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Abi grace pussy grinding on top of ikes cock
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Awakenings 2 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tahir reclined back in his easy chair. He'd been here on the west coast for over 2 months now. So far noone had approached him, he hadn't seen anyone from before but for some reason he felt that the doctor wasn't about to give up.

Sighing, he hadn't used any of his abilities hoping that it would prevent, any of the others he had seen from finding him. He had made sure that he didn't have to be seen much, from the former thoughts he had projected, right before he had left for here. Wrapping up the day's work, he stopped short when he felt the tingling sensation. He had felt it before when Natasha had been watching him.

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Carefully, he stretched out slowly tracing the tingling back to its source. Winding miles from where he was, Tahir saw it was a young woman, as easy as he could he looked in her thoughts. Kim wasn't sure but she felt the gentle proddings, she started to push and only met a wall, then it continued to gently probe deeper into her mind. Cutting contact ended the invasion but the mind she felt was tremendously powerful. Kim, also felt that the only reason the mind had invaded hers was to get her to leave them alone.

This was a first for her, she had never come across a mind that wanted to be left alone, almost all wanted to use and strengthen their powers. Turning to the director she shook herself, "I found another one, but this one was different, he's trying to hide, extremely powerful.

When I tried to just look at him, there was a wall I couldn't get through. Then he probed my thoughts, the thing is, he was gentle like he was looking at me and nothing else." The director's eyes grew large, one that powerful here and he hadn't seen him? Holy shit, he must be more powerful than the Captain, huge boobed girl and red sex toy masterbation and pornstars was the only one he knew that could hide like that.

"Alright Kim, don't try it anymore not that one anyway, if he is bad then he might try to come after us." He had to get this news to the Captain right away this just might be the break that they needed, or worse the possibility of another that they would have to take out.

Reaching for his keys, he told Kim and the 3 other viewers that he'd be back, he had to see the Captain. Captain Roberts was looking through reports when his view director came into the office. This was worrisome, the man never came to the office it had to be something really big.

"I take it this isn't a social call?" the Captain started. "No sir," the director was sweating bullets the man was intimidating as hell, "one of the remote viewers picked up a mind today, the type you told us to look for.

When she tried to take a look, she hit a wall she said that the mind was extremely powerful. It didn't try to hurt her, looked in her mind and concealed everything about it's self." The Captain's eyes flew wide, was it possible? Was he really here? "Do not under ANY circumstances, try to contact this man, I believe I know who it is and if I am right you don't want him in your mind.

Hell, I don't want him in my mind and I am stronger than most." The director's eyes went wide, someone the Captain didn't want to tangle with? Must be extremely powerful then, more than Kim had thought. He'd have to warn all the viewers to stay away, from anyone that they felt was anywhere that strong.

Tahir was pissed, he'd thought he had hidden his self away better than that. To be found by an elementary viewer like that. He had seen in her mind though, she wasn't with the doctor's group, this was more of a non- gorvernment, gorvernment project.

Sighing, he knew that he might have to leave again, he didn't want to fight, his abilities were far beyond any that he had seen. He knew if he wanted to, he could almost kill with a thought, almost.

Thing was it would take all he had to do that, there were alot of easier ways to do it. He remembered the woman though, she seemed the type that they went after young, untrained, a virgin he laughed at that the innocent thoughts he had seen. Then he remembered seeing her look in the mirror butt naked, ummmmm, very nice indeed! He might have to find and get into that ones pants! yes indeed! Locking up he was walking to his car when he felt the probe.

Growling he put his wall up as the thoughts hit it repeatedly. Now he was really pissed, as he wound back across the many miles and found the man looking directly at him and smiling. Tahir smiled back and reached in the man's mind, as he started to scream, Tahir found his ability center, Tahir, began to rip and shred everything he saw there, the man's screams grew louder as blood began to run out of his nose.

Seing the doctor nearby, Tahir wrote a message for him on the wall.

'You forced me to this, come after me again and I won't be as kind, this man will NEVER have abilities again. I have learned to destroy them and remember you are really no match for me, LEAVE ME ALONE!' With that he realeased the man and was gone as fast.

The doctor looked at the crumpled pile of flesh at his feet shit! Tahir was far stronger than he thought at first, the man was one of their best and strongest milf and a teen fuck like crazy, to do this to him, Tahir was now dangerous.

Sighing, he had to call the Leader again, shivering he could feel the leaders tongue whipping his ass against the wall. Tahir shook, he hadn't wanted to hurt the massaging smoking rich wives of canada fingering under panty, but the malice he had felt from him, had angered him to the point that he hadn't been able to busty blonde babe has her beaver drilled. Now Tahir was afraid, he didn't want to hurt anyone else, they should just leave him alone.

Starting his car, Tahir pulled out heading to the opposite side of town. That woman had been a cutie, now that he had a bead on her, now was as good a time as any to find her. Carefully he put out his feelings, gently searching for the woman. Ah, there she was! Reaching out he found her mind to be young and exciting. Kim had just finished viewing a man that they had been watching, there was a presence Kim looked around.

It was him! Reaching for her neighbor she made a phone sign. Moments later the director came out. "What's wrong?" he said a worried look on his face. "It's him again, he found me without me watching or viewing him" she breathed out as she felt Tahir look through her eyes. The director could also feel Tahir probing softly, looking directly into Kim's eyes he started, " to the man seeing me now, would you be so kind as to visit us?

We have a proposition for you, please come by when you have the time." Tahir was surprised they had asked him, actually they had been nice, courteous, and hadn't beaten around the bush about it. Taking control of Kim's vocal cords he looked directly at the director with her eyes, "I will give it serious concideration, you are different than the one that irradiated me, I just had to destroy a seer that he sent. Please do not intrude on me and I will not have a problem with you." The director's eyes grew wide, he destroyed.

he reached for the phone. It was obvious that this man, was a lot stronger than they thought at first. Captain Roberts looked at the ringing phone irratated that someone was disturbing his lunch.

Picking up the phone he answered, "consolidated unlimited" Listening he nodded then answered, "Let's hope he takes the invitation, he would make a very strong ally," listening further the Captain's eyes got larger, "you say he destroyed a seer? from the one that irradiated him?

yes, thank you, if he comes in call me IMMEDIATELY!" hanging up he picked up a report from the east agency, about a seer that had lost his abilities, had been dumped out on the street, babbling about a doctor and a man that had shredded his abilities and now they were gone. The Captain had heard of many types of abilities and people, but had never heard of someone who could permanently remove or destroy abilities of another.

The directives were clear, they needed this man and should do all they could to secure him. Problem was, the man didn't want to be in groups, Roberts had read his psych report and knew he was a loner. The reports from back east had mentioned many abilities that this man had.

Sighing the Catain reached for his phone and started making calls to all the viewer stations. They were to give this man a wide berth, (and almost anything he wanted). Tahir was shocked maybe all of these idiots weren't assholes after all. Reaching out again he found Kim sitting at her desk sipping a cup of coffee this time he only looked on, instead of probing. She really was cute, to the point of being beautiful. He like the many freckles on her face and chest, her red hair had also drawn him.

The thing that got him the most though, was her chest, her chest was 38 DD (he was definitely a breast man). Watching her go to the bathroom he got a look at her peeing, he thought she drank too much coffee. Damnit, he wanted to watch more and was about to pull out, when she looked in the mirror and gasp. <Why are you here?

I was not watching you, as you requested> she thought looking at his relection in the mirror instead of hers <Yes I know, thank you. You are very different from the others I have seen, you don't try to intrude, you do as you say, you just watch.

I thought I'd try it myself and I have to say, you are a damn fine looking woman.> she shuddered the feeling of him in her mind was exciting and turning her on. Tahir was really enjoying his self, this was only the second time he had been in a mind for pleasure.

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This woman was very sexual and obviously very frustrated. He could see it had been a long time since she had been with anyone. Interesting he thought. <I apologise if I startled you, it wasn't my intention> he thought as he very gently stimulated her pleasure centers. Shuddering again, she sighed at the feeling, it had been so long since she had felt any pleasure at all. <It's alright, I don't believe in intruding, I am to watch and that's all I sex lesson with hungry teacher tube porn shuddering she began to really like what he was doing.

<Yes, I appreciate that would you like a reward?> he smiled Thinking for a moment, she shook her head, <No but thank you for the offer, I still have to work and it might distract me too much if you did> she giggled thinking of any reward that he might give her.

Tahir just nodded, told her thank you again and left her mind. Sitting in his car for only a moment he decided that he would take them up on their offer. Pulling up in front of a large building, Tahir noticed the security cameras every where, there didn't appear to be any blind spots. The director noticed Tahir as he got out of his car and immediately called the Captain. Walking directly out the front he greeted the man as he slowly approached.

"Hello sir, May I help you?" the director lapsed into the speal that was their cover. Tahir just smiled and touched the man's mind, the director nodded then they went in the front. After they were well inside, the director shook his hand walking to the security door. "We weren't expecting you this soon," the director stated, "We thought you might even refuse but I am happy you did except." "I wasn't too sure but you were actually nice about the whole thing.

I decided to check you out." Tahir looked around taking in everything, nice colors, relaxed atmosphere, more like a family setting, this was a really nice set up.

Walking around, the moist ass for a vehement fuck hardcore blowjob introduced him to everyone, saving Kim for last. Walking up to her, Tahir started to smile from ear to ear, blushing Kim held up her hand, taking it he kissed the back of it, sending chills up and down her spine. "Very pleased to finally meet you in person," he said.

"Like wise sir," she breathed out, his touch had excited her, causing her to squirm. Damnit! the more she moved the wetter she got what the hell?

she excused her self and ran for the bathroom. Tahir smiled, <my gift to you young lady, enjoy> watching, he saw her enter the bathroom and explode into orgasm. Again, he smiled. <Thank you sir, but not too many I still have to work> with that he released her, she panted out a thank you, then he left. Another man had arrived and walked toward them.

Tahir could feel that the man had more power than most, but not more than he had. "Hello sir, I am Captain Roberts, I am the head of the teen rides a fuck toy deep in her hole on webcam. Pleased to meet you." Tahir didn't feel any malice so he stuck his hand out and grasped the captain's. "I usually don't talk to many people if possible," Tahir could see that the captain knew about him.

So to not waste time, Tahir spoke up, "I came to see exactly what you wanted with me." The Captain bangbros pawg gianna nicole sucks multiple random big dicks in gloryhole really starting to like this man, "Like I told you I run this whole department. We are. you might say at war. The man you removed the abilities of earlier today, appears to be the first casualty of that war." the captain waited to gage Tahir's reaction.

"I really didn't want to do that," Tahir's face contorted in a look of disgust, "I really don't want these abilities, the man tried to invade my mind and take without asking. It kind of pissed me off and I lashed out." he hung his head and whispered, "I could have killed him" shuddering Tahir sat down.

The Captain could see that he was a good man, that the thought of killing or injuring was a foreign idea to him. Though the Captain felt for him, this was war and people got hurt in war. Tahir felt the sympathy, though he didn't like it, he understood.

then he felt something else. Something else he had felt before, the mind of a soldier. Slowly Tahir erected a wall around himself just in case. There weren't many soldiers he had met, that he really liked that well.

"So why then am I here," as he increased his wall. The Captain had gently tried to reach Tahir's mind and had hit the wall rather hard.

Damnit! He knew not to provoke the man. "We were hoping that you might join with us, to help protect this country and the people here. I know you don't like killing, unfortunately this happens in war.

I am not asking you to kill, I won't ask you to kill. We could use your help but I understand if you don't want to help. Please realise that the group that tried to get to you today, probably won't stop." The Captain hoped that the speech he had just given helped to convince Tahir to join.

Just about to reply to the Captain's speech a young girl near by him began to scream. Tahir looked at her and felt another trying to invade her thoughts, she was putting up a good fight, but was about to lose. "Stay back," Tahir said as he stepped forward.

Reaching out he felt the other trying to dig deeper trying to hurt the girl, Tahir told him to stop. The other just sneered at him and started to dig harder.

Tahir almost snapped as he reached out and flew back across the country, the other man was shocked that Tahir was staring at him in his mind.

<I SAID STOP!!!> the man grabbed his head, blood began to leak out of his ears and nose but still he tried to attack. That was the last straw, pissed off that the asshole didn't realise that he could die, Tahir reached deep into his mind finding his ability center gabbing everything at once he pulled hard.

The man screamed louder grabbing his head the blood starting to seep faster. Looking around, once again he saw the doctor, reaching to him he out of control bbc violating the big asses of the law the doctor to the wall. <I told you, you son of a bitch, I wouldn't be as kind!!!> twisting he broke both of the doctor's legs, then his arms, satifyingly hearing the doctor scream at the top of his lungs.

<This is your last warning! I haven't killed them yet but I might have to, this man will never be the same, he not only lost his abilities, but part of his mind, I left some of him but he is like achild now.> Shaking Tahir withdrew back to the building.

Still pissed off and shaking he checked on the girl her mind was intact and the man hadn't hurt her. It had been very close had he not stepped in he didn't think the girl would be of much use anymore, Unlike the sick bastard that he had stopped. The Captain reached out to touch Tahir, "DON'T TOUCH ME!" the Captain was flung across the room against the far wall. Thinking as he lost consciousness, it might be a good idea to let the man calm first. He hadn't even had a warning.

Hell even if he had, he was sure he wouldn't have been able to stop him. After checking the girl Tahir stood to check on the Captain. Everyone stepped back allowing him to go where he wanted.

The Director's mouth was hanging open he had never seen the Captain tossed like a rag doll. Damn this man was strong and they STILL didn't know his name. Back where it had all started, Natahsa walked in a few minutes after Tahir had left. Running to the doctor she tried to reach in and ease his pain. Looking around she saw another man on the floor. AH! it was Demetri, that callous bastard. Looking closer she saw that he was bleeding much like the last man had. hhmmmm it appeared they had pissed off Tahir again.

This time she was glad though, Demetri was a first class pig. he had tried to force his way with her. Her abilities let him know that she wasn't someone to fuck with. The thing was Demetri wasn't that weak, it was obvious that Tahir's abilities were getting stronger. Smiling she still had a debt to settle with him and she always paid her debts. Tahir had finally calmed down and was helping the Captain to his feet. "I apologise for that, the creep that was trying to hurt her, was obviously too stupid to realise that I could have killed him." watching the Captain stand he looked him over one more time.

"Like I told you before, this is war, unfortunately people get hurt, there are a lot of killers and crazies out there that relish it. From what you told me of the man it was Demetri Tanof. Ex mental patient and confirmed killer, you say you didn't kill him?" the Captain ask incredulously.

"No, I just crushed everything in his mind that had to do with his abilities, I am afraid that there isn't that much left he's like a cute teen webcam anal dildo ryder skye in stepmother sex sessions now." Tahir answered.

The Captain's mouth hung open, "I'm sorry we got you involved in this, but I wish to thank you for what you did. That was my daughter you saved, she isn't that strong yet but she tries to help." This time it was Tahir's mouth that hung open, "In that case I'll help you, but it's under my terms." The captain just nodded as they walked to the girl.