Hejra new xxx leone xx story 2019

Hejra new xxx leone xx story 2019
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He kept her tied down for a couple of hours until he was ready to have more fun with her. He still wore nothing but the tight fitting t shirt. He had since pulled her blouse off and removed her shorts so that she was completely naked. He straddled her and sat down on her stomach again. He grabbed a ball gag and put it in her mouth then taped her mouth shut, so that she would only be able to breath from her nose and would have more trouble breathing as he sat on her stomach. So he put his legs out in front of himself and just sat there for a few minutes, she quickly started to turn red.

He changed position and put his knees under himself and again straddled her and began to bounce up and down on her stomach with his ass. Obviously she made a noise everytime he came down on her, he started out slow but was soon doing this very hard and the bed was squeaking and she was making all kinds of noises as he pounded down onto her stomach, riding her hard.

He could moist ass for a vehement fuck hardcore blowjob this was starting to hurt her. Her eyes started to water and she basically started crying as he sat on the little bitch. "Give up?" He said.

"Yes" she whined through the gag. "Too bad" he said giving her one more hard bounce. He had actually done much worse than this to her in the past. One time while sitting and bouncing on her on a hard floor he had bruised one of her ribs.

She really cried hard that time, gasping for air and blubbering like a baby. She had pleaded with him to get off, she said the pain was unbearable, but of course he continued to sit on her until he had come. Another time he sat on her stomach after she had just eaten and he actually bounced and grinded on her until she threw up a little bit.

Of course he held his hand over her mouth and made her swallow it back down. Other times he would sit on her chest or stomach and strangle her with his hands until she passed out. Next he moved up to her chest and sat down right on her boobs. He could tell this was really painful for her but it was very comfortable for him. He moved his ass around so that one of her nipples was pressed directly against his asshole and sat all of his weight down on it.

She obviously did not like this, based on the look on her face. She was crying for real now, the tears were streaming down her face.

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He didnt care in fact it turned him on more he pushed hard and managed to let out a small but loud fart right on her nipple. He continued to grind his ass on her boobs and bounce on them.

After about half an hour of sitting and crushing her stomach and rebecca slut punishment with dap cumshots and creampie, her face was red and covered in sweat and tears. She was definitely not having fun anymore. He was tired of seeing her face so took the ball gag off her and facesat her, facing towards her feet. The tears and sweat acted as a lubricant and he was soon grinding and sliding his asscrack all along her nose and mouth.

He eventually turned around and sat on her facing forward. His erect penis over her eyes, his balls covering her nose and his asshole directly on her mouth.

He looked down into her eyes and said "Eat it bitch!" She eagerly jammed her tongue up his asshole and started to probe it for all she was worth.

"Your lucky I dont make you eat my shit. maybe later" he said. Though he had never gone that far in the past he had forced her to swallow many of his farts. Sometimes she would gag on them if they were especially nasty but he would just sit on her mouth until she swallowed the whole thing.

As she jabbed her tongue deep up his ass, he started to jerk off. "Deeper!" he commanded. She complied and he spread his ass apart with his hands and felt her tongue working hard to please him. He rode her mouth for another minute or two before coming all over her hair. He moved back and sat on her lower stomach, almost on her crotch area. Kind of like cowgirl position but this was cowboy.

He reached his hand back behind him and felt her pussy. She was extremely wet. He started rubbing her clit and playing with her pussy.

She started moaning through her gag. How pathetic he thought.

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He stood up and turned around facing her feet. "Lucky you, you get to stare at my nice ass while I play with your pussy. But Im not gonna let you come!" With that he plopped his butt right down on her stomach again and began playing with her pussy and fingering her. Everytime that she would get close to orgasm he would stop and slap her right on the clit.

She was going crazy, writhing in pleasure and pain underneath him, and moaning like she was possessed. Even though he did not intend to make her come, she did end up coming as he felt her body contract and writhe underneath his ass. "I told you not to come!" he said. "You will be punished." He was not kidding about punishing her, but he wanted to think of something good. He continued to sit on her stomach and decided to watch some TV.

He turned it on and just sat on her full weight with his feet out in front of him watching TV for about half an hour. To be continued.