Liza wanted to have sex with guys

Liza wanted to have sex with guys
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Kaytlyn sat in her seat waiting for her class to start. She was a beautiful girl, but no one liked her. This was because of how annoying she was. The intellectual girl was known for being a know it all. She was also a chatterbox. These traits were perceived as annoying by the majority of the class. The students were fed up with her and wanted to put her in her place.

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Together they constructed a plan to humiliate the girl. The plan was mainly constructed by Naomi, Taylor, Hazle and Cassie. These girls were all at their wits ends with Kaytlyn. The rest of the class was just happy to go along with their cruel plan for the girl. "Hey Kaytlyn" Taylor called. Kaytlyn turned suprised at being talked to by this girl. "Hey" Kaytlyn responded. The class watched intently. They knew what was about to go down. "Come over here. I wanna show you something " Taylor said.

"Oh no, I really should study " Kaytlyn laughed. "Come on. Just a minute " Taylor responded. Kaytlyn stood up and walked over to Taylor. Behind her ass. Behind her, Naomi was getting into position. Taylor was distracting Kaytlyn with conversation and once Kaytlyn was talking that's when they struck. "Yeah, I was just thinking." Kaytlyn was cut of when Naomi yanked her school skirt to the floor.

Kaytlyn stood in shock with her skirt around her ankles and her long legs on display. The class erupted into laughter. "Nice panties bitch" Taylor jeered. Kaytlyn struggled to regain her modesty. While she was bent over Taylor kicked her to put Kaytlyn in the head down ass up position.

She grabbed Kaytlyn's panties and yanked them up giving Kaytlyn a deep wedgie. Kaytlyn screamed as the fabric disappeared between her ass cheeks. Hazle took this opportunity to remove Kaytlyn's jumper.

Taylor handed Kaytlyn's panties to a strong football player. "You know what to do " big titty milf gets fucked in the pool house He yanked Kaytlyn's panties up even higher.

"AAAAHHOHHH" She screamed. Things were about to get even worse for Kaytlyn. The football player began to drag Kaytlyn by her panties across the room. Kaytlyn howled as her ass burned in agony. With each inch she moved the underwear got deeper.

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Kaytlyn howled as her underwear explored her ass. Tears streamed from her eyes. People began slapping her ass as she passed them. SLAP "AHH" SLAP "OHH" SLAP "UGH" After what seemed like an etirnity for Kaytlyn they reached the other side of the room.

The football player let go of her panties. They were already so far up her ass that it didn't make much of a difference to her. Kaytlyn lay whimpering on the ground in nothing but a school shirt and underwear that had disappeared so far up her ass it may as well not have been there.

People were recording this entire ordeal. They pushed her back against the desk and boys lined up. Kaytlyn was terrified about what was to happen. She knew she had no choice when the first lads cock poked her lips. She couldn't do anything but open her mouth. His cock disappeared between her beautiful lips.

Kaytlyn gagged as the cock moved and slid around her mouth. He grabbed her head and pushed her into his crotch causing the penis to shoot down the girls throat. Kaytlyn gagged helplessly and tried to push him off. Unfortunately for her, her head was pressed against the table.

She couldn't move back. The boy began brutally face fucking her. He had an incredible pace. His cock slid in and out of Kaytlyn's mouth. Her hair was completely messed up by this brutal act. Finally he let out a groan and came in Kaytlyn's mouth. He pulled out and came all over her face and body.

Kaytlyn slumped against the desk and received this. All the male students repeated this act on Kaytlyn's mouth. By the time cum inside my little teen daughter student had used Kaytlyn she was drenched in cum. Her shirt was so wet you could she her body underneath. It clung stickily to her. They picked her up and propped her on the table.

Her torso resting on the desk with her lower body off. Naomi approached Kaytlyn from behind and grabbed her panties. She a redhead chick strong banged by two black guys pulled them down reveling Kaytlyn's entire lower body. Naomi kissed and sucked on Kaytlyn's ass and legs as she made her decent. The class cheered at the attractively girls.

When she removed Kaytlyn's panties she saw how wet they were. "Oh my god, you slut. You're actually enjoying this," she jeered walking around to face Orla. "It's about time someone shut you up" Naomi laughed before stuffing Kaytlyn's mouth with the drenched panties. Kaytlyn could taste her cum on the underwear. She was ashamed. Her muffled screams were nearly inaudible.

She howled into the panties when she felt a finger shoot inside of her. Cassie was stood behind her brutally fingerings her pussy. Kaytlyn shrieked. Cassie laughed and moved to make way for the lads. One grabbed Kaytlyn's hips and slipped his cock in.

He picked up a brutally fast pace drilling Kaytlyn into the desk. Kaytlyn's moans and whimpers were muffled by her panties. His cock slipped in and out of her. Once again he came inside her and the next boy moved in. When all the class had used her they were at a loss for what to do. That was when Naomi got a brutal idea. She picked up a box of chalk and stood behind her victim. She asked for Kaytlyn to be entirely stripped and placed on all fours on the table.

The class complied. Kaytlyn trembled on all fours waiting for what was to come next. Naomi pulled out a long piece of chalk and lined it up with Kaytlyn's ass.

Kaytlyn whimpered as it pressed against her hole. Hannah pulled Kaytlyn's panties out of her mouth so that everyone could hear her reaction. Naomi slowly pressed harder on the chalk. It began to make its way up Kaytlyn's ass. Kaytlyn squirmed but two lads held her in position.

Kaytlyn's eyes were on the door and outside she could see her favourite teacher. She was humiliated. Here she was naked, drenched in cum and receiving chalk up her ass.

She pleaded with her eyes for help but he just chuckled, took a picture and went away. Naomi had nearly pushed the entire length into her victim. Her finger elegantly pressed against Kaytlyn's ass hole when it did.

She reached into the box to get another one but a hand grabbed her. "You're turn" the football captain said. Naomi was horrified. He surely didn't expect her to go through what they did to Kaytlyn. "Excuse me" she asked. He didn't tell her again. He ripped tiene antildeos y ya es mas puta que ninguna otra chica de brunoymaria skirt off and pushed her to the ground.

When Naomi tried to get up he violently pulled her jumper over her head. He then ripped her shirt off leaving the previously confident girl in her underwear. He slapped her ass and dragged her by her hair over to a stool. Naomi was shaking with fear. The captain took out a stick of chalk and stuck the top of it in Naomi's ass. It stuck out of her backdoor entrance.

The class cheered and laughed at how the tables had turned on Naomi. "Sit on it" the captain commanded. Naomi shook her head. He turned her around and aggressively jammed the full length of the chalk into her ass before yanking it back out. Naomi shrieked and cried as she was violated.

Her ass hole burned in agony after the brutal penetration she had just received. "Sit on it" the captain demanded placing the tip of the chalk back in Naomi's ass. Tears streamed down her face. Teary eyed she began to make her descent on the chalk.

She slowly lowered herself feeling it creep up her tight hole. It felt like it couldn't go any further. She hovered over the chair panicking about what she was going to do. "It won't go further" she whimpered. The captain grabbed her shoulders and violently pushed her down. "OOOOOH OHHAAAAHH" Naomi shrieked as the chalk impaled her. She began crying steady tears. It was a combination of receiving chalk up her ass and receiving it infront of her class. The captain picked the small girl up and brought her to the window.

Their classroom over looked the outside world. Passers-bys could she what was happening inside and that was what he was hoping for. He opened the window and pushed Naomi's torso outside. Once that was done he shut the window on the naked girl trapping her.

Students lost interest in Kaytlyn and approached Naomi. They enjoyed seeing her receive the same punishment as their original victim. Kaytlyn was left whimpering on the table as they surrounded Naomi.

The football captain was searching the room for any more things to use on this helpless girl. Students began slapping her ass. SLAP "AHH" Naomi screamed SLAP "AHH" SLAP "AHH" Naomi was struggling trying to find a way to stop them.

But with the top half of her body stuck outside and her ass in the classroom there was little she could do. A crowd started to form outside watching the naked girl be punished. The football player returned to Naomi. He lined something up with her ass hole.

He pushed it into her. As it penetrated her Naomi realised it was a pencil. The new intruder pushed the chalk even further inside her. "AHH AHH, OHH OH MY GOD, NOOO" Naomi screamed as the pencil entered her. The captain began xxx full movies iad sax it in a and out of her. He was fucking her ass with the pencil. Naoime shrieked in agony as he pushed it in and out of her.

The crowd roared with laughter and cheered on as this school girl was violated in front of them. The captain stopped working the pencil in and out of her and stood back. He admired his handy work, a naked girl trapped in a window witha stick of chalk and a pencil up her ass. People took pictures and videos of her. Naomi cried silently as she watched the crowd bellow her.

The feeling of the chalk and pencil in her ass was agonising. The captain looked around to find his next victim. He grabbed Cassie and threw her on the floor. She shrieked and cried as she tried to fight him off her.

He stripped her to her underwear violently. He took hold of her new xxx story hot american and bra and lifted her into the air carrying her by a wedgie across the room. He dropped her unceremoniously next to a chair before yanking her panties as high and aggressively as he could to rip them off her. "AAAAAAAAAHH " Cassie screamed as her underwear ripped inside her.

The captain pulled the remains from between her ass cheeks and repeated the action on her bra. He pushed her head down and stuck her ass up.

Cassie was too scared to fight back. The captain picked up a chair and lined it up with her ass. Cassie shrieked as she felt the cold metal leg penetrate her. "OH MY GOD, what are you doing, AHHHHAA" Cassie cried.

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The boy lifted the chair up and down picking up a steady pace pushing the chair leg further into her ass. Cassie completely submitted to the chair. She started to enjoy the feeling of the chair in her ass. Massive dong causes whore to cum homemade and hardcore began to moan. "Ah ah YEEEEESSS, HARDER, OHH OH" Cassie screamed. She began pushing back against the chair trying to get it deeper into her ass.

Her pussy was getting wetter by each thrust. "AH AHH AHHHH" She climaxed on the floor. The class erupted into laughter at the girl who had just climaxed for a chair in her ass. Sunny leone pron film storys with man the football captain let go of the chair leaving Cassie face down ass up with a chair in her ass, crying with embarrassment. Taylor and Hazle started to look worried.

They knew he would be coming for them next. They tried to sneak out but we're stopped by the students. "Where are you going girls. Don't you want to join your friends".

The captain called. Taylor and Hazle shook their heads. "Well then. You'd better get busy together. Give us a good show." He laughed. The girls realised what they had to do. They embraced each other and began passionately kissing. Their tongues battled for dominance and their saliva mixed. Hazle pushed Taylor against the window and began feeling up her skirt. She hiked it up so that Taylor's lower body was on display.

The continued to kiss while Hazle slipped her fingers inside Busty chick and two sexy teens show their pussies at casting panties. Taylor purred as she felt Hazle's hand lightly trace over her pussy. Hazle shoved her fingers as deep as she could inside Taylor. Taylor's eyes shot open and she broke the kiss staring into Hazle's eyes panting desperately. Hazle began sliding her fingers in and out of Taylor. Before Taylor could climax Hazle turned her around and pushed her against the window.

She stripped her rapidly much to the pleasure of the class and the crowd formed outside. Hazle admired her naked friend's body. She never imagined doing this to her, but now that they had to, she was really enjoying it.

She pressed her thumb against Taylor's ass hole. Hazle pushed harder impaling her friend on her thumb. Taylor moaned as Hazle slid deeper inside her. Hazle picked up a rhythm fucking Taylor.

The penetrated girl moaned loudly. "Yes yes Hazle. Fuck me" she cried. "HARDER" Hazle just realised they were making love next to Naoime. Naomi was stuck in the window with a stick of chalk and a pencil up her ass crying to herself. Hazle grabbed the pencil sticking out of Naomi.

She ripped it out of Naomi's ass and jammed it up Taylor's ass. Naomi screamed in agony while Taylor moaned louder than ever. Hazle pressed her body against Taylor's, humping her while she fucked her with a pencil. "Oh Ah YES, Hazle pleeeeAAASEE" Taylor groaned losing all self control.

She climaxed violently. Hazle supported her weight as Taylor's knees shook and subsequently gave way. Hazle lowered her to the ground pulling the pencil out as she did. When Taylor was on the floor Hazle jammed the pencil back into Naoimi's ass. Naomi shrieked as the pencil filled her ass. The class cheered at Naomi's misfortune. Kaytlyn let other a moan from across the room as a student pushed the chalk in her ass deeper inside her.

The football captain walked over to her pushing the student aside he concidered the girl infront of him. He lifted Kaytlyn onto the ground placing her on all fours. He walked over to Naomi. She was crying to herself, still being jeered at by the crowd bellow. He pushed the pencil violently into her before yanking it back out. Naomi let out a yelp of pain.

The captain slapped her ass. The slaps echoed throughout the room. He opened the window freeing her body. He took hold of her and carried her inside. He through her on the floor behind Kaytlyn. "I want you to suck that chalk out her" he hissed. Naomi was horrified, but she was too scared to fight back. The chalk inside of her ass was also causing her agony. She crawled behind Kaytlyn and placed her lips on Kaytlyn's ass. Naomi began sucking hard trying to remove the chalk stuck in Kaytlyn's ass.

Kaytlyn squirmed as the chalk slipped out of her. Not with discomfort but arousal. She arched her back as Naomi's tongue entered her ass trying to fish the chalk out.

Finally Naomi was able to bite onto the chalk and slid it out. She spat it on the floor. Kaytlyn's hands gave way and her body completely dropped on the floor. Her rest was short lived as the captain grabbed her hair and dragged her along screaming across the floor behind Naomi.

"Same thing" he laughed. Naomi got on all fours and Kaytlyn got in position behind her. Kaytlyn's lips pressed against Naomi's ass.

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She began sucking. Naomi let out a moan at the sensation. Already she could feel herself getting wetter. "AHH Uh AHHH" She moaned as Kaytlyn sucked and the chalk slid inside her. Naomi rested her head on the ground breathing heavily. Her ass stuck in the air.

Kaytlyn took hold of Naomi's thighs and began sticking her tongue inside Naomi.

Naomi's moans got louder with each suck. The chalk slipping out of her was sending her over the edge. She was desperately fighting her urge to orgasm in front of the class.

Their phones we're all pointed at her getting ready to capture her shame. "OH Ah, please give me a minute" Naomi pleaded Kaytlyn stopped for a second to spare Naomi the humiliation of climaxing under these strange conditions. As soon as she stopped the football captain began slapping her ass. SLAP "AHH SLAP "OHH" SLAP "AHH" "DON'T STOP YOU SLUT" the captain yelled at her. Naomi whimpered as she felt Kaytlyn's lips return to her ass.

Kaytlyn's tongue reached deep into Naomi trying to remove the chalk. Naomi returned to moaning passionately each time Kaytlyn sucked. Kaytlyn felt Naomi's thighs begin to shake. The chalk was between Kaytlyn's teeth.

She began slowly moving it out trying to spare Naomi. It was too late. Right as the chalk left her ass Naomi let out a high pitched moan. "UUUUHHH" Her eyes rolled and she began climaxing in front of everyone.

Her body shook. The class roared with laughter. The room was filled with laughter camera sounds and Jessie's moans. Naomi closed her eyes and passed out with her ass in the air.

Hazle and Taylor were still engrossed in each other while Cassie whimpered with the chair in her ass. The football captain had an idea for each of the girls.

He left for a few minutes and returned with what he needed. He pulled Hazle and Taylor apart. They let out moans in protest. "Don't worry you won't be separated for long" he chuckled. He dragged Hazle to a students chair he had positioned in the middle of the class.

He sat Hazle down and using handcuffs he strapped both her hands either side of the chair. He then spread her legs handcuffing them to opposite legs. She was stuck to the chair with her legs spread. He then pulled Taylor over. He positioned her between Hazle's legs. They looked seductively at each other not yet realising the dire situation they were in. Taylor felt her self get hand cuffed to Hazle's shackles she couldn't move. "What are you doing" Taylor demanded, but she was quickly silenced by the captain forcing her head between Hazle's legs.

Taylor's mouth covered Hazle's pussy. Hazle purred at the feeling. Before Taylor could lift her head the captain had taped her into position. Strips of tape covered the back of her head. They stretched across the chair keeping Taylor's head pressed against Hazle's pussy. To make matters worse Hazle climaxed onto Taylor's trapped face. Taylor's legs squirmed and kick as you could she her trying to escape.

It was no use. Neither her nor Hazle could help herself. The captain grabbed Cassie causing the chair to slip out of her.

The captain picked her up and placed her on the table. She trembled with fear. He pulled out some rope and fake ad leads to real sex natural tits and doggystyle to work tying her up. He tied her into the frog tie position. She couldn't move. He picked up her ripped panties and shoved them into her mouth. Before Cassie could spit them out he put tape across her mouth. The captain then picked up the chalk thathad previously been inside Naomi and Kaytlyn.

He lined both pieces up with Cassie's ass and shoved both in. Cassie's panties muffled her screams. Her eyes rolled with arousal as her ass was violated again. The entire class laughed at the scene before them. Emily with Taylor's head taped between her legs in the middle of the class while Cassie was tied up and gagged on the teachers desk with chalk in her ass.

What ever class next used this room was in for a suprise. They wondered what to do with Naomi and Kaytlyn. The captain was already ahead of them. He brought Naomi and Kaytlyn to the lockers. Naomi was still passed out and Kaytlyn was too weak to fight back. He set to work tying them up. By the time the girls returned to their senses it was too late. They were tied to each other in the 69 position.

Kaytlyn's legs wrapped around Naomi's head and Naomi's thighs hugged Kaytlyn's head. "Please let us go" Kaytlyn pleaded. "This isn't even the worst part" the captain laughed reveling two massive vibrators. "Found these in your bag" he said addressing Naomi.

"You really are a slut" Naomi was beyond humiliated at this point. She closed her eyes and tried to imagine this was all a dream. The next sensation snapped her back to reality. "AAAAAHHH" The two girls shrieked as their asses were filled by the vibrators. A group of students lifted them up fitting them into a large locker. The all stood back to admire their artistry. Naomi and Kaytlyn 69ing in a locker with vibrators in their asses.

Naomi was upside down. People took pictures and selfies of the girls. While all this was going on the girls were moaning louder and louder. "Ahh" "Ohh" "Uhh" "YES" "UMM" Oh GOD" "FUCK" "AAAHH" "UMMM" "OHHH" "EEEH" "AAAAHHOHHH" All camera's were pointed at them. Everyoneknew what was about to happen. At the very same time Kaytlyn and Naomi reached breaking point. "AAAAAHHUMMAHHHHH" They groaned as they climaxed on each others faces.

The students cheered and laughed. Naomi's cum slid down Kaytlyn's face and body until it reached Naomi's face. The captain slammed the door shut and locked it.

Inside the locker they could hear the girls start moaning again. It sounded like they had both just climaxed on each other again. The beauteous bitches are moist from hawt yang guys striptease and hardcore of Naomi choking on cum could clearly be heard from inside the locker.

People laughed and banged on the locker door but eventuallylost interest. The school bell rang indicating the start of the weekend. This would be the longest weekend experienced by any of these girls.