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Horny milf and stunning ebony please black schlong
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Timmie was staring at us, he had a cut on the side of his face, presumably caused by me or the guards. Daisy walked over and big and busty ms yummy gets her black tits fucked hard until she screams gp us the pancakes and tea, smiled at us and walked off. I didn't take my eyes off Timmie and his friends for a second. I knew I could take him alone, but he was with two other guys. They both went to my school but they where in other classes and hanged round with other groups, Matt and Adam.

Matt was reasonably muscular, but Adam was completely skinny, although he did have some bruising on his face, he did appear pretty tough. They walked over towards us from the other side, I grabbed the metal fork from the pancakes as they where walking, I held it tightly under the table incase anything was to go down. This was the first time I would be using any sort of weapon for a fight, I knew I would get in deep shit for it too but I had to protect Beth.

I took a glimpse of Beth, all I could see was fear in her eyes as she grabbed a tight hold of me. "Hey you fuck, who do you think you are?" said Timmie with a low angry voice. He stopped two meters away from me and stared at me, his fist was clenched so I knew something would be going down.

I took Beth's hand under the table and placed the fork in her palm and then closed her fingers around it. My main priority was her safety. "I think you know who I am, Tim." I blurted out.

"It's Timmie, you little prick." he replied. "Heh, that's ironic, calling me a 'little prick'. I've seen what you pack." I said to him, with a smug look on my face. "Oh, you like looking at cocks in the showers after rugby training do you?" he said, trying to keep marta la croft noemilk public asses composure.

"Look 'TIM', just fuck off. I don't want any of your bullshit." "What, because I just said you're gay? Watching cocks in the showers?" he said. By this time, the customers and waitresses where all looking over at us, we where talking pretty loud so all could be heard.

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Daisy caught my eye and she had a phone to her ear, looking pretty worried. "Oh i'm far from gay, I think Beth can vouch for that one." I said, looking at her. Beth lifted her head from my shoulder and planted a kiss on my lips, smiling as she came out of it, she stared up at Timmie.

"You little fucker!" shouted Timmie before walking up to me. I instantly pushed myself up, from all the movies I have watched, I knew that sitting down was the worst position to be in a fight.

He pulled his right fist backwards and threw it at me, the time it took to pull his fist back was enough for me to dodge it. As his fist came past my face, I sent a left hook into his ribs (cheep hit I know:( ) and he dropped, he held onto the side of his chest as he laid on the floor. Matt came down to held Timmie up, where as Adam just stared at me with a crazy look in his eyes.

"Go on, fuck off." I shouted, a severely angry tone on my voice. I looked back and saw that Bethany was sitting in the corner with her knees pressed into her chest with half of her face hidden behind it, she was scared. The chef suddenly appeared from the other side of the counter, he was a big guy. Not muscular big but fat big, I wouldn't want to fuck with him and neither did these three. "Get out, all of you, before I give you all a beating." he shouted at us.

Timmie and his butt buddies left instantly. I sat back down and looked at Bethany, "What's wrong?" I whispered to her in an easing tone. She lowered her knee's to reveal streaks of tears coming down her face. It was the first time I had seen her cry in the years that I had known her. She dropped the fork and I instantly grabbed both of her hands, trying my best to comfort her.

"Baby i'm fine, why are you crying?" I asked her, still whispering. The tears on her face had caused a line of mascara to drip down from her eyes, it wasn't ugly though, it was actually incredibly attractive! Smiling, she launched herself into me and wrapped her arms around me, I chuckled quietly for a second saying "What is it?" "I'm just glad that you're okay." she whispered, sniffing afterwards. We stayed in this position for a minute or so, as long as it took for her to feel better.

I suddenly remembered that Daisy was on the phone, it occurred to me that she probably called the police. My heart skipped a beat at the thought of having some weed left on me, but I remembered that I had smoked it this morning. I then noticed that this little scene had completely sobered me up. We came out of the hug and I saw Daisy looking over at us, slightly worried. I motioned her over and she did. "Who where you on the phone to?" I asked. "It was just sexy teen hardcore anal and party hardcore tube porn of my friends." she replied, relief crawled through my bones as the words left her lips.

I was still holding Bethany tightly, I smiled at Daisy and she walked off. "Are you okay now?" I whispered into Bethany's ears. She sniffed once again and then slowly came out of the hug. "Why did you give me the fork?" she asked. "Well I wanted you to be safe, if they got past me, you had something to defend yourself with if Timmie tried anything." I replied.

Beth just smiled and grabbed onto my right hand, she opened it and placed a kiss into my palm and then closed it. She lowered herself and leaned her head onto my chest, I raised my arm as she did this and wrapped it around her. Starting to run my fingers through her hair, she whispered "Your heart is beating really fast." I guess it still was, my senses where heightened, I could heat the coffee being poured into south africa xxxx story big sex stories free mans cup three tables away.

I could see the shadow of gulls flying outside through the window. I was still hyped up on adrenaline. "I guess it still is, heh." I said in a slight jokey manor. "You nearly died, you know that Smithy?" she said gently. "What? I didn't even get hit!" I replied. She pulled her head back and stared deeply into my eyes. "That guy had a knife." she whispered, in the most horrified voice I have ever heard coming from her. Even now after the scene was long gone, she was still in fear.

"What!? Are you sure? Which one? He had a knife? Was it in his hand?" I asked, the amount of questions in my head was unbelievable. "The one staring at you at the end." It then occurred to me that it had to be Adam. Mike fell to the floor to help Timmie out, and Adam was staring at me like a ferrel. "It was in his hand, it was silver and really sharp! I was so scared!" she said, holding a worried expression on her face.

I couldn't say a word, I couldn't even believe what she was saying. Time had stopped for me, the world was frozen. The only thing happening in my head was a re-creation of the fight-scene. I ran hundreds of different scenarios in my mind. Being my own brain of course, I ended up winning in every scenario, but I know that would be far from the truth.

No matter how many movies you see, you would be a fool to think you have a chance of winning, bringing fists to a knife fight. I was suddenly filled with anger and terror. How could that bastard pull a knife on me. I couldn't believe it! At that moment, reality started coming back to me where I noticed that I was staring blankly into Beth's face, and she was calling my name several times.

"Smithy?" she said. "Smithy are you okay? Can you hear me?" I closed my eyes and shook my head for a moment, I released Beth from my hold and stood up. "Eat your breakfast, I need to go to the toilet." I told her. "Don't you want any?" she asked in a sweet voice? "No i'm fine." I said whilst turning around and walking to the toilet. I walked inside and leant forward on the sink.

I looked up in the mirror and stared into my own eyes. I ran the water, filling the bowl that my hands had formed and splashed it into my face. I could't believe this? He actually brought a knife and pulled it on me. I lifted up my t-shirt and dried my face with it.

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I walked out of the bathroom and sat down next to Bethany. As soon as I sat down she wrapper her arm around me and lifted the fork towards my direction. On the fork was a piece of pancake with banana and cherry on it. I opened my mouth and put it in. It tasted nice, but I wasn't in the mood for it so I sweetheart bonks in a non stop manner hardcore and creampie smiled to keep Beth happy. In any other position I would have grabbed the fork and done the same for her, but I couldn't.

"I'm going to make a phone call, you stay here okay. Finish the pancake i'll be right back." I said. I leant forward and kissed her gently on the lip before getting up and walking out. I pulled out my phone as I was outside and called Mike straight away. Mike knew everyone, if there was someone in town who sold drugs, Mike knew them. Mike had tried almost every drug, although he told me he would never do Crack or Heroin.

He was a fact database of drugs, it was actually quite impressive. "Mike, it's Smithy." I said. "What the fuck man, it's 12, why are you calling me so early?" he groaned over the voice, his voice was cracked, it was obvious that he had just woken up. "Something ridiculous happened.

You know that Adam guy, he's a skinny prick, I think he has a chinese tattoo under his armpit?" I said. "Adam Ryman?" he said. "Yeah yeah that's him, the cunt." I said. I looked back through the window to see Beth was staring at me, she was leaning on her hands just gazing at me with an adorable look on her face.

"What's he done? I'm friends with him." he said. "Oh nothing much. He only pulled a KNIFE ON ME!" I shouted through the phone. "What? Are you serious? Why the fuck?" "Me and Beth are at Cape Caffe. You know where it is, meet me here quick." I said before hanging up, leaving Mike without a chance to answer. I looked back at Beth to see her feet up on the seat, looking at her toes.

I had forgotten she was wearing flip-flops. How did she run all that distance with me wearing flip-flops!?

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I walked back inside and pulled out a £10 from my back pocket, I handed it to Daisy. She winked at me as I walked off. I sat back down next to Bethany and picked up my tea, it was now luke warm but still refreshing. I drank it all in one and placed the cup down. It was only then that I had realised how thirty I had been. I looked up to see Bethany looking at me. "What?" I said. She shrugged her shoulders and continued to look at me.

"What??" I repeated. "I'm just thinking of how lucky I am to have you." I blushed for a moment and smiled back saying "It's the complete opposite way around, I've had two fights over you." I said as I winked at her. She giggled and moved in towards me, kissing me on the lips and then whispering "You know I had a crush on you for the past two years?" I can't fucking believe it, all this time I could have been with Bethany. Damn, what a waste. "Why didn't you say anything?" I asked. She shrugged and said "I never thought you where interested." "It's impossible not to be interested in you." I said, kissing her several times on the lips.

As I broke, I noticed that Daisy had been watching us the whole time, as I wondered to myself how long she was watching, I saw Mike and his sitter pull up in her car. Mike got out and Jodie just looked at me. She licked her lips and winked at me, then reversed away.

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Mike came in and sat down opposite me and Beth. "So how are you two love birds going at it, you fucked each other your?" he said snivelling.

I could tell by the stink of chronic as he walked in that he was high. Beth rolled her eyes as she looked away, grunting. "I'll take that as a no or.?" said Mike. "Anyway, what the fuck where you talking about?" Bethany suddenly looked at Mike.

"You told him?" she said as she looked at me. I shrugged my shoulders and looked away. I was too pissed off to make a normal response. Daisy walked by and looked down at Mike. "Can I get you anything?" she asked with a smile on her face. Mike looked up, as he saw Daisy's face his eye brows shot up.

"I'll have a coffee, a muffin and a piece of you would be nice to." he said, winking at her. She blushed and turned around. Before she could walk off Mike playfully slapped her ass. She looked back with a smile on her face as she walked off. I was used to this business so I kept a straight facial expression, Bethany was overwhelmed by Mike's confidence and a quiet laugh emerged form facesitting fuck face tied domination piss face lips.

As Daisy turned around the counter, Jake appeared from the door. He looked around until his eyes set on ours, he walked over and sat next to Mike. "Hey guys, wow. You look amazing Beth." he said, looking at me with the face of a devil afterwards. He looked back at Beth and said "So you feel like going to the movies tonight? I have tickets." he said.

Beth didn't say a word, she just moved next to me, slowly placed her arm around my waist and leant her head against my shoulder. She kept her eyes on Jake with a cute smile as if to tell him that she is taken. "I'm just kidding, Smithy here has been talking about you for a long time now, I'm just happy to see you two together." he said. Beth looked up at me and Jake winked at me and leant back into his seat, as if to say 'My work here is done.' Beth looked up into my eyes, she had the cutest look on her face.

She lifted her face to mine and gently kissed me with those delicate kips of hers. Returning back into her original position I looked up at Jake.

He was smiling with his arms now crossed. He was chuffed with himself. "Let's talk." Said Mike. He nudged Jake to which they both got up and walked to the toilet. I looked at Beth and kissed her on the forehead and told her that "I'll be back soon, stay here." I got up and walked to the toilet, Mike and Jake where leaning on the sink looking at me as I walked in.

"How'd you like my artwork?" said Jake. I smiled for a moment, I didn't want to compliment it, but he knew his way with girls. "So he tried to stab you?" asked Mike. "No, he just had a knife out. Some massive guy stopped everything and they left." I replied. "Wait. what? A knife? Who?" said Jake. "Adam Ryman pulled a knife on Smithy after he beat up Timmie." said Mike.

"Oh shit, no way. What are you going to do?" asked Jake. I shrugged my shoulders and looked over at Kinky teen was brought in ass hole madhouse for painful treatment, he always had a brilliant plan. (One day we caught his friend Dave having sex with his sister, he placed crushed methylcellulose tablets into a sandwich and left them. His sister didn't like the contents of the sandwich so she gave it to Dave.

Methylcellulose is the active ingredient in Laxitives. Dave ate the sandwich and whilst they where fucking, due to lowered control in an orgasm, he came and shit himself at the teen girl vs double blt time. Never did Jodie look at him again. We also bullied the shit out of him at school) "We have Alton Towers in a week, he's going.

We will get him back there." said Mike, sounding devious. (Alton Towers is a Theme park in england. Our school went there when we finished the final year.) "Sounds like a plan." I said. "He needs to be humiliated, just saying." We walked out of the toilets at the same time, I looked over at Bethany to see Timmie standing there with Adam. I looked at Bethany's face and there was a mixture of fear and anger.

She was red in the face as well, I was fucking furious. "Well well, isn't it the gay boy's. Had fun in the toilets together?" said Timmie. Adam walked up towards me, I took note of his hands.

He wasn't armed. Instantly Afrin khan xxx sax story launched a right hook towards Adam's face followed by a left uppercut incase of a miss. They both made contact. Adam fell backwards and elf his nose which was now pouring with blood.

I raised my foot and was about to stamp on his face when I was rugby tackled by Timmie into a metal table. The edge of the table went went into my hamstring which fucking killed. I had a dead leg so I pushed myself back onto the table and let Mike and Jake handle the rest. Luckily for me, Only anal and sheena shaw loves it pornstars and hardcore pulled Timmie back before he could strike me again, as he was pulled back Mike sent a punch straight into Timmie's temple.

Timmie dropped like a sack of shit. I grabbed onto my right leg, hopping away in pain motioning Bethany to come. I waited at the door before leaving, Bethany quickly got up, ran and hopped over the two victims on the floor and put her arm under my arm pit to assist me. I gently refused her kind help and walked myself out. Even though I was in sheer pain, I didn't want to look like a pussy in front of my girl.

We walked out and continued walking down the road, I put my left arm around Bethany's waist whilst holding ara gizli cekim aldatma vidiolari rusya right hamstright with my free hand. I had to stop and sit down because of the pain. I had a serious dead leg. Shortly after Jake and Mike come running behind us and sit down. I look in their direction and to my satisfaction, no one was chasing them.

"What took you so long?" asked Bethany. Mike flashed a piece of paper with some numbers written on it. "I got a phone number." he said smiling. Jake also raised a piece of paper with what looked like the same set of numbers. Jake took a huge intake of breath from his nostrils and said "Ahhh… I smell threesome." We all started laughing until we decided to get going.

We got and decided to go to Mike's house, the walk was a good twenty minutes and helped to eventually remove the pain from my hamstring. When we reached there, all that was outside his house was his sisters car, meaning that his dad was at work.

Mike's mom had disappeared a year after he was girlfriend displays her big tits and masturbates, he hasn't told me why and I haven't asked. His dad has been single since, and you can tell that he isn't a happy man any more. Mike made a promise to himself that he would never fall in love or have kids, that he would jump from girl to girl to return the favour of his mum breaking his dad's heart.

Pretty sweet and sick at the same time, huh? Anyway, we walked into Mike's house, flicked off our shoes at the entrance and went straight to the couch. Mike and Jake always, ALWAYS took the 3 man couch and took all the space. I sat down on the leather recliner and grabbed the remote. Bethany walked in and sat down on my left leg, she leaned back into my chest as I put my arm around her. As she sat down, she delivered a beautiful aroma of roses from her hair.

The scent made me crazy and instantly gave me a boner. I was more and more confident around Bethany. We had sex, there was nothing higher in ranking in terms of respect, apart from falling in love, which I am sure we are in. As I was changing full sex stories all sex vidoes com channels, my now fully erect cock must have been pretty obvious.

All I saw was a smile on her face and her hand starting to rub my leg. The rubbing started to raise higher and higher until it was at my crotch. I looked over at Mike and Jake for a moment to my disbelief that they where both watching. I threw the remote at Jake, telling them to put on something funny.

They both got the hint and started watching TV. As they looked away, I started running my fingers up and down Beth's thighs, almost tickling her. I eventually plucked up the courage to raise my hand and go for a berate squeeze. I moved my hand from her thigh, running my fingers up her stomach and to her breasts in one continuous motion.

She was wearing a plain white t-shirt with no bra on, the fabric was very thin, and soon I could see her nipple beginning to strike out. I circled my finger around her nipple and areola. She giggled and sniggered in a really cute way as I did this, then turned her head to mine and romantically kissed me for several seconds.

She pulled out of the kiss, looked into my eyes and came back for a second helping. We passionately made out for a couple of minutes. I lowered my hand from her breast to her skirt and tucked them under all clothing. I made my was down south until I reached vagina. She was dripping wet, I would have ripped her clothing off right then Mike and Jake weren't sitting opposite us. I started to rub her pussy whilst I lowered my head to start kissing and playfully biting her ear. It was a fantastic position, my feet where up on the recliner hiding me and Beth.

None of the action could be seen. Several quiet moans where evicted from Beth's mouth, but loud enough to be heard by the lads. I continued to slowly rub Beth's pussy, holding her labia in-between my fingers as I pulled my fingers up and down. Beth suddenly grabbed onto my hand and pulled it out. She raised it and brought it to her face, slowly she placed my middle finger in-between her lips and sucked on it for several seconds, looking me dead in the eye. I thought that it was so sexy to watch her licking her own juices off my fingers.

"I'm going to the toilet." I said loud enough for everyone to hear, but looking straight at Beth as I said it. I walked upstairs and and went straight into the bathroom, I sat on the toilet seat and held my eye-sight at the door. As I had thought, Beth appeared through the doors about a minute later. She locked the door behind her, yanked off her t-shirt to reveal her beautiful C cup breasts with perky pink nipples in the middle. I don't know what it was about her nipples, but they made my mouth water like hell.

She came and sat straight on my lap, legs either side to mine and began to ferociously tongue fuck my mouth. She got off my lap for a couple of seconds, continuing to make out with me she pulled down her skirt and thong in one swift move. I really wondered what her thong smelt like by now, the unforgettable fuck for a sexy beautiful gal of times we had fucked over the last two days must have stenched the shit out of it, giving it the smell of pure lust.

Before sitting down, she unzipped my jeans and and as I lifted my ass, she pulled them off. We where both completely naked, apart from my socks which I slid off with ease. We continued to make-out for a while before she lowered herself and placed her lips around my cock head.

She started off with a nice and slow circling of my top with her tongue, followed by a slow decline on the length of my cock.

After about a minute, she was deep throating me. I was extremely impressed by the way she sucked me off. The thought of never having to jerk off again almost made me cum.

I held myself together by thinking about the pain in my hamstring. As I closed m eyes in bliss, she completely surprised me. She gave a quick lick to my ass hole.

I always hated watching that kind of porn but it felt different, it felt nice. She looked up at me and winked, before going back to sucking my dick. I suddenly had a plan. I placed a finger on my right hamstring and found the source of the pain. With just a little pressure, the pain was almost unbearable. My plan was brilliant, it would please the shit out of Bethany.

"Oh baby, that's enough, let me return the favour." I moaned. "But you didn't come." she said. "Don't worry about it." I whispered. "I want to save it for later." She gave me an understanding smile and got up, we swapped positions. As she spread her legs, I kneeled down and she placed her heels on my shoulder blades as I began to run my tongue up and down her slit. I took special care of avoiding her clitoris for now, I was trying a teasing method I had thought of at the cafe.

It consisted of declining her the best feeling until she wanted it more than anything, once I gave it to her, it would be the most stimulating sex she would ever have. After a while of avoiding her clitoris, I suddenly raised my tongue to the source of all love.

At first touch, she screamed out loud with a sign of pure lust and pleasure. I'm sure that everyone in the house heard the scream. I began my old routine that consisted of a labia workout, a clitoris engulfment and a tongue penetration. I sprinkled this all with a topping of adding my finger to the equation.

Since I would no longer worry about her hymen, I slowly plunged my middle finger into her until I was knuckle deep.

She let out another scream as I did this, the screams where so sexy it almost made me orgasm. Soon enough, she came. As much as I wanted to suck up all the juices that she was emitting, I preferred that she have a better experience. I kept slowly finger fucking her as I circled her clitoris. I could feel the absolute force of her pussy muscled tensing around my finger, it was a work of magic. After her orgasm subsided, I spat down onto the head of my cock and stood up.

I grabbed her legs and brought them together, placing her feet above my right shoulder. I had a beautiful view of her pussy lips and ass, as I took in the sight, I placed the head of my cock at the gate of heaven. I slowly thrusted into her and ended up with my stomach all the way against her thighs. Beginning to pull out and in continuously, I kept a rather slow rhythm at first.

I wanted her to orgasm to this speed and then finish her off with the fastest I could go. As Erotic rug munch for cute nubile hardcore blowjob thrusted in and out of her, I placed my thumb over her clitoris and began rubbing away. She was looking me straight in the eye as she was moaning, louder and faketaxi swingers couple get it on in taxi with every thrust.

Soon enough, she orgasmed. We couldn't tear our eyes from each other, they where interlocked. Her eyes glowed with passion and love as she came. The muscles of her pussy engulfed my cock as she came, I was about to come but I grabbed my injured hamstring and fixed the problem.

I spread her legs wide and leaned into her to romantically kiss her on the lips as I continued to thrust. I pulled back from the kiss, still keeping our eyes interlocked as I looked into her beautiful golden hazel eyes. She placed her feet on my pectorals, as I broke eye contact to look down at her amazingly perfect feet. They where the perfect size, size 6 I presume, just the right size for a girl.

Her feet where tanned gold with sexy orange nail varnish precisely painted on every nail. I hadn't yet found a single body part that wasn't perfect on her, it was truly like he was a defendant from the angels of heaven. juan miguel y otilia secretaria de escobedo nuevo leon incredibly atheist, but that was a nice sentence huh?) I was fucking her as fast as I could go, swiftly giving and taking from her my seven inch solid cock.

One hand rubbing her clit, the other grabbing my hamstring to avoid ejaculation. I had done a good job so far.

She was moaning louder and louder with every stroke I made, I could see in her eyes that she was close. I released my hamstring, I was ready for her as she was for me.

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She screamed louder than I had ever heard her, her pussy tensed around my cock kagney takes on a dirty tattooed dude with a long groan, I too orgasmed. I shot what felt like a thousand litre's of coconut milk into her. Our orgasms subsided but our breathing was still at a high level. I was always curious at what my heart rate would be during sex, but I didn't have the heart to ruin the moment to retrieve it.

(no pun intended) I pulled my cock out, both fascinated we held our vision down at her pussy lips. Very slowly, beads of cum dripped down onto the ceramic tiles.

We both smiled t each other, I leaned in and gave her a long and romantic kiss. We broke up very soon to catch our breath. We both got up and got changed. After some more kissing, hugging and rubbing. Bethany left first. I hated having my cock in my pants when they where covered in cum. I placed my cock in the sink, turned the tap and began to rinse the fucker clean.

I was proud of him, he had made the most beautiful girl in school cum many times these few days. I zipped up and walked out, to bump straight into Jodie, Mike's sister. She gave me a cheeky smile, followed by a cute wink.