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Vintage 70s german schulmaedchenporno iii klassen-geile (trailer cc79 tube porn
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Please vote! Also comments, questions, concerns, tips, hints, requests, suggestions are welcome. If you are going to vote negative, please comment why. Thanks for reading! I went down to Texas to see my two cousins, Jenny and Cassie. Jenny was a short brunette, sweet girl, cute, maybe a 7, her sister Cassie was a taller blonde, and very cute. I didn't intend to sleep with Cassie but I'll never forget it. I had 5 days and 4 nights with my two cousins, I was there to bitchy tattooed woman gets her pussy smashed in many poses stockings and piercings them, it had been 5 years since we last saw each other and my new job allowed me to indulge in a bit of traveling.

I arranged to stay with Cassie since she lived in Dallas and closer to the airport. At first I was just gonna stay in a hotel but Jenny and Cassie insisted I save money and stay with one of them.

Cassie was a low grade model, like a red bull girl or alcohol demo girl. Jenny was a nurse and lived about 30 minutes from Cassie, she was still in school as well. I was 23 at the time, Jenny was 29, Cassie was 28.

When I arrived at the airport Jenny and Cassie greeted me and we shared a long hug. It was nice to see them again, I could barely remember that they look like, they commented that I looked totally different, pretty handsome even. We stopped to drop off my luggage at Cassie's place, a nice two bedroom apartment.

I found out that her boyfriend had just left her, Jenny however, had a boyfriend of almost a year now. We found a nice spot for lunch, they took me to see some sights, and then the girls wanted to go shopping, after all, Jenny and Cassie didn't get together all that often since they had different schedules.

We caught dinner and then Cassie had to work and Jenny needed to go study, so Jenny went her way and Cassie and I went back to her place. Cassie told me about how she was a model and said she was gonna be at a bar with some of her coworkers and friends hosting an event for a local alcoholic energy drink.

She invited me a long, I thought about it, why not? Might get laid by a local Texas girl. We both got dressed and a girl forced by a police officer sex story best out, she was in a black low cut t shirt that showed most of her flat stomach, and a tight pair of short jean shorts with sexy black heels that showed off most of her feet with thin straps that went up her ankle.

I was in a light blue button up shirt with the sleeves rolled up, shorts and tennis shoes. At this point, I gave a passing thought about how sexy Cassie looked in that outfit, especially her feet as I had a foot fetish, but that passed and I simply hoped I could find a girl as pretty as her to fuck silly.

We got to the bar and she met up with her friends, I posted up at the bar and ordered a drink, it was only 10pm when we got there so there wasn't much of a crowd. Cassie introduced me to her friends and co workers as her cousin. All of them were pretty like her, but I figured I didn't have a chance with them since they were working. A while later and the place started to fill up, a pretty girl walked up to the bar to order a drink, we caught each others eyes and so I made a move.

We talked for a bit, I ordered her a drink, the flirting was going pretty solid, I was sure I was gonna take her home tonight. She pulled me out to the dance floor and we had some fun there, the bar was country themed so grinding songs were kinda few and far between, but we took advantage of it. At one point we made out for few minutes, got a few good gropes and feels in too.

I kept track of Cassie throughout the night, she made her rounds flirting with both guys and girls to get them to try the drink, the guys flirted back but nothing too serious. It got closer to closing time and the crowd started to thin, the girl I was with was found by her friend and against heavy protest by both of us, she left with her, I necesito esto mas seguido mi amor video completo download link get her number though.

I sat back down at the bar frustrated and ordered another drink. A little while later and last call was announced, most people started leaving, as the crowd thinned more, I could easily see Cassie now with out too much effort.

Some guy was hitting on her pretty hard, but it was her job to flirt back, I was hoping that that was all it was, I did NOT want to have to beat off while my cousin was getting fucked in the next room, the sounds of sex always turned me on, especially a woman's moans.

A few minutes later I heard Cassie yell at him to get off her. Naturally, I jumped up to defend my cousin. She managed to push him off before I could get there, I could see that he was fuckin' wasted as he staggered back. I darted between them. "What the hell's going on here?" I yelled at him holding a hand out to keep him from getting close. "Whaaattt, are you like. her boyfrin." He slurred as he regained his balance.

"All you need to know is that I'm between you and her." I told him. I could see that he was getting angry. "She wants me. I can tell." He argued. "No I don't!" Cassie yelled at him, disgusted.

"Yesshh you do!" He slurred as he started for her. "Hey back off!" I yelled catching him with my outstretched hand and pushed him back. "She doesn't want your drunk ass." At this point a few people still in the bar were spectating.

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I must have struck a nerve as he clearly moved to strike me. He moved way to slow and clumsy, his swing at me missed and over swung, I caught his arm and blocked it, I kneed him hard in the stomach and then gave him a hard right to the face. He dropped to the floor with a groan, I couldn't tell if I knocked him out or he just passed out down there but he didn't get up. The bouncer came rushing over and drug his ass out.

Cassie asked me if I was ok, I asked her if she was, she was shaken up but otherwise alright, she gave me hug as a thank you. The next hour so I got high fives and the girls flirted with me, telling me how brave I was. The bar closed and I helped the girls clean up, I probably could have taken one of them home, but truth be told, that was my first fight, the first time I had ever hit anybody. I was shacking like a leaf, I still couldn't believe big tits brutal dp and bondage fetish teen jade jantzen has been walking for awhile and I had done, it was like it wasn't real.

Cassie drove us back to her place, we had a conversation in the car about that guy, I told her about it being my first fight, she couldn't believe it either but was immensely grateful.

The conversation turned to the girl I was dancing with and I explained how she got away. Cassie laughed and said girls will do that. I noticed that Cassie was flirting with me a bit, telling me how brave I was, how handsome I've gotten, I got the hint that she was jealous of the girl I was dancing with.

We got back to her place and got ready for bed, I let her get ready first, then I brushed my teeth and went to the bathroom. I walked into the spare bedroom and was dumbstruck with what I saw. Cassie was standing there in a red sheer Chemise that barely covered her red tiny tong, no bra, her golden curly hair draped over her shoulder just above her beautiful C tits.

Her hands were on her hips, she was giving me a nice pose, her golden skin shone in the light made her one hell of sexy ass sight! "Hey!" She playfully greeted me. "Hi" was all I could breath out. "I wanted thank you for tonight." she flirted. I tried to fight my urges to fuck my cousin, but it was quickly lost as I eyed her cute little red painted toes, up her sexy long legs, past her sexy thong, along her flat stomach, over her wonderful breasts, up the delicate skin of her neck and into her beautiful blue eyes.

"And how were you gonna do that?" I asked knowing what the answer was but I wanted to hear her say it anyways. She bit her lip and looked over her shoulder to the bed.

She turned back to me and smiled, then she slowly turned and walked to first time sex girl vidio bed, she crossed her legs over each other like a sexy stripper as she walked over.

Once she got the bed, she put one knee up and both hands on the bed, she paused and looked over at me, licking her lips. Her luscious ass was mocking me and her other leg was still planted on the ground, I wanted to lick her from heel to ass up that long smooth leg.

She continued to crawl to the middle of the bed, she stopped there and slid her chest forward laying herself down on her stomach, arms stretched ahead of her, her ass was still a bit off the bed and her feet crossed and were up in the air.

I wanted my dick between her feet, to look upon her beautiful body as she jerked me off between her feet, but I was still in shock of the situation, standing at the door watching her tease me. She continued her tease me by rolling over and arching her back, she ran her hands down her shoulders to her stomach, pausing to play with her breasts. She crossed her right leg over her left, pointing at me with her red toes.

She dangled her foot as she beckoned me over with a finger and smile. I walked to the edge of the bed, the finger she beckoned me with now pulled at her teeth with anticipation, I stripped out of my clothes down to my boxers.

As I did this, Cassie gave me a leg show, spreading them, kicking them up in the air, running one foot up and down the other leg and then switching to the other. She kicked both her sexy long legs up in the air, pointing her toes up too, I walked on the bed with my knees to her.

I hugged her legs, and sucked her toes into my mouth, I sucked on them for a few seconds before licking my way down the soles of her feet past her heel and down each leg, my cock twitched in its tent, Cassie moaned and sucked on her finger while grabbing her tit with the other. I scooted back a bit, enough to get to her pussy, I hooked her thong and slid it off her long legs, kissing them as I went. I spread her legs and hovered over her pussy, her musky yet intoxicating scent filled the air and my nostrils.

I could see that she was soaking wet, her juices trickling out of her smooth lips and down to her tight clean asshole and onto the bed. I gave her a lick from her asshole up her clit.

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Her whole body responded as she writhed to my sensual touch. I grabbed the top of her thighs and stuck my tongue between her lips, working it from hole to clit savoring her tasty juices. Her hands immediately held me tight to her pussy, she let out a primal growl. I teased her hole by circling my tongue around it then back up her through her folds to her clit, circling around it to tease her further. Her hips ground themselves to my face, I stuck my tongue into her tight hole as deep as I could, her hips helping me tongue fuck her.

She moaned loud and long from my assault on her sex. Her juices flowed out over my tongue and into my mouth which I swallowed greedily. A few minutes of that and she was chocking me with a flood of her sweet nectar from her orgasm, her thighs locked around my headed as her body tensed up, shook, and shuddered. Her pussy clamped down on my tongue and I could feel it spasm around it. A few seconds of cumming and her body finally released me and I came up for air, her juices all over whos that girl please bffs beach bikers mouth and chin.

She looked down at me with a hand through her hair and the other on my head, she looked at me in awe of her orgasm and then dropped her head back on the pillow. I slid my boxers off before crawling up the bed, I stopped at her breasts and slipped her chemise down off them and licked and sucked them before continuing up.

She hooked my head and shoulder and pulled me in for a deep and passionate kiss. We kept our kiss as I maneuvered my manhood between her swollen lips and dipped into her wetness slowly. She moaned into luscious babe cant live out of the way she gets nailed hardcore and blowjob mouth and I hers as my cock slid deep into her. Her hips thrusted up into mine to get me deeper. I held my cock deep in pussy, letting her grip it with her walls and grind against it with her gyrating hips.

I smiled inside as I knew how bad she wanted to cum all over my cock, again and again. I started slow, with long deep thrusts, kissing my way down her cheek to her neck, I sucked on her sweet skin. "ohhhh.mmmmmhh.oooohh" She moaned with every thrust I gave her. Her tight pussy sucked my cock deeper into her, trying to milk it.

The feeling was amazing, her legs locked behind my back, her hands gripped my shoulders, her diamond hard nipples grazing my chest. "Fuck me harder.faster. make me cum!" She begged me between moans.

I obeyed her, I started giving it too her the way she wanted, my balls slapping against her asshole, now drenched in her juicy cum. I pumped my cock in and out as hard as I could. Her moans turned to screams of pleasure, grunts, cursing, and calls to god.

"Cum for me baby." I whispered into her ear. "Cum for me" Combined with the pounding she asked for and my demand, her pleasure levels rose enough to send her over the edge. Her nails dug into my shoulders, her heels dug into my back, her back arched pushing her stomach into mine, her body shook violently as her muscles contracted and released all over her. Her pussy sucked me in as far as it could and spasmed around it, massaging it, I could have cum but open wide and take it take it hard coast to coast to hold out, I wanted her to cum again.

It took a couple of minutes for her to come down from her high. "I came for you." she whispered back. "You sure did baby." I embraced her for another passionate kiss. Our tongues intertwined for a few minutes before I started to grind my hips into hers again.

"Turn over for me baby" I said breaking our kiss. She smiled as I pulled out to give her room to roll over. She presented her ass to me, looking back over her shoulder biting her lip through a smile. I teased her by running the tip of my dick up and down her lips, even teasing her asshole. I stuck my cock in her wet pussy then laid down on top of her. She grabbed the sheet with a moan knowing whats coming. I pounded my cock into her little pussy, nailing her g spot over and over again.

It took her a little bit longer than the first time but when she came, her knuckles turned white as she tried to tear the sheets off the bed, she buried her face in the bed and screamed in ecstasy. Her body shook violently again, her pussy massaged my cock with its tight spasms trying to milk it again, but because of our break, it only brought me closer to my orgasm so I kept pounding her twat. My relentless assault lengthened her orgasm, but as soon as it was over, I made my finally plunge deep into her pussy as my cum surged up through my ball and shot rope after rope of my hot seed into her milking pussy.

I threw my head back as I came, then collapsed onto her still shaking body. A few minutes later I rolled off her to my side, sliding my partially flaccid cock out of her cum drenched pussy. She rolled to her side and moved to spoon her. "Thanks. that was amazing!" I breathed.

"You were amazing." She turned to kiss me. "That wasn't weird was it?" I asked concerned that I just fucked my cousin.

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"Oh come on, we're like. twice removed, that's legal in some states" She said. I laughed. "Yeah, I'm not gonna get you pregnant am I?" I asked. "No" She giggled. "I'm on the pill, don't worry. You're not freaking out about this are you?" "No. just want to make sure you don't regret what we just did" I answered. "I don't. why? Do you regret it?" She countered. "No I don't.

matter of fact. I want to do it again and again." I teased kissing her. "Oh yeah?" She teased rolling on to her back.

We kissed again and I knew we were gonna fuck again tonight. Maybe more. Please vote! Also comments, questions, concerns, tips, hints, requests, suggestions are welcome.

If you are going to vote negative, please comment why. Thanks for reading!