Untamed and hot carpet munch hardcore and blowjob

Untamed and hot carpet munch hardcore and blowjob
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Hiding my Sexual Weakness &hellip.I blended in at school, I was cute and I knew it. I had a couple of boyfriends, but nothing special. No one knew about my weakness. It started with my dad.

I love to cuddle up to him and it was me, not him that pushed my sexual feelings on him. I didn't care, I wanted affection and I wanted to be felt up and played with. I tricked him into doing what I wanted. He had a weakness too&hellip.me. &hellip.My name is Jen, and my mom left a while back. I stayed with dad. Before she left we had another talk about sex. She had found a man who liked her weakness, (the same as mine), and she would now live with him.

She had started going to a secret place called: 'The Lady's Club'&hellip.once a month. Mom and dad never married so she was free to go. I was dad's girlfriend (mom didn't know this) and he wished her well. Mom and dad were still close friends and life went on. &hellip.Her sex talk with me was about her new life and her weakness being fulfilled.

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She knew by telling me this I would get very aroused. She enjoyed tell me and watching me get all hot and horny, as it made her hot too.

We stood up. She moved behind injured son fuckd by mom as usual.(we had done this before). She began to describe her new life and how aroused it made her. She had her arms around me and felt my tits as usual. I closed my eyes and imagined I was her having my weakness fulfilled also.

Soon one of her hands went down my shorts, inside my panties and felt my little bush. &hellip.I loved it when she did this as memories came flooding back to when we had done this before. I would get so damn hot whether it was mom or dad feeling me up. &hellip.I was grown now and I felt them back, to return the hot feelings they were giving me. This was not my weakness tho. I liked guys, and only my mom for a female to feel me up.

I was not bi, not ac/dc, just a hot guy made me happy&hellip.and my favorite guy was&hellip. my dad. &hellip.I liked what my boyfriends did, but nobody but my mom knew of my weakness. Mom told me that if…I ever wanted to join 'The Lady's Club', just let her know. &hellip.It was a slow building urge inside of me that was wanting to be fulfilled. No dad or boyfriend could fulfill it. &hellip.One night I woke up having had the hottest, most wonderful dream again.

My weakness was being fulfilled in my dream. My pussy was soaked, as I had squirted in my dream. My body tingled all over. &hellip. I snuggled up to dad as he was in the dream. I kissed him awake and he knew what little special thing I liked after one of my dreams like this. I whispered: (…"daddy.I just had a hot dream again".) He smiled, kissed me and got up and strattled himself on top of me. He already had a big hardon. I stroked his hardon as he scooted closer. He inched himself closer to my face.

I squirmed with delight. My heart was beating so fast with my aroused state. His warm hands felt my hard nipples as he felt my tits. I used both of my hands to jack him. I started to moan, I couldn't help it. .He reached back to finger my wet pussy. I moaned louder. He scooted closer.

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Now the big head of his cock was next to my open mouth. I gasp… as I jacked faster. I leaned forward and took his cock head in my mouth. My moans now were muffled as my lips sucked his cock. I heard my favorite sound. My dad starting to cum. My pussy clamped down on his fingers and I began to feel the euphoria that comes before a super climax. &hellip. He gave out with a beautiful moan and I felt the first shot of cum hit the back of my mouth.

I pulled my mouth off and let the cum splatter my face and mouth. My climax came and I couldn't moan it was so intense. Shot after shot of cum on my face as my climax kept jolting my body. My pussy squirted hard as I trembled uncontrollably. His hand rubbed my clit so wonderful. I tasted his cum. Warm and slick. My body shook. I kept jacking him as he moaned so beautiful.

I wanted every drop of it. I took one hand and touched the cum on my face and then sucked my finger. . Next…I put he head of his cock in my mouth and sucked it empty. Daddy would almost fall over every time I did this. It was so much fun to see him twitch and moan being so ecstatic with pleasure&hellip. …The dreams just danced around my urge to fulfill my weakness.

Daddy came close but not my final obsessive urge. After months of this I gave in and had mom get me in 'The Lady's Club.' &hellip.Mom came with me that night. I was a basket of nerves. It was finally going to happen. The women were so nice and got me all ready. Everything was all set to start at 11pm. They undressed me and put the little mask on me with little eye holes. I was led to the blue room. They laid me down and mom and the 3 lady's felt me, lubed me up and got me hot.

&hellip. They then all left. A door opened and many masked guys came in. I almost orgasmed right then. It was finally time for me to get my weakness fulfilled. &hellip.Being gang banged… ---------- &hellip.If guys at school knew, that if they had ever gathered around me and all said they wanted to gang bang me…I would 'not'… have had the willpower to say&hellip.

no. &hellip.Just the thought of me being gang banged by a bunch of guys would have buckled my knees. I would have gotten on my back all weak and let them do anything sexually to me they wanted. I craved multiple desire that bad. &hellip.It started when mom and I both had accidentally saw this live once. &hellip.Mom and I went camping in a remote area once. Late at night we heard noises. We peeked out of the tent and saw lot's of car headlights all parked facing each other. We had set our these swinger couples are determined to broaden their sexual horizons hardcore and reality up a little ways up on a bank.

We had a perfect view of them down slightly below us. A girl came out in a prom dress and did a sexy strip for all the guys watching. She was drinking beer and so were all the guys. The guys all had on tuxes. Someone got a blanket and she laid down naked and the guys all lined up on her. They all took turns fucking her and having her suck their dicks. Some jacked off on her face, body and many in her mouth.

She was yelling kat young having fun with faith belle delight.

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She would say: "Ya Hoo!", and start fucking and sucking the next ones. &hellip. There must have been 20 guys fucking her, cuming on her as she sucked a lot of dicks as they shot cum in her mouth. ……Her face and body was covered with their cum. She was moaning and kept wanting more. They all kept it up until they were all done.

&hellip.She kept moaning and was now fingering herself. A few guys went back for more. She was smiling big and kept sucking and fucking, having a good old time. She fuck them all out. &hellip. Mom and I were in shock. We had never seen anything like this before. Watching it made us both so horny we couldn't sleep. We whispered… 'what did she feel like having all those guys wanting to fuck her, cum in her mouth and cum all over her body'?

Mom couldn't busty hottie dressed in doctor ride sextoy masturbation bigtits it anymore and put her hand down her panties. I watched her masturbate herself. I soon joined her. We moaned together as we got so horny. &hellip.Then&hellip.I felt mom's hand feeling my pussy gently. Oh my god!&hellip.my mom wants to finger me. It was pretty dark, and I was so turned on I just reached over and felt for her big bush. It was warm and wet.

She moaned and we did a mutual masturbation to each other. It was our first and we never forgot it. She knew just where to finger me.

I followed her lead and we got us real hot and moaning. She orgasmed first as I fast fucked her with my fingers and used my thumb to rub her big clit. We felt each other tits and I orgasmed hard as our hips lifted up and we both shook and moaned. It was the hottest orgasms we had ever had using fingers. We kept desperate lesbian thief sucks and gets fuck for her freedom hardcore and brunette up for at least an hour.

&hellip.Mom then fell asleep with her fingers still in my wet pussy&hellip. I finally did too&hellip. &hellip.After that we fantasized about a group of guys coming up to me or mom and saying: "We'd all want to gang bang you." We fantasized that we would sink to the floor with our legs wide open and wait for them to gang bang us.

To have guys desire you like that, sent some kind of euphoric signal to our pussy's. &hellip. We both dreamed about and hoped someday it would happen. We compared dreams. They were both the same. Cum splattering on us as we sucked cocks, making them cum and getting fucked by many guys,… was the ultimate. ---------- &hellip.Now&hellip.I lay limp with the glorious feeling of them standing over me.

Some jacked their cocks, others felt me up and lined up to fuck me. Some knelt beside me and put their cocks real close so I could suck them. I had cocks to suck on, jack, one to jack with the other hand and hands feeling my tits and body. Guys started lifting my knees up to fuck me. I was finally being fulfilled. I was powerless to stop myself from sucking them, jacking them and fucking them. That was my weakness and I loved the feeling of many men all desiring me at once. Many hard cocks wanting me.

Many men wanting me to suck them untill they would cum. &hellip. It was the most euphoric feeling ever. The animalistic look in their eyes, driving them to have sex with me. They all want 'me'…and no one else. That was the most ultimate feeling of all&hellip. &hellip.My body shook with pleasure. The first guy shot cum deep in my mouth as I jacked him.

Another guy I had been jacking on the other side and was ready as I sucked him next. He shot just as my lips got around he head of his cock.

He moaned so good. As I savored their cum. I felt others shoot their cum, splattering down on my face and body. I climaxed big as I felt a big shot of cum fill my pussy. My body shook out of control at the thrill. I watched them stand over me and jack themselves for the last shots of cum they shot on my body.

.They then took turns fucking me more. More cum. More heavy breathing and moans. More guys putting my legs up and fucking me hard.

Hands on my tits and more cocks to jack and suck on. They all played with me. They fingered my back hole. Some took a towel and wiped me down, then fucked me again. My pussy loved it but was tingling with soreness. My tits and mouth tingled with the delight I had wanted. &hellip.Ok…so I was weak for guys gang banging me…I was happy…… &hellip.I slept so good for the next week.

Now that I was a member, I could get scheduled to go watch others women get fulfilled. …The 'RED' room was my next visit. It had one way mirrors all around it. Behind them were single mom and dugther share a shemle with special chairs and wide open leg rests.

Lady's could masturbate while watching. Bring your own toys, lubes or even a male escort with you. &hellip.I pondered ……I would love to take daddy with me.

We could watch the gang bang while we had hot sex. The thought lingered and lingered in my head. I decided against it. &hellip.If there were lots of 'daddy clones' of him, and I was the girl on my back&hellip.that would be different…but&hellip.only in my dreams…&hellip. &hellip.but wait&hellip. &hellip.If I thought about that as I fall asleep, I might just have that dream some night……(yawn)&hellip.I would be so excited…I would be in the Red Room and all these daddy's would be waiting to fuck me&hellip.lots of people would be behind the one way mirrors&hellip.one daddy on each side of my head, stroking their cocks&hellip.getting them ready to cum in my mouth so hot and good&hellip.other daddy's would be feeling my tits, my pussy, kissing my body…and then a line of them would start fucking me.

They would hold my legs so other daddy's could fuck me hard.&hellip.yes…I can feel it now&hellip.daddy is fucking me while daddy is fingering my sensitive clit&hellip.nobody would have masks on… because they would all be my daddy&hellip.I'm so sleepy and horny too&hellip.I…a&hellip.zzzzzzzzzzz.

&hellip.I dreamed I woke up out of breath. I wanted my daddy bad. I had the most wonderful dream about a whole lot of my daddy's. They were all smiling and feeling me up. I had a daddy to suck on and jack on. I nasty sluts give nasty footjobs masturbation and hardcore a daddy with his warm cock in me and fucking my pussy so good. I had daddy's shooting their cum on me, I could feel their hot cum landing on my body.

I felt my daddy shoot hot cum and fill my mouth with it…I tasted my daddy's cum…oh my god that was so hot. Then another daddy put his cock in my mouth and they both started shooting cum in my mouth and on my face. I began to black out with pleasure and then…I woke up. &hellip.I realized I was in bed with my dad as usual. I was really horny and found my fingers had been in my pussy. I had had the dream I wanted and it was so thrilling, my pussy was very wet. I looked at daddy.

He was awake! He was on his side smiling at me. He said: "You must have had quite a dream Jen, you were moaning real good." I reached over and pulled him to me. He felt so good as I pushed my pussy into his erection&hellip. &hellip.Now was the time. I wanted to take him to the 'Red Room' with me and have hot sex with him as we watched a gang bang.

He didn't know my weakness for this and might reject it. I figured I would tell him about mom and watching a actual gang bang on that camping trip. &hellip."Daddy, do you remember when mom and I went camping that time?" I said.

Daddy smiled at me and said: "I know all about that trip and everything that happened." &hellip. I was so shocked I froze. If he knows all about it then he might understand about the 'Lady's Club.' My heart began to beat fast. I began to get a little hyper and pause for air. I wanted him to go with me there.

The thought of use both watching a gang bang while we had our great sex together was almost to much to hope for. &hellip."Daddy, have you ever heard about a place called: 'The Lady's Club'?&hellip.you see they…" &hellip.Daddy smiled big and put his fingers up my lips to stop me from talking.

"I know all about the 'Lady's Club'." he said. "Oh my big butt teens sofi goldfinger¬†&¬†silvia burton big butt teens sofi tube porn you know all about the 'Red Room'?…perfect!…you see I was wondering if you and I could go to the 'Lady's Club', and…" "Yes,&hellip.and us visit the Red Room?

Yes!" he said. &hellip.I pulled him close into me and said: "Oh daddy, that would make me so happy." I drove my pussy firm into his erection. "Did you want to go tonight Jen?" he said. &hellip.It felt like a thousand tingles went thru my body&hellip. --------- &hellip.That night we lay together naked in the booth at the Red Room.

Women led a woman out in a face mask. We real asian masseuse in naughty hj session. Men began to file in and surround her. I reached down and put daddy's erection in me from behind. I was so excited I almost squirted. Daddy said: "Do you recognize that woman Jen?" I hadn't paid attention as I was so busy watching all the stroking hardons.

&hellip.I looked carefully&hellip."Oh daddy…is that…Oh my god&hellip.is that…Mom???" &hellip. "Yes Jen, I arranged it for you to watch your mom get herself fulfilled while you get to watch." My heart was pounding as daddy and I slow fucked.

His warm hands felt my now hard nipples. His other hand fingered my trembling pussy. I reached back and held his body in tight to me…I moaned…"I'm gonna cum daddy…oh god …it's coming&hellip." I felt his finger reach in for my G spot…I began to moan and then yell as I watched mom squirm and fast fuck the guy on top of her…she yelled and squirted as she shook.

&hellip.I think we came together, I really don't remember as I felt daddy's cum flood me as I squirted a peak climax… &hellip.He had beautiful moans as he kept shooting in me, they took me away to euphoria land … &hellip.Later I managed to say… "oh daddy!…oh my god!, how did you (gasp) ever arrange for mom to do this???" &hellip.He smiled out of breath and pushed his cock in me to touch my cervix.

I moaned so good as he said: &hellip."Jen,&hellip. you never knew.but… &hellip."Daddy owns the 'Lady's Club"……&hellip.