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It was Sunday now. Kim and Lee had returned home at 8 PM the night before to a few questions from Marie and their sisters, they made some excuses and that was the end of the matter or so they thought. Today was the day that Lee and April agreed to tell all to the rest of the family, they had been nervous all night, neither sleeping well, thoughts of what was going to happen keeping them awake.

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"Ready Lee?" April asked as she poked her head around his bedroom door, it was 2 PM and the sun was out. "What now?" Lee asked surprised that April wanted to spill all the news to the family so early. "No not right now, just are you ready to tell them?" she asked with a smile as she closed the door behind herself and went over to her brother.

"Sure, but I'm a bit nervous" Lee admitted as April hugged him tightly and kissed his cheek. "Me too Lee, but it'll all be for the best" she said kissing his neck to his ear and giving it a little lick. "Yeah it will" Lee said as he turned his head and kissed his sister's lips sweetly.

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"Huh! That's nice" April said as she kissed her brother softly and pressed her body to his. "Oops Lee we can't, I forgot I'm needed downstairs" April said as she broke the kiss and let go of her brothers shoulders. "Ok but what about when we get our own place?" Lee said with a smile as April got up. "Then you can have me anyway you want whenever you want!" she said seductively fluttering her eyelashes and grinning so sexily Lee wanted to fuck her right there where she stood.

April left Lee in his room and smiled all the way downstairs, Lee was really aroused in his room but didn't want to masturbate, it had just lost its appeal since he started having sex with his sisters, the feeling was just so lacking in some way so he thought he'd just grin and bear it until he moved in with April and could have it whenever he liked just like she had said.

"So you gonna tell your secret tonight?" Stephanie asked April as they stood in the kitchen together, April nodded and sighed. "What's up?" Stephanie asked immediately "Second thoughts about moving out?" "No!" April said quickly "Its just I don't know how mum will take it" April said apprehensively.

"I'm sure it'll be fine, at least all us lot will be sex xxx rieal mom son sax story com you" Stephanie reassured April that all her sisters were behind her even if Marie wasn't. It was getting close to the time when Lee and April were gonna tell their family of their plans, everyone was in except Dawn and the house was quite chaotic.

April and Lee were both sat nervously on the sofa while the rest of the women made their way around the house. Stephanie kept giving them both little glances and nods letting them know they were doing the right thing. Wacky girls bang the biggest strapons and spray load everywhere door shut and Dawn entered the house, now was the time, they were all together and it had to be done.

April and Lee nodded to each other and went to the kitchen. "Err. Dawn, Mum, Stace can you come into the living room please" April said a little nervous. "Sure April but what is it?" Marie asked.

"Just please" April said, they looked to each other before going into the living room to join Stephanie, Kim, Trish and Lee who were already there. "Ok please sit down somewhere" "What's going on April?" Marie asked. "Well mum me and Lee want to say something to you all" April said nervously as Lee joined her stood before the rest.

Kim, Stacey and Trish on the sofa, Marie in the chair next to it and Dawn and Stephanie sat on the arms of that chair. "Go on what is it?" Marie asked as the others waited patiently only Stephanie knowing what was to come. "Well. Mum this is gonna be a big shock to you but we have to say it" Lee was keeping quiet just letting April do the talking.

"What's going on April?" Marie asked worried by what was going to be said. "It's Lee and me. we've." she stopped and thought. "What!" Marie asked, "Just tell me" "We've been having sex for the past few weeks" Lee said. "What?" Marie shouted out of shock at that news none of the other reacted, they all knew that part.

"Yeah mum its true we have" April said to her shocked mother before grabbing her brother's hand and holding it tight. "Having sex!" Marie was in shock she didn't know what to make of that, she never suspected it.

"Yeah mum" Lee said looking at his sister April with loving eyes, it was a real big lift to get it out in the open. "I. no you can't your brother and sister.

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its wrong" Marie said her mouth wide open and her word stammering. "We know it is mum but we love each other" April said almost pleading with her mother to understand how they felt. "Look. no you can't be having sex.

no" Marie said shacking her head like she didn't believe them. "Its true mum" It was Stacey, who spoke up, "What. how do you know?" Marie asked still unable to believe what she was hearing.

"I have too Mum" she said softly, Marie's eyes widened but more was to come, she couldn't believe it when all her daughters in turn stood up and announced they had all had sex with their brother, her son Lee. She was left on the chair alone trying to take in what was being said to her, I mean its not every day that your 6 daughters say they've all had sex with your son.

"But if you all know already, why did you say you have something to tell us all?" Marie asked April and Lee, the shock had worn off slightly now, and she was thinking more clearly. "Go on April tell them," Stephanie prompted after a short pause. April looking sheepish nodded as the others listened to her.

"Well me and Lee have been talking and we've decided that we want to live together," she said looking at the shocked faces of her sisters and holding her brother's hand tighter. "April that's great!" Dawn said before giving her sister a hug, the others seemed just as happy if a little shocked by their decision and gave lee and April hugs and kisses. Marie hadn't said anything she was still getting her head around it all, she did see how happy her daughters were though and that made her happy too, she had been really grateful that April and the others had not moved away but she did realize too that they had lives of their own and it looked like Lee and April had decided to make theirs together.

It took some time for the sister to stop hugging then all eyes fell to Marie and the room hushed into silence. "Are you sure that's what you want to do?" she asked her daughter with little emotion. "Yes we both are" April said with a smile. "Then I'm happy for you too, come here and give me a hug" she said standing and stretching her arms to her eldest nasty beauteous nymph cant live without riding on ramrods, who began to cry as she hugged her mum.

Most of the other women were crying too now and even Lee had a little tear in his eye, this had gone better then expected. "So when are you moving out then?" Marie asked as she sat on the bed with April and Lee in his room. "Well we've got to get some jobs first, and then find somewhere we can rent" April said to her mother. It had been a few hours since April and Lee had told the others and Marie had asked to see them alone to talk things over. "That won't be too hard, I've got some money in the bank from when your farther died and I want you to use it to get somewhere to live" Marie said, that shocked Lee and April they didn't think she was going to sadie blair tries interracial sex to get into the biz dogfartnetwork and big black cock that.

"Mum you don't have to we'll manage on our own," Lee said to which April agreed. "Nonsense, your gonna take the money or you can't leave" Marie said with a smile, she had now accepted the idea of Lee and April being together, it took a little time but all she had ever wanted was for her kids to find happiness and if they found it with each other then that was fine with her.

"Thanks mum" April said hugging her mother tightly as did Lee. "Well I better tell the others what's happening" Marie said as she got up to leave the room. She left Lee and April smiling at each other and kissing on the bed. Downstairs the other sisters were waiting for news of what was happening, they all got exited when Marie returned. "Well?" Stacey asked. "I'm giving them the money to get a place, but they will need help to pay the bills for now till they find jobs" Marie said to her kids.

"No problem we'll help them out with money mum" Dawn said happily and the others agreed, Marie smiled at her daughter's eagerness to help out their siblings; things had sure changed for them now. The next day was Monday. Marie had spent the night thinking about her son and daughters, they had been telling her about the times they had spent with Lee and how good it had been, they didn't go into too much detail but as she thought about it at night, in bed and alone she found herself getting wet between her legs.

Hot chick kimberly moss seduces voyeur with her cunt smalltits and pornstars and April had got up early to look at places they could afford, Marie had cumming between big tits my wife janine them they had a budget of £25,500 which was quite a fair amount around where they lived and would buy a nice house for two people to share.

April and Lee had agreed they didn't want to move too far away from their family, they still wanted to be able to meet up with them whenever they felt like it and not have to make a long trek to do so. All the others were out either at work or collage, so Marie was left in the house alone She had no work today, the Beauticians where she worked was having repairs done so she and the other girls who worked their had a few days off.

Her mind was still wondering back to the thought of Lee with his sisters, again she was getting wet thinking about them, it had been a long time since she had sex with someone, it was at least 5 years and then it felt like she was betraying her dead husband and she didn't enjoy it. With the girls and Lee always around she never masturbated to get rid of the built up sexual feelings she had and over time she just accepted them and dealt with it. But now she was feeling things she had never felt before, they were all coming back to her now stronger then ever, they were feelings for her son Lee.

Marie was just about to rub her pussy for the first time in many years when she heard the door open; she quickly pulled her hand from just inside the top of her panties and sat up on the sofa.

"Mum thanks so much for this" Lee said as he entered the room and hugged his mother who hugged him back. "My pleasure Lee" she said, feeling the wetness in her panties grow as she felt her son's body on hers. "I don't know what we can ever do to thank you for this" Lee said as he sat next to his mother on the sofa and looked into her eyes. Marie smiled and blushed slightly at her feeling for her son.

"Where's April?" she asked looking at her son who was smiling at her brightly. "She's still looking at houses, she told me to come home and get something to eat," he said.

"Oh your hungry what do you want to eat?" Marie asked as she stood to go to the kitchen. "Its ok mum I'll get something myself" Lee said as he skinny teen babe gets fucked by stepbro her back down. "No I'll do, it its ok" Marie said about to get up again. "Mum me and April won't have you around when we move out so you just relax and let me get it myself" Lee said with a smile as he went into the kitchen.

"Lee I'm sorry, it's just that I'm so used to doing things for you all its gonna be really strange to be without you and April" Marie said as she came behind her son at the sideboard in the kitchen where he was making a sandwich for himself. "I know mum but don't worry we won't be far away and you'll be welcome any time to come over and see us" Lee said as he finished making his sandwich and put away the bread and butter. "Thanks Lee" Marie said with a little sniffle as tears filled her eyes.

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"What's up mum?" Lee asked as he turned and saw her crying. "Its amazing teen whore enjoying a cock hiddencam hardcore seeing you two move out. it's emotional that's all" Marie said sobbing as Lee hugged her tightly. "I know mum but we have to do it, we want to be together alone" Lee said as he felt his mothers arms wrap around his back and was that a hand going down to his ass?

Lee pulled back in surprise as he felt his mother's hand go to his ass; she just smiled at him as moved her arms to her sides. Lee didn't know what to say to his mother, he was shocked that she would have done that to him, but still it did feel nice to have his sexy mother feel his ass. Lee had long admired his mother, she was 42 now but still had a great body, she went to the gym regularly and had maintained a nice set of breasts they were just slightly smaller then April's about the same as Dawn but like her daughters they had no sag at all which is quite a miracle to say she had 7 kids and breast fed them all!

Marie was watching her sons face, his eyes were roaming her body, she felt her nipples becoming erect under the thin green t-shirt she was wearing and she felt her panties becoming wet under the tight jeans too.

Lee looked over her body without realizing he was doing it; her blonde hair was so nice as it fell just hd teen boobs compilation punish my nineteen yearold bum and mouth shoulder length over her neck and to the front of her body just above her breasts. There was defiantly an advantage in being a Beautician; she always looked perfect even with no make-up she knew different ways to look her best and bring out her beauty. Lee's eyes caught hers and he blushed realizing that she had been watching him looking at her, but she didn't seem to be annoyed at him she just smiled and almost seemed to be encouraging him to look further.

Lee didn't hesitate to do so, his eyes looking wondering to her breasts that she was so proud of, the faintest indication of nipples poking through the top. His erection was growing by the second as he looked over his mother's clothed body, if she had this effect on him clothed what would it be like if she was naked.

Marie was thinking the same thing herself, she was so wet and horny right now that even the thought that this was her son didn't matter, after all he had, had his sisters so why not her too?

Marie made a bold move and took her son in her arm, hugging him tightly she brought her lips to his and kissed him softly to start with but as he responded more passionately. Lee had his eyes closed and his hands were exploring his mothers back down to her ass.

Marie had a very firm ass, like all the women in the family it was just nice to squeeze though, Lee's fingers just made little dimples in her cheeks as he pushed them in and got a moan from Marie. She had always enjoyed a little different ways of having sex then most do, preferring being tied up to not and being whipped lightly while her husband kissed and licked her neck that in fact was how Lee had be conceived.

Lee had always had a thing for women older then him, which was why he liked April more then the rest she was the oldest well until his mother that is. His preference for older women had started in school, he had, had some pretty bad things done to him by girls his own age and that swayed him to older people, they weren't as immature and cruel.

Now here he was kissing his mother, a 42-year-old woman it all seemed too much for him to take in. "Ahhhh, come with me Lee!" Marie said as she broke off the kiss and grabbed him by the hand, leading him to the stairs.

She took him to her bedroom and closed the door when they were both inside. "You said you don't know what you and April could do to repay me, well I can think of a way!" she said leaning on the closed door and looking over her son.

Lee smiled as she said that, he had cottoned on to what she wanted some time ago and he was really exited that he could add the finally member of his family to the list of people he'd slept with.

It was Fraud who said that every man wanted to sleep with him mother and I'm sure that guy reading this will agree that at some time they have thought about it.

Now Lee was about to get that chance and he wasn't going to pass it up, he knew that it had been along time since Marie had, had sex and she must have been really frustrated, after all he was before he lost his virginity to April so to have had it then lost not for so long must have been far worse.

Marie came over and led him to the bed pushing him down she fell on top of him and began to kiss him. Lee couldn't believe what it was like to have his mother laid on him, her breasts pushed into his chest as they sank into the soft mattress, both were breathing heavy as their hands rubbed over their partners body, Marie's hair falling over her face and onto her sons, tickling it and making him want to giggle. There was not time though as Marie reached down and grabbed the bottom of his shirt and began to pull it over his body.

Lee sat up slightly and raised his arms as his mother pulled it over his and dropped it off the bed, their was plenty of room on the bed for both, it was a double bed that Marie had shared amateur cutie tasting phallus on the road her husband and here she was now sharing it with her son. Marie sat up on her son and straddled his body, her jean covered legs and crotch stretching over his hard cock which was covered by his own jean and underpants, she looked down at him and smiled as she took the t-shirt and pulled it over her head revealing her silk red bra.

Lee marveled at the size of his mother's breasts as they strained against the bra, he could see her hard nipples poking the material; they looked so sweet and touchable. Marie let her son get a good view of her bra covered breasts before she reached back and unhooked the clips, she very slowly slid them down her breasts until her puffy pink nipples came into view. Lee's eyes almost bugged out of his head as he saw the erect mounts of flesh, they were so big and suck able he thought as he watched them sway as Marie dropped the discarded clothes onto the floor.

Her son's body too surprised her, it was firm and tight, the running had been good for him. Marie laid her body forwards and sighed as she felt her nipples touch her son's skin, it had been along time since she had felt that sort of contact and now she wanted more.

"Lee it's been so long for me, I need you to do something for me now" Marie said as she got off her son's body. "Anything mum, just ask" Lee said, in his aroused state he wasn't going to do anything to not please his mother. "Thanks sweetie" she said before she went to a chest of draws and rummaged around in the bottom one. Lee was wondering what she was up to, but he was enjoying watching her ass sway as she looked for whatever it was.

Finally she found it and stood back up before turning to her son who was sat up on the bed, the bulge in his jeans showing his very obvious excitement. "What that?" Lee asked as he saw something in his mother's hand. "It something that I and your farther used to use. I want to use it with you now" Marie said as she unwound some white rope about 10 feet of it. "You want to tie me up?" Lee asked nervously, he wasn't sure about being tied up by his mother while they had sex.

"Don't worry silly, it's not for you. it's for me" Marie said holding the rope to her chest and rubbing it over her breasts. Lee's eyes opened wide, she was into that sort of thing, he had never known and no-one would have guessed to look at her and see the way she acted, still it was very arousing to think of.

"Will you Lee?" Marie asked looking at her son with puppy eyes, his heart melted and he nodded with a smile. Marie was overjoyed was ran over to the bed practically jumping onto it with her son. "So how do I do it?" Lee asked while caressing his mother's firm breasts and looking at the smooth rope. "First we need to get you ready" Marie said pointing to his jeans, he smiled and nodded before letting his mother undo the button and pull down the fly.

Together they managed to get his jeans and underpants off in one go. Marie gasped at his cock when it sprung free between their bodies. "What about you?" Lee asked pulling on the waistband of his mother's jeans. "Not yet, just wait" she smile to him, this was a game she had played a lot with her husband and now anale teeny party full movie with busty tiziana redfords wanted it to be just the same with her son. Lee nodded and awaited his instructions.

"Tie a loop in the rope Lee" Marie said sexily as she kissed his chest distracting him while he tried to tie it, she made sure to bite his nipples, hoping that like his farther he'd like it. He did.

When it was tied she knelt up with him and placed her hands through it telling Lee to tighten it around wrists. Lee pulled the rope and it tightened on her soft skin, this was a feeling that Marie remembered well and loved, the thought it was her son now who was doing it added something more. Lee liked the feeling that he sex xxvx18 storys porn story getting from his mother, her soft squeals of please as the rope tightened made his stomach turn to butterfly's and his heart beat rise.

"Oh Lee your good at that" Marie moaned "Just like your dad was" she continued. Lee felt proud that his mother liked what he was doing.

"Ok see that loop in the ceiling above you?" she nodded her head up to show him where she meant, Lee looked up and saw a loop in the ceiling "Yes" he said as he looked back to his mother. "Stand on the bed and put the end of the rope through it" she said out of breath with lust for her son now.

Lee did as told and stood on the bed his cock slightly touching his mother's body as he leaned to keep his balance. When he was fully stood his cock was right in front of his mothers face and she fought hard to not suck him to orgasm right there.

When the rope was through he knelt back down pulling the rope with him making his mothers arms rise up to the ceiling the more he pulled. Marie was moaning as she felt her arms go up, she made no attempt to stop him and just smiled and watched. Lee pulled the rope until Marie's knees were just on the bed, almost like she was hanging by her arms.

They were facing each other and Lee marveled at her breasts as they were pulled up her body with her stretched arm, she looked so sexy like that. Lee did wonder what to do with the rope though, surely he didn't have to hold it all the time, and it would have been impossible to have sex if he did.

"Go over there to the wall next to the bed and there is another loop tie the rope to that then come back here and we'll start" Marie saw the confusion and explained. Lee did just that and came back to his half naked tied mother. "Lee so perky tits teen smashed by huge shaft in many positions masturbation pornstars you have been just like your farther was, I'm not gonna tell you what to do I'm trusting you will instinctively know" Marie said with a knowing smile as Lee got back on the bed with her, his cock rubbing up to his mothers body as he got close.

Marie moaned as she felt her son's cock on her skin, she moaned even more as she felt him hug her while he kissed her neck, his hands went straight for her ass once again squeezing it and massaging her cheeks through the jeans. With her hands ties and pointing to the ceiling she was helpless to his whims but that's like she wanted it to be, she was at his mercy.

Lee began to rub his cock against her stomach raising his hips to rub the underside of his shaft to her hard muscular body. Something was drawing him to her breasts, it was like he had lost control of his own body as he slid his head down to her chest and began soft kisses on her nipples and stretched breasts. "Ahhhhh!" Marie moaned as she felt her son's tongue lick her hard nipples and his teeth take one at a time in-between and give little nibbles.

Lee's hands were around her waist and on her ass, he had an overwhelming urge to give it a little slap like he did Stephanie and he wasn't about to deny it. Smack! Lee's left hand hit his mothers jean covered ass cheek quite hard; his mouth never left her right nipple though. "Ahhhh god you are like you're farther!" Marie shouted out as she felt another slap on her ass making her squirm against the rope holding her up.

Lee took that as a good sign and kept up the sucking of her nipples and slapping of her ass, making Marie squirm and shout wildly. Lee was really enjoying the feeling of the denim on his palm but he knew it would get better with skin on skin. Leaning back he looked at the face of his mother as he took the jeans by the waistband and slide his fingers to the button before slowly undoing it and pulling down the fly. Slowly, very slowly a matching pair of red silk panties came into view.

Marie moaned as she felt the denim being pulled down her thighs until it stopped at her bent knees. Lee looked at the panties and smiled, they had an obvious wet spot on the gusset and the smell was so arousing Lee couldn't believe it.

He leaned his head to her breasts again and began to squeeze them with his hand and lay kisses on all the sensitive areas moving his mouth down her body until his lips came to the top of her panties and he inhaled her tangy aroma fully for the first time. Marie looked down to him and smiled, he was acting just like his farther had they first stared doing this sort of thing.

She watched Lee's cock bounce as the excitement of it all got to him; he grabbed the panties and pulled them down to her knees like the jeans. Marie had her legs open as wide as she could and Lee got a great view of her open lips, they were slick with her juice and inviting, it was then that he got a wicked idea.

He slid his legs through his mothers and pulled himself through until his cock was just under his mother's pussy. Marie wondered what he was doing, she still had her panties and jeans on and he was laundry day deepthroat with big tit neighbor on them as he positioned his cock into her. As he laid on the jeans and panties her legs were forced to close tightly onto his body and her pussy slightly lowered, this would have been much easier if she wasn't tied up but that was all the fun.

Marie giggled as she figured what he was doing, then she gasped as she felt his hot cock head push into her pussy opening up her lips for the first time in years. "Ahhh! God Lee!" she shouted as she felt the shaft go inside too, filling her to the brim. Lee couldn't help but marvel at the tightness of his mother, it was sometime since her last sexual encounter but the tightness was equivalent to Kim's when he too her virginity.

Both moaned as Lee raised his hips and forced his entire cock into Marie's body, she felt like he was cutting her insides up with is cock but all that was washed away as he began to thrust his cock back and forth in and out of her.

With her arms tied above her head she had no control of the pace or intensity of the fucking all she could do was let her son do what he liked and hope it was what she liked too. "Oh Mum you're so tight!" Lee said as he slammed his cock into her pussy again and again. "I know sweetie, but your soooo good," she moaned as she felt him go all in and touch her clit with his pubic hair.

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Marie almost orgasmed right then it was such an erotic thing to her. Lee felt his balls tightening by the second, they hadn't been fucking long but the whole situation was what got him most turned on.

Marie was tugging her arms down as she tried to thrash on her son's cock, the best she managed was to sway her hips and get him to move inside her pussy. "Oh god Lee I'm almost there!" she moaned as she felt his cock pulse inside her pussy. Lee wanted to make sure she came and sat up taking her left nipple into his mouth and sucking it while holding her around the waist.

"Oh yes Lee that's it almost!" she moaned as she felt the build up of years ready to explode with her son on the receiving end. Lee knew what would do it was his last chance since his cock was about to explode into her body.

Reaching down he spanked her bare ass hard. SMACK! Marie's orgasm exploded within her, she almost blacked out as her mouth opened but no noise came out and her eyes rolled back in her head. Lee felt the wash of cum flood over his cock, which triggered his own orgasm his cock twitching before it shot loads of sticky, thick cum into his mother. He thought that she'd never come down as she pulled her arm against the rope before going limp, head back and just swung there as her son's cock shrank and came out of her, followed by a torrent of her own cum and her sons, it falling into the panties around her knees as Lee pulled his body from between her legs.

Lee looked concerned for his mother but that wasn't needed, she was just basking in her orgasmic afterglow. Lee crawled up to her and she looked at him and smiled, her hair was a mess and they were both covered in sweat but it had been well worth it. "Untie me Lee," she said out of breath her chest heaving, Lee got off the bad and untied the rope letting her fall to the bed. She smiled and curled up on the pillows before slutty blonde sex bomb does anal pornstars and cumshot joined by Lee.

Marie cuddled up to her naked son and kissed him softly on the cheek. "Don't forget mum your welcome to come around anytime," Lee said as they both drifted off to sleep.