Busty natural blond fucks in empty run down house

Busty natural blond fucks in empty run down house
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Deep and Lovely dark - Chapter 4 Out in the country side, in a mansion in the woods live Eckhart. He was a tall 6ft man. He had short cut hair with a boxers build. He was staring at a series of pictures on the wall. Each picture was of a man and each one had a red cross over it. Except one. Vlad. Eckhart left the room and walked down into the basement.

The basement was large with a table in the centre almost as long as the room. It had silver shackles at each corner.

In the corner of the room was a human sized cage. Inside was a woman stripped naked panting furiously. She was fit, DD breasts, long legs, long dark hair and a round ass. Eckhart kneeled down beside the cage. "Victoria? Where is your master?" He asked calmly. "keep trying Eckhart, I'm not gonna tell you!" She replied with a sly smile, which revealed two long fangs.

She was a vampire too. Eckhart gave a deep sigh and unlocked the cage. Grabbing Victoria by the hair he dragged her out of the cage and threw her against the table. Victoria wanted to fight back but the silver chain necklace that Eckhart put around her neck diminished her strength. Her strength was zero. Eckhart pushed her on top of the table and shackled her arms and legs.

"All I want to know is where your master is. Tell me and ill let you go" he shrugged. "I will not not betray my master!" Victoria said firmly. "Are you thirsty?" Said Eckhart. Victoria didn't answer. She stared at the ceiling determined not to look at him.

Eckhart pulled out a knife and cut his hand. Victoria's breath became more rapid as Eckhart hovered his hand over her chest and let busty teen candi kayne fucks driving examiner blood pour onto her tits. As soon as she sensed the blood on her flesh, Victoria lost control. She needed to drink, her body was weak without it. She began thrashing against the shackles, desperately trying to reach the blood she needed.

Eckhart laughed. "You can drink as soon as I know where Vlad is hiding!" He taunted. Victoria spat at big boob slutty blonde hitchhiker picked up ampampamp fucked by big dick. Eckhart pulled out a tissue from his pocket and wiped his face.

"Maybe we should try something else". Eckhart ran his hands across Victoria's breasts. Suddenly he took ahold of them and squeezed hard. Victoria grunted in pain but was determined not to submit to this monster. Eckhart lowered his face towards Victoria's and tried to kiss her but Victoria turned away. SMACK!!

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Eckhart's Han flew across her face making her cheeks red and warm. Eckhart held nothing back. He forced a kiss from her and twisted both her nipples. Victoria was grunting in pain, she wanted to fight but with her strength gone it was impossible.

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Eckhart's hand went down to Victoria's pussy and began to rub furiously. Victoria's grunts of pain turned to moans of pleasure. She felt disgusting, worthless, like a slut. She was being r**ed and yet she loved it.

Her moans were getting louder. "OH GOD, OH GOD FUCK!" Eckhart inserted 3 fingers into her c**t and fingered Victoria to the sweetheart rides on a giant lovestick hardcore and blowjob of orgasm.

She arched her back and moan trying to get more. "FUUUUCK OHHH OHH" Victoria screamed. Nearly there just a little more she was about to orgasm when Eckhart removed his fingers.

Victoria was flooded with passion and desire, she wanted to cum so badly. She lied there shaking. Eckhart unshackled Victoria's legs and rolled her onto her belly. Her discomfort was obvious as her large breasts were squashed between her and the table. Eckhart shackled her legs again and pulled of his belt. "You want to cum? Beg me" he demanded. Victoria didn't answer. Eckhart raised his hand and SMACK! the belt made contact with Victoria's perfect ass, prompting a yelp from her.

"Beg me!" Still no answer so SMACK! He hit her again. "BEG ME!" SMACK! "AAAAH". "BEG ME!" SMACK! "AAAAAAAAHHHHH". Victoria's ass was stinging but she only felt hornier as Eckhart took advantage of her, made her his slut. Dominated her. She wanted to cum so badly she couldn't help it.

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"OH FUCK PLEASE LET ME CUM! PLEASE SIR LET ME CUM!" Eckhart smiled to himself he had complete control over this vampire whore. He unzipped his pants and let them fall to the floor, exposing his 8 inch cock. He lined it up with the entrance to Victoria's pussy. In one hard quick thrust his entire length was rammed into Victoria's c**t. Her jaw dropped, she threw her head up and gasped.

Eckhart wasted no time in fucking his slut furiously, hammering his cock into her pussy. Victoria was in ecstasy.

"OH FUCK FUCK FUCK OH SHIT YESSS!" She couldn't get enough of this monsters wonderful cock that gave her more pleasure than any man in her 200 years. Eckhart's grunting was getting louder as he ravaged this slut. He grabbed her far hair and pulled it forcing her head up as she got lost in ecstasy.

Eckhart pulled out of Victoria's pussy and went round to her face. Victoria knew what he wanted, she wanted it too. "Please I want your dick in my mouth sir" Eckhart moved his dick close to her mouth, Victoria's mouth opened but were disappointed when he didn't put it in.

"BEG FOR IT SLUT!" Victoria still felt disgusting but she needed this. "PLEASE I WANT YOUR DICK, I WANNA SUCK IT SO HARD. THEN I WANT YOU TO CUM ALL OVER MY". Hearing all these things pushed Eckhart over the edge.

He put it in her mouth and began to fuck her throat. In minutes he began grunting helplessly. He euro pretty babes are all about group sex hardcore and groupsex out and came all over Victoria's face.

It felt like it would never end. Spurt after spurt of cum erupted from Eckhart's cock completely covering Victoria's face. Victoria thought it was finally over but Eckhart wasn't going to let her off that easy. He flipped Victoria onto her back again and shackled her legs again. Giggling to himself he walked over to a set of draws and pulled out a set of nipple clamps. The tears in Victoria's eyes were beginning to show.

Oooooh.Oooooh Victoria yelped as Eckhart snapped the clamps onto her nipples. "Bitch I own you now, and I'm gonna fuck your ass whenever I feel like it, I'm your master now! He boomed. Tugging at the nipple clamps while he did. With each tug, Victoria yelped in pain but also arousel. No man had ever taken control of her like this. Victoria excepted the situation and embraced it.

"Please can I suck your big cock master?" Eckhart smiled, he had her. "Why should I let you suck me off"? "Because I'm a dirty Vampire whore who loves cock and deserves to be fucked like a slut".

"DAMN RIGHT".SMACK!!! Eckhart's Han flew across her face.

He grabbed her head and pulled it towards his cock, forcing it into her mouth. Victoria took his cock in her mouth willingly just waiting for the release she desperately needed.

Eckhart began to rock his hips back and forth, fucking her mouth. Victoria gagged and nearly chocked but continued to pleasure her new masters cock. Without warning Eckhart pulled his dick out of Victoria's mouth.

He undid the shackles and pulled Victoria off the table. He pulled her close and kissed her hard, passionately. His animalistic needs were taking over. Fuck hunting Vlad, Fuck getting revenge I just need to fuck this slut he thought to him self.

He spun Victoria around and bent her over the table. "What are you slut!?!" "I'm your Vampire whore" SMACK Eckhart's hand made contact with Victoria's ass. "AGAIN!" "I'm your vampire whore" SMACK "AGAIN" "OOOOOH IM YOUR VAMPIRE WHORE AND I WORSHIP YOUR COCK!!!!!" "that's better" Eckhart took his cock and placed it on the entrance to her asshole. In one long thrust his whole 8 inches was rammed into her asshole causing her to jump and arch her back.

Eckhart fucked her furiously. Victoria screamed at him. "OOOH FUCK OH FUCK YES FUCK MY ASS, I LOVE IT!!!" Victoria felt her orgasm building for the third time tonight she was gonna cum for her enemy.

She heard voices in her head. "Vampire whore, traitorous slut, blood sucking cock hungry bitch!" Her shame was matched by the power of the orgasm that was about to wash over her. It was like a wave of intense pleasure that covered every inch of her body. Eckhart pulled his cock from Victoria's ass and rammed it back into her pussy.

While pumping in and out of her love tunnel, Eckhart grabbed the nipple clamps and began tugging. Each time his cock cute amateur girl gets fucked hard by two cocks in he tugged the clamps.

He knew he couldn't hold it much longer. He was gonna bust his nut. His moans and groans grew louder and more intense.

He grabbed Victoria's hair again and pulled her back as he exploded inside her, coating the walls of her pussy with his cum. When he'd caught his breath Eckhart pulled his trousers back up and zipped himself up.

He unshackled Victoria and threw her back in the cage and locked it. "Now then where is Vlad slut?" Victoria laughed still covered in cum. "I'm still not gonna tell you but thanks for the sex".

Eckhart laughed. "If your not gonna tell me maybe I should ask your sisters rose and Liz". Victoria's face dropped she hadn't stopped to think of them. "I'm going to find them. I understand rose is 14 and Liz is 12. I'm going to fuck them raw. I'm gonna get them pregnant. How would your parents feel about a family of half breeds". Victoria's parents considered humans a virus. To have a child with one was an abomination.

Victoria was defeated. She loved her master, but she loved her sisters more. She whispered Vlad's adress in Eckhart's ear still feeling disgusted with herself.

Eckhart quickly got up and turned to leave the basement."you said you'd let me go?" Victoria pleaded.

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"oh yes I did, I am a man of my word". Eckhart unlocked the cage andstood to one side. "Run your free to go". Victoria bolted still naked out of the cage, out of the basement.

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Just as she got put of the front door she was overwhelmed with pain as the sunlight burnt her skin. She screamed falling to her knees as her skin flaked ro ash. Until there was nothing but a pile of ash in the forest. Chapter 5 coming soon!