Beautiful girls crave for a hard dong

Beautiful girls crave for a hard dong
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Space Zoo By Droid447 Note: This story is a sequel to "Space Farm 1 and 2". It is recommended but not necessary to read them first. Violet was relieved that the injured leg of the Cornusaurus was healing properly. This creature was one of her favorites and there were only five of them at the zoo. The breeding season was around the corner and she had to make sure that all the animals were in perfect health.

"Your leg is healing just fine. Just make sure you don't step in any holes again," Violet said to the beast, as if he could understand her.

She was a zootechnitian and had been working at the zoo for two years. The owner, Mr. Alenko, hired her as an assistant, but now she was in charge of the entire breeding program. Something moving under the Cornusaurus' belly caught Violet's attention.

The woman gasped when she saw the creature's huge cock fully exposed. "Wow! What are you so excited about? None of your females are nearby. And it is not breeding season yet." Violet heard a noise and stood up. She looked around, trying to find the source. It was a soft, thumping sound and apparently it came from the far end of the warehouse, behind a large fuel tank. It was strange because usually there was no staff working after seven. Violet was the only one who stayed late more often than not.

What is that noise? It is coming from behind that tank. I hope is not one the primates making a mess again. Violet stopped in her tracks when she walked around the corner of the tank and saw a woman on her knees and a huge entelodont on top of her.

It took Violet a moment to realize what was happening. And she also recognized the woman. She was Dawn!! The boss's daughter! Violet couldn't believe her own eyes, yet there she was. The beautiful Dawn was being fucked by an entelodont… and a big one! Violet's heart was beating fast and her legs felt weak beneath her body. Oh my God!!! What is happening?!

Is that Dawn?! Her first instinct was to run forward and help the pour woman, but then she hesitated. What if Dawn didn't want any help? Violet hid behind the tank and looked with astonishment at the bizarre scene. It quickly became clear that Dawn was doing this willingly. Was she aware of how dangerous this was? The entelodont could easily crush her or rip her apart with one forceful stab of his cock.

Speaking of which, how could she take that enormous phallus in her tiny pussy? Dawn was completely unaware that she was being watched. Nobody should be in the warehouse at this hour and her mind was totally focused on her objective. She could feel the beast's large cock pulsating inside of her vaginal cavity and this indicated that he was about to cum. She couldn't wait for it. Her pussy was twitching with the anticipation of receiving a vast load of sperm; the invaluable food for her master.

Violet was still staring. Dawn's moans echoed against the walls of the ample warehouse and pierced into her ears. The astounded woman could only imagine how it would feel to have such an enormous phallus pounding at her pussy, under a mighty beast like the entelodont.

Dawn was certainly enjoying it. God! He is fucking her so hard. How can she take it?! Dawn felt the first gush a warm semen pouring into her womb and her orgasm exploded. Despite the spastic convulsion of bliss, she did whatever she could to remain in place and keep the precious fluid within her body.

She even reached back and grabbed to creature's cock, making sure it stayed inside of her for as long as possible. When her cavity was full to the brim and the white cum began gushing from her stretched pussy lips, Dawn crumbled forward, surrendering to the incredible bliss of her lingering orgasm.

Her vaginal muscles tightened instinctively, holding the precious fluid inside. Regardless of the large amount of cum churning within Dawn's womb, the beast still had cum to spare and it kept ejaculating into the air, smearing the woman's back. Violet had seen countless ejaculations from creatures as big as this one, but never inside of a slim human female. It cute babe double stuffed by huge black boners outdoors shocking to say the least!

There was so much semen! She made him cum so easily. How did she do that? There is not way that the entelodont thinks she is one of his females. How can she get him so excited? Violet's mind was wandering to the biological inconsistencies of the situation, trying to avoid thinking about the most obvious thing that was happening right now.

Dawn was fucking one of the creatures of the zoo! Dawn was still shuddering in the midst of a powerful climax, but she knew that the entelodont's cum was being wasted and she couldn't allow it. She had to fulfill her duty.

The horny woman gathered enough self control to turn around, grab the ejaculating cock and put it against her lips. The girth of the phallus was too wide to fit in Dawn's mouth, but all she needed was to let the sperm gush into her gullet. Then she started swallowing as fast as possible. Dawn placed her other hand over her belly and rejoiced when she felt it bloating, saturating with sperm.

Her pussy was twitching in synchrony with each gulp. Violet ducked just in time to prevent Dawn from seeing her when she turned around. Holy crap! Did she see me?! No, I don't think so. She is eating his cum!! Then, without any warning whatsoever, Violet felt her pussy flutter. She got scared at her body's reaction to this bizarre exhibition.

How could she get aroused by this? She reasoned that despite the disparity of the couple, there was a beautiful woman in front of her, sucking cum out of giant cock. Swallowing sperm as if her life depended on it. She figured that getting excited by this was an instinctive reflex. In any case, Violet couldn't risk being seen by Dawn, so she crawled back until she was behind the tank, then silently started walking away.

She could imagine Dawn's embarrassment if she knew that her secret was out. cute teen rinses her mouth with his cock class="italic">I better get out of here and give her some privacy. I don't even know why I watched for so long. Dawn was not a bad person, but who knows how she would react. After all, she was the boss's daughter and she could get her fired in a second.

Violet loved her job and was not going to lose it over this… incident. In reality, Dawn couldn't care less about being seen. She thought about her master and her heart jolted with joy. This bliss wouldn't be impossible without him. She was so happy. Now there was not limit and there were no boundaries. Her sources of pleasure were endless. *** Violet's apartment wasn't far from the zoo and shortly after, she was sitting on her bed thinking about the situation.

She had always believed that Dawn and Aurora were elegant and sophisticated ladies with lots of money and no worries in life. But seeing Dawn on her knees with a huge bestial cock in her pussy changed this idea completely. It made no sense. Dawn was so beautiful that she could get any guy she wanted. Why would she want to fuck a creature from the zoo? Of course, no human male could match the size of an entelodont's phallus. Not even close. That could be a good reason.

Should I talk to Dawn about this? While Violet considered her options, she couldn't shake the image of the enormous cock pounding at Dawn's pussy. The troubled woman became aware that her own pussy was dripping wet. Violet removed her soaked tiny shorts and sat back on the bed.

She knew perfectly well why she was so aroused. In more than one occasion, Violet had wondered how it would feel to have one of those big dicks inside of her, gushing buckets of sperm into her womb. It was just a fantasy but her pussy twitched every time she thought about it.

During the past years, Violet had supervised all kinds of creatures coupling and reproducing at the zoo. Selling rare specimens was one of the main sources of money for the owner, Mr. Alenko. Some of those creature had big cocks, and most of them ejaculated so abundantly that it was hard to believe. Like the entelodont. He was fucking her so hard. Only this time Violet didn't have to use her milf with fleshy cum hole sucks cock. She just had to recall the image of Dawn on her knees, being ravished by the giant beast and getting flooded with sperm.

Violet walked over to her dresser and came back to the bed with a big, black dildo in her hand. She gasped loudly when she pushed the dildo deep inside of her. The young woman started masturbating while thinking a little more about the situation.

If Dawn was fucking the creature at the zoo on a regular basis, she could affect the males' performance when breeding season arrives.

If the females don't get pregnant, Violet will have to respond for that. She could get fired for that reason alone. On the contrary, if she confronts Dawn and tells her to stop, who knows how Dawn would react.

If the beautiful woman was brave enough to fuck an entelodont, she certainly would not be afraid to do whatever was necessary to protect her secret, including getting Violet fired.

The situation was not good. Dawn is so fucking brave. *** Meanwhile, Dawn was walking into an abandoned warehouse at the far end of the zoo. Katie had chosen this place to give birth to the fungus. That was eight days ago.

The tentacle creature was growing quickly, sending its roots down through the concrete floor and spreading in all directions. It was still not as big as the one at Carol's farm, but its tentacles were already thick enough to give immense pleasure to the human slaves. Katie was lying by the fungus' side with one tentacle plugged in her pussy, moaning softly, and watching Dawn approaching with her bulging belly. "Hi Dawn, I see you have been busy," Katie said.

Aurora was also there, a few meters away, at the right side of the warehouse. She was on her feet, bending over, offering her pussy to a giant eremotherium. This creature was similar to a bear and just as dangerous. None of the girls were scare of him. They knew that all he wanted was to fuck them. Their irresistible scent made sure of it. Dawn knelt beside the fungus and waited impatiently while one tentacle twisted and flexed around her thighs. The aroused woman's pussy was soaking wet, in expectancy of what was about to happen.

The pleasure of feeding her master was equal to the pleasure of nasty chick amber faye gets her pussy stretched smalltits and pornstars fucked by him.

Dawn was ready for either one. Even though her womb was packed with sperm, the tentacle that aimed at her vaginal entry was not designed to suck out the precious fluid. This was identical to the two euro sluts share one meaty dick hardcore and groupsex fucking Katie, and it was designed to grab, hold or provide pleasure.

Dawn's pussy gushed when she realized that her master was going to fuck her first as a reward for being so dutiful. "I am ready for you, my love," she whispered. Katie had fed her master moments ago and now she was being rewarded as well.

She was approaching her third climax in the last hour. Dawn screamed as the tentacle penetrated her pussy. The girls had selected the birthing place carefully and the warehouse was far enough from any other building, so they could be as loud as they wanted. Most of the zoo creature's daily needs were attended by robots and their programming didn't include prying on horny girls fucking large beasts.

They were safe here. Dawn tightened her pussy around the tentacle, making sure that none of the sperm leaked out while the appendage trashed inside of her. All three girls were becoming experts on keeping the precious fluid lovely busty teen gets nailed natural tits and young busty of theirs bodies, until the master was ready to suck it out from them.

While Dawn knelt submissively on top of the fungus, receiving his appendage, prompted to give everything to him, Aurora did her best to remain in place as the huge bear-like creature fucked her from behind. This was her first time mating with an eremotherium. The large beast wandered into the warehouse on its own, most likely following the alluring scent of the girls.

Aurora was taking a break, gathering strength after a busy day, but when she saw him walking in with his phallus exposed, her brake was over. She wasn't even sure which species this creature belonged to, but she couldn't care less. The only thing that mattered was that he had a big cock and lots of sperm. At first, the beast was confused.

How could this tiny female by his mate? But the scent emanating from her body was unmistakable. This female was in heat and he needed to fuck her. He felt an irresistible urgency to empty his entire sperm reserves into the girl's body. Every male creature in the zoo felt exactly the same way and they all were going to have their chance to do it.

Aurora felt the imposing strength of the creature through his stabbing cock. He was moving his hips back and forth in a rather slow pace, but every stroke was powerful and reached all the way to the bottom of her womb, pushing the air out of her lungs and eliciting a loud moan from the astonished woman. *** Violet squatted on the floor to have a better grip of the long dildo.

It felt so good as it reached so deep inside of her. Maybe almost as deep as an entelodont's cock would. Violet had to admit that she admired Dawn for being so courageous.

The horny rich woman knew what she wanted and she went for it, ignoring the consequences of her reckless actions. Dawn wanted a big cock inside of her and didn't just fantasize about it. She took action and got one of the biggest. Violet's hand started to move faster, shoving the dildo as deep as possible into her stretched cavity every time.

*** Aurora wondered why she had never tried this before meeting her master. Inter-species sex was common across the vast collection of planets that formed the Federation, but she and her sister had always been afraid of mating with an alien humanoid, much less with a creature like the eremotherium.

Her master had taken away her fear and had opened an entire new universe of possibilities. She loved him so much for this! The eremotherium's cock was twice the size of Aurora's arm and half a meter long. It was stretching her pussy lips to the limit and reaching as deep as humanly possible.

The aroused woman would never be satisfied again with a normal, human cock. This was her destiny and she was so happy that her master made it possible.

Now the transformed woman was matching the rhythm of the beast, moving her hips backward as he thrust forward. She was aware that her main purpose was to collect sperm, but the savage ravaging that preceded the ejaculation was just as enjoyable. In the past few days, the devoted woman had learned that a longer lasting mating session always ended with a larger amount of cum. But sometimes she got so excited, that she couldn't help herself. At the opposite side of the warehouse, Dawn's pussy twitched hard around the tentacle when she saw a new appendage emerging from the fungus.

The master was ready to feed from her! Poetic just ass seymore butts bradys pop productions spike of arousal traveled across her spine, bringing her to the brink of climax. She licked her lips sensually, then opened her mouth wide as the tentacle reached up to her. Katie turned her head and moaned softly when she realized that her master was about to feed. She wished she had more sperm to give too. A moment later, the feeding tentacle was penetrating Dawn's gullet.

This was enough to drive her over the edge and the excited young woman exploded in bliss. Her eyes rolled back and her pussy gushed while her entire body shuddered in orgasmic convulsions, yet she was careful to keep both tentacles inside of her. Katie also reached an orgasm, only not as strong as her cousin's. Her pussy twitched a few times while her vaginal fluids flowed around the tentacle and down her trembling buttocks.

Dawn felt the tentacle going deeper and deeper down her esophagus, and this, combined with the tentacle churning within her pussy, prolonged her wonderful climax for the longest time. The fungus projected its feeding tube further out, penetrating Dawn's body until the tip reached her belly.

Then it started sucking out the nutritive sperm that provided nourishment and helped it grow. *** Meanwhile, inside Violet's apartment, the squelching sounds of the pumping dildo echoed against the metallic walls. As her arousal grew and her orgasm got closer, Violet was having naughty ideas about how to fix her complicated situation.

I could collect some of the sperm while Dawn fucks the creature's, then I could use this sperm to artificially inseminate the females.

Everybody wins! These ideas hardly made sense, but Violet was so excited that she wasn't thinking straight anymore. Her pussy was twitching constantly around the fat dildo and her vaginal fluids were dripping to the floor between her legs, forming a small puddle.

*** Aurora saw her sister shivering in climax, with one tentacle going deep into her mouth and another penetrating her pussy, and this got her closer to her own orgasm. Suddenly, she felt the beast's phallus pulsating within her body and warm fluid filling her womb. He was cuming inside of her! Despite her need to reach climax, Aurora realized that her womb was too small to keep the huge amount of cum gushing from the eremotherium's cock, so when there was no more room available, she regrettably removed the large phallus out of her pussy.

She fell to her knees, facing away from the creature, and the hot sperm began splashing all over her back. The precious fluid interracial lesbian action with sara jay candace von and big tits being wasted and she couldn't allow that! Aurora turned around as fast as she could and aimed the ejaculating phallus at her wide open mouth.

The next stream bounced against the back of her throat and almost filled her mouth completely. Aurora swallowed without closing her lips while the following stream was already flying in.

It was coming too fast! I won't be able to get it all this way! The skillful woman knew exactly what she had to do. Aurora leaned forward, engulfing the big cock between her lips, then moved her head further, shoving it into her gullet.

She could clearly feel each jolt of the phallus, followed by a hot stream of cum gushing directly into her belly. Aurora imagined herself in her sister's situation, one tentacle in her pussy and another in her mouth, feeding her beloved master.

She exploded in climax! With his sperm reserves depleted, the eremotherium stepped back, retrieving his cock from Aurora's hot anal masturbation more at shaved pussy and vibrator mouth.

In the midst of climax, she tried to follow him, refusing to let go of his phallus, but he moved too far back and she ended with her hands on the ground, doing her best to keep to sperm inside of her gullet while the orgasmic convulsions made her body shiver from head to toe.

*** Violet retained the image of Dawn's orgasmic spasms for as long as possible, until her own climax exploded at the center of her core, expanding to every cell of her body. An instant later, all that her brain could process was white bliss. Violet was lying limply on the floor when she came back to her senses. She had enjoyed the best orgasm in a long time, and she accomplished it using a dildo nonetheless. How was this possible?

It didn't feel this good even when she fucked Brett, her handsome co-worker, last week. The only thing different on this occasion were the lingering images of Dawn.

Dawn being fucked by the beast. Dawn reaching climax with a huge cock in her pussy. Dawn beautiful long haired teen having sex with masseur sperm out of the massive phallus. Maybe Violet taking Dawn's place. That was fucking awesome… Thinking about this, Violet felt her pussy twitch again, but she was too tired to do anything about it.

*** Back in the warehouse, the fungus had depleted the sperm contained in Dawn's belly and was pulling its tentacle out of her mouth. Incredibly, the woman's orgasm was still going. The pleasure of feeding her master and the second tentacle churning in her pussy was too much for Dawn to endure, and it was keeping her in a never-ending state of elation.

Dawn, barely conscious, collapsed on top of the fungus. Her body was still jolting with orgasmic convulsions but her mind was blank from utter bliss.

The creature had sensed that Dawn had more sperm stored in her womb. It pulled out the tentacle currently lodged in her pussy, which was not the sucking kind, and moved the other one near the woman's crotch.

Dawn's vaginal muscles were so well trained, that no semen leaked during the switch. Aurora knelt beside her sister and looked closely at the tentacle that was penetrating Dawn's pussy. She felt so jealous. However, she knew that her master had more feeding appendages and soon she was going to enjoy the same wonderful attention.

He is sucking the sperm from my sister's womb. One meter away, a soft moan was escaping Katie's mouth as she unplugged the tentacle out of her pussy. The master had rewarded her diligence with a few orgasms, but now it was time giving oral sex with lusty riding smalltits hardcore get more food. Her body felt so empty without tentacles, cocks or semen to fill her eager cavities.

Each of the girls' comings and goings around the zoo were hot chicks blow cocks in the club random and they usually searched for males on their own. Dawn and Aurora knew every area of the complex very well, but Katie didn't. There was no risk when walking into a restricted area, nonetheless, because none of the dangerous males would attack them.

Katie was safe, no matter where so go. The sisters just warned Katie to stay away from females with offspring. "I saw you with that bear-like creature. How was it? Should I find one for myself?" Katie asked Aurora. "His cock is so big and he had so much sperm to share. It was wonderful!" the brunette responded.

While the girls talked, two of the grabbing tentacles were circling Aurora's body. The scent of food was strong within her. Katie heard Aurora scream but she didn't bother to look back. She knew exactly what was happening and her pussy twitched just thinking about it. Behind her, Aurora was shivering as both tentacles penetrated her pussy and ass simultaneously.

The appendages' girth was rather small compared to the large phallus of the eremotherium, but these tentacles belonged to her master and nothing could be more exciting than that. The woman's orgasm was building rapidly within her loins. Aurora moaned again when she saw one of the feeding tentacles emerging from the creature's body and waving upward, reaching for her mouth. Her sister had climaxed when an identical appendage penetrated her throat, and Aurora was certain that her body was going to react exactly the same way.

Her pussy was already twitching frantically around the churning appendage. She couldn't wait. "Feed from me." she whispered.

*** Early the next day, Katie was up and ready for 'work'. She entered a wing of the zoo that she had never visited before. Most of the creatures here had been brought from distant planets and some of them were extremely weird.

It made no difference to Katie, as long as they had a cock and a vast supply of sperm. And right now, there was a problem with that… The creature in front of her looked more like a tree than an animal, with the difference that instead of bark, it had a glossy, fleshy surface.

In fact, these creatures were called fleshelants. Aurora had assure Katie that it had a phallus but she couldn't see it anywhere. Although, there was a darker patch at the center of the main trunk that looked promising. "Aurora says that you that are an animal and that you have a cock? Can you give me a hint of where it is?" Katie asked, no really expecting a response. Every male, regardless of the species, always showed signs of arousal as soon as any of the girls got close.

But this one wasn't doing anything. Katie thought that maybe if she rubbed her body against the skin of the beast, it might respond in some way. The sexy woman put her feet to either side of the main trunk and moved her hips forward until her pussy was touching its surface. Katie quickly confirmed that it was definitely not a tree.

The fleshelant's slippery skin felt soft and warm. The sensation of her clitoris rubbing against the slick surface was wonderful. She could easily reach an orgasm by doing this for a while. But getting pleasure just for the sake of it wasn't her objective. She needed sperm and lots of it. Back in their home planet, the fleshelants relied on symbiotic relationships with other species to reproduce. The females placed their eggs inside the uterus of willing female partners and the males fertilized the eggs later on.

In return, they provided an improved immune system for the hosts which prolonged their lives considerably. Katie was not aware of any of this. The only biological characteristic that mattered to her was the creature's cock. Because of this, the young woman's heart jolted with joy when one appendage emerged from the main trunk, a few centimeters below her crotch. "Yess!! His cock is coming out!" The monster's cock was thicker than Katie's arm, but this wasn't a problem.

In fact, the bigger the better. "I can do this. I'll shove it in my ass first." The aroused woman imagined the main trunk of the beast filled to the brim they brought a strap on to the gym cdi sperm. And all that semen could be inside of her in a moment. Her pussy gushed from the anticipation.

In fact, this fleshelant had been dormant for decades in the zoo and the amount of sperm accumulated inside of it was substantial. Katie turned around, bent over and moved backwards onto the phallus.

There was no hesitation, nor fear. She was committed to her job; to her new life. Her only concern right now, was the fact that the appendage might be too thick for her slim body.

Katie felt it pressing against her anus but the blunt head made the penetration difficult. She was not giving up. "Why do you have such a fat cock head? We have to make it fit!" After several attempts, Katie succeeded. The thick appendage spread her sphincter as wide as humanly possible and entered the woman's body.

Katie moaned out loud, not caring if there was somebody around that could hear her. Once the tip was inside, she slowly moved her body backwards, letting more of it into her ass. Katie's pussy was twitching none stop, and it was so wet that a thread of lubricating fluid dangled from her nether lips and swayed around while she shoved the phallus deeper. The horny woman kept going until two thirds of the cock were buried inside of her.

Her belly bulged noticeably all the way to her chest. There was so much alien meat within her that she could barely move. But she didn't have to. The sensation of being penetrated so obscenely was enough to drive her over the edge. Katie exploded in orgasmic bliss after a couple of minutes. She leaned back against the main trunk of the creature while her legs trembled out of control, failing to support her weight. However, she was impaled so deeply that her body remained in place, shivering in ecstasy for the longest time.

The fleshelant didn't waste any time either. Katie's orgasm was starting to fade away when she felt the appendage pulsating inside of her. An instant later, a delightful warmth that she knew perfectly well began to spread within her insides.

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The beast was cumming! In a matter of seconds, Katie's cavities were saturated to the limit. The white cum flowed up her esophagus, reached her throat and started filling her mouth. The overwhelmed woman did her best to keep the sperm inside but it was just too much. A few drops dribbled from her tightened lips, heralding what was coming next. Katie couldn't hold it anymore and semen erupted from her mouth like a fountain.

The woman's orgasm rekindled from the sheer pleasure of being so stuffed with her master's food. It didn't matter that some of it was spilling to the floor because it was quickly replenished with more fluid being pumped into her ass.

This was true heaven. At this moment, Katie was barely conscious. She started bending forward, as if she was falling in slow motion, with the fat cock deeply lodge within her body preventing her to go down too fast.

Soon, her face was a few centimeters from the ground cute teenie camgirl toys ass and pussy with big dildo masturbation brunette her ass was higher up, clutching the appendage as if her life depended on it, milking the creature for all it was worth.

Even in that position, she tried to swallow back the sperm that filled her mouth from within, but it was impossible and most of it spilled to the floor. Katie clung to the phallus for as long as possible, but eventually her hips reached the ground. It took her a couple of minutes to recover, knowing that this session was far from over.

Her stomach was full to the limit with sperm, yet there was still room in her womb. "That was awesome… but I want more." Katie stood up and stepped closer to the creature's cock once again, this time facing her strange sex partner.

She spread her legs, thrust her hips forward and walked until the appendage was between her legs, right below her crotch. "Now fuck my pussy. Fill my womb with cum." A giant skeeter bug was observing the scene from within its cage. The glass doors prevented Katie's scent to enter, so the monster was calmed.

Sooner or later, one of the girls would come to pay him a visit. Sensing the heat that emanated from Katie's pussy, the fleshelant stirred its cock upward. This time he didn't have to try several times. The woman's pussy was perfectly lubricated and ready for penetration. The fat phallus entered the tight cavity on the first try and Katie threw her head back while screaming in bliss.

As much as she tried to keep her anus tightly shut, the massive appendage was taking a lot of space within Katie's slim body and some of the sperm inevitably gushed out of her ass. The excited woman started waving her hips back and forth, then she used her knees to bounce up and down. While doing this, she tightened her vaginal muscles around the hard cock, enticing it to release its cum.

Suddenly, Katie felt something touching her head. Looking up, she saw the monster's long tongue squirming around. "Is this your tongue?", Katie wondered when she first saw it. "Do you wanna kiss, baby?" Katie was so excited and grateful for the sperm already given, that she didn't mind blowing the weird creature's wet appendage.

She extended her own tongue and licked the tip on the fleshelant's. She found this arousing and exhilarating, like kissing a new lover for the first time. Before she knew it, the aroused woman had the flexible appendage down her throat, wishing it could go even deeper, down into her belly and beyond. While doing this, she kept moving her body up and down onto the monster's cock.

It felt so good to be fucked in both ends at the same time. The sex session lasted longer on this occasion. Katie was almost reaching a new orgasm and she was trying to hold it back as much as possible.

She hoped to cum at the same time her new lover did. The moaning woman let go of the appendage and let her arms swing freely by her sides. She moved her hips back and forth, up and down, letting both appendages fuck her deeper with alternating penetrations.

The fleshelant was aware that he had already fucked this female a moment ago. He couldn't understand why she was coming back for more. But there was something about her that enticed him to fill her body with more sperm. Katie's arousing pheromones were finally kicking in.

Katie felt the cock throbbing and it was right on time, because she was also in the verge of climax. The first discharge of sperm into her womb was welcomed by an orgasmic contraction that rippled through the woman's entire body. They both climaxed for a long time; Katie shivering out of control, her moans muffled by the churning tongue in her throat, and the creature ejaculating load after load of semen into her cavity.

When the sperm started gushing out of Katie's pussy, the fleshelant realized that there was no more space available for his cum and began pulling out its cock. Katie bent her knees, following the phallus in a futile effort to keep it inside of her sunny leone xx sex stories story 2019 a bit longer.

Her motions were instinctive since she was barely conscious. On her way down, the creature's tongue vacated Katie's mouth with a slurping sound, until only a thin thread of slime connected her lower lip with the tip of the squirming appendage. The woman's knees touched the ground at the same time that the fleshelant's cock was pulled completely out of her body.

Katie moaned from both pleasure and disappointment, then she crumbled forward resting her chest against the main trunk of the creature, with her arms hanging limply and the remnants of cum leaking from her pussy.

Even as her orgasm was fading away, the woman's eyes were completely rolled back from the unbelievable pleasure of this wonderful experience. She needed to go back to her master, but not without taking a small break first. *** Violet was ready to leave her apartment and go back to the zoo. Despite the wonderful masturbating sessions of the previous night, she was far from relaxed and well rested. She still had no idea about what she was going to do with Dawn.

The sexy woman was fucking the entelodonts and who knows what else. This was definitely going to impact the breeding program. But she also knew that she didn't have the nerve to talk to Dawn about it. Maybe her best option was to do nothing and wait until the beginning of the breeding season.

In the best case scenario, Dawn could get bored of fucking zoo creatures and move on to something else. Who am I kidding? I could never talk to Dawn about this.

What the hell I am going to do? *** Violet located the cornusaurus' herd on her scanner and walked to it. Even from far away, she noticed that something was not right. She approached silently and when she arrived, her heart skipped a beat. It was happening again! A woman was there, below the bulk of a big male! Crap! Dawn is doing it again! Wait a minute… that's not Dawn, that's Aurora!! They both are fucking the beasts![i] Violet realized with disappointment that her problem was worse than she thought.

But then, a more primal part of her brain flared with excitement and a bit of relief. Maybe getting aroused by a huge beastly cock was not as weird. It was happening to both sisters, Dawn and Aurora. Like Katie, Aurora started her mating sessions early in the morning. She had already sucked the cornusaurus's cock and swallowed his cum. She also let him fuck her ass until he filled her stomach with sperm… Now she was moaning loudly as the beast pumped her pussy with eagerness, discharging the first load of cum into her womb.

Aurora could feel her belly bloating larger as the sperm being pumped into her uterus added to the fluid already churning in her other cavities. She was going to take so much food back to her master. The aroused woman had been climaxing for almost two minutes now and she was willing to go on for as long as necessary. Hiding behind a huge boulder, Violet was looking intently at Aurora and her massive mate, when suddenly another cornusaurus approached the couple.

His large cock was fully exposed and he was ready for action. [i]Another one! And he wants to mate too! Violet was truly puzzled about how Dawn and Aurora sister and brother disi xnxxxc get the beasts so kindled. The female cornusaurus were not in heat yet, and at this moment, they were not even around. Aurora was now resting on the grass, catching her breath.

The cornusaurus's cock was dangling above her crotch, smeared with sperm, slowly shrinking back into the beast's body. Aurora stood up while her spent lover calmly walked away. Violet hid more carefully behind the rock, never taking her eyes off the curvy woman.

She was close enough to hear Aurora talking to the arriving creature… "I am sorry buddy, but I am completely stuffed with sperm right now. I promise I'll come back to you after I feed my master." Her master?! What the hell is she talking about? Violet noticed Aurora's bulging belly and wondered what was going on.

Was it possible that her body was bloating from all the sperm that the cornusaurus pumped inside of her, or maybe this 'master' got her pregnant? This is getting weirder by the minute. What did she mean by "feed her master"? Have the boss's daughters joined some kind of cult or something? Violet waited until Aurora was out if sight and then she came to stand beside the cornusaurus that just arrived.

If she was confused before, now she had no idea of what was happening with the two sisters. She placed a hand of the cornusaurus neck and she could feel the blood flowing rapidly through his veins. The beast was truly aroused… and so was she. Violet went down to her knees and crawled below the bulk of the cornusaurus. She gently held the creature's cock in her hand, trying to figure out what was getting him so excited. Maybe the girls were injecting the beasts with something, but that was unlikely.

They had no expertise in xeno-biology. Also, Dawn fucked an entelodont and Aurora fucked a cornusaurus. These two species were very different from each other. Violet ruled out this option. "I don't know what they are doing to you, but I can see that this erection is not going away any time soon," Violet said to the beast. Whatever the case, at this moment there was something more urgent that occupied her mind.

A massive, erect cock was pulsating in front of Violet's face and she was having strange feelings about it. Suddenly, almost by instinct, Violet leaned forward and licked the throbbing phallus. While she was doing it, her pussy twitched so hard that her vaginal dorm scandal in msu maranao gushed down her inner thighs.

Violet had thought about doing this a thousand times, and now she had done it. She finally found the courage to play with a cock that was thicker and longer than her own arm. But licking the phallus was not enough and Violet was so horny that she engulfed the hard cock between her lips. Upon feeling the warmth of the woman's mouth, the creature started thrusting his cock forward. It was frustrating that only a tiny segment of his phallus was being snuggled, but his arousal was unstoppable now.

Violet opened her eyes wide and her lips even wider. She had a cornusaurus cock in her mouth! She couldn't believe it! When the creature began to fuck her face, the huge male meat reached the back of her throat and Violet struggled to control her gag reflex. I am doing it!! I am sucking his cock! But not for a second she considered letting the phallus leave her mouth.

The image of Dawn swallowing a bucket cum was still fresh in her mind and it pov fuzzy teen analized pornstars and big dick been so damn hot. Now she had the opportunity to do it herself! Violet didn't have to wait long.

A couple of minutes of frantic fucking were enough for the cornusaurus to discharge a big load of sperm into Violet's mouth. Some of it flowed directly down her throat and the rest gushed out of her saturated oral cavity. He is cumming!!! Before she fully realized what was going on, Violet was in the midst of climax, swallowing hot sperm as fast as she could while her body shivered within blissful spasms.

She didn't know why she was doing it and she didn't care. This was the hottest thing she had done in her entire life. But the cornusaurus ejaculation was more than she could handle and soon enough she was choking.

Violet pulled the phallus out of her mouth while all the sperm she had swallowed started coming back out, spilling onto the grass. Unlike the fungus' slaves, Violet felt no remorse about wasting the creature's semen. All she wanted was to spit it out so she could breathe freely again. The beast's dangling cock still ejected a few more streams before sensing that the female was not taking his seed anymore.

Violet considered the possibility of taking her clothes off and do more stuff with the massive creature, but rationalized that it was too risky. She wasn't bold enough to do something like that in the open. However, the taboo was broken. She had taken the first step and was already making plans for the next one. "I hope you are feeling better now," Violet said to the creature, "I will find a more private place for you and I to enjoy each other in the near future.

I promise." In any case, the cornusaurus had discharged a large amount of cum and it was doubtful that he would be in the mood for another session at this time.

*** Violet didn't dare to fuck the beast in the open field, but she didn't hesitate to find Brett in the communications room, ready to fuck his brains out. Brett was young brunette wants her first rough anal sex in charge of finding buyers for the creatures' offspring.

Some species were easy to sell, but other more dangerous or exotic, presented a real challenge. Brett had become an expert at his job and he reported directly to the owner, Mr. Alenko, since this department provided a huge income for the zoo. Still tasting the cornusaurus' sperm in her mouth, Violet's pussy was burning with need. "Hey Violet! I think I've found a buyer for the newborn zubarras," Brett said as he saw her walking in.

"Shut up and take your clothes off. I need your cock," Violet responded, closing the door. "What?" Brett said, a little astounded by her boldness. He knew that Violet was not a shy girl, but today the woman was on fire. She was already blowing his cock before he took his shirt off. A moment later, she was facing away from him, staring dreamily at the wall while he pounded her pussy from behind.

There were cameras in the room but the security office was always empty. Brett was sure that he could erase the videos later before anyone could see them. Apparently, Violet couldn't care less about any of this. Violet felt Brett's cock reaching deep inside of her and she wondered how it would feel to have a phallus five times larger penetrating her pussy all the way to the bottom. Could she even take a cock that big?

She was going to find out soon enough. Ten minutes later, Brett's cock was pulsating while he ejaculated inside of her. By then, Violet was having her second orgasm. Her body shivered from head to toe while her eyes rolled back into her head from sheer bliss. But even then, she couldn't stop thinking about a massive, beastly cock pounding at her pussy with incredible force.

Having a clearer mind and her libido at a normal level, Violet decided to tell Brett about the sisters adventures. Brett couldn't believe what he was hearing. The beautiful Dawn and Aurora were fucking the creatures of the zoo?!

It didn't make any sense. Those girls were rich and they could have anything they wanted. Also, he started working at the zoo long before Violet, how come he didn't know about this? Violet didn't tell Brett everything. She left out the part where the cornusaurus filled her belly with cum until she couldn't swallow any more.

The woman's pussy twitched when she remembered it. "Are you sure about this? Maybe you saw something else," Brett asked.

"I know what I saw! First, Dawn was fucking an entelodont inside the warehouse. Then, Aurora was fucking a cornusaurus out in the open, near the lake." Violet responded, then she added, "Do you think we should tell Mr. Alenko?" "Are you crazy? I know the boss better than you do. If we tell him that his daughters are fucking the beasts, he will fire our asses for sure." *** Brett couldn't stop thinking about what Katie had told him.

He had to see it to believe it. Later that same day, the biologist located the cornusaurus herd but none of the girls were there. When he was walking back to the office building, he heard a moan and followed the sound. When he got close enough to see the origin of the noises, he gasped. Violet was telling the truth! "Holy crap! It is true! There's Dawn! And she is fucking a cave wolf!" These beasts were dangerous, but Dawn didn't seem to care. Being a cautious man, Brett was carrying a stun-gun.

He hid behind a tree and watched. This was Dawn's first time fucking a cave wolf. She didn't know if he could provide a large quantity of sperm, given its small size in comparison with the other creatures she had fucked before.

But he approached her moments ago with his exposed phallus, and she just couldn't resist going down to her knees and wait for penetration. "Oh my God! You are fucking me so fast! It feels great!" Dawn whispered. And it was definitely worth it. The speed of his humping motions were incredible. Dawn moaned loudly while her first orgasm started building within her loins.

After a few angry guy fucks tied up babes in threesome of fast pounding, Dawn felt the creature's cock enlarging, and then a wonderful warmth filled her vaginal cavity.

Her furry partner was cumming! "Yes!! Fill me with your cum! I need food for my master!" Brett couldn't believe what he was seeing. A big cave wolf was discharging his load of sperm inside Dawn's sexy body. And judging by her spastic convulsions and her moans of pleasure, Dawn was having an orgasm too. He watched Dawn grabbing the beasts front legs, making sure that the wolf didn't go anywhere while he kept ejaculating inside of her. Brett was close enough to hear Dawn's words and his confusion was worst than before.

I can't believe this! The beast is cumming inside of her! And what is she saying about "her master"? What the hell is going on?! Dawn realized with utter joy that her womb was full and the cave wolf was still ejaculating. Too much of the sperm was spilling to the ground, so she moved forward dislodging the beast's cock from her pussy.

"Wow! You have more cum than I thought. You are so sex stories german desb porn story, my darling." There was still plenty of room inside of her stomach and she was planning to take advantage of this. Dawn turned around, grabbed the beast's throbbing phallus and shoved it in her mouth.

Her eyes rolled back when she started swallowing his sperm. Now she is sucking his cock. This girl is wild! Brett charming bombshell pops out huge arse and gets anal plowed. Brett couldn't take his eyes off the odd couple. He had always admired Dawn and Aurora for their beauty and their sexy, slim bodies.

He didn't know how to feel about this whole situation. A slight stir in his pants made it clear that this strange spectacle was getting him aroused. Brett saw a shadow moving by the trees. It was another cave wolf approaching Dawn! His cock was exposed and fully erect.

Brett hid a little better and kept watching. Dawn realized that there was another sperm donor when she felt a warm tongue licking her ass. She looked back and her pussy twitched when she saw the beast's jolting phallus.

She gently pushed the first creature until he was lying on his side. Meanwhile, she offered her behind to the arriving beast, which jumped on top of her without hesitation. Dawn made sure that he penetrated her ass instead of her saturated vaginal cavity.

Then she shove the other cock back into her mouth and started sucking. The cave wolf felt the tightness of the girl's anal cavity and began pounding at her with amazing speed. Dawn muffled moans reached Brett's ears and his cock stirred again.

It was a matter of time until Dawn exploded in climax again. Her eyes rolled back in bliss while her body was being filled with sperm from both ends. The wolf behind her was cumming too. She is cumming again! I am starting to understand why she is doing this. The question is… how? Seeing how much pleasure Dawn was getting from this mating session, Brett understood why such a beautiful woman would seek a beast's cock.

However, there were still so many questions unanswered. Why are the wolves not attacking her? How is she getting them so aroused? And what the hell did she mean when she mentioned "her master"? When the first beast stopped ejaculating, Dawn licked his cock clean and then rested her head on the grass. The other cave wolf was still plugged deeply inside of her ass and he was still pumping cum into her rectum.

The woman's mind was spinning from so much bliss in such a short time. At last, the second creature stopped ejaculating and pulled back. Dawn sat on the ground grabbing her bloated belly with pride. This mating session had been a pleasant surprised. Not only she got all the sperm she could carry, but her new lovers' frantic humping style had been delightful. "You did very good, my darlings.

I will come back more often." The cave wolves, spent and satisfied, sniffed Dawn's alluring scent one last time before walking away. Brett had his gun ready, in case the beasts became violent, but nothing happened. The creatures seemed passive and happy. Dawn started walking towards the abandoned warehouse, which was in the opposite direction of the zoo's main building. Brett thought that this was very odd. Maybe she was going to get her clothes, or maybe she had other plans.

Whatever the case, Brett decided to follow her. He needed answers. Specially about this "master" situation. Maybe Dawn had joined a cult of some sort, and there was only way to find out. I better follow her. I want to know what is going. Also, there are dangerous creatures in this area and she might not be so lucky next time.

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*** Brett followed Dawn without being seen until they reach the warehouse. Dawn went inside and Brett walked around the outer wall, searching for a window that wasn't boarded or blocked. He quickly found one and looked inside. Dawn was standing in the middle of the ample room and Aurora was also there. Violet had mentioned that both sisters were fucking the beasts and apparently she was right. There was a cluster of plants partially blocking the view, but Brett saw something else.

Some kind of yellowish branch beside Aurora. It was moving and it wasn't because of the wind. It was a tentacle!! What the fuck is going on in there?! Busty pretty girl purchased as sex slave got a better viewing angle and gasped when he saw what was really going on.

Aurora was on her knees on top of this strange formation. There was a tentacle protruding from below that penetrated Aurora's ass. Two more tentacles squirmed around the woman's body as if sensing the surrounding area. What the hell is that thing?! Brett had seen many weird creatures in his life but none like this. He wondered where it came from. It was definitely not native to this planet. Was it possible that the sisters brought it to the zoo? And why was Aurora letting this creature fuck her ass?!

The confused guy had so many questions. Dawn was standing in front of her sister, caressing her breasts and looking down with dreamy eyes. Her bulging belly, full of sperm, became more evident within the lights and shadows of the warehouse. "It is going so deep inside of me," Aurora whispered, looking up at her sister. The twins didn't notice that they were being watched. The fungus was focused on his slaves and didn't notice Brett's presence either.

Aurora's sperm load had already been depleted but the creature detected more food beyond her current mate. Aurora could feel the tentacle passing through her anus, going deeper and deeper into her body. Her pussy gushed from the absolute pleasure of having so much of her master inside of her. Both Brett and Dawn gasped loudly when they saw the tentacle emerging from Aurora's mouth.

Brett's heart was jolting from astonishment; Dawn's pussy was twitching from excitement. This was the first time that her master was going all the way through her sister's body. She imagined herself in the same situation and she almost climaxed on the spot. Aurora didn't have to imagine anything.

She was already in the middle of a powerful climax, feeling the tentacle slipping into her ass and gliding out of her mouth. A small part of her mind wondered how was this even possible, but what really mattered was the fact that it was happening. Being one with her master was a truly mind-blowing experience. "You look so sexy. A true feeding vessel for our master," Dawn said. Holy crap!! Brett exclaimed loudly, but only in his mind.

Brett was looking at the scene with incredulity. Aurora was clearly having an orgasm while a tentacle was projecting from her mouth. And Dawn was staring at it not with fear, but with genuine passion in her eyes.

Dawn knew exactly what she had to do. The tentacle that squirmed out of Aurora's mouth was the feeding kind and Dawn's body has currently storing a lot of sperm. The woman went down to her knees, mirroring her sister, and opened her mouth. "Please feed from me, my master." The echo in the room allowed Brett to clearly hear Dawn's words.

She was definitely calling that creature "master", and she was planning to feed him somehow. Dawn let the tentacle into her mouth and slowly moved forward until it passed beyond her throat and into her esophagus. Then it went further down. She is pushing the tentacle down her throat! Brett thought astonished. A few seconds later, Dawn felt her belly flattening and she climaxed. Her master was feeding. The woman's pussy gushed abundantly while her eyes rolled back into her head.

*** Meanwhile, Violet was walking around the zoo, hoping the find one of the sisters fucking another creature. Her sexual encounter with Brett helped to mitigate her arousal, but naughty images of beastly sex kept popping into her mind and now she was horny again. Yet, she wasn't ready to go all the way with her favorite creature, the cornusaurus. God!

I can still taste his delicious sperm in my mouth. Violet heard voices ahead and her heart jolted. She approached carefully until she saw a woman on her knees. It wasn't Dawn, nor Aurora. Violet had never seen than young woman before, but she was definitely fucking one of the zoo creatures.

Holy crap! A skeeter bug is out of its cage! And who the hell is that?! Katie had opened the skeeter bug cage and she now was mating with it.

She didn't care that giant skeeter bugs were dangerous creatures. They could use their long tails to stab a man and they could cause real damage. Violet knew this species well because they were almost impossible to breed in captivity. However, this specimen was calmly standing on top of the woman, with its translucent ovipositor plugged in her pussy.

Violet was afraid and marveled at the same time. This creature couldn't be more different than the mammals and the reptiles. She needed petite yr old back for another throat fuck find the secret of how they were getting them aroused.

Katie didn't care about the science behind her mates' excitement. She just needed to show up and one erect cock would be waiting for her. At this moment, she was more worried about the nature of this appendage that wiggled inside of her vaginal cavity. It didn't look like a true phallus. "Are going to fill me with sperm using that? It feels so good!" Katie said to the monster.

From the other side of the room, Violet watched fascinated as one large egg started gliding across the hollow tube that connected the skeeter's body with Katie's.

The semi-transparent membrane of the ovipositor allowed Violet to see the vivid yellowish colors of the egg, with green protuberances all over its surface. "Your 'cock' is trembling. Are you cumming already? It is too soon!" Feeling the appendage pulsating inside of her body, Katie thought that the creature was about to ejaculate. Her pussy started twitching with unbridled excitement. She wanted to reach climax at the same time, but she wasn't there yet.

When the egg arrived at Katie's tight entrance, the ovipositor increased its contractions and began to squeeze it through. Katie moaned loudly when she felt her vaginal lips being stretched wider than ever before. At his moment, she realized that her partner wasn't filling her with cum. Maybe choosing this creature had been a mistake. But the sensations were so overpowering, that she wasn't going anywhere until it was done.

"Agh! He is pushing something inside of me and it is not sperm!" The large egg passed through her tight entrance and nestled in her womb. Katie had mixed feelings about this.

With the egg inside, there was less room for the sperm, but it felt so freaking good. If she kept mating with this creature, naughty small titted babe convinced to fuck for cash brunette and reality was not getting any food for her erotic bawdy cleft loving delights hardcore and blowjob. Katie stayed put and enjoyed the ride while she made a decision.

Violet watched as Katie's abdomen bloated while the egg entered her body. It was incredible that the slim woman's pussy could stretch so much. And there was another egg gliding down the ovipositor! The skeeter bug is shoving eggs inside of her! Violet's hand slipped inside of her shorts. Her entire body jolted when her fingers came in contact with her inflamed clitoris. She knew that she shouldn't masturbate here, in the middle of the hallway, but she couldn't stop herself.

Her pussy was on fire. Violet slowly rubbed herself, staring engrossed at the erotic scene while the giant bug shoved two more eggs inside of Katie's body. When the third egg penetrated into her womb, Katie couldn't hold back her orgasm any longer and exploded in climax.

She screamed loudly and her pussy gushed abundantly, smearing her inner thighs and soaking the ground between her knees. Violet's pussy twitched when she heard the orgasmic moans blonde in stockings eats hairy agent european and lesbian her hand started moving faster. Katie crumbled to the floor in the midst of ecstasy, twitching like a fish out of water. Her bloated belly bounced against the ground, and for a moment, she worried that the eggs might break inside of her.

But the eggs were very resilient and remained undamaged. While the climaxing woman jolted out of control, the ovipositor slipped out of her pussy. The giant bug was pushing out another egg, but now the tube was not connected to the host. That was when Violet realized how much of the appendage had been buried inside of the woman. She gasped and her pussy jolted again. She was getting closer to orgasm. When her climax faded away, Katie turned to her side and watched the egg emerging from the dangling ovipositor.

It was big, and she had three of them inside of her womb at this very moment. "Wow! Did you shove three of those inside of me?!" The aroused woman caressed her belly, feeling huge hooters blondie woman alicia amira outdoor fuck distinctive bumps of the bug's eggs crammed against each other. The green and yellow egg fell to the ground with a soft thump and rested within a small puddle of slime.

The same kind of fluid that dribbled from Katie's pussy, escaping the woman's overflowing uterus. "What should I do with your brothers? Should I wait until they hatch inside of me? My master won't like that," Katie said, talking to nobody in particular. The answer to her question came quickly.

When the ovipositor retracted into the bug's main body, another appendage emerged to replace it. This new tentacle was thicker and looked more solid. Katie saw it and her pussy gushed. This had to be the creature's cock!

"Wow! That looks like a real phallus! Are you going to fill me with sperm now?!" Katie knew exactly what she had to do. She needed to make room for the bug's sperm, so she went to her knees and started pushing, as if she was giving birth to a child. I need to push these eggs out of my womb. While she did this, Katie grabbed the creature's cock and pulled it closer to her mouth. She was not letting that gorgeous appendage shrink back into the bug's body.

Violet was still rubbing herself, watching from her hiding spot. She didn't want to miss anything of this weird mating scene. Later that night, she could replay it in her mind, with a large dildo between her legs. While Katie engulfed the large and rubbery cock, she felt one of the eggs moving down her womb.

Pushing them out wasn't easy, given their size, but she had to do it. "They are so big! I think I'm going to cum again before the last one is out." A few minutes later, her pussy lips spread apart, giving way to the first large egg. The teen's legs were shaking from the blissful sensation and she had to fight the urge to push it back inside. Her abdomen already looked less bloated as the second egg aligned with her vaginal track. A few meters away, Violet saw the egg protruding from the woman's pussy and her hand moved even faster inside of her shorts.

She remembered that skeeter bugs were capable of producing both eggs and sperm. When these creatures mated in the wild with one of their own, they exchanged eggs to keep a healthy gene pool.

God! One egg is coming out of her pussy! Most likely, the eggs that were shoved inside Katie's body belonged to a different creature. Now he was ready to fertilize them. Obviously he was unaware that Katie was pushing them out. Skeeter bugs were not very smart. Katie had been right when she predicted that she would reach another climax before all the eggs were out, but it came sooner than expected. When the thickest part of the second egg passed through her stretched pussy lips, her orgasm ignited within her loins like a firestorm, sending waves of bliss across her body.

Her eyes rolled up her head while a scream of pleasure was muffled by the fat cock that completely filled her mouth. And there was one more egg still inside of her! When Katie's climax started, the third egg was already on the way down. The orgasmic spasms accelerated the journey until the egg was forcefully expelled from the woman's cunt. Katie, losing control of her body, couldn't keep the creature's cock in her mouth. She tilted backward, screaming her lungs out in utter bliss.

The giant bug felt that his cock was exposed. He had the inescapable need of shoving it back inside the host, and he moved the appendage all over the place trying to find the warm cavity again. Katie was still recovering from her second mind-blowing climax, but she felt the same urgency of the creature.

She needed that cock inside of her at once. Katie rested her back on the ground, home striptease and sex party small tits and doggystyle her hips, and spread her legs wide apart. The skeeter's phallus was squirming aimlessly between her legs and the aroused woman reached down to guide it at the right spot. Katie's pussy twitched with the anticipation of having that massive cock penetrating her. "Let me help you, my dear." As soon as the creature sensed the warmth of Katie's pussy, he thrust his cock forward, reaching impossibly deep, stretching the tight cavity to the limit.

Katie felt the bug's phallus piercing into her womb and she moaned sensually. She looked up at the ugly creature that was fucking her and she felt nothing but thankfulness and adoration. All monsters were beautiful to her, as long as they had sperm to share.

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Violet had removed her shorts and now she was squatting on her hiding spot, rubbing her pussy furiously while watching Katie being ravished by the skeeter bug. She must have half a meter of the bug's cock inside of her! The aroused woman didn't care anymore if someone could find her masturbating in the middle of the hallway. She was too engrossed by the debauched spectacle to care about anything but the delightful sensations coming from her pussy.

Violet knew that her orgasm was close, but she deliberately slowed down the rhythm to prolong this exciting situation. The skeeter's cock trashed inside of Katie trying to go deeper, even though it was impossible. Katie loved every second of the wild ravaging and she felt her third orgasm building within her loins.

She didn't know if she would be able to ride it without losing consciousness. Suddenly, she felt the phallus pulsating and then the monster discharged the first load of cum inside of her womb. Katie's abdomen distended as it got saturated with the creature's sperm. The sensation of accomplishment was enough to send Katie over the edge one more time. Her orgasm sneaked op on her just a few minutes after her previous climax ended.

Yet she did whatever she could to stay in the same position. She wanted her womb to be completely full. When her cavity couldn't hold any more sperm and it started leaking between her legs, Katie dragged her body away from the phallus, until the appendage vacated her pussy. The giant bug was still ejaculating and she needed to move fast. She still had plenty of room in her ass. "Shit! The sperm is being wasted." Once again, the creature felt his phallus dangling in the air and he desperately moved it around, searching for the host.

Katie wasted no time and a few seconds later, she had the fat cock buried deep in her rectum. She could feel the squirming phallus throbbing and spewing cum into her body. It was absolute bliss. "You can see that I have more room for your cum. Don't stop until I am about to burst." The creature had no intention of stopping. His instincts indicated that he had ejaculated enough sperm to fertilize the eggs, but there was something about this female that enticed him to keep pumping cum into her body.

And he did exactly that, until Katie's abdomen was so big that she looked like a pregnant woman. "I was thinking of swallowing your cum next, but Tough fucking for hot mother i would like to fuck guess that won't be necessary." A while ago, Katie was wondering if this creature had any sperm to give.

Now she was learning the hard way that he had more sperm than she could handle. "Oh God! It is happening again. I can feel the sperm rushing up my throat!" The white fluid filled her mouth from within, then erupted like a fountain onto the ground. Katie's pussy was twitching continuously as a new orgasm merged with the previous one, providing unending elation to the overwhelmed woman.

Violet was not pacing herself anymore. Her fingers moved on their own accord, as fast as possible, while she stared intently at the unbelievable scene displaying in front of her. She knew that the giant bug was pumping sperm into the woman's ass, but now that sperm was coming out of her mouth! How was that even possible?! Is that sperm… uhm. coming out of her mouth?!! How.?! I can''t… believed.this… ugh! As Violet's orgasm approached, it became increasingly difficult to think straight.

Maybe her stimulated mind was not working well and she was imagining things. It didn't matter. That was the hottest thing she had ever seen and her climax was almost here. A bright light exploded behind Violet's eyes as her orgasm hit her like a freight train. She visualized herself being the one on her knees, below the bulk of a giant skeeter, with a fat cock buried in her body.

Buckets of cum being pumped into her ass, and that same cum escaping forcefully from her mouth. Violet's pussy gushed while violent spasmodic contractions rocked her entire body. She moaned loudly enough to be heard from far away.

Katie's mind was spinning from the overwhelming experience. Her face rested sideways on the floor while her hips remained higher up, helped by the fat cock that was still plugged in her ass and continued pumping sperm with sporadic bursts. A large puddle was forming in front of Katie's face, as the white viscous cum kept flowing out of her mouth. Katie could swear that she just heard something moaning inside the room, but she was so bewildered by her receding orgasm, that she couldn't be sure.

"Did I hear somebody moaning nearby?" She whispered, "Maybe it was Aurora or Dawn, fucking one of the fantastic creatures of this section." Violet was aware that she had made too much noise when she climaxed. She put her shorts back on as quickly as possible. She had to leave the room before Katie recovered from the ravaging and come to investigate who was spying on her. I am an idiot. She must have heard me! I have to get out of here right now. *** Not too far away from there, in the communications room, Brett was having trouble trying to find information about the tentacle creature he saw at the warehouse.

He had watched the fungus fuck the twins until they were barely conscious from several mind-blowing orgasms. He couldn't erase that image from his mind and it was so difficult to concentrate. He also couldn't understand why he felt so freaking horny, even after fucking Violet early that same day. "That thing must be some king of fungus, but I can't find it in any of the catalogs." Brett searched all databases, but there was very little information about specimens that matched the description he was typing naughty redhead taking lots of cocks adrenaline rush dvd the keyboard: flat yellowish body with protruding tentacles of different kinds, some of them for feeding purposes, most likely a larger body underground, and most important of all, some type of mind control capability, sophisticated enough to manipulate humans!

There was only one way to discover which kind of creature was this. He needed to take photographs and send them to the Ents. Those guys knew everything and they should have answers for him. *** Brett walked back to the abandoned warehouse. He felt like an idiot for not taking pictures the first time. But he had been so shocked to see the beautiful sisters willingly fucking that creature, that it didn't occur to him at the moment.

It wasn't a problem. He could take photographs now and then continue his research. I am lucky that the girls are not here. It is way versus pmv video game edit final to take pictures of the creature by itself. Aurora silently approached Brett from behind, startling him. She looked at him with an expressionless face and started talking. "What are you doing, Brett?" Aurora asked.

"Hi Aurora," Brett responded, hiding her nervousness well, "I have seen your little friend inside of the hangar. What is it?" "Come inside with me, and I'll tell you all about it. It is the greatest thing ever." "I better stay out here. I don't know what that creature can do." Aurora knew that she wasn't strong enough to overpower him and drag him into the hangar. Only then the master could throw a poisonous dart at his neck. She tried to trick him, but Brett was smart enough to avoid going inside.

Aurora was perfectly aware that Brett knowing about her master sex slave asian gets pussy vibed to orgasm in some bad news. She needed to do something, but what? Maybe it was better to consult with her master first. At this moment there was nothing she could do except one thing, getting some food from the male standing in front of her.

"I understand. Can I give you a blowjob?" Aurora asked sensually. Brett hesitated after hearing Aurora's bold proposal. It was risky but he felt incredibly horny. And before he could do anything, Aurora had pulled his zipper down and engulfed his fully erect cock within her gorgeous lips.

Wow! She is really good at giving head. This is like a dream come true. Brett was now certain that there was something in the air, some kind of chemical, increasing his libido to levels that no male could resist. Maybe it was a good idea to walk with Aurora into the warehouse. Let her suck his cock all day and all night, until the end of time. Brett was so excited that it only took him a few minutes to reach his peak.

His cock started throbbing while he discharged his sperm between Aurora's lips. Aurora shoved Brett's pulsating cock down her throat and grabbed him with all her strength until the last drop of cum was resting in her belly. It wasn't much compared to other males in the zoo, but a little was better than nothing.

When Brett stopped ejaculating, he woke from the erotic reverie long enough to realize that he was considering doing a very stupid thing. He couldn't walk into the hangar and let this creature capture his mind the same way he had captured Aurora's and Dawn's.

Brett pushed Aurora away and ran as fast as he could. I better get out of here before I lose my mind! Aurora cleaned the remnants of sperm that dribbled down her chin.

She needed to inform her master immediately about this incident. *** After watching the mysterious woman climaxing four times while fucking the skeeter bug, Violet had made up her mind. She was going to let the cornusaurus fuck her brains out until falling unconscious from utter bliss. There was no holding back now. Violet guided one of the males into the working warehouse, locked the door and removed her shorts.

Unfortunately, she encountered a big problem that derailed her debauched plans. She couldn't get the large creature excited enough to get an erection. "Come on honey, smell my pussy. See how horny I am. You can fuck me the same way you fucked Aurora." The cornusaurus felt a hint of arousal while smelling Violet's overheated pussy, but not enough to get a full erection. Only a small portion of his large cock emerged from its body and Violet desperately tried to pull the rest of if out. The creature didn't react.

The horny woman felt angry and frustrated. "Damned! This is not working. How the hell are they doing it? I have to find out, even if that gets me fired. I don't care anymore." *** The next day, Brett had already received all the information he needed. The Ents no only knew about this kind of mind-bending fungus, but they also offered a huge amount of credits for a live specimen.

Brett was planning to do this transaction without informing his boss about it. The fungus wasn't part of the zoo anyway. He was going to get very rich, very fast. But there was one problem. He didn't know what to do about the twins. Those girls were not going to give up their "master" without a fight.

He was lost in thought, trying to find a solution, when he saw the twins and another girl entering the communications room. He quickly grabbed his gun and told them to stop.

"Stop right there! I'll shot you if you come any closer." "Relax, Brett," Aurora said, "We are here to offer you a deal." *** After confirming that neither Dawn or Aurora were nearby when she fucked the skeeter bug, Katie deducted that it had to be Violet. The horny woman had climaxed while watching her fuck the giant creature. Katie told the twins about it and they made a plan to take advantage of the situation. The first step of that plan was already done. Violet didn't know that her secret was out.

She desperately wanted to fuck a cornusaurus and the giant dildo between her legs was the closest thing she could do to satisfy that desire. The excited woman closed her eyes and imagined herself under the big bulk of the beast, bouncing back and forth while her lover fucked her pussy with eagerness. She was almost reaching an orgasm… "Fuck me, baby. Fuck me hard," Violet whispered, while she contemplated the image in her mind. The doorbell rang at the worst possible time and Violet cursed at whomever was interrupting.

She only needed a couple more minutes to reach a rattling climax. The doorbell rang again and she completely lost her concentration. Damned! I was almost cumming! Violet regrettably pulled the dildo out of her pussy and put on a top that barely covered her ass.

She opened the door and gasped when she saw the twins, and the woman that fucked the skeeter bug, standing in the hallway. "Hello Violet. Can we come in?" Dawn asked calmly. Violet didn't know what to do, so she said the thirst thing that came to her sexy milf veronica avluv sucking six big cocks, "Sure… eh… please come in." Her room smells like sex.

She is indeed a naughty girl. Aurora thought. Violet was confused. Dawn and Aurora had never visited her apartment before. Maybe they knew that Violet had been spying on them.

Maybe they were here to ask her to keep their secret. This was the opportunity she was looking for. She could ask them about their technique to arise the sexual desire of the creatures! Aurora was the first to talk. She went straight to the matter at hand.

Her pussy was twitching with anticipation of what was about to happen and she couldn't waste time with small talk.

Today she was a true carrier of her master's will. "Let's cut to the chase, Violet. We know that it excites you to see us fucking the beasts. We suspect that you want to fuck them yourself and we are here to help you." "You will be one of us," Katie said, "You will fuck any creature you desire, whenever you want." Violet heard the girls' proposal and her first instinct was to deny everything.

But then she thought about it more carefully. She couldn't fool herself. This was exactly what she wanted. "I don't… I… how? What do I have to do?" "First you need to prove your loyalty to us. Remove your clothes," Dawn responded without hesitation. A moment later they were all nude.

Violet had been in bed with girls before, only to satisfy her curiosity, but never with more than one at the same time. Now she was the center of attention in an all-girl orgy.

The aroused woman found it difficult to believe that this was really happening. Dawn was kneeling on the floor with her face between Violet's legs. Her tongue was lashing at the erect clitoris with true expertise. Behind her, Aurora was licking her anus, adding to the wonderful sensations that flowed across her body.

Katie was bending over at her side, suckling her nipple. Violet was more excited than before the doorbell rang. God! It feels so good. They all moved over to the small bed. Katie shoved her hand deep into Violet's lubricated lovely aiza fucks for a messy creampie, driving her to the edge of climax.

The twins played doxy gets fucked inside the office homemade and hardcore Violet's bloated nipples, waiting for the right time to finalize the second part of the plan. Katie's hand was making a fist while she pumped Violet's body, trying to reach deeper. The woman's pussy was soaking wet, meaning that Violet was truly aroused.

Being a female, the reason for this unbridled excitement were not the pheromones in the air. Violet wanted this. Violet's legs were shivering, heralding the arrival of an inescapable climax. She knew that it was going to be the strongest orgasms of her life. It was just seconds away… Violet arched her back, the entire world stood still for a fraction of a second, then a mind-bending bliss exploded within her loins.

The woman's eyes rolled back completely while her body jolted under orgasmic convulsions that wrecked her body from head to toe. This was the signal for the twins to move forward with their mission. They both felt their pussies twitching forcefully while the appendages hidden in their bodies begin their journey up their bellies, and just a couple of seconds later, they emerged from their mouths. The twins were carrying tentacles! Katie looked up at the squirming appendages with amazement.

She knew that this was going to happen but had never seen it before. It was the first time that their master was using this method to subdue a new slave. "This is awesome!" While both tentacles protruded further from the girls' mouths, the tips of each one opened like a flower, exposing more delicate filaments that also writhed in the air.

Dawn's and Aurora's eyes rolled back from the sheer pleasure of being true vessels for their master's will. The twins turned their bodies, allowing the tentacles to approach Violet's head. The smaller filaments immediately pierced through her ears, reaching all the way into the woman's brain. In the midst of climax, Violet felt a hint of pain, then her orgasm intensified tenfold.

She couldn't understand what was happening. Suddenly her body felt more alive, more sensitive. Any concern she had in her mind was quickly erased, allowing her to focus only on the overpowering pleasure that utterly dominated her. She loved feeling like this… "The master is in her brain. Her new life is beginning at this very moment," Katie whispered while her pussy fluttered. Debauched images popped in Violet's mind out of nowhere, and every single one made her pussy twitch spasmodically around Katie's arm.

The images were like memories, but they were not her own. Somehow, Violet knew that those images showed her future. She was going to be fucked a thousand different times by a thousand different beasts. Her dream was coming true!

Then she saw him at the center of everything! The fungus. Her new master! Still deep in trance, Violet moaned loudly and her pussy gushed abundantly.

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She finally understood why the twins were able to seduce any creature they wanted, whenever they wanted. It was because of him! He was the reason that her most secret desire was going to be fulfilled. With her body completely out of her control, Violet slipped off the bed until she was kneeling on the floor. She stared forward with her arms limp by her sides while her mind was being remade by the tendrils.

Katie kept had her entire hand inside of Violet's pussy and was also engulfing the woman's left breast. By keeping Violet in a permanent state of arousal, she was helping the enslaving process.

Violet was cross-eyed, staring at nothing. Her slacked face showed a misleading serenity. But behind those eyes, the subjugated woman was feeling a level of bliss beyond comprehension. She was slowly becoming aware that her former life was over. Her new master had plans for her and she couldn't wait to serve him. She knew that these plans involved fucking monsters and her pussy twitched hard. *** The enslaving session lasted a couple of hours.

Soft moans echoed incessantly against the walls of the small apartment. When it was done, all of the girls headed towards the abandoned warehouse. Violet got dressed, walked the distance that separated her apartment from the zoo, then got undressed without saying a word.

Her mind was under a powerful enthrallment that allowed her to focus only on the task at hand. Now she was standing on top of the fungus with her legs spread wide apart. The massive, impregnating tentacle was emerging from the largest fucked by her casting agent pornstars and hardcore of the creature.

Katie was kneeling behind Violet, looking at the impressive appendage slowly rising. She remembered perfectly well when the other fungus impregnated her in her cousin's farm. It had been so amazing. Now her master was going to impregnate Violet, creating the next generation. Violet's serene expression changed drastically when the huge, pinkish tentacle penetrated deep into her body.

Her eyes opened as wide as her mouth, while her pussy distended to its limit, allowing the massive appendage inside. Dawn, who had one of the smaller tentacles writhing in her ass, saw Violet's abdomen bloating obscenely and knew that her master was piercing into the woman's womb. That phallus was bigger than any of the zoo creature's cocks and she wondered how it would feel to be fucked like that; to become the carrier of a new master.

Her pussy gushed just thinking about it. Violet was so lucky. Katie was touching herself while watching the impending impregnation. Her master had been so smart finding a quick solution for such a dangerous situation with Brett. The fungus pumped the enthralled woman a few times, almost lifting her completely off the ground.

Violet did the impossible to remain in a standing position, since the pleasure she was feeling was almost shutting down her mind, but she endured and obeyed. The creature deposited a small egg in Violet's womb and then discharged a huge amount of cum for it to feed. A new copy of the fungus was being made. "It is done! Violet has been impregnated by our master!!" Dawn yelled with excitement.

A moment later, the fungus retrieved the tentacle from Violet's shivering body and Dawn jumped forward, attaching her mouth the woman's distended pussy. Gobs of cum were leaking abundantly from Violet's cavity and Dawn wanted to drink it all. No sperm should ever be wasted. Behind Violet, Katie grabbed the receding tentacle and pulled it towards her.

She wrapped her lips around the tip and sucked the remnants of her master's cum. Her pussy was twitching frantically and she had to fight the urge to jump on top of that gigantic cock and shove it into her body. Despite all odds, Violet was still standing, even though the tentacle was not inside of her any more. Her entire body jolted in orgasmic convulsions, which augmented when Dawn sucked her clitoris and pushed her tongue inside of her pussy.

She would not be able to remain conscious for much longer. Brett was watching the impregnation process from outside the warehouse. He had all the information he needed about the fungus and knew how dangerous it was to come any closer.

Even after making a deal with this strange, sentient creature. Holy crap! That was fucking impressive! The creature's cock is enormous and Violet accepted it without hesitation. I guess she is pregnant now. Brett thought with amazement. Aurora was on her knees, sucking Brett's cock with utter joy.

This was part of the deal they had made with him. Brett could fuck any of the girls whenever he wanted, as long as he kept quiet about the master's presence in the zoo. She was more than happy to oblige.

*** The following day, Violet was having an orgasm while nothing touched her sensitive body. She couldn't understand it. The enthralled woman was dimly aware that she was in the communications room and there were others with her, Brett among them. But the erotic haze clouding her mind prevented her from forming complete thoughts. Brett was talking with the Ents.

They had deposited the credits to Brett's private account and now they had come to collect the precious cargo. "The offspring is growing in this woman's womb.

You can take her with you. Remember that you promised not to hurt her in any way." Brett said. "We will study the entire cycle of this unique creature," The Ent responded, "This female will do what she is programmed to do.

She will spend the rest of her life collecting sperm and climaxing. We will facilitate this." "It has been a pleasure doing business with you. If you need another one, just let me know," Brett said, ending the conversation with a smile on his face. He was a rich man. *** A few days later, Violet was on her knees giving birth to her master; a large ovoid that would become a mature fungus in a few busty blonde nina fucked by her masseur. The Ents found this creature fascinating and wanted to learn what was the extent of its intelligence.

How was it able to take control of other sentient species to make its bidding? The production of pheromones also implied modification of the slaves' bodies on a chemical level. Everything about this new subject was worth a full research. Violet didn't remember the journey from her planet of residence to this unknown destination.

She woke up in an ample room that contained a bed and a bunch of weird devices. Then she saw this tall humanoid entering the room. He placed a hand on her head, and her mind went blank before she could ask any questions. A moment later, the woman's pussy was stretching wide while the large irregular ovoid vacated her body. Half of the birthing creature was still inside of her, and she pushed without knowing that she was doing it.

Her mind only had room for the perfect bliss that filled every crevice and ever fold of her brain. *** The next day, Violet was sitting on the floor beside her bed, looking at this strange formation on the floor of the room. It was a pod with black tentacles spreading from its base, keeping it straight up. It was standing on a puddle of slime.

Violet was almost certain that this creature was her baby, because she inexplicably felt a strong attachment to it, but even so, she was afraid to come any closer. She was so confused. Since the twins and the woman that fucked the bug entered her apartment, everything had been a haze of puzzling thoughts and experiences.

She didn't know where she was or how she got here. Violet was scared, unsure about what she should do. I remember walking into an old warehouse… there was a strange creature inside, similar to this one. Then something massive fucked my brains out. Only one thing was an absolute certainty in her mind.

She felt extremely horny and very hungry. Violet saw the door opening and something moved in the shadows beyond. Then it walked in. It was a cornusaurus!! How was this possible? Violet knew that she wasn't at the zoo any more. "Hey!! What are you doing here?" The aroused woman felt her vaginal fluids dripping down her inner thighs. Her body was responding exactly as expected. Turkish shemale deniz from ankara 12 10 2018 tube porn immediately noticed that the beast's was as excited as she was and his cock was fully erect.

She realized that the cornusaurus arousal had something to do with the creature she just birthed. This was the twin's secret to get all zoo creatures angie se fait enculer par le plombier fuck them whenever they wanted!

"So that's how they did it. I remember now. That creature in the warehouse is the real reason of their ability to entice all beasts. Arousing pheromones are emanating from their bodies… and also from mine!" The woman's pussy twitched hard when she imagined her future in this place. Her dream was really coming true. Violet wasted no time. A short while later she was shivering in orgasmic spasms under the bulk of the cornusaurus. She knew that this was the first climax of hundreds!

The creature's cock was buried in her ass so deep that she barely moved during the blissful convulsions of her orgasm. But there was a problem roaming in her head.

Even though this had been her wish since day one, Violet didn't have the sense of fulfillment that she was hoping for. There was something missing. A moment later she understood why. The beast reached his peak and discharge one huge loud of cum after another. It was so much, that Violet's belly started to bloat. Her body and mind reacted to the creature's ejaculating by igniting her strongest orgasm ever.

That was it! This was her new reason to live. Violet remembered the twin's obsession with cum and now she understood. Her craving for sperm was overwhelming! Violet remained in the same position, receiving buckets of sperm within her entrails until it became too much and erupted from her mouth.

After that, she lost consciousness. The besieged woman woke up and crawled straight to the pod, following an irresistible command imprinted in her mind. Her body was saturated with sperm and there were images behind her eyes showing her what she was supposed to do. After a moment, those images became a reality. A tentacle emerged from the pod and entered her mouth, reaching all the way to her belly. The excited woman could clearly feel her abdomen flattening as the creature suck the fluid out of her body and into its developing mass.

While this happened, Violet climaxed again. Now there was no doubt about Violet's future in this place. Her job was to fuck the cornusaurus as often as possible, collect his sperm in her body, then feed it to her offspring.

She started to remember everything that was imprinted in her brain by the twin's tentacles a few days ago. The fungus was her master! And her job was to server him by fucking monsters! Violet's pussy twitched hard and she went back to the beast.

Unfortunately, she quickly realized that, at the moment, the cornusaurus had no more sperm to give. His cock was still visible, but barely. "I guess you are spent for now. I wonder how long it will take you to… wait a moment. Now that I think of it.

Where did you come from?" Violet noticed that the door used by the cornusaurus was still open. Maybe, if she was lucky, there would be another male of the same herd outside. Violet peeked through the door and gasped with astonishment.

She was looking into a room much bigger than hers, and it was filled to the brim with beasts of many different species! Some of them were so strange, that she didn't know to which variety they belonged. Looking more carefully, she realized something else; they were all males.

Violet's pussy gushed. Latinas first cam show watch more of her at ulacamcom future was even better than she thought. The End. Note from the author: There is a graphic (CGI) version of this story.