me from behind, screeching like a mad banshee. I gasped, hitting the ground, the woman ending up atop me. "Now stop resisting," she cooed, "and let me give you my futa-reward." I shuddered as a hot itch surged through me. Even knowing that if she fucked me I'd lose my futa-cock, my pussy ached to be filled by thick girl-dick. It was like my body was wired to be loved by futas. To crave their transformed clits pumping over and over into my young snatch until we all came.

But I wouldn't lose. With a screech, I elbowed her as I rolled over. She gasped, her head snapping back. I ended up on my back beneath her. Silky, black hair spilled about her face as she knelt over me, her small breasts jiggling.

Her hard girl-dick smacked interracial fuck with a sexy beauty hardcore blowjob mine as they both throbbed between us. "Ooh, you naughty girl," Ms. Kim said. "You need a time out." The air grew suddenly cold. Frost swirled around us.

My eyes bulged as she froze my arms to the ground with thick manacles of ice. I gasped, my arms pinned wide, exposing my breasts to her hungry gaze. I groaned, squirming, struggling to break free. More ice flashed. My ankles were frozen to the ground now. She knelt between my spread-wide legs, my pussy on display, helpless. A shudder ran through me. I groaned, shocked by how wet I grew at being bound and restrained, unable to fight back. Unable to stop her from fucking me.

My dick throbbed harder, the tip itching as her dangling girl-cock nudged it. Such a hungry smile crossed the futa's lips. She let out a purring moan, humping her hips and fucking her spongy crown up and down my shaft.

I groaned every time our tits rubbed together, the friction shooting through me. "Mmm, see," she purred. "Isn't that exciting? I would blowjob compilation ffm fffm ffffm pov ballsucking my employees this way. But it wasn't really a punishment. Not when it made their pussies so wet and itchy. To be helpless, to be at someone else's mercy, made them drip. Aren't you dripping?" "Yes," I groaned, unable to stop myself.

"I am, Ms. Kim." "Oooh, you know me. Are you one of the futa-cheerleaders at my daughter's college? One of those Pussycats I've heard about?" "Yes," I whimpered as her hands slid up to squeeze my youthful titties. Her fingers caressed them, thumbs rubbing my hard nipples. "Oh, god." "Mmm, amateur brunette doggy first time art imitating life just getting wetter and wetter," she grinned, her face delicate and hungry all at the same time.

"You're squirming. Your pussy is just itching for my girl-dick, isn't it, futa-cheerleader?" "Yes, Ms. Kim," I groaned, pulling at the ice freezing me in place. It wouldn't budge. I was helpless, and that made me so hot. My pussy clenched, wanting to be filled by her girl-dick so badly. I lost. I knew it. There was no hope with Mrs. Fatima out action. I couldn't see her, but I knew she was frozen and helpless on the other side of the rock. Two futas for Summer were about to lose.

Ms. Kim moved her cock down to my pussy. She rubbed it up and down my slit. My labia drank in the feel of her thick dick. My toes curled and fingers flexed. I bucked, my tits jiggling. She nudged the tip into my cunt, letting me feel her. Then she pulled it out. I let out a whining groan. "Mmm, you are just aching for my futa-reward, aren't you, futa-cheerleader?" she purred. "Yes," I groaned, unable to help myself. Why was I so turned on? What was wrong with me? But I wanted that dick in me.

I wanted her girl-cock reaming my cunt over and over, making me cum so hard. She grabbed my futa-dick with her right hand, the left stroking her cock's tip up and down my pussy. Pleasure surged down my shaft as she jerked me off. Her hand squeezing hard, smearing precum up and down my prick to lube her strokes. "Then beg," she groaned, nudging the tip of her girl-dick into me again.

"Beg for me to fuck you, futa-cheerleader. Beg for my big, throbbing reward." I let out a whimper, wanting to fight it. But I couldn't. I wanted to please this woman. She bested me.

She was stronger than me. "Please, Ms. Kim, fuck my cunt. Make me cum on your futa-dick." "You want my big, throbbing reward?" "Yes!" I howled, humping against her cock nudging my pussy, lost to my lust. I surrendered to them. "Give me your big, throbbing reward! You won!" "I did," she purred and thrust. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Mrs. Fatima Cassie's moans, begging to be fucked, only made me struggle harder.

The girl's wanton moans grew louder as Ms. Kim must have rammed her girl-dick into her. I heard the sounds of slapping flesh over the ripple of the river flowing past me. I groaned in frustration, wanting to cry ex domintraix gets her pussy rammed hard by pawn man brunette reality for help, hoping one of the other Summer futas would appear.

Like Kimmie or Deidre or Dr. Rita. She was smart. She could figure out how to get me to move and defeat Ms. Kim. Almost as summoned, a figure rose out of the water beside me. But it wasn't Dr. Rita. The fey didn't make a single ripple in the river as she slid out of it, a big smile on her face framed by wet, violet hair. Her ample breasts swayed before her as she grinned at me. "Well, well, well," the fey purred.

"Aren't you in a predicament?" I let out a pleading moan. "What's that?" the fey asked while Cassie and Ms. Kim both moaned in rapture. "I couldn't understand you. Do you need my help?" I tried to shout, "Yes!" but only a muffled groan escaped my lips. "Mmm, still not getting that." She crawled over me, her dangling breasts brushing my thighs before sweeping up to caress my futa-dick that throbbed hard on my belly. Despite my fear, it was so hot listening to the two futas fucking behind the rock while lying here helpless.

What had Leanan Sidhe done to me? I knew she'd up my sex drive, but to make me this wanton? "Do you need me to help out your erection, futa?" the teasing fey asked, squeezing her tits about my dick. "No!" I tried to shout. "You do?" she grinned, working her wet breasts up and down my dick.

"That's wonderful. I love sliding my tits up and down big, throbbing cocks. And you have such a beautiful one." Her ivory tits worked up and down my dusky dick. I shuddered, pleasure shooting down my shaft to my pussy. Despite the frost gripping my body, immobilizing me, heat burned in my snatch.

It washed through me, making me shudder. My eyes rolled back into my head as I whimpered and groaned. "Ooh, yes, you just love that, don't you?" she cooed.

"This is what you need. You need Cliodna's tits sliding up and down your dick." The fey, Cliodna, gave me such a naughty smile as she continued her titty fuck. My toes curled. Every muscle in my body strained against the magic holding me in place. I groaned through my frozen jaw, hot juices flooding out of my cunt. Then her tongue licked the tip of my throbbing futa-dick when it emerged from her silky breasts.

She lapped up my precum, letting out her own sighing moan before she swept up her tits and engulfed my shaft again. The pleasure of her silky tits and fluttering tongue drove me wild.

I wanted to move so badly. But only my eyes could move, dancing around uselessly. Rapture surged through my body. My muffled moans sang through the air with Ms. Kim's and Cassie's passion. As the pressure built in my snatch, nothing else mattered to me but cumming. But those wonderful, pillowy breasts sliding up and down my dick. Cliodna's tongue kept licking the tip, sending jolts of delight down my cock, every time the spongy crown emerged from her boobs.

My pussy grew hotter and hotter. "Oh, you're going to cum so hard, aren't you, futa?" she purred, such a naughty grin on her face. "I can't wait for it. I love making cocks cum with my tits." I moaned through my frozen jaw. "Thank you," she grinned. "My tits are perfect. I'm so glad you appreciate them, futa." She sucked on my tip this time, her lips sealing about the crown of my girl-cock for one moment of perfect rapture. My body bucked and heaved.

My eyes stared up at the strange sky, bright blue day colliding with a starry night, the sun and the moon almost eclipsing each other. Her tits slid up my dick, engulfing them in silky heaven.

She stimulated the crown as she slid back down. Her tongue flicked the tip. Another lightning bolt shot down my shaft to my pussy, electrifying my ovaries. I came. I screamed through my frozen teeth as the rapture shot through me. And out of me. White cum spurted, splattering both our tits. I felt my hot cum wash across my body, thick rivulets of futa-passion dribbling across my frozen skin.

"Yes, yes, yes," Cliodna moaned with such delight. "Ooh, you're so amazing, futanari. Look at all that cum.

Doesn't it make you so hungry?" I wanted to answer yes, but couldn't. So I just moaned, all my muscles fighting against the icy grip immobilizing me. Rapture shot through my body. Ecstasy drowned my mind as cum fired from my dick and pussy juices flooded out of my cunt. My dick twitched and throbbed. Bliss buzzed through my body. "Mmm, so much yummy cum," the fey purred, sliding her cum-drenched tits off my dick before crawling up my jazz-splattered body.

"But don't worry, Cliodna will give you what you crave." Her wet pussy rubbed on my still-hard dick as she dangled her jizz-stained breasts over my face.

They swayed over my frozen mouth. She pressed a nipple, coated in my cream against my lips. I shuddered, the nipple pushing into my mouth. I sucked my futa-cum off of her nub as she impaled her pussy down my dick. Pleasure rippled down my shaft as she worked her cunt up and down my girl-cock. I wanted to move, to grab her as the pleasure surged through me. Her snatch felt so amazing on my dick. Another orgasm already burned through my pussy. Cliodna purred her delight as I sucked on her nipple.

She swirled her hips, purring her pleasure as she enjoyed my futa-dick. Her snatch squeezed down as she worked her hips up and down it. She stirred herself in circles, massaging my cock. I whimpered about her nipple. "Oh, yes, Cliodna knows just what horny futas need," she purred. "They just need hot pussy. Listen to that other futa. She's having so much fun with your friend." The friend you could be helping. I wanted to beg to be released, to plead with her to free me from my shackles. But she didn't care about that.

She just wanted to use my futa-cock for her pleasure. To cum on my dick while that Korean bitch defeated Cassie and me. Cliodna's blue eyes stared down at me. They boiled with her pleasure as she squirmed her hips, stirring my futa-dick through her hot snatch. The pleasure surged through me again, mixing with my anger at how unfair this was.

Why did that Korean futa get magical powers? "Yes, yes, Cliodna knows just what horny futas need," the fey purred, her back arching, her cunt clenching so hard on my dick. "You'll cum so much in my pussy.

Won't that be nice, futa?" I moaned about her nipple, wishing I could speak. "I knew you'd agree. Yes, you do. You love Cliodna's pussy about your dick. You're so eager to cum in me. You're so glad that I found you. Such a hard dick. Poor futas. You're always so horny. Always spurting your cum and exploding with your sexual energy. So much energy." Her pussy clenched down hard on my dick. "Yes, yes, yes, those futa-fairies are so smart to make their patrons have so much energy." Cliodna shuddered.

"And you'll share with me, won't you? Yes, I can feel it. Your orgasm is building inside of you. You're just so eager to pump your cum into my pussy." She smiled, stroking my face. "Do it, sexy futa!" She kissed me as her body writhed atop mine.

Her warm breasts rubbed ravishing redhead with big melons gets fucked my tits. I shuddered, my dick throbbing in her depths. Every movement of her pussy brought me closer and closer to erupting into her. I shuddered, the pleasure swelling. And then ecstasy burst through me. My cum fired into her snatch. I pumped blast after blast of my girl-cum into her. My entire body tried to spasm.

But that Korean futa's powers held me so tight. I moaned my frustrated rapture as ecstasy danced through my brain. Cassie cried out in rapture in the distance.

How much longer before she lost? Before the Korean futa came for me? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ms. Ji-Woo Kim "Oh, yes," I shuddered as I slid into the futa-cheerleader's pussy. "Yunjin speaks so highly of you Pussycats.

If I wasn't so busy with my business, I'd catch a game." "Then you should let me win," I groaned. "So sensual amirah adara has her pussy pumped can once this is over." I shook my head, staring down at the sexy, bound girl. I didn't want to take away her futa-cock, but I needed mine to keep my business profitable.

It would all be ruined if I couldn't motivate my female workforce. "Sorry," I panted. "Maybe you can cut a deal with B when this is over. She'll be ruling Parkland then." The futa-cheerleader shuddered, her barely legal cunt squeezing down so tight, reminding me of fucking my daughter's tight snatch.

I groaned, drinking in the friction as I rammed my futa-dick over and over into her depths, making her round breasts jiggle and bounce, her face twisting with pleasure. Her green eyes squeezed shut as she whimpered in delight.

She loved my futa-dick in her. Her snatch squeezed down while her hips tried to buck up into my thrusts, to meet my girl-cock pumping into her. She strained against her icy bondage, her head tossing back and forth, fiery hair dancing. "Ooh, you have such a wonderful pussy to fuck," I groaned, pumping away harder and faster at her snatch. "I love how you clench down on my dick." "It's so good in me," she groaned. "You don't want to lose, but you can't help yourself," I smiled, enjoying her silky embrace as she squeezed down again.

"You just want to cum so hard on my futa-dick." "So hard," she agreed, her eyes fluttering. "Let me give you a treat," I purred. I channeled the power Alp Luachra gave me. That naughty fey gave me control over ice and frost. I didn't understand how it worked, it just did. It was no different than, well, pumping my hips and driving my girl-dick in and out of the futa-cheerleader's hot snatch.

The cube of ice formed in my hand, cold on my fingers. I brought it down to the girl's pink nipple. She gasped at the shock of cold, her hot pussy squeezing down on my dick. I smiled, sliding it around her nub, making it pucker even harder as she whimpered in pleasure. "Oh, my god," she whimpered, bucking into my thrusts. "Oh, wow." "Good, right?" I smiled. "Another thing I discovered punishing my employees when they're naughty.

Ice cubes, wax, feathers. Sensation play is so much fun." "Yes!" she groaned, her hot pussy bringing me closer and closer to erupting into her barely legal snatch. To defeating her for Winter. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Deidre Redding I moaned into the kiss with my little sister. Our lips met, moving against each other. It felt so wonderful to feel her mouth on mine again. To taste her. To know that we were together.

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Our tongues dueled while my futa-dick and pussy itched and ached. And then she gave me relief. Together, we seized each other's girl-cocks. We couldn't have sex any other way.

But handjobs. Those wouldn't cause one of us to lose. We could pleasure each other, stroke each other's dicks, give each other such delight. "Deidre," Keily whimpered as she broke the kiss. She leaned her head back against the boulder we sat against. "Oh, Deidre." "Mmm," I purred in agreement, my dick throbbing in her small hand.

She slid up and down my shaft with such skill. "This is a lot of fun. Both of us having our girl-dicks at the same time." "Yes," she smiled at me. "Shame it has to be here. Lovely teenie is nailed so well hardcore and blowjob wish we could suck on each other's dicks at the same time.

Or fuck each other." "God, yes," I panted, my pussy clenching. I slid my hand up and down her thick shaft, staring at her face. Her green eyes grew glossy behind her glasses. Her nose twitched and her lips twisted as the pleasure shuddered through her body. Her small breasts jiggled. My nineteen-year-old sister was so hot. Her hand felt amazing on my girl-cock. The more she stroked, the more my clit-dick throbbed. Precum bubbled from the tip. Her palm smeared it down my shaft, making my pink tip glisten with my excitement.

My stroking hand did the same thing to her dick. Her precum slicked my palm, lubing me to jerk her dick off faster and faster. I pumped up and down her hot shaft. I loved the feel of it beneath me, throbbing with the beat of her heart, the transition from smooth shaft to her mushroom-shaped crown. How her nose twitched every time I stroked up to the pinnacle of her dick.

My pussy clenched when she did it. Pleasure zapped down my dick to my cunt. It grew warmer and warmer, every lightning jolt bringing me closer and closer to cumming. I squirmed on the sandy beach, my moans mixing with hers and the babble of the river flowing past us. "Oh, damn, we could have so much fun if we had futa-dicks at the same time," whimpered Keily. "We could fuck the same girl together." "Share her pussy," I whimpered. "Ever since you got your futa-dick, I've wanted us both to fuck Mom at the same time.

To share the pussy that birthed us with our girl-dicks." "Yes!" my little sister moaned, incestuous delight so thick in her voice. "I did that with Ms. Marcie once. We both fucked Yunjin's twat at the same time. But I wished it was you. I love you!" "Yes, yes, yes," I gasped, my hand flying up and down her girl-dick. We kissed again. Our tongues dueled as the pleasure swelled in my pussy. I shivered and shuddered. My eyes rolled back into my head at the sheer rapture rippling through me.

I whimpered, stars dancing through my eyes. As my cunt tightened. Keily moaned into my mouth. Her hand jerked my cock with wild passion. Her hips thrust up into the air, almost fucking her dick through my hand like it were a pussy. My own jessica cage in americans risky public fuck brunette big tits throbbed. My ovaries boiled. The ache swelled to the very tip. Her stroking hand brought me closer and closer to erupting.

We both screamed into our kiss. Our bodies heaved. Our dicks erupted. Twin streams of white fountained into the air. Our cum shot up and then splattered down across our jiggling breasts. My cream painted my round tits while her jizz ran across her little mounds.

"Oh, god," Keily gasped, breaking our kiss. She squeezed out more and more blast of cum from my dick as her cock pulsed in my stroking grip. "That's so good." "Our dicks are cumming together," I gasped, loving that I shared this moment with my sister.

As the pleasure boiled through my brain, my dick spurted a final time. The last blast of cum shot up and splashed across my right breast. The jizz coated my pink nipple. Keily's green eyes fell on it.

I saw the hunger. The urge to lean over and suck it off my nipple. Would that defeat her though? Was just getting our cum in any hole enough to trigger a loss. I stared at her budding breasts, that same hunger surging through me.

Her small tits dripped with her cum. My sister's futa-cum. I groaned as I watched the pearly rivulets worked down her body. I loved licking my cum up her body and. "I have an idea," I said. Keily looked up at me, such hope in her eyes. "What?" "If we eat the other's cum, we'll probably lose, right?" "Probably," she said. She licked her lips. "Are you saying that one of us should.? Which one?" "Both of us," I said. I scooped up my cum on my breast, brushing my hard nipple. "If we do it together, we'll both lose.

We'll both be out of this game." "And then neither of us helped the other lose her futa-dick," Keily gasped, her eyes so wide.

"One of us still will lose hers," I said, unable to hide the bitterness in my voice. This was all so stupid. Why did we have to be enemies? We were all futas! "But at least it won't strain our relationship. Neither of us will feel guilty or resentful. I don't want to destroy what we have. Even if I'm not a futa. Even if we're both not futas. I love you." Tears brimmed in my little sister's eyes. Then she scooped up the jizz on her own body.

The pearly glob quivered at the end of my finger. She stared at me, waiting for me to act. To do something. I brought my own cum-laden fingers to my lips, smearing my cream on them. I tasted my salty spunk. Keily quickly followed. She smeared her naughty lipstick on her pink mouth. One kiss and we'd both lose. Our heads leaned closer and closer. We wouldn't play this dumb games with the futas. We would sit out and love each other. Our lips came nearer heartbeat by heartbeat.

I trembled, staring into her eyes. Her hand cupped my cheek, so soft and delicate. Only an inch separated us. I felt her breath as we prepared to play the futa-fairies' game on our terms.

"Wow," a voice said, breathy with excitement, "that is the most beautiful thing I've ever witnessed. Such wonderful love." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Cassandra "Cassie" Riley The ice felt so good on my nipple. The shock of the cold cube rubbing on my hot flesh made me shudder. My pussy clenched down on her thrusting cock. My futa-dick throbbed between our bodies. I whimpered as she circled my nub, the ice melting, leaving shocking beads of water that ran across my tits.

It made me quiver. It made the sex even more intense. My orgasm built faster and faster as she rubbed the cube on my right nipple. Then she dragged it down the slope of my jiggling breast, leaving behind a trail of numbing delight. She scaled my other tit, reached my nub. "Yes!" I gasped, bucking hard at that wonderful, shocking contact of freezing cold on my left nipple.

"Oh, Ms. Kim, that feels so good." "Mmm, I would love to have you interning at my company, cheerleader," she panted, thrusting harder into my juicy pussy, making me squirm and groan. "You would be so much fun to punish. I would tie you up, play with your body, drive you wild with pleasure. Doesn't that sound nice?" "Uh-huh," I whimpered, my eyes rolling back into my head. "Just. don't stop. Oh, yes, that's good. Oh, wow, I love it." "Of course you do," she panted, her dick pounding horny french mom hard anal pounded and facial jizzed in some with papy voyeur my snatch.

"Mmm, we were changed by those futas. They made sex feel so good for us, didn't they?" "Yes, they did," I groaned, my pussy clenching down on her thrusting cock. "They changed us." She laughed, her small breasts jiggling as she plowed into my juicy snatch. "They made us so horny. They made us crave sex all the time and gave us magical cocks that let us enjoy it.

Wonder why?" "I don't know!" I whimpered, bucking and shuddering beneath her. "They must have a reason but. Can't think." A wicked grin crossed her face. She pulled the ice cube from my nipple and dragged it down my torso to my belly. To the tip of my throbbing dick. My eyes widened in anticipation.

A wicked shudder ran through me as she came closer and closer to my pink, spongy tip. I felt the cold of the ice before it even touched my dick. A chilly aura surrounded it. Then it pressed against my cock's hot tip. It almost seared my cock.

It was so cold it burned. And that felt amazing. My futa-dick twitched, drinking in the sensation. It shot straight down to my pussy. My cunt clenched down on her plunging shaft. My juices boiled around her as she rubbed the ice cube about the crown of my cock. "Oh, my god," I whimpered.

"Just let it out," she purred, her slanted eye smoldering as she stared down at me. "Just enjoy your futa-reward!" "Yes, Ms. Kim!" I howled. And came. My cum spurted from my futa-dick, splashing against the ice cube. Cum spurted in all directions, splattering both our bodies. She clamped her mouth shut as drops of my pearly jizz splattered her face.

Through the rapture surging through my body, hope swelled in my heart. Maybe one drop would go into her mouth. Maybe I could still win. My pussy convulsed about her snatch. I milked her shaft, bringing her closer and closer to exploding inside of me. I whimpered, my eyes rolling back into my head at the rapture that surged through my body. I whimpered and groaned.

My toes curled and wiggled. My cum kept firing, kept splattering in all directions. A splatter hit her chin, the pearly cum dripping down to fall on my tits. Another landed on her nose. She kept those lips petite teen slut blowing and massaging big black cock under the shower interracial showering shut as my body heaved.

The rapture surged through me. Ecstasy boiled my veins. And then my dick stopped firing. My orgasm peaked. "No!" I quivered, hope dying in me. "Oh, god, no!" "Yes!" Ms. Kim panted, her hips thrusting faster. She rammed her girl-dick deep into me. "Enjoy your futa-reward!" Cum fired into my snatch. Her futa-jizz splashed against my cervix. I gasped, another orgasm shooting through me. But the ice cube jerked away. My girl-spunk fired up my body, splashing my heaving tits as she kept filling me.

New rapture surged through me as pleasure and triumph burned across my face. And then it happened. The green light swirled around me. I felt it engulf me, smothering me as I trembled in orgasmic bliss. And carried me away. I drifted through an eternity that last a heartbeat.

"Are you fucking with me?" a familiar voice groaned. "Both of us lost?" I opened my eyes to find my fellow futa-cheerleader standing over me. Kimmy shook her head, her breasts jiggling, her futa-cock swaying between her thighs. She let out another hiss of frustration at the sight of me. "The Pussycats are the first two on our side to lose?" she ranted. "Do not cast aspersions and recriminations upon your fellow futa," the gentle voice of Leanan Sidhe said.

She knelt down on my other side, her ancient, silver eyes peering down at me from her youthful face. "You have nothing to be ashamed of, my dear Miss Cassandra. The loathsome servant of Winter had foul Alp Luachra's magic aiding her." "Just tell me you took one of those Winter sluts out with you," Kimmy said. "Please say we're not out-manned in the field." "Sorry, Kimmie. No, I didn't take one out." I squirmed.

"And. the futa who beat me." I swallowed. "She froze Mrs. Fatima. I'm afraid in a few minutes another one on our side is going to be here." Those words smacked Kimmy. She stumbled back and then sank down to the soft grass. She shook her head in disbelief. Tears brimmed in her eyes.

Her shoulders shook. "Oh, god, why was I such a stupid cunt?" "Mrs. Fatima fate has not yet been determined," Leanan Sidhe said. "For if we could see the future, then we would know all outcomes and our strife would be unimportant. If Winter were destined to win, why fight? But the contest is not concluded. So long as even one of my champions is in the field, there is hope, my dearest Miss Kimberly." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ms. Ji-Woo Kim The green light faded and I shuddered, the futa-cheerleader gone.

I dropped the ice cube. It struck the grass, matted down by the girl's body. I felt amazing. My body buzzed with the power of my orgasm. But my dick was still hard. I elegant lesbians fucking with strapon pantyhose erotica one more member of Summer to defeat. Winter would win. How utterly glorious. I quivered for it. I ached to have more sex. That cheerleader was right. The futa-fairies did something to us. They had a reason to make us as horny as they did.

They didn't need to. Why? What did they gain out of it? People didn't do things just to be nice. Not to strangers. They had a reason to do it. Even it if is as simple as they get a nice feeling for doing a good deed. And I had a feeling these fairies, especially that conniving B, didn't work that away at all. I pondered it as I walked around the boulder and blinked in shock. "Who are you?" The pale-skinned fey straddling the futa I stunned looked up. The fey's big breasts, coated in girl-spunk, charlee chase and bruce venture i over the frozen futa's face.

The fey gasped at the sight of me then threw herself off the dusky-skinned futa and vanished into the nearby river. I blinked. "These fey are horny things, aren't they?" I asked the still frozen futa.

I didn't know her name. She was my age and looked Arabic. Her big tits were coated in jizz and her futa-dick still glistened with the juices of the fey who dove into the water. "And I bet you're horny, too." I grinned, staring at the Arab futa, her dark eyes moving wildly.

"Well, I'll give you something to enjoy." I knelt between her thighs, spread wide enough to let me squeeze between, and aimed my girl-cock at her pussy. I thrust. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Dr. Rita Jones Naiad's powers had turned the river into something to enjoy. I found myself moving through the water like it was a part of me. The Years Divide, this broad river flowing through the Lands of Transition, felt like an extension of my body. It cradled me. I didn't so much as swim as let the water bear me up stream, against the currents.

I kept my head moving, searching for any sings of the Winter futas. I hoped my side was doing well. Officer Cindy made me nervous. That woman knew how to fight. She had handled me with ease the morning she pulled me over, handcuffing me and bending me over the hood of my car.

My futa-dick twitched and my pussy grew wet remembering her White cock plowing into my snatch. She had me screaming out in ecstasy.

She'd shown me this entirely new world of sex that fired my imagination. I hoped the others were doing well. People needed my magical cum. Our side couldn't loose.

So I kept my gaze sweeping along both banks as the water carried me ever farther north. I bit my lip, sucking in deep breaths. This was all so strange. The swirl of a howling wind drew my attention to the autumn side of the river. I paused, letting the current sweep by me. Only my head peeked out of the water as I peered around, searching for the strangely intense sound.

Was that a bird? In the sky, I spotted a shape moving out of the night sky of winter. Stars winked as the moving shape passed between them. There was definitely something flying through the air and it came closer and closer to the river. I submerged myself to hide. I could even breath in the river. How exciting was that? Despite the rippling flow of the water, I could see out of it with clarity like I looked through air. I floated just below the surface, watching whatever it was coming closer and closer.

Was it one of Winter's fey come to interfere? The figure grew more and more distinct. It resolved into the shape of a person. But something swirled around it. Almost like I could see the air itself distorted and carrying her. The shape lowered and lowered and. "Officer Cindy!" I gasped in a bust of bubbles, recognizing the naked and busty, black-haired cop.

A fey swirled around her, flying so fast she was just streaks of air. The fey carried the futa-cop to the bank of the river, setting her down.

The fey materialized for a moment, appearing like a petite girl with sky-blue skin. "Here you are," the fey proclaimed. "Promise kept." "Thank you, Sylph," Officer Cindy said, her eyes scanning across the river. I drifted closer to the futa-cop, moving beneath the surface, the water reacting to my will.

Just like moving any other part of my body. "It's so good to get in the game finally," the futa-cop said. She stood tall and proud, so confident in her abilities. "Have fun," Sylph said before she zipped back into the sky.

"I will." Officer Cindy stroked her futa-dick, thrusting hard and erect before her. I had the element of surprise. An ambush. The water obeyed me. I concentrated and it surged, obeying my my command, and rushed over the bank.

A wave swept at the Winter futa. I shuddered, my own girl-cock so hard to vanquish her and ensure Summer's victory. To be continued.