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My bitch taking n deep throating my cock tube porn
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It was a good day, I enjoyed my work and I listened to a good rock track on the radio as I sat in my car, driving just around the last turn before the final stretch to my home. Ironically I would only be home for roughly thirty minutes before leaving again, but this time with my love, mate and husband, Andrew. We both were guys, but he was an Omega-Wolf Type, while I was an Alpha-Wolf Type. It allowed us to breed and him to get pregnant. It made me smile as I put the car in park, shut the engine off and got out of the car.

My smile grew with every step closer to the door, opening it I directly got tackled by the kids. My girl, coming right after Andrew, though her brown fur was lighter that it almost appeared red-fox brown. "Daddy!" Lily cried out hugging my leg tightly and I couldn't help but giggle and ruffle her fur on her head. While my son, coming right after me with his dark lavender fur and hesitantly hugging my other leg. He got also a ruffle but made a playful pout about it, acting all tough and grown up.

"Nothing wrong with love, Jacob." I reminded him, finding Andrew in front of me who pressed his lips against mine. I could see he was already looking forwards to the weekend getaway. After freeing from my kids reluctantly, them going off to get ready for their aunt to visit and stay with them over the weekend I headed to Andrews' and mine bedroom to finish packing. It didn't take long as it seemed he packed already precious babe layla london sucking large massive dick hardcore and brunette advance, I couldn't help but chuckle at his anticipation.

Once the preparations were done and we gave our kids each a big kiss on their head and a tight hug, we left in our car and drove off towards the mountains. It was a few hours of drive and I grinned during the entire ride, I had paid a little bit extra on our room. King bed, awesome Mountain View, full breakfast, lunch and dinner package, snowboard classes, the whole nine yards.

While we both were aware that away from the kids meant especially to get passionate once more, I also wanted for us to have some bonding time and general, PG-13 fun. After four hours we arrived, the sun was just setting and I got out of the car, stretching and yawning. "What a drive… I thought we would never get here." I complained, scratching my head. Andrew didn't mind and simply got the luggage, it was just one big gym bag since we only would be staying for the weekend.

Once we checked in and got led to our room by the porter, Andrew started looking around in awe, while I went to the bathroom under the excuse of having to go. But in reality I undressed. Once he was again in front of the bed I walked up to him dressed in my birthday suit, his back to me.

"Well? Waddya think? I told you it would be worth it, didn't I?" I acted as if nothing changed. He turned around to answer, but I just grabbed him with one hand on his butt and the other around his neck and kissed him deeply on the lips.

Andrew gave up any resistance if there was any. With a slight push he landed on the soft bed and I jumped on top of him, grinning. "You are still so cute…" I informed him, showering his mouth and neck in kisses which sent little jolts of pleasure throughout bazarrs com by mia khilaf, I could see it, hear it and even smell it.

His clothes had to be removed and I made it my immediate priority.

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"You are as cute as the first day I saw you… The Day I made you mine… The Day you had our pups." My fully erected cock poked his anus as he was now as naked as I was, my teeth sinking gently into his neck. His little omega-hole was already wet as I pushed the mere tip inside. "A-a-andiii…" He moaned softly. I grinned and got only encouraged, pushing my cock deeper into his hole.

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I groaned as I stared him straight in the eyes, resting my diamond-hard shaft within him. "It's late, we ate already, I will be having you over and over again… Until the sun rises." I prepared him mentally, earning me a gasp of his and his tail beating against my butt cheeks in excitement. Because he knew by now I was more than just talk.

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I pressed my mouth on his, pushing my tongue between his lips, dominating him orally and anal. I was on top of him, taking him missionary for our first time on this loooong night.

His legs were lifted in the air by my hands as I pushed my cock ever deeper. I groaned in delight as it was as tight as it always had been, embracing my shaft as it was the perfect sheath. "Oh Andrew!

Still so tight, like every time!" I moaned, arcing my back trying to shove more of my genitalia into his tunnel. He rewarded me with one of his howls, arcing his back. That is when I knew I had him, my grin growing as he started to continuously moan and heavy breathe. He was panting and his eyes were filled with lust as his hands pulled on the sheets and I started to pound him now like the wild wolves we were.

"Andrew! ANDREW! AAANDREEEEW!" I screamed his name, my balls slapping against his brown butt cheeks, causing me to growl in agony of holding back. I wanted it to last as long as I could.

But there was that tight squeeze of his asshole and a howl as if he was praising the moon, it was too much! My cock swelled and shot three, perhaps four or even five spurts into his insides. I held myself over him, panting and grinning as Andrew was still jolting with pleasure.

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Slowly I pulled out, and out of reflex he got on his fours, spreading his legs and pressing his head into the bed, on a pillow. His both hands stretched his asshole and that lustful look of his face, damn! It was too irresistible… "Please Andi&hellip. Mate me… Do me like you mean it… Own me." He begged me and I would not deny the love of my life such desire. I moved over to him, grabbed him by the chin and kissed him with my love and passion eternal.

He pushed his tongue into mine and we twirled ours over and against each other's. After a heartfelt eternity, I climbed on top of him, my hands on his shoulders and my cock lining up with his anus once more. I pushed it in completely at once into his depth. And I was rewarded with a delightful moan of my name. "Aaaandi!" I mounted him and bit him in the neck, knowing how much he loved it while my cock knotted inside of him, I started to pound him as there was no escape any longer, for neither of us.

My sperm was still inside of him and it lubricated peculiar cutie is brought in anus nuthouse for uninhibited treatment even better. My cock moved in and out as if it was a machine, and I could not control my hips as they moved on their own while Andrew pushed himself against me.

We moved in unison and moaned so loud, I would not had been surprised if we caused an avalanche. "I LOVE YOU, ANDREW! I FUCKING, AHHHH~! LOVE YOU!" I proclaimed, reaching yet a new limit, my hands wrapping around his chest, pulling and pushing my massive shaft into him as far as I could.

Every thrust having more force behind it. "AAAAANDI~!" He howled and that was the trigger for me, my cock jerked before shooting another load of semen up his anus. Once we both came down from our height, I cuddled against his back, waiting for my cock to unknot and we cuddled, me being the big spoon and the sheets lazily covering us. I stroked over his arm continuously with my head in his neck until we drifted into sleep.

The last thing I remember being him whispering softly to me. "I love you, Andi." Satisfied and with a big happy smile on my face I could not wait to wake up, while in the background the sun had risen, neither of us having noticed…