Lesbians finger and lick their pussies outside

Lesbians finger and lick their pussies outside
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Things changed over the next few weeks, Cynthia was still my unofficial girlfriend. But her sister, Bella, and I became more and more exclusive. I got caught by my parents sneaking back into the house after a night with Bella. I had finally told Mark about Cynthia so I was sure he'd cover for me now.

So, I lied and said I had been hanging out with Mark, my best friend. My parents didn't care who I was with. Being out that late was enough to ground me fore two weeks. More importantly, I couldn't go out for the next two weekends.

To make it really bad my dad also took away my tv in my room and my phone! After the first week I was sure I'd go crazy. I told Cynthia at school, but I fantastic gal bonks non-stop tube porn no way to know if Bella knew why I wasn't coming to see her. Cynthia had no reason to tell Bella, they basically never talked or hung out together.

It was a Friday and I couldn't go out. My sister was supposed to go out but she had some argument with Cynthia and one of her other friends so she refused to go out. Both stranded at home now.

My dad had to work late as usual for a Friday. My mom watched her sappy tv shows. I was sitting there miserable when Aida walked by carrying a beach towel wearing her bikini bathing suit. "Good idea!" I said jumping up.

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"I'll sit out there with you." I didn't feel like swimming but I couldn't watch another rerun with mom. It was hot out for September. I took my shirt off to get some sun. My sister swam and we talked, talked a lot.

Wach live sex story yousex fairy tales now 18 was like it used to be before we got caught up in our own high school social clicks. The sun had almost set, so there was that cool pink-purple glow in the sky.

Shadows spread across the pool and it was cooling off fast. I could just make out my sister's nipples poking through her top. "Are you ever going to get in the pool?" She asked. "Or just make me awkward by sitting there watching me?" "Eh, I don't feel like going back in to get my trunks." I said.

I thought if I went to my room seeing the empty desktop would remind me off how bored I really was. Besides the show my sister was giving me had my pants feeling tight. "So?

Take off your pants," she shrugged. I blinked twice at the mention of my pants. "We used to swim in our underwear," she said off handedly. That's true, I tried to think of something else until the blood drained from my groin. I shrugged. "All right," I replied as I got up.

I couldn't help notice she watched me the whole time I pulled my pants off. I was wearing boxers tonight, she looked a little disappointed. Did she think I had gone commando today? I climbed into big tits daria flower opens her cooch for cock pool the water was a little cool.

Almost cold. We talked some more and raced each other across the pool. She asked me to help her dive in. She was always a little afraid to jump in. I climbed out and helped her up too. I couldn't help watching her nice figure as I lifted her out of the water. She nearly slipped and fell against me rubbing her wet body against my arm. I explained it was just jumping, close your eyes if you have too. She told a deep breath, her breasts heaving. Then did a little jump, I gave her a hard push to make sure she didn't hit her head.

She hit the water at an awkward angle. As she popped up with a little scream I said, "aw come on that was a good first try. But you need to run out more like this!" As I dove in next to her with a big splash. "My top came off," she whispered after I came up for air. I looked around the pool.

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It was getting really dark and I couldn't see anything in the water. I looked back at her, "I don't see it." "You have it!" She accused. I laughed and shook my head. That just seemed to agitate her more. She swam at me. "Give it back!" I swam away to the shallow side and ran towards the stairs laughing. She swam fast for me and caught me by the steps. Jumping onto my back. I didn't want to hurt her but I tried to shake her off. I could feel her bare breasts against my back.

She xnxx big black cock 2019 at my arms. I let her have my hands and see I didn't have them.

"Where are they Jose?" She slowly slid down my back until her feet reached the bottom of the pool. Without thinking I turned back to look at the pool again. My sister was short but three feet of water meant her breasts were out of water for me to see her b-cup beauties. It took a second for her to realize what I was looking at. "Ugh, you perv!" She said turning and putting her arms up to cover her.

Get me a towel please." I climbed out of the pool and turned back to give her the towel. She got out still trying to cover up. I held out the towel for her. "Jerk," she said as she exposed one breast to grab the towel. I got a brief glimpse of both of them again as she wrapped the towel around her.

I knew I was smiling. She looked at me and smiled too, "guess the water wasn't that cold huh?" She walked into the house. I stood there full erection poking out the slit in my boxers. "Damn," I thought. Then, "damn!" I didn't come out to swim so I didn't have a towel.

Well I'm not going inside in wet boxers. I took off my soaked shorts and pulled on my pants. As I looked up I saw my sister smiling at me through the window. I ran in after her. She laughed while she ran to her room. I got there before she shut the door.

I shoved it open pushing her back into her room. "Hey! Fair is fair." She defended herself. "Oh yeah, then take it all off.

You saw ALL of me, my turn." Why did I care? This wasn't a big deal it's not like she did it on purpose, or did she? "Close the door," she whispered. I did then wondered why, what was happening. As I turned back, I saw my answer. Aida stood there naked in front of me. Toned wet body, full perky b-cups, small trimmed triangle patch above her bare slit.

"You still like this don't you?" She asked. I didn't know what to say. She stepped up to silvia rubi anal free porn and tugged at my pants until she got them off me.

My wood flapping out. "I can't forget that night," she explained. "You felt so good and you made me orgasm. Big bro, you're the only one to ever do that for me.

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I want you to do it again." "I don't know sis, I think you were right. The one time should never have-" I started to say. Before I could finish she knelt down in front of me and put her mouth on her big brother. I wanted to stop her. She had been right, we couldn't do this. I was hard in her mouth.

She was working my pole like a pro. How many other dicks had my sister's mouth taken in? She stopped turned out the light and I felt her back up into my rod.

"Joe, take me right now," Aida said. Her ass rubbing against me. I did what any good brother would do. I bent down grabbing my pants. Dug out one of my condoms and put it on.

I didn't use them for Cynthia or Bella, they had each said they were on the pill. I knew my parents, there in english film full fuking no way my sister was. Once it was on I grabbed her ass and slipped in between her legs. I rubbed my shaft up and down her slit teasing her. "Fuck me Jose," my sister begged. I let my sister have the family and friends treatment.

I thrust into her fulfilling her desire. I thought I was over my lust for my sister. Fucking her made me want her more and more. I started to imagine us fucking everyday.

I could get used to this. "Oh I imagine you in me all the time now, Jose!" She said, sounding a little relieved to have me in her. I grabbed hold of her waist and began pumping Aida harder from behind. She was holding onto the wall to keep from being knocked over. I could feel her juices squirting on me as I thrust into her.

My sister was getting off on my cock. She was moaning quietly.

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I leaned forward and moved one hand from her hips around her body to rub the top of her slit. Meanwhile I continued to pump her hole. As my fingers explored my sisters pussy I began to feel her button swelling up. I focused on it and she moaned more.

Our sex was making more noise, her hole was dripping wet. "Oh yes!" She began, "fuck your little sister Jose." "Oh yeah Aida!" I was so excited. She knew it was me and still wanted me. My own sister wanted my dick. I couldn't last long at this rate. "I'm going to cum." "Yes, Jose, cum in my pussy," she pleaded.

"I want to feel my big brother cum." "Ugh Ahhhh" I groaned as I caned and strapped in plastic pants my load inside my sister, kept safely away from her by my condom. "Oh damn, that felt good." "Too bad it's wasted on a condom," she said quietly.

"I still remember when you came inside me before." I slowly pulled out and took off the condom. She eyed the cream filled sack as I threw it in her trash can. "Can you lay with me till I fall asleep Jose?" She asked.

"Uh, sure thing sis." I walked with her to the bed and we lay side by side. After a while she put her arms around me. I could feel her breasts against me, we were both nude still. I felt like I should dress but what's the point I just fucked my sister why couldn't I lay in bed with her.

After a few minutes she rolled in top of me and began kissing me. I kissed back but it felt wrong. Not sure why it was all good to bang my sister but to love her, Sexually? My mind felt torn my dick knew what it wanted. And Aida wanted it too. She positioned herself on my pole and took me inside her. Bare back this time, no condom. "Oh fuck your pussy feels so good," I told her.

"Oh big brother, your cock is so perfect for my little pussy." She was bouncing on me like she was at the rodeo. "I may have to fuck you more often big brother." I reached up and rubbed her nice breasts.

She never slowed down her wet hole dripping her juices down my shaft and balls. Holy shit she was a good fuck. She had a few little twitches letting me know she was getting close. "I'm going to cum!" She kept her pace, riding me to climax.

I could feel her muscles squeeze my cock as she was overwhelmed by her orgasm. She was rocking still as her orgasm dwindled then I began bursting into my little sister's slot.

I lifted her off my erupting cock so the second blast sprayed her bush and slit. She tried forced herself back down on me to try to get the rest of my jiz inside her. I didn't let her. My seed was not for her, it belonged to Bella. And now that I remembered I gently rolled my sister off me and onto her bed.

I walked to her door picked up my clothes and dressed. "What are you doing?" She asked. "Don't go now, we can go again." "Sis, this was great. Really it was, but I can't cum inside you. You're my sister." I explained.

"I have a girlfriend." "Get the fuck out of my room! Asshole." She was really pissed now.