Xxxx story ful sex stories 2019 13 gal 12

Xxxx story ful sex stories 2019 13 gal 12
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Saturday morning after breakfast I walked out of the kitchen and up to my little sister, held my finger in front of her face and told her, "Taste this and tell me what you think." My kid sister and I get along well and she is very trusting. She thought it was something from the kitchen and that is what I wanted her to think. She opened her mouth and I put my finger in her mouth.

On the end of it was a big glob of my cum. I had just gone to the bathroom and jerked off and I wanted to see if I could get her to eat some of my stuff. When I pulled my finger out of her mouth it jenna ivory hq porn story all gone. "Well?" I asked. "It's thick and slippery. It tastes funny and salty but I kinda like it. What is it?" I smiled and said, "It's cum.

I just jerked off and that's my cum." Debbie spit and wiped her mouth. "You're an asshole. That was an awful thing to do." "But you liked it, Sis. Remember that." About a week later Debbie and I were alone when she asked me, "Can I taste your stuff again now that I know what it is?" "Sure but you have to be the one to make it come out of my dick." "I've never done it.

How do I do it?" I led her to my room and got my tablet. I went to this web site that I had found and pulled up a video of a girl giving a guy a blowjob. I told Debbie to watch it. It showed a girl sliding her mouth up and down over the length of his shaft and sometimes using her hand to slide the loose skin up and down over his hard inner shaft while she sucked on his cock head. You could see her cheeks pull in as she sucked.

After a couple of minutes, he told her that he was about to come. She opened her mouth wide and rested his cock head on her lower lip.

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Jerking his shaft, she brought him to completion. He moaned and jerked. We watched as three streams of cum flew into her mouth. Then she slid her mouth half way back down his prick and held it there as his body jerked twice more.

She pulled off and opened her mouth to show that it was full of his thick white cum. She swallowed it and the scene went black as she kneeled there smiling up at him. "That's how a girl makes a guy shoot his stuff. Do you want to try it?" Debbie thought for a minute and then said OK.

I pulled down my pants and shorts and stood there hard as a rock and exposed to my little sister for the first time since we were small enough that Mom gave us both baths at the same time.

I'm was not very yurizan beltran tits are huge and amazing pornstars and big dick yet, only about five inches long and an inch wide. Debbie commented about how the guy in the video was so much bigger and I told her that I would get bigger as I got older. My sister reached out and put her hand around my penis.

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Then she slid it up and down my shaft. "Put it in your mouth", I almost begged. She leaned forward and put the tip of my cock just between her lips. There was already a drop of pre-cum on the end of it. "I taste it." "Do it deeper.

Do it like the girl in the video." For the very first time I felt the wonderful feeling of my pecker sliding into a girls mouth. I almost shot my load right then but was able to hold back knowing that I wanted to enjoy this feeling for a long time. Remembering the video, Debbie slid her mouth up and down the length of my rod.

I was still small enough that she was able to take most of me in her mouth. One time I touched the back of her mouth and she gagged.

After that she did not take me as deep. I wanted my first blowjob to last for hours but in about thirty seconds I couldn't hold back any longer. I didn't warn Debbie before my dick spit into her mouth. My knees went weak and I almost collapsed. I let out a loud groan. It was so much better that any time I had ever made myself come. Debbie coughed and involuntarily spit blonde gf plays with her toys hardcore cumshot my cock.

She pulled off and gasped as she caught her breath. "You didn't tell me."" "Sorry." Debbie stayed kneeling in front of me with a stunned look on her face. Finally she opened her mouth and showed me that she still had some of my sauce in her mouth.

Then she swallowed it just like the girl in the video. "Did I do good?" "You did great. I never felt anything so great." "I'll do it even better next time." This started a changed but wonderful relationship with my little sister that lasted for years.

I went away to college but every time I came home we would get together. Blowjobs became all out fucking. We never lost our fondness for each other or our lust for each other. Now I live in a different state and have a family of my own.

We seldom get together with my family but last month we did and my now married with two kids sister asked me if I would like to relive old times. It only took me a second to enthusiastically say yes. We waited till the family activities had ended for the day and they took a walk thru the woods to a small clearing next to the stream that ran thru our property.

As soon as we were in the grassy clearing Debbie started to take off her clothes. It was a race and she won but not by much. We spent two hours fucking like rabbits in the clearing. My first load went down her throat and the next two filled her cunt to overflowing.

It was getting dark so we headed back to the main house. When we arrived everyone asked where we had been. "Just taking a little walk around the property and talking about old times." Then we had to sit thru the showings of the old family movies.

After that it was time for bed. My wife and I went to our room. She nibbled on my ear and whispered that she was horny and wanted a good fuck. I begged off saying that the walls were thin and we would be heard. We drifted off to sleep with my wife holding my limp dick in her hand.