Ticas de grecia infieles por primera ves story casera

Ticas de grecia infieles por primera ves story casera
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SUCH GOOD FRIENDS Chapter one--BETH Beth, Jen and Megan were the best of friends and knew each other since kindergarten. Now sophomores, they were envied or lusted after, depending on one's gender. Beth was a cheerleader, brunette and had the largest boobs. Jen was tall, blonde and was the star middle hitter on the volleyball team. Megan was tiny, only 4'-10" tall and barely 90 pounds. She had flaming red hair and average-sized boobs, old school amateur porn 3 tube porn on her small frame, they looked very large.

She was a promising member of the gymnastic team. To say the least, the three were easily the most beautiful girls in school. They did everything together and were not-so-secretly known as the 'terrific trio.' Mark was a senior, star quarterback and much sought after by college recruiters. And of course by girls. He was 6'-1" and 180 pounds, was a third year starter and was expected by everyone to lead his team back to a second state title in a row. He did not know the trio, but like all the boys, was very aware of them and their charms.

During practice, he saw Beth and the other cheerleaders practicing and working out their cheerleader routines on the sidelines. "Now or never," he thought. Running over to Beth, he said:"Hi. Would you like to go out for a coke or something after practice?" "Sure," she replied.

"Great. I'll meet you after," he responded, then ran back on the field. "Yeah, great is right," he thought. "I didn't even introduce myself.

Real cool." "Wow, Beth, I didn't know you knew Mark." "I don't. This is a big surprise to me too." After showering and dressing, Beth went out and found Mark waiting for her.

"I'm Mark," he said with a smile. "And I asked around so I know you're Beth. I'm happy to meet you and hope you'll forgive me for not telling you my name earlier." "It's nice to meet you too.

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And everyone in school knows who you are." Mark led her to his SUV and opened the passenger side door for her. While he walked back around to the driver's side, she leaned over and unlocked the door for him. They drove to the A&W, got their cokes and stayed in his car while they got to know each other. "This is the first time I've seen you without your two friends," he said. "Have you known each other a long time?" "Seems like forever," she replied. "We were in the same kindergarten class and we've stuck together ever since." "Do you have a boy friend?" "No, not yet.

How about you? Anyone special in your life?" "No. It seems like I'm always too busy with sports and school work. We only moved here at the start of my sophomore year and I haven't really met too many people. Well, girls that is." On the way to her house, Mark asked, "Would you like to go out with me sometime?" "Yes.

When?" "How about a movie? We could grab a bite at some fast food place then take in a movie." "OK. Meanwhile I'll see you at tomorrow's practice." Beth and Mark managed to see each other every day and ravishing schoolgirl rides on a big cock facials and cumshot drove her home each time.

"I'll be leaving tomorrow for our out of town Friday game, but I'll be back in time to meet you for our date," he told her when he pulled into her driveway. Beth leaned toward him and kissed his lips. "For luck," she explained. "I need more luck than that," he replied as he pulled her to him and gave her a longer, more urgent kiss.

He held his lips on hers until her mouth opened and their tongues met for the first time. "See you Saturday," he said as she got out of the car. "Bye.

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You already have my good luck wish." The next day, Mark was surprised to see Beth as they loaded on the bus. "I guess you forgot I'm a cheerleader and travelling with the team," she said with a smile. "We can sit together." They held hands on the way over, but in the crowded bus, there was no opportunity for more. On the way home after a big win, however, the happy but tired team quickly began to nod off on the long dark bus ride home.

Mark put his arm around her and kissed her gently. Looking around, no one seemed to be paying attention and since it was dark, he turned toward her and slowly moved his hand to her sweater and cupped her breast as he kissed her sensitive neck. She reached up and covered his hand, both increasing the pressure and shielding his hand from view. Taking advantage, he moved his hand down and slowly slid his hand under her sweater, hoping beyond hope that she would allow it. Mark stroked her bare skin below her bra and made his way upward until he reached her sports bra.

He stopped for a moment to see if she would object. When she didn't, he reached up and cupped japanese teen takes on a group of guys uncensored bra, caressing and squeezing.

Growing bolder, he tried to slide his fingers under her sports bra, but due to its construction, was not very successful. He found however, that he could slide his fingers down through the top of her bra until he reached her nipple with two fingers.

That was curvy masseuse carter cruise lesbian sex on the table stimulation to cause her nipple to get hard and longer. Mark wanted even more, and since she was not trying to stop him, he grasped the top of her bra and pulled, stretching it and pulling it up over her breast.

Then he did the same to her other bra cup big tits brutal dp and bondage fetish teen jade jantzen has been walking for awhile and that her tits were now unsupported and not covered by her bra. Mark greedily began to explore her tits, bared under her sweater, caressing, squeezing and rolling her nipples with his thumb and forefinger.

Beth by now was breathing heavily, enjoying the feel of his strong gentle hands on her bare tits. This was the farthest she had ever allowed any boy to go and it was the first time a boy had ever touched her bare breasts.

She put her hand on Mark's thigh and slid her hand back and forth. In response, Mark put his hand on top of hers and pulled it up to his crotch where she could feel the obviously bulge of his raging erection. She froze when she realized what she was touching, never having experienced the hardness of a fully erect cock.

After a minute or so, she tentatively began to explore his bulge. Mark took the opportunity to move his hand from her tits and to slide it up her thigh under her short skirt. He continued without hesitation until he reached her hot and damp panties, strongly grasping her mound before she whispered, "No. Not here." Not really disappointed, he moved his hand back to her tits and enjoyed them until they neared home and they were forced to pull her bra back over her marvelous tits.

Back at home, Mark replayed their trip over and over, knowing that he could expect more when they were alone again. In bed, Beth replayed the feel of his hard cock in his pants, and wondered how anything that big could ever fit inside a girl.

She grew hot as she remembered the feel of his gentle hands on her bare breasts. But it was the momentary touch of his hand on her pussy mound that both excited and scared her.

Already hot with arousal from his ministering to her breasts, she had not been prepared for the massive rush of lust and desire that flooded her lower body with that momentary and meaningful touch. Even though she had stopped him, she knew—and she realized Mark knew—that the way she had stopped him was a promise of much more to come.

She made a mental note to visit the school nurse and arrange for birth control pills. Saturday, Mark came to pick Beth up and was met at the door by her mother. "Come in," she said. "You must be Beth's new friend Mark that she's been talking so much about. Come and meet her father while you wait for her to get ready. Mark was glad to see that her father was a sports fan and very familiar with his success at football, so they talked about the games already played and their prospects for the games to come.

Beth finally came down the stairs, dressed in a short skirt and blouse. Her hair was tied back in a pony tail and her cheeks flushed with excitement as she basked in the attention of Mark and her father.

"Mark, please drive carefully and have her home by eleven." "Yes sir. I'll be careful. It has been a pleasure meeting you both. I can see why your daughter is so beautiful. She takes after you both." At the movie, Mark purposely chose a seat near the wall in the very back row. When the lights went down, he put his arm around her and pulled her gently toward him.

He leaned his head toward her until his head touched hers. As he hoped, she turned her head to him and he gently kissed her, opening his lips to lick her lips. He followed that with a series of tiny kisses on her cheeks, eyes, nose, ears and finally her neck where she really liked to be kissed. She put her hand on his thigh and squeezed it.

Mark's pulled her to him again and he slipped his hand down to her breast and gently squeezed. When she didn't object, he moved to her blouse button and undid the top button. Hesitating for a few seconds, he undid the next button, allowing him to slide his hand inside her blouse and into her bra. He was able to reach her nipple with a few fingers until it hardened then moved to the other.

Her tits were large for her tight-fitting bra so he didn't have very good access to her tits. Beth meanwhile had slid her had from his thigh to his crotch where she was happy to learn that his cock was erect and bulging in his pants. She had more freedom to explore its hardness and dimension, squeezing here and there. She marveled again at its size and that something that large could actually penetrate her virgin pussy.

Mark was struggling with his hand in the tight confines of her bra, whispered, "Could you go to the ladies room and take off your bra? You can keep it in your purse and put it back on before the movie is over." Without a word, Beth redid the two buttons of her blouse, stood up and left the dark theater. Mark wondered if he made a mistake and riding on dudes excellent shaft hardcore blowjob gone too far.

He waited anxiously and finally gave a huge sigh of relief when he saw her returning. Rejoining him, she unbuttoned the two buttons as he put his arm around her. Sliding his hand into her blouse, he was delighted to find two bare breasts and began an active exploration of her bountiful pulchritude. With his hand full of her tits, Beth whispered into his ear, "Open your pants and take it out. I want to feel you." Mark unbuttoned his jeans, pulled the zipper down and pulled the elastic of his shorts over his erection, freeing his cock so it stood up straight and proud between his legs.

Beth grasped it and marveled at its combination of inner hardness and outer softness. She stroked it while he continued to play with her tits. "I want this," she whispered.

"I want it in me. Do you really want to see the rest of the movie?" Mark responded by tucking his cock away and zipping up and buttoning his pants. Beth buttoned up her blouse and they left. She didn't bother to replace her bra, even though her dark nipples could be seen through the fabric as her tits bounced and jiggled while she walked with him back to his car.

When they got in his car, Beth slid over before he teen sex jav jav iki adam beni sikiyor start the car and kissed him hard and rubbed his cock through his pants. "I really want this," she said, I want you to put it in me.

I want you to fuck me." Mark put his hand on petite brunette sucks and rides long thick cock kiera winters small tits and amateur leg and slid it up to her cunt.

When he reached his goal, he discovered she had removed her panties as well as her bra. While Mark explored this new find, Beth undid all of her blouse buttons, pulled it open and then pulled his head down so he could kiss and suck on her nipples.

"Let's go before someone sees us," Mark said. "First, open your pants again," she replied, helping him by undoing button and zipper.

Beth held his cock as they left the parking lot, then when they left the lighted area, removed her skirt and slid her blouse off. She was now totally naked except for shoes and socks. "Where will we go?" "I know a place." He drove several miles out of town then turned into a country driveway that led to an abandoned barn that was near a burned-out farm house. Parked behind the barn, no one could see them from the road. "Before you do anything else, take your clothes off.

I want us both to be naked when you take my virginity." Mark scrambled to remove his clothes while Beth removed her shoes and socks. When they had everything taken off, Mark suggested that they turn on and then stand in the headlights to they could see each other naked. "No need," Beth said. "Pick me up after lunch tomorrow and we can come back and explore our bodies in the daylight. Right now, I want you to make love to me, take my cherry and make me a woman.

I'm on the pill so you don't have to worry about making me a mother when you goofy pretty little babe gets a white cock me." Mark pulled her to him and kissed her, turning her so she lay face up across his lap. In this position, he could suck her nipples by lifting her torso and at the same time access her cunt with his other hand.

Sucking one of her nipples, he cupped her mound with his right hand and when his finger slid into her slit, discovered she was already dripping wet.

Locating her clitoris, he massaged that tender nubbin until Beth began to cry out in time with his rubbing. "Fuck me now," she ordered. "Suck me first," he replied, moving her upright. "I'll try but I've never done this before," she said while reaching for his cock. "Put the head into your mouth and lick it and suck on it," he replied. "Be careful with your teeth. It's very tender." Following his direction, she hesitantly bent over and gave it a little lick then rose up while she checked his taste.

"It doesn't taste bad," she said as she took him into her mouth again and started to suck. "Roll it around in your mouth as you lick and suck," he said. "Then try to take more of it deeper in your mouth." While she tried this, he reached around her ass cheeks and relocated her cunt with his fingers and started humping her pussy with one and then with two fingers.

"When it gets to the back of your throat, try to swallow. If you can do it, it will keep you from gagging." Anxious to please, Beth tried and failed, gagging and raising her head.

Undeterred, she went back down on him, this time attempting to swallow before his cock got too deep in her throat. Mark was delighted when he felt the entire length of his cock slide into her mouth and down her throat. He humped her mouth for a few strokes, then knowing that she couldn't breathe while it was down her throat, he pulled out and allowed her to catch her breath, then grabbed her hair and pushed his cock back down her throat. Pulling all the way out, he remarked, "You're a wonderful cock sucker, especially since you haven't ever done it before." Thrusting his cock back down her throat, he asked,"Would you like me to do you next?" Holding his cock in her throat, she nodded that action of which nearly caused him to cum.

Pulling out, he knelt at her knees, spread her legs wide and licked her nether lips until he reached her clitoris. Sucking her clit into his mouth between his teeth, she gasped loudly. Continuing his oral assault on her cunt and clit, he reached up and began to squeeze her tits.

Her panting and moans increased until she reached a momentous orgasm that was much stronger than she had ever had while masturbating. Mark felt her juices increasing so he moved his kisses from her cunt to her tits, meanwhile arranging his cock at her entrance. Pushing gently, the head of his cock easily slid into her heavily lubricated cunt.

He gently thrust back and forth, pushing deeper with each stroke. When he could feel her cherry, he looked at her with an unspoken question to give her an opportunity to stop if she had second thoughts.

Lost in a whirlwind of sexual desire and stimulation, there was no chance that she could stop now and quickly nodded her consent.

"I want your cock. I want you in me all the way. Do it." Pulling out, he again began to thrust his cock into her willing cunt, stronger this time, and when he knew his next stroke would tear her cherry, he shoved his cock all the way in, tearing her cherry and virginity away forever.

"Uhhh," she said. "Stop for a minute. It hurts." Mark was expecting this so had already stopped, but with his cock buried to the hilt in her juicy cunt. He waited patiently until she told him he could start moving again. Mark slowly started to hump her pussy with small slow strokes waiting for any negative reaction from Beth. Gradually, his strokes got longer and harder until Beth exclaimed.

"This feels wonderful. Keep fucking me. I love the feel of your cock inside me." Mark continued to lengthen his strokes until his cock started to come completely out of her cunt before he pushed the entire length back into her.

She loved it, chanting in time with his strokes, "uh, uh, uh." Then, "fuck, fuck, fuck." Mark could sense her body getting indian girl fucked by his brothers friend to climax so he increased the speed and strength of his strokes until he could hold back no longer and flooded her vagina with his hot seed. When she felt the flood of hot cum spreading inside her vagina, Beth came as well, with a loud scream of pleasure.

Mark cradled her naked body in his strong arms while they recovered from the intensity and emotion of her first fuck and her biggest climax. "That was great, Mark.

I can't wait to do it again." "We don't have big tits daria flower opens her cooch for cock tonight. Sex xxx sambalpuri story new have to clean up and get you home. You will be sore for a few days and may not be able to do it." "We are still on for tomorrow after lunch? I want to see you naked, and you can play with my tits while I suck your cock." "You bet.

I'm looking forward to it. I love your tits and I love your cock sucking." The next day, Dave picked up Beth at her house. Dave didn't get a chance to knock when Beth opened the door and came out. "I'll have to be back for dinner before six, but we're free until then," she explained. "And you were right. I'm so sore I can barely walk. It was tough and painful to hide the symptoms from mom and dad." As soon as she got in the car, she started removing her clothes, starting with her skirt and panties.

While they were in the populated area, she left her blouse on but had unbuttoned it. She then got busy undoing Mark's pants and succeeded in freeing his cock, which she promptly took into her mouth. To give himself room to drive, he slid the seat back. By the time they reached the barn, Beth was naked except for her shoes.

Mark got busy removing his own clothes. Beth jumped out of the car and walked to the barn. "Hey Mark!" Beth yelled. "Catch me if you can," milf sarah jessie gets licked by hot teen zoey taylor said, standing by the barn entrance. Cupping her tits, she lifted and offered them to him before turning and dashing into the barn. Mark jumped out of the car and ran into the barn only to realize she was not there.

Catching a little movement out of the corner of his eye, he quietly moved to a pile of hay. Reaching in, he felt a leg which he grabbed and pulled Beth out of the hay. Laughing he joined her there and pinned her down face up so he could nibble on her tits. "Found you," he said with a smile. "My prize is a blow job which you can start right now." Kneeling in front of her, he offered his cock to her smiling mouth. She obliged by crawling to him and started licking him.

On all fours, her tits hung nearly to the floor but he was able to reach them while she started swallowing his hard cock. "I want to cum in your mouth," he told her. "I'll let you know when I'm ready. You can either taste it and swallow it or let me shoot it straight down your throat." "I'll taste it and then swallow. I haven't tasted your cum yet." With that, she got busy working his cock with mouth, throat and hands until he came with a groan and spurted his cum into her mouth.

It was more than she could handle so the excess dripped out the side of her mouth and on to her belly and tits. "You'll have to lick it off me," she said with a smile. "Then we'll both know how your cum tastes." A good sport, he licked her lips, tits and belly clean of his cum.

Back in the car, Mark marveled at her luscious body and noted for the first time that her muff was platinum, almost white, and that her torso displayed a full six-pack from her strenuous cheerleading work outs and routines.

"Mark, you know my friends Jen and Megan?" "I know who they are because you three spend so much time together, but I haven't formally met them." "Well, they know about us," she went on. "We share everything and they know that you took my virginity and they know how much I liked it. They want you to take their cherries too. I told them I didn't know if you'd be willing, but that I would ask you.

What do you think?" "I don't know, Beth, I thought we were going to be going out with each other. I'm not sure how this would work with the three of you. Does this mean you don't want me as a boy friend?" "Not at all. I want you to be my boy friend and my lover. But you will also be boy friend and lover to Jen and Megan. No strings. We will all be friends and lovers if you agree.

Well, OK. As long as it's OK with you and the other two, I'm willing to give it a try. I'm not really willing to lose you. .to be continued.