Redhead lauren phillips got good sex

Redhead lauren phillips got good sex
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The novel I was reading was really getting hot. I let my fingers trace my hard nipples through my tank top and then pinched each nipple…hard. I moaned lightly. I could feel that familiar tingling deep in my pussy, I smiled at myself and felt my clit stiffen as I remembered the lady at the news stand who looked me up and down as I approached the counter.

She was about my mother's age 42, and a blonde like me. I was wearing my super tight white jean shorts that show of my tight ass and the crease of my cunt. I dropped the book on purpose and turned to pick it up parting my xxx pnjab hinde moves com to give her a good look at my pussy outlined in the crotch of the skin tight shorts.

I took my time picking up the book and when I turned I could tell that she had been checking me out. I stared right at her titties and the blonde and brunette european lesbians brutally fisting hard nipples that were poking out even though she wore a bra underneath. I put the book on the counter and the lovely blonde's raised her eyebrows, "Aren't you a little young for this sort of thing?" she asked quite-like.

I pressed myself against the counter so my firm perky titties rested on the counter. I wasn't wearing a bra and my small hard nipples pressed against the thin fabric. I saw the woman's eyes dark around the store then she leaned this luscious teenie college beauty hardcore and reality and whispered, "If you come in the back for a minute I will give you your choice of any novel you want.

I'm sure the woman new I was only fourteen and I loved the way she looked at me. I nodded. The woman came out from around the counter and I saw she was wearing a short skirt that showed off the luscious curves of her ass. She moved to the door turned over the "open" sign and then locked the door.

She then took my hand and led me through a door to a small room in the back. There was a desk and an old couch with a blanket thrown over it. "You stand here beauty, I just want to look at you for a moment," she said as she sat on the couch. "I'm Lilly, and I think you are the sexiest little thing I have seen in a long time." "Thanks, I said not knowing what to do next, so I squatted spreading my legs in front of Lilly, "So where are the books you were talking about?" "Oh my, aren't you a picture.

I have a girl of my own about your age, her name is Nicole and you are so much like her in so many ways, what's your name sweetie?" Lilly's eyes were fixed on my crotch so I ran a finger up the slit in the crotch of my shorts. "Do you like my body mommy…do you…you can call me Nicole, do you want me mommy, do you want to touch me?" Lilly hesitated, I thought at first I had gone too far, but then Lilly said in a breathy voice, "Come here and sit on mommy's lap Nicole," Lilly whispered with lust in her eyes.

I smiled, and tip-toed over to Lilly and slid onto her lap. I noticed a framed photo siting on the table by the couch and picked it up. In the photo there was a sexy girl with blonde hair wearing a skimpy red bikini. "Mommy, you must like this pic. Look at how shows off my body, and how hard my little nipples are, " I took Lilly's hand and placed it over my right tittie, "See how hard my little nipples get for you?" Lilly began to caress my firm tittie, rolling my hard nipple between my fingers.

"I think you bought this bikini for because of the way it shows of my little cunt lips. Mommy, I think after work you look at my picture and touch yourself, rub your pussy thinking of how much you want me…don't you mommy?" I spread my legs on Lilly's lap and unzipped my shorts, and in a few movements pushed them off and threw off my tank top.

I sat back down now naked, spreading my legs for Lilly. "You can touch me mommy, I want you too, and I've wanted you to fuck me for a long time. See how wet my little cunt is for you mommy," I sighed. Lilly seemed transfixed by my wet pussy, then she turned her head and kissed me hard on the mouth. Our tongues collided as this hot mom devoured my mouth. Her mouth kissed and sucked its way down my neck and was suddenly all over my small titties, sucking and licking and biting on my stiff little nipples.

I noticed that Lilly's phone has slipped out of her pocket. I moaned when I saw it light up, it was on silent. Nicole's ID came up on the display. I moaned as I reached over and opened the call and said, "Oh mommy, tell me how much you've wanted to fuck me, how much you've wanted your sexy little Nicole," I hissed, "Get undressed as you tell me." L Lilly quickly pulled off her top and bra, then unzipped her skirt and pushed her skirt and panties down together.

She was such a beautiful woman with her big round titties and her clean shaven cunt that glistened with her mommy juices.

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"Oh Nicole baby, every day when you stumble out of bed in your bikini panties and no bra and you parade around your coffee claudia german blonde ass tattoleipzig your toast, it's all I can do to keep my hands off you." Lilly continued to pinch and pull on my nipples as she launched into a sexy rant, totally unaware that her daughter could hear every word, "I want to grab those sweet firm boobs of yours and suck them for hours, then I want to bury my face in the crotch of your sexy panties and take in the smell and feel of your pussy against my nose and mouth.

I want to rip those panties off you and gently open your beautiful pussy with my fingers and sink my long mommy tongue deep into your hot young cunt. Oh fuck Nicole, I want to tongue fuck you and eat you, and suck and lick your clit until your cunt explodes on my mouth and then I want to swallow every drop of your pussy nectar." I see that the call is still connected and my cunt almost creamed on the spot.

"I have to eat you baby, I have to eat your hot young cunt," Lilly growled and got down between my legs and plunged her tongue deep into my pussy. "Oh fuck, mommy that feels so good, I love your tongue inside my cunt mommy. Don't stop, please don't stop mommy eating out your little girl." Just as Lilly buried her face in my cunt I saw the door to the room open a crack, and Nicole, the real Nicole popped her head in.

She had her own key to the store but to my surprise as she slipped into the room behind her mother's back she was completely naked. She held a finger in front of her lips and smiled at me electoral candidate banged stunning milf cherie deville pornstar blowjob she quietly closed the door and leaned back against it, spreading her legs and slipping two fingers into her sweet looking cunt.

The whole seen was too much for me. Lilly was now pinching my clit between two fingers and pulling hard on the slick little nub while, Nicole, the real Nicole, had spread her puffy cunt lips and britney amber in a very sexy stop over finger fucking herself while furiously rubbing her cunt with the other hand. "Oh fuck mommy, you are going to make me cum, oh fuck yes, make your little Nicole cream all over your face!" I whimpered and began grinding my cunt into Lilly's mouth and fingers.

Nicole looked directly at me and narrowed her eyes as she finger fucked herself at a torrid pace. I couldn't hold back any longer, My cunt began convulsing as I pressed it as hard as I could into Lilly's face cum spewed from my cunt hole splashing all over Lilly's face. I screamed and looked over at Nicole to see cum squirt forth from her cunt as she continued to rub her clit furiously.

Lilly clamped her mouth over my cunt and sucked the next weave of cum deep into her throat.

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Lilly began to suck on my clit again but it was too sensitive and I had to push her away. Nicole had slid to the floor against the door and there was a large cum spot between her legs. Lilly kissed me on the mouth long and hard so I could taste my own cum.

Finally when I caught my breath I said softly, "Oh mommy, you made Nicole cum so fucking good." "Yes, and your cunt juice tastes so good little girl," Lilly sighed and kissed me again. "No, Lilly, I mean for real," and I nodded towards Nicole.

Lilly turned and a socked look came over her face. We were both shocked when Nicole made a rush for her mother and grabbed and clasped her hand to her throat in a choke hold. I quickly moved as Nicole contined to coke her mother brining her to her knees and pushing her back onto the couch. "You want to fuck me mommy," Nicole screamed, "Then let's do it here and now!" Nicole released her mother's throat and with a quick motion spread her mother's legs roughly slipping her legs in a scissor formation on either side of Lilly's as she slammed her wet cunt into her mother's pussy." "Oh, baby, no, this isn't right," Lilly pleaded.

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Nicole, slapped her mother's face hard then slapped each of her beautiful tits harder, "I heard everything mommy, I heard how much I turn you on. You stupid bitch don't you know how long I've wanted this to fuck you like the lesbo slut you really are?

Fuck, yes, I can feel your clit rubbing on mine mommy, oh fuck it's so good." "Oh baby! Oh my Nicole, fuck me, fuck your mommy hard, I am a slut, I'm your slut my daughter, my love, oh fuck my lover!" Lilly whimpered sunny playgirl poses on webcam softcore amateur her cunt hard into her daughter's pussy. "You," said Nicole, "Spit on my ass and finger fuck it, "I'm going to cum all over my mother's hot wet cunt!" I smiled at the invitation and parted Nicole's perfect ass cheeks, I spit on it once then twice and watched as my spittle ran down her ass crease over the tight wrinkled anus.

I licked and sucked on my finger and when I let the finger circle her tight asshole Nicole stopped thrusting and I worked my finger in to the first knuckle. Suddenly Nicole thrust back quickly sending my finger deep into her tight teen ass. Nicole groaned and continued to grind her cunt into her mother's puffy pussy lips.

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They were kissing and moaning now. With my free hand I slipped a finger between Lilly's ass cheeks, her asshole was slick with pussy juices and I slammed my finger into her mommy ass without warning. I was ass fucking both mother and daughter and had a front row seat as they cunt fucked each other to the point of climax. Nicole looked into her mother's eyes, "Oh fuck mommy I love this, this is want I wanted all along.

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This teacher student romantic xxx story why I teased you, walking around half naked, leaving my cum-soaked panties on top of the laundry basket, tell me you licked them mommy, oh mommy tell me." Nicole whimpered "Oh fuck yes, I licked and sucked every drop of your cum from those panties Nicole, then I stuffed them up my cunt and rubbed my clit until I came all over them…Oh my little girl your cunt feels so good and with a finger in my ass mommy is going to cum.

Please cum with me baby please cum all over mommy's big wet cunt~ Lilly pleaded. "Yes! Oh yes, mommy!" Nicole growled as saw her hips circle more rapidly and she slammed her cunt harder into her mother's.

I slipped two fingers into Lilly's ass and rammed one finger up into Nicole's ass as hard as I could.

Mother and daughter screamed as I leaned closer to between their legs and my face was soaked with spurt after spurt of mommy daughter cum and I finally removed my fingers from their convulsing asses. For a long time they lay together kissing and whispering to each other so I quickly got dressed and silently made my way out the back door of the store.