Stunning victoria has her wet snatch hammered

Stunning victoria has her wet snatch hammered
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my name is Dipesh. this is a nice experience.

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I was 24 years old back then, I was a bachelor, living with my mother and brother in a Tamil nadu. We had a maid, her name is Meena. She was about 30 years old, 5ft.2inchs in height. She was average looking, a little bit of body fat around her hips and ass. She definitely was not a gorgeous woman, but her 36 D breasts were an eye catcher.

She had worked at our place for over 5 years, when the incident happened. I never saw Meena as someone who i would have sex with, but everything changed in one day. I had a habit of sleeping on the bed shirtless and make someone right on my back while i fell asleep. Meena is the one who usually does the drawing on my back. On this day, she told me that there was a problem with the pen so she will draw line with her fingers.

It was a weird feeling, as she started run her finger over my back and rub my back with her other hand. In a few minutes, she started to push her hand inside my shorts, getting very close to my ass crack.

Up until then she was very quiet, then she spoke up and said, "You know, the maid next door, told me that, she has sex regularly with her boss and he gives her nice gifts in return" I immediately turned around and our eyes met for a couple of seconds.

I did not know how to respond. Blood started to rush to my penis, i could feel it getting harder, i heart began to beat faster as well. Meena leaned towards me, and rested her body on mine. I could feel her breasts squeezing against my bare chest. She began to kiss me on my neck and bite my ears a very slightly with her mouth, I could feel her warmth on me.

I moved my hands all the way down, pulled up her sari and began squeezing her ass cheeks, It was pretty straight forward as she was not wearing her panty.

I rolled her over, and smiling handjob weekend crew takes a crack at the crack pressing her breasts I could feel her hardened nipples and realized that she was not wearing her bra as well.

I unhooked her blouse and pealed it off her breasts and I was amazed at what I saw. Two big, beautiful and round tits facing me, her tits were moving up and down as she was breathing hard. I leaned towards her, and began to kiss her neck and shoulders and slowly came down to her tits. I ran my tongue over her left nipple and began shaking my tongue rapidly while my right hand has playing with her right breast.

I could feel her body stiffen and hear her soft moans. I slowly, moved my right hand towards her cunt, feeling every inch of her body while I did that. I could feel her wetness in her cunt as I traced my fingers over her cunt while doing this I kiss her upper body and opening my sabse bade boobs wali sexy story wide to take in as much of her lovely breasts as possible. She was holding the back of my neck with one hand and pushing me closer to her and running her fingers on my hair with her other hand.

The feeling of our skin sticking to each other due to the pretty babe drilled by pawn keeper in pawnshops toilet reality and bigcock summer and her musky body odor was driving me crazy. The fact that I still had my shorts on and she had not touched my penis so far did not bother me, as I was busy satisfying her.

I had two of my fingers inside her cunt and I could feel the wetness and hear the noise every time my moved my fingers in and out of her cunt. I would look up at her face every now and then only to see her eyes closes, she biting her lower lip and moving her head from one side to another. Just then I got a call on my cell phone, it was my mom. She was heading back home from her cards game, which she plays every day. She wanted me to tell Meena to prepare food for dinner.

Meena, was lying next to me, hugging me tightly and pressing her boobs to my side and playing with my chest hair while I was talking to my mom. After the call, though disappointed, we decided to dress up. I was sitting on the edge of my bed while she wore her blouse and fixed her sari. She walked up to me, making eye contact with me. She held my head and pressed her breasts against it. And then she spoke her first words, since the time we started our foreplay. She said," I really enjoyed this, hope we can continue this whenever we have the time" I kissed her breast over her blouse looked up at her and said " I would love to do the same and will take good care of her" She smiled and left the room.

I laid back, recollected what just happened. Brought my fingers, which I inserted into her pussy to my nose and inhaled the intoxicating odor of her woman hood and had a smile on my wife.

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Knowing that life at home was going to get very interesting.