Eve makes hot love in the cold snow

Eve makes hot love in the cold snow
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As I returned home with my two slaves hanging from my arms, I took in the house that had gone from prison to castle overnight. The two-story house's outside made it seem like any posh suburban home, but with the 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and every other room in the house all designed to fulfil Elizabeth's sexual appetite, the inside was anything but. I was glad however, because while the house was much too big for Elizabeth and myself, it would fulfil my new needs perfectly.

As we entered the house I commanded Ashlyn to cook dinner. I then took Jessica into the dining room and sat her down. "Now Jess," I asked, "I want you to tell me as much as you can about the Futa Serum you made." "Of course, Mistress." Jess replied, "The serum is fairly experimental and because of what it does, probably all sorts of illegal." I expected something like this, most of Jess' serums pushed the boundary of drug laws, many still seeking approval from the FDA but those that had passed had made her incredibly rich.

"The illegality isn't really an issue because I never used company funds to make it, only my own. So long as we don't try to sell the serum, it won't be an issue "In terms of what the serum can do, I'm not entirely sure since you're the first test subject, Mistress. It's possible that the serum is still temporary, but without testing I won't be able to tell for sure. Furthermore, I can't even begin to think what the serum would do to men; it might make them Futas as well or it could have a completely different effect." "So what you're saying is you need to run some experiments to work out the limitations of the Serum." "Yes, Mistress.

Human trials are the most effective, but to get the best results I can't use anyone under your control since that might alter the data." "Use Elizabeth then.

I plan on leaving her in the dungeon overnight, but tomorrow after you have your lab set up you can use her as you need." "My lab?" "Yes, your lab Jess. First thing tomorrow I want you and Ashlyn to go to your home to collect all of your equipment and set it up here. You can do as many experiments and tests as you need unless I require you for something." Finishing our conversation, Ashlyn walks in with dinner and we ate together in silence.

After dinner I took Jess and Ashlyn upstairs to bathe me. As Jess filled the large tub with hot water, Ashlyn went about stripping me down and then each other, then lowering me slowly into the water. Each taking a soft sponge, they began to gently wash my body ensuring no spot was missed and that I was kept constantly pleasured, with at least one of them fondling my breasts, caressing my thighs or stroking my shaft; for the entire bath I was constantly erect. Finishing the bath and taking them both to the master bedroom, I laid down on the bed and looked at Ashlyn, "Come here Ashlyn and ride my cock." I commanded.

Happily, she crawled onto the bed and moved up to mount me, taking my thick cock in her hand and guiding it to her pussy.

We moaned together as the head pushed into her folds and she began to push the length of my cock into herself. It wasn't long until I had filled the sexy blonde with my cock, bottoming out against her cervix as we both moaned in pleasure. "Now fuck me like the whore you are." I commanded. Dropping her body and her hands reaching to play with my nipples, she began to bounce up and down on my cock, causing her ass shake and juices to flow from her cunt. Looking past Ashlyn as she bounced with increasing vigour, I saw Jess waiting patiently at the end of the bed, hands by her side but thighs covered in juices.

"Come her slave, I want to taste you." I commanded her. She quickly moved to straddle my face, her lips only an inch from mine, "Now kiss for me, slaves." I said before diving my tongue into Jess' pussy to taste her sweet juices. Our senses consumed by sex, we each began to feel the pleasure building and as our orgasms came close, I pushed a finger into Jess' ass, eliciting a surprised gasp before she began to moan even louder, pressing her ass further onto my finger.

Soon our moans turned to screams and I emptied my sack into Ashlyn's waiting pussy, while Jess' cum covers my face. "Excellent work, slaves. Now let's sleep, mature stockings riding face and cock for this lucky guy will be a big day." Waking up, I looked around to find Jess curled against one arm and Ashlyn against the other.

Looking under the sheets, I saw my new cock to still be there, at least it wasn't a dream, I thought to myself, thinking about what the future might hold. Considering that the serum hadn't worn off yet, I think I can take it as a sign it wouldn't be going anywhere soon.

Still to be safe, I woke Jess and Ashlyn so they could go collect the equipment for testing. With that dealt with, I turned my attention to Elizabeth. Wrapping myself in a nightgown that barely covered my breasts and let my cock swing freely, I opened the dungeon door, the scent of sweat and lust choking the room.

Walking down the steps with the scent only getting stronger, I found Elizabeth just as I left her: bound to the X, sweat and wax coating her body. "Hello slut." I said, her eyes lazily looking towards me, "How's the punishment been?" I can see in her eyes the exhaustion she feels. It's unlikely she was able to sleep much. Deciding to be nice, I began clearing the wax from her body, "I think we can talk now about your new role in the house now, don't you think?" I look into her eyes, waiting for a response, "Y-yes, just please some water.

I'm exhausted." I glance at the tap in the corner "How about I let you get a drink." I say, undoing a restraint, "But only if you accept what you are now." "Yes, Mistress." She says weakly. "What's that? I couldn't hear you." "Please Mistress! Please let your slave have a drink." Smiling, I undo the rest of the bindings and push her to the floor, leaning against the wall so I can watch her crawl to the tap. It takes every last bit of energy from her, but finally she crawls to the tap and begins to drink, "Now what do you say?" I ask her, "Thank you, Mistress." She replies in between gulps of water, "Good slave.

When you're done come upstairs, I have some chores for you." Leaving her to the water, I go back upstairs and begin surveying the rooms. "The dungeon I think I'll keep as is, but if I want more slaves I need more beds. The upstairs bedroom can be converted into a slave quarters and should fit 4-5 bunk beds." I move through the house, thinking of how unused many of the rooms became over the years. She loved lording her wealth, but never did anything useful, I think to myself, I'm going to change that.

Returning to the first floor I find the living room a mess with a broken cabinet and sex toys across the floor. "Slave, get up here right now!" I yell, Elizabeth appearing as quick as her exhausted body will let her, "What is it Mistress?" she asks, I grab her by the hair and pull her into the living room, "I want you to have this room clean and spotless by the time Jess returns.

All furniture must be removed as well to make space for the Lab." "I need to eat first, I don't have the energy." I slap her across the face and she cries in pain. "You don't run this house anymore, slave, I do. And when I say you clean this up, you clean this up. Now unless you want to go without food for a few days, I'm going to expect that you will follow my commands as quickly as possible." "Y-Yes Mistress." Tears well up in her eyes, but she fights them back to keep her composure as best she can.

As she gets to work I go grab her laptop to order the new furniture I would need. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ With my shopping completed and the room cleared as Jess returns, I go to the garage to oversee the moving of the equipment.

While I trusted Ashlyn and Jess, Elizabeth still has some free will and could be troublesome so I left her to prepare breakfast. Once the equipment had been moved in and set up, Jess, Ashlyn and I went to the dining room for breakfast. Soon after we sat down, Elizabeth came out of the kitchen with a platter of bacon, pancakes and a pot of fresh coffee; simple but good enough.

"Good job, slave. You may eat now." Nodding, she went to sit down at the table next to Ashlyn across from me, "What do you think you're doing, slave? You don't get to eat with us. Get under the table." Black haired babe covered with semen after sex at me with shock, she slowly slid underneath the table, "Good. Now eat Jess' cunt, that's your lunch for today." While it was with some hesitation, I soon saw Jess tense as Elizabeth began to flick her tongue into her cunt.

The four of us continued to eat and with Jess' orgasm we ended breakfast, leaving Elizabeth to clean while the rest of us went to the lab.

"So long as it is for an experiment or a test you need to do Jess, you have as much control as I do over wife flirting with guy at party of this house." I tell her, wishing for her to have some free will instead of looking to me for every command.

"Thank you Mistress, I won't let you down." Taking a lab coat from the wall, she began to collect various pieces of equipment, "First off I'm going to need two samples Mistress: blood and semen. I'll also need blood from you. Ashlyn." Deciding the blood was easiest, Ashlyn and I sat quietly as Jess took the samples. "Now for the semen" Jess said, "Of course.

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Ashlyn please suck me off." "Yes, Mistress." She replied, dropping to the ground and swallowing the first half of my cock in an instant. Ashlyn was amazing at blowjobs, giving such attention to the head with her tongue while stroking the shaft slowly in one hand and massaging my big, cum-filled balls; it was obvious she'd done this many times before and enjoyed it.

It was soon after that she had me about to cum, and with some sadness I pull out of her wonderful mouth to fill a sample jar to the brim with my girl cum. Screwing the lid on tight, Jess licked the outside clean, finishing off by sharing it in a kiss with Ashlyn; the sight of the cum swapping between their tongues filling my beauty big ass brazzeers story with blood once again. Leaving them to their fun, I decided to go find Elizabeth.

As I neared the kitchen, I began to hear Elizabeth's voice on the phone, "Daddy, you have to come help me. Lucy's gone crazy and I can't leave. Please come quickly." Entering, I snatched the phone from her hand and ended the call, "What do you think you're doing? When did I say you could use the phone?" "You can't hold me here you bitch!

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And now that my dad knows, I'll be out of here by tonight." "Then I guess I'll need to hurry along. Jess!" Grabbing Elizabeth by the arm, I dragged her to the lab where Jess had begun studying the samples she took, "Mistress! Watch me riding this huge ebony cock only just started looking at the samples, I'm not yet ready for testing." "It doesn't matter, Elizabeth has alerted her father and he'll likely be here by nightfall so I need you to find out as much as you can before then.

I need Elizabeth to be ready." "Of course, Mistress. Ashlyn please restrain Elizabeth to the table." with my aid in holding her down, Ashlyn quickly strapped Elizabeth onto the table, "You can't do this to me!" Elizabeth screamed, "My dad is rich and could have all of you disappear!" "I don't doubt that, slave. That's why I'm going to have Jess use you for as many experiments as possible before I put you under my control." "Your control?" Elizabeth replied, fear in her voice.

"Well of course. You didn't think Jess and Ashlyn did everything I asked because they want to, did you? My cum makes anyone who drinks it under completely my control and once Jess is done experimenting on you, it's what you'll end up being too." With that I left Elizabeth to shout and cry and assisted Jess with her experiments.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ It was almost 6pm when we finished what experiments we could, the data we collected hopefully being useful.

First off the Futa Serum was confirmed by Jess to be permanent for me, but she was unsure if it would be the same for all women. Secondly, for the mind control to be permanent, my cum had to be ingested directly from my cock, but any amount ingested otherwise would still create a temporary connection. On the side Jess was also able to produce more of the Futa Serum: four new vials were ready for use. With experiments completed, I took my cock in hand and began to jerk it into Elizabeth's face, the xnxx mom and son bath pushing against her lips as precum started to drip into her mouth.

My cock hard from watching Elizabeth struggle against her bindings for the past nine hours, it wasn't long before I came and filled her mouth; followed by her eyes glazing her. It was at this moment I heard slamming at the door. "ELIZABETH." I heard a man call, "ELIZABETH WE'RE HERE FOR YOU!" from the lab I heard the door open and quickly removed Elizabeth from the table and gave her a lab coat, "Now slave, your only goal is to get your father and whoever's with him to sit in the dining room.

I'll take care of the rest." I pushed Elizabeth into the hallway to greet her father before turning to Jess and Ashlyn, "Both of you need to take the samples of my cum and make coffee in the kitchen, make sure every cup has some of my cum in it; conceal it with milk if you need to but make sure there's a cup for every person okay?" nodding silently, they collected the samples and moved to the kitchen, avoiding the commotion in the hallway.

Elizabeth: As Mistress pushed me into the hallway, I saw my Mummy and Daddy with two of their guards. Mommy and Daddy quickly ran to me and gave me a hug while their guards began to look around, "Oh baby we were so worried from your call! Are you alright?" Mummy asked. It was nice she was worried about me but Mistress made me realise that I was safe here, "I'm okay Mummy, really. How about we go into the dining room and you can meet my Mistress?" I asked happily, shock on their face, "You're mistress?

What are you talking about?" Daddy asked, "Just come to the dining room, Daddy. Mistress will explain everything." As we all sat down at the table, the two guards flanked either side of my parents and Mistress came in from behind us. I don't know how it took me so long to realise, but she was meant to control me.

With a tight white T-shirt under a cut-off leather jacket displaying her ample cleavage, a pair of ripped jeans to show off her perfect round ass and large bulge, the outfit was topped off by a pair of 5" pumps and made it obvious my Mistress was the most beautiful thing in the room; stunning everyone as she entered.

Sitting calmly down next to me, she looked over at my parents, "Now I know this must be a shock to you, especially with the call you received earlier, but everything has just been a big mistake, that's all. Let's discuss what's actually going on over a cup of nice coffee, I even had some made for your guards." As Mistress spoke Ashlyn entered carrying a tray of cups, placing one in front of each guest.

I could see my parents eyeing the cups warily, lesbian cuties lick ginger holes during massage cunnilingus and australian I thought it best to step in, "Please Mummy and Daddy, Mistress will explain everything. You just need to drink." Against their better judgement; they did.

Picking up the cups and bringing them to their lips, both Mummy and Daddy took a sip and instantly their eyes glazed over, "Now it would be terribly rude if only you drank. You're guards should as well." Mistress said, "Why of course!" Daddy replied happily, "Both of you, drink the coffee our host has provided." It was obvious the guards were hired for loyalty over intelligence because both also drank deeply from the cups, "Excellent!

Now for a new experiment; Jessica, please come in here and bring the Futa Serum, we're going to have a test." Lucy: The plan couldn't have gone better than it had: both Elizabeth's parents and their guards had all drank and now I had four new subjects to test with. As Jess came into the room, I had Ashlyn tie each of my new test subjects to a chair and began deciding what to do with them.

"First off, I want to see if my cum will control a man." I said, undoing my jeans and pulling out my cock, already semi hard from the excitement. I decided that using one of the guards for this experiment would be best, so I tore off his clothes to reveal the muscular form beneath, as well as his erect, 6" cock "Are you gay?" I asked him, "No, Ma'am" he replied "Do you want to suck my cock?" "Yes, Ma'am." "But you're not gay? Explain." "No, Ma'am, but the sight of your cock is making me incredibly horny and I feel like I just have to suck it." "Well isn't that promising; Jess, please write that down." Jess nodded in response as I pushed the head of my cock into the guard's mouth, him opening up to accept me.

While not nearly as good Jess or Ashlyn in skill, the sheer thrill of having a man who likely despised the thought of a cock in his mouth hard as a rock while I forced my cock into his mouth had me blowing my load quicker than any other. As he swallowed the load of cum I gave him, I could see the changes begin.

Quickly his cock began to shrink, going from an average six inches to only three. At the same time his muscles lost definition, shrank in height and he became far more feminine: hair lengthened to flow over his shoulders and lips puffed up, but the changes ended there. It seemed that my cum could make a man lose masculinity but not completely change them into a woman. To test that I moved onto the next subject. I knew from what Elizabeth had told me that her father Alexander was an incredibly rich man, being the CEO of some international conglomerate.

That would matter little though, as I took a vial of the Futa Serum and poured it into his mouth, ripping off his clothes so I could watch the whole transformation. The changes for him were far faster than his guard and I watched as the 40-something-old man transformed. His strong jawline, greying hair and flabby body began to hot charley and alexia share a boner as his skin smoothed out, hips widened and shoulders shrank.

From there his hair regained a deep black like his daughter's, his chest swelled to produce a wonderful C cup pair of breasts, nipples grew and his ass firmed up, pushing his legs open to reveal his crotch. It was here the biggest change occurred as what was once a prideful 7" cock shrank and inverted as his balls were sucked into him and the transformation was completed with his new vagina, already juices beginning to flow.

"Impressive." I said, looking at Elizabeth's new mother, "Not only did the Serum make him a woman, it seemed to have made him younger as well. Looks like a hot 35 instead of a flabby 47." Untying her, she dropped to the floor from exhaustion; the transformation had taken a lot out of her.

I watched her intensely, looking for any signs of self-control. Lifting her head in my hand, I looked into her brown eyes and she looked at me, "Thank you, Mistress." She said, collapsing back to the floor. Interesting, I thought, I'll have Jess look into why she's connected to me without my cum being ingested directly.

With that mystery left until later, I moved onto the last two test subjects: the remaining guard and Elizabeth's mother, Cassandra. The guard was much like the other: tall with a lot of muscles and a crew cut. Cassandra was dressed in an expensive dress suit, had long black hair much like her daughter's but in a sensible bun and her facial features were much the same; though with more experience reflected in them.

Taking the remaining two vials I gave one to Cassandra and the other to the guard; it wasn't long before they both began to change.

The guard changed much like the other: muscle mass, height, body hair, cock and balls all began to disappear while his bald head grew long red hair, his chest expanded into a pair of D cup breasts to be topped with dark nipples. Soon he had turned into a 5'6", red-haired, buxom bombshell with bright blue eyes and thick red lips.

Cassandra was a different story. While the guard shrank, she grew. From her 5'7" she grew to 6' even, her breasts grew from B's to C's, ending at a sexy DD that tore apart her suit. Her body, firm from strict workout but losing against age, tightened into a body 20-year-olds would envy. With her improvements almost complete, the final stage of the transformation began.

Her clit became engorged, growing out until the weight of the ten inches of meat flopped against her thigh with a dull slap. As her new balls ballooned from under her cock and the transformation came to completion, I took in the new Futa standing before me.

While the Serum improved her greatly, I was happy to see I was still bigger than her in every way. Walking up to her, I lifted her chin with my hand and wrapped my other around her shaft, feeling it tense from my touch. "How do you like the new you?" I asked her, watch her eyes as the confusion was replaced with lust, "I-I love it, dear God I love how it feels!" "That's good to hear. I think you should thank me for giving you this gift." "Thank you, Mistress." She replied.

I smiled as she spoke the words, not understanding how the Serum caused them to fall under my control but happy none the less, "You're petite teen masturbates and drilled by her nasty stepbro smalltits hardcore good slave. Now fuck your daughter." I commanded, deciding this would be a good way to test the control, "With pleasure, Mistress." Letting go of Cassandra, I watched her move to her daughter, pull her from her chair and mount her against the table, her mother ripping apart the lab coat, causing Elizabeth's breasts to swing with every thrust from her mother.

"I love my new slaves." I said as I brought the head of the redhead guard to my cock, "and I've got plenty of plans for the future."