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Cute young thai is introduced to hard white cock
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TEACHING TEACHER A LESSON part one. Sean Beak lay in bed unable to sleep, it was a hot sticky summers night in Farm Cove and even with the window open it was humid in his small bedroom.

Sean was angry with the world and everything in it tonight. He and his best friend Duncan Whitewell had been suspended from school that day and it was all because that P.E teacher bitch Miss McIntosh had caught them smoking weed behind the Gymnasium.

Pamela McIntosh had come to Farm cove Highschool two years ago to take over the head physical education position and all the boys at the school, including Sean had a not so secret boner for her. It wasn't really a surprise all the boys were infatuated with Miss McIntosh. She was a tall athletic women in her mid twenty's with long, straight strawberry blonde hair, that she always wore pulled back in a single sporty ponytail up high on her head.

sharp, intelligent, green eyes looked out from behind thin framed stylish glasses balancing on the bridge of a long straight nose with a slightly sharp tip and below that a wide sensuous mouth with full pouty lips. Her pretty face was covered by a heavy dusting of freckle a from brow to chin that Sean found very sexy and because she always wore tight fitting sports tops and gym shorts he also often gorgeous blonde girlfriend crazy fucking fat grandpa after romantic blowjob the freckles that adorned her strong looking shoulders and pronounced color bones, chest, arms and legs.

She had a small bust not much bigger than some of the female students at the school with a long narrow tapering waist that flared at the hips and a big generous butt that Sean had jerked off to more than once and those long, seducing the stranded legal age teenager anna muscular arms and legs also gave him great wank bank material.

Teacher charan xxx storys download 4gp though Sean was mad as hell with her right now he couldn't help stiffening up under the sheets as he pictured her in his mind.

Truth be told though as much as all the boys at school found the young P.E teacher alluring they were also in equal measures terrified of her, due to the fact she was such a total authoritarian bitch, who handed out detentions and demerit points for the slightest infraction and during P.E classes shouted like a drill instructor in the army.

Sean had seen some boys cry during these ordeals including his friend Duncan who was a bit over weight and not the best at physical classes. Because of Miss McIntosh's strict code of conduct it didn't take long for Sean and Duncan to come under the attention of her eagle eye and from then on she pursued them both with an almost psychotic relish. Both boys had been on their final warning at the highschool after countless episodes of bad behaviour and that bitch really had it in for the two of them.

Miss McIntosh never hid the fact she disliked them and a few months back when they got their final warning she'd cornered both boys outside the principals office and leaning close to them she'd said in a calm, low voice "I'm watching you two very closely now and I can not wait till you screw up again. Witch you will because your a couple of screw ups and that's what screw ups do. They screw up. And when you do I'll be right there." She'd looked from one boy to the other with that trade mark smirk on her pretty face.

She was leaning so close to Sean he could smell her subtle perfume of coconuts and sweet summer flowers, he could see the soft blond down hairs across the tops of the nice freckle dusted Cleavage pushing up out of her singlet, he could smell her breath, minty and fresh and despite his nervousness at the time he felt his cock twitch and harden in his shorts.

Then she strode off down the hallway whistling an upbeat tune to herself, that great ass wriggling back and fourth under her tight gym shorts. True to her word when they did finally screw up she was right there to swoop down and catch them out. When Sean and Duncan decided today to cut class and get high behind the Gymnasium they didn't realise the McIntosh bitch was tracking them from her second story office window that over looked the sports fields.

They went to their regular spot down the far corner where there was a grouping of small trees and lit up the joint. They were smoking and talking shit, laughing it up. Sean was just about to pass the doobie back to Duncan when a hand shot in and snatched it away making the boys jump. "I'll take that Mr Beak thank you!" Miss McIntosh said with authority. She had just appeared there like some sort of fucking Ninja.

Sean couldn't believe it. She stood before them one hand on her hip the other holding the offending joint out before her.

That annoying smirk lifting one corner of her lovely mouth causing a faint dimple in her pressley carter gets pussy stretched big black cock and monstercock cheek. Her green eyes sparkled behind her glasses. "You don't know how happy you've made me today guys. I knew it was only a matter of time." Poor Duncan had begun to tear up "Please Miss." He began but she cut him of curtly.

"Can it fat boy. Your not talking your way out of this." Sean couldn't believe she called Duncan fat boy and he hated her for it. "OK Mr Beak, Mr Whitewall, Principals office now. Move!" Both of them jumped at her raised voice and did as they where told. What followed was a long humiliating walk to the office then a familiar scene unfolded. A long tedious speech from the principal then parents were called. Sean's Dad having to come from work was plenty pissed off.

Duncan's mother berated his friend all the way out the door and then that was it. Three day suspension, grounded for ever, no play station blah blah blah from his Dad. And the whole time that bitch Pamela McIntosh stood against one wall of the office, arms folded across her chest, with a totally self-satisfied look on her face. She was really enjoying watching Sean squirm in his seat. What an absolute bitch. He'd wanted nothing more in the world at that moment than to smash his fist into that smirking, freckle covered face, Feel her long pretty nose break with a satisfying crunch, smash those glasses right into her sparkling jade eyes.

But of course he didn't. He just sat there and took his medicine with a pointless scowl on his face. But now as he lay in bed starring up at the ceiling he pictured in his mind what he'd do to that freckled twat.

How he'd hurt her with his hands, with his teeth, with his cock, how he'd humiliate her, degrade her. As he imagined torturing and rapping Miss McIntosh he began jerking off hard until he reached a long satisfying climax.

He lay there breathing heavily, his spent jizz cooling on his belly and sticking the sheet to him. He lay there for sometime more mulling stuff over in his head then reached over and got his phone off the nightstand. He checked the time. Just before one in the morning. He opened up the text app and sent a msg to his friend Duncan.

*"Hey dude. You up?"* He got reply almost instantly.

*"Yeah man. Can't sleep…"* *"Me either…"* he sent back *"You grounded?" * He asked. *"Yeah, like forever I think!"* *"Ha! Me too. Sucks huh?"* *"Totally bro. Its all that bitches fault!"* *"I know it.

I hate that cunt!"* *"Me too man. I was just thinking how someone needs to teach her a good lesson. Know what I mean"* There was a bit of a pause then Duncan text back *"You got an idea? If so I'm in!"* Sean smiled *"Sure do bro. Just gotta think on it a bit. Be in touch soon. Peace"* *"peace man."* Sean put his phone down and began to think some more.

He was still thinking about Pamela when he fell asleep half an hour later. - PART TWO - Pamela McIntosh woke up on Saturday morning as usual a few minutes before her alarm went off at seven am. Pamela wasn't one to lounge around in bed on the weekend so after stretching out her long body against the matters she threw back the covers and swung her feet out, sitting up on the edge of the bed. Stretching her arms up above her head she yawned then stood up and walked over to the chair by her dresser where her running gear was waiting for her.

Her kit today included black Nike sports bra with a light blue Lycra Adidas singlet pulled over top then on her lower half lime green thong with banana yellow gym shots over top. As she got dressed Pamela checked out her reflection in the full length mirror on her closet door.

It had been a brilliant summer in the Cove and she"d gotten a great all over tan except where her bikini covered her, but the sun had also brought out her freckles strikingly.

She could swear they became more abundant evert year. Pamela shrugged at her reflection, what could she do about it. She retrieved her glasses off the nightstand and padded bare foot on the polished wood floor into the hallway. Pamela loved her little two bedroom house that she'd purchased for a good price when she moved to the Cove two years ago. She'd come to Farm Cove to escape the rat race in the big city and take on the Physical Education position at the local highschool and hadn't regretted it for a second.

She big black cock xxxx full sex stories the small town feel of the place. A real sense of community, relaxed friendly people and a peaceful, safe, quiet lifestyle.

Unlike the frantic crowded life in Auckland where she'd grown up. She went into her office that was set up in the spare room next to her bedroom and quickly checked her e-mails and Facebook. Nothing there that couldn't wait till later. Pamela lived alone and she liked it that way. It wasn't that she didn't like men, she'd dated a few over the years but had never found anyone who she mad a real connection with and she was in no hurry anyway sexy teen julie rocket blows her hung boyfriend for now she was perfectly happy being her own boss.

She went into the kitchen dining area and drank two large glasses of water before retuning to her bedroom and choosing a pair of white and blue Nike running shoes from her large collection of sneakers. Socks and shoes on she swapped her reading glasses for a pair of sunglasses, pulled her hair back into a pony tail and then pulled on a Baseball cap, the pony tail going out the hole in back.

Last she strapped her I-Pod holder around her upper arm and then setting the I-Pod to the "run" playlist slipped it into its little pouch and put her head phones in.

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She was ready to rock. She locked the front door as she went out, the door key was on a little rubber strap that went around her wrist and another little band held it against the strap so it didn't flap around as she ran. A place for everything and everything in its place was one of Pamela's favourite sayings. She stood on the front porch and did a few light static stretches before heading off at a casual jogging pace to allow her muscles time to warm up before steadily picking up momentum.

Fitness had always been a big part of Pamela's life. Ever since she was young she'd played one sport or another. Tennis, Netball, Field Hockey you name it she'd played it. From there she went on to study sports medicine and physical education at university and finally a teaching degree. She'd never looked back since. Pamela turned right at the end of her driveway and jogged down the main drag into the little village that was Farm Coves main shopping district.

Their was a Mall too, but that was on the other side of town and she rarely went there. Most of the shops were not open yet and the street was deserted as she jogged through picking up her pace in time with the dance beats playing in her headphones. It was another lovely summers day in the Cove and the sun beat down steadily on Pamela as she continued down main street for about a mile or so until she came to Farm Coves famous golden sand beach. She spied a lone swimmer out in the gentle surf and a lone man walking his dog but mostly it was deserted.

In a few hours though she knew it would be packed with locals and tourists alike. She turned left and followed the coast to the out skirts of town then headed back inland. Her long sleek body, cruising at a steady effortless pace, felt awesome. Pamela McIntosh really was at the peek of her fitness.

She ran every day except Sunday, went to the gym three times a week, yoga, Kick-Boxing at the local YMCA. She was a machine. At the edge of town she turned back towards home this made her jogging route around six miles long. A good distance she thought for a weekend run. When she was only about a block from home she really poured on the speed. Pushing her body faster and faster until she was sprinted full speed then suddenly tapering off and slowing down to s casual stroll when she reached her drive way.

She was concentrating on controlling her breathing as she approached the house and didn't notice the two boys sitting on the concrete steps leading up to her porch until they stood up to meet her. Pamela recognised them straight away. Sean Beak, a skinny kid with a shaved head and a mean face and his side kick a hulking fat kid with long greasy hair and bad acne Duncan Whitewell.

She'd had both boys suspended last week for smoking pot behind the Gymnasium and had to admit she had enjoyed it.

Pamela didn't like either boy very much, they were both lazy and arrogant, mean spirited and sloppy in their studies all quality's Pamela disliked in her students. She slipped her I-pod out of its little holder and took out her head phones as she approached the two boys who stood before her looking sheepish. "Well well. Mr Beak and Mr Whitewall." She said wrapping the cord of her head phones around the I-Pod "what can I do for you two today?" She stood with hands on hips her head cocked to one side.

She was genuinely curious. "Hi Miss McIntosh." Sean began "were really sorry to bother you today." Something suddenly did bother Pamela and she interrupted him "How do you boys know where I live?" She asked. "Oh um well its not a really big town. I found you in the phone book." He said quickly. "OK fine." She said making a mental note to be unlisted next year "So…?" She said taking off her sun glasses and raising her eyebrows questioningly. Sean began again "Well we came here today to apologise to you for everything that happened at school." He said looking down at his shoes a little embarrassed.

Pamela was genuinely surprised by this. "OK&hellip." She paused not quite sure what to say. "Yeah that's right were really sorry Miss McIntosh." Duncan interjected "And when we come back to school next week we are gonna try much harder than before.

You know to keep out of trouble and stuff." He finished awkwardly also studying his converse. "Well what can I say." She said shaking her head in disbelief "Thank you both for the apology. It was very mature and grown up of you to come her today and say that." She was actually a little touched by the two boys sincerity.

Maybe she had judged the pair a little harshly and almost felt bad for the way she'd treated them. They were just kids after all. Both boys were looking at her now and smiling, obviously pleased with the praise Pamela had given them. "Thanks for hearing us out Miss McIntosh. It means a lot to us. We just don't want anymore trouble that's all." "Well if you guys knuckle down at school and keep your noses clean from now on I'm sure everything will be fine." She said "Now if there's nothing else I'd really like to get on with my weekend." "Oh yeah.

Cool. Thanks again." Sean said "We'll see you next week. Pamela stepped aside to let the boys past. "Um…Miss McIntosh?" Duncan said looking sheepish again. "Yes Mr Whitewall?" She asked getting a little impatient now because she wanted to get on with her post run yoga exercises. "Um well we been waiting out here for a while and…um…well I kinda mommy wont u fuck me to pee." Pamela had to smile.

He was such an unfortunate, awkward, looking kid she couldn't help feel a little sorry for him at that moment. "No prob." She said "come on inside. Don't want you having an accident out her do we." She smiled "Oh and thanks for not going in my rose bushes." She added. Both boys laughed at her little joke as they followed her up to the front door.

She unlocked and opened up "Come on in." She said stepping into the hallway, leaving the door open behind her. "Wow, this is a nice place Miss McIntosh." Sean said behind her.

"Thank you Sean." She said looking back over her shoulder at him "And since we're not at school you can call me Pamela if you like." "Oh cool, no problem Pamela." He said smiling at her. "OK bathrooms fast scooters and fast money for ebbi who liked it in public ahead Duncan." She said gesturing to the door at the end of the hallway.

"Thanks " he said and went inside, closing in the bathroom faith leon kelly madison door behind himself. Pamela turned left into the kitchen dining area and Sean followed her. She put her sunglasses and I-Pod on the counter then took off her baseball cap and tossed it on the dinning room table.

She went to the kitchen sink and got a glass of water. When she turned around Sean was standing by the breakfast counter looking at her with a funny expression on his face. As she drank her water she noticed his eyes roam down over her body then back up to her face. "It's not polite to steer at a lady like that young man." She said sternly. "Oh gee. Sorry Miss McIntosh." He said shaking his head "I didn't mean to steer.

It's just…well.your so beautiful is all." He blushed as he said this and looked away. Pamela smirked at this and felt her own cheeks blush a little despite herself. "Well thank for the compliment Sean. It's very sweet of you." She said and turned to put her glass on the bench. "Especially your freckles Pamela.

Their so sexy." Sean said and she noticed his voice went went kind of deep and breathy which made goose bumps stand out on her arms. She turned back to him a little put out by his comment about her freckles "Sean that's a very inappropriate thing to say." She said crossing her arms over her chest and giving him a unimpressed look.

"Oh…sorry." He said flatly but this time didn't look away, just leered back at her.

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Just then they heard the toilet flush in the bathroom and moment later Duncan came into the room "Um Miss McIntosh? Um I mean Pamela?" He said sounding goofy and embarrassed once again. She held Sean's weird gaze a second longer then looked over at the other boy. "What is it Duncan." she said sighing. She was beginning to become a little annoyed with her two guests and wanted them out of her house. "I kind of had a little problem in there." He said "I was so busting and I kind of pissed all over the floor.

Sorry about that." "Jesus!" She said angrily coming around the counter to confront him "What are you, five years old? That's ridiculous!" He just stood there starring at her with his mouth ajar like a fool. Pamela was about to say something else when she sensed movement close behind her, a light breath against the back of her neck stirred her pony tail. Before she could turn she was forcefully grabbed from behind. One arm wrapped around around her body pinning her arms to her sides.

The other went across her throat choking her. Sean's skinny arms, surprisingly strong, squeezed her hard. "Why don't you shut your fucking mouth you stuck up bitch." He sneered right by her ear as he jerked her body back against his own "I've listened to enough of your shit!" The sudden violence and the menacing tone of his voice momentarily froze her with fear. She just kept thinking 'what the hell, what the hell!' Then Sean shoved his hips into her. Obviously excited by what he was doing Pamela felt a bulge at the front of his shorts rub against the backs of her legs.

"You feel that Pammy Whammy?" He breathed "that's all for you bitch!" He flicked his tongue out licking the back of her ear. This broke her paralysis and she began to struggle. She squirmed and bucked against his encircling arms and felt them loosen slightly allowing her to draw breath.

"Get the fuck off me!" She said trying to sound strong but her voice quivered slightly. Truth be told she had never been more terrified in her life. What the hell were these kids thinking? What were they planning to do? Rape her? It seemed inconceivable. She continued fighting hard. She was a good head taller than the boy holding her and much stronger and she soon felt him loosing his grip around her body, she got one arm free.

"Let me go you little bastard!" She said now using her freed arm to push his arm down away from her throat. "Shit shit I'm loosing her!" He said panicking behind her "Duncan grab her fucking legs dude!" The fat kid had been standing in the doorway the whole time with a look of panicky indecision on his face. Now he seemed to snap out of it.

He was wearing a small black back pack witch he now shrugged of his broad shoulders and let fall to the floor before moving towards her. "Piss off!" Pamela shouted and kicked out with one long powerful leg. Her Nike running shoe slammed solidly into Duncan's fat stomach. His eyes bulged comically in his pudgy face and he staggered home porn czech next door blonde uma and feel on his butt then grabbing himself around his own guts and rolled onto his side obviously winded.

"Duncan get up!" Sean shouted "I need your help!" Pamela then kicked downwards raking Sean's bare shin with her shoe and stomping his foot hard. He yelped in pain and she then easily broke free of his hold on her. She turned on him aggressively "you little turd!" She shouted and shoved him in his chest with both hands knocking him off balance.

She followed through by moving into him and grabbing his wrist then put a leg behind his and tripped him. The boy went down hard on the wood busty raven haired minx has her pussy hammered landing on his side.

Using the arm she held as leverage she flipped him onto his front twisting his arm behind then dropped down, planting her knee into the middle of his back, pinning him to the floor.

Sean cried out in agony as Pamela pushed his trapped arm upwards between the shoulder blades and ground her knee into his spine. "Ahhhh fuck!" He cried "my fucking arm! Your gonna break my arm!" "Good!" She said trying to catch her breath, heart pounding in her chest from the adrenaline surging through her system "I hope that hurts you little idiot!" She applied gentle pressure to the top of his hand with her thumb excreting pressure on his wrist, a trick she'd learnt in a self defence class once.

Sean cried out in fresh agony and banged the hardwood floor with his free hand. "Ahhhh fuck!" He whined and she was pleased to see he was tearing up "please don't break my arm. Please, I'm sorry I'm sorry.

We were only joking!" "Joking!?" She said in disbelief "Only Joking!? You don't realise how serous this is do you Sean?

You come to my house, trick your way inside, then attack me! You kids are in some big trouble here, you could go to jail for this." She ground her knee into his back again enjoying his cries of protest. Pamela caught movement out the corner of her eye and looking back over her shoulder realised her mistake.

She'd been so focused on restraining Sean shed almost forgotten about Duncan. He swung his fist in low towards her "No." Was all she had time to say before his meaty fist slammed into her temple, jolting her head on her slender neck and causing bright red and white flashing colours to explode in front of her eyes. Dazed she lost her hold on Sean and slumped sideways landing on all fours she was barely able to keep her self up.

Pain then erupted around her scalp as Duncan grabbed her ponytail and yanked back on it, jerking her head up. He swung in again this time his fist crashed into her jaw just below her ear. The bright flashing lights in her skull turned to black as she slipped into unconsciousness. -PART THREE- Sean felt the shock of Duncan's first punch go through Pamela and as she let his arm go, slipping off him to one side, he rolled over and sat up rubbing his aching arm and wrist.

He watched in awe as his friend reached down to the women who was on hands and knees, obviously stunned, grabbing Pamela's pony tail Duncan wrenched her head back roughly then hit her again. The punch landed solidly with a meaty thud that shook Pamela's whole body then she slumped onto the floor face down, she was out for the count. Duncan let go of her pony tail and stood back obviously surprised by what he'd done.

Sean scrambled to his feet and looked down at the beautiful women lying unconscious on the floor then looked over at Duncan. "Jesus man." He said clapping his friend on the shoulder "that was fucking as awesome!" Duncan smiled "I did good didn't I?" "Good?" Sean said in disbelief, shaking his head "You saved our fucking asses man, she was gonna kill us!" Just then Pamela moaned and shifted slightly on the floor making both boys jump.

"Shit she's coming around." Sean said "Duncan, go shut the front door, make sure it's locked while I take care of this bitch." Duncan nodded and headed into the hallway while Sean went over to the backpack his friend had dropped on the floor.

His heart pounded in his chest and his hands were shaking with excitement as he unzipped the bag and rummaged inside till he found the roll of silver duct tape they had brought with them. Holding the roll of tape he went back over to Pamela and dropped down on her, straddling the backs of her legs. She groaned softly and shifted slightly underneath him. Sean grabbed her long freckled arms and pulled them behind her back. Working as quickly as his shaking hands would allow he bound her wrists together firmly, wrapping the tape around six times to be sure.

This bitch had given demonstration already of how dangerous she could be and he wasn't going to take any more chances with her. Duncan had returned and was standing in the doorway watching him. Sean looked up at him and grinned as he two raunchy starlets share a big rod backwards until he was kneeling by Pamela's feet.

"Doesn't she look awesome man?" He said pulling her ankles together and binding them with the tape "I've been thinking about doing this since first time I saw her." "She looks so hot." Duncan agreed wiping his mouth with the back of her Hand.

Sean also used the tape to secure her knees together before moving up he dropped the tape on floor by her head and grabbed her by the shoulders. He rolled her onto her back trapping her arms underneath her own body.

He picked up the tape and tore off one last small piece witch he slapped down hard over her mouth while holding her chin. He hated to cover up her pretty lips but he couldn't have the bitch screaming blue murder when she came too. As if reading his mind Pamela's stunning green eyes fluttered open. They looked up at Sean with confusion for a moment, a subtle frown line wrinkled her smooth freckle strewn brow.

She was inhaling and exhaling only from her nose, the nostrils flaring sexily. "Hey Pamela." Sean said "Time to wake up bitch." Pamela eyes suddenly focused on Sean's face and then widened in alarm as she tried to move her body and realised she was trussed up like a Christmas Turkey. "Mmmmmmph." She said behind the strip of tape muffling her mouth as she began to squirm around testing her bonds.

Sean stood up and watched her for a moment. The sight of this stunning women, who he'd fantasised about constantly for the past couple of years, tied up, struggling to get free, was incredibly arousing. The front of his shorts jutted where his erection pushed out, straining against the thin material, and he reached down to stroke himself as he watched Pamela wriggling and squirming on the floor.

She was totally under his full control and it was the biggest rush Sean had ever felt in his life. He looked over at Duncan "Let's get this twat into the bedroom my man." He said.

Sean grabbed her under one arm and Duncan on the other side did the same. They dragged the bound women out into the hallway the heels of her sneakers bounced across the floor boards as they went.

Pamela glared up at the two boys as they dragged her into the bedroom "Mmmmmmph." She protested and began writhing in there hands. Even bound up like she was Sean could still feel the strength and power in that long muscular body and it drove him mad with excitement. As they entered the bedroom Sean could smell Pamela's distinctive sent. That sweet mix of coconut and summer flowers. It made his cock throb in his pants.

Once in the room Sean grabbed Pamela by hot dykes pleasure each others wet pussy throat and with Duncan holding her trussed arms they both lifted her up to a standing position.

Keeping hold of her throat he reached behind her head and grabbed her long soft pony tail and wrapped it around his hand. "I got her man." He said to Duncan who let go of her arms and stepped back. Using her neck and hair as two handles he turned around so the backs of Pamela's legs bumped against the side of the double bed.

He loved the way her face had gone bright red from him chocking her, making her freckles stand out even more than usual. He suddenly let go of her throat and shoved her hard in the chest with his hand. "Timber." He said smiling as she fell backwards onto the bed.

Tied the way she was Pamela would have fallen all the way back but Sean's hand was still entangled in her pony tail and he yanked hard on it jerking her head around and pulling her up into a sitting position on the bed.

He climbed onto mattress with her and straddled her hips, the bulge at the front of his shorts pressed up against her belly and he moved his hips to grind into her. He jerked hard on her pony tail again jolting her head back on her slender neck and reaching up with his free hand he grabbed her pretty face digging his fingers and thumb into her cheeks.

He held her there by the hair and jaw, steering down into that stunning face, nostrils flaring as she breathed hard through her nose, those cute frown lines on her forehead, those eyes looking at him with mix of disgust and fear and all those lovely freckles swirling over her tanned face like a work of art. "Jesus your so hot Pamela." He said, his voice trembling slightly. He suddenly let go of her jaw and smacked her hard across the face with an open hand, snapping her head to one side, then quickly grabbed her jaw again turning her face back up towards him and yanking her hair again.

He'd been wanting to smack that face for so long he couldn't really believe he'd actually just done it. "You like that Pammy?." He said "You like that you stuck up twat?" He smacked her again this time getting her across the middle of her face, catching her long nose with his finger tips " "Thought you were so fucking clever at school last week didn't you bitch." He sneered at her and smacked her face a third time loving the feeling and the sound of his hard hand slapping against her soft smooth cheek, the freckled skin getting more pink with each slap.

He untangled his hand from her hair and grabbing her shoulders he shoved her down on the bed roughly and lay down on top of her. "You don't mind if I start sinnistar cheerleader painful anal atm and ass tpussy off do you Duncan?" He asked turning his head to look at his friend. Duncan had a boner of his own pushing the front of his shorts out and he was rubbing himself absent mindedly as he looked on from the side lines.

He shook his head.

"Uh uh." He said "Go for it man." "Cool." Sean said grabbing her singlet at the front with both hands and stretched the elastic until it broke and ripped. He tore the thin Lycra material open down the front to reveal a black sports bra underneath, this he grabbed and tore it away from her body easily, the flimsy shoulder straps snapping with only slight resistance.

Pamela obviously wore a bikini when she sun bathed because the skin of her small breasts was a pale creamy colour in stark contrast to the deep tan on the rest of her body, the nipples were light pink and slightly erect.

Sean lowered his head and began licking and sucking her titties noisily. Pamela bucked and squirmed under him when he bit her nipples stretching the rubbery nubs out with his teeth. He moved up onto his knees and shuffled backwards, his hands roaming over her firm flat belly that he was excited to see also had a light dusting of small freckles, a small mole adorned the skin just above her belly button.

Sean bent down and flicked his tongue into the cute belly button then ran his tongue up the centre of her stomach leaving a trail of saliva behind. He ran his hands up over belly again then grabbed her breasts hard, trapping the little flesh mounds between his fingers and the heels of his hands, he twisted them painfully.

Pamela cried out in pain behind the tape covering her mouth. "You like that bitch?" He said and smacked her across one breast making it jiggled "You like me hurting you don't you Pamela?" She glared up at him, those green eyes filled with hatred and disgust. Sean's mouth was filling up with a frothy lustful saliva and leaning forward he spat down right into her face, a big gob of his mouth juices splattered across her pretty face and he used a hand to smear it all over those sexy freckles.

Sean felt ready to explode on his pants "Man I gotta bust a nut in this twat right now." He said excitedly and scrambled of the bed. He quickly untied the laces of his chuck Taylors and pulled them off then pulled his T-shirt over his head and lastly tugged his shorts and boxers down his legs freeing his erection.

He kicked his clothes to one side and stood there naked, except for his socks, And jerked his throbbing penis a few times as he looked down at Pamela.

He barley noticed Duncan was following his lead and undressing as he reached down and grabbed Pamela's bound ankles and started twisting them trying to flip her over into her front. She managed to resist this for a moment but the pain in her legs must have been to much and she eventually gave in and allowed Sean to roll her over face down on the bed.

He held her ankles and dragged her down over the bed, Her feet dropping to the floor, she was now bent over the edge of the bed with her butt sticking out towards Sean. Sean stared down at that big beautiful big ass as he stroked the length of his shaft. How many hours had he spent day dreaming about that glorious rump. He felt like he was in a dream as he reached out and ran his hands over the bright yellow material of her running shorts.

Her buttocks felt firm and springy, so soft and heavy. He grabbed the waist band of her shorts and yanked then roughly down her legs, pulling her thong with them, until the duct tape binding her knees together stopped him going any further.

He ran his hands up over the backs of her thighs. The skin felt so incredibly soft and smooth there, the downy blonde hairs on her legs lightly tickled the palms of his hands. His hands slid up and over girl her best shoot nude xxx 2019 generous butt checks, the skin tanned except a creamy triangle where her bikini would cover her.

Grabbing the firm flesh he squeezed hard and shook his hands, violently shaking her buttocks, then he raised both hands up high and smacked down hard on her ass making her give muffled yelp of pain. He was ready! He stepped in spreading her cheeks apart to expose her small tight looking anus and positioning the tip of his cock right on her bulls-eye, he reached up, grabbing Pamela's pony skinny pale teen big tits first time stunning mexican floozie alejandra leon tries to, her bound hands tried a feeble attempt to push at his belly.

As he leant forward he felt the tip of his erection penetrate her rectum. Her tight hole squeezed him, resisting the awful intrusion.

Sean yanked her pont tail herd jerking her head up off the bed. "I always knew you was tight ass bitch Pamela." He said and using his hips he slammed into her, all the way to the hilt, and held vidya vikas college of mysore there.

Pressed hard up against her rear he let out a long groan of pleasure as her anal passage gripped his entire length and spasmed around the driving knob way up inside. Sean felt like he was about to lose his shit.

He let go of her hair and grabbing her wide hips with both hands he pulled out, until just the tip was still inside, then he thrust back into her as hard as he could, his skinny hips slapping up against her butt. Felling like he was already about to blow his load he began to fuck her tight asshole as fast as he could.

He surprised himself by lasting a good dozen short hard thrusts into Pamela's spasming butt hole, then held it on the last shove, his whole body shuddering, as he petite teen ava hardy masturbates and fucks huge cock hard up inside her. He pulled ungracefully out of her and staggered backwards, the last few drops of his jizz dripping onto the floor boards.

"My turn!" Duncan said excitedly and stepping up behind Pamela without another word he roughly inserted his erection in the hole Sean had just pulled out of and began to slam into her butt like a man possessed. Sean stroked his semi hard cock as he moved to the side to get a better view of his friends assault. Sean was surprised by Duncan's stamina as his usually shy awkward friend slammed into Pamela's butt repeatedly like some kind of porn star.

"Wow! Go for it Duncan!" He encouraged "fuck that bitch hard!" He looked down at Pamela's face. She had her eyes squeezed tightly shut and made little muffled whimpers in time with Duncan's thrusts into her butt. "You enjoying this so far Pammy?" He said leaning over and letting some spit fall from his mouth to land on her cheek "yeah you fucking love this shit don't you slut!" He bent down and smacked her across the face as Duncan continued to ram into her ass.

"Oh shit oh shiiiiit!" Duncan shouted "I'm gonna cuuuuuum!" He suddenly pulled out and grabbing Pamela by the shoulders he flipped her over onto her back then moved up onto the bed, straddling her chest and jerking his cock, he ejaculated into her face.

Duncan's climax was massive and soon Pamela's freckly face was coated in his jizz. "Oh man!" Duncan said breathing hard as he slid backwards off the bed and stood up "That was fucking awesome." Sean reached down and started smearing his friends cum all over Pamela's face "Fucking awesome." Sean agreed as he massaged Duncan's jizz into her skin loving the slippery feeling under his hand.

Sean was hard again and ready for more action. Coming round the bed he grabbed Pamela under the arms and pulled her onto the bed properly, then he began pulling the masking tape off of her legs, first from around her knees then her ankles. As soon as her legs were free she tried to kick out at Sean but he caught her by the ankles and pushed her long legs back and apart as he moved up onto the bed with her. "Duncan grab her legs for me." He said and waited while his friend climbed onto the bed up by her head.

Duncan grabbed Pamela's ankles and held them firmly, spreading her legs wide for Sean. "Hold her right there bud." He said excitedly as he reached down between his own legs and grabbed his cock. He rubbed the tip of his erection up and down the slit between Pamela's legs, the reddish gold pubic hair tickling him.

Finding her moist warm opening he rammed into her hard. Reaching up he grabbed a small firm breast with one hand and her throat with the other as he began to pound into her, slamming into her vagina roughly, making her whole body jump with each thrust.

He was much more in control this time and lasted for a good few minutes of ramming into her, risa mizuki wants the cock in each of her asian holes up to a blinding climax. This time he pulled out and ejaculated onto her stomach, filling up her little belly button with his cum.

Finished he swapped places with his friend, who went at Pamela like a rabid dog. Fucking her hard and rough. As Duncan pounded into her her used his hands to squeeze and slap her breasts.

Sean held her ankles tight enjoying the show. Once Duncan had finished both boys climbed off the bed and stood looking down at Pamela who lay there whimpering and crying. Her body was a mass of twitches and tremors. "What now?" Duncan asked. "Now?" Sean said looking at his friend "Now we get the fuck out of here." He looked back down at Pamela "I think this bitch learnt her lesson, she won't be fucking with us no more." Both boys got dressed and as Duncan went to get the pack pack from where they left it Sean went over to the bed.

He leant down and kissed Pamela lightly on the forehead. "See you at school next week teach' it's been a blast." raunchy blonde slut has her anus destroyed -END-