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Brazzers milf isis love takes on young studbrazzers naughty teen sydney cole
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The Teacher's Conference by Lubrican Author's Note: While I've been married to one for 30 years, I cannot claim to understand women. This, however, is my attempt to tell a story primarily from a woman's perspective. Please go easy on me ladies. This is how I THINK I'd feel if I were one of you.

Chapter One Robin sighed as she approached the school. Sometimes it was a pain being a single mom. Like now, having to go to a teacher's conference. Mandy had probably gotten in trouble some way. Mandy, came home one day with a note from Mr. Wilson requesting a meeting with her to discuss "a situation concerning Mandy". Mandy hadn't read the note, which was sealed, and when she did she claimed she had no idea why he might want to see her, or what the "situation" was.

Robin knew that Mr. Wilson was Mandy's favorite teacher, because she talked about him all the time. The look on Mandy's face when she did that looked familiar to Robin. Robin remembered that look on her own face when, at age 15, she was babysitting for the Andersons and she let Jim Anderson have her virginity. That had been so much fun she'd tiny titted blond teen gets fucked by big cock on the couch him have her again and again until she found out she was pregnant.

Then he'd distanced himself from her, leaving her high and dry. Mandy was only 14 and Robin was very strict with her. Robin had been there and didn't want Mandy to have to work so hard to make it in the world, like she had to do.

Knowing that her daughter had a crush on the teacher, when Robin called Mr. Wilson she wasn't surprised that he sounded nice. They arranged to meet after school on a Thursday, when Robin didn't have to be at work. So amazing chick bounds on large dick hardcore and massage she was about to meet this Bob Wilson person to find out how her life would be complicated more than it already was.

She wandered down the hallway, looking for his room as a few straggling kids made their way towards their lockers, or the exits. A Janitor was mopping the floor. Otherwise the place seemed empty. Robin hadn't thought about how to dress for a teacher's meeting, but if she had she probably couldn't have done better. She had on skin tight jeans and a silk blouse that hugged her breasts. She was a healthy young woman, only 29 years old. After having Mandy, she'd struggled to finish school and then had been required to jump right into the job market to support herself and her daughter.

She loved Mandy dearly, and was never sorry Mr. Anderson had knocked her up. But it had been hard. She managed to take good care of herself, eating healthy and getting plenty of exercise as she spent time with her precious daughter.

She had therefore kept the knockout body that had gotten her pregnant in the first place. Her thrusting breasts were still firm and proud as they pushed through her 38 CC bras and the button down shirts she liked to wear. Her stomach had flattened out after having Mandy but her hips had stayed spread, ready to have more children.

She'd breast fed Mandy, and her nipples had stayed large and sensitive after she weaned the girl, ready to suckle more lovers and children. But there was no time for that. Her work consumed all her time that she didn't spend with Mandy. Whenever she remembered how nice sex was she took care of things with her fingers. In her job she didn't meet any men that interested her. She didn't miss men much. Until she walked into Bob Wilson's classroom.

She stuck her blond head in the door and saw a handsome man with a full head of dark hair. There were small wings of gray just above his ears, but he was obviously in good shape. "Hello? I'm looking for Mr. Wilson" she said tentatively. The man smiled. He had a BEAUTIFUL smile! She wasn't prepared for the heat that blossomed in her loins. It was easy to see why Mandy would have a crush on this man.

She hadn't felt that particular kind of heat for a long time. She blushed, because of what she was thinking of. The man spoke with a deep resonating voice. "I'm Bob Wilson. And you have to be Robin Walker." He stood up and came from behind the desk. He was tall, with broad shoulders. His hair was wavy and his teeth were very white in his tanned face. He held his hand out to her and she raised hers weakly. "How did you know?" she asked, unable to think of anything else to say. "Well, Mandy is a beautiful young lady" he said "and the resemblance between you two is remarkable." He was a slick one.

She'd have to be careful with this one. His hand was warm and he gripped hers firmly, but gently. He smiled again and she wanted to look at that smile forever. She let him lead her to a door behind the desk. "Let's go into my office where we can be more comfortable," he said.

He took her to a nice padded chair and she sat down. There was a couch in the office, but he grabbed his desk chair and brought it in front of her. When he sat down his knees were only four or five inches from hers and she noticed his closeness as he invaded her space. She realized she was breathing more deeply, like she had just finished a nice brisk three mile walk.

"This is crazy" she told herself. "I'm acting like a teenager!" She tried to harness her emotions and said "What's this all about Mr.

Wilson? Has Mandy caused some trouble?" "Please, call me Bob" he smiled again and her stomach fluttered. Damn that smile. "And no, there's no trouble. Please, believe me when I tell you Mandy is one of my best students." He smiled again and she wanted to climb on his lap.

He was different from other men she knew in another way. They ALL stared at her breasts when they talked to her. But not this man. His eyes were looking directly into hers. They never even flickered lower than her chin. For some strange reason this bothered her more than those who let their lust show clearly on their faces. She knew she was a looker, but he didn't seem to notice. Other than his brief reference to her beauty. There was that. "I'm please to hear that," she said.

"I'm very proud of her myself." "You should be. Mandy's told me a little bit about your family. You've done a wonderful job of raising her under difficult conditions." "I'm not sure I like the idea of Mandy telling people things . Personal things." objected Robin. Bob held up his hands.

"Please, I don't pry on purpose, but sometimes it's valuable to know what's going on at home to help a young person make the best of their educational opportunities. That's why I asked you here today. I wanted to talk to you about college." "But Mandy's only 14!" bi boyz and their cute beautiful gf Robin in a shocked bbw momma luvs fucking slurping bbc monster dick redzilla reality amateur. "Isn't it a little early to be talking about college?" Robin didn't like thinking about college.

There was no way in the world she'd be able to send Mandy to even a State college on her salary. "Ordinarily I'd agree, but Mandy has a particular gift that needs to be exploited now." Robin looked at him curiously. Finally his eyes dropped briefly to her chest, and then shot back up to her face. For some reason that made her feel very, very good.

Maybe he wasn't gay after all. She was wondering why she should even care when he went on. "Mandy has displayed an exceptional talent for learning foreign languages. I took the liberty of having her read several books on languages as part of her assignments, and her talent is incredible.

She seems very interested in them too." Robin realized she was looking at his lap. He had a nice lap, bumpy in just the right place. She blushed and raised her eyes. He was smiling. "OK, but what does that have to do with anything?" said Robin. "Well, there is a very competitive market for translators, especially translators who know more than one language. Based on what I've seen, Mandy would have no trouble becoming expert in six or seven languages.

If she does, she can write her own ticket. I'm talking salaries in the six figure range." Robin's mouth fell open. "But we can't afford College" she said weakly. "I know," he said. "but the problem is she needs to start learning NOW. Studies show kids start losing the ability to learn foreign languages as they enter puberty.

What I'm saying is that college isn't necessarily the best way for her to proceed. I'd have to recommend tutors, and they need to begin now." Robin sat back, and her knees parted as she went limp. She saw his eyes dart to her crotch, and again, she felt good about that instead of angry.

This guy was something else. "I can't afford tutors either," she said firmly, and leaned forward to stand up. Again his hands went out in front of him. "I'm aware of that. I wanted to arrange to tutor her myself." She froze.

"What?" He smiled. "I speak nine languages," he said simply. "What?" she repeated. "I'm an Army brat" he said. "We traveled all over the world with my dad, and I learned one or two languages in every country we were stationed in. I can teach Mandy now, and then, later, when she is employed, we can discuss my fees. "But it can't be that simple" gasped Robin. This man was offering thousands of dollars of tutoring with only the possibility he'd ever be paid anything.

"No, it won't be simple." he agreed. She'll still need a degree. But if I work with her until she graduates, she'll be able to test out of her undergraduate language classes.

She's an excellent student, and I can get her a full scholarship for the rest. She'll have to do about two years, and can pursue her Masters and Doctorate while she's employed. Most translators of her caliber are contractors, and work only when they want to. Robin stared at him hard. "Why would you do this?" she asked. She was on guard now. He'd set the hook, and she was waiting for him to try to haul her in. "She has talent. She's a fantastic student. She's beautiful, like her mother.

She's had a hard enough life. I can help. Why NOT do it?" Robin didn't know what to say. "I don't know what to say. I need to think about this." "How about this?" he said. "I'll come over some night and give her a lesson. You can watch and see what that's like, and what her talent is like. We can talk about it as much as you want. I just don't want her to miss an opportunity." "Why aren't YOU making six figures if you can speak nine languages?" asked Robin suspiciously.

"I did," he said simply. "I banked three million dollars in ten years and decided I wanted to teach school. So I went back to school and got a teaching degree." He said it like it was no big deal. Robin shuddered. He was handsome, smart AND rich. She felt her pussy get damp and she knew she was going to have to find that dildo she'd bought and hidden away. "That's a good idea," she said.

"Friday night? Bring your wife and we'll have dinner." "Thanks, but I'm not married." he smiled. Her pussy spritzed again. "I never had time." he finished as he showed her out. His hand in the middle of her back felt hot and she shivered again.

Mandy, of course, was ecstatic. The idea of her handsome teacher coming to the house for dinner made her very happy. She'd been having feelings about Mr.

Wilson . feelings that made her want to wash between her legs extra when she took showers. She knew about masturbation, but wouldn't have told you she did that. It just felt good to wash and think about Mr. Wilson. So she was excited about it. It was obvious her mother was excited about it too. Robin made an extra special dinner, and had dressed up in a skirt and blouse! She NEVER wore stuff like that at home. And she was humming! Mandy knew what a girl looked like when she liked a boy.

Could it be that her MOTHER liked Mr. Wilson?! That would be weird. Her reverie was broken by the sound of the doorbell. Her mother jumped and looked all around frantically, like something might be wrong. "Get the door honey!" she barked. "Don't make Mr. Wilson wait." Mandy skipped to the door and opened it. She sighed. He was soooo handsome.

On impulse she hugged him, pressing her big soft teenaged breasts against his chest. "I'm so happy you could come over for dinner!" she squealed. "This is soooo cool!" "Mandy!" barked her mother again. "A proper lady doesn't throw herself at a man." she scolded.

Mandy pushed Bob away and winked at him. "Maybe I'm not a proper lady yet!" she grinned and pulled Mr. Wilson into the house. "This is our house" she said, as if introducing him. She pulled him further, taking him on a tour as her mother stood there helplessly. Bob waved and smiled as he was dragged into the hallway. Robin could hear her daughter announcing each room "And this is the bathroom .

and this is my bedroom . and this is my mom's bedroom ." Robin flinched as she realized she'd left her old clothes lying around wherever they fell when she changed into something nice for Bob. She blushed as she realized she'd left her panties tits on shower glass customers wife wants the d the floor by the bed, and her bra on the bed itself. She was going to skin Mandy alive.

Mandy and Bob came back into the kitchen and Robin started in on Mandy without waiting. "Mandy! Don't show the man the messy parts of the house!" But Bob was laughing. "I haven't seen a female's bedroom in a long time" he grinned. "They smell good. Besides, I didn't really see anything I'd call messy exactly. My place looks much worse. My underwear is hanging from the ceiling fan." He grinned again to show he was kidding, and Robin flushed pink at his obvious reference to her unmentionables.

They had a nice dinner and then Robin listened as Bob talked about the similarities between Spanish and Italian. She knew Mandy had taken Spanish in school, but didn't know how much she apparently knew. Then she watched in awe as Bob ran Mandy through a series of ever harder vocabulary and grammar rules in Italian.

Robin hadn't been aware that Mandy knew any Italian at all, much less enough to make rudimentary sentences. But Bob praised her and she shone with pride when he complimented her. "Honey I didn't know you knew ANY Italian" said Robin, shaking her head. "I didn't, Mom. But then Mr. Wilson explained how it's similar to Spanish. After that it's easy!" Mandy acted like she hadn't done something amazing at all.

When she wasn't looking Bob pantomimed saying "See what I mean?" Robin said "Mandy, honey, why don't you go over to Janet's. Mr. Wilson and I have some things to discuss." Then she turned to Bob. "You can stay for coffee?" He nodded and Mandy skipped out the door. It only took her five minutes to agree to however Bob wanted to handle the tutoring. It was decided he would do it at her house, since that would be easier for her and Mandy.

Then they sat at the kitchen table and just talked about things. Eventually she said "Tell me how it is that a man like you doesn't have ten women hanging on him all the time." He grinned. "Most of them only want my money. I'm pretty particular about the women I hang around. You and Mandy are good examples. You're both beautiful and intelligent.

You know how to appreciate small things. You don't have inflated fantasies about how the world owes you something. You're . honest. That's very attractive to a man like me. but I don't meet women of your caliber in the circles I usually travel in." She was almost overcome by the feelings that washed over her at his compliments.

She tried to keep things light. "So, what your saying is that tonight you're . slumming?" She arched an eyebrow. "Oh no." he put his hand on top of hers. She felt an electric shock. "No, I've come UP in the world being introduced to you." He removed his hand, but didn't smile. If he'd have asked her to go to bed with him right then, she'd have ruined her blouse tearing it off. But he didn't. They finished their coffee and he left. They had decided to tutor two nights a week - Tuesday and Friday.

The tutoring went well. Robin was surprised to find he was teaching Mandy all the languages at the same time, instead of working on one and then following with another. He said that was because there were more similarities between languages than differences, and if you learned something in one language, it was pretty easy to transfer it to another. And, every night, after the lessons were done, Mandy would do her homework, or, on Fridays, go asian school pretty girl acquires down on jock her friend's house to hang out.

It was on such a Friday night that things took an interesting turn. Mandy had gone to a friend's endless longing of a lesbian is pleasured dildo toy several blocks away. Robin was putting dishes in the sink. She'd left the radio on low during Mandy's lessons and heard a song she liked. She hummed and swayed her hips with the music.

suddenly Bob was right behind her. He had a glass in his hand, but he said "Do you dance, Robin?" She turned, and he was only inches away. She could smell him. He smelled like . MAN. She took the glass and set it on the counter behind her. "I used to, when I was young." Bob breathed into her face "You're still young. You should dance." He hooked his arm around her back with his right arm and pulled her to him while his left found her hand and lifted it to his chest. "With me." he added.

Robin knew she was lost as soon as his arms closed around her. Her knees felt like jelly and the very first step she took was on top of his foot. "I can't" she gasped, trying teen cock hd as for the cumshot its crazy pull away from him.

It was like trying to uproot a hundred year old oak tree. "Why in the world can't you dance with me?" he said, leading her through a series of steps.

"Because you confuse me" she panted. She unconsciously molded her body to his. He felt good. That was the problem. "And because if I dance with you I'll . want to do . other things with you." She realized what she'd said and felt panic. "Things I shouldn't". She pushed him hard and he let her move away from him, but he kept her hand.

She stood, trembling, panting. "Let me make you a promise" he said gently. He brought her hand up and kissed it softly. "I'll never do anything to you, or with you that you don't specifically approve first. How's that? Besides, All I want to do is dance with you." She was like a deer in the woods, that smells danger, but can't see it. His tug brought her back to his chest and she felt safe. They danced. Inside five minutes she was dripping wet. She could actually feel the juices running down the inside of her thighs.

She'd never felt so slutty in her life and she was fully clothed! The song came to an end and he dipped her. She lay back on his strong arm, limp, her head thrown back, her breasts thrust up.

He chose that moment to kiss her exposed neck. She almost had an orgasm, and struggled briefly until she felt him standing her back up. They weren't dancing now, but his arms were still around her. She looked up into his tanned beautiful face and said "You cheated." "I'm sorry" he said, trying to sound contrite. "No you're not" she said. "No . I'm not." he agreed. She reached up and kissed him, and in that kiss she knew this man owned her .

that she would do anything he asked, let him do anything he asked. She thought dimly that she wasn't on the pill, but during that kiss she couldn't have cared less. When it broke she said "I think I need to go to the bedroom." His big eyes stared down at her. "I don't think I can wait that long" he said.

He lifted her and she found herself sitting on the kitchen table. His hands were sliding up the outside of her legs, lifting her skirt. She always wore a skirt when he was coming over. She felt his hand grasp her panties and she lay back and lifted her hips for him. Then, before she could kick them off, his face was in her sex and she was galloping off on her first orgasm. He zeroed in on her clit with his tongue and teeth. She'd been so close already that the first touch sent her into spasms.

Her legs shot out straight and her fingers found his hair, pulling him in tighter. It was then that Mandy came in the door. Having gotten bored at her friend's house, she decided to go back home. She opened the door to see her mother lying back on the kitchen table, her legs straight up in the air and naughty latina gives her man a hot blowjob wide, her blue panties hanging off one ankle.

Mr. Wilson's head was at the juncture of her legs, where her skirt lay pushed up on her stomach. Mr. Wilson was going down on her mother!

They hadn't heard the door open, so they didn't know Mandy was there. To be honest, Robin was making so much noise that they wouldn't have heard it even if they'd been listening for it. She wailed and moaned and groaned her way through that first orgasm, and then tripped right into another one as Bob eased his long finger into her little-used pussy.

He probed her depths, feeling for her cervix, which he then teased with his fingertip. Robin's hands were flailing and beating the table top. Mandy was frozen in place as she watched real sex going on. She'd heard her friends talk about this, but seeing it was different. Her pussy itched and she wished someone, especially Mr. Wilson, was doing the same thing to her that he was doing to her mother.

Bob stood up. His pullover shirt came off almost instantly, and his belt and zipper were undone just as fast. Robin raised her head to see what was going on just as he dropped the pants. He wasn't wearing any underwear.

He was very erect . and his erection was VERY impressive. He wasn't circumcised, so the plumb shaped glans was softened by the foreskin covering it. Still, he had to be seven or eight inches long. Robin's eyes opened wide. Since she'd had Mandy, she'd had sex exactly twice.

Both were what turned out to be one-night stands, and she'd decided after that that it just wasn't worth it.

She'd carried condoms with her, back then. Not any more. But, staring at Bob's prick, she decided that it WOULD be worth it even if it only happened once. She groaned "YESSSSS . OH PLEASE" as he fisted his cock and touched her pussy lips with it.

Then she let out an agonized groan as, in one slow stroke, openlife sexy french bbq ends in group sex bottomed out in her, mixing his curly brown pubes with her curly golden ones. Part of her couldn't understand natural girl is gaping tight slit in closeup and coming it all fit into her, while the rest of her sang for joy.

She was stuffed as she'd never been stuffed before. Mandy realized she had undone the buttons of her jeans. As she watched, unbelieving, and Mr. Wilson slid that big boner into her mother's pussy, she slid her hand into her panties. That helped and she stifled a lovely brunette bbae ariana grand riding stepdads cock of her own.

This was the first time she'd ever done this outside the shower, but it made her feel MUCH better. She watched what was happening on her kitchen table as she diddled her pussy.

Once he was buried in her belly, Bob stopped, letting his cock soak in her, and letting her pussy adjust. She was the tightest woman he'd ever had, and he knew she was stretched considerably.

While he waited for her pussy to relax, he unbuttoned her blouse and let it fall to her sides. He was pleased to see her bra fastened in front, and he released that too. She had beautiful thick and stiff nipples. He leaned over and sucked one in, doing to it what he'd done to her clitty earlier. Her hips bounded up off the table as she went "AWWWWWOOOHHHHHEEEEEEEEEE!" Bob felt her pussy loosen and he gave her an exploratory pull and push.

She replied "OHHHHHHHHH FUCK BOB, YOU'RE KILLING MEEEEEEE". "I don't think so sweet thing." He pulled out and sawed back in three more times, switching to the other nipple.

Robin's hands played in his hair, holding his head to her breast. He began to fuck her in earnest, using long slow strokes that made his cock tip mash her cervix every time he went in. "You . bastard" she panted. "You . may . not be . killing .

me . but . you're ruining me . for any other . man." "I hope so" he grunted as he fucked her socks off. "I don't much . care . for the . idea . of you . doing . this . with another . man." "OHHhhhhhh" moaned Mandy's mother as her hips jerked, fucking him back. "Just fuck me please." Mandy couldn't believe this. Her mother was acting like a total slut, using words Mandy had never heard her use.

And the way she shoved her pussy up at him . it was the hottest thing Mandy ever thought of seeing. She was digging in her pussy with a vengeance now. Seeing Mr. Wilson's wet shiny penis sliding in and out of her mother's pussy made her want to let some boy do that to her too.

Even better would be if Mr. Wilson did it to her. She wanted to be a slut too! Her mother started making weird noises again, like when she'd been banging on the table with her hands.

Mandy's pussy spritzed as she realized her mother was having an orgasm. Robin went limp as the last orgasm ripped through her. Before tonight, she hadn't had an orgasm for months, and in the last fifteen minutes she'd had six or seven. She looked up at the man who was doing this to her. Her legs were resting in his arms as he almost leisurely slid that wonderful cock of his in and out of her. She could see in his face that he was getting close. She thought of what that cock could do to her if it went off inside her.

Rapidly she thought back to her last period. Three weeks ago. She was probably safe, and, being this close to her next one explained why she was so frantic to have him in her. She'd always been an easy fuck when her period was close. Mr. Anderson had known that and had always asked her to baby-sit when he thought she was close.

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She was about to ask him to pull out when he leaned over and sucked her nipples again. And she was off to the races as yet another intense cum flowed through her. During that cum Bob reached his own plateau. "Robin" he grunted. "I'm going to cum. Are you safe?" She heard the word "safe" and it rang a bell. She'd just been thinking that she was "safe". She almost blacked out from the thrills shooting through her body but she managed to gasp out "Yes!" "Good" he groaned.

"I just hate to pull out." And with that he let a great rush of semen flush into his beautiful lover's sex. His penis pounded, shooting streams of thick cum into her starved pussy. At first it seemed like her pussy was soaking it up like a sponge as he pressed into her and his cock spat over and over again. He expected to feel it squirting our around his cock where it entered her, and when he didn't, he realized his cockhead had penetrated into her womb and he was painting the walls of Mandy's first home with his spunk.

He growled, liking the idea that his sperm was in so intimate a place. He slowly sagged, holding himself up with his elbows. Mandy knew what had happened. Mr. Wilson had shot his sperm into her mother. That was what it took to make Mandy have her very first orgasm. She had it with her finger stuck in her pussy, holding herself up with her other hand placed on the doorjamb.

She was in the throes of that first orgasm, almost paralyzed with pleasure, when the hand holding her up slipped. She crashed to the floor with her hand firmly buried between her legs. Several things happened at once. Robin lifted her head and saw her daughter on the floor. It was obvious that Mandy had her pants undone, and that her hand was inside them.

Mandy's mouth was open in a silent scream that they take good care of his dick mexican mayhem like she was in intense pain. Bob turned his head and saw the same thing. He instinctively stepped back from Robin, dragging his half hard cock out of her.

It was dripping with silvery sperm, and a long string of it extended downward, swinging as he moved. Mandy looked up to see that spermy cock, and her mother's open pussy, with more sperm welling up and beginning to spill out onto the table. She jerked her fingers and, as a gift of her mother's genes, she found out she could have multiple orgasms too. "AWWWWwwwwwwwuuuunnnnngggg" she wailed as her pussy felt fantastic. Robin, mortified that her daughter had seen her like this, slapped one hand over her pussy and struggled up to her feet.

"MANDY!" she yelped. She stood, shirt open, breasts proudly jutting, hand covering her sex. Bob thought she was the most beautiful woman he'd ever seen. Mandy writhed on the floor 'Ohhhhhhh mommeeeeeeeeee" she gasped. "It feels so goooooood". Just as suddenly as she'd panicked, Robin realized what was happening to her daughter. Most mothers never get to share in that first sexual joy their daughters have, and that was not lost on Robin.

She went to her baby and cradled her in her arms, cooing to her "It's OK, baby, just enjoy the feeling." Mandy was sobbing, but not from pain. She brunette filly has her trimmed pussy banged cumshot facial to talk "I . saw . you . and . Mr. . him . and" Her mother cut her off. "It's OK dear. I know. It must have been a lot for you to try to understand. Robin looked over at Bob who was still standing there, exposed.

She mouthed the words "PUT THAT THING AWAY" He jumped to pull his pants up, zipping them and buckling the belt. He didn't put his shirt on though. Mandy had calmed down some, and was breathing more evenly. She pulled her hand out of her pants. It was slick and wet. She didn't know what to do with it.

Suddenly Bob was there with a washcloth. He took her hand and cleaned it gently. "Uh" he said "Princess, you weren't supposed to see that." Mandy looked up at him. None of the crush she'd had on him was gone. "I know, and I shouldn't have watched. I'm sorry. But it was just so . interesting. And then I felt all funny and I had this itch and ." Robin stopped her again. "We know honey. It's perfectly normal." Mandy sat up.

She couldn't help but look at her mother's naked body, especially at the pool of thick white fluid that had dripped out of Robin's pussy while she sat with her daughter.

"That's Mr. Wilson's sperm" she whispered. Robin looked down, and then up at Bob. She shrugged. "Yes, that's Bob's sperm. When we were making love he had an orgasm, and it came out of him and into me." She had always been pretty up front with her daughter, and decided to keep it that way. "So . are you . pregnant now?" Mandy said it in a little girl voice. "No. Well probably not." said her mother. "It's the wrong time of the month for me to get pregnant." Bob's head jerked.

"I thought you said you were safe." "I AM safe" said Robin firmly. "Just not the way you thought." "And you let me .?" said Bob with wonder frisky lesbians fill up their big asses with milk and burst it out his voice.

"Yes" she said simply. "I like you.

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A lot." "Goody" said Mandy. It was Robin's head that jerked this time. "Now wait a minute young lady. Don't you go getting any ideas about . things. This . I mean Bob and I . what happened here tonight. It just sort of happened. Like an accident almost." "So you won't do it any more?" asked Mandy. Robin looked at Bob. He was just waiting. "Probably not" said Robin. She saw the disappointment in his eyes, but she also saw the acceptance. It made the glow in her pussy come back.

Mandy was slippery wet oral sex hardcore and blowjob at Bob too. She had a far away look in her eyes. "So . If he's not gonna do it with you again . maybe he could do that . with me?" Robin and Bob's voices twinned "MANDY!" Robin went on. "You KNOW that would be wrong! What's the matter with you? He's your TEACHER for pity's sake!" Bob took another approach.

"Mandy" he said softly. She looked up at him, tears in her eyes. "Sweetheart, you mean an awful lot to me, like your mother means an awful lot to me. You're a beautiful young woman and any man would be proud to . do that with you.

But I'm old, and you're young, and I'm your teacher and they'd put me in jail for sure and then I wouldn't get to see you ever again. That would break my heart. But you'll find a boy some day, and it will happen, and it will be wonderful for you." Robin had started to bristle when he sounded like he wanted to have sex with the girl, but realized what he was doing when she saw the gratitude well up in her daughter's eyes. He had made her feel like a desirable woman, and not a rejected kid.

"So you'll still be my tutor?" said Mandy. Bob looked at Robin. "Wouldn't that make you feel . funny? I mean after what you saw us do tonight?" Mandy laughed. "No WAY!

I hope you do it AGAIN! I've wanted a little brother or sister for YEARS!" Robin flushed red. "Mandy, have you no shame?" she said. Mandy looked at her almost naked, sperm leaking mother. On impulse she put one finger in the puddle of cum that had dripped out of Robin's pussy.

She knew that some girls ate this stuff. Naughty girls. Her mother had acted pretty slutty up on that arab whore and teen amateur bj lespatrons sons with mia khalifa. Her impulse led her to put that finger, dripping with cum, up to her mother's lips. Robin's eyes opened wide and her mouth opened to scold her daughter. Mandy said "I have as much shame as suspect gets his cock blown and fucked by female officers mother," and she slid the finger into her mother's mouth.

Robin was so shocked at what Mandy had done that she let the finger go in. Then it was there, and it was obvious that her daughter was more sophisticated that she had thought, and there was nothing to do but close her lips and suck her lover's cum off her daughter's finger.

It was so erotic she moaned. Mandy leaned over and whispered, but it was loud enough for Bob to hear "Mommy, I think if you don't let him keep doing that . you're crazy." Then she got up, and with amazing dignity, buttoned her pants and walked into the hallway toward her room. The two adults were left staring at each other. "Wow" said Bob. Robin didn't know what to feel. She'd been hurt before.

"Apparently my daughter is a little more grown up that I knew," she said. "Thank you" said Bob. He had stood up and was offering his hand to her to help her stand up. "What?" she said. "Thank you" he repeated. "For what just happened." "Well, that's a new one" she said under her breath.

"I've never had a man thank me for having sex with him." "That's not what I meant" he said, reaching out to her. "You let me make love to you. You let me . give you part of me." She was acutely aware of his sperm running down her thighs. "You may have altered your life forever because of what you let me do . in you." He was looking at her intently.

"Robin, you have to understand . I don't kiss and tell. I don't run around fucking every woman I see. I told you I'm picky. I AM picky. What you let me do means a lot to me, even if it doesn't to you. That's what I'm thanking you for." Robin felt terrible. This guy was too good to believe. "I'm sorry Bob," she said, with tears coming into her eyes. "I'm not used to men being . gentlemen. And it's been so long that I acted like a slut.

Just LOOK at me! Half dressed, semen running down my thighs, my hair a wreck." The next instant she was in his arms and his warm chest was pressed against her heavy breasts.

She looked up at him only to see his lips coming down for a kiss. She let it happen. When they broke he said "You look beautiful and sexy to me, and I don't do this with sluts. It's against my rules." She pushed him away and said I'm going to go clean up.

If you're still here when I get back, we'll talk. If you're not, I'll understand." She took a shower, but did not try to get his sperm out of her pussy. Somehow she wanted to leave some part of him in her. She brushed her wet hair back and put on a robe. He was sitting at the kitchen table, his shirt back on, looking normal as pie. He had a cup of coffee for her. They talked for a long time.

She decided that the tutoring should continue. As for the rest, they made no plans. Chapter Two When he was gone Robin went to talk to her daughter. Mandy was lying on her stomach, reading a book in bed. She had changed into her nightshirt. Robin looked at her differently, seeing a young woman in the flush of puberty, her body ready for things that society said were wrong. "I'm sorry you had to see that tonight honey," she said to break the ice.

Mandy rolled over. "Hi Mom. Don't be silly. The girls talk about that stuff all the time. I'm GLAD I saw it. It was so HOT! What does it feel like Mommy? It looked like it HURT! But you weren't acting like it hurt. You were acting like it was WONDERFUL! And ." she closed her mouth as Robin put one finger against her lips. "Mandy! Honey! Calm down." She looked at her little girl and was amazed to see a woman in her little girl's body.

She'd always been up front with Mandy. "It DOES feel wonderful," she said. Mandy nodded, urging her on. "And I suppose you could say it hurts, but it hurts GOOD, instead of hurting BAD.

It's hard to explain." She remembered the look on Mandy's face when she first saw her. "Mandy? When you were watching us . and you had your hand inside your pants . What did that feel like?" Mandy blushed. "Haven't you ever done that Mom? I thought all girls did that sooner or later!" Now Robin flushed. "Yes. I've done that. That's not what I meant. When you were . masturbating .

how did it feel?" Mandy's eyes got that far away look. "It felt .

School teacher caught student sex

yummy! It felt like my whole body was going to break into little pieces and float away." "That was an orgasm, honey. That's what it felt like for me too. Except that when Bob . when a man is . making love with you, it feels even better.

But it's sort of like what YOU felt. Didn't it feel . good painful? When you had your orgasm?" Mandy nodded vigorously. "I understand. YES! It hurt, but it hurt nice." "So, that's what it's like." said Robin. "But he looked so BIG! How does it FIT? And what about when he . you know . squirts in you? What's that like?" Robin realized she was going to have to go the whole way. "Well, he WAS big." Now it was HER eyes that had the far away look in them as she remembered the fabulous feel of being stuffed with hard cock.

She shook her head. "It feels OK, though. I mean a woman is made to take it. And when he cums ." she said dreamily. "I mean, you can feel it, yes, and it's nice too. But honey you're much too young to be thinking about these things." Mandy looked at her mother with suddenly adult eyes. "How old were you when you had me, Mommy?" Robin flinched.

"You know very well I was only fifteen," she said. "But it was a mistake. It shouldn't have happened." Mandy's eyes didn't change. "So I'm a . mistake." Robin frowned. "That's not fair Mandy. You know I love you, and would never give you up. But that's not what I meant. I should have waited until I was older. I missed out on so much honey, and I don't want you to miss out on anything." "Mom" said Mandy seriously. "The way I see it, if you had waited, like you said you should have, I wouldn't be here.

I'd be somebody else, or I might not even exist." Robin sighed. Sometimes it was difficult having an intelligent daughter. The next Tuesday night the tutoring went well. Bob stayed for coffee, but that was all. The Friday following that went well too.

Mandy, when the lesson was over, stood in front of the two adults and said "I'm going over to Janet's to watch a movie or something. I'll probably be gone a long long time. Should I call you before I come home?" she ended sweetly.

Bob looked at Robin and shrugged his shoulders. Robin looked at him and remembered what it had been like. She looked at the floor. "That would be fine, dear." Mandy grinned and hugged her mother. "Have fun" she whispered. Then she finished "I'd prefer a brother if possible." Robin tried to swat Mandy on the rear, but the girl was too quick. As she went by Bob she looked him up and down like he was for sale and she didn't know if she wanted him or not.

Then, with her hand on one hip, she said "Play nice." and skipped out the door laughing. Bob didn't move. He looked at Robin, sipping his coffee. She leaned back in her chair and studied him.

"You're going to make me beg, aren't you?" she said. "Why, Madame, I have no idea what you're talking about. I'm just a poor itinerant tutor who has enjoyed a meal and the hospitality of the Mistress of the house." "And now you hope to enjoy the Mistress of the house herself?" smiled Robin. "Very much, Madame . very, very much." He stood up and before she could react he'd thrown her over his shoulder and was carrying her toward her bedroom.

Over his drawl of "May I assist Madame to her chamber?" she kicked and squealed, but she loved it. Mandy had left the house, but not the yard. She'd left the garage door open on purpose and she snuck back in. She'd practiced this several times, and she'd oiled hinges and made sure that locks were unlocked. She gave them ten minutes and then snuck back in british milfs red and lucy gresty in sheer tights pantyhose and stocking house.

There was a linen closet that went between her mother's bedroom and the laundry room, with a louvered door in each room. She'd moved things around so that she could go in the laundry room and climb into the linen closet. She then had a relatively unobstructed view into her mother's bedroom.

She was wearing gym shorts so she could get to her pussy. She wasn't disappointed. Mr. Wilson was on his back on the big bed. Her mother was kneeling over him, and she had about half of that interesting penis in her mouth. She felt a thrill as she remembered feeding her mother the man's sperm.

She'd been right that her mother might be the kind of woman who liked the taste. She looked at her mother's naked body critically, comparing it to her own. Mr. Wilson had said her mother was beautiful and sexy. Beautiful asian nailed in lots of positions, since her mother's body was just a slightly more mature version of her own, that meant she was sexy too.

She heard her mother tell Mr. Wilson that he tasted good, and then she was lying on top of him, kissing him and rubbing her body all over him. Mandy was getting hot. She wondered what those kisses felt like.

Mr. Wilson's hands rubbed all over her mother's body. She wondered what that felt like too. He had nice hands. There was movement on the bed and Mandy watched, mouth open as Mr. Wilson lay her mother back.

He picked up her feet and put them on his shoulders as he crawled between her legs. As he bent over her, that made her knees go up to her breasts as she bent almost double. Her pussy was wide open as a result and Mandy could see that her pussy lips were thick and purple looking. Mandy knew her own were pale, pinkish white. She slipped a finger between them now, searching for the knob she'd found the week before.

Mr. Wilson moved and Mandy saw his penis. It stood out from his loins, long and thick and hard, like a club. It pointed right at her mother's open sex. Slowly it moved toward those puffy purple lips until they kissed it.

Her mother moaned. Mandy heard Mr. Wilson say "I brought a condom. I could get it." Robin groaned "You bastard. You like torturing me, don't you? If you stop now you're done. I'll get dressed and kick your pretty butt out. Do you hear me Bob Wilson?" "Yes Ma'am" he said, and Mandy watched as he slid that naked thing into her mother's pussy.

Mandy watched so intently that she drooled. He didn't just ram it in and out. Instead, it was like his penis was a brush and he was painting with it. He stroked her mother with it. Her mother, by contrast, flailed and screamed and wiggled her butt like a wild woman. Mandy could tell when her mother had an orgasm, because her fists beat the bed and she wailed her happiness. After three of those, she watched as he pulled his big prick out of her mother.

It was still hard and long, and it looked . delicious. Her mother was pushing at him, making him move, making him lie down on his back again. Then she crawled up on him and, sitting up like she was riding a horse, she put his penis back in her and sat down on him. His hands came up and cupped her mother's big breasts. She saw him pinch and pull at the nipples and her mother threw her head back, mouth open, a long groan filling the room.

Now her mother raised up and sat back down - hard. Then again and again, until she was rising and falling, pounding poor Mr. Wilson into the bed over and over.

She heard Mr. Wilson say something about cumming. If anything her mother's assault on him got even more violent. Mr. Wilson yelled "You HAVE TO GET OFF. ROBIN!" Her mother stopped, frozen, sitting down hard on him. "No . I don't" she said.

She had a look of concentration on her face and Mandy could see the muscles of her abdomen . moving! They moved like a belly dancer's stomach moved, undulating, the only thing moving on either person. She heard Mr. Wilson groan "Where in the world did you learn how to do THAT?!" Her mother leaned over him, rubbing one of her breasts on his face. "The only other man I've ever let cum in me taught me how to do that," she said. "I was Mandy's age, and he was Mandy's father." Mandy didn't know what was happening, but the result was that Mr.

Wilson's butt bucked up off the bed and he grunted "Oh fuck, I hope you know what you're doing." Then he made nonsense sounds as her mother threw her head back again.

Robin said "Ohhh I love that feeling. Give me some more big boy, make me hot and wet inside." It was then that Mandy realized that Mr.

Wilson was shooting his sperm inside her mother again. She felt the same thrill, rubbing her pussy hard, but kept herself from getting that special feeling or making any noise. She didn't think they'd be very happy if they found out she had watched them again. Mandy had planned everything perfectly so she could spy on her mother and the sexy and amazing things her mother did with Mr.

Wilson. She'd arranged the linens in the closet so she could crawl onto the shelf and lie down in comfort while she watched Mr. Wilson fucking his big slick penis in and out of her mother's pussy. But Mandy wasn't an engineer. It never occurred to her that her body weight might be too much for a linen closet shelf. As she watched Mr. Wilson pumping his thick cum into her mother's womb, Mandy rubbed her own pussy furiously, which caused her to roll around on that shelf .

which suddenly broke. The first moment Mandy knew something was wrong was the instant she felt weightless. Then there were towels and washcloths flying in the air all around her and she couldn't see anything. The big stack of towels she had put under the shelf, so she could climb ONTO the shelf, tipped her toward her mother's room.

The slatted door she'd been peeking through burst open and she rolled onto the floor at one corner of her mother's bed. Robin jumped up off of Bob, exposing his spermy penis, in her reaction to being half scared to death.

This time she was completely naked, and since she was standing up, spread legged, the big dollop of Adorable chick drilled and licked pornstar and hardcore cream that nice looking sex with lesbian luscious babes out of her pussy turned into a long stringy teardrop that landed on Bob's leg.

Bob tensed and began to sit up, which pressed a last big glob of white cream out of his cock. It caught in his foreskin as he recognized Mandy and lay back down.

"MANDY SUE WALKER" her mother screamed. "WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE YOU DOING?!" Then in a softer voice "You almost scared me to DEATH!" Mandy sat on the floor looking guilty.

"I'm sorry Mamma, but I just wanted to see it again. It makes me feel so . GOOSHY inside and I just couldn't wait . I'm sorry Mamma . please don't be mad at me." She looked pathetic sitting there.

Her hand was out of her pants, but she'd creamed on it pretty good, and she held it up in the air. Bob got up and walked over to where Mandy was. His dangling spermy cock was right at her eye level for a second and her eyes got huge and round as she stared at it so closely. Then he kneeled and took the hand she had rubbed her pussy with. He brought it up to his nose and sniffed. Then he put one of her fingers in is mouth and sucked on it.

He turned his head to look at Robin. "She was masturbating while she watched us," he said. He dropped the hand, which Mandy stared at like it was some savage beast. Then she realized his penis was going to be in her face again and she looked at that.

Bob went and sat down next to Robin, who had gotten down off the bed and was sitting with her head in her hands. She looked up. "Mandy, what are we going to do with you? You can't sneak around and watch people have sex." "I know, Mamma. I'm sorry." said Mandy. "But you said you weren't going to do it with him any more. So when you did I wanted to see. If you'd let me go on dates I could find out for myself, but you won't let me go out with boys." Robin raised her head.

She stared at her daughter. "Mandy, that's WHY I don't let you go out on dates. I know what would happen if you DID go out with boys.

She spread her legs and pointed at her sperm soaked pussy, still oozing thick rich sperm. "THIS is what would happen, Mandy. I KNOW this would happen because I've BEEN there." "That's what I don't understand, Mamma" said the girl, standing up.

"You did it when you were my age, hot ebony stacy fuxx big boobsblack ebony hardcore stockingstits it looks like such fun, and I want to know about it, but you won't let me. It's just not fair." Robin sighed. "Mandy, just because I did it when I was your age doesn't make it right.

You're too young. That's final. You have to promise not to watch Bob and me perfect teen ass spread xxx risky birthday capers with more, is that clear?" Mandy brightened. "Then you'll keep doing it with him? Oh YAY! I like him a lot" she said, as if he wasn't sitting naked, two feet away. "And will you keep letting him squirt inside you? So I can have a baby brother?" Robin flushed.

"That wasn't supposed to happen. I got carried away. That was my weakness when I was a girl, Mandy. I loved to feel that hot wet stuff inside me. It got me you, Baby. But I don't know about a baby brother for you. Bob would have to agree to that, and we hardly know each other." "It sure looks like you know each other pretty well to me" said Mandy.

Bob laughed out loud. They chased Mandy out, with her promise she wouldn't spy any more. Robin started to get up to get dressed, but Bob wheedled her back into bed, where he cuddled her and they talked. Before long Bob started sucking on Robin's turgid nipples. "You taste so good" he said during a transition from one to the other. "Which reminds me" said robin, straining her breast toward his mouth.

"How did Mandy taste?" He looked up, with a guilty look on his face. "Sorry about that. I just reacted. But she tasted like you . good." "Well, I like it a lot when you taste me" she moaned. "But right now I want to be full again. I think you're addictive maybe." She spread her legs as he rolled over on top of her. "I don't think that's a bad thing at all" he said as he mounted her.

He slid in and she wiggled her hips in joy. He stroked her for a while, mashing her clitty with his pubic bone until she was writhing. "You know," he said, "I've never been a father before." He pushed in and rubbed his bone against her in little circles. "You bastard" she said, but there was no heat in it. "I'm not saying I have the right to give you a child" he said, grinding harder. "But you're the finest woman I've ever met.

And the only one I've ever wanted to make pregnant." "You have the most silver tongue of any man I've ever met" she moaned. "And you know about my weakness for feeling a man cum in me. Ohhh Bob I can't stop you. If you don't want to be a Daddy it's up to you to pull out of me. I can't help myself. I'm a slut and I'll always be a slut." Her hips were hammering up at him now, her pussy gobbling his cock. He kissed her, pushed in hard and froze. "Can you do that one dick can satisfy two hot girls That you did before?

Can you do it on your back?" Robin moaned louder "Ohhh yes, you silver-tongued bastard." And she went to work with her muscles, milking his embedded cock until it bulged and he sighed as he gave her another helping of his rich creamy baby butter.

As she felt it flowing into her womb, Robin began crying. "Ohhh fuck I think I love you Bob Wilson. I don't want to, but I think I do anyway. Why did you have to come into my life? Bob leaned into her, emptying his balls in her receptive belly.

"That's not such a bad thing, Robin" he said softly into her ear as his cock dribbled its last. "I think I love you too. And I sort of wonder what it would be like to have a son." Robin stiffened at his words, but it was the stiffness of a runaway orgasm that rocketed through her at his words. No other man had told her he loved her. They'd told her she was a good fuck, and a good sport, but not that they loved her. As the orgasm washed over her and her pussy spasmed around his cock, Bob whispered again in her ear.

"And you're not a slut, Robin . you're a woman who knows what she likes . and, my little fuck bunny, of course." Her tears continued as she burst into laughter.

She pushed him off of her saying "Get OFF me you big prick" she laughed. "I can't take any more of this tonight." "AHA!" he crowed.

"Even MORE evidence you aren't a slut. A slut could go all night and ask for more!" She swatted his naked butt as he tried to duck out of the way. Once again, though, he didn't stay the night. The following Friday night Mandy went to a sleepover and Robin allowed him to cum kinky teen was brought in ass hole madhouse for painful treatment her again.

By his own reckoning and what she'd said, she was getting near her fertile time. By now Bob had decided he liked this woman enough to stay with her as long as she'd let him. Marriage wasn't out of the question either, though he thought she wasn't ready to talk about that yet.

After he filled her they lay nuzzling in bed. "It would be nice to wake up to this" she said softly. "It would indeed" he agreed, fondling her buttock. "I'll go if you want me to, but unless you do I'm really quite comfortable right here." She sighed and nestled into his arms even deeper.

"What about Mandy?" he asked as he kissed her hair. "She'll probably have her own orgasm when she finds you here in the morning" said Robin sleepily.

The phone rang. Robin reached and cradled the receiver. "Oh Hi Mrs. Carter . WHAT!?" She sat bolt upright, her full breasts wobbling. "Oh my . yes . I understand . Yes! Send her home immediately. Tell her she has exactly four minutes before I come looking for her. No . I don't think that's necessary right now. You say he didn't actually .

uh . get it IN any of them? Well I think we can handle this between parents. Yes, I mean it is sort of normal for that age group. Yes. Thank you Mrs. Carter. I'll be in touch soon. Bye bye." She hung up the phone and looked at Bob. He raised an eyebrow. "We may have a problem. I may have a problem" she corrected herself. "Apparently Mandy and Janet and another girl they know all invited a boy to their sleepover." He raised the other eyebrow. "Mrs. Carter didn't know about it, and didn't approve it." she went on.

"Anyway, it seems she went to the room and went in instead of knocking. The boy was there, naked. All the girls were naked.

The boy was just about to have sex with Mandy while the other two girls watched. And then he was supposed to do them too." She got up and put on her robe. Bob got up and put on his slacks and shirt. Robin turned to him. "Bob, she's going to do it with some pimply faced boy if we don't satisfy her curiosity.

What are we going to do?" "Well, now that's a quandary," he said. She thought. "I don't suppose you might .?" she didn't finish. "You've GOT be kidding," he said evenly. "I know you're a wonderful woman, but a woman who shares her man with her 14 year old daughter? That goes way beyond wonderful." "I know, it's crazy." she admitted. "But you wouldn't have to . you know . put it IN her exactly. Maybe she'd be satisfied with oral sex." Neither of them could believe they were having this conversation.

Mandy slunk in the front door. Her mother looked at her and said "Sit down . right there." she pointed at a chair. Mandy sat. Robin drew Bob closer to her, across the room and whispered. "Look, I know how you make me feel with that wonderful tongue of yours. Maybe if you give her five or six orgasms and just flat wear her out she'll decide that's enough. I mean I know I don't have any right to ask you to do this, but I can't think of anything else to do." He looked at her.

"I'll do it if you stay there. You have to be in the room," he said. "In fact I think it would be a good idea if you helped." Robin raised her eyebrows. He explained. "It sounds like those girls have done something together before this". Robin's eyes widened and she nodded. "And she needs to know she can be as intimate with you as anyone else.

Then, maybe she'll come to you before she goes to a stranger." She nodded. "OK" he said. "I'll do it." Robin turned around. Wet bawdy cleft is always the superlatively good had obviously been trying to hear what they were saying.

"Go into my bedroom" she told Mandy. Mandy got up and, head down, went where she was told. They followed her.

As soon as they were in the room Robin dropped her robe. Bob started removing his pants and shirt. Mandy turned around and her eyes widened. Bob walked over to Mandy. She watched his swinging penis.

He reached out and began to unbutton her shirt. She looked up at him wonderingly. He slid the shirt off her shoulders and reached around behind her to unsnap her bra. "Mommy?" she said in a quavering voice. "Yes dear?" said Robin, who walked over and stood beside them. Mandy turned her head and looked at her mother's face. "Um . Ohhhhhhhhh" signed Mandy as Bob's hands slid around her body and cupped her bulging teen breasts.

He thumbed her nipples and then tweaked them gently, pulling them away from her tit flesh just enough to stretch them out, but not hurt. "Ohhh Mommy, what's he doing?" Robin slid behind Mandy and then let her own hands glide around her daughter to her stomach.

Her hands slid up and replaced Bob's as she cupped her daughter's breasts. She found nipples stiff from Bob's manipulation and strummed her fingers over them. "He's going to make you feel good honey." "But ." she stopped, frozen as Bob's hands reached her jeans snaps and undid them.

He knelt and pulled her jeans and panties down. Her golden teen muff was bared to him and he sniffed long and loudly. "You smell good Mandy" he growled. He pushed his nose into her sparse pubic hair. and she instinctively pulled back. Her butt ran into her mother, though, and she couldn't get away. "Mr. Wilson?" said Mandy in a shaky voice. "You're going to have to learn to call me Bob when we're doing this," he said in his deep voice.

He kissed up her belly as it rippled and moved. Then her breasts were there and he captured a nipple and sucked on it hard. She squealed and danced on her feet. She'd have fallen with her feet tangled in her jeans if her mother hadn't held her up. Bob stopped and took off her shoes, then pulled her jeans off. As her right leg came free of the jeans her legs were spread and Bob dove in, fastening his mouth to her pussy lips and pressing his nose into her unused young clitty.

Mandy shrieked as she felt a man's mouth on her pussy for the first time. Her mother was holding her breasts, and she ravishing czech cutie is tempted in the hypermarket and fucked in pov get away from the feeling, which was much more intense than anything she'd ever done to herself.

"Mommeeeeee" she wailed. Bob licked her for a while and then stood up. His prick was stiff and straining and Mandy stared at it in horror, thinking he was going to stick it in her. He pushed her and Robin backwards toward the bed. Robin got out of the way and when Mandy's knees hit the bed she fell backward, her legs spread. Bob seized them, holding them open and went to work on her virgin pussy.

He licked and sucked and blew and nibbled. She went off like a string of Chinese firecrackers, having one orgasm after another until she couldn't breathe.

He let her rest and then did it again, this time sliding his fingers deep into her pussy as he licked and sucked her clit. She wailed and cried out for her mother, who made things even more intense by kissing her daughter passionately and sucking her nipples. Finally Mandy was lying limp, unable to get up at all. Bob reared back. His cock was painfully hard. He looked at the plump wet virgin pussy splayed open before him and wanted to skewer her with his cock.

Robin looked at him, and at his cock, and at her daughter's pussy and licked her lips. Bob looked over and saw her. He saw her lean back slowly and spread her legs. Gorgeous redhead with hot body amateur and webcam held her pussy open for him. He was on her in a flash, driving into her with a passion he'd never known. He began cumming as soon as he was rare story xxx love story full sex stories seated and did nothing more than rabbit fucking motions as his prick emptied his balls in his lover.

"Thank you" he wheezed in her ear. She hugged him close and enjoyed her favorite feeling . the feeling of hot, wet sperm bathing her pussy. They eventually ended up cuddled together .

and slept. Bob awoke to the feel of a cool feminine hand on his erect penis. It was stroking him slowly, building up his hard to full mast. He was on his side and he could smell and feel a woman in front of him, and feel another one behind him. All that soft warm female flesh made his dick begin to leak as the anonymous hand languidly masturbated him.

The hand bent his cock and nosed into what was obviously pussy hair, and then between two fiery pussy lips. He was only half awake, but the feel of those slick gates made him arch his hips. He felt his cock slip into that pussy an inch and he heard her gasp lightly. He was suddenly horny and he bucked again, driving another two inches into her. He wanted to roll on top of her and sink deep, but it was so nice between the two women.

He let his back relax, and he slid back out, almost completely before he flexed again and pushed back in. Her sleepy voice said "Mmmmmmm".

Now he was too horny to want to lie there. With a surge he rolled, sliding between her thighs. His chest felt her breasts. He growled again and rammed home.

He heard an agonized groan. Something was wrong. "Robin?" he said. Her voice came to him "Hmmm?" From beside him. The realization of what had happened hit him hard. His cock was buried not in Robin, but in Mandy's virgin pussy. He'd fucked it into her as if she WAS Robin, who was used to his girth, his length. Now his cock lay buried in the belly of a 14-year-old girl whose hymen now lay in shreds as her pussy pulsed around his cock.

Wait. It WAS pulsing. It was rippling like a flag in the wind, and there were no more cries of pain. She was having an ORGASM! He couldn't believe it. It had to be genetic. Robin could cum just from his initial penetration, or from his suckling of her thick rubbery teats.

If he used his mouth on her she could cum four or five times in fewer minutes. Now Mandy appeared to exhibit the same randy nature as her pussy orgasmed around its first cock. She had tried to get herself fucked earlier in the evening and had been stopped. Now she'd succeeded in getting a stiff prick in her pussy and she was already enjoying it to the max. Bob's balls began to rumble and he felt his prick leak. He panicked, knowing that some of his sperm had just entered her teenaged body.

He jerked his cock out of her and rolled to stand on the floor beside the bed. Mandy wailed "Nooooooooooo" Her wail woke Robin up. She immediately reached for the bedside lamp. When it came on she saw her naked daughter on her back, legs spread, her pussy lips swollen and red and .

yes, bloody! Bob was standing beside the bed, his huge hardon pointing toward the two women. Mandy wailed again "He had it in me Mommy, make him put it back!" Robin looked up at Bob, unbelieving.

"I thought it was you!" he gasped. "When I realized it was her I was about to cum." "Make him put it back in me Mommy.

It felt so goood" moaned Mandy, who was now rubbing her pussy frantically. "You didn't cum in her?" said Robin, looking at him. He shook his head. He decided not to mention the precum he'd deposited in her untried pussy. Robin thought. What kind of man gets the chance to ejaculate in a virgin and then . doesn't. A good man. She spoke again. "Could you . fuck her . without cumming in her?" He gaped. He shook his head. "No way.

She's got your pussy. I'm telling you I thought she WAS you. She smelled like you, she felt like you . inside and out. The only reason I realized it WASN'T you was that she cried out when I tore her hymen. But then, within ten seconds of that she was having an orgasm. I swear Robin, it's a genetic trait that you've passed on to your daughter." Robin looked at her writhing daughter. "My little fuck bunny" she said softly. She leaned over. "Mandy? Honey!" Mandy quit whining and looked at her mother.

"Mandy, if I let him fuck you, will you promise me that tomorrow you go on the pill? No arguments? No more fucking until you are protected?

Will you promise me that?" Mandy nodded wildly. "Yes Mamma, I promise." Robin looked up at Bob. "Will you do it?" He ran his hand through his hair. "This is crazy" he said. "I know" she said.

"but I know how she feels. She NEEDS this Bob." For answer he stroked his cock while Mandy looked at him, her arms out. "Are you sure Mandy?" he said. "Ohhhh please" she whined. He crawled back on the bed. Robin grasped his cock as he got into position and fed it to her only daughter.

Mandy's hips were wiggling so much Robin had to tell her to be still. Then he felt it there. He eased in this time, or tried to, but when half of it was there Mandy's pussy leapt up off the bed and she impaled herself on it. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHEEEEEEEE" she wailed and he felt that spasming pussy again. He turned his head to Robin who was crying. "She's already cumming" he said. Robin smiled.

"Make it one she'll remember." "I don't know how long I can hold out" he groaned. "Her pussy snaps even harder than yours does." He lasted another 72 seconds, not that anybody was counting. Her adolescent pussy sucked it out of his balls like a vacuum cleaner. "Oh fuck" he groaned and his balls burst. She was 14.

It was her first fuck. She was probably as ripe as it was possible to be, her womb open, eager for his seed. All that caused his flow to be both harder, thicker and longer. His spurts would have gone three feet in the air.

Her womb was packed full of his jelly and it spurted out around his cock where her stretched pussy lips sucked at his rod. She gasped and came with him, babbling about how hot it felt, telling her mother how wonderful it was. Her mother cried, tears of sadness at the loss of her daughter's innocence, and happiness that her daughter was experiencing the ultimate act of love with such a fine partner. Robin knew their relationship would be different in the morning.

She didn't know how it would end, and for that she cried too. She turned the light off. Eventually they all slept again. Robin awoke to the feel of lips on her neck, and a big rough male hand on her breast. She rolled her head toward him. "I love you" he whispered.

She cried again. He let her cry and then began to bring her to a fever pitch of passion. she fought it at first.

"How can you want more sex?" she moaned. "You probably made us BOTH pregnant last night." He touched her places he knew she liked to be touched. "I don't want more sex," he said. "I want to make love to my woman." In the end she rolled over and welcomed him as he bred her again. And again. It was Mandy who finally got them to stop and get up for breakfast.

Robin insisted on a shower first, and he helped, until that too led to a passion filled . and sperm filled pussy. They spent the rest of the day going on a picnic and visiting a museum. Bob never once tried to push any of her buttons. That night he said he needed to go feed his fish. "Will you be back?" Robin asked, tears in her eyes.

"Are you pregnant yet?" he said, seriously. "What?" she stuttered. "When you're pregnant with my fourth . no FIFTH son.

Then you need to start worrying about whether I'll be back." She threw herself into his arms. They got married six weeks later. There was another genetic gift in the family. It was the gift of getting pregnant during your very first fuck. Mandy was pregnant when she walked her also pregnant mother down the aisle. Mandy also went on the honeymoon with the happy couple.

They didn't make her go on the pill. She didn't really need them any more. The End