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Lovely brunette girl masturbate with sextoy camshow masturbation amateur
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I'm on my way to read a will at a home located in one of Dallas's wealthy suburbs. Joan Leva had died, she hired my law firm years ago. I'm pleasantly surprised when I'm greeted at the front door of the Leva home by smaller, a far younger and prettier version of Mrs.

Leva. " You must be John the lawyer, I'm Tina, Joan's niece," the young woman said curtly. I ignore the young woman's commands instead examining her from head to toe. She is a small petite dark hair woman, with pouty lips, flawless silky tanned skin and large dark eyes.

She has long straight jet black hair. But, it is her body that made my groin ache. She has perfectly shaped round breasts sitting high on her chest with large nipples which protruded under her skimpy top. Her small butt jutting out invitingly from her cut-offs. I involuntarily lick my lips. The petite woman looked back at me with a mixture of disgust and fascination. I'm a savage-looking man with big arms, square shoulders and a big chest.

At 6'6" I'm almost three feet taller than Tina who appears to be 5' 5". I notice that with the extra height my boots give me, her mouth is only a few inches above my belt buckle. I snap out of my reverie when I notice Tina's large dark eyes are fixed on my crotch. I realized that I had a raging hard-on. Her mouth drops slightly open as she views the massive bulge in my pants.

It is a reaction that I'm used too. Tina blushes when she realizes that I had noticed her gaze. " Don't you think its time that you got to work, Sir." she snaps and shutting the door behind me. I'm sitting in the dining room at the table, when I notice a shadow next to me. When I look up I see Tina standing next to me.

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" How's it going?" She said, smirking. I pause before I spoke, savoring the view I have of her perfect breasts under her top.

I also notice that she has changed into a mini-skirt which affords me a view of her small round ass. " Ok" I mutter. I caught her looking at my crotch. " Would you like some water." she asks. " Sure" I said as I got up following her into the kitchen, as I sat in the kitchen and laugh to myself.

Tina is looking for a cup all over the kitchen. She keeps bending over alternately affording me views of her breasts and ass as she claims to be looking for a cup. I am going to have some fun with that nice small ass, I muse. I wonder how much dick she'll be able to take. " Damn," Tina exclaims as she attempts to grab a cup out of her reach, " John, can you give me a hand." I begin to salivate as I came up behind her reaching over her to open the cupboard.

I press my erection in between her shoulder blades. Suddenly, Tina stumbles back against me, placing her small delicate hand on my cock as she caught her balance. She let her hand rest there for a full second, pressing it against my cock as she pretends to regain her balance.

" Oh, the cups are over here." Tina tells me, she is 30 years old, single, never married, no children, not currently in a relationship. I'm relieved to hear that she is thirty years old since she looks to be 16 years old. " Here's an asian girl masturbates on web cam water" she said, her attitude suddenly becoming cold. " You better get back to work." I'm too stunned to speak. I got up angrily, slamming my cup down.

Tina smirked at me and giggled.

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I tried to forget my humiliation in the work. But while I'm working in the dining room I'm forced to remember. I hear her snickering as she spoke on the telephone. " Jeannie you will not believe what I just did." " I am such a nasty little tease." Tina told her friend of her encounter with me. Her conversation drifted into the dining room. " His penis was bursting out of his jeans. Eugh, no way, he's like some animal man, he would crush me." " His dick must be 5 times the size of Rob's.

Yeah, well he kind of turns me on." " It would be like doing it with a caveman, an animal." " I think I'm going to tease him some more." " Maybe, I'll get him to take off his pants so I can get a picture of it for you." " I'm getting so horny thinking about this gorilla I have to do something about it -- you know what I mean." I quietly enter the hall upstairs of the house.

I'm not disappointed when I got to her room. Tina is laying naked on her bed, eyes closed legs spread, fingering herself wildly.

I undress and wait. I creep up to her so that my huge cock is only inches from her mouth. Her body is spectacular - smooth velvety skin without an ounce of fat. I waited until the right moment, then as her breathing got heavy I laid the plum-sized head of my throbbing cock against her full lips. Tina open her eyes jerking her head away in fear when she sees my giant cock. Tina's eyes bugged out. " Ohhh -- my -- god," she gasps. " What the hell are you doing in my bedroom." Then she giggles, " Ohhh my god that thing doesn't look real." Tina is completely unnerved and terrified by the situation but she tried to stay cool.

" What's it like 9 inches and its bigger around then my ankle." She said in amazment. " Yes 9," I replied, " do you want to go a few rounds." Tina quickly sputters her answer, hoping to defuse the situation. " Hey thanks for showing it to me, but your out of my league. As you can see I'm very petite, size 5, all over, if you know what I mean.

I mean I was kind of turned on by you, and uh kind of thinking about you and interested just now, but you know I'm 5' 5" and 110 lbs, and well uh, but maybe we could go out some time or uhh" Tiny realized she is starting fucking my friends smoking hot mom tyler faith babble.

I smirk " why dream about it when you can have the real thing. Are you afraid to get fucked by a real man?" I looked down on Tina as she thought about what I had said. Her breathing begins quicken and her eyes begin to well up with tears. She is curious yet terrified. She is exited by the thought of that giant cock inside of her but at the same time feared it. " Get dressed," Tina barked suddenly, trying unsuccessfully to conceal her fear and indecision with a commanding voice.

" Look, I tried to be cool, but its time for you to get out." I laugh. " You heard me you stupid man, get dressed and leave before you get fired or worse.

You think I'd let that monster inside me." Tina laughs. " A piece of trash like you could never have a girl like me." I laugh grabbing her arm. " I heard you talking to your friend. I know you never were going to fuck breathtaking czech girl is tempted in the mall and penetrated in pov, you little tease" Tina smiles.

" You're right, I was just having some harmless fun, a fantasy -- you must have realized that it never could have gone anywhere." Tina laughs derisively, but her eyes remain fixed on my huge pulsating hard-on, she feels weak with desire.

Tina got up from her bed and pointed to the door. " But it is going somewhere-- I'm going to make your dreams come true." I snarl, Before Tina can reply, I grab her by the hair smashing the head of my cock against her lips. I notice with satisfaction that when she is standing up her mouth is even with my cock head. Tina refuses to open her mouth so I pull on her hair with one hand and her chin with the other.

When I manage to pry open her mouth a stream of drool comes out. " Mouth-watering" I laugh. " suck it good you little tease." Tina struggles but she can only get her mouth around the head.

Then, suddenly, she takes my cock in her two hands and begins licking up and down its entire length as if she is praying to it.

" Oh God, uhhh god. ." Tina's face is wet with spittle. She is awestruck at the feeling and taste of my huge member. She looks up at me lustfully. Suddenly, I pick her up with one hand tossing her back on enormous chubby sbbw shows tits on cam bed.

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She is definitely a featherweight " You need to get fucked." " No please don't, I cant take it, I told you I'm very small, even my ex-boyfriend Rob has trouble getting it in, and he was really small." I snicker, " that just means its going to be that much tighter for me.

I've put several young women in the hospital, they have completely recovered." My cock got even harder as I flashed back to my cock ramming into that little Asian bitch, last month. " I have had a cunt as small. mofos i know that girl skinny squirting s you. You'll survive - maybe." I begin to rub the huge head on her cunt.

I'm patient, I wait until her pussy is good and wet. Tina's breath begins to quicken. She looks down at the glistening head of my cock feeling herself weakening. She wants to be fucked by that monster cock. She is afraid, but she wants to be filled up until she can't take anymore. " Oh god, yes do it." She moans. I wedge the head of my cock into her small cunt. Tina looks up at me her face showing a mixture of fear, lust and anticipation.

With a grunt I force my dick into her. She feels the walls of her vagina straining against the head of my cock, it feels as if I'm ripping her cunt apart.

Tina lets out a high-pitched wail--maybe she has made a mistake, she is too small for me. I push as hard as I can but I cannot get my cock all the way inside of her. Tina begins to shudder violently as I move the head of my cock inside her, she tosses her head from side to side. She has never felt this before, the mixture of pleasure and pain is delicious. " Oh yes, yesss" she squeals as she came. When I tried to pull my cock out I realized that I'm stuck inside her.

Each time I tried to pull out I only succeed in dragging Tina further down the bed. The sensation of pulling her around by my cock is incredible -- my cock controls this little bitch. " Oh ow, owww, your turning me inside out, stop, stop." I ignore her screams using my cock to drag her by her cunt to the end of the bed.

Tina wants to tell me to stop but she feels overwhelmed by my power. I stood up and Tina stayed connected to me, only her head and shoulders are still on the bed, her legs dangling to each side of me. I'm still only half-inside Tina.

I grab her ass cheeks with each hand jerking her roughly towards me while simultaneously I begin short hard thrusts with my hips. Tina is gasping and shrieking as my thrusts push my cock deeper and deeper inside of her. She begins to cum once again " oh it hurts so good, eeee, owww, owww, uh, oh god." My cock is still only half way in. I begin to push harder and in one last vicious thrust I slam my cock into the hilt.

Tina screams and almost passes out, her cunt is being stretched as it never has been. Tina begins to moan and babble. She lets out a long high-pitched wail. " OEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEO" I can't -- no -- what's happening to me -- I'm burning." " Take it out you asshole, I'm done, I came.

I'll use my hand to finish you, I'll lick it." I smirk at her. " Now the real fucking begins." I grunted. I'm still standing, I look down at a glassy-eyed Tina whose back is arched with her head and shoulders resting on the bed. Tina is gasping as I pull my cock until it almost is all the way out of her and then slam it back in as I also pull her ass to meet my thrust. Our pubes met with loud thuds.

Over and over I thrust into Tina's cunt as I slam her petite body against me. With each thrust there is a loud smack. The force of the thrusts reverberate through Tina's entire body. Pain shoots through her hips as she feels as if her body will be split in two. Her head bounces wildly on the bed as I slam into her.

Tina is porn mom ngentot sampai pingsan, she has to stop me. She can feel her insides being pushed against by my cock inside her. " You're killing me," Tina screams. " Take it all you little cunt" I growl as I slam her cunt harder and harder. Tina feels nauseous as I slam into her. With each thrust she is terrified at what is happening to her small cunt. With each thrust she feels herself becoming smaller and more helpless. But she came again.

Suddenly, I pull Tina's long legs from my sides so that they were in front of my chest. In one motion I rotated Tina on my cock so that I can fuck her from behind.

Tina screams as her cunt twists raw. In this new beautiful latina bangs stranger at his home Tina's legs hung down in front of me with her feet still off the floor.

Tina is holding onto the bed with both hands and her face is pressed against the covers. I keep slamming into her cunt, finding ways to get even deeper inside her, trying to tear her apart with my massive weapon. With each thrust I watch her little ass cheeks spread as her cunt tries to accommodate my cock. With each thrust Tina's pleasure yields to the immense pain as I drive my cock deeper inside her. Tina can't breathe as panic starts to overtake her.

Tina starts to hyperventilate and cry. She desperately tries to pull free from my grasp. Her struggling only incenses me. I'm now using all my power to fuck her as hard and fast as I can. Tina became more desperate when she feels this change in me and with a every bit of strength she has left she pulls against on the bed and succeedes in pulling both of them onto the bed, I'm still fucking her like a madman.

With each thrust I slam into her so hard that her body is smashed into the bed. Each time I pull my cock back, I pull Tina up by her hips so with each down thrust I enjoy slamming her entire body back down onto the bed.

With the pain in her cunt, Tina feels like she is suffocating as I repeatedly smashed her between myself and the bed. I slam her into the bed with such force the bed frame collapses under my force.

Tina and I fell with the bed and my cock and body weight crash into her.

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Tina gasping and again crawled and struggled, like a watch me riding this huge ebony cock clawing her way to the side of the bed. Tina's struggling is making it all the more pleasurable for me. I feel a huge load of cum building in me. Tina twisting with a last heave she is able to pull her head and shoulders off of the side of the bed and on to the floor so that she is bent in half looking up at her legs.

As she did, I slam my body down on her, slamming my cock into her. As the two of us hit the floor. There is a sickening crack. Tina is overcome with terror, a cold-shiver running through her body. Tears streaming down her face, she feel humiliated.

Tina's body doubled over unnaturally her face is almost touching her cunt as I continue to slam into her. My balls slapping into Tina's face over and over as I fuck her. She feels sick to her stomach. I keep Tina doubled over and picked up the folded up Tina by her hips and arm then drop down with all my weight as I slam into her. " Oh god, yes" I yell as I slam her cunt. Finally, after what seem like an eternity to Tina, I pull my cock out of her and let a huge stream of cum drip down from her cunt.

Tina is suffocated by the huge hot load. I left her sniveling on the floor.

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Two days later Tina shows up at my door, she is wearing a plaid mini-skirt with pink boots with a white dress shirt tied into a mid-drift.

" I want to talk to you about what happened between us." Tina stammers as she walks into my condo. My cock became hard immediately, " Take your clothes off and get down on your hands and knees." I commanded.

I quickly undressed, climbing between her legs. Tina's heart is racing more then it had been and the thought of my big cock being inside her again almost makes her pass out. I'm caressing her body slowly, she watches as I work my way up her legs.

I kiss her ass cheeks making her shiver in fear. As I reach her shaved pussy I stop, I look up at her and she sees the lust and cruelness in my gaze. I bend my head down between her spread legs giving her pussy a long wet lick. Tina tries to close her legs to protect her pussy from me, but I quickly force her thighs apart. Tina screams " Please stop, please it hurts." Tears running down her face as she tries the best she can to resist opening her legs.

She feels my fingers scrapping her legs, making red whelps on her. Not being able to resist anymore she opens her legs, she opens her legs as far as she can exposing her pussy me. Amid her screams and crying I position myself directly between her legs, I hunker down to block her legs from closing and start licking her pussy.

The rough sharp strokes of my tongue begin to hurt her almost instantly, her hips are bucking trying to keep my tongue out of her. Her sweet tight hole is brusied and sore from our first encounter two days ago. Now it is being abused and taken by me again, she thought to herself.

It is almost too much to bear that she is again surrendering to me. I'm toying with her pussy sucking and licking deep inside, knowing it hurt her and enjoying it. She lays there, her legs spread and accepting my primal lust and punishment. She is completely helpless, I'm free to violate porn films d sex instead of reading body to my delight again, with no way for her to stop me.

Tina laid very still, while I roughly squeeze her breasts, her firm young breasts and nipples are being roughly treated by my fingers. She arches her back as I move back down to her pussy again. Her nipples are hard from pinched and pulled. Screaming in pain as her body is abused, unable to defend her supple breasts.

Her pussy and tits sore and red from abuse as her mouth is violated from my tongue, she knew it is only the beginning. Her pussy can't take any more and her legs close harder and harder around me.

Tears running down her face as she is about to take my cock. I mount her back wrapping my arms around her torso, my weight holding her in place unable to move. She feels my cock growing and touching the side of her ass. I begin to rock against her ass, making my cock grow to an enormous size. I position my now huge hard cock at her sore tender pussy, I rock into it and she screams in agony. It hit her pussy and hot teen gets fucked and creampied by her boyfriend beautiful and hardcore against her tightness.

Again I rocked this time harder and her tight canal burst open, lubricating my way with her juice and blood. I slowly painfully shove my huge meat into her, her tight pussy has again been taken by me. I'm building up a rhythm inside her as I continue to stretch her pussy to its limit. My cock filling her abused body, locking her helplessly to me.

I'm ramming her hard with my powerful legs forcing my cock deeper into her. Her body begins to respond to my cock, grabbing it and massaging the massive muscle. Tina feels her pussy working my cock now and she feels a stirring deep inside of her.

'Please God,' she thought. ' I can't cum.' Her body's mind is made up and the stirring got stronger. My cock is pistoning in and out of her over stuffed pussy. She screams as she has the strongest orgasm of her life. I let out a low groan then spill my hot seed deep into her, filling her as it runs down the back of her legs. I hold in her until my knot relaxes, then with a pop I'm out.

Tina is crying as her orgasm fads and she realizes what a slut I had made her in the throws of her orgasm. Tina collapsed on the floor gasping for air and weeping, in no condition to leave. I returned two hours later, she got up on her hands and knees spreading her legs and holding still. I mounted her again, finding her gaping hole, I thrust forward impaling her, again making her respond there is nothing she can do.

My large hot cock ramming in and out of her so forceful causing pain mixed with pleasure to spread throughout her body. I groan as my hot cum is again filling her, again she came to her senses, lust filled insanity followed by unbearable guilt that I made her cum again and she enjoyed it.

My cock is still hard as I pull out of her, I re-position myself behind her. I aim a little higher, slamming my cock into her tight virgin ass. Her ass ring is being stretched and violated. My cock painfully went into her, and within moments my knot is forcing its way inside.

The pain is over whelming, but made her excited also. Moaning from the ass rape, she is now whimpering, enjoying being taken again. Tina begins screaming for me to fuck her more, for me to make her my slut. " Fuck me Fuck me, more please, John." She begs. During the afternoon hard fuck for a kinky and hot playgirl into the evening I took her several more times, fucking her mouth, ass, and pussy.

After about three hours, she passed out and awoke to find me gone, who knows how many times I fucked her while she was out. She slowly made her way to the bathroom to shower.