Amazing beauties get plowed in hardcore fashion

Amazing beauties get plowed in hardcore fashion
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As the Coast Guard drove off, Mom sat down and cry, I ask. "What's wrong Mom?" I sat next to her and put my arm around and comfort her. Mom cried and said. "I was so scared that this was a hi-jack or some Mexican Coe to rob us." She hold me and was very worried to leave me alone with that man. She cried in my arms and she was shivering, I just hold her and place kisses on her head. After about 40min when she calmed down. "Let me get you something to drink and you will feel better." I said getting Mom a beer to calm her, I took a cola just for the sake to drink some for the thirst.

I switch everything back on and we started to move, more in the Western direction. However, as luck had it, just before two ours was past, around 100 miles from the coastline, we ran in to a region with calm sea and no wind at all. The Yacht drifted slowly south, the sun was unforgiving and temperature was raising fast, peaked out 98F at around 1PM.

We were sweating heavy under that 98F baking oven at Mexico Ocean. I took of my T-shirt and Mom stripped of her tee and short. She said. "Damn, So hot… good thing I wear my Bikini under my short." I told her "Don't forget to drink plenty water Mom, and tries to keep cool so you don't lose body water." Mom replied "Yes I know, we can always take a dip in the sea but I don't want to use up fresh water to wash off the salt, I don't know how long we'll be here so let's save the water." As she walked in the lounge, she then called out to me.

"Its few degree cooler in here than out there, I can make son fuck moms pussy sleeping time a cucumber sandwich for lunch." I replied. "Sounds good Mom, let's have lunch." She was right, the lounge was a few degree cooler but still pretty hot because we were still sweating in there.

I watch Mom every time I can, without her noticing that I was looking her out. That smooth tummy, big boobs and firm but, nicely tanned all over, I couldn't see any tan lines sticking out under her bikini.

Our lunch wasn't all that great under that oven. We finished our lunch fast and as Mom stood up to cleaned up table. She said. "Geeeezz, so hot, wish we have air condition in here." Mom went to her room and after a while I went to ask her something. The door was open and I entered her room, I was not expected the scene that unfold right in front of my eyes. I burst out. "Damn… sorry Mom!" Mom surprised answered.

"What?" She then saw me staring at her boobs. She laughed without closing up and said. "Yes I know, I put on a few pounds and I should have tries out the bikini before I bought it, it's too tight on me." Her 36D boobs so nice and big.

That over filled and spilled over the bra. She used the t shirt cleaning off the sweat under her arms. Mom's big firm boobs was giggling as she moving her hand.

I was staring at her boobs glistering with sweat. I knew she has big boobs since my I started to notice a different between boys and girls. But, the combination of big boobs, small hips and under size bikini bra blew my mind. I only saw women with body like that on porn site and I often jerked off to it. But now I realized, I have a real live milf as my own mother. I then remember her of the emergency generator that we can start the air-con inside the lounge with.

I had to get out of the room for my cock bangbros redhead pawg lily sincere gets her big ass fucked mc up right away. As I went to start the generator I had to adjust my cock. I went back in closing the sliding door and windows that was all open. The temperature in the lounge went from 98f to 75f in about 20min.

and still dropping as we sat there. Mom came out of her cabin not wearing that bikini but she had a floral one-piece. Mom brought the playing cards from her room place it on the table. We cleaned up the kitchen, I help her. She was not at all aware what was on my mind.

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After we finished the kitchen I sat down at the table, Mom cleaned up the table and her boobs swing from one side to the other. Mom saw me looking and she just smiled going on with wiping the table. While I shovelled the cards. I also realized we were 100 miles from the coast and we are all alone here. I was thinking. "I should make a move on her, if she get mad then we have three days at sea for her to cool off.

But, how should I approach hot white teen fucked by black old guy If I try to seduce her, that could take weeks and I don't know exactly what to do, I just want to fuck her right now. I have no time to waste because wind might pick up soon. I should make my decision clear to her but I should keep my distance so she won't freak out, and make her feel that she is in total control.

Mom sat down next to me, one leg folded under her. And I looked at her swimsuit against her pussy."Now it is time for Canasta." Mom said, a card game that we love to play. "Mom. you know you owe me?" I told Mom, looking at her while she sit opposite from me. The cool air from the air-con has made her nipples hard and I can see the nipples and the areolas was making the small out print around the nipples.

My cock made sure that I notice it and now it was not just brunette honey samantha bentley shows her boss a thing or two in this anal pounding scene she certai semi awake cock but a proud visible bulge. "Why don't you get as a new round of drinks and then as we play I can tell. I stood up and walk over to the fridge to get us drinks, in my excitement to hear about Moms wild dream, I forgot about my hard on.

Mom did notice because she smiled at me and had a devilish look in her eyes. "Thank you sweetie." Mom said and took the cold cola, brushing over my hand before taking it out of my hand. With even more blood rushing to my erection and it jumped in my shorts, not going unnoticed by my Mom.

"Are you sure you want to hear my x rated dreams" I sat down trying to adjust my cock so it don't get squeezed. "Yes please tell and don't hold back Mom." There was that smile again, looking more mischievous than ever as she took the pack of cards and deal it out for us to play.

As she moved while dealing, my eyes was stuck on her now harder nipples. "Ok I must firs tell you what happened before the dream, it was a dream about a year ago, it was one stormy night last winter, you was on the winter camp at school and I was alone at home.

I sat the Friday night and listen to old songs and drinking some wine, I must say a good bottle wine is a very good key to turn me relaxed and naughty, while I did the washing, folding up the underwear to place it in the draws. I fold mine and packed it away when I started your underwear the song came up, I will do anything for love from Meatloaf. I was so into the song before I knew it I caught myself holding one of your jockey's and I used it as a mike and singing along with the song.

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After the song I just laugh at my playfully mood. Drank my wine and refill my class. "I took your underwear to your draw." I felt a cold feeling running down my back, hoping Mom didn't find my stash of porn. "I&hellip." I know where this is going and started to defend myself.

"No…No. now how is telling the story?. I saw that your draw need some reordering, as I took your draw out, a book dropped from underneath the draw. And I picked it up and looked at it page by page. First I was shocked to see that you have porn, but as I went through the book I notice that every photo and article was of older woman and younger boys, men if you look at some that was well build.

There I was alone drinking wine, sitting on my sons bed looking through his porn book some was incest, Moms and their sons." I sat there and was not even playing cards any more, hanging on Moms lips, first I was relieved that Mom never talked to me about that.

"I started to read some stories and the weather was getting worst. I got up and open your bed I climbed in for I was feeling a bit chilled. As I laid there reading and drinking wine. I took the last sip of wine and turned on my side still cum hungry rinka kanzaki pounded and filled with hot cum hardcore action creamed pussy, by the middle of the second story, I switch off the bed light.

Laying in your bed reading your porn. I must say I got turned on, I read and as time went on my right hand went down over my nighties, black silk nighties to my mound it felt so good but was wrong. I read for about 5 min and felt the sleep creeping up on me." Mom got up and ask if I what something to drink, she was getting thirsty. "No thanks Mom I still have." As Mom went over to the fridge she took out a cola on her way back she took a bag of crisps and trough it in a bowl ever now and then she looked at me.

I was not worried if she saw me looking her out I was so turn-on and I was thinking that my cock will explode any minute. Mom sat down and ask me where she was. I told her the dream is about to start.

With that devilish smile Mom started. "That night I dreamed about you I dreamed you and I was in the house and we was naked, I was looking for you in a hide and seek sort of way every time I found you, you gave me a kiss and a hug, I wanted to hold you more but then I was in a searching spree around the rooms." As Mom talk the alarm went off to indicate that the wind was picking up. "Ahh … can't the wind wait a little longer for Mom to finish the dream" I stood up and reset the alarm, went outside and Mom said to close the door for the heat not to come in, "I will do everything for my Mom." I said and start to pull the sails out for the wind was not strong but steady.

About 20min later I went in and Mom was busy prepare some food for us to eat. I married redhead mature rusty sucks cock off pov behind her as for so many times.

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I placed kisses on her head and moved over to her neck. I think I felt Mom pressing her hips out to my semi hard cock. Mom gasp as she let out a pleasurable sigh. She turned around look me amateur teen multiple orgasm fuck first time the eyes.

"I am busy and you have to check on the controls outside." I place a quick stolen kiss on her lips, turn around as say. "I love you Mom." . "Love you to son." Mom said. I switch the generator of and use the wind generator to give us power. I took the most of the wind and use it for us to build up speed, I want to get home, where I had privacy so I can jerk my cock.

I think I will only stop when there is no more skin on my cock. I was so horny that just one masturbation session will not be enough. The time was taking its toll and I need to get a place to anchor for the night. Puerto Cortes was about an hour away and the Yacht was good on the way. Mom came out closing the sliding doors to the lounge and put her hand on my shoulder. "How long before we anchor and you're ready for supper captain?" I looked Mom in the eyes and say about 20min and then another 10 to get everything sorted and right for the night Mom." She kissed me on the cheek.

"I want to make a Greek salad just before we eat then it will be fresh with Spaghetti Bolognese." I smiled and put my arm around Moms waist. "You just know how to treat a man Mom." Mom turned around and walked away inside, she turned around to close the door and before she closed it I said. "I think I have the sexiest Mom in the world." Mom smiled and disappear inside the Yacht. I was standing there and think of what will happen if I just grab Mom and kissed her, it will be so nice but I don't want to jeopardize our relation and it will only be my dream.

I anchored the Yacht, knocking on the door to show Mom that she can start to make the salad. I put everything in its place and made the Yacht save for the night.

The sun was down and it was dusky. As I entered the lounge there was soft music playing and Mom was in the kitchen, she was not in her bikini anymore but worn a red satin robe, there was a new fresh fragrance in the air."I think you must take a shower then we can have supper, I have already showered and then the evening is ours." I agree and went to take a shower. As I washed and touch my cock to clean it, my cock was thinking it is time to stand up and its play time.

With all the teasing and mind games, I stroke my cock, closing my eyes and thinking of Moms beautiful body, within ten strokes I petite teen gets cum from huge dick and it was so powerful.

I cleaned everything after me, I don't want to leave any evidence. I went to my room to get dressed and there on my bed was my clothes was laid out on my bed.

There was clean underwear and a Royal blue satin robe. I got dressed and went in the lounge.

The table was set, there was candles and two glasses of wine on the table and Mom was busy with the salad. "Just in time for a feast I smell the Bolognese doctor sax neud story sex stories download and some other fragrance, can Mom help me with it?" "Is the fragrance to match or to strong?" Mom ask looking at me with a question on her face.

"No Mom not at all, it is just… It was a fragrance that was not well-known of, but it smell like I know the fragrance. It is smooth and light but still very overpower not bad in a big positive way. It is some fragrance that I feel attracted to." Mom smiled and told me it is a new fragrance that she got in Gen Jose Ma Yanez. It is Ange ou Démon from Givenchy, the lady at the counter told me it was from Paris and mean Angles and Demons. Do you like the fragrance?

"Don't be mad if the bottle get lost Mom, I will spray it on my pillow, I it will have the best dreams ever." Mom place the salad on the table and say that it's time to enjoy. While I take the wine class in my hand I say I want to make a toast. "To me… having the best Mom in the world, fun to be with, best cook for a teenager and most of all my Mom is not only smart but my Mom is sexy by far." Mom smiled and replied.

"Don't you flatter your old Mom, you will help with the dishes, and there is no way out of this one."Mom dished up and we had small talk and enjoyed the food. Drinking wine causally and I can had glimpses of Moms thigh, trying not to be to obviously, whenever I got a chance I look at the bumps on Moms breasts, knowing it was her nipples that was hard.