Bor and sister xxx story full sex stories

Bor and sister xxx story full sex stories
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It all started with a company Christmas party, every year everyone would all get together at a bar not far from our offices and get hammered. I was lesbians in lingerie licking and fingering in bed at the time but was able to get in with the crowd of coworkers I went with. I had only been with the company just over 6 months and this was my first time really spending time with any of my coworkers outside the office. I worked graveyard with a 3 other people, but I was the only female on shift.

The guys were all great, but mostly in their mid 40s or older. The youngest guy there was 28 at the time and we hit it off right away. His name was Richard and even though he was 9 years older we had a lot in common, also I felt safe around him. He was 5'10" probably 200 lbs, dark hair, light eyes, and he seemed to always be smiling. He was a pervert like the rest of the guys but he didn't openly leer at my like the others did.

On weekends me and Richard worked alone a lot, and when we did we usually spent the night joking or talking about his family. This night at the Christmas party I'd been getting drinks slipped to me all night and I was pretty wasted fairly quickly. I hung out with Richard most of the night and we were both extremely flirty. As the night went on he'd stand closer to me, touch me more often, and a few times he accidentally pressed his crotch against me as people moved around us in the crowded bar.

At the end of the night I was too drunk to drive and Richard offered to drive me home. The whole drive to my place I could feel his eyes on me, he told me how good I looked and told me if he wasn't married I'd be in trouble. I laughed it off and finally we were at my place. He dropped me off and nothing else happened.

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After that night I noticed me and Richard would flirt more often, but still just harmless fun. A few months later we are working the weekend alone, and he's being a lot more aggressive than normal, standing close to me as we talked, blatantly eyeing me up and down, backing me against walls or corners subtly.

I was enjoying the attention but I knew it was wrong, he's a married man. I finally told him I had a lot to do and should get back to my desk, and that's when he moved in to kiss me. I turned away, and he lost it. He grabbed me by the hair pulled me over to my desk he called me a tease, he said I was always flirting and trying to get him worked up only to leave him hanging and he was tired of it.

He had a tight grip on my hair and was calling me a slut as he dragged me to my desk. I had tears in my eyes from the pain but the moment the word slut left his mouth I felt a pulse between my legs. Was I a slut for flirting with impressive honey rides on cock girlfriend hardcore married man?

I definitely enjoyed it. Soon as we got to my desk he cleared it off and shoved me face first against it. I felt the cold top of the desk pressing against my cheek and whimpered.

Richard got behind me held me down with one hand and undid my jeans with the other before violently ripping them down. I wasn't wearing panties and Richard pointed that out saying "No panties at work? I knew you were a slut!" He slid his hand between my thighs as I struggled to get away. He put a hand on the center of my back and pushed me back down into the desk slightly knocking the wind out of me.

I stopped struggling long enough for him to get his hand between my thighs. "You're liking this aren't you slut?" he spat I felt his had rub against my pussy and I could feel I was wet. This was wrong and I knew I needed to get away, but my body wanted it.

It had been a few months since I last had sex and my body was aching for it. "You're so wet back here slut! I knew you needed some dick!" he said as he slid a finger into my tight pussy.

All I could do was whimper and cry as he slowly fingers my pussy in and out. I tried to struggle but he was so strong and I couldn't help that it felt good. He slipped another finger into me and I let out a moan "You like that lesbians kendra and kimmy alternately suck natural tits momlickspussycom pornstars fingering he asked. He started fingering me faster and faster, his other hand still on my back holding me down against my desk.

I struggled as much as I could fighting to stop this, begging him to stop, whimpering, sobbing, and moaning. I felt my body tighten and it happened. I came, and I came hard.

I saw spots as my body tensed and relaxed. The whole time Richard fingering my pussy fast and hard. "That's right slut! Cum for me!" he growled.

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Then he leaned over me and whispered into my ear. "You're my bitch now and I'm going to take you!" He nibbled my neck as he pulled away and my body shivered.

He pulled his hand away from my drenched pussy only to replace it with his very hard cock. I didn't even realize he had his pants off. He tried to shove his cock completely into me but even with as wet as I was I was too tight and he said so. "damn slut you have a tight pussy! It's just begging to be stretched" he grunted He kept sliding back and forth forcing more of his cock into me with each thrust. Thrust Thrust Thrust "You're so fucking tight" he grunted Thrust Thrust Thrust "So wet!

You feel so good!" he moaned The only sounds in the room were his grunting, the light slapping of our bodies, and the wet squish from between my legs as he used my soaked pussy for his pleasure.

As much as I tried to fight the feelings I couldn't. While Richard wasn't huge he was definitely thick and his cock was stretching me in a painful yet pleasurable way and I started moaning. "that's right slut I knew you'd like it!" Richard grunted "I knew you'd be wicked pretty teen gals lick pussies hardcore blowjob great fuck" he said as he trust into me hard.

"That's right push your ass back into me, I knew you wanted it slut!" he grunted and gripped my hips tight. That surprised me because I didn't realize I was pushing back.

My body was on autopilot and his invading cock was hitting just the right spot. I was panting and moaning he fucked me hard and fast, and I felt another orgasm building and I let it hit me. I moaned and screamed as Richard used my cunt. No gentleness, no regard for my pleasure. Just raw animal lust and thrusting. He was using me for his pleasure and I was loving it. He fucked me hard and fast, pumping into me as deep as possible.

He continued pumping into me for a bit longer before he suddenly pulled out of me grabbed my hair and forced me to my knees. He fucked my mouth with the same regard as he did my pussy. Hard and fast, not caring about me. Only wanting to cum. "I'm gonna cum bitch! You better swallow it all!" he growled at me. Then I felt his cock swell and he flooded my mouth with a huge load of cum and I swallowed it all. He finally let go of my hair and I collapsed on the floor. He walked away at sat in his desk panting as I lay on the floor crying.

After a few minutes he stood up grabbed me by my hair again and took me back to my desk. He forced me on my back. I still struggled but with no strength left. He pinned me down and shoved his fat cock into my well used pussy again. He fucked me hard and fast, grunting and gasping as he did. He lifted my top and tore my bra off. "I've been dreaming of these big fucking tits and they are even better than I imagined!" he moaned as he squeezed them striking peach flaunts huge ass and gets ass hole reamed and buried his face in them.

He was sucking and biting my tits and nipples while he brutally pounded my pussy. I was gonna cum again. He sucked hard on my left nipple biting it and pulling back as he did and I exploded, cumming hard all over his cock.

"uuuuuuuhhhnnn oh God!" was all I could say. "I hope your on the pill bitch!" Richard said as I felt him cumming inside me. After that he went to the restroom, leaving me alone. I went to the restroom as well and cleaned myself up.

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I was a mess, make up running, tears all over my face, cum dried at the side of my mouth. I cleaned myself up and walked out. Richard was at his deck working like nothing happend. He looked up at me and smiled then went back to working. I sat at my desk and did the same.