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Gorgeous hottie makenna blue having a large cock
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The Way of the War Part 2 For that two years Ms Green never entered my thoughts, but now she did.where was she.she said she would be back. She said we were familiars that we were connected.Where was she.

In 1940 at age 17 I started my senior year I and all my friends had on our minds was the winds of War. Seven weeks in to the year I was in English class when the pa system was activated.Chad Lincoln, please come to the Principals office.

Chad Lincoln please come to the Principals office. I stood up and the Teacher motioned me to the door., I left the classroom and headed to the office. I opened the door to the office and the Secretary looked at me I asked "Whats Up " She shrugged her shoulders and pointed to the Door to Mr Browns office. I stepped up and knocked. The door opened immediately and Mr brown reached out and grabbed my arm and pulled beautiful hottie plays with dildos softcore amateur inside.

I looked around and was surprised to see three Army officers.and they were all looking at me. Mr Brown looked at them and waved his arm in my direction, " Chad Lincoln ".

One of the officers I think he was a Major, opened the office door, motioned to Mr Brown and pushed him out the door "thank you Mr Brown " and he closed the door. "Mr Lincoln. Chad .we have some questions for you." "Have you ever wished or thought about something and suddenly it happened. Or have strange things happened around you". I looked at him and said, "When I was twelve some time things. things happened I could not explain. Foxy schoolgirl takes a long cock ride Ms Green left and things went back to normal.

"Ms Green did she say anything to you." " She said something about Familiars but I don't know what she was talking about." " Well son my name is Major Thomas and you are going to be back together with Ms Green. And you will report to me. These other two Gentlemen are Para normal Doctors and you will be working with them." " What are you talking about I still have school to attend and what about my family." " As far as your school You will be marked as attending and you will Graduate with your class en absentee.

Your mother and father are being advised of your choice to enter the special services." I was stunned .I still didn't have any idea what these people were talking about and what was special services? And what was Paranormal? The only thing I understood was I would get to see Ms Green, my Dotty. The Doctors were LT. Sanders and Captain Jonas they seemed friendly enough. But then again they didn't say very much.

Major Thomas did almost all the talking … he was a Yankee and I only understood ever third word. He talked way to fast.

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My Daddy said … "Never trust a fast ripgal hot sex sex stories mobi man, because not even he believes half the things that come out of his mouth." Lt Sanders leaned over and whispered "he will be gone tomorrow" I smiled. We left the school and got into the waiting Army Green 38 Ford sedan. Major Thomas in the front seat next to the driver.

I was between the Doctors in the rear. We drove for hours, stopping only for Gas, food and Bathroom. It was well dark when we pulled up to a gate that said Fort Bliss. The guards saluted the Major and the driver handed the guard some papers and was waved thru. The whole trip had been mostly in silence.

The driver pulled up in front of a building shaped like a 'T' with a sign .'P N T S.' I asked what it meant Capt. Jonas said "Para Normal Testing Services, your new home. We got out of the car and entered what Lt Sanders jokingly called the 'Pants' building.

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There was a SGT sitting behind a desk in this austere office that was all that was in this room forty feet by twenty feet of nothing. The Major walked up to the desk. returned the SGT s salute and handed him some papers.

I assumed it was travel orders of some kind. The SGT looked them over then rose and went to the only door into the rest of the bldg. He knocked and the door opened at once revealing an armed Cpl. And a long hallway. I was escorted in side by the Doctors, it seems that this was the end of the Majors authority.he was not allowed thru the door.

Of that I was glad I hoped I had seen the last of the cocky SOB. The Cpl handed Capt Jonas a clipboard he looked it over and signed it and passed it to the LT who did the same.

Capt Jonas, says, you are in room 3, rm 7 is the men's bathroom here after called the latrine.

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Room 8 is the women's latrine and room 10 & 11 are the mess hall. You do not leave this building unless you are escorted. There will be someone here in a few minutes to take your measurement since you have no change of clothes In your room you will find beautiful big boobs bbw loves to fuck locker with your name one it, It already has shaving gear, tooth brush and paste, deodorant and shaving lotion.

There will be a fart sack (mattress cover) Towels and wash cloths, and a blanket on the foot of your bunk. Select any bunk not made up, Make it up, it is yours from now on. I entered my room their were 2 sets of bunk beds … all made up but one. made my choice easy. I made my bed. The rest of the room was taken up by the lockers and a table and 2 benches. On the table was where I found my new gear. I was stowing things in my locker when a WAC private opened the door and asked if I was Chad Lincoln.

I nodded she filled out her uniform quite well.thinks were looking up I thought. She smiled and whipped out a tape measure. "They tell me you need clothes.

She had me strip to my underwear and she measured every part of my body and I do mean every part. She was on her knees having just measured my straddle when my little head made its appearance.

She smiled what have we here she put the tape at the base and measured 5 ½ " then she measured across hmmm 2 ". I felt something wet and I looked down just in holly halston in yellow bra tj cummings to see my cock disappear into her mouth.all the way into her mouth I sat back on the table as she pulled back she exerted such a suction I thought my eyes were going to pop out.

She began bobbing up and down. I put my hands onto the back of her head and assisted her as well as I could. I knew I could not last, it has been so long since I had even touched a woman. I moved my hands and told her I was cumming.she sped up and sucked harder. I grabbed her head again and pulled her forward and as deep as it would go.

Then I plastered my cum to the back of her throat and she drank it down. She raised her head and smiled. I grabbed her and flipped her around till she was on her back on the table. I pulled her hips forward raised her dress and ripped her panties down to her ankles and off her feet. I dove right into her pussy driving my tongue as deep as I possibly could I heard her indrawn breath and felt her legs lift and encircle my head. The heat she was generating felt like it was burning my lips.

I found her button it was the largest I had ever felt before.

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I nibbled on it with my teeth and she went wildher ass was moving all over the table. It was hard to hang on to her, then her hips began move in such away that her pussy curved upwards then down. She began to orgasm and I could hear her moans and feel her spasms. I was hoping she wouldn't start screaming, she began to slow down.

I raised my head and looked up at her. She had both hands over her mouth and her cheeks were huffing and puffing. As she relaxed she smiled and thanked me. She picked up her panties and put them on and as she headed out the door she said your clothes will be delivered in the morning. I was tired from the trip and the exercise I just had with. oh hell I don't even know her name. I lay down in my bunk. And dosed off I awoke to people talking.

I raised my head and looked around at the three guys, all older than me, they were my room mates. There sex sunny leone xxx filim down lit the table were my new clothes. I got up and made my way to the latrine. I showered and shaved and headed back to my room with just a towel around my waist I met two women coming out of the women latrine. I smiled at them and they just giggled.

I got dressed and put away my clothes.

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My roommates introduced them selves, Bob was the bunk above me Art was the the other top bunk and Lee was the other bottom.

We all headed for the lunch room. They said I would meet every one later so did not introduce anybody. I looked around and countedthere were 6 men counting my self and nine women.

I think one of the women was Dotty.I hoped. The food was very good we had eggs bacon oatmeal and pancakes and even biscuits and gravy. There were huge coffee urns as well as milk and juice.

Almost made me feel at home. Wonder what comes next.