Innocent college girl gets seduced and drilled by her senior tutor

Innocent college girl gets seduced and drilled by her senior tutor
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Fbailey story number 569 That Asshole Just Left Me Here I had my camera with me and I was taking pictures along a moriah mills in the wetter the better stream that separates my property from my neighbor's property.

It isn't much this time of the year but it contains a lot of baby frogs and provides water for the wildlife that live in the woods. I must have stumbled onto a couple making out because on the other side of the stream a teenage boy jumped up naked and ran off carrying an arm full of clothes.

I heard a girl say, "That asshole just left me here…and he took my fucking clothes with him too." I was going to just keep walking but then she said, "Hey, whoever you are, can you help me." I wasn't going to go over there until I knew what I was getting into.

So I called out, "What sort of help do you need?" She was silent then she said, "Could you untie these ropes? My fingers are starting to go numb." I laughed to myself. I had this picture of a naked girl tied up and left for a stranger to find. I crossed the stream getting my feet wet in the process. As I approached through the tall grass I saw an opening of sorts. The grass had been trampled down around her and lying there was my neighbor's wife.

She was nude and she was tied up.

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They guy must have been a professional Boy Scout because it looked like a professional job. She was lying on her back with her arms over her head. Her wrists were tied together and then around a tree. Her feet were about three feet apart and tied to different trees with some sort of a knot that allowed him to tighten them if he wished. There were wooden spring clothespins on her nipples and the small end of a baseball bat sticking into her pussy. I just had to take a few pictures of her like that.

She just glared at me she but didn't say a word. Her head and her eyes followed me as I walked all the way around her taking pictures. Then I walked closer and took even more. Finally, I put my camera in my small teen drips with cum smalltits hardcore and asked, "Who was he?" Pamela said sarcastically, "None of your business." I just smiled and started walking back to the stream.

Pamela called out, "His name is Billy and he is my daughter's boyfriend. Now untie me." I sat down on the grass next to her hip and looked at her pussy. It was completely hairless and her clit was protruding slightly. I slid the bat out an inch and then slid it back in. I asked, "Do you fuck a lot of bats?" Pamela said, "No. Actually this was my first. It is his lucky bat. That asshole, I hope he never gets it back." I said, "He won't.

It'll be hanging on my wall. Along with those clothespins and a picture of you." Pamela said, "You wouldn't. My husband goes over to your house." I smiled and said, "Then make it worth my while." Pamela said, "Anything. I'll do anything. What do you want me to do?" I pretended to think about it as if I had some far-fetched idea then I said, "I want to finish what he started." Pamela said, "Okay, and then you'll let me go?" I smiled and said, "Not so quickly.

Look I know what would happen to you if your husband and daughter found out that you were fucking Billy. So I want a lot more than just a quick fuck." Pamela took in a deep breath that enhanced her breasts nicely and then she exhaled as if she were mad, then she said, "Okay. Okay. Whatever you want." I ran a finger across her pussy, around her breasts in a figure eight, and then I touched the end of her nose.

I said, "I want you to pose for me nude out here in our woods and in my house whenever I ask you too, I want to make love to you a couple of times a week, and I want to wake up next to you once in a while." Pamela just looked at me and then she smiled before saying, "That sounds nice.

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Take these clothespins off my nipples and remove that damn bat and we can get started right now. My husband's out of town and he won't be back until tomorrow. Jessica has long awaited sex for gorgeous hottie with jugs to stay with a friend. She just wants to fuck Billy, but in this case I'll let her go. Will you fix me breakfast in bed in the morning?" I laughed and said, "Anything that you want." I removed the clothespins and the baseball bat but I left her tied up.

I had never had a woman in that position before and decided to try it. First I needed to suck some life back into those flattened nipples of hers. She reacted as if I had tickled her clit. I had only known one other woman like her that could get off on just nipple stimulation alone. I wondered if the clothespins had anything to do with it. Well eventually I got down lower and I inserted my hard cock into her moist pussy. It slid in but with her legs out like that I didn't get the feeling that I was looking for.

I released both of her legs and got back in position. I put her legs up around my waist and she smiled knowing what I wanted. In that position my cock slipped all the way into her and then she cooed and wrapped her legs around me, like lovers would do. I wasn't going to fuck her like her daughter's boyfriend, I wasn't even going to have sex with her like her husband would, instead I was going to make love to her in the best way that I knew how.

I thrust her down into the matted grass lying under her. The babbling brook, the songbirds, and an occasional bark of a dog was all that we could hear. That is until Pamela started to moan louder and louder. Eventually she was screaming as her orgasm came crashing down around her. I filled her with cum and then I kissed her and thanked her for the loving. After she had recovered Pamela said, "Wow! I haven't felt that good in a very long time." I asked, "So how old is Billy and why isn't he in school?" Pamela replied, "He's nineteen and he graduated." I then asked, "How old is your daughter?" Pamela said, "Jessica is fifteen." I asked, "Aren't there laws about nineteen-year-olds fucking sexy women having fun with hunky dudes in playboy mansion said, "It's a long story but basically he took her virginity and she's in love with him." I said, "And yet he fucks you." Pamela said, "Yeah.

So far I haven't really cooperated with him. He fucked me in my own bed one morning while my husband was in the bathroom getting ready for work. He spent the night in Jessica's bed unbeknownst to me. A few days later he threw me on Jessica's bed, lifted my skirt and fucked me. Even today he told me that if I didn't come out here with him that he would tell her that I seduced him.

I had to cooperate." I said, "It sure sounds like coercion to me. Maybe I should have a talk with him. After all you belong to me now and he can't have you anymore." Pamela smiled and said, "I like the sound of that." I then untied her arms and took the nice ropes with me, as well as the bat, clothespins, and Pamela.

She walked naked to my house then called her daughter to give her permission for the sleepover. Later I walked Pamela over to her house. I offered her a big shirt but she seemed to like being nude in front of me.

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I took my camera along and had her pose for me. She was a natural. Fortunately no one drove by us but I didn't think that Pamela would have cared. At her house she packed a little overnight bag. In the kitchen she found her clothes, the ones that Billy had run off with. Her panties were missing. Pamela had his phone number so I called Billy and told him to bring me the panties, that I lived to the right of Pamela.

Then we walked back to my house with Pamela dressed. About an hour later Billy pulled into my driveway. I was sitting on my porch with Pamela when he walked up and handed me her panties. I asked Pamela if they were hers and they were. There was a big gob of cum on them from the little bastard jerking off in them. I set him straight, Pamela was mine, and he needed to keep his hands off my property and keep his mouth shut.

Then just so he understood me, I informed him that I would use his own baseball bat to break his jaw and then some doctor would wire it shut for several weeks. To add to the cassidy klein flashes her tits and expose her pussy effect of that, I explained that a dentist would remove one of his front teeth so that he could suck liquid food through a straw.

I told him that old people in nursing homes get tossed salads stockings brit tastes lez lesbian and mature birthday cakes fed to them through straws.

When he left I was pretty confident that he did not want to mess with me. That night Pamela acted like my wife, she dressed in a cute little baby doll nightie, and she kissed me with love in her eyes. She helped me with dinner and then she offered herself as desert. She had never had sex in a waterbed before. I took a very long time with foreplay to make sure that she was ready.

When I entered her and thrust down she could not believe that when she was coming up that I was slamming down into her again. I told her that I liked to ride the waves. The sensation was good for both of us. Her orgasm and my climax were timed perfectly.

I rolled onto my back and pulled her into me. As we cuddled Pamela said, "Oh I haven't cuddled after sex for a long time." I said, "I find it relaxing. I may even take a nap." Pamela said, "I could fall in love with you. Great sex, cuddling, and a nap, oh my." We did take a nap, a long nap, and we woke up about five in the morning. I let her take a quick shower and then we went up into the back field.

Pamela was naked as the sun rose in the eastern sky. It was the nicest shade of orange and Pamela's hair glowed beautifully. I took some of the best pictures that I had ever taken.

It was probably because I had the best model ever. We went home, had breakfast, and made love before eight o'clock in the morning.

Then we took another nap. Pamela made it home in time to greet her husband. She came over the next day after her husband had gone to work and her daughter had gone to school. She was worried. She had a funny feeling that he had been fooling around on her. So…she had been fooling around on him with Billy and me.

After thinking about it for a moment she calmed down. I was right. Then she told me about her daughter. Jessica had missed her period. She hadn't said anything about it but Pamela kept track of them both on a calendar and knew that it should have arrived two days ago.

I took her down to the drug store to buy a couple of early pregnancy tests. +++++ Pamela was waiting for Jessica to come home from school.

Billy had given Jessica a ride home. Pamela told him to go away while she figured out if he was a father or not. The look on his face was precious but the look on Jessica's face was pure fear. She had not even realized that she was late. Her mother marched her right into the bathroom and watched her lower her pants and panties to sit on the toilet.

Pamela handed her the plastic stick and told her what to do. Then Pamela saw a big gob of Billy's cum drip into the toilet. She peed on the stick and then they waited for an eternity.

Fortunately for everyone involved the test was negative and she was not pregnant. However, the realization of what could have been had sunk in. Pamela made a phone call and set Jessica up with a baby to care for, for the entire weekend.

It would start right after school on Friday and last for forty-eight hours. Pamela would be there but it would be Jessica's responsibility to feed the baby, change its dirty diapers, and give it comfort.

There is nothing like reality to push the message home. In fact Jessica knew the mother. It was a girl from her class last year. At fourteen she had gotten pregnant, dropped out of school, and given birth to a baby girl. The poor girl really needed a break and Jessica needed a lesson. Sunday afternoon Jessica was exhausted. That baby needed to be fed or changed every couple of hours throughout the night and had kept her up. Monday after school she broke up with Billy and the little bastard told her about fucking her mother and me threatening him.

After bitching out her mother for being a slut and trying to steal her boyfriend, she came over to my house to bitch me out for threatening him. Well I set her straight. I told her about Billing raping her in her own bed, in Jessica's bed, and then leaving her mother tied to the ground out in the woods. Of course she wouldn't believe me.

So I showed her a couple of the pictures that I had taken along with Billy's bat that I had kept. Jessica started crying. Billy had raped her the first few times too. He had also tied her to those same trees and had threatened to shove that baseball unusual kittens penetrate the biggest strapons and spray cream all over the place up her pussy too unless she let him have sex whenever he wanted it. I had to laugh when Jessica handed me the bat and said, "Break his fucking jaw." Then she went home to apologize to her mother.

+++++ I passed the word that I was looking for Billy. It seems that he had to go help his grandfather on his farm. Good riddens, I say.

Pamela took care of her husband's needs but she took even better care of my needs.

Jessica went through a few boyfriends but she finally found one that just wanted to love her for who she was. The End That Asshole Just Left Me Here 569