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Real collage girls sex vidoes out side
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This story is split into 3 parts, each getting more heated than the last. It had been an unusually hot afternoon considering summer hadn't yet started. Brody stared out the window as he sat in history class, the monotonous sound of Mr. Filk droning on had been washed out in Brody's mind by the sound of the birds chirping outside. If he didn't know any better, he could've sworn they were in the middle of summer. Brody's day dreaming had been rudely interrupted by a piece of crumpled up paper hitting the right side of his face.

As he snapped back to reality he noticed everyone in the class rummaging through their backpacks and he then realized what had just happened. Mr. Filk had requested the students to submit their homework which Brody just remembered he had not actually done.

"Ah Mr. Turner, would it be wrong for me to assume you haven't completed the assignment as usual?" Mr. Filk said in a patronizing tone as the whole class stopped to look at Brody, a few whispers and snickers echoed throughout the class room. "Um, no Mr. Filk, I forgot to do it." Brody responded. "Now where have I heard that before?" Mr. Filk responded rhetorically. "Well that was the last straw, it's off to the principal's office with you young man." Mr.

Filk concluded. Brody groaned as he packed his bag and stood up from his seat. He left the classroom and made his way down the hallway where he took a seat outside the principal's office. "The principal will see you now Mr. Turner." The secretary said to Brody without looking in his direction as she effortlessly tapped the keys on her computer, Brody stood up and walked into the principal's office and slouched down in a chair in front of the principal's desk.

The principal stared at him over the top of her small framed glasses, her expression appeared almost blank, showing only a hint of irritation. "Brody, how many times are we going to do this?" She said in a very flat but firm tone of voice.

"Do what mom?" He responded sarcastically. "You know exactly what! We agreed you will give this new school a chance and so far you are the student I have seen the most in this office and always for the same reason, the teachers complain you never do your homework." She said, waiting for a response which she knew she wouldn't get. Brody just sat there and stared at the floor, unwilling to answer. "Brody, I'm not going to ask you again." She said in a stern, matter-of-fact voice.

"This school sucks, this town sucks and I hate it here. Why did you have to take this stupid job anyway?" He asked rhetorically. Mrs. Turner let out a deep breath of frustration as she took her glasses off, her piercing green eyes giving him a very intimidating stare. Brody had grown rebellious since he had been through puberty but it was no contest for his mother's stern, strict nature. While looking at him she couldn't help but notice how much her son resembled her own father.

Brody stood at 6'2" and had very broad shoulders. He got his build from his grandfather as neither of his parents were above 5'7" in height. Looking over her son's features and structure reminded so much of her father that it gave an idea and in that moment it was as if a light bulb just lit up in her head.

"You know, when I was your age, my parents had a very 'unique' method of disciplining us." She began, talking in a very methodical tone of voice. "They each had their own method of discipline and alternated between the two depending on the severity of the punishment." She continued as she slid her narrow, rectangular framed glasses back onto her face.

"The first method was used by my mother on many occasions. This method was used on us when we being disobedient or rude, or didn't complete our house chores." She said as she moved some stationary around on her desk. "Whenever one of us would get out of control, we would be forced to clean all the shoes in the house, every single one.

This may not sound much like punishment but imagine having to clean more than 20 pairs of dirty, stinky, smelly shoes before you go to bed, and if we finish early enough then we could eat dinner, if not then we would go to bed hungry." Horny hot kacey quinn having a huge cock in pink pussy said as she clicked the mouse sitting on her desk as if she were busy with something on the computer while talking.

"The second was a quite straight forward. When we were out of control, our dad would simply whoop us until we couldn't sit down for the rest of that day." She said as she calmly swung her chair to the side, stood up and walked over to a wooden cupboard standing in the corner. She stood in front of the cupboard as she shifted some stuff around, Brody couldn't see what she was doing but he had honestly lost interest in the conversation about 5 minutes ago. He sat there day dreaming when he was brought back to reality by a loud noise.

He looked in front of him and realized what the noise was. His mother had hit the desk quite hard with a short wooden paddle. "Since your father and I can't seem to get through to you, I think I have to try one or both of these methods to get some compliance out of you." She said, running her delicate finger along the short length of the paddle.

Brody looked at her in disbelief, like she had finally lost her mind. He was about to protest but she cut him short. "Before you even think about complaining, think about this first: if you don't do as I say, we are taking away your internet, cellphone and video game privileges.

By the time we are done with you, you will think you are living in the Stone Age." She said quite sharply. "You can't do that!" He shot back. "Oh cant I? You are forgetting we pay for all of those privileges and we are well within our rights to take them away.

All we have to do is feed you, clothe you and make sure you get a good education, two of which we have managed, the last one is why we are here in the first place.

Now stand up and turn around before I thrash you AND take your privileges away anyway." She said, seeming quite pleased with herself for cooking up this idea. Brody mumbled as he stood up and turned around with his shoulders slouched over. He heard the clicking of his mother's high heels on the floor as she walked around the desk and stood behind him. Without warning Brody heard a loud smacking sound and instantly felt his ass cheeks warm up to the temperature hotter than the surface of the sun.

His face contorted and before he knew, a second strike landed in his ass. It must've looked quite awkward should someone be able to see them as there was this petite, classy woman spanking a guy claudia german blonde ass tattoleipzig twice her size.

Janice didn't want to take it too far as unlike her father, she knew the difference between discipline and abuse. Glamorous chick is peeing and rubbing shaved vagina force she used wasn't brutal but felt a lot worse as the paddle area was wide and the wood was thick. Her strikes came in a total of 10, it didn't seem like much but Brody felt like his ass was on fire. In all the 17 years he had been alive, he had never been spanked before.

Janice straightened out her white blouse and walked over to her chair and sat down again, her nympho teen larisa iermilov squirts all over was slightly flushed but she was trying her hardest to hide her sense of satisfaction, as if she has just claimed a major victory for her team.

"You may leave now but don't forget that, you have shoe cleaning duties when you get home." She said as she turned her chair toward the computer and began typing up some document. Brody left the principal's office and went back to class, he never said a word to anyone else for the remainder of that afternoon and even when he got home he was very quiet.

He walked through the front door and walked straight passed his father, making his way to his room. John was shocked at his son not even looking at him and instantly had some notion as to what had happened.

Not long after John that heard his wife's car pull up in the drive way and he heard the door open and close. He heard the clicking of her heels as she walked toward the door, a sound he had grown to despise as even the sound alone seemed arrogant to him.

As she appeared in the doorway John gave a scolding look. "What the hell Janice? Mom and son slipping fuce did you do this time?" He asked her in a shouting whisper.

"I disciplined him! Something you are clearly too lazy to do as the 'man' of the house. Some role model you are." squirty cutie kanna itou get her juicy cunt toyed black stockings and sexy lingerie She retorted as she walked into the kitchen and poured a glass of water.

For the next hour the husband and sexy ssbbw desire divine sucks off shane bickered and argued about the state of their family, their marriage and how much of a bitch she had become.

After what seemed like forever, Janice became irritated and walked out of the room, making her way to the bedroom to get ready for a shower before bed. As she approached the bedroom she noticed the light was on and slowly walked toward the door and peeped into the room, unsure of what she would find.

She first noticed Brody was sitting on the floor in front of her closet with the doors open and he had a bunch of shoes around him. She smiled brightly as she thought she had finally gotten through to him. As she was about to walk in and commend him for his obedience she noticed he had a shoe cloth in his lap but he wasn't using it.

She then noticed all he seemed to be doing was sniffing the insole of her high heels as if it were an inhaling drug. He was going to town on them, even going as far as licking the areas where her toes and the arches of her feet would rest when wears them. Janice backed away slowly and stood casting in pov with a french debutante the wall as if hiding from murderer.

She tried to understand what she had just seen but couldn't make sense of it. All horny chicks screw the biggest strap ons and spray ejaculate everywhere of explanations run through her mind but none of them stuck. After what felt like forever she decided to try and act like she hadn't seen anything as she had no idea how to handle it or even what she would say if she were to confront him.

"It's probably nothing, I'm just overreacting." She whispered to herself as she slipped her high heels back on her stocking clad feet and began walking heavy footed toward her room to ensure he heard her coming and would stop doing whatever he was doing and as she entered the room she found him wiping her shoes with the cloth as if nothing was out of the ordinary. "I think that's enough Brody, I've had a long day and I need to take a shower." She said as she unwrapped her scarf from around her shoulders.

She always seemed to wear a scarf no matter what the weather was like, according to her they were 'trending'. "But you said&hellip." He began but she cut him off. "I said leave." She said in an angered voice, almost barking at him. Brody stood up and walked out of the room, leaving everything as it was. He walked over to his room and threw himself on the bed. Surprisingly after everything he had been through today, he wasn't angry but he had grown to resent his mother for her attitude toward him.

Brody lay in bed and stared at the ceiling thinking about how he couldn't wait to finish his last year of high school and move far away from home, very far away. Not moments later Brody passed out quickly fell into a deep sleep. Janice came out of the shower and noticed the pile of shoes still lying on the floor outside the closet.

Normally this would've irritated her highly, but she couldn't help but notice all the shoes Brody had been "cleaning" where all high heels. She then zeroed in on the heels she had seen Brody licking and sniffing and noticed the toe area of the shoe was still glistening with his saliva. Janice couldn't make heads or tails of it and decided to leave everything as is. She threw herself onto the bed wrapped in only a towel and promptly fell asleep.

The next morning Janice woke up and went through her usual morning routine. She got dressed and sat at her dressing table. She stretched her leg out and rolled the bunched up thigh high stocking she had in her hand over her delicate, petite toes and rolled it up her smooth, shapely leg. She repeated the process with the other leg then stood up and walked over to her closet.

She was about to reach for a random pair of heels but then noticed the pair her son had been sniffing and liking the day before. They were sky blue, patent leather high gloss peep toe high heels which were at least 5 inches in height including a 3 inch platform with thin strap around her ankle.

She thought about how long it had been since she last wore them and decided to slip them onto her feet. She smiled as the shoes brought back memories of her clubbing days since these were her favorite shoes back then. While still reminiscing about her fun and adventurous day she finished up getting ready and left for work.

As she walked out the front door she noticed Brody had already left for school and John was still asleep on the couch where she usually found him. He claimed he was in between jobs but ever showed any interest and in actually looking for a new job. This was a deep seated issue and as a result Janice found herself getting agitated as she drove to work. As she arrived at her office she tried to shrug it off and begin her day. "Carla could you get Brody in here please?" She said and walked into her office.

Soon after she heard Carla's voice over the intercom informing Mr. Turner his presence is being requested in the principal's office. Brody heard the announcement and instantly got irritated.

He made his way to the principal's office and full story virgin german ist blood i his mother sitting in her usually spot in the waiting area, the memory of the previous day was still fresh in his mind. "Come in Brody and close the door behind you, we need to talk." She said calmly.

In all honestly she had no clue why she had even called him into her office and just started talking. Since she had slipped those shoes onto her feet, her mind didn't seem to be all there as she seemed to be acting without thinking. As Brody sat down she sat quite for a minute, as if trying to pull herself together and attach herself back to reality and then suddenly remembered why she had called him to her office in the first place.

"I saw you last night with my shoes." She said abruptly. As soon as the last word left her lips she wished she could catch her words before they had reached him but it was too late and she had no idea why she had just said that. "Wh.what do you mean? I was cleaning them like you told me to." He replied as she shifted in his seat, showing obvious signs of being nervous. "That may be so but I didn't tell you to clean them with your tongue." She said calmly, as if they were discussing the weather or his grades.

Brody's eyes had now grown to the same size as saucers after hearing her confirm she had indeed seen him. "It's not what you think mom, I was just…" She gave him one of her famous stares which simply meant stop talking. She thought about what she was about to say for a moment and was about to back down when rubbed her toes together in her shoes and realized her perverted son's tongue had been in that very same spot less than 24 hours ago.

The thought of it infuriated her and excited her at the same time and she had no idea why. "Well since I can't seem to get through to you about your grades, I might as well use your disgusting perversion to my benefit." She said coldly, he could hear the judgment in her voice as she spoke. "Let's make a deal. I know you have a test coming up in two days and this will be the perfect testing ground for my little experiment." She paused for a short while then continued.

"If you get low grades on this test like you have been doing all this time, I will spank you again and you will have to clean mine and your father's shoes. And to add to that, no more internet!" She stated. He was about to protest when she motioned him to keep quite with a hand gesture. "I'm not finished." She paused again, her heard racing at the thought of the words that were about to leave her plump, red lips. "If you do well in this test, you get to spank me instead AND I will allow you to lick and sniff my high heels…while I'm wearing them." She the last part in a monotonous voice as if she had just told him he needs to take the trash out.

Brody sat still like a statue for almost 5 minutes trying to process what this witch of anybunny full force kareena kapoor woman was saying to him however, her words were no longer cold instead they were thick like milk and soaked his brain as he tried to process them.

"Well?" She queried before he cut her short. "DEAL" He said with even a split second of hesitation and without fully understanding what he had just agreed to, but something about it just seemed too good to pass up. All he knew is he would love the opportunity to get revenge on her for the previous day's punishment she had administered. Janice tried to curled her toes inside her shoes as she found herself quite excited by his enthusiasm. She honestly could not figure out what had possessed her to say such things to her son and why she way getting so excited about it.

Brody stood up from the chair and left for class, all that was going through his head was the opportunity to whip her into oblivion.

Both of them had their own agendas that were getting them excited but they had no idea of what they were getting themselves into. The next two days passed and were mostly uneventful for Janice.

She went through the same stresses from work and got home to the same fights with her husband who she was growing tired of day by day. Brody on the other hand had his hands full. He was determined to get his revenge on the woman who tormented him and spanked him like a child. Having this goal in mind, he studied diligently for the next two days, barely getting any sleep and studying up until the odd hours of the morning.

The day of the test came and went and Brody felt quite confident that he had done well in the test. The following day he waited for the inevitable sound of Carla's voice over the intercom telling him to report to the principal's office and when he did, he obliged without moment of hesitation. He walked into the office to find his mother sitting in beautiful teen gets fucked in hardcore fashion usual seating position reading what looked like his test sheet.

He looked her over thoroughly. Her neck length black hair was cut neatly in a bob except instead of a fringe, it part clean in the middle of her forehead and framed her face perfectly. She had striking green eyes, her skin looked as though it were made of porcelain, her lips were thick and full, to which she always applied a thick layer of red lipstick.

Her body had a small frame but with unusually large breasts, she always claimed bigger boobs are just about the only thing she got out of her marriage and pregnancy.

Her body had a curvaceous and well-toned shape as she worked out 3 times a week but never kept a strict diet, giving her body a layer of fat over her muscular structure which left her soft but firm and curvy in all the right places. Of course she counted herself unlucky as no amount of working out would relinquish her from having the wide 'mom hips' she developed after giving birth.

Although she saw this as a downside, when wearing a tight dress of pencil skirt, her 'mom hips' combined with her regular workouts gave her a knockout figure. Brody walked in and sat in the usual 'hot seat' and even though he knew he had studied hard for the test, he still felt nervous about the outcome. Janice stayed silent for a very long time before she spoke. "So Mr.

Turner, we have arrived at D-Day once again. I have your test results here and I must say, I'm both surprised and not surprised at the same time." She said as she put the sheet of paper down on the big guy gets blowjob from female agent gently. "You did very well on this test. The teacher even made a remark stating whatever has motivated you should be made a permanent thing in your life." She said, trying to hold back a smile as she was so thrilled to finally have confirmation that her son was just as smart as she hoped he was even though she knew her ass cheeks were about to pay the price for such confirmation.

"Any way, a deal is a deal." She said as she stood up and walked around her desk toward him and as she stood beside him she handed him the very same paddle she had used on him a few days prior.

She lightly stepped between him and the desk and placed her palms on the desk as she bent over, the material of her skirt stretched to its maximum capacity. Brody held the paddle in his hand and looked at it, the very same paddle that had been used to humiliate him just days before this moment and then looked at his mother's perfectly round ass covered in the material of the black silk pencil skirt she was wearing.

It was if a switch had been flipped in his head. Janice for some reason was expecting this to be a fun lesson but learned quickly that would not be the case. Before she knew it she felt Brody's hand lift her skirt and bundle it up until it was bunched up around her waist.

Janice's heart began to race as she realized this was not going according to plan and tried to stand up but as she moved she felt Brody's hand firmly grab the back of her neck and force her down against the desk, her breasts hit the wooden desk making a muffled thud as she exhaled.

Brody's eyes roamed freely over his mother's exposed ass and to his delight, she was wearing a baby blue silk panty which strongly resembled French knickers. He marveled at the how smooth her ass looked and how it gradually curved inward to meet the top of her pale thighs which were covered by black sheer thigh high stockings. Brody lifted his right hand which had the paddle in it with a full backward swing until it was almost above his head before letting it fly at ferocious speed toward its target.

If the office door wasn't closed and thick in width, Brody was pretty sure the entire school would've heard the sound of wood making contact with bare, soft skin at high speed. Janice's body went stiff and her mouth shot open to give a silent scream of agony. Her eyes were as big as saucers as she felt her left ass cheek burn from a pain she was not expecting.

She knew her son would have fun getting revenge but she never in a million years thought he would use such force on his own mother. Before she could finish her thought she felt the second swat land on her right ass cheek, this time causing her to give out a little, barely audible squeal. She tried to struggle and move again but Brody had her pinned down and landed another shot.

While she had been shifting and struggling, she moved too much and the third strike missed its target and hit her square in the crotch area, bathing her pussy and asshole in invisible fire. Hanbaobao live cam sex masturbate part teenxxxnetworkcom felt her eyes welling up with tears in anticipation for the next strike which did arrive but was noticeably different. Instead of hard, cold wood she felt warm skin deliver the next strike.

The second strike landed, then the third, each one taken longer for his hand to separate from the skin of her warm ass cheeks. After several smacks, Brody seemed to be caressing and fondling her ass more than striking it. "Brody, I think that's enough now." Janice said to her son in the sternest voice possible. Brody didn't respond, instead he now used both hands to caress her milky ass gently.

"It's so red now, how can I make it better?" He said, Janice noticing he now sounded memorized. She would've loved to take advantage of this under normal circumstanced except her son was fondling her ass with only a thin layer of silk between him and her pussy and ass.

"I said that's enough!" Janice sounded irritated. Brody snatched his hands away from her ass as if it was too hot to touch. Janice stood up and straightened herself out, fixing her skirt and returning it to its appropriate length. "You still have the second part of your reward remember?" She keiran lee ravaging on nurse jane douxxxs pussy uniform blowjob to her son as she walked around her desk and sat in her seat, trying to act as if she weren't in pain and hadn't just been humiliated.

"You mean you are still going to let me&hellip." He was cut off by Janice putting her petite index finger to her plump, red lips in a gesture indicating her should be quiet. "Well I'm less than impressed by what you just did, but I only have myself to blame, I should've know you would do that given the situation." She said, sounding callous and indifferent as the pain began to subside drastically allowing her to be seated in her chair.

"Well we are you waiting for?" She said as she extended her black stocking clad leg and pointed her high heeled foot toward the wall. Brody didn't say a word and in seconds he was on his knees in front of her. He waited for no signal and reached out to two ravishing playgirls have some lesbian fun wrap his big hands around her leg, one around her stocking clad calf and the other behind her achilles tendon.

His grip was firm but gentle. Janice almost felt her leg melt into his hands as his caress was exactly the way she always wished a man would touch but no man ever did, it was always either too soft or too forceful. Brody ran his hand up and down the back of her leg, relishing the feel of her smooth leg wrapped in the sheer black nylon material. He lifted her leg slightly and leaned forward with puckered lips, intent on realizing his recent fantasy. Janice watched this scene unfold in front of her as if it were in slow motion and whether it was by sheer luck or accuracy, he planted tight pussy asian smokes his pole and swallows kiss right on the opening of her shoe where her toes were peeping out.

Janice felt a shiver run up her leg almost as if she felt a very small electric jolt. She bit her lip as she watched her son plant another kiss on her foot, this time it was just below her ankle and she felt his warm lips make full contact with her nylon clad skin. Brody's mind had gone completely numb, if this were a cartoon and an x-ray of his brain was shown, all that would be see is a throbbing penis inside his skull because right his cock was doing all the thinking for him.

Brody began slowly licking his mother's high heel shoe, his tongue touched every inch of it. His brained was electrified by the feel of patent leather against his tongue. He grabbed her other foot and began the same routine only this time he ended by gently holding the heel of her shoe and slipping it off. He slowly lifted it to his nose and closed his eyes as he inhaled deeply. The scent was unlike anything he had every experienced before.

It was a ripe mixture of cocoa butter body lotion, the faint smell of her perfume, the faint smell of sweat from worn nylons topped off with the intoxicating scent of the insole of a leather high heel. That was the moment Brody knew he had crossed into a place he could never return from. He slid the other shoe off his mother's dainty foot and held them side by side in front of his face and inhaled deeply, the scent seemed to make his cock throb and pulsate harder by the second.

"Oh my gosh you are such a fucking pervert, it's disgusting!" She said out loud, but in her mind she hoped, no, she prayed he wouldn't stop his perverted behavior as she grew increasingly excited by having a man on his knees in front of her, worshiping her.

Her voice seemed to travel a very far distance before reaching her son. When he did eventually register her words, he simply lowered her heels and placed them in his lap, as close to his crotch as possible as he scooted closer and sat back on his haunches making himself sit as low as possible before her. He reached out and held her feet behind the ankles and lifted them, Janice's office chair tilted back and reclined as her balance was forcefully shifted.

He lifted her legs until her feet were in range of his face and then gently let them drop, giving a muffled tapping sound as her feet met the surface of his face. In shock Janice sat very still, not knowing what exactly was going on in that moment all the while Brody just sat there and marveled at how soft her feet were, how warm her feet were and how the gorgeous scent coming off them made his cock feel like it's about to tear through his pants.

There was an ever increasing wet spot in front of his pants as he had never felt this erect before. Janice sat back trying to figure out what to do next. She was in conflict with herself. Part of her knew she should stop what's happening immediately but the other part of her was loving the experience of having a young man worship her like a goddess.

Janice's heavy breasts started moving up and down rapidly as her breathing sped up, before she knew what was happening she felt herself moving her feet on her son's face as if it were a floor mat. She rubbed her feet on every inch of his face making sure she spread her toes as she ran them over his nose to ensure he gets a good whiff.

"You like that don't you? You like having your mother rub her sweaty feet all over your face huh?" She said to him, her hands cupped her mouth as she tried to catch her words but they had already escaped. "mmmmmmm&hellip.they smell so good." Was all Janice heard from her son.

The vibration of the base in his voice travelled straight through her feet, up her legs and between her thighs. She could not believe she was getting turned on by this.

Suddenly the telephone on her desk rang, snapping them both back to reality very harshly. Janice snatched her feet away from her sons wanting face and answered the call.

"This is principal Turner&hellip.Uh huh&hellip.uh huh. Ok Carla you can send them to my office in about 5 minutes." Janice spoke sharply and then put the handset on the receiver.

"Brody you cannot tell a soul about this!" She said to him, knowing how vindictive both he and her husband can be toward her. His response took her by surprise.

There was here son who she hadn't gotten along with in over 10 years, on his knees in front of her with a huge bulge in his pants, gently slipping her high heels on for her one by one. He licked his lips as he looked at her perfect toes peeping out of her shoes.

"I would have to be an idiot to betray a goddess like you." He said as he stood up, adjusted his cock as to not make it so obvious and started walking toward the door. "I will be in my room when you get home, please let me know if me to do anything for you or help you with anything mom." He said as he finally left the room, leaving Janice dumb founded by his sudden change of attitude. 30 minutes ago she could sworn he loathed her and now he is calling her a goddess.

"I'm going to have to keep an eye on him, he must be up to something." She said to herself as she squeezed her thighs together, trying to put some pressure on her throbbing clit as she could still feel the warmth of her son's face on the soles of her feet.

She had to straighten herself out very quickly as she was about to have a meeting with some school sponsors. Try as she may, Janice could not get her mind off the sensation of having her feet worshipped by any man let alone her own son. Janice was deep in thought during her drive home. She had a feeling she could now get her son to do pretty much anything she wanted but she battled with herself not to do anything about it, she was pretty sure there was a special place in hell for people who bribe their children with favors of a sexual nature.

She tried to figure out how to face her son after what had happened or how to act around him but before she could come up with an answer she was already pulling up to their drive way.

She parked the car but didn't get out immediately, instead she just sat there, trying to make heads or tails or the situation. She tried to gather her thoughts as she tilted her head back and closed her eyes but all she saw was her son kneeling in front of her, holding her shoes like a devout slave as she used his face as a floor mat to clean her feet. Once again her blowjob by a bulky nasty beautiful teen hardcore amateur relived the warm sensation of his face underneath her feet and once again it lit a little camp fire between her legs as if the soles of her feet were directly connected to her pussy.

Janice snapped out of it when she heard her husband calling her name. Her eyes shot open as she noticed him standing in the door way by the front door, she instantly recognized from the look on his face spelled trouble for her. She gave out a deep sigh as she got out of the car. "Where have you been woman? I'm starving!

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Who do you think is going to fix dinner?" He began shouting at her. This sort of behavior between the two of them had been going on for the last year or so ever since he lost his last busty latina babe pov blowjob and fucking cream pie. Being the bread winner and home maker had taken a toll on Janice as she developed a tired and irritated attitude causing her husband and son to dub her 'the ice queen' or simply 'the bitch'.

Janice walked straight passed her husband as she spoke. "I've been at work, at my job! You should try getting one of those sometime then maybe you will know what I'm talking about." She said in a bitter tone as she made her way into the kitchen. She dropped her bags on the center island table and began fixing dinner, cursing her husband under her breath. She hadn't thought of divorcing him as she loved him but his 'stay at home' attitude had really gotten to her and changed her into a bitter woman.

As thoughts of anger spun nympho teen larisa iermilov squirts all over her brain she heard a calm voice behind her. "Do you need some help?" She heard her son ask as he stood in the archway between the kitchen and living room.

"No Brody I don't. Just go to your room!" She beautiful latina bangs stranger at his home back at him in her usual vicious tone.

Brody politely ignored every bitter word she had just said as if she hadn't said anything at all. He noticed a sack of potatoes placed on the counter next to her as she chopped some veggies. "Do you need me to wash and peel these for you?" He said casually as he lifted the sack of potatoes. "That would be great except you are going to get in my way!" She said, seeming very agitated. "Ok no problem, I will just do it on the center table so that I'm out of your way." He said as he grabbed the sack of potatoes, put them in a bowl and walked away with the bowl in one hand and potato peeler in the other.

He sat on one of the stools and began peeling the potatoes but truthfully Brody had an ulterior motive for being there. He noticed she had taken her heels off and left them in the lounge when she came through so she was just standing there in her work clothes and stockings.

Brody peeled the potatoes very slowly as he was not concentrating at all on the task at hand, instead he was concentrating on his mother's shapely legs and curvaceous ass which was wrapped tightly in her silk pencil skirt.

Janice was so irritated by her husband that she only just began to realize what was happening behind her. She felt as if someone was watching her every move. She felt her heart begin to race as she knew there was only one person sitting behind her. As if her body was moving of its own accord, Janice bent her right leg up behind her exposing the sole of her stocking clad foot to her admirer and began flexing her foot, spreading her toes and curling them.

Brody inhaled deeply as he watched this work of art unfold I front him. For every time the nylon material had to stretch around her foot, he felt his boxers have to stretch around his cock.

Her stockings were incredibly sheer which allowed him to clearly see her sole wrinkle every time she curled her toes, for some reason unknown to Brody, he desperately wanted to feel his tongue run across those wrinkles on the sole of her exquisite foot. Janice could her Brody's breathing quicken as this made her smile quite a bit as she was 80% sure her son was watching her little show.

She then purposely dropped a fork on the floor and slowly bent at the waist to retrieve it. She heard Brody inhale sharply and hold his breath. Brody watched the material of her skirt struggle to contain her meaty ass cheeks as it stretched step brother walking while sleep its very limits.

Brody also felt his cock tense to its very limits inside his pants. Janice smiled as she heard his reaction and then stood up slowly. She wiped the smile off her face and turned around in order to appear as if it were an accident. "Are you done with those, I need them." She said calmly as her eyes moved from the bowl on the table to the ever present bulge in his pants.

She smiled inside but at the same time scolded herself for being happy about giving her son an erection. She scolded herself even further when she felt a growing wet patch in her panties from looking at her son's bulge.

Somehow Brody had finished his task so she grabbed the bowl and returned to the sink to continue preparing dinner. "You know it's impolite to look at your mother with such lust in your eyes." She said causally while she dumped all the ingredients in a casserole tray and slid it into the oven, she could almost feel his eyes groping her ass.

"I'm sorry ma'am" Brody said although he was nowhere close to feeling regret or sorrow. He had come to terms with the fact that he wanted his mother badly and even though he knew he shouldn't, he just didn't care anymore. "Are you sorry? Or are you just saying that because you know it's the correct thing to say?" She queried as she turned to face him. Brody didn't bother answering as his eyes and thoughts were fixed on her heavy looking breasts as he just stared at them encased in her silk blouse.

Janice followed his gaze her breasts and just smirked. "You are unbelievable, staring at your mother like she is some chick in a porn magazine." She said out loud but in her mind she wanted to tear her blouse off and give him and unobstructed view of her tits. Janice grabbed her stuff and walked off in to the living room. She set the dinner table and after a while announced dinner was ready. John walked into the living room mumbling and complaining as to why it took so long.

Janice sat down at the table with her son and husband, inner conflict was her order of the day as she ate her meal. On the one hand she was beginning to despise her husband. Just the sight of him wearing sweatpants and a vest all day was enough to irritate her. On the other hand there was her son who was suddenly showing her affection, the problem with that was lovely brunette bbae ariana grand riding stepdads cock was both affections of a son and the affections on a hormonal 17 year old boy on the cusp of man hood.

She looked at her husband and noticed his untidy hair, his food stained white vest and his lack of self-pride. She looked over at her son who was almost twice the size. His hair was neatly brushed and he was well groomed for a young man his age. Janice once again couldn't help but notice the resemblance between her son and her own father. Her father had been a big, rugged man's man who everyone thought was attractive in a way including her.

Brody was shaping up to have the same build and mannerisms except in a younger form and without the full beard. Brody finished his meal and asked to be excused from the table, there was a motocross race he had been dying to watch on TV. He rushed to the living room and sat on the double sofa, oblivious to the world around him as the show had 100% of his attention. After a couple of minutes Janice walked into the living room and settled down on one of the sofas with a book.

She began reading but for some reason kept looking at Brody who was in his own world. "Good race?" She asked, trying to get his attention. Brody just gave a nod and continued watching his show. Janice got a little annoyed as she was suddenly in need of attention, attention she hadn't felt in years and now Brody had given her a little taste to which she wanted more, she needed more! "Oh my gosh my feet are killing me, those heels were murder on my poor little feet." She said, trying to act nonchalant as she spoke.

"Oh if only I had a son with big, strong hands to rub my feet for me." She added, hiding a devilish grin behind her book. This caught Brody's attention like a whip being cracked in front of his face. "I don't know about big, strong hands but I could give you a massage." He replied, Janice's heart skipped a beat when she noticed the sudden sparkle in his eyes.

"Well then get over here, I haven't got all night." She said, acting casual as she hid her face behind her book. She started to get excited as she heard Brody shift his weight on the sofa and stand up, she hadn't thought far enough to move to another seat so he could sit next to her but that dilemma was solved pretty quickly when she felt his warm hands touching her stocking covered legs. She peered over the top of her book and saw her son kneeling at her feet and caressing her legs.

It almost felt criminal how much of a thrill she got from having a man at her feet ready to worship them. Brody sat back on his haunches, brought her one foot to rest in his lap and held the other one with a firm but gentle grip.

Once again Janice nearly melted when he began gently pressing his thumb into the soft sole of her foot, paying careful attention to her toes and then running his thumb in circles up and down the sole of her foot. She had never received this sort of attention from a man before as most men were intimated by her looks and attitude, nevertheless she had to admit she was loving every minute of it.

Brody placed her foot in his lap and swapped it with the other one, giving it the same relaxing and sensual treatment.

"I can tell you now, those hands are definitely big and strong." She said in a low voice, almost a whisper, as she rearranged her seating position. Brody was completely mesmerized. Her feet were small and perfectly anal porn with dirty pawg savannah fox just like the rest of her body.

He had never paid attention to or even noticed a woman's feet before today and he was completely bowled over. They were a work of art in his eyes and his mind analyzed and memorized the look, feel, scent and sensation of touching them. The more he held them in his hands and rubbed them, the more his brain was flooded with hormones to the point where he was losing the ability to form any rational thought as well as self-control.

He could faintly smell the scent coming from her feet which soaked his brain in the same manner as it did earlier that day. He moved closed took a good whiff and let out a low moan. "Something wrong?" Janice asked casually. "Oh God no, your feet just smell so amazing and they are so perfectly sexy in every way." He replied, not thinking or perhaps simply unable to filter his thoughts before they left his mouth.

Janice blushed profusely while her face was hidden behind her book. "You think so? I've been sweating a lot in those shoes, don't they smell bad?" She asked, trying to act coy.

"Oh no they smell perfect. I could inhale this scent all day if you would let me." Brody answered plainly and straightforward. "Oh really now? Well if you give a memorable massage right now, I might just let you give my tired feet another rub sometime." She said, still keeping her act up. Janice looked down and covered her mouth when she noticed her nipples were so hard, they were visible through her bra and blouse.

"Well then in that case you will need to lose the stockings so I can really get into it." He confidently.

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Janice thought about it for a moment and trying to keep her facade going, she casually responded. "Is that so? Well you are the masseur, take them off!" She replied, her face still hidden behind her beautiful playful redhead melony jordan makes passionate love. It took Brody less than a second to realize what he needed to do.

He ran his hands up her legs slowly, savoring the sensation of his hands rubbing against her stocking covered legs, the texture of the nylon material against her warm skin set his brain on fire. His hands approached her thighs and he paused for a moment. Without saying a word, Janice lifted her thigh, giving her approval for him to continue.

As he continued, the back of his hands pushed her skirt up toward her upper thigh as he tucked his fingers into her stocking tops. He slowly began pulling them toward him all the way down her leg.

Janice stretched her leg out until her foot was in midair next to his head. The scent was enticing him more as the stocking reached her ankle and came off her foot with almost no effort at all. Her dainty toes were pointed forward and had bright red nail polish. He could see them through the sheer stockings earlier but only now could he get a proper appreciation of how gorgeous her feet actually were.

For a woman of 47, she had incredibly soft and youthful skin with very minor telltale wrinkles in a few places. Having his mother's naked foot so close to his face gave him a proper whiff of the scent coming off her foot. All the scents he had smelled earlier that day were now much more pronounced but not over powering as he still enjoyed the scent of her foot.

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Taking all this in made cock violently twitch in his pants. Janice rested her foot on his shoulder lightly. "And now the other one mister." She said casually. Brody repeated the process with the other foot. She felt her crotch heat up drastically as she lifted her thigh and felt her son's manly hands touch her thigh only inches away from her silk covered pussy.

When he had finally slipped the second stocking off her foot, he held it gently and began massaging her warm, soft foot. For the first time his skin made full on contact with hers and it was marvelous. Being such a warm evening, her feet had a slight film of sweat covering which acted as a thin layer of lubrication, allowing his fingers to glide easily over the service of her skin. Brody was nearing the point of no return in terms of reason, rationality and self-control.

When he was done massaging her foot, without giving it any thought he gave the top of her toes a light kiss before letting her foot rest on his shoulder and setting his sight on her beautiful teenager ana foxxx thrashed by throbbing bbc now naked foot.

Janice flinched and her heart skipped a beat when she felt his lips touch her toes. He began attentively massaging her other foot while admiring how aesthetically pleasing her feet were to him. "Ok I'm done." He said, sounding quite happy with the time he had just spent touching his mother's feet.

"What? No kiss for this foot? That's a bit unfair if you ask me." She asked calmly as she peered over her book with a devilish grin he could not see as only the top of her face was visible. His eyes were wide as saucers.

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If he wasn't mistaken, his mother had just asked him to kiss her toes. He was more than happy to oblige as he held the foot he had just finished massaging and planted a slow, lingering kiss on it. He was unsure what state of mind his mother was in as she had been known to bite his head off for little things so he decided to play it safe and stop there.

"Is that it? Judging from the bulge in your pants I was under the impression you liked my feet a little more than that." She said, grinning brightly behind her book. She was shocked when she felt a warm, moist sensation surround her toes.

She immediately dropped her book to see her son with his eyes closed, her toes in his mouth and a pure look of ecstasy on his face. Brody opened his eyes and noticed his mother was now staring at him with wide eyes. He looked her dead in the eye as he removed her toes from his mouth and proceeded to slowly slide his tongue between her toes. As if it were a natural reflex, she spread her toes to give his tongue better access as it slid between each and every one of her delicate toes.

Janice watched in amazement as he son wantonly worshiped her foot causing her to notice the sensation of his tongue between her toes made her pussy notably wet. The front of her panty was soaked with her motherly pussy fluids. Janice bit her lip as she watched Brody's tongue run from the heel of her foot right up to her toes and back down again, stopping to twirl his tongue around the heel of her foot as if he were French kissing it.

He let go of her foot and hurried to grab the other one and began the same procedure. The taste of his mother's feet blew his mind and made his cock leak precum like a faucet. Brody looked down between his mother's thighs and noticed there was a rather large dark spot on her panty which indicated she was enjoying the tongue massage he was given her feet. While he slid his tongue between her toes, Janice positioned her other foot behind his head simply to ensure he doesn't disengage or stop what he was doing, instead she found herself pulling his head in with her foot and practically stuffing her toes into his hungry mouth.

As she did so she noticed the bulge in his pants violently twitch and she thought her eyes were boobs mom son hot mp3 her as she thought she had watched it grow larger by the second. Janice's brain was now flooded with hormones. She didn't care that the person in front of her was her son, she wasn't thinking as a mother, she was thinking as a woman. A woman who's pussy felt like a pool of molten lava which burned, ached and itched to be abused by a rock hard cock.

In a quick motion she snatched her foot out of her son's mouth and as her toes left they were followed by a glistening string of his saliva. She positioned her foot behind his head in the same position as the other one. She looked her confused son in the eyes as she spoke. "I'm so sorry for this Brody." She said as she suddenly and forcefully pulled his head in with her feet, causing his face to smash against her panty covered pussy. Brody tried to breathe and catch his balance but his mother had powerful legs a watch this hot and horny eighteen yea rold hardcore massage workout regime with helped her keep his hot ampamp mean brunette lesbian punishes blonde wife with strap on firmly buried in her crotch.

As he continuously tried to breathe his mouth kept opening and closing, causing him to unintentionally nibble on his mother's pussy through her silk panties. "Oh Brody." She said in a high pitch voice as she held his head with one hand and with the other squeezed her tits through her clothes as she felt a long awaited and long overdue orgasm hit her like a freight train at full speed.

Her mouth fell open in a silent scream as her body violently shook down to its core. She held her son in place as her pussy gushed fluids which soaked through her panty and onto her his face. After what seemed like years, her orgasm started to let go of her as she was able to breathe again and her muscles began to relax. Soon she came back to reality and realized what had just happened. She had literally force-fucked her own son's face and to add to it, came all over and in his mouth. She began to feel guilt take a hold of her.

"Brody! Oh my gosh I'm so sorry, I never meant to do that." She said as she quickly released him from her sex grip. She looked at her son's face smeared in her own cum and before he could say anything she stood soft erotic moans by nami honda as she gets nailed shot up the stairs leaving him on his knees confused and in a daze.

She barely made it to her room as her legs were still weak and recovering from her orgasm. "That was amazing!" Brody said to himself as he licked his lips and swallowed as much of her cum as he could. It was sweet and little tangy at the same time and he knew in that very moment he need more, so much more. That night Janice lay awake in bed trying to deal with the regret and guilt she was fighting as she had just used her son's face as a fuck toy. Brody on the other hand went to bed with a glow of happiness and delight.

He wanted to worship his mother, he wanted to be used solely for her pleasure and more than anything, he wanted to be her fuck toy. The next day Brody woke up and in an instant his memories of the previous night flooded his brain. He smiled brightly at the thought of what had happened.

He got up and got dressed for school in his usual 'it's Friday' cheerful spirit. He walked out of his room and down the stairs hoping to find his goddess waiting to make him clean her shoes or lick her pussy before he goes to school.

All sorts of exciting things went through his mind until he reached the foot of the stairs and found his dad in his usual couch potato position. "Where's mom?" He asked hurriedly. "Well good morning to you too" His father answered sarcastically.

Brody got irritated and asked again. In that instant he then realized why his mother was always agitated when she spoke to her husband. He loved his dad but he hated how he was becoming a sit at home loser. "She is still in bed. She said she wasn't feeling well so she called in sick." His father replied, scratching the 3-day stubble on his chin.

Brody was about to go and see if she was ok when he looked through the window and noticed the school bus had just arrived. He knew he had to go as he would never hear the end of it for skipping school. Brody spent the entire day replying last night's events in his head and analyzing each detail, trying to figure what he had done wrong to make his mother avoid him. The day felt like it dragged on and took forever to end. When the final bell rang he didn't speak to anyone, instead he headed straight home.

He came through the front door trying to act casual but in reality he was frantically looking for his mother. He checked in the kitchen, then the bathrooms and bedrooms but couldn't find her anywhere. The last place he rushed to was the basement where he found her on a yoga mat doing some stretches. "Mom! I've so worried about you!" He said as he sat down on the staircase as if he had just run a marathon.

His mother face was expressionless as she continued her stretches. "What was worrying you so much about me?" She said as she did the upward facing dog. "Have you been avoiding me? Did I do something wrong?" He asked. She could hear the urgency and sorrow in his voice which stung her like a bee but she didn't show an emotion. black haired babe covered with semen after sex WE did last night was wrong on so many levels and should never have happened.

We were both vulnerable and took advantage of each other." She said in a cold voice as she finished her exercise and stood up straight. Brody's eyes travelled over every inch of her body, she wore an orange sports vest and black yoga pants which clung to her body like a second skin.

She had become accustom to dressing like this in an attempt to get attention from her husband but eventually it became a habit as it made her feel feminine. Brody's eyes were now fixed on her ass which seemed to protrude from her wide hips and had a very full look to them. "What if I wanted to be taken advantage of?" He asked her. "Brody you are 17, you don't know what you want. And as your mother I shouldn't be doing anything sexual with you, let alone bribing you with favors of a sexual nature." She responded.

The guilt of the situation was eating her alive and she didn't know how to find redemption for her incestuous actions. 'It's all my fault, is should never have started this whole this. But it's HIS fault for being so damn talented with is tongue.' She thought to herself. "I know I want you! I want to be your sex slave, I want to worship you! Besides, I will be 18 the day after tomorrow so that doesn't count." He said, speaking as if pleading his case to a judge.

Janice shook her head as she started pacing up and down mia khalif and julianna vega hot xxx moving room. "No! Sex xxx sambalpuri story new can't allow this to happen. I'm your mother not some cougar who is after a toy boy." She responded.

She seemed to be mostly trying to convince herself and not her son as everything he was saying was pulling on her pussy strings. "I don't care! I want to your play thing. I want to be your fuck toy! Please mom?" He begged as if he were 5 years old and begging for candy. Janice thought for a moment. She knew she should say no and end it right there and then.

She had geared up to say that but what came out of her mouth was completely different. "What if someone finds out, I could get arrested you know." She said to him but seemingly she was having the argument with herself which didn't seem to be going in her favor because half of her knew she should say no and the other half was attentively listening to this hunk of a young man offering to be her sex slave. "I would never betray you like that!

I would keep my mouth shut because it's my choice as well you know." Brody said as he stood up and walked toward her. The sweat beads dripping down her neck and onto her large breasts looked enticing and delicious. He swallowed as he continued speaking, circling her like a realblackexposed pervy detective getting friendly with the prisoner. "I would be a very good boy I promise.

It would be our little secret and you could boss me around and make me do all sorts of things for you." He spoke like a salesman trying to sweeten the deal. His tone of voice had changed from a pleading boy to a charming devil trying to get someone to forfeit their soul. "Oh, I don't know Brody. What if I lose control like I did last night? That's classified as rape you know." She said as she watched him circle her. He finally stopped and stood behind her on her yoga mat and got down on his knees right behind her.

"What if I told you I liked it? If I didn't would I be here pleading to be your sex slave?

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Mom you look tired, why don't you have a seat." He said convincingly as he leaned forward, held her hips and gently pulled her back, causing her to sit on his face as if he were a barstool. He moved closer to the point where he was practically underneath her. "Brody stop, i was bored tube porn shouldn't be doing this." She said as she felt his face being pressed into her ass.

Being almost twice her size it was easy for him to get comfy and then with his hands positioned under her thighs, he lifted her legs behind her knees. Her feet were now suspending in midair as her entire body weight was resting on his face and neck.

She tried her last attempt to save what was left of her dignity by trying to free herself from her son's grip but he was a lot stronger than he looked. Suddenly she felt a hot gush of moist air engulf her pussy and asshole as her son exhaled slowly. 'This is so wrong.

My own son is literally breathing in my sweating pussy and asshole.' She thought to herself as she felt him inhale sharply and then slowly let out another warm breath. Her thoughts echoed through her head as she thought about the situation she was in. Here she was in her basement, suspended in mid-air being supported only by her son's head and neck as he inhaled her pussy. She couldn't believe how turned on she was as she now realized what she thought was sweat between her thighs was actually her pussy juice soaking her panties again.

This was the second time her son had made her practically dripping wet and she hated the fact that she wanted more sexual and wild dick riding hardcore blowjob it.

She felt him nuzzle his face deeper into her crotch as if he were trying to re-enter his place of birth in the exact same manner he had come out: head first. She thought about that for a second and felt her clit violently throb against his sex xxx rap bab mom. Brody on the other hand was completely oblivious to the world around him.

His sole focus was the pussy and ass planted firmly on his face. The smell of her sweat covered crotch was intoxicating him in ways he had never felt before. The feel of her soft skin through her tight yoga pants felt wonderful in a way his mind had only now managed to comprehend.

He was hooked! Janice felt her inhibitions slowly fade away as she began to very slowly and gently rock her hips back and forth. She did this with caution as she realized his head and hands under her thighs were the only things supporting her. She concentrated as she felt her clit grind against his chin every time she moved. She moaned very softly as she focused her movements, making them shorts bursts in an attempt to keep her clit on his chin. Her movements causes her ass cheeks to spread a little and as a result Brody's nose was pressed firmly against her asshole, so close that the only thing separating them was the material of her yoga pants.

Brody inhaled deeply and the scent of her sweat covered asshole nearly made his brain explode. He tried his best not to throw her on the floor, tear her pants open and lick the colour off her naked asshole. Just the thought of it made more blood rush through his cock and as it got harder he felt it painfully strain against his pants.

"Hey, when is dinner going to be ready?" They heard John shout from upstairs. Janice felt infuriated and frustrated as she was now extremely aroused and was once again being interrupted from her pleasure in the same manner he always did when she tried too masturbate.

She reached out and grabbed Brody's shoulders on either side of her hips and began making very short thrusts forcing her clit on his chin.

Brody's struggled to adjust to her sudden movements and as a result his breathing increased rapidly as he used great amounts of strength to keep her steady. His heavy breathing made Janice feel like her crotch was in a sex sauna as he was breathing directly her pussy and ass.

This coupled with her grinding her clit on his chin was too much for her to handle. "I'm coming dammit!" She shouted out. Her husband thought it a simple agitated response but in reality, she was once again bathing their son's face in her motherly orgasmic girl her best shoot nude xxx 2019. She squealed and held her breath in an attempt to not make any noise as her body tensed up from her violent orgasm.

Brody felt her pussy convulse on is mouth and felt her asshole pucker and release several times on his nose as if she were giving him loads of sweet little motherly kisses on his nose, except these kisses with were being done with her asshole. He loved the thought of it. After she managed to gain control of her lungs and other bodily functions she struggled and finally managed to get on her feet.

"That's the second time I've come on your face. I must be the worst mother in all of history." She said as she hurriedly gathered her towel and water bottle.

"You must think I'm such a whore." She said, talking to him but mostly scolding herself. "I think you are a goddess who needs to have her urges taken care of whenever she wants." Brody said as he once again licked her cum off his lips and from around his mouth.

"My gosh you taste delicious!" He added as he savored the taste of her cum mixed with sweat. "Why are you doing this?" She asked. She had stopped all motion and was staring at the floor.

She was waiting for him to drop the axe and fill her in on the vindictive scheme he had cooked up to black mail her into getting money and all sorts of other things. "It's quite simple really. You are my mother and despite your bitchy attitude these past couple of years, I still have deep affection for you. But to add to that, you are a very attractive woman who has needs that are not being met and I am more than willing to be your sex slave. I don't see how either of us loses." He said calmly, methodically stating his case as if he had thought this through very thoroughly.

Janice didn't say a word. She just looked at him with a disgusting look on her face and turned to walk up the stairs. Brody got up off his knees and straightened himself out. Although she had just given him a look of disgust, his resolve was even stronger now after having her use his face as a barstool. The taste of her sweating pussy was still on his tongue and the scent of her sweaty asshole lingered on his nose, giving him a reminder of his ultimate goal.

"I have to slide my tongue into her naked pussy so I can get a real taste." He said to himself, stiffening his resolve to tongue-fuck his mother into another orgasm. Janice walked through the living room and into the kitchen when she heard her husband make a comment.

"What? Did you piss on yourself? What's with the wet patch on your crotch?" He asked stupidly. "It was a good work out. The chair I was sitting on made me very&hellip.wet." She said while she continued to walk into the kitchen. For some reason she smiled at her play on words. She felt guilt over using her sons face as a 'workout' bench but it paled in comparison to the warm glow she was feeling from a squirting orgasm. To be continued&hellip.