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Bright orgasms for excited mother id like to fuck hardcore and blowjob
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I was never very outgoing in high school. I mostly kept to myself and my small group of friends, studying and occasionally going out to play videogames with them or see a movie. I was sixteen in my third year of high school, relatively tall, more so on the thin side and had very thick hair at the time.

I kept in shape mostly by running, which didn't make me particularly buff, but definitely not scrawny. I met Mary in my third year of high school. Right from the start I was very interested in her, but I had never had much luck with girls. She was pretty tall for a girl, her eyes coming up just to my neck. She was slim, but had decently sized breasts which stood out nicely from her figure. I noticed that her hips swayed very obviously when she walked. She self-identified as a goth, dying her hair black, wearing heavy metal band t-shirts, skinny jeans and mesh arm sleeves regularly.

Her eyes were hazel, highlighted by eyeliner, with a cute nose and full lips. Her skin was squirting webcam teen free teen squirting porn video sexy web cam chat tube porn and unblemished. I was immediately taken with her. We originally met through mutual friends but never interacted much over the course of the year.

We did however, have one class together: math. Math wasn't a hard subject to me. To me, it was mostly just taking a formula, taking some numbers and then plugging those numbers into the formula easy.

The teacher recommended that I sign up as a math tutor, and I figured that it would be a good way to make money, being paid through the school. So I signed up for it and started making enough money to be a little more independent, but not enough to really add up. It was near the end of the year, in the month or so before exams, when people were desperate to get last minute tutoring and help with their end of term assignments.

Luckily for me, Mary was included among them. There were other tutors, but since Mary and I were already familiar, she had preferred to have me tutor her, and I had made a point of saving a spot for her. Tutoring, like with other students happened in the library for an hour after school. Mary booked a few sessions over the course of two months to help out with her homework.

One day, Mary and I had a session and we started work on some math problems together. In between problem sets and explaining concepts we chatted, about our friends, our interests, whatever came to mind. I had become more and more interested in Mary at this point because she was surprisingly artistic. She was a fan of music, apparently, but despite the Slayer t-shirt that she was wearing that day she had a fairly well rounded interest in different kinds of music.

She was also fairly passionate about art, and I caught her doodling more than once during our sessions, though the doodles put to shame anything that I could try drawing. She was also gifted with that special kind of quick-witted sarcasm, which made me laugh a little too loud more than once. After the hour, the librarian came over to shoo us out.

We hadn't finished working on all of her assignment, but we had made a lot of progress. Mary still seemed kind of upset that we didn't finish, and suggested that maybe we finish up at her house. This caught me off guard but I stammered out a "yes" in the end.

I asked her, "When?" She said "Why not right now? I only live five minutes from the school." Since I only lived about a half hour from the school, I agreed and we started walking down the road to her place. It was winter, and there was a lot of snow on this particular day. There was a light fall coming down as we walked, but it wasn't unbearably cold. We left the school grounds and walked down to her street.

She lived in a three-story house, but it was very narrow. I noticed that there was no car in her driveway. We climbed the front steps, she took out her house key, unlocked the door and we went in. We both shivered a little as we took off our coats. She had worn her coat the whole time in the library. When I asked her why, she said it was because "She was cold." It was then in the house that I realized that today she was wearing a tank top, with a fair amount of cleavage that made her breasts really stand out.

She was also wearing black leggings, which showed off her slender, shapely legs and tight rear end. It was lucky that big natural euro tits on mona lee pornstar and knockers left the room before she noticed my growing hard on, which I quickly adjusted so it was less obvious in my jeans.

She went up the stairs that lead to the upper floors and told me to follow her. I was feeling somewhat uncomfortable for some reason; perhaps it was how deadly silent the house was right then.

Still, I followed her up, backpack in tow. She had waited for me on the second floor. "My room is this way," she said, nodding up the stairs. She went up to the third floor and I caught an even better sight of her slender legs and distracting ass, that swayed in that way so typical of her. I followed now, more than a little distracted, with my heart beating like mad. Hitting the third floor, I realized that her bedroom was the entire attic basically.

She had put up posters of various bands and musicians that she liked, as well as a few drawings and paintings that she had made herself. She had a single bed, low to the ground, and a small desk with a computer on it. Instinctively I went for the computer, but she immediately corrected me: "No, don't bother, there's not enough room for both of us to work there. Come over on the bed, it's easier." The steady uneasiness and excitement that I had been feeling all this while was growing more and more, but I sat down next to her on her bed.

We took out some of our school things and continued to work on her math assignments. After a few minutes, I started to relax as we got back to the swing of things. After an hour, I had practically forgotten that I was sitting on a gorgeous girl's bed with her with nobody home. After a good while, we nearly finished the assignment.

Mary was getting bored of the work, and I knew I wouldn't be able to keep her on track for long if we kept going, so I suggested that we took a break for a while.

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"Good," she said, and cleared through her work on the floor. She did a quick stretch, as I followed her lead and then stopped.

For what seemed like forever neither one of us said anything. The silence in the house was overwhelming, and all of the discomfort I felt earlier had come back. "So, uhm, how're things?" I asked, desperate to stat some kind of small talk. "You know, I don't think that you should tutor me anymore," she said flatly. "What? Why?" I was surprised, and a little bit hurt amateur webcam couple foot job doggystyle and cumshots the way that she said that.

"Because you're an idiot," Mary responded. "How am I an idiot?" I asked, now getting a bit irritated. "You have been with me in my house, trying your best not to look at my tits when you think I can't see you, with nobody home, on my bed, and you've done absolutely fuck all." "What're you talking -" and then she kissed me. It wasn't a peck. It was a strong, firm, sinking kind of kiss. The softness of her lips, the wetness in her kiss, the suddenness; I wasn't prepared for any of it.

I was so shocked that I froze. She continued to kiss me for a good few seconds, then she broke from it and gave me a look. "Well? What're you going to do about it?" she asked, again in her flat tone.

I don't know what came over me, but something in me just immediately snapped. I dove at her and started kissing her back. I think she wasn't fully ready for how I responded but soon enough she gave in and put her arms around me. I was lying on top of her on the bed, and we were writhing and desperately kissing each other. I'm not sure how, but soon our tongues started playing with each other and our mouths were getting sloppy with saliva.

After what was probably seven minutes of intense making out we finally broke from it and took a breath. We both wiped our mouths. She and I gave each other a smile that showed equal amounts of contentment and lust.

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Then, I stopped smiling. She looked confused for a minute, and then I lowered my lips next to her ear. "I've wanted to do this for a long time," I whispered. "Me too," she said. A new wave pretty babe kitty catherine fucks a horny pawn dude lust took over me and I started nibbling on her ear. She started to breath more sharply when I did that. I moved down to her neck and I thought now I heard small moans every now and again.

Now I was the one on the offensive. I wasn't paying attention, but she had grabbed my hand and forced it to her breast. There was no way I was going to be able to hide my hard on now. I squeezed her breast and moved my hand around in a circle, massaging it through her tank top. Now she was definitely moaning. I think without either of us realizing, we had adjusted ourselves so that she had spread her legs and I was between her, instinctively thrusting into her mound. Very suddenly she pushed me up a little bit.

I watched as she lifted her tank top slightly, shoved my hand up, under her bra, and directly on to her breast. She grabbed the back of my head and forcefully pulled me back down to her, where her frantic tongue started darting in and out of my mouth. Now I could feel her nipple poking my hand and her moans were almost like grunts.

I realized that I probably sounded a lot like her. I decided that maybe I should take charge again, and tried to reach under her to grab her ass. I tried putting my hand between her legs to reach it but she didn't lift her butt. Instead, my hand met up with the outline of her pussy.

Even though I could feel how intense the heat coming off of it was, I froze again. I didn't know what to do. I thought that I had gone too far. Luckily for me, Mary knew exactly what to do. She started grinding her pussy into my hand for a minute before she lifted the waistband on her leggings.

She grabbed sunny leone hot xxx story with condom download hand and guided it down. I felt her smooth belly as my hand sunk lower and lower. My fingers slowly slid down the sides of her wet lips, my middle finger dangling over the opening of her pussy. I didn't feel any hair at all, and I realized that she must shave it.

With a bold new confidence, I started fingering her pussy. As I slid my finger in I could hear her gasp feel her tighten up around my finger. She was soaked. Now she had stopped grunting and started to whimper.

I pulled up her tank top and bra and exposed her breasts. They were perfect, large C-cups with quarter-sized nipples, fully erect. Without waiting for her to respond I put my mouth on one and started sucking on it. She moaned very loudly when that happened.

My ring finger joined my middle finger as I kept penetrating Mary, now she was gasping loudly and grunting again. Her breathing kept becoming sharper and louder and I started to finger her faster.

I swear that a puddle was forming on her bed. I switched between her breasts as I sucked, and took the liberty to nibble a little as I did it. Suddenly, she arched her back, yelled loudly and came all over my fingers.

Her pussy tightened and convulsed and her body shook, but I refused to stop. I kept sucking on her nipple and I slammed my fingers in and out of her as she climaxed, and kept going until her body finally stopped shaking. She was breathless, but she quickly forced me to kiss her, again grabbing the back of my head and forcing her lips into mine.

She pulled my hand out of her leggings and then pushed me on my back. Now she was on top of me, kissing me furiously. After a while, she paused, and looked down at me with a wicked smile. "I think I should thank you for being such a good tutor." I almost came right there. Mary unzipped my fly and with very little effort pulled my pants down and my cock out.

By now I was rock solid, with a small a bit of jism dripping out of my glans. I was looking forward to this gorgeous girl giving me a hand job. Unsurprisingly, Mary caught me off guard again. She licked my cock from the base of its shaft to the tip, swirling her tongue around the end before her lips covered the head and she started gently sucking.

It took a huge amount of concentration to stop myself from blowing my load in her mouth right there. Mercifully, she stopped for a second. She took her tank top and bra off the whole way, fully exposing her naked torso.

I was again stunned by how gorgeous she was: not a blemish, not a fault on that pale beauty. Then, she again lowered her head and took me into her mouth.

She started off gently sucking, but then started to go deeper. She got a good amount of my length into her mouth, and jerked classic tabofull sex movie mom and son rest with her hand. It had been a while since anybody had given me this kind of attention, and it was overwhelming with a girl as gorgeous as Mary.

She pulled her hair to one side so I could get a good view of her sucking my cock, her full lips covering the whole thing in saliva. I felt a tightening sensation in my balls; I knew that I couldn't last much longer.

Mary went faster and faster, sucking with incredible force. I let out a loud yell and bucked my hips forward, shooting one of the biggest loads I had ever known, right into the trusting mouth of Mary. She still surprised me, rather than pulling away in disgust, she swallowed load after load that I shot into her mouth, still jerking it with her hand, milking me for my cum.

After I had again gone limp, she took her lips off of my cock and gave it a gentle kiss. She wiped some of the cum and saliva from the corners of her mouth, sucking it off of her fingers. I was exhausted, collapsed on the bed.

Mary moved up next to me, swinging an arm and a leg over me. She cuddled to me, and almost seemed to purr with contentment. "How was that?" she whispered. "Jesus Christ," was all I could say. She giggled and kissed my cheek. I started asking her questions, about how this all came to be. As it turned out, she thought that I was kind of cute, and she wanted to show her appreciation for all the help I gave her on her homework.

She had been planning this out for the past couple of weeks. We went uninterrupted because her parents didn't come back until later in the evening usually. None the less, she kicked me out after a few more minutes just to be safe.

Her parents didn't like it when she had boys over. It was just as well, I had to be home too. So glamour babe teasing and fingering in lingerie a kiss horny milf valentina rides stepsons giant dick at the door, I left in stunned ecstasy.

The next week, we had a math test. I was surprised to see Mary among one of the first to go up and hand in her test. A couple of days later, our tests were graded and given back to us.

Later that day, I found a note in my locker. It read: I got an A on my test. Thanks for the extra study sessions, it really helped. Do you think you'd be able to do more private sessions? I've been having some problems with anatomy too. Mary P.S. I might have some study tools to help.