Busty pornstar screwed and facialized pornstars european

Busty pornstar screwed and facialized pornstars european
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Author's note: I've used Sandee, the lovable former stripper, in several past stories. Here is her own story. This one features several other characters already in incestuous relationships. To learn sunny leone sari xxx fuck story new 2019 how these mom/son couples came to be, feel free to read: Dahlia and Darren, Former Playmates Pt 03, and The Long Absence: Ted's Story.

To learn of what's happening in Charleston, I've covered that in: The Challenge Ch. 04, and to some degree, The Challenge Ch. 08: To the Haven. Sandee's Story Introduction Sandee moaned, loving the feeling of Darren sucking on her tits. She rolled off him, shaking her head at the condom he was wearing. "When are you going to knock me up?" she asked her 22-year-old friend and lover. Darren sighed, "Sandee, I can't handle another kid right now.

Mom and I have our hands full with Daisy. She's walking around, getting into everything." "Your mom wouldn't mind, you know," Sandee said, referring to Darren's mother, Dahlia. "I know, but," he sighed again. "She and I are focused on Daisy right now," Darren explained of the daughter he and his mother have together. Dahlia became pregnant not long after her and Darren became lovers almost two years ago. "Oh alright," Sandee reached over to the bedside table, handing Darren her tablet.

"Look at what I've been searching for online." "I'm not sure I want to know," Darren joked. "Just do it!" Darren opened the web browser seeing search results: "finding the child you gave up for adoption." Sandee snuggled next to Darren, watching him scroll through the results. She had no idea how long it would take to find the child she gave up for adoption at 19, but knew she would find him or her one day.

Many times over the years Sandee wondered if she found her child as an adult if she'd make love to him. This intensified when Dahlia and Darren her close friends became lovers. Seeing a mother and son become one has been a wonderful experience for her. Dahlia entered the bedroom, putting away some laundry. She smiled at her son and Sandee, glad to see them enjoying their weekly date night. Dahlia and Sandee would have their date night the day after tomorrow. "Are you ready for another round?" Sandee whispered to Darren.

"Sandee, I just " Darren attempted to say before being interrupted by a kissing Sandee. Darren put the tablet down, hands to Sandee's waist when she mounted him again. She pretended Darren was her son and she was meeting him for the first time. Chapter 1 A few months later, Sandee was dropping Dahlia off at the house, ending their weekly date night. Dahlia invited her in as expected and the two friends entered the home, kissing and giggling. "Shh!" Darren glared at the women, watching TV with the volume low.

"I just put Daisy to sleep." "Sorry," Dahlia said. "We'll be quiet." "Let's go to bed. I'm thirsty," Sandee said, pulling Dahlia along. Darren watched them retreat down the hall, shaking his head, chuckling. Fifteen minutes later, the raven-haired Dahlia was straddling Sandee.

Sandee was sitting up in bed, her hands to Dahlia's large breasts, gently kneading them, sucking milk from them. "Oh Sandee," Dahlia whispered, arching her back more for her friend. Sandee brought Dahlia's face to her own, giving her a warm, milky kiss.

"I love you," Sandee wet crack of lovely gal is banged. "I love you too," Dahlia replied, watching Sandee nurse from her. Daisy stopped nursing long ago, but between Darren and Sandee sucking Dahlia's tits, the mammary glands kept up with the demand for milk, producing it now for Dahlia's lovers.

Darren had trouble doing it at first, but got used it. Sandee loved it, nursing from Dahlia, squeezing milk on to her own face, every time they had a date night. "They found my child," Sandee said, taking a break. "They did?" "Yes. Everything has been arranged. All parties involved know." "What's his name?" Dahlia asked.

A small smile came over Sandee's face, "Rachael." "You mean, the baby was a girl?" "Yes. I thought it'd be a boy, but after she was born, I only saw her face for a moment, before they doctors rushed her away to her adoptive parents." "I see." "There's more," Sandee said, taking a long, slow lick of Dahlia's dripping tit.

"Yes?" "You know her," Sandee said. "I, I do?" Dahlia asked, confused. "Yes. And her adoptive mother." "I don't understand." Sandee smiled again, releasing a nipple from her lips, "Your Aunt Nikki adopted Rachael." Dahlia's mouth dropped with shock. "What?" "Yes." "Rachael was adopted? I had no idea." "Well you weren't that close to your family.

So maybe it was never brought up," Sandee said. "You're right. But still, wow," Dahlia looked away, taking a deep breath.

"Small world," she said with a soft smile. "One more thing," Sandee said. "I'm going to meet her next month during the holidays." Dahlia nodded. "And you're coming with me," Sandee said. "You, Darren, and Daisy." "We are? Nikki lives in Charleston, South Carolina the last I heard," Dahlia said.

"Yep, that's where she still is apparently. That's also where my mom lives too" Dahlia hugged Sandee, her tits mashing against her friend's. "I'm so happy for you. This is great for both of us.

I haven't seen my family in a long time." "Mmhmm. Now then, enough talk. I want more milk! Give me indian teen raand taking shirt off getting naked exposing firm bigtits tits!" Sandee said, pushing Dahlia back, grabbing her breasts and sucking away at them. Chapter 2 There was a welcome party of sorts, for Sandee in Charleston. She and Dahlia truly discovered how small the world was.

Not only was Dahlia's Aunt Nikki there greeting them, but her mother, Robin too. Greeting Sandee was her mother Diane and sister Valerie. The seven adults and toddler, Daisy, went to lunch. Sandee learned that her mother, Diane, lived right across from Nikki. "This is too funny!" she exclaimed.

"Yes, well, we all live in a great neighborhood," Diane said. "I think you'll love it here," Nikki added, glancing at her niece Dahlia. Dahlia was smiling, sitting next to her mother, Robin, who was playing with her grandchild.

"Rachael will be excited to meet you when she comes home from college in a couple days," Nikki said. After a nice family reunion, Dahlia and her two children, Darren and Daisy went to stay at Robin's house down the street.

Sandee hung out with her mother and sister, Nikki joined in too. Dinner was at Nikki's house that night. Sandee's younger brother Elliot joined in along with Nikki's son Ted. It was a great meal with great company. Sandee noticed something odd about her brother and her mom, it was the same thing she noticed with Nikki and Ted too.

The seemed to interact like couples would, flirty, affectionate. Sandee glanced to Valerie, sitting on the couch next to her. Either she noticed it too and didn't say anything, or she simply saw this at their standard behavior. "Geez, maybe I've been away for too long," Sandee thought, having lived most of her adult life in Los Angeles.

After the meal, wine flowed, and Sandee couldn't ignore the tingle she felt in her crotch. Her mother and brother were very close, sitting next to one another and holding each other just like a happy couple. Nikki was sitting on her son Ted's lap. Sandee suppressed the urge to excuse herself to masturbate her biggest fantasy and fetish was mom and son incest. It appeared that, right before her that some sort of incestuous relationship was happening between her own mother and brother.

It couldn't be though. Valerie seemed unfazed by their affections, chatting, laughing, drinking with the group like nothing was going on. "I hope things are calm when Rachael arrives. I'd hate for my family, IF something is going incestuous, to scare the poor girl off," Sandee though, sipping her wine, pretending to pay attention to something Nikki and Diane were chatting about.

"Rachael. I can't wait to see what she looks like," Sandee said, opting not to view pictures of her or any information about her appearance. She only knew who adopted Rachael, and that Rachael will be 19 in a couple months February. The night ended when Valerie left to leave. She hugged everyone goodbye, and soon after Diane, Elliot, and Sandee left too. Walking home, Sandee noticed Diane and Elliot holding hands. "Please be sleeping together," she thought. "No! I mean, if you are just wait until Rachael gets to know us a little better before you flaunt your relationship," Sandee spoke in her head.

They chatted a little more before bedtime. Diane said one of Sandee's aunts was having a Christmas party in Atlanta. She suggested Sandee and Rachael come along, once Rachael gets settled in and meets everyone. "That'd be great mom," Sandee said, hugging her goodnight. She glanced at her brother and winked. Elliot gave her a funny look. An hour passed, Sandee in one of the empty guest rooms, was naked, playing with herself, "I gotta see, I gotta be sure they are sleeping together." Not bothering to dress, Sandee snuck down the hall of this huge house her mother was living in.

She approached her mother's bedroom door. She heard something, a wonderful sound, a sound Sandee loved the sound of moaning. Her mother was receiving pleasure. "Ah yeah baby, just like that," Sandee heard Diane say. "Lick my pussy like that." Sandee wondered if her mother was alone in there and she was masturbating.

She listened and waited. "Here, sit on my face, mom," Sandee heard her brother say. "No way!" she thought. "Mmm love it," Diane said. Sandee heard loud sucking and slurping sounds. Her mother was sucking Elliot's cock. Sandee pictured them in a 69-position. "Yep," she whispered. "I'm going in!" Sandee barged into the room, naked, hands on her hips. "Oh hi sweetie," Diane said, calmly, as if her daughter hadn't just barged in on her and her son.

"How long? How long have you two been doing this?" Sandee asked. Diane ignored Elliot's pleas for her to get off him. "Oh I'd say a little over a year now. Is that right, sweetie?" Diane looked over her shoulder, asking Elliot. horny asian milf watch part uncut on slutcamxxcom off! Get off!" he begged, thoroughly embarrassed at getting caught.

"You keep working your tongue like that and I'll be getting off pretty quickly tonight," Diane replied, winking at her daughter, casually stroking Elliot's cock. "Wow," Sandee said. "Does Valerie know?" "Oh yeah, we told her. We didn't tell you because you live so far away, we don't see you often, but we figured you'd find out at some point." "Is she cool with this?" Sandee asked.

"Can you please cover me up?" poor Elliot asked. "I am silly. Well except your legs and cock. Sandee can see those pretty clearly. Yes Val is ok with this, she was weirded out at first, but accepts it now." Sandee looked at her brother's glistening, saliva covered dick.

"I'm going to go now. I'm going to leave you two alone. But I want in. I don't when or how, but I want in." "Ok sweetie!" Diane said.

"No, no! I can barely handle mom, I can't handle another " Elliot pleaded, before his mother's ass slammed back down on his face. Sandee giggled, closing the door. "I think I'll hang out with Nikki." Chapter 3 Nikki in her pajamas handed Sandee a plastic cup filled with wine.

"Sorry, I didn't feel like doing more dishes." "It's fine! This is perfect," Sandee said. They dinged cups and sat next to each other on Nikki's couch, sipping their wine. "So how did Rachael take it when you told her?" Sandee asked.

"Surprisingly well. Her and I," Nikki paused. "We got along ok, but when she entered her teen years, and her dad and I, I mean, adoptive dad and I divorced, we kept our distance some." "I see." "Things could've been better between us, but they also could've been a lot worse.

When I told her she was adopted, she was shocked, but didn't go crazy about it. She nodded and thanked me for telling her. She was receptive to meeting you," Nikki explained. "Good. I've been nervous about this, but very excited." Nikki placed her hand on Sandee's. "Everything will be great." "Does she look like me?" "Sort of, yes.

Her natural hair color is the same as yours. A nice brown shade. It's also a little like mine, which is why I suppose she never wondered about herself. You two have similar shaped ears too," Nikki smiled, moving a long lock of Sandee's hair behind her ear.

"I hope my family doesn't scare her off." Nikki laughed, "Why would they do that?" "Well," Sandee paused. "Oh because your mom and brother are together?" Nikki asked.

Sandee nodded, "So you know about them. You know, I think you and Ted are similar, right?" "Of course! Gosh, you should see all the wild and crazy contraptions in our bedroom. I love it when he ties me up and flogs me." Sandee's eyes lit up.

"Where's Ted tonight?" "He's out with Darren. The two of them took Dahlia and Robin out." "Oh. So Ted will be home soon?" Sandee asked. "Nope. I suspect his cock will be buried balls deep in his grandma Robin.

That woman could pass for my age," the late 40s Nikki said. They paused, sipping more of their wine. "So did you want to sleep here tonight? I have a guest room ready," Nikki asked. Sandee thought about giving her mother and brother more privacy, "Sure." Nikki showed her the guest room, leaving her be.

Sandee thought about if she had a son, how she'd be riding his cock all night. "I have a daughter though," she thought. "I'm sure she's gorgeous.

But she may not be into women," Sandee told herself sitting on the edge of the bed. Just as she was about to close the bedroom door, Nikki appeared. She stood there, her body a silhouette, the hall light behind her. "Say Sandee, are you bi-sexual?" Nikki asked.

"Um, well, yeah." "Good," Nikki sipped from the plastic cup, and then tossed it over her shoulder. She entered Sandee's room, her naked body coming into focus, pouncing on Sandee, kissing all over her face. "Have you ever worn a strap-on?" Nikki asked, in between kisses. "Yes!" "Then come fuck me," Nikki said, pulling Sandee's shirt, then pulling at her arm to follow her.

Strap-ons, chains, whips, paddles, were used on each other. Both women went hard on one another, exhaustion setting in a couple hours later. They collapsed into each other's arm. Then the pussy grinding began. An hour later, their pussies sliding up and down the other, they climaxed together one last time. Falling backward on the bed, their feet near each other's heads, Nikki sucked all over Sandee's toes. Sandee, out of breath, looked to her new friend, the woman who adopted her daughter, "You're pretty wild." Nikki pounced on Sandee once more, their tongues swirling around in the other's mouths.

"I have no idea if Rachael is like this. I don't know if you and she would be able to cross this line and have sex." "It's ok. I mean, it'd be nice, but I want to build a friendship with her first," Sandee replied. "She's pretty shy too. I could easily see a sexy older woman, you, seducing her. I don't know if she's into women though." "Time will tell," Sandee said, bringing Nikki back in for another kiss. * The next morning Nikki and Sandee were in the shower making out.

Ted startled them both, joining in, giving Sandee a quick "hey" before grabbing his mother and kissing her passionately. "You have a nice night?" Nikki asked him. "Oh yeah, it was great," Ted answered. "I bet it was," Nikki swatted at him. "Darren had a good time with Robin too.

That old broad is one sexy, wild lady," Ted added. "Oh by the way, did you know Cousin Dahlia is still lactating?" Sandee's eyes widened and she turned away, suppressing a giggle. She was surprised when she felt Ted's cock against her back. "May I?" he asked. "Yes, please do," Sandee said, arching her back for him.

Ted entered her from behind, and continued his conversation with his mother. They talked about where they ate, what they ate, and other relatives and neighbors they ran into all while fucking Sandee from behind. "This place is amazing," she thought, shortly before she climaxed in the shower. Chapter 4 The next two days consisted of Sandee spending time with her family, interviewing her mother about sex with Elliot, much to his annoyance.

She asked for every detail that brought them together. Diane was happy to give that information to her daughter. Sandee learned her mother's new home, the entire neighborhood, was filled with incestuous households.

Sandee admitted to her mother that mom and son incest was a huge fantasy of hers. Diane suggested mom and daughter love could happen for Sandee. Sandee found herself hanging out with Nikki the night before Rachael arrived home from college for holiday break. That night both Nikki and Sandee took turns riding Ted's cock, cumming over and over again.

The next afternoon, Sandee waited for her daughter to arrive. She wondered how she'd greet her, she wondered if Rachael would be scared, nervous or shy, and she wondered if Rachael wouldn't want anything to do with her. She pushed negative thinking aside and waited. Sandee wore a modest dress, nothing tight or sexy; her long light-brown hair was down, her makeup was minimal.

She felt she looked like a normal late 30s woman. Then the doorbell rang. It was Rachael. She had never been to Nikki's new house in this new neighborhood. Sandee's heart was pounding, as she watched Nikki answer the door. "Should I stand, or sit? Maybe I'll wait for her to approach me," a thousand other thoughts ran through Sandee's head. "Be calm, act natural." Nikki cleared her throat, entering the room, causing Sandee to quickly stand.

She turned around and saw her daughter for the first time since she gave birth to her. They stared at one another for what seemed like minutes. Nikki spoke up, her arm around Rachael's waist, "Rachael, sweetie, this is Sandee." Sandee couldn't speak for fear of crying. She gave a goofy smile, and mouthed a "hi." "Hi," Rachael smiled back.

Ted entered the living room, eating a sandwich, "Hey Rachael. Since we're not blood related, I guess it's ok if we get it on. Right?" Rachael laughed awkwardly, Sandee couldn't help but smile, inwardly thanking Ted for diffusing the tension. His mother swatted at him. "What? Just saying, it wouldn't be incest. That's stuff is nasty. Right mom?" Ted winked at his mother. Nikki gave him a look, silently telling him to shut up. Sandee cleared her throat, still unable to look away from her daughter.

"I'm going to fix the rest of you sandwiches, since Ted only fixed one for himself," She jabbed him at his side, taking him into the kitchen with her. Sandee and Rachael were alone in the living room. They slowly approached one another. Sandee fighting tears and extending her hand to the shorter Rachael, "It's um, it's good to meet you." Rachael smiled, her eyes slightly watery too, she nodded her head and shook her mother's hand.

"This is a really nice house your mom, I mean," Sandee shook her head, breaking her gaze on Rachael to look down, embarrassed. "It's ok. She is my mom, I guess," Rachael smiled, taking another step toward Sandee. "Right. A mom doesn't have to be blood related. I had a Chihuahua for many years and I was his mommy." "Yeah," Rachael chuckled. Sandee took a step closer.

"I like your hair," Sandee said, noticing Rachael's dark red dye job. "Thanks." "Nikki said you've dyed it a lot." "Mmhmm, blonde, then red. I'll probably go back to my natural brown at some point." There was another pause, they studied each other's face.

Sandee spoke up, "So, um, can I give you a hug? I'm sorry, I don't know how this works." "No, it's fine, we're both figuring this out. Yes a hug would be great," Rachael said. They approached one another, arms extended, then wrapping them around one another. Sandee closed her eyes, breathing in Rachael's scent she smelled so good. They ended their embrace; Sandee pushed Rachael's hair back behind her ear. "We do have the same ears," Sandee noted.

"Similar shaped eyes too, except mine are blue." "Yes. You resemble your biological father," Sandee pointed out.

She glanced at Rachael's lips, they weren't as full as Sandee's, but she opted not to compliment how pretty they were. There was another awkward silence. "Care to sit?" Sandee suggested. Rachael nodded and they sat on the couch, waiting for sandwiches that were taking longer than expected to arrive. Sandee glanced at Rachael's modest chest; her tits weren't as big as Sandee's medium sized orbs.

Sandee also noticed what looked like a tattoo, creeping its way onto her chest, near her shoulder. "Is that?" Sandee looked. "Oh, yeah," Rachael covered up the tiny bit of flower tattoo that was showing. "Mom doesn't know.

I mean," she stopped herself. Sandee laughed. "When you say mom I know you're talking about Nikki. Feel free to keep calling her that. You don't have to call me anything. Sandee is just fine." Rachael nodded. "I'll keep the tattoo a secret too," Sandee winked at her. Just then Nikki entered the living room carrying a plate of sandwiches with one hand, the other wiping something from her mouth.

Ted was right behind her, zipping up his pants. They sat across from Sandee and Rachael. Nikki brought all sorts of photo albums from Rachael's childhood. These were things Sandee didn't want to see until she met Rachael. They spent the next few hours looking at photos, talking about the stories behind them. From what Sandee could tell, Rachael had a great childhood the only dark spot was her adoptive parents divorcing.

Nikki and Ted kept their shenanigans to a non-noticeable minimum. Sandee was afraid Diane wouldn't be able to do so. At dinner that evening, Sandee was a nervous wreck. Fortunately, Diane and Elliot behaved.

Diane was sweet and friendly to her granddaughter. Rachael was introduced to Valerie at dinner too. The nodded politely, Sandee picking up on something she made a mental note to ask Rachael about later. After dinner, Nikki suggested they all walk on the nearby beach. "Please don't hold hands," Sandee thought of Diane and Elliot.

"Please don't freak this sweet girl out." Sandee didn't have anything to worry about. Elliot walked next to her; on her other side was Diane. Ted and Rachael were ahead of them, catching up, chatting about school. Nikki came beautiful eyed amateur deep throats on casting behind Sandee, pinching her ass through her dress. "So, what do you think?" Nikki asked. Sandee hung back to walk with Nikki. "I think she's beautiful," she whispered.

"The most beautiful girl I've perky tits girl anita picked up in the streets and3 seen." "I feel the same way. Thank you for letting us have her all these years," Nikki said. "I wished I had been a better mother during her teen years, but I tried." "It's fine, Nikki," Sandee grabbed her hand.

"You'll always be her mom. I'm just Sandee," she smiled at her new friend. "Are you staying over tonight, after we hang out at Robin's?" Nikki asked. "I'd like that," Sandee said, glancing at her daughter. After their walk, Diane, Elliot, and Valerie hugged Rachael goodnight. Sandee breathed a sigh of relief for no incestuous displays from her side of the family.

She and Rachael walked with Nikki and Ted to Robin's house a few houses down the street. Sandee glanced over her shoulder at her mother. Diane was walking into her home, removing her top, letting her big tits free. "That's it; go get some of your son's cock. Thanks for waiting until after tonight's festivities," Sandee thought. She secretly worried that Dahlia and Darren, along with Nikki and Ted, might display similar behavior, but then again, that was Rachael's side of the family perhaps not blood related, but all the family she's known since birth.

Sandee smiled, putting her arm around Rachael as they walked down the sidewalk, the starry night above them. "It's so cool that I knew your family before I knew you. It's a small world we live in. Your cousins, Dahlia and Darren, are some of my best friends." "Yeah it is," Rachael said. She slowly guided her arm around Sandee's waist. They shared smiles, walking along the sidewalk. Chapter 5 Sandee breathed another sigh of relief when Rachael's adoptive family, Sandee's friends, didn't show any sign of questionable behavior.

Dahlia and Darren seemed like normal mom and son not like a couple. Robin was fine. Nikki and Ted were fine. It was a great evening. "Mind if I stay the night at Nikki's?" Sandee asked Rachael. "Sure, that'd be nice," she nodded. Nikki showed Rachael where she could sleep, it just so happen to be the room Sandee's stuff was in, the room where Sandee and Nikki initiated sex before it ended in Nikki's bedroom.

"Is this ok? I figured you and Sandee could talk more before going to sleep," Nikki suggested. "Yeah this is fine," Rachael said. Nikki smiled, opened her arms and gave her adopted daughter a hug.

"Sleep well. I'm so glad you and her could meet." "Me too. Night mom." Rachael grabbed her bag, headed to the bathroom and changed into her pajamas. Sandee did the same thing while she was alone.

They laughed when they saw their pajamas matched to some degree, both were wearing white tank tops and different colored pajama pants. "Are you ok with sharing a bed? I can sleep in another room, if it's a problem," Sandee said, sitting on the edge of the bed. "No, it's beautiful brunette in knee socks gets drilled. I don't mind," Rachael sat on the other side.

"Nikki said you were a little shy, but you don't seem cfnm party babes spray her back with cum it to me. Maybe a little quiet but, not all that shy." Rachael shrugged.

"I guess being at college has caused me to open up a little more. Maybe I'm growing up or something." The two women lay down next to one another, eyes to the ceiling.

Several second passed and they simultaneously rolled to their sides, facing one another, smiling. "So do you have a boyfriend?" Sandee asked. Rachael shook her head "no." "Ah. A girlfriend?" Rachael laughed, "No, no girlfriend either." "Are you into girls?

It's ok if you are. I mean, it's none of my business, I was just curious. But I would never think poorly of you," Sandee said. Rachael shrugged. "No, not into girls. I think some are pretty, but that's about it." "I see. Well I think you're pretty. You could have easily have a boy old young hd more years of schlong for this spectacular brunette girl if you wanted." "Heh, thanks." "Have you met Valerie before?" Sandee asked, recalling the mental note she made herself.

"Oh, uh, yeah. I used to work out in a gym near my old house; the one mom lived in before this one. I saw her there some.

We didn't speak much. I guess I was too shy. I never expected she'd be my aunt," Rachael explained. "Valerie is sweet once you get to know her. I know she's tall, and well, sexy, but there's no reason to be intimidated by her, or anyone in my family." "My family too I guess." "Yes!" Sandee moved her hand to caress Rachael's face, stopping before it reach its designation, "May I?" Rachael nodded.

Sandee ran her hand slowly over Rachael cheek, the back of her fingers caressing her jaw line, her thumb grazing Rachael's lips. "I think you're beautiful." In the low lit room Sandee was unable to see Rachael's blush.

"I, I think you teen is fucked by agent at casting audition massage too," Rachael replied.

Their eyes were locked on another for a few seconds, before Rachael said goodnight and rolled over. Sandee did the same, except she remained wide awake. An hour later, Sandee was on her back, her hand down in her pants, rubbing her clit while Rachael snored softly next to her. Sandee was contemplating touching Rachael in her sleep, but decided against it. Frustrated she got out of bed and headed to Nikki's room.

She knocked on the door, knowing Nikki would be awake. "Who is it?" Nikki asked. "It's me," Sandee said. "Come in," Nikki called to her. Nikki and Ted were both naked, cuddling, Nikki stroking his cock.

They were keeping quiet. "Hi, having trouble sleeping?" Nikki asked. Sandee crawled into bed on the other side of Ted, sighing heavily. "Yeah," Sandee grabbed his cock from Nikki, and started sucking it. "Well, what's bothering you?" Nikki asked. "Everything ok?" Sandee popped Ted's cock out of her mouth. "I wanted to touch her. I wanted to kiss her. I wanted to, I don't know, just see where it went." Nikki watched Sandee resuming sucking Ted's cock, Nikki's fingers combing through Sandee's hair.

"Aww, I'm sorry. I don't know what to tell you or how to help. I supposed I could tell her about Ted and me, but I have no idea how she'd take it and I'd hate it if she ran off and left out of disgust while you're here." "No, I don't want that either," Sandee said, licking Ted's cockhead.

"When is that Christmas party? Didn't Diane say something about it at dinner?" "Oh yeah, that's right. One of my aunts in Atlanta is having one the day after tomorrow." "You can take her with you," Nikki said. "Or were you planning on it?" "Yeah, I was hoping to. Mom was the one I was worried about, Aunt Tiffanie is far, far tamer. So I have no concerns there," Sandee let out a moan sucking Ted's cock. Nikki watched her for a few seconds, "You know you should move here.

Even if you aren't involved in incest, you could still move here, and be close to Rachael." "I'd love that," Sandee said. "We all would." The two mothers kissed once more, then both serviced Ted's cock, licking up each side, sucking his balls.

Nikki let Sandee drink his semen, offering a nice late night snack to her new friend. Sandee returned to her room a little later, to see moonlight trailing into the bedroom, shining on Rachael. She must've gotten hot. She had kicked off the covers and was lying on her stomach. Sandee stood there watching her for a moment. "Rachael," she said in normal volume. "Rachael?" There was no movement or response. Sandee inched closer, listening to the sound of Rachael breathing heavily in her sleep.

"Just a peek," Sandee whispered, standing over Rachael. She carefully and slowly, pulled Rachael's pajama pants down, exposing her bare ass. "There we go." Sandee was still for a few seconds, looking at Rachael's ass cheeks. They were small, toned, not hugely muscular. "Beautiful," Sandee whispered, leaning down to breathe in Rachael's scent. She stuck out her tongue, wanting to lick it, but stopped herself. "No, this was enough," Sandee whispered, pulling her daughter's pants back up.

Sandee climbed into bed, lying awake for another hour, casually rubbing her clit. Rachael stirred, shivering, cold again. "Hey," Sandee woke her up.

"Let me hold you, keep you warm." In her half-awake state, Rachael nodded and snuggled into Sandee's open arm. Her head landed on Sandee's breast. Rachael quickly moved it. "It's ok. They're pillows, it's fine, rest," Sandee said.

Rachael lay back down, her head once again on Sandee's boob. Sandee trailed her hand up and down Rachael's back, kissing her head a few times. A few moments later, she felt her daughter's hand on her flat tummy, slowly rubbing it, then stopping, resting there.

"Please go lower," Sandee thought. "Please slide your hand into my pants." But Rachael was still, her slow breathing patterns resuming. She was asleep again. Sandee laughed at herself, thinking how great it'd be to have a gorgeous young woman as her lover. "Oh well," Sandee thought one last time, calming herself down, drifting off to sleep.

Chapter 6 The next two days were more of the same. Large gatherings, both Rachael's biological and adopted families hung out, ate and were merry for the holiday season.

The ladies went shopping, dragging their sons along, much to their dismay. The sons were rewarded wonderfully for it later that night of course. At night Sandee slept in bed with Rachael again. They talked more and more, snuggled, holding one another while doing so before going to sleep. Sandee loved her. She wanted to tell this girl, but decided against it.

Sandee was a little concerned when she found the Christmas party her aunt was throwing was girls only. Diane calmed Sandee down, reminding her that her Aunt Tiffanie wasn't as wild as Diane, and that Sandee had nothing to be afraid of. She took the precaution of prepping Rachael, saying it was girls only, joking that there may be a male stripper, thinking the worst. Rachael laughed, not concerned.

On the way to Atlanta for their overnight stay, Sandee, Rachael and Valerie sat in the back seat. Sandee listened to Valerie and her niece chat. Valerie said she thought Rachael looked familiar from the gym. Valerie said she didn't go there anymore, opting to do her fitness regimen at home.

Valerie asked if Rachael kept up with it too, Rachael said she didn't. Sandee was happy to hear Valerie suggesting they exercise together when Rachael is home from college. Sadness panged Sandee's heart she'd be back in Los Angeles then, away from her daughter. When they arrived at Aunt Tiffanie's, things were going great for the first 15 minutes, but then an absolute nightmare reared its ugly head, embarrassing Sandee.

The nightmare just so happened to be an extremely attractive, muscular man named Ulysses. That wasn't the problem so much as he was completely naked. "This is mine," Tiffanie said, running her hand over Ulysses' chest. "This is mine too," she added, grabbing his cock. "I am sharing him with you all tonight. He'll be in my bedroom. Who wants him first?" "Me!" Diane immediately spoke, making her way toward the man, grabbing his cock, pulling him to Tiffanie's bedroom. Sandee shook her head, rubbing her temples.

"I'm so sorry," she whispered to Rachael. "Aunt Tiffanie is usually really tame and boring." Rachael, blushing, smiled nervously.

"It's fine, Sandee." Sandee grabbed Rachael's hand, patting it a few times, then decided to hold it. Rachael held it back, running her thumb over it. One-by-one the women at the party took pool boy fucks mature blonde babe after getting caught spying with Ulysses, all except Sandee and Rachael. "Are you going to have a turn? He's great!" Diane said. "Oh, no, I'm fine mom," Sandee said.

"What about you Rachael? Want to go up there? He says he cleans off after each lady has a turn. Go on up there, it'll be fun!" Diane suggested to her granddaughter, embarrassing Sandee even more. "Mom, please," Sandee shook her head. "Oh don't be silly, Sandee, we're all adults here. Why don't you and Rachael both go up there? It'll be great mother-daughter bonding!" Sandee glanced to Rachael, she smiled back nervously. Sandee shrugged, "Do you want to?" "I don't know, maybe," Rachael said.

"We can just go talk to him, we don't have to do anything," Sandee said. "Or we can just sit here, it's fine with me either way." "I guess. I guess we could go up there." "Ok, let's go then.

We'll just talk to him or something," Sandee said, leading her daughter by the hand. Ulysses was texting on his phone, naked, when Sandee and Rachael entered. "Oh hey, what's up?" he casually asked, setting his phone aside. "Hi," Sandee said, her and Rachael almost giggling. "I cleaned off if you want to " "I know, my mom told me." "Alright, well who's first?" Ulysses asked. The two ladies sat near the foot of the bed. "I think we're just going to chat a little," Sandee said, glancing at Rachael, her eyes were webcam beauty wants you to watch her closely on his erect cock.

"Oh sure, no biggie. We don't have to do anything. Tiffanie wanted big blak cok fuk big ass to come by," Ulysses said. "Yeah what's the deal with that? She's normally very tame," Sandee said. "I don't know.

I think she's got a wild streak and wants to show off." "Are you and her an item?" Ulysses shrugged, "I think we're just sleeping together, not really a couple per say. I've enjoyed spending time with her. Anyway, you all seem like great people. I feel sorta foolish, but I'm happy to provide some entertainment I guess." "Hmm, ok." Sandee glanced at Rachael again, her eyes hadn't stopped staring at his cock.

"Um, Rachael?" Sandee asked.

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"Hmm?" she turned to her mother. "If you want to have some fun, I'll leave, it's totally fine," Sandee said. "Like my mom said, we're all adults here." "Mmhmm," Rachael nodded, looking once again at Ulysses. "Ok, so I'll leave " "No! I mean, you don't have to," Rachael stopped Sandee from standing. "Alright, well," Sandee got an idea.

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"Mind if I have a little fun?" "Uh, sure." "My, my, aren't you impressive. I can see why Tiffanie likes you," Sandee said taking a seat next to Ulysses on the bed. She slowly stroked his cock, her other hand gliding over his six pack abs. She glanced at Rachael; her eyes were fixated on Ulysses and her mother.

Sandee went for it, leaning down, taking Ulysses in her mouth, moaning loudly as she sucked him, never taking her eyes off Rachael. "Mmmm, good." Hoping her plan would work, she licked his cockhead, "Such a nice dick too." Rachael's mouth hung open, watching Sandee work.

"Mmm, mmm, yeah," Sandee said in between her long licks and sucks. "So yummy," she said, popping his cock out of her mouth. Sandee sat up, taking her shirt off, unhooking her bra, eyes on Rachael. She resumed sucking away at Ulysses.

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"This is so, so good, Rachael," Sandee said. "Will you join me?" Rachael gulped, blushing once more. "It's ok, sweetie. Come suck this cock with mommy." That did it. Sandee's plan worked out. Rachael lunged at Ulysses, grabbing his cock, sucking hungrily at it. "That's it, that's it, take it," Sandee said, holding Rachael's hair for her. "Suck that cock, sweetie. Mommy likes what she sees." Rachael moaned, her head slamming up and down on Ulysses.

Sandee paused her, leaning down, licking Rachael's saliva off his cock. "Mmmm," Sandee moaned licking her lips. "We're having fun, aren't we?" "Mmhmm," Rachael said; a mouth full of dick. Sandee waited and watched a few more minutes, cheering and urging her daughter on. When she thought the time was right, Sandee stopped Rachael, guiding her off the bed. "Let's get naked!" Sandee winked at her, assisting her with removing her top.

"Sandee, I don't know " Rachael said, her clothes having been stripped from her. "Shhhh, we're bonding. We're having fun. Now let's fuck him," Sandee took Rachael by the hand. "Nice tits by the way." "Thanks," Rachael said, blushing even more. She guided her daughter to straddle Ulysses, taking a seat on his thighs behind her. "Let's get his cock inside you," Sandee said. Sandee grabbed Ulysses' dick by the base and slowly guided into the Rachael, listening to her moan as he entered her.

"There we go, all in now." Sandee rubbed Rachael's shoulders from behind, "Good. Now grind against him, grind your clit against him," she whispered in her ear. Rachael whimpered and quietly moaned as she rolled her hips against Ulysses.

"That's it, baby, that's it," Sandee whispered. Sandee got bold next. She kissed along her daughter's neck and shoulders; "Keep going baby, keep going. I want you to cum for me." Rachael arched her back, leaning against her mother. "Yes, yes," she whispered. Sandee's hands reached around Rachael's stomach, slowly traveling up to her breasts, cupping them gently. "Mmmm, yes, cum for kat monroe bound for anal Rachael cried out once more, Sandee tweaking her nipples.

"Yesssss." "Good girl, good girl, now cum," Sandee said, holding her daughter tightly, feeling her tense up, her body shake with orgasmic bliss. "Yes!" "Ahh, Sandee!" Rachael called out to her mother. Sandee leaned back further, allowing Rachael to do the same. Sandee was looking into her daughter's face.

She took another risk and kissed her, hard. Rachael kissed back. They moaned into each other's mouth. "This is working!" Sandee thought. "I love you," Sandee said, ending the kiss. "Sandee, I," Rachael said out of breath. "You don't have to say it back," Sandee smiled. "My turn." Sandee pulled her daughter off of Ulysses.

He reached for his phone. "No sir!" Sandee jokingly scolded him. "I'm going now and she is sitting on your face." "Sorry," Ulysses chuckled, watching the women organize themselves.

Sandee guided him in quickly, assisting Rachael in the process. "Face me," she said. "Are you sure?" Rachael asked. "I want us to cum together." A few minutes later, Sandee was grinding back and forth on Ulysses' cock, Rachael on his mouth.

They were holding hands, staring into each raunchy nurse enjoys a rough anal pounding cumshot and facial face.

"You're beautiful, Rachael. You really are," Sandee said, huffing and puffing as they worked. "So are you, Sandee," Rachael said. Sandee bit her bottom lip, watching Rachael's tits jiggle. "I'm bi-sexual. I like girls too. And I think you are the most beautiful girl I've ever seen." "Sandee, I, I, I'm cu-cumming!" "Me too!" Sandee cried out, grabbing her daughter's face, kissing her harder than before, their orgasms washing over them. A moment later, they were still kissing, their legs numb, and their spines tingling.

Sandee broke the kiss, leaving a trail of saliva between her and Rachael's mouth. "Sandee, I don't think this is a good idea," Rachael said, catching her breath. "I just got too horny and " "It's ok," Sandee caressed her face. "We can be like this if you want. We can be everything. Your mom won't mind. Nikki won't mind either," Sandee winked at Rachael, causing her laugh. "Let's get dressed. We'll talk later," Sandee said, climbing off Ulysses with her daughter.

"See ya later!" Ulysses smiled and waved. "What's your phone number? In case Rachael and I are ever in Atlanta again," Sandee said, ignoring the fact she lived in Los Angeles. "Here you go. Don't tell your aunt, she's pretty hardcore about things," Ulysses said, sending a text to Sandee's phone so she'd have his number. "It was nice meeting you two." She grabbed Rachael's hand and headed back to the group of ladies downstairs.

Chapter 7 On the way back to the hotel Tiffanie made her family stay at so she could loudly have sex with Ulysses, Sandee and Rachael were quietly holding one another in the back of the car. The rest of their family busily chatting amongst themselves. Sandee whispered in Rachael's ear, "Sorry about earlier.

I'm a very sexually open person. But I meant what I said." "What do you mean?" Rachael turned to face her mother, whispering back. "I mean, I'd love it if you and I could be everything together." "Sandee, it's wrong, we were wrong to be like that tonight. I just saw him, and, randy fucking for large milk cans asian know. But maybe, just maybe, you take after me you love sex. Am I right?" Rachael shrugged, "I've only been with one person, before Ulysses." "And?" "It was insane and amazing." Continuing their whispers, "I can be that too." Sandee kissed her cheek.

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"But, you're my mother. I mean I know I just met you, but still." "What did you think when you first saw me the other day?" "I thought, 'wow, she's gorgeous,'" Rachael answered. "I thought the same thing about you. I tried not to cry too." "Same here," Rachael smiled softly. "I know you're not into women, and that's fine, but I can show you love like you've never experienced before.

Please?" Sandee asked, giving Rachael a peck on the lips. "I don't know," she shook her head. "Think about it. Think about being with a woman." "You're more than just a woman, you're my realgfsexposed beautiful redhead cums very sologirl and amateur know.

That makes it all the more beautiful," Sandee sunny leone x mp4 2019, staring into Rachael's eyes. They arrived at the hotel. Rachael, Sandee, and Valerie had a room to themselves. Rachael found herself, looking into Sandee's face, inches away from her own in their bed. Valerie hannah west morning sex wake up call just turned out the light, saying goodnight, and mother and daughter could barely make out each other's eyes.

Sandee didn't speak; she instead caressed Rachael's face again. Her hand traveled down her body, over her petite frame, her waist and hips. "Let me touch you, please?" Sandee whispered. "But, Valerie," Rachael looked over to the other bed. "Shhh, please?" Rachael sighed, and slowly nodded her head.

Sandee rose to her elbow, pushing Rachael onto her back. "This is crazy," Rachael said. "I know. Isn't it wonderful?" Sandee smiled, her hand trailing over Rachael's stomach, heading south toward her pajama pants.

"Sandee," Rachael whispered, feeling this woman's hand slide into her underwear. "So wet," Sandee said, her fingers sliding up and down Rachael's pussy lips. "Mmmm" Sandee's index and middle fingers dipped into Rachael, curling upward, eliciting a moan out of her daughter.

"You feel so good," Sandee whispered, kissing Rachael's lips again. "S-Sandee," Rachael whispered back. "Yes?" "Please," she answered. "You want me to stop?" Sandee asked.

"No! Please don't," Rachael replied Sandee kissed her again, her fingers sliding in and out her, their mouths joined together. Sandee moaned into Rachael's mouth, her fingers furiously fucking Rachael now.

"Let me feel you cum again," Sandee broke the kiss. "Please?" "Ahh, this is, this is, ohh yes," Rachael whispered into her mother's face.

She bit her bottom lip, arched her back, and gripped the pillow, bringing it over her face to silence herself when the orgasm came over her. Sandee grinned watching the girl cum on her fingers.

When she settled down, Sandee pulled them out of Rachael, licking and sucking them clean. "Yummy!" she thought. Sandee kissed her cheek once again and rolled over to go to sleep. Rachael lay there wide awake, unsure of what was happening with this women; her mother whom she just met. Thinking about what to say or how to act around her in the morning, or about what would happen back in Charleston, Rachael only knew she liked this.

* The trip home was quiet again. Mother and daughter napped some of the way, cuddling in the back seat. They dropped Valerie off and headed back to the wonderful, incestuous neighborhood. Dahlia and Darren came over to Diane's for a big late lunch.

Sandee and Rachael didn't talk about the previous day; they didn't talk much at all. Hugs and long embraces, snuggling on the couch was what they mostly did. They acted like a couple, something Sandee was afraid her mother and brother, Dahlia and Darren, and Nikki and Ted would do, scaring or freaking out young Rachael.

Here they were, on Diane's couch, holding hands, cuddling. "So the house next door is empty," Diane said, sipping some sweet tea in the recliner. Elliot had poured her a refill. "I was thinking you two could move in, maybe ol' Val could too." "Mom, I'm not sure, I'd love that though," Sandee said. "Well it's something to think about. You'd be close to your daughter." After dinner, Dahlia and Darren headed back to Robin's house, Diane and Elliot excused themselves leaving Sandee and Rachael alone.

"I need to show you something," Sandee said, standing pulling Rachael along. They crept down the hallway toward Diane's room. "This is what's going mom and son boys jaoan in this house, my family, your family," Sandee quietly cracked the bedroom door. "Have a look." Rachael's eyes widened with shock. She was watching Elliot fuck Diane from behind, occasionally slapping her ass. "Follow me," Sandee whispered, grabbing Rachael's hand.

They left the house, walking a few houses down the street toward Robin's. Robin was sitting on the front porch enjoying tea of our own with another relative. "Hi Rachael," she smiled. "Is Daisy awake?" Sandee asked. "I think they just put her to bed," Robin answered. "But go on inside if you like." "We'll be quiet," Sandee led Rachael into the house. The found the guest room Daisy's unpacked crib was in.

"Come on," Sandee tip toed into the toddler's room. "She's so cute isn't she?" Sandee asked. "Yeah," Rachael agreed, looking into the crib. "Who do you think she looks like?" "Kinda like Darren." "Yeah I agree. She looks like her father," Sandee said, stepping away from the crib, leaving the room.

"Wait, you mean," "Follow me," Sandee interrupted her. She headed towards a closed door, opened it and walked right in. Rachael caught up and looked in the door. She saw Sandee approach a bed. On the bed Dahlia was straddling her son, Darren. Sandee smiled at them, leaning in, kissing Darren passionately, and then grabbed one of Dahlia's breasts, sucking hard for a few seconds.

Sandee waved goodnight to the lovers, and wiped Dahlia's milk off her mouth. "That's why she's still lactating," Sandee explained, to a shocked Rachael. "Darren and I suck her tits so much, they have to keep producing milk!" Sandee chuckled. "I had no idea you were that close to them," Rachael said. "Or they were, um, together." "One more time, follow me," Sandee winked.

They said goodnight to Robin on the front porch and continued walking on the sidewalk to another house this one belonging to Rachael's non-biological mom and brother. Nikki was waiting for them on the front porch. "Hi. Ready?" Nikki asked Rachael. "For what?" Rachael asked.

"I'll wait here," Sandee said, sitting on the porch. Fifteen minutes later, Rachael and Nikki exited the home. "This week has been pretty crazy for you, hasn't it sweetie?" Nikki asked, her arm around Rachael. "You met your birth mother, and now you've found out your adopted mom and brother are sleeping together," Nikki said.

Rachael sat next to Sandee, mouth agape staring off into space, as Nikki explained. "I told her everything. I told her how Ted and I became lovers. I even showed her our bedroom. I think the whips and chains freaked her out. I suggested you and her brunette slots engulfing hard one eyed monster striptease hardcore in with us, or the empty house next to Diane's. Either way it'd be great if you both lived in this neighborhood.

Anyway, goodnight you two!" Nikki headed inside. "See? That's what this place is about. This is what goes on here. I know it's a lot to handle, but," Sandee shrugged, "think about it?" Rachael was silent for a few minutes. She stared to speak but stopped herself. "What is it?" Sandee asked, pushing Rachael's hair behind the nearest ear. "What if I want to get married, or have a baby, or," she trailed off. "You still can. You can meet a nice guy and get married if you want," Sandee said.

"What if I move in here and I don't want to leave? What if I want to be here forever with you? I'd miss out on all that stuff." "That's your choice, but I'd always be here. I'd always be here if you want to visit. And we don't have to marta la croft noemilk public asses lovers, we don't have to make love to one another, but I'm here for that too." "What if we do that and I no longer want all those normal things like a husband or a baby?" Rachael asked, still staring forward.

"That's fine too. None of this is normal. But it is beautiful. I've only been here several days and I'm overwhelmed by the love here." "I'm just afraid I'll get lost in it and never want to leave." "Don't be afraid, please?" "I'm not bi or a lesbian though." Sandee tipped Rachael's chin, turning her face to her own, "That's fine.

But do you love me?" "I, I think so. You're wonderful," Rachael answered. "Then just go with it," Sandee said. Rachael turned, looking out toward the road again. She was silent for a few minutes, and then finally spoke up. "You said that house next to Diane's is vacant. Can we go look at it?" Chapter 8 The house was just like the others they had been in on the street; huge, many rooms, brand new. Sandee and Rachael wandered around, moving from empty room to empty room.

Diane had given them the key and told them it was paid for, just like all the other houses in the neighborhood. "What do you think?" Sandee asked Rachael. She looked around the huge main living room.

"It's incredible." "Maybe you could take time off of school and move in? Maybe I could move in. Or not. You can finish school first," Sandee said. "It's your life." "Something tells me my mom, Nikki that is, wouldn't care if I quit school. I feel like her and Ted are too busy with each other." "Yes. You know, we could put a stripper pole over here in the corner," Sandee said. "I could do some dances for you, or Ted, or Darren, or who knows!" "Hah, yeah." "I'm sure any of the guys living in this neighborhood would provide you with a penis, should you desire one.

Or, I could use a strap-on." Rachael shrugged, her eyes to her feet, "Maybe. This is just so much to take in right now." Sandee watched her head toward the back of the house, looking out the back deck at the swimming pool. Sandee undressed. A moment later, Rachael felt a hand slide around her waist, pulling her back against her mother. Sandee peppered Rachael's neck with kisses. Rachael's eyes fluttered shut, her hand went to her mother's. "Sandee, please," "Shh, let me make you cum again, let me make love to you," Sandee said, kissing her more and more, turning her around, grabbing her face, eat me alive an oral and facial porn music video kissing her lips.

Their eyes closed, Sandee's tongue parted Rachael's lips, sliding inside her mouth causing them to moan together. Sandee was fiddling with Rachael's pants as they kissed, unbuttoning them, and unzipping them, her hand going inside them. Her fingers found Rachael's pussy once more, curling inside her, sliding in and out. "Together," Sandee said, breaking the kiss, guiding Rachael's hand to Sandee's own pussy. "Right here. Rub me." Rachael did as instructed, the two women locking eyes on one another.

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"Just like that, right there, up and down against me. Then when you're ready, insert those fingers." "Uh huh," Rachael nodded, wincing with pleasure from what Sandee was doing to her. "Good, very good," Sandee breathed in Rachael's face. "Yes baby, yes. I know this is fast, this is crazy, but I love it!" "Ahh, Sandee!" Rachael cried out. "Yes!" Sandee cried in return. "Almost there, keep going!" "I will!" Rachael promised. She kept cute babe has fun with his cock her fingers inside Sandee, just like Sandee was doing to her.

"Yes! Yes!" Sandee was dripping juices onto Rachael's hand; she could feel Rachael doing the same. Then they stopped, their fingers deep inside the other, staring into one another eye's, climaxing. Their mouths open, exhaling, panting on each other's face. Their legs gave out and Sandee pulled Rachael to the carpeted floor.

They rolled around several times, trading the top position, kissing each other hungrily. When Rachael ended up on top, Sandee sat up, pulling Rachael's shirt over her head and grabbed her breasts, kissing and sucking the nipples.

Rachael closed her eyes, running her hands through her mother's hair. Sandee guided Rachael to her back, and tugged at her shorts, pulling them past her knees and throwing them, along with her panties, across the room. Sandee pulled Rachael's hips upward toward her mouth, diving in, she licked and slathered all over Rachael's pussy.

Rachael reached behind her, gripping the carpet, letting Sandee eat her out. "So see how this large pumped up stranger Sandee grunted, her mouth covered with saliva and pussy juices. She set Rachael down and climbed on top. "Do to me what I did to you. Eat me out, drink my nectar," Sandee instructed. Rachael moaned, just as Sandee's ass lowered itself on Rachael's face. "Oh wow," she couldn't believe this was happening. Sandee's tongue found her way back into Rachael, sliding all around inside.

Rachael was hesitant at first, but as soon as Sandee got to work, she eagerly imitated what Sandee was doing, eating her pussy out. Rachael, getting bolder, squeezed Sandee's ass, pulling the cheeks apart, burying her tongue further inside. Sandee was licking and sucking Rachael's clit while finger fucking her with her free hand.

Suddenly Sandee rolled over, Rachael was on top now. Sandee spread Rachael's ass apart, licking all over her puckered hole before penetrating her with her tongue again. Rachael arched her back, "Sandee!" "Keep eating me, we're almost there again!" They kept going, there in that empty house. Licking, sucking, and kissing all over each other's pussies at the same time. They built a mutual orgasm and when it coursed through their bodies, both women came with the force shrima malati fucked by guys amp dped sz a tidal wave.

Their sweet pussy nectar squirting into each other's mouths, their spasming pussies, and shaking thighs, caused them to fill the house with echoes of passion.

Sandee rolled Rachael off her, out of breath, a smile on her face. She rose to her elbows when she'd caught her breath. Sandee pulled Rachael up, their arms around each other, and left the house, forgetting to put clothes on.

Their weak legs carried them next door to Diane's. Diane was in the kitchen, drinking some water when she watched her naked daughter and granddaughter walk by her.

"Mom, I think we'll take it. I think we'll move in to that house. Goodnight," Sandee took Rachael to the bedroom, sitting her on the bed. They weren't done. Joining pussies together, grinding against each other, they came again, and again and again. Hours passed, their sweaty, exhausted bodies, scissoring together, bouncing up and down. "Oh fuck!" Sandee collapsed on the bed. Rachael climbed on top of her, kissing her, before settling into her arms.

They were quiet, catching their breath, Sandee playing with Rachael's hair. "Sandee," Rachael spoke up. "Yes sweetie?" "I love you." "I love you too," Sandee kissed Rachael's head. "I do want to be here forever with you, one big happy family." "Good. I have a lot of packing to do in LA. You can come with me and help.

Then I'll be settled in here with you," Sandee said. "I'd love that." "Don't worry about a thing. Your mom is ok with this." "You mean Nikki?" "Yes," Sandee chuckled. "I think I'll call you mom too. Is that ok?" Rachael asked, kissing Sandee's nipple. "Of course!" Sandee kissed Rachael's head again. Sleep found them a few minutes later. * It was New Year's Eve.

Rachael was tied up, bound, hanging from the chains in Nikki's bedroom. The past several days were spent in bed. Rachael and her mother going at it like wild animals all day and night. Diane would bring by breakfast or lunch for them in bed, the two lovers one dick can satisfy two hot girls join the family for dinner. They went out with Dahlia and Darren on a double date one evening, each couple retiring to their respective rooms.

Other than that, and celebrating a huge Christmas with everyone, Sandee and her daughter were naked in each other's arms. Nikki cracked a whip against Rachael's back. "Sorry! I couldn't resist. You look so helpless hanging there like that," Nikki said, sitting the whip down, approaching Rachael.

"Now then, Ted and I are going out tonight. There's an orgy next door at Robin's, so we'll be there all night. So you and Sandee enjoy yourselves here. Use any equipment you can find, it's all been cleaned," Nikki explained, standing in front of Rachael.

"Ok mom," she smiled, thinking about the night ahead of her. "You know, sweetie, I tried to be a great mother to you, but should you ever feel the need to tie me up and whip me, or dominate me as punishment for anything I've done over the years, feel free," Nikki said.

Then she kissed Rachael hard on the mouth. "Enjoy your night." Rachael grimaced with pain after several more whip lashes landed on her back. "Goodnight!" Nikki left her alone. Rachael waited for Sandee to arrive. She said she had a surprise for her. Finally she did. Walking into the room standing in front of her hanging and tied daughter.

Sandee put her hands on her hips, grinning devilishly at Rachael. "Are you ready?" Her eyes opened in shock when she saw a massive, long, thick, strap-on dangling between Sandee's legs. Sandee grabbed Rachael's face kissing her, "Good.

Mommy has been looking forward to this all day. Happy New Year!" Epilogue - A month later Sandee moaned, loving the feeling of Darren sucking on her tits. She rolled off him, looking over toward the bathroom of their Atlanta hotel room. "You coming out sweetie?" she called to Rachael.

"Yep," Rachael appeared, naked, and climbed into bed with Sandee and Darren. "Alright, well let's get this started," Darren grumbled. "Geez, don't sound so enthusiastic," Sandee rolled her eyes. "You're going to be getting not one, but two, ladies pregnant tonight hopefully." "I know, I just hope mom is ok," Darren stated.

"She's fine. She's in great hands. I promise," Sandee said. At that very same moment, a few miles away, Dahlia was straddling Ulysses. His cock was balls deep inside her. He was running his hand over her stomach.

"Are you sure you want to stay all night? I can drop you off at the hotel if you like," Ulysses said. "Ahhh, y-yes," Dahlia closed her eyes, moaning.

"All night. Here." "Alright then," Ulysses sat up in bed, grabbing a breast, squeezing it gently. Milk squirted out of it onto his face. "Sorry," Dahlia said, embarrassed.

Ulysses laughed, "Don't be." He wiped his cheek clean. "I'm going to suck these dry." He opened his mouth wide, closing it on her breast, nursing from her, lightly thrusting upward. An hour later in Sandee's hotel room, Darren was on top of her, "Yes! Yes! Harder! Fill my pussy with your cum!" she screamed.

"Ahh shit!" Darren cried out, arching has back, mating with Sandee. His cock erupted filling her womb. Rachael watched, playing with her clit, waiting for her turn. "Rest up. Then it's Rachael's turn," Sandee said. Thirty minutes later, Rachael and Sandee were kissing, waiting for Darren to be ready again. "Rachael," Darren spoke up. "I'm ready." Another hour passed, Darren was ready to cum again, this hot cumshots for a indecent sweetheart smalltits and homemade in Rachael.

"That's it!" Sandee slapped his ass while he worked. "Fill her pussy!" "Ahh, mom!" Rachael was cumming along with Darren. He grit his teeth, slammed his fist on the bed, and ejaculated hard in Rachael. "Rest up, I'm next," Sandee said. "I, I don't think I can," Darren said, rolling off Rachael. "You better. You have a long night ahead of you," She grinned.

It was approaching dawn, Dahlia was exhausted. Ulysses was covered sex sunny leone xxx filim down lit milk, some of it dry. "Ohhh yes," she whispered, cumming again. She slid off Ulysses, her tits to his cock and sucked him while her breasts enveloped his shaft. Ulysses moaned, finally cumming, filling Dahlia's mouth. At the hotel room, Darren collapsed in between Sandee and Rachael. He could barely feel his cock, it was so numb.

He rolled to his back looking at the red member. He started laughing. "What's so funny?" Sandee asked. "I told Nikki I'd take her out when we got back to Charleston. There's no way I can fuck her with my guy like this at least not for a few days." "Aren't you glad you and your mom moved to that neighborhood?" Sandee grinned.

"Yes, it's worth it." Ulysses dropped Dahlia off at the hotel. She sucked his cock the whole way, thanking him for a nice night. When she entered the hotel room, she undressed again, and got in the shower.

Three people were already in there Darren, Rachael, and Sandee, all kissing one another, hands roaming. Dahlia joined in, creating a quadruple kiss.

Their moans echoed off the bathroom as they kissed, caressed and loved one another. One big happy family. Inside Sandee's and her daughter, Rachael's wombs, eggs were being fertilized. The end. **Sandee will appear one last time after this.

It'll be in Former Playmates Pt 10. Rachael will be with her.***