Amber and brandi take a demolishing cock in both pussies

Amber and brandi take a demolishing cock in both pussies
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My 40th Birthday is something I will never forget. It fell on a Saturday so I had the whole weekend for celebration. However, it didn't turn out that way. I ended up getting my throat and mouth fucked by some dicks the whole time. Let me explain. I'm just your average white guy, nothing special. average height, average weight, average looks, not a gangster, but not a nerd eather.

I'm married with children and I work and live in Fort Collins Colorado, doing the everday stuff that people do.

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I fish and camp in the summer and snowboard in the winter. My 40th birthday was this last January and I wanted that Birthday to be the one to remember. My best friend is working at one of the resorts up in the high country, so I decided to go stay with him and Board my ass off. Since my Birthday fell on a Saturday, I took Friday and the following Monday off from work as to have the whole weekend to play.

I arrived that Friday afternoon and once settled in, we began our celebration.

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My cousin and his girlfriend and I were at a bar having a great time. Towards the later hours, somewhere around 10pm, most of the people in the club were pretty buzzed including us. My Cuz's girl went to the bathroom and on her way back, she was harrassed by a couple of guys. Of coarse my Cuz jumped right in and of course, I was right behind him backing him up.

A big argument broke out and a fight was about to begin, when security showed up. Everybody just walked away dude cheats his gf with ebony roomie nothing happened and we grabbed our coats and left. Like a dumb-ass, I headed to the restroom just outside of the club and when I came out, I got arrested for disorderly conduct. The two guys and my Cousin and his girl had made it away in time to avoid going to jail.

My luck was different. My birthday, and I get busted for something stupid like that. I explained what happened and ask if I could just go back to where I was staying and of course they said no. Once we arrived at the jail, they started to book me in and asked if i could pay bail in the morning when i was sober. I didn't have $500.00, so they schedule me to see the judge on Tuesday.

(Monday was some holiday like "Presidents day" or something) Well, as you can amangin, I was realy pissed. The rest of Friday night, all day Saturday (my birthday), Sunday, Monday, and most of Tuesday before I had a chance to get out. I was not in a good mood. Up until this point in my life, I had managed to never go to jail. So this was new to me, but I was thinking the mountain jail was probably a whole lot better than a city jail would be. After all the paper work, they took me into a two guys with big cocks fuck two horny babes hc and made me strip naked and checked my whole body for contraband.

Afterwards, they gave me jail clothes and kept all mine, including underwear and socks. The jail clothes where a pair of pants and a shirt, both black and white stripped like the hamburgler from McDonalds, and canvas shoes.

I always thought jail gave you an orange jumpsuit. I guess that is TV hype. They also gave me a wool blanket, a plastic spoon, and a toothbrush, and told me to follow the officer to the jail cell. I followed him down to this door that you could see through the whole thing. Behind it was a dayroom with metal benches and a TV on the wall.

Behind the benches were 10, closed and locked solid doors that you could not see inside the room unless you walked up to the little slit for a window that was on doors. To the left was stairs that led to a second floor where there was10 more of the same doors, also all closed and locked. The main door opened and when I walked in, the Jailer yelled, "open 16" and a door in the middle on the second floor opened.

He told me to go to that cell. When I walked into the cell, directly in front of me was a bunk bed attacted to the wall and a toilit and sink right to my left and that was it.

There was a guy on the top bunk lying with his back towards me. He had no shirt on, just his pants, and even in the mom dad beti ki bf film light, you could see his tattoo's. He was sleeved on his entire back and what i could see of his arms.

Not junky tattoo's eather. These ones cost some money. They were done realy nice. His muscle tone was defined and the back of his hair was trimmed tight so he obviously took care of himself. The jailer closed the door behind me and left. I turned my attention away from my new cell mate and watched the jailer walk all the way out of the dayroom where they locked that door.

I was wondering why they left us alone, but then i noticed that the gaurds were behind a glass room in the middle of the coridoor with a view of all holding cells. As I looked out that little window, I relized that they couldn't see anything that goes on in the cells, or at least, the cell i was in. It made me feel a little scared knowing that if a fight broke out because of an argument, they wouldn't see it. Right then, i heard the noise of my cell mate moving on the 2 inch mattress.

When i turned around, he was sitting up stairing at me with no expression. He was a very clean cut man. Latino and maybe somewhere around late twenties to early thirties. His chest and (like i thought) his arms, were compleatly tattooed with nice art work. It was also at that point that i saw just how defined he realy was.

Eather he worked in constrution, or he worked out at a gym or both. I said, "Hows it going"? Dumb question i'm sure. He just staired at me with no response. It made me feel uneasy so i tried again to break the ice. I said, "you got some nice never leave your girlfriend with such a bitch! work".

Again he kept silent. I walked over to the bottom bunk and sat down and decided to try one more time for friendly conversation. I said, "your pretty buff.

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Do you work out"? No words came from his mouth. He just jumped off the bunk and walked over to the little window and looked out real quick. Then he walked up and stood right in front of me as i continued to sit on the bottom bunk. Then to my surprise, he dropped his pants reveiling his cock.

It was circumsized and quiet large for a dick that was only half hard. His dick was also fairly thick as well sitting ontop of perfectly round and tight balls, and the ravishing gianna michaels rides on a bbc brunette boobs that he kept his pubic hair cut realy low, it enhanced his large member all the more.

I hadn't had a chance to say or do anything about his dick tiny legal age teenager rides huge one eyed monster in my face before he started to lift one leg to take off one pant sleeve, then he said in a very athoritive voice, "DON'T ever talk to me again!!!". Then as he took his other foot out of the other pant sleeve, he said in the same manner, "from now on, you suck my dick when i tell you to.

YOU GOT THAT????"? By the end of that statement, he had his pants off as was compleatly naked in front of me with his dick about two inch's from my face. Then he grabbed a handful my my hair and jerked my head back realy hard and said, "and you BETTER swallow!!".

I jumped to my feet right away and pushed him back. But before I could do anything else, he punched me in the stomuch and knocked the wind out of me. Then he grabbed me by the throat and slammed me face first against the wall and bend my arm up behind me as to almost break it. I still was trying to catch my breath when he said in my ear, "have it your way bitch! I'm going to rip you a new asshole". I couldn't say anything as he pulled my pants down and put his dick against my ass.

I thought for sure i was going to get raped by that big dick. I knew it was going to hurt and mess me up big time. But before he did anything, I manage to catch my breath enough to say, "PLEASE!

I'll suck your dick. Don't fuck me in the butt". He punched me in the side and said, "I told you never to speak to me". Then he put the head of his dick against my butthole and started to push. In pain and in little breath, I said again, "I"M BEGGING YOU! Please don't! Let me suck your dick! I want to suck your dick!

I'll suck your dick all night long! I'll suck your dick all weekend! I'll suck your dick and swallow as much as you want me too! JUST PLEASE! Don't fuck my butthole, please!". I was so scared I was going to be raped, but instead of ripping my asshole apart, he again punched me in the side knocking the breath out of me some more.

Then he pushed me over to my bunk where I sat up right away.

He was already in my face with his cock and tight balls. I was so glad i wasn't being raped that i quickly took one hand and gently took ahold of his nuts as i took my other hand and took ahold of his cock and brought it to my mouth. At that point, he grabbed some hair on my head again and jerked back and said to me, "I better like it punk or your bending over!".

At this point and time, and in the situation i was in, i wanted to suck his dick. I just kept thinking about how my wife gives me head because i was going to make sure he enjoyed it as to keep his mind off of my ass.

I figured it was better to suck his dick then to get my asshole torn apart. I even told myself to try to not think about it and make him think i was enjoying it. But i knew that was going to be difficult since i wasn't gay. I started kissing and licking his dick and his balls as i used my hands to caress different parts of his genitial's. His dick got realy hard and increased in size by half.

Thise guy was hung pretty good. It made my mouth sore just fitting it inside. I was glad it was my mouth and not my asshole that thing was in. He began holding my head and slightly working with me in rythim as i started rubbing his butt-cheaks while i sucked his cock.

After awhile, he told me to lay down and he got on top of my chest and began taking turns sticking his cock and balls in my mouth. this guy was horny. I knew i was going lou charmelle drilled in pussy and ass by black dicks interracial pornstars be pleasuring his cock for a long while, so i just kept focused on keeping him happy by sucking his dick the best i could.

I sucked, licked, kissed, and carressed his cock and balls. He must have liked it because he told me that i was going to do that to him the entire time i was in there.

which was fine by me just as long as he stayed away from my booty. I have no idea how long that went on for since i spent most of that night sucking and licking him, but when he got ready, he grabbed my head and pulled it towards him holding it in place as he fuck my mouth deep and hard until he shot squirt after squirt of hot cum down my throat. He squirted a whole bunch of cum in my mouth.

I didn't think he was going to stop, but I managed to swallowe every drop like he told me too. Then he had me keep going for almost the whole night, sucking and drinking his cum. but the up side to this was that the cum didn't taste bad. and even though i'm not gay, i thought the cum actually tasted pretty good. so that made it easier to suck his dick. (now i know why my wife likes to swallow so much.) when i finished, i had only slept maybe 3 hours before breakfast was served.

afterwards, i was so tired but when he came back into the room, he dropped his pants again and i sucked his dick some more. Finaly, after alot of sucking and swallowing, he went out and let me get some sleep. When i woke up, it was almost dinner time.

i had slept through lunch so i was hungry. I went out into the dayroom and kicked back at the benches and waited to eat. My cell-mate was at another table playing dominoes with a couple of guys when i noticed he pointed at me while talking two teens stripping and teasing on webcam them. They looked over at me and then back to him and shook his hand.

I didn't know what was going on, but i suspected he told them about me. after dinner, he walked up and sat next to me and whispered in my ear. he said, "time to suck some dick bitch!" He went up to our cell with one of the guys he was hanging with. I looked over at the other guy still sitting at the table and he blew me a kiss. Stunning babe needs more than a dildo knew right then that i was going to sucked the other two guys dicks as well.

I didn't want to go up to the cell, but i was even more afraid of what might happen to me later if i didn't. so i went back to my cell where the two of them were waiting. My cell-mate said, "My homeboy bought me a candy bar, so now you owe him a blow job".

I sat down on the toilit and the guy walked up and stood in front of me. i pulled his pants down and his dick sprung up in my face. It was a good size cock, uncircumsized and veiny and hard as a rock. Even though at this point i was feeling humiliated because my cell-mate was selling my mouth for a candy bar.

i took ahold of his dick and started licking the pre-cum off the head. I milked it and licked it and began licking the shaft when he grabbed my head and put his dick in my mouth and began to fuck my face. it didn't take this guy long to cum.

he basicly held my head and pumped fast for about 4 or 5 minutes and unloaded his cum down my throat. i milked all the cum i could get out of his dick and licked it up. as soon as he left my cell, hot stewardess nikki knightly blows hung passenger went out and looked down at the other guy and opened my mouth real quick to let him know i was ready to suck his dick. he came up and I asked him how he wanted me to suck him off.

he took his clothes off and layed on the bed and told me to lay between his legs and stick my face in his balls. I licked and sucked his balls for a good long time before i started on his shaft and mushroom head ultimently sucking and stroking his cock for a half hour. after i was done swallowing a shit load of his cum, it was back to my cell mate who made me suck he dick all night long again.

by this time, i was use to sucking dick. it didn't bother me as much as it did in the beginning. i even enjoyed it a little bit. just enough to keep him happy and off my ass. Sunday came, and i sucked all three dicks off and on all day. same for Monday and most of Tuesday until i went to court.

the judge let me go with a fine, but it took about 5 hours to get let go and guess what i had to do until that time? you guess it, suck dick. so what did i do for my 40th birthday weekend? sucked dicks and ate alot of cum for most of the four days i was there. pretty shitty birthday, (not for the three of them) but at least my butthole is still a virgin.