Muslim college and arab ass fuck first time were not hiring but we have a job for you

Muslim college and arab ass fuck first time were not hiring but we have a job for you
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Force X Mass=Collaboration Her words pierced my ears and flowed through my body ending up in the pit of my stomach. I was nauseated by the fact that she knew my secret. She was outside the circle, or so I thought, and in a matter of moments I went from the liberation of sexual power against my professor to a feeling of shame. What would I do if other people found out? MY GOD! What about my parents?

It was kinky and lustful to play such games "under the cover of darkness." But, for the first time I thought about what would happen if everyone discovered the very side of me that I had only recently unveiled. I stepped back from the door an let her in. Tisha closed the door on her own, and I just sat on my couch that was so peaceful the night before and buried my face in my hands. Even though I was feeling sorry for myself, I reached for the person who bore her self in Dr.

Nixon's office and begun to calculate. I found her, and strangely she wasn't to hard to find. Looking up with that emotionless stare that searched for a locked door a few days earlier, I asked bluntly, "So what is your take DIVA, you here to fuck me too, or did I bang your new running back?" "Don't flatter yourself Pippi, I don't fuck trailer trash and I left Ray big boobs and big hips girls sex with boy his cock along time ago because he did," she answered looking down her eloquent nose.

"Really, Pippi as in Long Stockings, she wasn't on a farm bitch and, just the same though, apparently Shawd loves some trash too." "Look, I don't give a fuck about your take on life and cocks, but I just had to fuck Dr. Khans short fat ass to get a grade, and it didn't seem to matter that I already have a 4.0. Now, you can sit here and continue this she-Rambo/Deliverance shit or whatever 'yall' do back on the farm, or I can tell you out what the fuck is going on." Dr.

Khan! How was he involved in this, I thought to myself? I had him in some basic Chemistry Classes, but he had never acted like anything other than your classic brainiac professor.

Well, neither had Dr. Nixon until he went Dr. Domination. Further more, she was telling the truth about Khan in one sense. He was short and fat, and no one would own up to fucking him for the hell of it. "You fucked Khan," I began with a slight chuckle. "And you're talking to me about deliverance. Hell that is a thumb shot for the Bizarre on any fucking porn site." "You think Pippi," She interjected? "Wait till he has you on your hands and knees and has to rest his fat sweaty gut on your ass naked french gf fingering her twat in front of a webcam masturbation laura fox make room for his 4" cock." The thought was suddenly sobering, even for the shit I had pulled recently.

"OK Tisha," with a point to drop the names, "How in the hell did someone like YOU, get into this?" She told me that it started with Shawd. He claimed not to be in on everything, but she doubted it now. He had kept her somewhat protected from the sex-games but did help her on an occasional test. She thought that part of the protection was the fact that she had originally dated Ray and they were so competitive, but she had convinced herself at the time that he cared for her.

All of that, the illusion of caring and the protection had recently fell away. This went deeper than I had ever slowed down to think of or imagine. It seemed the "Good Doctor" ran everything, and actually only a very few student were "lucky" enough to get involved.

Even when I told her that I had met Kevin by total accident, she countered with the facts. The ad I read was placed there just for me, and no one would have answered if it wasn't my phone call.

Dr. Nixon controlled everything. He had access to his chosen's student and medical records. It was good to find out that everything was controlled from a disease standpoint, something I had not stopped to think about. Apparently, he was much smarter than I had thought. He had degrees from both Florida State and Miami. One a P.H.D. in Physical Chemistry and another in Psychology, I had somehow met his profile, which explained the conversation during our romp.

This last bit of information bothered me the most. I had secretly liked the fact that these prestigious men, whether they were Professors or Star Athletes, had lusted for me- the skinny Italian-American farm girl from the south.

Now, I saw the reality. I was just a selection based on my ability to overcome a given situation. Well, the "Good Doctor" had no idea what a superb selection he had made, and I was more determined than ever to show him. "Fuck him. Fuck them all," I resounded. "I'm gonna fuck whomever gets in my way!" "Did you hear a word I said," Tisha barked?

"Did you hear me," I said bluntly! "Yes I did Pip, Yes I did," she said with a devilish grin. We understood that we needed some leverage and to get it, we needed some evidence. Now a Comprehensive Science major and a Chemist could tell you about the natural world, but we didn't know a damn thing about electronics. Especially the ones we needed to get past the Professor. For starters, we could not afford any thing discreet and compact enough to catch the "Good Doctor with his pants down"—literally.

But, the little girl that he thought wouldn't allow herself to fail, would do just that, and come up with a way to get the stuff we needed. It didn't take long to pick my prey. I might not have the ability to create a trike patrol asian gets paid to suck cock profile, but I could see a nerd in need.

His name was Ryan, and he spent all of his free time in the Tech. lab. I must admit he was kind of cute if you got past his Halo shirt complemented with an X-Box hat. His long hair parted dead center of his head and rolled inward just a bit under his chin. Ryan's face was sharp and clean, although it seemed a bit wasted on his 6'4" 160lb frame.

If anyone was suffering from a case of the gone ass it was him, his belt was locked on the inner most notch to keep those damn worn jeans from falling. I smirked inwardly as I approached him. Hell, the farther this went the more like the Professor I became. It didn't take much Cloak and Dagger conversation to get him interested. I just mentioned that my friend and me wanted a little extra cash and needed a little dorm room net action.

He seemed a little confused at first, but with one look over my shoulder at Tisha, and he would have given us the entire room. Come to find out, Ryan didn't need to stash any of the school goods his loose fitting clothes.

He had all we needed, from a little voyeur action he had already in the works. Ryan might have been a nerd by site, but he had enough sense to name a price that would benefit him and assure we were legitimate. He met us at my dorm that evening and we looked at the multitude of gadgets that he brought with him. It took a while for him to set everything up and I poured some of my favorite homemade wine while we waited.

"Damn you are a hick Pip," Tisha said as she had her first sip. The name had seemed to stick and I didn't even care anymore. "You don't seem to mind it to much Diva, seeing how your glass is empty," I replied capping her off again.

"When you're in Rome do as the Romans they say. I guess when you're on a dirt road, walk fucking barefoot." Ryan even milf cop and woman police officer suspect was caught crimpartners son handed by store from her remark.

Not only was the bitch beautiful, she was fun to be around once you got to know her. He would have gotten done a lot quicker if he wasn't constantly looking at her and adjusting his pants. "Since you're talking southern Tish, that boy reminds me of a dog in heat." "I 'AINT' the only one he's 'GAUKING' over Pip, you made the deal remember." "I guess you're right darling, I'd better go and freshen up a bit then.

We need all this stuff to work." I slipped off to the shower, and just as the water was getting warm, I heard Ryan mention that he had a visual.

I bet you do, I thought to myself as I got my full body under the steamy water. I looked hard everywhere, but there was no evidence of a camera even though I knew basically where it was.

The boy had done some good work, so I might as well give him a good show. I lathered my firm breast well, careful never to use anything but my hands. With each pass of my dark brown nipples, I was sure to slow down and give them a slight rub with a finger. It didn't take but a pass or two and they were rock hard and stood straight out.

If I positioned myself just right, the water would flow off of each one fall straight down onto my still hairless pussy. I would swing one leg out just slightly to let the water run through each fold. The water and lighting made my contrasting exterior browns and inner purples stand out. I turned around and placed my soapy hands on my cheeks and spread them just enough to let the water trickle down to my new found friend. It ran ever so slowly around my ass, and I leaned forward some to help his view of the small gape I acquired during the last few days.

Carefully and with lustful intensions, I placed my hand in the flowing water and then returned it to my mouth. With a long and passionate move I sucked gingerly, only to remove it and make a bold spit on the end of it to insert in my ass!

I worked it slowly in until my first knuckle was on the verge sft booty clapping pussy eating licking ass fucking spanking sexual frustrating tease disappearing, and then I finger fucked my ass with short quick strokes that would have made any porn queen jealous!! This show was getting beyond an act and my pussy began to warm and wet itself for some play.

I turned mischievously sideways to show my next production. Taking my free hand, I slid two fingers inside my heated free opening. Immediately, I was reminded of the "Great Doctor's" tongue and even though he was a bastard, he had done me quite well. This time, I could control both insertions, and I over-exaggerated the encounter by bending my knees and pretending to ride both hands. Pausing briefly, I raised one leg on the side to better expose the plunder that was invading each orifice.

With each temptation better displayed, I worked my fingers in a running like motion, enjoying how my fingertips seemed to touch through the light, soft, and tempting skin. Turning in direction of the camera, I leaned back until my head reached the wall of the shower. Now the water cupped in the palm of my hand that was still inserted. I fucked myself hard letting the water slam onto my clit and spread my lips with each thrust!! It was a matter of moments until the suction on my clit, sent me into an orgasm that I vocalized well.

Just to make sure I was going to get the best from my Voyeuristic host, I emptied my wine filled bladder into my palm with my fingers still firmly inside. I made a quick soap and rinse and got out of the shower wondering how my audition had been.

After a quick toweling, I wrapped my favorite robe around my relaxed and naked body and opened the door expecting to get a least a shocked face from Tisha and awe from the lanky Ryan. What I found made me forget about the disappointment I had felt in learning that the Doc x story bf full sex stories ebony mai of me only as an experiment, rather than the lust-toy I had hoped.

Tisha had given up on drinking the homemade wine from a glass and now held the jug that she had pretty much emptied. She just stood speechless! Ryan had collapsed motionless onto the couch in front of his monitor. I would have thought him dead, if not for the long pale cock that quivered as it poked out of the top of his loose jeans. His cock was built much like him, long and lanky.

I was amazed at how far it stuck out past the tight belt that held his pants. It might have only been a little thicker that two adult male fingers side-by-side, but it was even long in relation to his body, reaching past his naval. "Hmm Ryan, how did you like the show," I asked. "You think we can work something out?" He didn't even respond and just stared at the monitor that now only showed an empty steamy room. "RYAN," husband films friend cumming inside his wife little louder this time as I repeated my question!

"Yea, HELL YEA, anything you want," he responded finally breaking his silence. "Great, cause I want you to run the electronics while we get the Professor." "Professor, what professor," he asked a little shocked?

"None other that the good doctor—Dr. Nixon," I replied. "Hell no! No way, I have heard he's bad mojo!" "Even after what you just witnessed, you're going to leave me out to dry," I asked with a soft voice, gently opening the bottom of my robe and revealing the still hot wet act he had just witnessed.

"Don't do that please," he begged. "That man is connected; I have even heard rumors in my extra curricular activities." Ryan was scared and you could see it.

His exceptionally long cock had retreated into its lair like the snake it was. I needed help and Tisha sensed it. She walked around the couch and licked the top of her empty bottle, even her tongue was awe-inspiring!

"I cain…," he began, but I didn't let him finish. I jumped on the couch and placed my fresh wet twat only a few feet from his head. "Reconsider," I tempted as I bent my knees and brought it just a few inches from his mouth. "DAMNIT," was the last audible word he made. I pushed my hot dripping snack on his mouth, and he slid a tongue in me so long it lapped my G-spot.

"Fuck!! This tongue shit is the best thing I have found," I exalted placing my hands on the arm of the couch and rocking my ass on his face!! I watched his hands bury themselves into the fabric and wondered was I drowning him, but then I heard his belt undo and a long "Ziiiip"!! Turning my head back, I watched Tisha free a cock that, by length measure, was a good as I had seen. "Would you have 'thunk' that farmgirl," Trisha asked, and she stacked her hands on his base.

I was amazed at her work, and just watching her gave me long spiraling tingles that were beyond the 4" lapping I was getting. Standing above her stacked hands was cock at least as long as the amount of tongue in me, and she slid her lips down to her fingers. We were so opposite not only in appearance, but our sexual work.

I usually just work the head, but she removed everything but three fingers at the base and soon touched her lips there. She was sucking at least 8" and Ryan loved it! He moaned with a deep tone that vibrated my entire bottom.

Had I not been so caught up in the vision that was happening behind me, I would have came right then. I couldn't stand it! I turned around on him to get a better view and placed my hands on his tight stomach. No wonder she was so guarded in this endeavor. She would suck him almost all the way down, only to rise completely off leaving a long string of saliva.

None of it would hit floor! With a loud audible slurp, she would suck it back in and forcefully work his entire petite teen nailed on tophood of a car. His entire body writhed and when it did, his nose touched my ass returning me to my own erotic encounter. I just laid my head on his flat stomach, enthralled by his persistent lapping and her magnificent work.

"Damn!! Tech-boy," I murmured. Ryan had had all he could stand! He body jerked as he was about to unload. Tisha just grabbed his head forcefully with one hand and ordered, "No you don't—not now." With her free hand she pawed at my robe.

I gave myself to her instruction and removed it. "Be still," she commanded me, as she laid it on his stomach. She let go of her grip with another instruction, "Don't force it Ryan, and just let it run." Ryan struggled to control the urge that wanted to explode his love juices and relaxed as best he could. His cock, stiff as anything I had witnessed, sprang back on my discarded clothing and oozed its massive load.

"If you don't contract anything, it will run and you can continue just as you are," she said. What was this magnificent creature that had entered my life? She could even control a man's climax, as I witnessed.

Ryan's cock oozed its deposit on my robe and remained rigid. His breathing slowed, and within a few seconds his composure returned. Now, he was no longer like a caged animal ravaging my pussy. This time he directed his tongue with deliberant purpose upon my swollen clit! Caught in what I had observed and the fabulous action on my clit, I gasped and grabbed his hips with my fingers! "AWWMMmmmm!!" From my erotic and clouded vision, I watched Tisha undo her button and unzip her pants.

She rocked her unbelievable hips as she cleared the clinging apparel from her. It was as if I was lost in a hypnotic fantasy. I could feel Ryan's wonderful work and the spasms of my pussy as it countered his licking, but still I was numbed by the body unveiled in front of me. She was the color of a bronze goddess. Her well defined abs created a muscular crease that lead to small triangular patch of hair.

At the point of this spear, was a dark and smooth pussy that could have been painted by Michelangelo in full view of the church, and they would have thought it only godly! When she spread her legs to straddle him, I saw a color of pink so intense that I swear it had never been created. My new friend may have looked like modern day version of Aphrodite, but she fucked like a dime-store whore.

Ryan's cock was slick from her erotic spit, and I watched from only a few inches, as it split her pink masterpiece. With a couple of teasing thrust that buried his head four of five inches inside her, she flipped her hair back over her shoulders, and slammed her pearl-like clit on his bony stomach! Neither I nor Ryan could stand it! "God Damn that's deep, bbbut beautiful," I stammered! He loosened his grip of the fabric and grasped my still damp hair.

He pulled me toward his face with tremendous hormonal force that buried my clit in his wanting mouth. He sucked it as if he waned to devour it, and I closed my eyes from the erotic agony. He grunted in agony, and his animal moans vibrated my rigid clit he had sucked deep inside!!

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Even in total darkness, the sound of Tisha's wet and wonderful pussy smacking Ryan's crotch brought the vision her pussy to me. I could see his long cock splitting the depths of pinkness that I though only a god could create. It was as if I was inside watching the spectacle. No matter his wanting thickness, her pillow like opening grasp him and there was no gape anywhere.

There was nothing but agonizing erotic contact!! I did not know how he could stand it, but I couldn't any more! I arched my back upward in a primal position and let an out an animal like moan!!! "OWWWWLLL!!!" "MMmmmm!!!!! " My head tilted forward and my eye saw the external version of my erotic vision.

She was bottomed out on his stomach and grinding her clit about him! "EEEwwwmm," I gasped watching her rock about his lengthy organ! Her raw pussy whirled around him and tempted me like a rabbit that didn't see the cat prowling from behind.

I crouched back down low onto Ryan's stomach and slithered forward until I was in striking distance. I wanted to pounce forward and clamp my lips onto her silky soft fur.

But, I hesitated! I had never had feelings for a woman before, and the brazzers three girls one boy primal urges raged inside of me. I raked my nails deep into his bare sides and growled an oppressed primitive elation.

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"FUCK," Ryan yelled! "That's right," she said as she placed one hand on his stomach just under my face. "Fuck is what it is going to be," and she grabbed the arm of the couch and rock fiercely forward! His magnificent length was buried inside her, but she was in total comfort. Her hair flipped back and forth over her striking face as she rolled about him. I closed my eyes and thought again of the deep work his cock was doing, and wondered how it felt to her.

My imagination and carnivorous desires got the better of me and I tilted my head up and bellowed! "OOOOHHHHHH FUCK I'MMM CCUUMMING!!" My pussy filled Ryan's mouth as I came in animal like fashion.

He gulped and drank my estrous juices. She only made a small whimper as she came, but Ryan could not control himself this time. He jerked his head sideways and tore himself from his forceful vacuum. He screamed a groan far beyond his frail stature as he was beginning to unload. Tisha just slid forward and cleared him as his hot cum erupted from its lengthy barrel covering my chest. She slid her clit back down his full length and used her hot tight pussy to milk him. He seemed to be in a drug like trance and his entire body convulsed.

She continued her long slid up and down his pinned manhood until his breathing returned. My mouth fell open as I watched her pussy gently massage his last drop of cum from him.

He quivered one last time, and for some reason she continued he graceful glide. "You have to stop," Ryan murmured. "I'll do anything you wish." "Oh, I know you will," she said. "That's why you're not done." "What do you mean, Groupsex porn videos search watch and download groupsex free sex think he's near death—baby." The word spilled from my mouth before I could think, and I closed my eyes at the truth of my thoughts.

"Just watch my little Southern Spice. And to do that, you'll have to open your eyes." I opened them slowly still embarrassed, only to see her pause on his head and rock her hips in inhuman rhythms. Ryan breathed a relaxing deep breath, and I stood amazed as his blood returned! She took her hands and placed them on my hips and slid me forward. I almost swooned at her touch, and cringed at its implications.

"Come now Spice, I know you're not shy," she said as my exhausted pussy slid to his tip. I wondered if she new my true hesitation, but I did not care. I raised my legs to go over hers, and she slid me on him easily from all his previous expulsions.

I could have died right then. Fuck the Professor and getting even, I didn't care at the moment. My pussy was merely inches away from hers, and if I had to take the whole thing I would to feel her embrace. I placed my hands on her shoulders and pulled gingerly to inch me closer. She had slid completely off his cock to just the other side of his base.

I had not realized how long this thing actually was! Had it been as thick as Ray's it would have been completely larger in all aspects. I was wrong in my previous measurements, as I soon found out. I was a full three inches away from Trish's immaculate treasure when I felt Ryan stop suddenly at my very end.

Ray had been this deep in me at the climax of our ordeal, and he had not been so gentle. I tried to press forward, but there was simply no more of me from this position. I grabbed her back firmly and pulled harder! "Uh…Uh.UH!!" I tired to pull and breath as tears filled my eyes. Trish reached forward and wiped a tear that was rolling down my cheek.

"I know all I need know, now," she whispered as she grabbed Ryan's legs and dragged him into a sitting position. I was relieved when my feet touched the floor, and I could take the pressure off my struggling pussy. Physically this was much better, and unlike the first time I had anything like this inside of me, I controlled the action at naked guys and when its kylers turn drake nearly makes th tube porn extensive depth.

Emotionally however it wasn't. I no longer had the goddess's delicate and delicious depot as my goal. I bobbed gingerly on Ryan's cock, but in my mind I was not focused on him. Instead, I questioned these new emotional thoughts toward Tisha.

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I had never thought of fucking a woman much less loving one. Maybe her pussy was just that intoxicating? I didn't know, but at least part of the problem was revealing itself literally. Tisha's pussy was opening like the first flower of spring as she slowly bent her knees.

The sight of it damp, glistening, and opening put me in a spellbinding state. I continued to raise and lower myself, but my total focus was her beautiful blossom until her face broke my line of sight. I watched her eyes now and how they gracefully traced my motion. They rolled up and caught the ambient lighting of the room and more than ever they looked like jewels. I was fucked now and I knew it, and it was not by the ten inches of cock I was attempting to ride.

I had to get my act together. Now was definitely not the time afrika singer shakira xxx story act on my feelings, we had too much invested in our goal. Besides, I still had Ryan deep inside of me. I looked inward and found the "Good Doctors" girl once more! I broke eye contact with Tisha and instead looked down at Ryan's shaft hanging out of me.

I leaned forward, grabbed his knees and rose up, up, up on him. Damn was he long!! When I felt his the rib of his cut cock start to exit, I rolled my hips in large circles, careful to keep him in. He moaned loudly and placed his hands on my ass! "GOD DAMN," he bellowed!! He might have been verbal earlier but I hadn't paid attention, but now he was my entire focus. Tightening up my circles until I was centered again, I slid back down as far and forceful as I could.

Somewhere around eight inches he became uncomfortable, and instead of forcing the issue, I place two fingers around and jacked the excess. It was only a couple of inches to cover, so my cycle was viciously fast! My flipping fingers teased my untouched ass sending luscious vibes around my entire bottom. I rolled back toward the top of his tower and reached back and grabbed one of his hands forcing his thumb to find my groaning member!

Ryan took the hint and shoved his long digit as far as he could inside. Immediately this added mass forced my pussy to tighten about him. I rolled forward far over his knees to expose my ass for his pleasure. Looking back over my shoulder I baited him to continue! "That's it Electric Man, plug that connection!!!" The bait took and he began to rock his hips toward me while he slammed his thumb in my eager ass. His hand made loud "SMACKS" against the split of my cheeks!!

"Listen to that audio," Tisha giggled. "Sounds Like a great connection." Her remarks brought my attention back to the sexy squatting position she displayed in front of me. But this time, I was looking at her through different eyes; the eyes of the sexual beast Dr. Nixon had recognized. "If you think it sounds great you should feel it, Right Tech Boy," I said as I arched my ass high trying to overload his circuits.

"DAMN! You are one LOONG DISTANCE CONECTION! My bating of Ryan had worked too well; he grabbed my hip with his free hand and pulled me downward onto a hard upward thrust!

I tried to raise my pussy up and away from his driving cock, but I was too late. He slammed himself deep into me with such force that his extended prick ripped past my conscience limit. "AWWE FUCK," I grimaced as I prepared for another plunge!! Trisha sensed my discomfort and reached under my quivering ass and placed her hands on his rambunctious hips.

"Easy there," she coaxed. "What kind of Tech Man are you if you damage the receptacle?" I wasn't the only one under her spell. Ryan obeyed without question and disregard for his need for a final expulsion of whatever could have remained. He just made an honest excuse for his reaction. "I can't control myself anymore." "I know, that is the point of our negotiations my good, good man," Tish countered, as she gently stroked his base while his head remained in me. "You don't worry about control," she continued.

"Let me do that for you." Ryan's relaxed against the sofa and breathed heavily. As the room quieted for a moment, I felt the rhythms of her hand on his cock as it rocked gingerly inside me. I tried to resist the thoughts but to no avail, and soon found myself wishing that her hands would rise enough to quench my shameful desire.

They wouldn't, and if they would not come to me I would have to take my pussy to them—no matter the pain. I eased down trying not to rush and reveal my intensions or cause her to move. Just as an upright hand was touching his sex-soaked balls at the bottom of her stroke, my lips settled daintily on the top her fist! "Aaaaaahhh," I let out a passionate moan that I was desperately trying to keep to myself!!!

Tisha looked up at me, but her face did not give any expression that I might read. Instead, she slid her hands up against my ass, directing me upward. I rose up slowly careful not to break the agonizing contact I so desperately desired.

We continued up until he cleared my quivering pussy, and as soon as she could, she worked his head briskly in her fist.

Ryan was beyond verbalization, and he still obeyed his Master so he ignored his body's demands to move much less cum. "You can feel his heart beat in his cock now," she said as she held him below me. "I have heard that before but about me," I replied with a quick flashback.

"Were you exited or scared," she asked? "Both," was my honest reply. "You can't allow yourself any emotions if we are going to complete this-Spice." She was right, but the truth behind her comment hurt and that couldn't happen.

My mind returned to its state of being in the Docs office when I fucked him to submission. "I don't have to feel, but I can still enjoy the fuck," I smirked with a now common—head bob. "I didn't say you couldn't cum spice, only that you couldn't care!!" She looked up with a wink and a smile as she slid his wet head under my fresh thumbed ass. I squatted down slowly. I knew the routine thanks to the "Good Doc." Just as taught, I let his head split my ass and waited on the twinge.

As soon as it dissipated and my muscles relaxed, I slid eagerly down his extensive shaft! Upon my second descent, I was beyond Nixon's average length and realized there was no pain. My third trip down I felt what I thought was impossible—Ryan's sticky balls brush my ass. "You can let him go now DIVA," I stated blankly. "OK," was all she said as if breaking a dog from a command, and Ryan sprang to life. He wanted to return his hands to my hips, but instead I pinned them to the seat.

He bucked wildly underneath me, but I kept my full weight upon him and he could barely move. I was still shocked at the amount of cock inside me, and with his bucking his cock essentially just ground inside, allowing me to feel just how amazingly deep he went.

The power of controlling such a thing was intoxicating, and I soon found it as appealing as the sex. I pushed my ass up which shifted my weight to his pinned wrist. Once I was several inches above him, I let my arms give and my ass crashed back down on his skinny legs. "WAAP!!" "AHHH," was all he managed as I knocked the breath from him!

"What is it you fuckers like about my ass," I asked rising up him and circling my hips? "GOD DAMN YALL," he uttered as he caught some breathe. I faked like I was going to crash down again and teased, "If the connection isn't good enough, maybe we should try again." "It's fucking great," he managed.

"GOD DAMN YOU because you own me." "You got that right fucker," I stated as I raised full up his 10" tube this time and returned with all I could bare!! "SSSMMMAAAACCCKKK" Even Tisha gasped at the sight of his legs extending wildly out in a spasm. I felt him quiver in that familiar manner that ensues the delivery of sticky cum from eager swollen balls.

I slid up rapidly and grabbed his pole as it emerged from anal depths. When the head cleared, I pushed it forward and let my clit slid back down it with eerie familiarity. Determined not to copy the numb bitch sunny leon and boy full sxy the floor, I grabbed his cock and stroked firmly.

stranded beauty roughfucked doggystyle public and facial FOR ME," I ordered while staring her blankly in the eyes.

Immediately, Ryan sprayed her legs with all he had remaining and fell into an exhausted state. I held my stare until I felt Ryan's cock fall limp in my hand. I flipped it down carelessly and let it slap against the couch, but he didn't even tremble in his comatose state. "Guess he enjoyed it," I said as I left for the shower, purposely never looking back.

When I returned from my second shower of the evening, Tisha had left without saying a word, and Ryan was comatose on the couch. I grabbed him some covers and threw over him. I would put him out in the morning, but right now I was just too exhausted to mess with him anymore. Regardless of my exhaustion, sleep did not come easily. It should have, our pussies had Ryan in our pocket, so-to-speak, and that ought to have been comforting.

But, it wasn't enough. Every time I closed my eyes, the vision of her body returned and with it—the feelings. It was late in the day when I eventually awoke. Ryan had shown himself out, but not before officially signing a contract.

His note was simple, "pleasure doing business with you." Hell! I bet it was, and I am sure he would live on Welfare for the payment he received last night. He had even gotten to fuck the cream of the campus. DAMN IT!! Could I not have a moment without thinking of that bitch? What the hell had happened to me since I left Alabama's version of Smallville? For starters, I had become a whore, fucking for everything from grades to gizmos, and to top it off, I had fallen for a bitch!!

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Well, he did want me to get educated and he was damn sure getting his money's worth. I was just pouring a bowl of cereal when my front door opened without invitation. Fuck!! I had forgotten that I had given her a key. At least there were some things about her I could apparently forgo. "Sleeping on the job, Pip," she asked too bright for the night I had. "Look bitch, I'm trying to eat and its fat free milk, not even you can make it cream on command!

So why don't you shut my door and the fuck up!" "What happened to good-old-southern hospitality, Spice? Did it get pushed put of ya lately?" "Why do you have to be such of a fucking bitch? At least there is a limit to the pushing my pussy can take?" I was desperate now, so I searched for any advantage. "So that's what this is about, my long cock fucking," she asked without any sense of discomfort in the question. "Look Spice, my mothers have been fucking and sucking long dick G.I.s for decades.

How do you think she met my dad? And how many long dicks did it take in failed trials before someone married her?" "I guess what I am saying Spice is," she paused for effect, "we have been pouncing long cocks for as long as your family has been ambushing barnyard animals." In a moment of actual busty babe in bikini toys pussy outside into her family, she had still turned the whole thing around on me again.

What could I do but bust out laughing? "Fuck you G.I. Bang," I chuckled. "You see that's better," she said with a smile. "At least the things my mother fucked at twelve had two legs." With the insults over we could get down to some business because tomorrow would bring Physics back into our lives.

We thought of outrageous things, all of which would never have fooled the professor. The simple answer lay in the fact that we could not fool him into coming here. Dr. Feelgood had to want to be in my bedroom away from his sanctuary.


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Spongedick has to want to come here, or Leggy teen slut banged by a old bald dude here you see," I explained my point. "He will never be lured into exposing himself like that when he knows he can fuck us in his office." "I've never fucked him," Tish stated unbelievably. "What, but you know all and remember Khan," I rambled. "I always escaped him through Shawd, and I think Khan overstepped his bounds.

He was very nervous following our fuck- if you can call it that." Of course he had! If anyone was going to nail Tisha after she lost her protection it was Nixon. I would not have wanted to be Khan this weekend.

There is no telling the punishment he went through. "I can't offer him anything," I explained. "He had me however he wanted except he came in my pussy instead of my ass, and I doubt that is much consolation at this point." "Well, I think together we just might get him here, if he believes we are inseparable," she stated while giving me a wink and touching my hand. "We play the part of the couple for a while and if we daringly play with each other in his class it might work," she continued making an argument she didn't have too.

I would do anything to be with her, even if it was make-believe. "It has to be believable for him Spice. I brought enough stuff for a couple of days," her words flowed through my ears like a song. Only the song was going to be ejected from the player due to a loud agonizing scratch, "remember no feelings just play the part and I'll be out of your way shortly." It hurt! The words she spoke walking out to her car, but if we were going to play lovers believably, she had to be in my bed.

And that alone was worth the heartache. She brought in her stuff and stored it everywhere. It was amazing how we argued where everything should go and who should own the sink. There was an astonishing reality to it or so I thought, but I was soon rejected when she reminded me it was only for a short time. The day flew by with her insistent southern-putdowns that only made me laugh uncontrollably.

I groupsex porn videos search watch and download groupsex free sex that the women of her family had actually caused all of the problems in any Asian encounter. After all, how could our black studs fight if they had there massive cocks ball-deep in her grandparents. Any Political Major would have shuttered at our conversations, but who were they to judge?

We backed our actions up literally. Well our asses anyway, on what ever color or size we could to insure domestic tranquility, and in all cases, no matter what the reason for our fucking, we loved it!

Soon it was late and we were standing at the foot of my bed rather uncomfortably, so I broke the ice. "Look there is no need to go kamikaze on me tonight. I surely can't find your bottom," holding up my longest finger in the classical bird-shot.

"Well my dear," she stated, "my nose isn't as cold as Rovers either, so you want mistake it for you 12th birthday present from your parents." We both laughed and crawled into bed. "You know Tish," I seriously stated, "of all the illicit stuff that I have done lately, you're the first to be in my bed." "Really, that's odd don't you think," she replied seemingly interested. I did not want to admit to her my secret enjoyment of the attention I found here, but it spilled out.

"I was appalled and delighted when I had to fuck your friends for my grade," I continued. "I'm not use to the attention, and I even enjoyed the Professor." "First of all Spice, they are not my friends Ray and me just had a fling, and second you are sexy in a Daisy Duke way. It is not just physiological in the Docs selection." I looked again into her hypnotic eyes, "Thanks." "Just don't confuse a great romp with feelings or their hard dicks with good intentions.

There just out for themselves and so must we," she warned again but this time it didn't feel like a rejection. "It's funny that I didn't get off with Ryan's long dick in me. Surely he had more than most men dream about, and I came like hell with the Doc and his much shorter version." "What do you mean Spice?

You howled like a wild animal last night." I did not want to tell her the true reason of my agonizing moan. "Guess I did howl a bit, but he was eating me quite well," I said with a giggle trying to hide the truth. "Orgasm erupt from within my dear, surely you know that. "His cock may have been buried within me," she explained with a smirk, "but that isn't exactly why I came either." "Anyway, we got to rest ourselves. We have another show tomorrow," and with that thought she rolled over to sleep.

I couldn't sleep with her just a few feet from me and my mind raced about what she had in store for the next day. Eventually, I tired of the visions that stampeded my mind and I fell asleep as well.

The next morning, I woke to the strange noise of sunny lxxxx 2019 new xxx exiting my shower, and when my vision focused, she was standing in my bedroom door wearing nothing but a towel.

She reached over and picked up some clothes that she had mischievously planned for today's meeting. "Look what I have for you sleepy head," she exclaimed as her towel feel to the floor.

I ignored the clothes she spoke of and instead stared at her naked breast for the first time. Did I think that somehow they would be different than the rest of her immaculate conception?

They were perfect and tear shaped as if created by the world's best surgeon. But I knew different, they were just another perfect ornament placed on her by some mighty hand or nature's perfect evolution. Her nipples were dark and perfectly round, and I was again captivated when she spoke again.

"Damn girl, I thought 'yall' rose with the sun&hellip.LOOK," and she held up the skirt that no way in hell would cover my long legs.

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"Listen, even though my waist might fit in there," I explained, "it is still not going to fit me like you." "Sure it will and just right too," she baited me as I did Ryan. "What is sexy and short on you Einstein, will be cunt level on me!" "Exxxxactly,' she said with a familiar head- bob!!

"Imagine what it will do to our dear Doctor when you don't have on any underwear in class today." I showered and put on her whore wardrobe that sheepishly hung below my clean shaven pussy. When I sat down on the bed, there was another perspective and it would either turn heads or get me arrested.

The skirt stopped a mere fraction of and inch below me, and it was near impossible to sit in any position that did not bare all. "You have got to be kidding," I stressed as I pulled the skirt toward my knees my pushing my ass back in my seat. "Oh, only a horny old man would notice Spice." "An 11 year old would notice this," I barked in disbelief of her thought. "Well, you are talking incest land Spice, but your brother isn't here," she laughed whirling out of the room to amatur blows after a day at the beach her own costume.

"Your legs are too tight," she ordered looking in her mirror and back at me. I spread my legs slightly and looked down. Within just a couple of inches of movement, my bare twat exposed a tight lip that seemed to want to retreat. This was either going to be a long day or an exciting one. I chose exciting!!! I raised my right leg and propped my foot on the bed rail, aiming my bare twat toward Tish's mirror.

"What do you think of this dear," I asked in a sexy tone? "Southern sunshine my dear, southern sunshine," was her reply followed with a tempting, "are you ready?" "Hell Yeah," I exclaimed in my best accent, and we left for class! What pissed me off was that I was apparently the bitch of our coupling. Instead of dressing like a $3.00 whore like me, she was adorned in a conservative suit that had to be very expensive.

She did not by any means look like a man nor did she attempt too. It was custom no doubt, and it fit like a glove. She reminded me of those virtual models that strip on the executive's personal computer as a screensaver. Hell!

Come to think of it, she may have been there mold. The suit tapered and snuggled her trim waist, while showing off her firm full ass.

She screamed out subliminal messages, "I'm rich, I'm hot, I fuck—WELL!" Maybe she had the perfect outfit on, we would soon find out. We arrived early to ensure we were front-row-center. I sat to the inside of Tisha in order not to be seen from the door, and several people filed in without paying me any attention.

You had to get straight in front of me, at the "Good Doctor's" podium to see. It wasn't long before we heard the familiar steps of Dr.

Nixon on the tile floor. My heart beat increased as they grew louder and louder as he approached. Just before his stride reached the door to the classroom, someone stopped him in the hall. I couldn't make out the voices with all the commotion in the room, but when the other voice left the conversation, he paced a while before only half sticking his head pal relaxes with his gorgeous gf hardcore blowjob the door.

"I need to see you before class Tisha," he said and turned so quickly he could not have noticed where we were sitting, much less my attire. My heart stopped as she got up and slid her chair back. Not only was I worried about her, but now I would be exposed to the person on her side. I slowly turned my head and peered at my new neighbor. It was the short stocky woman who always sat as close as she could to the professor.

This bitch was so tight, you couldn't drive a nail up her ass with a hammer, and just as I feared she turned and looked. My face was getting very flushed as her eyes traced down my body and locked onto my skirt.

Slowly her eyes retraced their steps and locked on mine and in a sickening gesture—she winked!! Fuck! I had prepared myself for some crazy things today, but getting raped by her 200lb ass was not part of it. She held her gaze and I was about to faint when Tisha came through the door.

"Well," I whispered as she sat down? "He said we had to talk later, something about another professor and my Chemistry grade," she explained. "What about you, did you survive?" "OK, except almost getting raped by the tight ass of the class." Tisha snapped her head around and stated quite loud, "don't think so bitch" and placed her hand on my knee!

I would have busted out laughing under any other circumstance, but the Doc had returned and heard her remark. "Looks like everyone is getting along," he stated while doing a double-take on the position of her hand. "Now that we settled the Alpha Feline question, perhaps we can begin." One thing positive came from the ordeal, no one dared to look below the table, male or female. Somehow sensing this, Trish gently pulled my leg against hers, and I felt the coolness of the room flood my exposed pussy.

"Today we are going to talk a little more about Modern Physics and some questions that puzzle even the most gifted minds," he began his sermon that seemed solely directed at us. "It seems that when we induce spin on two particles, and you know there combined spin must equal zero, and send them off in opposite directions no matter their distance there spins remain opposite but equal." "But," he began again and stared deceptively at her hand.

"If we manipulate one of gripping sex toy ridings lesbian and college paired particles and reverse its revolution, the other changes its spin immediately as if it knows that the other has been tampered with. "Now, we assume that this can happen at any distance instantaneously, even at such distances that would require conspiracy, if you will, of the pair at speeds greater than the speed of light." "You know Physics and the Theory of Relativity say that this is impossible, so we call this 'Spooky action at a distance.' "Now the questions are, are these mated pairs daring to break the laws, or are they just doing what is natural and we don't yet understand them?" "What do you think Tisha," he asked while looking all the more arrogant at her hand?

Tisha slid her hand daringly closer to my open invitation and answered brilliantly, "I don't think even the brightest minds understand all the wild-wonderful-wonders of the universe, and how these mated particles are linked together- inseparable." "Daring observation but naïve," he countered. "The Laws-of-Physics have governed this universe for years, and only a fool would challenge them." Slowly I slid my legs farther apart and felt the cool air bathe my naked lips, and when the Doc tried to look away I interrupted, "Isn't there a force that even Einstein couldn't handle in all his careful planning," "Yes.

You are right in a sense," he answered returning his eyes to my spreading flower. "There is a 'Cosmological Constant' that he didn't solve. Although, if he kept his eyes on the target, I'm sure he would have CAME to a conclusion that would have pleased him." "Funny thing about Physics," Tisha interjected with a sly smile, "Sooner of later something comes along that is better that the last theory, and we find the laws broken." She ran her fingers ever-so-slowly over my pulsating pussy and concluded, "I have a feeling that when all is revealed, he just didn't grasp the attraction between those mated pairs." "Well, that is definitely an interesting proposition," he stated, seemingly a little frustrated.

The Good Doctor shifted his position behind his podium and looked hard in our direction. "But in the world of nature, we must have some proof to back up our proposals. Do you think that one day you might have horny mom cum drenched by hard meat it takes to verify such exotic claims?" I leaned back in my chair, which in turn pushed my ass and its display forward, forcing the tip of Tisha's fingers to slip under my damp folds.

"I am sure that given the proper education, we could run some experiment to prove the validity of our wild assumptions." I eased my hand slowly in movement only visible to him and placed it on her thigh. Then, I opened Pandora's Box and stated, "After all, the thrill of discovery is getting there first." He looked way from us and focused on the class.

"That is an arrogant stance you make sitting in your position," he remarked. Then he shifted his head back briskly and grinned, "I like it when people I KNOW refuse to falter, and I try to bring out that out in my subjects as you VERY WELL KNOW." The Doctor was conflicted. He was torn between his authority and the tantalizing show that lay before him. His only recourse was to clear the room and think of his next move. "I am afraid something has unfortunately came up and I must let the class go early again today, continue reading and you are excused," he said abruptly.

"All that is except for out Alpha mature lady gives a blowjob and enjoys fucking, I must address their rude remark to our fellow student." I sat motionless as the room emptied, and I hoped that Tisha couldn't feel the warm wet excretions that were proceeding form my exited opening.

Her fingers barely rested under my delicate lips, but I was enthralled by her tingling touch. I felt like sliding my hips forward to increase her pressure, but I held back thinking it might divulge my true interest.

Soon the room was empty and the Doc shut his door. In a frustrating gait that stopped directly in front of us, the Doctor tried to maintain his authority. "I control everything in this room, and seeing how you are in here, that means I control you," he demanded while placing his hands on the table.

I ignored my earlier hesitation and pushed ass forward, placing my swollen clit under her finger. "Well, seeing how she lives with me DOC, we will just go home and continue our enlightening conversation." I rocked my hips eagerly and closed my eyes to enjoy the long awaited pleasure, and when I reached back and caressed her hair with unquestionable pleasure, the Good Doctor finally broke.

"I determine when and whom you cum with, and no one cums with her anymore but me," he clinched his teeth with his words. "I can reach you anywhere, even in you ill-conceived sanctuary." He stepped back and looked under the table at my gushing pussy rocking on her finger and smiled an arrogant smile.

"Looks like a little home INVASION would be satisfying," he concluded and left the room. ………&hellip.Look HARD for the conclusion. ForcexMass=Culmination……………